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Genre-surfing tokenism. (Visit homepage.)

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Options July 20, 2011: God is always with me, and I blame Him for all my failures.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
The High Llamas  Checking In, Checking Out   Options Gideon Gaye  0:03:21 ()
Chris Palestis  I Love Rock and Roll   Options Wizz-O: Live & Insane, May 1, 1982  0:09:09 ()
Mike Doughty  Vegetable   Options Yes and Also Yes  0:11:43 ()
The Smithereens  A World of Our Own   Options 2011  0:18:15 ()
Peppe Barra  Don Raffae   Options Passione: Un' Avventura Musicale (film soundtrack)  0:22:32 ()
Mary Cobham  Motown   Options Mazeway Re-Synthesis  0:25:22 ()
Ex-Lovers  Photobooth   Options 7" single (2009)  0:28:33 ()
The Three Suns  Fever   Options Fever and Smoke  0:31:11 ()
Mostly Other People Do the Killing  Rough and Ready   Options Forty Fort  0:34:12 ()
Amanda  Constipated in Utopia   Options Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World  0:47:44 ()
Obits  You Gotta Lose   Options Moody, Standard and Poor  0:54:49 ()
Fountains of Wayne  A Dip in the Ocean   Options Sky Full of Holes  0:54:54 ()
Henry Badowski  The Inside Out   Options Life is a Grand ...  0:58:34 ()
Magnetic Fields  California Girls (alternate version)   Options Distortion  1:01:11 ()
Dave King Trucking Company  Night Tram   Options Good Old Light  1:03:55 ()
Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden  Hour Glass   Options Bella Neurox  1:10:41 ()
My Morning Jacket  Outta My System   Options Circuital  1:21:53 ()
Steppenwolf  Desperation   Options self-titled  1:25:06 ()
Bee Money  Milkin' My Goat   Options Representin' Pro Town (beemoneyprovo.com)  1:30:18 ()
The Cure  Friday I'm in Love (version)   Options Cure Greatest Hits  1:35:07 ()
The Who and Young Man Gordon  My Generation   Options Gordon's Generation Sings the Who's My Generation  1:37:43 ()
The Fibonaccis  TerrorVision   Options Repressed: The Best Of The Fibonaccis 1981-1987  1:41:49 ()
J Mascis  Not Enough   Options Several Shades of Why  1:45:10 ()
Lee Morgan  Nite-Flite   Options Delightfulee  1:52:47 ()
Bobby Sanabria & the Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra  Frenzy   Options Kenya Revisited Live!  1:59:54 ()
Baron  Trouble   Options Full of Fire  2:04:55 ()
Jason Falkner  Holiday   Options Can You Still Feel?  2:10:32 ()
Band of Horses  Our Swords   Options Everything All the Time  2:14:43 ()
Ethan Iverson Trio  This Nearly Was Mine   Options Deconstruction Zone (Standards)  2:23:44 ()
Procol Harum  A Salty Dog   Options A Salty Dog  2:29:00 ()
Brian Blade  Get There   Options Mama Rosa  2:33:28 ()
The Mojo Men  Sit Down, I Think I Love You   Options San Francisco Nights (psyche comp)  2:36:54 ()
Talk Talk  It's You   Options It's My Life  2:39:12 ()
Lucinda Williams  Greenville   Options Car Wheels on a Gravel Road  2:46:11 ()
York Wilborn's Pychedelic Six  Funky Football   Options True Soul: Deep Sounds From The Left Of Stax Vol. 1  2:49:00 ()
Seam  Bunch   Options The Problem With Me  2:53:20 ()
Amanda and Brandy  I'll Take De Night Life   Options Don't Mess With the Power Child  2:57:08 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 7/20/11 3:01pm ...:

Hi, Irwin!
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Damn it, first comment ellipsis! Show your face!!!
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:02pm G-D.:

Blame Dan and Joel. I have enough to worry about.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:06pm paulshrug:

Ahhhhh, the Llamas...
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Llamas are pretty stubborn, grumpy animals. Maybe they'd be more mellow if they got High more often.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:08pm Llamas:

Got any ham? We love ham.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:08pm Hell's Kitten:

this sounds like..hmm...CSNY? America? One of those groups
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:09pm Llama Loogie:

Heads up!!!! Here I come!!!!!!
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:10pm kurts:

sounds like steely dan
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:10pm paulshrug:

I always thought this song sounded like Katy Lied era Steely Dan
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:12pm paulshrug:

Say, this sounds like Joan Jett!
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:12pm Dave B:

Wicked Guitar Solo!
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@paul: That's a good guess for an "era" sound.

Wizz-O! This was one of the first I heard by him.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:13pm hubba:

i had two cassettes when I was 4... "Thriller" and this cassingle... excpe t I kept saying "flush rock n roll down the toilet bowl"... he he
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:15pm Snoop:

If it were steamed I'd-a dropped it like it was hot.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:17pm amazon.com:

Doughty new album release date: August 30, 2011
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Toke that genreing surfism!
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:19pm Hell's Kitten:

Yeah that's it Steely Dan
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:19pm Russians:

Do we bomb now?
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:19pm Laura L:

So that's what the end of the world will sound like.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:20pm Lizardner Dave:

So is the new Fountains of Wayne record worth buying? I loved Welcome Interstate Managers, not so much with Traffic and Weather.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:22pm eye on sky:

Do you remember(no GOOGLING) what day of the week Neil stepped onto our moon
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:22pm hubba:

my paltry tomato and cottage cheese sandwich is no more... time for mushy nectarines and green tea... and then back to work... comment
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:22pm Russians:

  Wed. 7/20/11 3:24pm MD:

"in the future...this is the music that will move you...in the future!"
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:27pm paulshrug:

@Lizardner Dave - I enjoyed the new FOW album. It's a bit reflective.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:28pm Hell's Kitten:

Someone wants to be Liz Phair
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:29pm Matt from Springfield:

@hubba: My comment: are you veg, or just into organic food?

Mazeway Re-Synthesis, now this is a great album we've been hearing. Keep it coming Irwin!
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:29pm john:

yeah, this is a pretty catchy liz phair tune.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:29pm Hell's Kitten:

Liz kinda sucks now, so I guess it'll have to do
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:30pm Ike:

Hey Irwin, any thoughts on the death of NYC's WRXP? Were you still listening? I didn't like it much myself, but still, it's a bit sad.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@Hell's Kitchen: (flustered) Look, I just always wondered what it's like to be Liz! I dressed up as her ONE day!! That's all! Do you have pictures of it? How much do you want for them? Just don't sell them to the Enquirer!!
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:35pm THE Bruce Dickinson:

I got a FEVER! And the only cure...is more Liz Phair impersonating.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:37pm Mike East:

@Ike - "The Rock Experience" was tolerable commercial radio, so its a shame to lose...just like I was upset when CBS FM switched to JACK a few years ago. I'm glad to say I don't work at a location that pumps commercial radio stations through the house speakers all day anymore, and I can make my own individual choice to fill my office with whatever weirdness WFMU is sending out.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:37pm Mike East:

...not that you asked me, but I thought I'd chime in.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:38pm fred von helsing:

Hey where do we start sending get well cards 'n stuff
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:43pm SSRIs:

Ken is never technically well, more like "very high functioning". -- Are there get-less-unwell cards?
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:43pm Ike:

Well said, Mike East. My thoughts are almost exactly the same (except for CBS-FM -- meh).
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:44pm Ike:

Are there "get over your damn hypochondria" cards?

Kidding! I'm kidding!! Please don't lock me in the John Zorn CD storage trailer.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:45pm fred von helsing:

i was talking physical afflictions, not those of the psyche (h)eh
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:45pm Carmichael:

I'm sure Kenneth is hearing the frequency right about now.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:46pm hubba:

@ Matt from Springfield - I'm poor... I can get bulk tomatoes and nectarines for like 40 cents a pound... so I eat them until the farmers market dishes something else out. I eat everything, but try and eat whole foods including large chain grocer's meat offerings. For breakfast I had a raisin cinnamon bagel and hard boiled egg, which is what i eat every morning... 30 eggs for 5 bucks @ farmer's market and a week's worth of bagels for 3 bucks, unless child eats them... with doctored-up coffee ( very vanilla soy milk and raw sugar)... However, I'm still pleasantly plump because I get munchies then pass-out. TMI?
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:47pm Mike East:

the love of CBS FM is more an homage to my dad who got me into radio as a little tike by playing CBS FM all the time. When you're a kid, the repetition of the same 50 songs is actually a good thing...as an adult, less so.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:48pm Matt from Springfield:

@hubba: Thank you. No, just enough I.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Helsing Fred! You're here in the afternoon, or your nighttime. Welcome!

And, embrace the Power Child!
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:50pm Katya:

Crazy kid! She and Joseph feel like family I've never met.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:50pm Sean Daily:

Neat! They gave the Feral Kid from "The Road Warrior" a recording contract!
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Unusually, my math answer was "911". When constipated, dial some Amanda!!
@Katya: That's the way a lot of us feel!
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:51pm Das:

Reminds me of Sun Ra's poetry from last week
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:52pm Matt from Springfield:

@Das: With analog synthesizer arrangements.

One man's terrorist, is another man's freedom-screamer.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:53pm Ike:

Ironically, RXP was gaining a bit in the male demos and was basically becoming a (very) modest success when it was axed. As usual, its parent corporation was just too far in debt to be patient. Commercial radio stations have to be hugely successful around here, or die.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:53pm Das:

Amen, brother of the universe
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:55pm Dave B:

I'm curious if of Amanda's rantings were scripted, or just freeform?
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:55pm Das:

They were handed down from Cookie
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:55pm Ike:

(I can't resist adding: Commercial radio was better before deregulation! Corps buying stations just to leverage and flip them is not good for radio.)
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:56pm Katya:

Parts of that story read like a Mad Lib, Dave.
  Wed. 7/20/11 3:58pm Das:

I've never heard Will and Grace referenced in a song before, gives me hope for my hit song based on 'Get a life'
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:00pm Nostalgic:

@Ike: Yes, the world was much better when a few know-it-alls gave us all exactly what they knew we needed but were too stupid to know we should want.
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:03pm Das:

What does it mean when kids say to me, 'you are teh gay'
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:03pm Nostalgic:

alternate version from where?
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Hmm, these so-called California Girls are sounding pretty interesting...
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:06pm Irwin:

@Nostalgia: Distortion -- two versions (female & male vocals) bookend the album
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:06pm Das:

Whatever happened to all the great bubble solos from the 80's?
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:06pm Ike:

I don't think requiring radio owners to hold on to their stations (which are publicly-owned spectrum) for two years (so that they'll actually put an effort into it, instead of just flipping it) is being "know-it-all," but YMMV.
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:08pm Nostalgic:

Not on my version :-( it ends with 13. Courtesans. will investigate ye olde internet for what was perhaps a bonus track on some release...
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:10pm Ike:

But our long history of anti-intellectualism continues, I suppose. Of course it's really the free market which is a truly gruesome "know-it-all" (as in the corporations know what's good for you and you'd better like it, because they're the JOB CREATORS so you'd better WORSHIP THEM!).
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:10pm Das:

How did Scatman Crothers end up with a role in the Shining?
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:10pm Nostalgic:

yes, anyone who disagrees with our policy preferences is an anti-intellectual. :-)
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:14pm Ike:

What? Anti-intellectual is precisely the correct definition for someone who says "a few know-it-alls gave us all exactly what they knew we needed but were too stupid to know we should want."
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:17pm Ike:

Really nice Petra Haden track!
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:23pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm ADD on radio presets as well--commercial radio in the DC area has become intolerable. At least with Sat radio I don't have to tolerate even mediocre programming--just switch to one of the hundreds of other channels.

Still, I'd love to have FMU in my car (iPod wi-fi app connected to speakers?) That way I don't have to stop listening to a show when I drive home.
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:23pm Katya:

Sounds emanating from the next cell :D
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:24pm paulshrug:

This MMJ song has been coming up a lot lately.
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:26pm Younger Generation:

Woohoo! Song about drugs and crime! This ROCKS!!
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:28pm Ike:

Yes, silence can be good.

"Doing business" with public spectrum -- UGGGH. I'm such a dirty pinko!
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:30pm Codger's Generation:

What is this hippy junk? I'd put on my 78s instead of this baloney, but someone stole them! I think it was YOU, Irwin!
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:31pm postmanpaul:

Fine vocals on this Steppenwolf song.
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:32pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ike: The thing with commercial radio after deregulation, less people are listening because it's gotten worse, and yet advertisers still throw enough dough at it to be a money maker. Eventually I think NO ONE will be listening, and yet advertisers will still pay for commercials to be broadcast, in hopes of affecting the public's brain waves!
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:32pm Das:

John Kay once killed a badger with his stinkeye.
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:33pm Goat:

Oh, geez, not again!
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Bee Money? Oy vey! I thought we'd heard the last of MC Utah here!
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:34pm Robert Alberg:

I like this!
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:35pm Irwin:

@Robert: how are things in the lab?
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:37pm Robert Alberg:

Quiet, you.
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Young Man Gordon; or, Roger Daltrey (DNA).
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:41pm Hell's Kitten:

Yes, ipod connected to speakers..real easy
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:41pm Julie:

I heard the Cure, now I may return to my coffin..er bedroom
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Julie!
Have you heard the Fibonaccis before? I just found out about them from Mary Wing's show.
Great sound, and a math reference to boot!
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:47pm Julie:

I haven't..and I really like that song
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:50pm Fibonacccis:

When we count off a song, it's '1, 2, 3, 5'
  Wed. 7/20/11 4:56pm Das:

  Wed. 7/20/11 5:05pm Mike East:

Bobby Sanabria comes in to rehearse here sometimes. They are one of the loudest acts that come in.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:06pm Mike East:

He's an amazing drummer, too
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Baron must be a miller, as he likes to "grind all night". Soca at least needs a pretense such as that (e.g. a rooster with one leg for "One Foot Cock")--even if no one takes it at face value!
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:18pm Matt from Springfield:

@Irwin: Speaking of which, it was truly monumental a few weeks ago when you played the "Mango Verde" soca song--"if you eat it right, the hair don't stick in your teeth!"

It's glorious that the FCC won't block that, despite their fascination with far less dirty things!
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:20pm Bad Ronald:

Bobby S. Rules!
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:21pm Bad Ronald:

Gotta get a haircut...
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:22pm Carmichael:

Just came back from a meeting. Anything good happen??
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ronald: Yes, I agree! About Bobby Sanabria that is...glad Irwin's been playing that lately.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@Carmichael: Take a look at the comments. I believe everything that was particularly awesome is mentioned somewhere in the comments today.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:24pm Carmichael:

A song called Frenzy: was that the Screamin' Jay Hawkins song of the same name?
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:26pm Matt from Springfield:

Uh, if it was I couldn't tell. It's the Afro-Cuban stuff Irwin's been playing, like Tito Puente but more Afro-Cuban. I like it.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:27pm Carmichael:

Could be, then. It normally has a minor key cha-cha feel to it, but Hawkins bellows the vocals. One of my favorite songs.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:28pm Dear Sweet Jesus on a Bike:

....... it's hot outside
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:33pm Katya:

So, should we go ahead and skip the light fandango?
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:34pm glenn:

re mike east's comment at 3:37 about office music. (sort of) i get why record stores have music playing. so............. why don't book stores have audio books/ people reading on their sound systems?
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:37pm Irwin:

belated shout to Katya!
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:37pm The Catholic Pope:

@Sweet Jesus: You're tellin' ME!
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:37pm other david:

trying to read a book, while listening to a different book being read out over speakers, would probably make my brain finally call it quits.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:38pm other david:

what the.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:38pm Real Advice:

@President Eisenhower 4:14PM: If you are so limpidly certain that your preferences are so much better than everyone else's, and that most people will agree with them if simply exposed to them, then just run for office and see how that goes. Large-scale input will reveal more about your ideas than one-on-one discussions in isolation.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:39pm The Catholic Pope:

I wish David Peel hadn't revealed it, but yes, I do smoke dope. On occasion, and only when Sunday isn't the next day.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:39pm 7SD Guess:

Andy will never go to detention and sit by himself if the teacher isn't even bothering to show up.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@other david: Hello there--and yes, I agree about a different book being read on bookstore speakers. I can read text on my computer while listening to a WFMU music program, but not when they're back-announcing or during talk shows. I work making maps so I try to focus on visuals when I hear talking.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:42pm glenn:

as opposed to, what, the greek orthodox pope?
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:45pm Carmichael:

Shane McGowan had an entire GROUP of Popes once.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:47pm Matt from Springfield:

@glenn: FWIW, the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt also calls himself Pope (Shenouda III).

  Wed. 7/20/11 5:47pm Bad Ronald:

and nipple erectors...
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:47pm other david:

Hey Matt :)

I've found it difficult to actually read a book, or focus on work when listening to WFMU - because invariably, there'll be a ridiculously good song played and I'll begin a frantic leap onto the playlist

Catholic Pope, you took one hell of a beating in Dublin today!
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Plus I'm sure you can find crazy ranters on the bus or in rural compounds calling themselves "pope".
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:48pm Matt from Springfield:

  Wed. 7/20/11 5:48pm glenn:

who knew? not me. but then again, i'm a complete and utter atheist, so.....
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:49pm The Pope of Greenwich Village:

There's another Pope?
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:50pm other david:

Uhoh, It's all going to kick off now..
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:50pm Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 7/20/11 5:50pm The Catholic Pope:

And just as people were beginning to forget about "The Magdalen Sisters"...
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:50pm Carmichael:

Did Lucinda Williams die today? It's about the 4th time I've heard her music on the radio, after a few decades of not.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:54pm Irwin:

and by "4th" you mean "2nd"?
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:57pm hamburger / london:

hello! so whatsa happening with 7SD? solo Andy?? :)
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:59pm Carmichael:

Unbelievably, I listened to other FM frequencies today. Just a coincidence of epic proportions. Hope she's OK.
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Great show Irwin!
I'll Take De Night Life Too, Baby!!
  Wed. 7/20/11 5:59pm glenn:

don't crazy ranters in rural compounds usually call themselves jim jones or david koresh?
  Wed. 7/20/11 6:00pm Carmichael:

Or Mitch McConnell.
  Wed. 7/20/11 6:00pm glenn:

or amanda?
  Wed. 7/20/11 6:00pm ...:

Thanks, Irwin!
  Wed. 7/20/11 6:01pm E. Lip Sis:

Who dat?
  Wed. 7/20/11 6:01pm Katya:

Mimi and Brandy are totally invited to my sleepover!
  Sun. 7/24/11 5:02pm trst-awhile:

Enjoying listening via this archive and thinking: It'd be nice if we archive listeners could opt out of the published timestamp aspect of comments. Datestamp, sure, but maybe leave the time a sequential mystery after the show is over.
Or not.
  Sun. 7/24/11 7:41pm Peanut Gallery:

Ike: I live in Atlanta and never heard WRXP -- have fond memories of Leslie Fram from when she was here, though, a real radio pro who provides entertainment with good music...
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