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Power ballads, toy commercials, items from the buzz bin, and other happy singalong songs. The best of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today!

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Options September 28, 2011: This Is The One
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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Approx. start time
Ned's Atomic Dustbin  Kill Your Television   Options God Fodder  Furtive  1991  Cassette  0:00:00 ()
Stone Roses  This is the One   Options s/t  Silvertone  1989  CD  0:03:07 ()
Jets to Brazil  One Summer Last Fall   Options Four Cornered Night  Jade Tree  2000  CD  0:07:49 ()
Son Volt  Medicine Hat   Options Wide Swing Tremolo  WB  1998  CD  0:12:51 ()
Gillian Welch and David Rawlings  I Want to Sing That Rock and Roll   Options Time (The Revelator)  Acony  2001  CD  0:17:00 ()
Big Star  September Gurls (Live)   Options Live  Ryko  1992  CD  0:19:38 ()
Chinese Restaurants  Work is a Drag   Options River of Shit 7"  S-S  2010  7"  0:30:01 ()
Killdozer  Lupus   Options   Touch & Go  1989  7"  0:32:32 ()
Deerhoof  C   Options   Cool Beans  2002  7"  0:35:42 ()
Dutchess and the Duke  Side By Side   Options   Sub Pop  2009  7"  0:40:15 ()
Sun City Girls  Ben's Radio   Options Funeral Mariachi  Abduction  2010  LP  0:42:01 ()
James  Laid   Options Laid  Fontana Island  1993  CD  0:51:43 ()
Queers  Janelle, Janelle   Options Don't Back Down  Lookout!  1996  CD  0:54:03 ()
Weston  Heather Lewis   Options Got Beat Up  Go Kart  1996  CD  0:56:47 ()
Dirtbombs  Brand New Game   Options   Munster  2006  7"  0:59:02 ()
Archers of Loaf  All Hail the Black Market   Options Vs the Greatest of All Time EP  Alias  1994  CD  1:02:11 ()
Sonic Youth  No Queen Blues   Options Washing Machine  DGC  1995  CD  1:05:55 ()
Mekons  (Sometimes I Feel Like) Fletcher Christian   Options So Good it Hurts  TwinTone  1988  LP  1:18:04 ()
Les Sans Culottes  Ecole de Merde   Options Shut Up Avec  Les Sans Culottes  2000  CD  1:22:49 ()
Mountain Goats  The Sign   Options Bitter Melon Farm  3 Beads of Sweat  orig 1994  CD  1:25:43 ()
Barbara Manning  Straw Man   Options One Perfect Green Blanket  Heyday  1991  LP  1:28:06 ()
Liz Phair  Carnivore   Options     orig 1993  CD  1:30:21 ()
Buzzcocks  Why She's a Girl from the Chainstore   Options   IRS  1980  7"  1:37:33 ()
Demolition Doll Rods  Power Cruise   Options   Wantage USA  1995  7"  1:39:51 ()
APB  Something to Believe In   Options   Red River  1985  12"  1:41:36 ()
Split Enz  Shark Attack   Options True Colours  A&M  1980  LP  1:44:40 ()
Squeeze  Hourglass   Options Babylon and On  A&M  1987  LP  1:47:50 ()
Billy Idol  Hole in the Wall   Options   Chrysalis  1982  7"  1:56:11 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 9/28/11 11:58am Amanda:

Hi everyone!
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:00pm Carmichael:

Good morning Amanda. Hello, future posters.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:01pm Alf From Upstate:

Welcome back Amanda!
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:01pm Van in Dallas:

Hi Amanda, listeners, and presumably Doug :)
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:01pm efd:

starting with the '90s!
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:03pm Amanda:

Yep, starting with the '90s is the way to do it. Hi everyone, for real this time!
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:04pm Doug S.:

Where else would I be, Amanda?!
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:06pm Amanda:

Doug, please know I'm always very chuffed and surprised to see you, as you have plenty of stream-y business that could keep you away. :-)
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:07pm pgw in mntclr:

+2 for use of the word "chuffed"
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:09pm Amanda:

Thanks pgw. Nice to have wordly-wise listeners...
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:10pm Doug S.:

I loved "chuffed," too.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:12pm glenn:

chuffed has nothing to do with blowing the shofar, right?
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:14pm Amanda:

Probably not, though I'd be chuffed to be allowed to do so. Happy New Year anyway!
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:15pm Van in Dallas:

Starting to remind me of that movie "The Last Boy Scout" I think it was..."Great. We're getting beat up by the inventor of 'Scrabble'" lol
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:15pm glenn:

i have to wonder if son volt ever played in medicine hat.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:16pm Doug S.:

Or blowing the chauffeur (not that there's anything wrong with that).
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:16pm Brian in UK:

Hello folks. Boy is it hot right here, right now. Beers in front line order.
Technically. 'CHUFFED TO BITS'.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:17pm Amanda:

@Doug -- Hey-o! Check please!

@Brian -- Welcome, and save a beer for me.

@glenn -- If they did, do you think the audience went NUTS for this song?
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:17pm glenn:

on the other hand, trying to fit "head smashed in buffalo jump" into a lyric probably wouldn't be that simple.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:20pm glenn:

david rawlings is a killer flat picker. just saying.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:22pm Brian in UK:

Just been listening to the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and they managed to fit 'hexachlorophene' into a song. Well it was the lates Sixties.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:22pm Amanda:

I agree, glenn. I saw them in 2006 or so, opening for (weirdly enough?) Bright Eyes. They ruled.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:23pm Amanda:

Need to find a way to fit the Bonzo Dog Band into the show one of these daze...
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:24pm glenn:

yes, but is hexaclorophene the name of a town? 'cause head smashed in buffalo jump is in alberta. as is medicine hat.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:27pm glenn:

also vulcan, whose claim to fame is the giant starship enterprise erected at the city limits.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:27pm Carmichael:

The song Rockalizer Baby would probably be a good fit with the stuff you regularly play.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:30pm Alf From Upstate:

Ned's Atomic T-Shirt:
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:31pm pgw in mntclr:

ah, the t-shirt was either L or XL like every band shirt made before 1998
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:31pm glenn:

many years ago, ned sublette played a show in toronto, with local rockabilly / country hero handsome ned opening. the show was bille as "two neds are better than one".
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:33pm Amanda:

Yes, pgw, no ladies ever wanted to wear a T-shirt, they assumed.

glenn -- HA! I love that so much!

Alf -- They're so beautiful, in that late-80s-early-90s Vision Street Wear-chic way. Mwah! Thanks for the link.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:33pm Marty McFly:

Wait a minute, Amanda Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of old radio tubes?
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:33pm pgw in mntclr:

case i point—somebody tried to sell an XL for $50 on ebay:
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:33pm Brian in UK:

Carmichael, you are on it. Just been enjoying 'Tent'. Who writes lyrics like 'My baby is as beautiful as a turniquet'
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:35pm glenn:

it's so convin - ient. gonna get you in my tent tent tent.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:35pm Amanda:

Time machine = not so hard to construct, as it turns out
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:35pm glenn:

or my pink half of the drainpipe.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:36pm Brian in UK:

Ron Shirt rules.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:36pm Carmichael:

I saw Richard Thompson and Loudon Wainwright together recently, billed as Rich & Loud.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:37pm glenn:

or just ask all those hipsters where death cab for cutie came up with the name.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:39pm Brian in UK:

Amanda, are you aware that when you click Live Audio Streams on this page it goes to Duane's show?
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:40pm Brian in UK:

So right, glenn.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:40pm Amanda:

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Yes, I'm aware of this. I usually put the proper link up top but I forgot this week.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:40pm Marty McFly:

Coincidentally, the name Ned's Atomic Dustbin was taken from an episode of the Goon Show, which was an influence on the Bonzo Dog Band. Hmmm?!?
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:42pm Brian in UK:

Ned being Neddy Seagoon. Ah he's falling in the water again.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:43pm Amanda:

You could probably trace everything I even remotely like back to Peter Sellers without too much difficulty.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:45pm Amanda:

The link problem has been addressed.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:46pm Brian in UK:

Spike Maligna (the well known typing error) was the writting brains before the groans.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:46pm glenn:

birdy num nums.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:46pm Brian in UK:

With full zip code, I trust, Amanda.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:48pm Amanda:

Oh but of course!

My British stepfather used to play Goon Show tapes for us in the car; I still have some of them layin' around somewheres.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:49pm glenn:

LUV flannery o'connor.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:50pm glenn:

i love my work. i just wish this cold would feck off so i could get back to it.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:51pm Brian in UK:

Prince Charles was/is a big fan of the Goons, I'm sure you can see why.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:51pm Doug S.:

Khalil Gibran said "Work is love made visible." At GtDR, work is love made audible.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:51pm glenn:

on the other hand, i can listen to this awesome possum radio.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:53pm glenn:

thanks to the bonzos, i now have a huge love for both music hall and palm court orchestras.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:53pm Amanda:

Yes, glenn, silver lining! We miss you when you're away from us.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:54pm Brian in UK:

Was this Gibran a stockbroker?
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:55pm glenn:

hi ho silver lining.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:56pm Brian in UK:

glenn, not taking yourself too seriously, especially rock music is priceless. The Bonzos were vital at the time. We someone likr them now. Ever heard Half Man, Half Biscuit?
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:58pm Amanda:

For not taking yourself too seriously in rock music, I nominate Ween as the #1 best ever
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:58pm ndbob:

afternoon Amanda and everyone!
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:59pm glenn:

( searching memory bank) i've heard the name. is john otway still performing? hell, is john otway even still alive? there's a pretty serious non serious guy.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:59pm Carmichael:

I followed Neil Innes into the Rutles, and I'm now a big fan of Rutlemania.
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:59pm Brian in UK:

Have they got a sister, Doreen Ween?
  Wed. 9/28/11 12:59pm pgw in mntclr:

i once saw Gene Ween at a Cure concert.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:00pm Carmichael:

Pushin' the little daisies and watchin' em come up. Strangest song I've heard in a great long while.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:00pm Amanda:

I love Neil Innes too!

Hi ndbob -- welcome back!!!

Brian -- yes, but it is probably just Gene Ween in a wig
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:00pm Brian in UK:

Yes, Mr Otway is still about, big in Belgium/Netherlands, I believe.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:00pm glenn:

apparently monty python writing sessions were renowned for the fact that they were so business like.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:01pm Brian in UK:

Comedy is a serious business. Ask any comedian.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:02pm glenn:

basically the reverso of the world's funniest joke skit.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:04pm glenn:

brand new game is more proof that all the great songs are in d minor.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:05pm Amanda:

I sense a master's thesis coming on...
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:06pm Brian in UK:

Are you going all Nigel Tufnell?
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:07pm Carmichael:

My personal favorite is Am, but I know where you're coming from, Glenn. Sultans of Swing is in Dm, one of my favorite guitar playing songs.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:07pm Van in Dallas:

yes, D minor. Ergo the bumper sticker: Honk if you think Concerto No. 1 in D Minor by Johannes Brahms blows away J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 in B-Flat Major.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:08pm glenn:

harry rag. i need not say more.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:10pm glenn:

i need that bumper sticker. even though my van doesn't really have bumpers. more like protruberances.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:12pm glenn:

i really miss big honkin' chrome bumpers.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:12pm Brian in UK:

harry rag, harry rag, he'd do anything just to get a harry rag.
harry rag (rhyming slang for fag (cigarette))
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:12pm ndbob:

one of my favorite Kinks songs
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:13pm glenn:

well, everybody knows how much i love the kinks.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:14pm Amanda:

I didn't know! That's one of my favorite Kinks songs too.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:15pm glenn:

ahem . the kinks are the greatest rock and roll band ever.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:15pm Amanda:

NYC-area dwellers: the bar Otto's Shrunken Head does a Kinks covers night now. I haven't been yet, but I am going to the next one!
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:17pm seang:

dying is no big deal
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:17pm Van in Dallas:

the bumper sticker: http://www.cafepress.com/kcomposite.14412037 :)
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:18pm ndbob:

i dread going to the doctor too.. though I have a nice one.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:19pm seang:

speaking of dying: this 9-5 work is killing me (slowly but surely)--Thanks for the MEKONS!
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:20pm Amanda:

Yay, seang! I'm deeply happy that I can keep you alive for another few minutes.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:20pm Carmichael:

We used that phrase to mean a joint.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:20pm glenn:

you need to hear this song performed by jon langford and a 40 voice welsh male choir, with the sadies as the band. sublemon.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:22pm Carmichael:

Listen to The Kinks Soap Opera. The whole thing is about the 9-5 drag and the gloomy people who put up with it.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:23pm seang:

I once asked Sally Timms how she paid the rent--but it came out all awkward-but she was cool-
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:26pm glenn:

  Wed. 9/28/11 1:29pm glenn:

this is better - "delilah. the welsh national anthem", as jon langford calls it.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:31pm Monty Python:

If I were Hitler, I'd annex the Sudetenland.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:32pm glenn:

don't tell rene russo, but i have a big crush on barbara manning.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:35pm Amanda:

Awesome links glenn, thank ye!
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:37pm glenn:

we torontonians are blessed. every spring he does a gig here with the choir.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:47pm seang:

  Wed. 9/28/11 1:48pm Amanda:

Thanks seang, now I have them both playing simultaneously on my laptop and I am insane.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:50pm seang:

Feel like I'm falling...
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:53pm Van in Dallas:

Thanks for the show Amanda
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:54pm Amanda:

No, Van, thank YOU for your great listenerhood.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:55pm Carmichael:

Thank you for everything, Amanda. Hope to hear you live next week, perhaps. Although this is great as well.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:56pm glenn:

and the great bumper sticker.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:56pm ndbob:

excellent show as always Amanda!
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:57pm Amanda:

Next week will be recorded too! But it will also be 3 hours long, lucky lucky you.

Thanks, everyone, and I am excited for next week. xoxoxo.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:58pm Gene:

  Wed. 9/28/11 1:58pm glenn:

this gives lou reed /metallica a run for the money.
  Wed. 9/28/11 1:58pm Amanda:

aw shucks
  Wed. 9/28/11 2:01pm pgw in mntclr:

good show, Amanda (both recorded and live)
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