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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options July 29, 2011: Fiction Comes Alive

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Artist Track
Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:01pm stinkbug:


  6:01pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Buzz Off Buzz Cut!
  6:01pm hamburger:

  6:01pm TubaRuba:

wtf it's Friday already?
  6:01pm G:

I vote for Fight Calls II. There was so much genuine, great caller material last week that there has to be at least another 60 great minutes in it.
  6:02pm hamburger:

hey, it says the track is Shut Up, Weirod...
  6:02pm mike noble 7sd:


Frangry drunk? Whaaaaaat?
  6:02pm other david:


definitely new title
  6:02pm G:

Don't touch his Wire Rod, Frangry
  6:03pm FRANGRY:

  6:03pm hamburger:

vintage andy interrupting... vintage
  6:03pm orlando:

Hey DJ's hey weerdoos!
  6:04pm stinkbug:

A few times a week, when I'm on a certain walk, I past by this woman who looked like a 65 year old version of Margaret from Dennis the Menace. .

Are the mikes in mono, Andy?
  6:05pm Danne D:

Hi Weirdos :)
  6:05pm Julie:

Fiction Comes Alive? Like Frampton Comes Alive?
  6:05pm Frangry's Famous Last Words:

What is this weird thing I'm sitting on!?!?!

Johnny Muller is gonna shoot Reagan to impress Frangry.
  6:05pm Danne D:

Weirod - sounds like some sort of werewolf porno
  6:06pm hubba:

I want to be Mister Rogers... I hate my neighbors.
  6:06pm Brass Knuckles:

Notify the feds.
  6:06pm Cecile:

Mr. Darcy from Sense and Sensibility or Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones's diary. Especially if he looks like or is Colin Firth.
  6:06pm Cecile:

I HATED Catcher in the Rye.
  6:06pm orlando:

Johnny Muller wants to be "Kickass" ;)
  6:06pm hamburger:

The King, from the King's speech, or Aaron Sorkin, from that 127 hours movie

Thumbs down on Holden Caufield. He's a total douche.
  6:07pm Dude #8:

Mr. Darcy is from Pride and Prejudice
  6:07pm WFMU:

All Johnny Mueller, all the time.
  6:07pm Danne D:

Picturing Frangry getting stuck talking to me for an hour. I'd probably fall asleep myself.
  6:07pm mike noble 7sd:

didn't identify with holden caufield, but i felt a lot like stephen dedalus at one time.
  6:07pm Cecile:

"which character would you want to be or do?"
  6:07pm stinkbug:

sub-set of this topic: "Which fictional high school would you like to attend?" (assuming you'd be of high school age)
  6:07pm Cecile:

@Dude, sorry, you're right.
  6:07pm Danne D:

Or do...?
  6:07pm mike noble 7sd:

oh and then later during one hot summer i kinda identified with dostoevsky's raskolnikov.

Mr. Darcy is from "Pride and Prejudice."

  6:08pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

These guys are so drunk that I feel like I have to pledge some money.
  6:08pm Brass Knuckles:

I wanna be Jesus.
  6:09pm hubba:

Be: Shakes the Clown; Do: Jessica Rabbit
  6:09pm Sting:

FRANG-RYYYYYYY, you don't have to qvell at the red lights!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:09pm Cecile:

oooh, My Side of the Mountain is amazing.
  6:09pm Dude #8:

I wish I could have grown up as Tom Sawyer.
  6:09pm stinkbug:

dave, last time we pledged money they used it to get drunk.
  6:09pm Cecile:

MISTER JOHNNY, I know I messed up. I'm going to be booted from Austenland any moment now.
  6:10pm Danne D:

Do fictional commenters count toward the topic?
  6:10pm hamburger:

Be: Joaquin Phoenix from I'm not there!
  6:10pm Cecile:

Any 50 of them are posting!
  6:10pm TubaRuba:

Because they can't use made-up estimated numbers like they do with terrestrial radio
  6:10pm Julie:

this is a hard topic..I can't think of ANYONE
  6:10pm orlando:

andy ruined it!!!!
  6:10pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I would buy them some drinks - no problem.
  6:11pm other david:

She's right!
  6:11pm stinkbug:

christ, i'm getting images in my head of a drunk frangry slicing andy with a knife.
  6:11pm Danne D:

I'm sure there's rooms packed at SUW listening parties listening to the stream.

Probably at um, institutions, but still...
  6:11pm lucybluebear:

am I #53
  6:11pm Danne D:

Andy closed it without saying hi to us commenters :(

How dare you, Frangry!
I'm only 3/4 to a retard!
  6:11pm Dennis G:

I would like to see Sherlock Holmes
  6:11pm hubba:

  6:11pm hamburger:

hahaha Danne D. true. true.
  6:12pm Danne D:

How are you doing, TubaRuba? :)

Hiya Hamburger :)
  6:12pm G:

@Danne: But things change over time. Remember the first year when Frangry was scared to ever look at comments, and we could say anything half behind her back? O:-)
  6:12pm Cecile:

I want to be the Old Spice man.
  6:13pm Julie:

If Cecile is the Old Spice guy I want to date her
  6:13pm hubba:

Be: Gordon's Fisherman Do: Ariel
  6:13pm orlando:

Frangry has become a lightweight!
  6:14pm Danne D:

Awesome exception to this rule is that we can kinda comment on the quality of any given call...
  6:14pm TubaRuba:

Good evening Danne
  6:14pm Guys:

@Julie: Can we watch :-P
  6:14pm Danne D:

Frangry really is all that and a bag of (lentil) chips
  6:14pm Cecile:

Everyone wants to date me! But I will bring you tickets to that thing you like...and look! The tickets have turned into diamonds!
  6:14pm Spike:

There's only ONE SPIKE. Accept NO substitutes.
  6:15pm Listener Schned:

Bond, James Bond- is there any other option ?
Shaken, not stirred, Frangs-
  6:15pm Danne D:

Surprised you haven't had like 50 Jessica Rabbit calls actually. First thing I thought of
  6:15pm Guys:

Yes, no one else is in Spike's league of ANNOYING
  6:15pm Julie:

Can I be Buffy?
  6:16pm hubba:

Be: Judas; Do: Mary Magdilan; Eat: Moses
  6:16pm quinn:

i want to be Pop, from Hop on Pop
  6:16pm TubaRuba:

@julie - hot!
  6:16pm mike noble 7sd:

i'd like to be irwin's depiction of Andy Breckman.
  6:17pm hubba:

Be: Eddy Haskel; Do :June Clever; Eat: Beaver
  6:17pm Danne D:

So Be, Do, Eat is kinda like the new version of F* Marry Kill I guess?
  6:17pm Julie:

@Noble good one!
  6:17pm Tom Cruise:

Be: L Ron Hubbard, see: L Ron Hubbard, Do: L Ron Hubbard
  6:17pm stinkbug:

  6:17pm Julie:

Frangry is being sold into white slavery
  6:17pm hubba:

yes and yes!
  6:18pm Dude #8:

How about being able to see/live in Newbridge.
  6:18pm orlando:

I would like to be Pussyfoot from Carvel!
  6:19pm hubba:

Be: Ozzie; Do: Harriet; Eat: Beaver
  6:19pm Cecile:

Run the Pretty Princess show again.
  6:19pm TubaRuba:

"Don't whine! Speak up!"
I like tonight's Andy
  6:19pm mike noble 7sd:

  6:19pm Danne D:

No SUW next week? :(

Can you open the comments on the re-run please? :) It'll be like a whole new show then.

All girls hour = hawt.
  6:19pm August 19th:

SUW Girl on Girl Action
  6:20pm Danne D:

  6:20pm Reality Check:

Spike is also a Boring Comic Nerd zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6:20pm Danne D:

Be: Plasticman
Do: Wonder Woman
  6:20pm Cecile:

Bye, have a great evening you weirdos.
  6:21pm listener mark:

Frangry and Andy Breckman
  6:21pm mike noble 7sd:

when will there please be a breckman-frangry show?!
  6:21pm Danne D:

LOL at Andy's half-duck half-gazelle fetish.
  6:21pm orlando:

will there be a pillow fight on the 19?
  6:22pm hubba:

Be: Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds

Do: Mom from Malcolm in the Middle

Eat: Strawberry Shortcake
  6:22pm Danne D:

Bye Cecile!
  6:23pm listener mark:

I want to be Batman, he has the coolest vehicles, batmobile, batcycle, bat helicopter, bat boat

Doctor Discipline has a doctorate in what subject?
  6:23pm bry:

i would like to be, see and eat the stay puft marshmellow man.
  6:23pm Danne D:

New SUW show premise:

Andy speculates on the sex habits and sexuality of fictional characters...
  6:24pm Brass Knuckles:

@hubba Ogre. Nice.
  6:24pm hamburger:

I wanna be Tom Cruise from Rain Man, so my idiot savant brother can bring in the big bucks at the casino!
  6:24pm Dude #8:

Be a Wizard in the Harry Potter universe. (Which is pretty much my generation's Jedi)
  6:24pm TubaRuba:

@bry - haha
  6:24pm hubba:

Be: Handy Manny

Do: Dora the Explorer

Eat: Paddington Bear
  6:24pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I can listen to the show right now. :( Please describe what is happening for me.
  6:24pm listener mark:

I wish I was drunk like Frangry.
  6:24pm cheri:

hiya julie & danne,,,hows it going?? btw i recomend that you go see "FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS"!!! soo funny!!!
  6:24pm Spike:

He has a doctorate in PAIN.
  6:24pm orlando:

Fuck the tornado!!
  6:24pm stinkbug:

I want to hang out with Incredible Mr. Limpet!
  6:24pm hubba:

@ Brass - thankx...
  6:25pm hubba:

It is between Ogre and Booger
  6:25pm Danne D:

Hiya cheri. What do you think of the topic?

I think it's walloon.
  6:25pm cheri watcher:

the cake is out, the film friends with benefits is in.

  6:25pm hubba:

"you there, hoe garden!"
  6:26pm Gerg:

MMMMM. Hoegaarden. Yummmmm. Frangry has good beer taste.
  6:26pm Danne D:

Here's Kurt G with the WFMU Weather...
  6:26pm listener mark:

I just came in from the Hudson River I saw the freaking weather.
  6:27pm Tommelise:

I do not know which Fictional character I wish to be, I just have a long list of characters I wish I would not like to be. ...Regardless of how much I like the story, play or novel.
  6:27pm TubaRuba:

@mark do you ride the ferry?
  6:27pm DEED:

stretch armstrong, for obivous reasons

Frickin' drunk Frangry. Thumbs up!
  6:27pm Weather Machine:

Please put your heads between your legs, and kiss your asses goodbye. That is all, and thanks for your attention.
  6:27pm orlando:

Frangry, wear you ruby red shoes this weekend!
  6:27pm Danne D:

next update with Ken Freedman from the WFMU weather balloon chair on the at 6:45
  6:27pm hubba:

Be: Brsico County, Jr.

Do : Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
  6:28pm Ray L:

OT, Spike -- when did Scharpling's callers start migrating to SUW?
  6:28pm listener mark:

@TubaRuba I was on a freaking sailboat.

More weather porn, please!
  6:28pm TubaRuba:

I liked that weather man walk-on character - it made it like a real show
  6:28pm mike noble 7sd:

i'm with hubba. i want to be any character portrayed by curtis armstrong.
  6:28pm Danne D:

I've changed my mind. I wanna be Pancake turned alive. Then I'd get to hang out with Frangry all the time (I guess I'd adjust to living in her suitcase)
  6:28pm Weather Machine:

Puke, Frangry. You'll feel much better on the air. On-air puking is a guaranteed audience magnet.
  6:29pm Tommelise:

If a tornado hits the studio, you will end up in Emerald City.
  6:29pm Dude #8:

See: Henchmen 24/21 from Venture Bros
  6:29pm Brass Knuckles:

Be: Shaggy
Do: Velma (as portrayed by Linda Cardellini)
Eat: Scrappy Doo
  6:29pm Danne D:

Hi Tommelise :) are you going to call tonight? :)
  6:29pm TubaRuba:

@mark - Wow! Hey do sailboats have extra motors if there's no wind? Sometimes they seem like they're cruising around a little too easily
  6:29pm cheri:

danne i reaaly wish i was either batgirl or wonder woman

Kinda like "CHUCKY," Danne D???
  6:30pm Tommelise:

@ Danne D: I don't have a character. :(
  6:30pm hubba:

Be: Herbert Viola @Mike noble
  6:30pm Brass Knuckles:

You guys are dicks!
  6:31pm bry:

usually this show is good, but what the fuck is going on today?
  6:31pm stinkbug:

i want my outgoing answering machine message (yes, I still have an answering machine) to be frangry saying "What's your name, mister?"
  6:31pm LMAO:

wut aksent, mizz soopah hawtt
  6:32pm listener mark:

Yes, sailboats have motors. The currents move a boat
pretty fast and a push from a motor helps.
  6:32pm Brass Knuckles:

Like real holla.
  6:32pm Danne D:

lol Mister Johnny - are you comparing pancake to Chucky? Don't let frangry read this!

:( hope you find a character in the next 1/2 hour Tommelise

The thought of cheri with a lasso is a little scary
  6:32pm hubba:

Be: Urkel

Do: Sandra from 227 (jakee)

Eat: Fat Albert

Supa-Hot Fornicator Man.
  6:33pm hamburger:

the weirdness does not disappoint :)
  6:34pm Danne D:

I can see it now:

Woman mauled to death by pit bull protecting "Pancake"
  6:34pm listener mark:

We believe in Pancake !
  6:34pm hubba:

Be: Mr. Peabody
Do: Natasha
Eat: Rocky
  6:34pm TubaRuba:

Geez, latin chicks even *travel* with pitbulls?
  6:35pm G:

Does Frangry's time off involve a plane flight?

OH MY GOD, LOCK UP YOUR GUM, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:35pm other david:

  6:35pm Danne D:

YAY! Tommelise! :)
  6:35pm Buddy Cole:

Tyrannosaurus rex with their faggy little hands.
  6:35pm hubba:

Be: my biological father... I'm tearing up... gonna need a minute here... oh God, why did you leave us!?
  6:36pm TubaRuba:

@hubba if you be your own father, you will collapse upon yourself
  6:37pm Danne D:

LOL - maybe next year's premium can be a SUW - on the front would be Frangry's Be, Do, Eat and on the back it would be Andy's Be, Do, Eat
  6:37pm hubba:

Be: Special Agent Dale Cooper
Do: Laura Palmer
Eat: Log Lady's Log

I wanna be Darth Vader.
  6:38pm listener mark:

Be : Batman
Do : Catwoman
Eat : The Annoying Orange
  6:39pm TubaRuba:

Ooh I want to be Willy Wonka
  6:39pm J J:

Be: Porky Pig
Do: Miss Piggy
Eat: Babe

Henry Higgins hate silly girls because he's a GAY. HELLO?
  6:40pm hubba:

Be: Magnum PI
Do : Higgins
Eat: Higgins' petite pile of poo
  6:40pm Tommelise:

Be: Mrs. Havirsham
Do: Mr. Rochester
Eat: The Gingerbread Man.
  6:40pm king of leon:

be somebody
do somebody
eat somobody
  6:40pm mike noble 7sd:

Be: Charlie from Always Sunny
Do: Veronica Mars
Eat: Lieutenant Worf
  6:41pm Danne D:

Waiting for the Be: Hannibal Lechter one any second now...
  6:41pm hubba:

Be: Patrick Swayze from Roadhouse
Do: Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing
Eat: whatever is left of Patrick Swayze
  6:41pm hubba:

too soon!
  6:41pm stinkbug:

andy/frangry: that bob dylan album cover site you linked to on the blog is insane.
  6:42pm DEED:

BE: Captain Kirk
EAT: the green m&m
  6:42pm G:

kid call,. 6:42 instead of 6:15
  6:43pm mike noble 7sd:

did you do any covers that i came up with that one time i was brainstorming over growler beer last summer?
  6:43pm TubaRuba:

Blarg, Arizona??
  6:43pm Tommelise:

Oh, God! She's the stereotypical child.
  6:43pm Tommelise:

So, she made a queer porn fantasy?
  6:44pm G:

Be: Barack Obama
Do: Sarah Palin
Eat: Chris Christie
  6:44pm mike noble 7sd:

oh oh can you do ron while being harry?

also chuck norris is a fictional character on the internet.
  6:44pm stinkbug:

2013 Calendar idea: Frangry and Andy recreating scenes from harry Potter
  6:44pm Danne D:

8( I'm never an A+ commenter
  6:45pm J J:

It's a toss up Roadhouse Swayze or Point Break to do or be.
  6:45pm G:

@Danne, they take you for granted, you're always there and well behaved
  6:45pm Danne D:

LOL - welcome to the SUW complaints department. This should end well...

That's kinda true G. That's kinda true.
  6:46pm Danne D:

Guess I can deal with being the resident B student of SUW
  6:46pm TubaRuba:

Ha! Frango's at that rambling/confrontational moment in the night when all the guys in the bar start to roll their eyes
  6:46pm G:

that's why i said it :-)
  6:47pm Danne D:

all of 'em except for 1, TubaRuba, all of 'em except 1...
  6:47pm Danne D:

Andy's Laugh at Pikachu is the highlight of the show :)
  6:48pm Tommelise:

A mudkip!
  6:48pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

The only way to solve this is to have another drink.
  6:48pm Danne D:

Andy showing his detailed pokemon knowledge by pulling out the Jiggly Puff reference
  6:49pm Hahaha:

I used to have a crush on the cartoon version of April Oneal from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...
  6:49pm Tommelise:

I'm guessing that Andy has played with his son Game Boy.
  6:49pm G:

Be: Papa Smurf

Do: Smurfette. Duh.

Eat: The rest of them as fried snacks.
  6:49pm hubba:

Be: Hamburgler
Do: Grimace
Eat: The Fry Guys
  6:50pm Danne D:

There should be a "week in the life of Andy" show - I think that it'd be interesting
  6:50pm Danne D:

G, you sure you wouldn't need to take smurfagra?
  6:50pm TubaRuba:

@G - do you have to skin them first, or fry them whole? They're sort of hairy...
  6:50pm Danne D:

LOL they don't have car insurance in england...
  6:51pm G:

Skin them, and fry them like shrimp.
  6:51pm Danne D:

I'd think the skin would be the best part, TubaRuba
  6:51pm G:

Yeah, Danne, they have national health car.
  6:51pm TubaRuba:

@Haha - I could go for that, she looks pretty normal
  6:51pm listener mark:

The Geico lizard is Australian.
  6:52pm Danne D:

I guess if G was really sadistic he'd have said Gargamel instead of Poppa Smurf
  6:52pm Tommelise:

Who would want to be Herbert Pocket?! He is poor and in dept!
  6:53pm G:

Yep, considered that and rejected it
  6:53pm mike noble 7sd:

isn't the lizard cockney? or michael caine?
  6:53pm hubba:

Be: Pee-Wee
Do: Jambi
Eat: The Dinosaur Family
  6:53pm listener mark:

Hoegarden is made by InBev.
  6:53pm Danne D:

they had a geico commercial where the end of the commercial he's about to reveal his nationality and then the commercial cuts off
  6:53pm TubaRuba:

@Tommelise - I love your dedication to Great Expectations; it is my fav!
  6:54pm Danne D:

I don't wanna judge anyone owning a blow-up Geico lizard but...
  6:54pm Listener Jon:

Geez Frangry, you're a touchy drunk!
  6:54pm Danne D:

Would he feel that way if Frangry's character was her in drag dressed as Andy?
  6:54pm Tommelise:

I'm an English teacher. I torture children with that novel!
  6:55pm Danne D:

lol Tommelise :)
  6:55pm TubaRuba:

I approve "What would such-and-such cartoon character taste like" as a future topic
  6:56pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

This comments board is strange when you aren't listening to the show.
  6:56pm Danne D:

Comments board rules, Dave :)
  6:57pm Danne D:

I can hear the thunder outside my window 8(
  6:57pm hubba:

yeah... can't hear the show now...
  6:57pm Danne D:

Damn, Frangry just took sole ownership of the show from Andy!
  6:57pm Tommelise:

The adult Jane Eyre can be desirable too. Not her child version, she gets beaten up. Her adult version is a kind of a sexy heroine.
  6:57pm TubaRuba:

@Tommelise - it's an easy read full of life lessons - no need for torture!
  6:57pm listener mark:

Rules are rules, dude. And Frangry makes the rules.
  6:57pm G:

wikipedia on geico gecko:

The gecko first appeared in 1999 during the Screen Actors Guild strike that prevented the use of live actors. The original commercial features the Gecko, voiced by comedian Kelsey Grammer, pleading for people to stop calling him in error as he is a gecko not to be confused with GEICO. In the subsequent commercials with Jake Wood, which portray him as a representative of the company, the gecko speaks with a Cockney accent, because it would be unexpected, according to Martin Agency's Steve Bassett. In current commercials the gecko's accent is more working-class, perhaps in an effort to further "humanize" him.
  6:58pm i'm george clooney:

..i wanna eat a killer tomatoe...
  6:58pm hubba:

Be: Brawny Man
Do: Aunt Jamima
Eat: Pilsbury Dough Boy
  6:58pm Danne D:

Have a great night Weirdos! Stay safe out there!

By Andy :)
By Frangry!!! :) <333
  6:58pm Tommelise:

@ TubaRuba: Kids nowadays find books a source of torture if is not about Vampires or Wizards.
  6:58pm orlando:

snuggles the bear?
  6:58pm listener mark:

Have another beer, Frangry.
  6:59pm Hello Alex:

I was dating a girl for a little while that decided the Geico Geko had a Hackney accent. I shot her a look that clearly demonstrated I didn't care... nor did I ask her opinion.

I'd like to be Han Solo!
  6:59pm listener mark:

Ladytron --- "International Dateline"
  7:00pm Danne D:

ANDY!!! WTF!?!?!?!
  7:00pm Tommelise:

Bye Weirdos
  7:00pm G:

Those Euro beers are HIGH ALCOHOL, kids.
  7:00pm hamburger:

good job huuba!
  7:00pm Danne D:

whoa!!! upset!!!!



  7:01pm jjjj:

this show is collapsing just in time for a big tornado
  7:01pm TubaRuba:

Nighty-o, weird-os
  7:24pm hubba:

Thank you! I was just excercising my inner most desires. I couldn't have done it with you guys/gals... and my prosthetic index finger... a real life saver.
  7:47pm G:

Be: Me

Do: Guess

Kill: Spike and Cheri
  3:41pm commentar:

too many reruns

I was more than just fictitious: Existed only in Spike's mind.
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