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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options July 1, 2011: Extra Body Parts

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Artist Track
Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:02pm Spike:

  6:02pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I wonder which body part will be mentioned first? Hmmm.
  6:02pm Tommelise:

Hello, Math equations!
  6:02pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  6:02pm Pinballer:

Andy needs a bailout
  6:03pm TubaRuba:

Andy gets grossed out by all kinds of stuff but he opens the show talking about "butt pus"?
  6:04pm TubaRuba:

I'll fill in next week along with co-host Jenna
  6:05pm Sammy:

I want an extra dorsal fin
  6:05pm stewart lee joke:

the guy who had 5 penises, his pants fit like a glove..
  6:05pm Pinballer:

i need a little Mike Mackensie sticking out of my shoulder.
  6:06pm TubaRuba:

I'd want to have a new or enhanced sense of something, like being able to see infrared or sense magnetic waves. Useful and no weird looks from people on the street if I had an extra arm
  6:06pm Tommelise:

What is wrong with schools nowadays?! Seriously, what kind of teacher makes that question to preteens! Not even I (a quirky teacher) would dare to ask that!

What would be the result of commenting without listening to the programme and whilst drinking Coronas with lime?
  6:06pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I would like 4 eyes. So people can call me 4 eyes.
  6:07pm g:

I'd like another uvula.
  6:08pm TubaRuba:

@g - ew do you know some people *do* have segmented / multiple uvulas?
  6:09pm Pinballer:

spike and andy should go on a date...
  6:09pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

How do these people all call in the same order every week?
  6:09pm jaycjay:

So people can call you "two uvulas"?
  6:09pm g:

And a spare retinaculum wouldn't hurt either.
  6:10pm Spike:

Why is Jenna always the caller after me?
  6:10pm Pinballer:

if andy has "butt pus" he could use another butt
  6:10pm g:

@ TubaRuba: Like a snake tongue? Forget it.
  6:10pm Danne D:

Hi weirdos :)

I want an extra ear so I can hear Frangry's voice even clearer :D

S'up Tubaruba? :)

Anyhow I'm driving home in a couple minutes so won't be on boards will be in the car :(

Have a good one!!! :D
  6:11pm g:

@ Spike: Do you hand her the phone?
  6:11pm Pinballer:

love top shop. i want a top shop under my hat.
  6:12pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Danne I am questioning your dedication to this effort.
  6:12pm g:

Andy should stop looking at men that closely.
  6:12pm Tommelise:

I would have a back scratcher attached to me. It would come in very handy right now.
  6:12pm TubaRuba:

@Danne - drive safe!
  6:13pm "Frangry":

"Give us your innovative body parts, MMMMMMM."
  6:13pm Danne D:

Thanks TubaRuba :)

Hi/bye Andy and Frangry :)

Hi/bye all you weirdos - sorry I didn't name everyone individually.

Have a good one!!!
  6:14pm Pinballer:

Kate moss got married today.
  6:15pm g:

I'd like to be a centaur. Does it count?
  6:15pm Urban Park Ranger:

Green Moss grew on a tree today.
  6:15pm Julie:

get the True Blood books!
  6:16pm Tommelise:

In Puerto Rico women are crazy about French manicures; except that they have extra long nails. They're like claws!
  6:16pm TubaRuba:

I hope that was an ironic usage of "the news"
  6:16pm Pinballer:

keep mumbling "love books" please
  6:16pm dai:

I want claws.
  6:17pm g:

Can I have Kate Moss attached to me?
  6:18pm jaycjay:

An eye on a fingertip would be... handy.
  6:18pm Pinballer:

  6:19pm g:

A beard?
  6:19pm Anatomist:

Then Frangry could really go fuck herself.
  6:19pm Sammy:

I seem to remember a scene in Dark Crystal where Ogra's eye was moving on it's own when it wasn't in her eye socket.
  6:19pm Pinballer:

  6:20pm FRANGRY:

  6:20pm g:

Does the MD toss a coin?
  6:20pm Jeffery Dahmer:

anyone have some body parts to spare?
  6:21pm Julie:

"thought about it a lot?" That's scary
  6:21pm Sammy:

I want wings so I can fly to work, not worry about traffic and save on gas money.
  6:21pm Tommelise:

How does wishing being a hermaphrodite separate Frangry from the rest of us Weirdos? Is she one of us?
  6:21pm g:

A long tail could also function as a nice belt.
  6:21pm Pinballer:

How come you havent hung up on this guy....climbing moves?
  6:22pm Jeffery Dahmer:

If he had a tail with a big knob on the end, he could fist himself.
  6:23pm Pinballer:

so phallic
  6:23pm Jesus:

I want two toe thumbs to gross people out
  6:24pm quadriplegic:

just a middle finger would be nice
  6:24pm Tommelise:

A huge butt could count as a tail.
  6:25pm Jeffery Dahmer:

Frangry sounds like she's getting horny, watch out Andy and Beth!!!!!!
  6:25pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I would like to have a girlfriend with 2 butts. One is nice but two would be even better.
  6:26pm Station Manager Ken:

I left this show on the schedule?
  6:26pm Pinballer:

i like it when frangry talks about mood lighting ....followed by throwig up
  6:26pm Tommelise:

Detachable and exchangeable body parts!
  6:27pm Jeffery Dahmer:

Ken, asleep at the wheel again!!!!
  6:29pm Jesus:

How did this topic get approved???
  6:29pm Jeffery Dahmer:

Approved? Anyone approves this????????????????????????
  6:29pm FRANGRY:

we didnt care enough to think of a good topic. but the next one is awesome..
  6:29pm God:

It got approved by me son
  6:29pm g:

Topic: Favorite sexual euphemism. Discuss.
  6:30pm Garey:

I want a whole bunch more brains!
  6:30pm Jesus:

God, I learned it from you!
  6:31pm TubaRuba:

So... how much did Andy have to drink before the show?
  6:31pm Jeffery Dahmer:

Frangry and Andy are finally giving 7SD a run for its money in the "minimal show prep" category, huh Ken?
  6:31pm God:

Everyone learns it from me.... I invented a lot of things, robot dancing was my personal favourite.... I want two elbows!
  6:32pm Jeffery Dahmer:

@Ken: Is it really true that The Man can't bust their chitchat?
  6:32pm Pinballer:

i want to have an extra brain so i could un-do the damage this episode is doing to the one that im using
  6:33pm Julie:

Ha love Ken's comment
  6:33pm Julie:

Wheels on the bottom of my feet
  6:34pm g:

Kangaroo legs and pouch would be fun.
  6:34pm Jesus:

Wings = too expensive, imagine the amount of food he has to eat to use that much energy
  6:34pm Mrs. Andy:

Wings! That's what I would want, for sure.
  6:34pm God:

Frangry I love your voice.
  6:34pm Julie:

Wings don't get in the way for birds..they can still run
  6:35pm Tommelise:

Nobody has mentioned whiskers. Everybody paints them on their faces as a child. I guess everybody wants them.
  6:35pm Pinballer:

i want a tiny andy on one shoulder and a tiny frangry on my other shoulder
  6:35pm Orlando:

I would like to have an extra heart. So that I could fall in love again. :(
  6:35pm g:

Human fire extinguisher!
  6:35pm Jesus:

Morphing ability...I would morph into Pancake and enjoy the show!!!
  6:36pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Every American has the right to bear arms.
  6:36pm Pinballer:

where a long sleeve shirt....
  6:36pm TubaRuba:

Pssh forget that noise - now I want detachable bear arms
  6:36pm God:

Tattoos are my worst invention
  6:36pm Jeffery Dahmer:

Jesus is a perv.
  6:36pm alberto:

two larynx, so i can harmonize with myself when i sing.
  6:36pm Pinballer:

bear arms hahaha
  6:37pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

The spelling was a joke!
  6:38pm God:

or strawberry periods???
  6:38pm g:

So have you heard this one? God, Jesus and Jeffrey Dahmer walk into a playlist...
  6:38pm Pinballer:

i thought it was funnt Dave
  6:38pm Jeffery Dahmer:

Frangry is obsessed with the opposite private part.
  6:39pm Musky:

  6:39pm Jeffery Dahmer:

That's why she calls everyone a dick.
  6:39pm God:

Burt Reynolds is a dick, he stole my style
  6:39pm mikeal:

fight spelism!
  6:40pm Scarlett:

Pancake is a dick!
  6:40pm g:

Lame stream press.
  6:40pm Jeffery Dahmer:

fite badd spealling
  6:40pm Pinballer:

wow, you should leave pancake out of it
  6:40pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Pinballer: thanks
  6:40pm Jo:

I wish I could practice crazy kitchen knife cutting tricks with regenerating digits.
  6:41pm God:

fight dyslexia
  6:41pm Scarlett:

I bet they don't go down on women
  6:41pm Frangry:

I don't have super taste at all.
  6:41pm g:

I have a supersense of bad taste.
  6:41pm Jeffery Dahmer:

super taste, yeah. i could tell different people's livers apart.
  6:41pm Pinballer:

welcome dave
  6:41pm TubaRuba:

They Might Be Giants are scraping the bottom of the barrel so much that now they're just writing songs about people you met one time at a party
  6:42pm Jeffery Dahmer:

they might be midgets.
  6:42pm Spike:

Why would I want female private parts?
  6:42pm g:

I would have TMBG attached to me.
  6:43pm alberto:

i already have 3 testicles
  6:43pm Andy's plunger:

So you can F yourself Spike...just kidding
  6:43pm Jeffery Dahmer:

true, spike. YOU'RE ALREADY A PUSSY.
  6:43pm Pinballer:

leave mike mackenzie out of it Dahmer!
  6:44pm michael:

I guess super tasters only have a stonger sense for salty, sweet, bitter and sour.
  6:44pm Spike:

I am!
  6:44pm Julie:

what "kind" of a dick?
  6:44pm g:

at least Andy's daughter knew he had a show.
  6:45pm Jeffery Dahmer:

as i said to many of my victims:

LET'S END IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:45pm Pinballer:

a fat frangry would be so awesome!
  6:45pm Musky:

these people are dicks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDVxPEBFJjo&feature=youtu.be
  6:45pm Andy's plunger:

You need to get laid Frangry
  6:45pm God:

thats what i've been preaching too Jeffery?
  6:46pm Jeffery Dahmer:

I heard Andy wants a spare plunger as his new body part.
  6:46pm Andy's plunger:

Double penetration!!!
  6:46pm g:

Mrs Clotworthy is perfect just the way she is. That's why she hasn't called.
  6:47pm Pinballer:

will they touch each other!!! frangry wins the t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:47pm Lesbian Caller #7:

I would sniff Frangy's bicycle seat.
  6:47pm michael:

as long as balls don't touch... everything's fine
  6:47pm God:

I'd sniff her bicycle seat too
  6:47pm Tommelise:

People have a great lack of imagination!
  6:48pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Let's all be nice
  6:48pm Jeffery Dahmer:

This caller is SCARYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:48pm Ron Jeremy:

  6:48pm God:

blow jobs together??
  6:49pm Spike:

This is not me calling in.
  6:49pm Pinballer:

she would be so sweet and cuddly and so cute fat! I want a fat frangry body part!
  6:49pm TubaRuba:

I would like to have a house cat's sense of self-satisfaction
  6:49pm Samsonite69:

Sniff the amoebas in the villages of her nest hair
  6:49pm michael:

yeah, he kinda is... at first I thought he was calling for the extra body parts as in "are there any left?"
  6:49pm Jeffery Dahmer:

o god, the fantasy frangry chubby chasers have been aroused.
  6:50pm Tommelise:

An extra lung. That would be a great thing. If one fails or the two of them fail, you always have the extra one.
  6:50pm God:

like rosane barr?
  6:50pm Ric:

I bet if Kate Moss biked to work Frangry would change her tune
  6:50pm g:

Biking is sexier.
  6:51pm Pinballer:

chubby chasers! haha this show is awesome
  6:51pm TubaRuba:

@Ric - ha!
  6:51pm Samsonite69:

gives you welts (sp?) on your butt
  6:52pm TubaRuba:

Haha I've been watching My So-Called Life on re-runs, too - never seen it before
  6:52pm Orlando:

A fat Frangry means more for everybody.
  6:52pm God:

the barking spider?
  6:53pm Frangry's ToeThumb:

A 45 record
  6:53pm God:

unfortunately he didn't kill himself before lyndsay was born
  6:53pm Pinballer:

fat frangry would be make pancake flat as a pancake
  6:54pm Jeffery Dahmer:

a fat frangry means that once you push her over onto a bed on her back, she cant stand up till you're done with her.
  6:54pm Jesus:

Bed sweat
  6:54pm ho ho ho:

Would a fat Frangy be more jolly?
  6:54pm Pinballer:

fat and sleepy
  6:54pm jaycjay:

If he said that happened with a .45, he way lying. Wouldn't happen.
  6:54pm Tommelise:

Give a price to the people in the comment's board!
  6:55pm Pinballer:

i want a fat frangry t-shirt
  6:55pm K:

I'd like extra teeth in my back side as to aid in the clean release of digested food. I've never been a fan of wiping.
  6:55pm Jesus:

Let's see those photoshopped Fat Frangrys
  6:56pm Station Manager Ken:

e-mail me your fat Fangry photoshops.
  6:56pm Jeffery Dahmer:

@jesus: totally, dude!
  6:56pm Jeffery Dahmer:

@jesus: totally, dude!
  6:56pm God:

couldn't Mr Lohan just go nuts and kill his daughter?
  6:57pm Pinballer:

im a fat frangry chasser!
  6:57pm michael:

I'd like to have another brain.
  6:57pm TubaRuba:

@Jesus - Filename gives it away, but ha! - http://en.terra.com/addon/img/8adefcddAmywinehousep.jpg
  6:57pm g:

juicy pork buns.
  6:57pm Scarlett:

Shut up Freakazoids!
  6:58pm Pinballer:

I would want a radio in my chest because i love listening to you two every week
  6:58pm Tommelise:

Whiskers are cute. Creatures that have whiskers are usually cute.
  6:58pm FRANGRY:

  6:58pm God:

I wanted a t-shirt
  6:59pm Scarlett:

Have a good time on your vacation!
  6:59pm Orlando:

  7:00pm Jeffery Dahmer:

happy butt puss and ass plungers, fellow weirdos.
  7:08am thanging that thang:

A big tail could wrap around even Fat Frangry.
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