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Professor Dum Dum, scientist of music, performs experiments in music and human behaviour. Living, breathing volunteers subject themselves to his verbal vivisection, helping all to understand what laymen call "absurdity." (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 28, 2011

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Artist Track Album Label Comments
Theatre of Tragedy  Black as teh Devil Painteth   Options Velvet Darkness They Fear  Century Media   
Primordial  The Mouth of Judas   Options Redemption at the Puritan's Hand  Metal Blade   
Mercyful Fate  Satan's Fall   Options Melissa  Roadrunner   
Elend  Chaomphalos   Options Sunwar the Dead  Prophesy Productions   
Therion  track 10   Options Deggial  Nuclear Blast   
Coph Nia  Gnostic Anthem   Options Shape Shifter  Cold Meat Industries   
Parzival  Peitsche Des Gottes   Options Deus Nobiscum  Euphonious   
Funeral  Track 1   Options 1997 Demo  Self Released   
In the Woods  track #10   Options Three Times Seven on a Pilgrimage  Misanthropy Records   
Saturnus  Rain With me   Options Veronika Decides To Die  Firebox   
The 3rd and the Mortal  Commemoration   Options Painting on Glass  Voice of Wonder   
Theory in Practice  Replica Dawn   Options Colonizing the Sun  Listenable Records   
Dementor  To Taste Divinity   Options God Defamer  Osmose Productions   
Shape of Despair  Written in My Scars   Options Written in My Scars  Spikefarm  This is from the vinyl split E.P. 
Argile  Sumerian Madrigal   Options The Holy Bible volume IV  Holy Records   
Rain Fell Within  Sirens   Options Refuge  Dark Symphonies   
Arcana  Hymns of Absolute Deceipt   Options The LAst Embrace  Cold Meat Industry   
Rakoth  Return of the Nameless   Options Better Undead Than Alice  Code666   
Mercyful Fate  Shadow Nights   Options Live  n/a   
Sophia  Spite   Options Spite  Cold Meat Industries   
Angizia  Halbe, Wahrheit, Schemelglanz Und Totenlicjhte   Options Die Kemenaten Scharlachroter Lichter  Napalm Records   

Listener comments!

  Tue. 6/28/11 12:04am Institutional Memory:

Undertaker Freedman pulled the nails from the lid of the professor's coffin??? Merycful fate!!!
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:09am Nobtis:

I think I found it... Is this the chat you were telling us about??
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:10am Dan B:

Yes, in minutes you shall know you are in the right place
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:11am Nobtis:

Cool... Thanks, Dan!
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:15am LoBBoTTomiZed:

sweet baby jesus
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:15am KING DEAN:

professor i can't wait for tonights topic.
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:22am Institutional Memory:

If only American politics could make as much sense as the Greek national budget!
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:22am ScottC:

complete silence....
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:24am Nobtis:

He could turn water into urine...
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:24am ScottC:

wine into water...
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:25am Nobtis:

He made the blind man deaf
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:25am Institutional Memory:

Retarded Jesus would repeat the same stupid slogans over and over. Just like a crummy preacher today.
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:26am ScottC:

he would make the little yellow school bus he rode everyday walk on water
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:32am Nobtis:

Why can't Jesus walk on water anymore?
Because he's got holes in his feet!!
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:34am ScottC:

repel attract repel attract repel attract.....
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:35am Nobtis:

This is a long-@$$ song....
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:39am LoBBoTTomiZed:

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging;

Not only green when summer's here,
But also when 'tis cold and drear.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me;

When I feel you up my rear!

How often has the Christmas tree
Afforded me the greatest glee!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy candles shine so brightly!

From base to summit, gay and bright,
There's only splendor for the sight.

Of your wax running down my bight.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
How richly God has decked thee!

Thou bidst us true and faithful be,
And trust in God unchangingly.

Yes Master Impaler.
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:45am Institutional Memory:

Whew! It's Mercyful Fate's "Tales from Topographic Oceans".
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:46am Nobtis:

In the tune "Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him:
I am Almight-y God
In the hu-man Form
I take your big black dick
like it's a grain-of-rice
I take shit up the ass
and still do not get off
Oh come & make me cum-um
Oh come & make me cum-um!
Oh come & make me cum-um...
I'm Christ The Lord.
I like that great Fir Tree
I enter it in my rec-tum
I scream in delight as it
fills me-eee and
it's bristles tickle my crack!
Now I am a cum-ing
Now I am a cum-ing
Now I am-m cuming
Christ ass-juice ever'where!
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:58am Nobtis:

Interesting show so far.. An hour passed-by already! That went by so fast!
  Tue. 6/28/11 12:58am Heywood Jiblowme:

You can't offend a group like christians but you have no problem with using the word retarded. Thats like calling black people niggers.
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:00am Nobtis:

How are retarded people going to get offended? They're retarded! Besides,... That;s what they are... Just recently someone said it's not "PC" to use that term... But that's what they are....
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:10am Nobtis:

Mental retardation (AKA Retarded in laymen's terms) is a totally acceptable description. Political Correctness & what we can & cannot say is getting out-of-hand!!!! Down's Syndrome is just one form of these extra-chromosome retarded people. But I do agree Retard or poppie eater is just as offensive as The N word... But not to THEM but to their families. If they get offended by the word Retarded, then perhaps they shouldn't have had children at such a late age to begin with (which is one of the main causes of it) and they just need to chill.... Ok, now i'm rambling....
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:18am Album Title:

Deus Nobis Cum.

Latin for "God ejaculates up our ass"
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:20am Nobtis:

Professor Dum Dum: How do you know (for sure) that Mary was not a Virgin when Jesus was born? Because the Bible says "The Holy Spirit CAME upon her"!!!!!
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:26am king dean:

that was an amazing poem, i look forward to the next topic
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:27am Nobtis:

That was very good... BRAVO!!
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:27am blee:

A Most Excellent Poem!
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:29am Max Henderson:

I came little tiny people who can't develop without a womb out of my crooked, throbbing cock because of that poem! WOW!!!!!!! (Sorry little guys)
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:37am Nick M:


A lovely lady named Mary, came over my house.
Hiding something lumpy, deep within her pouch.
I said "Hey Mary, what do you have inside?"
"Oh its baby Jesus, but sadly he died."
Well that is sad, if I say so myself.
So I popped a few uppers, found on my bathroom shelf.
Wait it is Christmas, and we should have some fun.
But no not the dirty kind, enjoyed with a nun.
My Christmas tree, it stands incomplete.
Lets pierce that baby atop, like a wet piece of meat.
Mary lit right up, and smiled with glee.
I said just give me two minutes, I must go make pee.
She waited patiently, as I emptied my bladder.
After i finished, I fetched a tall ladder.
While the thought impaling baby Jesus, was definitely frightening.
I would kind of be lying, if i said my undies weren't tightening.
The moment has arrived, for Miss Mary and me,
To drop young Jesus, on the top of this tree.
From my hands he fell, to the sharpened spike.
Splatter he went, the poor little tyke.
The light looked so pretty, shining with blood.
Too bad hes so ugly, like a deformed CHUD.
But complain I won't do, on the glorious night.
No reason to cry, or put up a fight.
For I still have the most wonderful tree, in all of the land.
I think i'll go celebrate, with some scotch and my right hand/
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:38am Nick M:

  Tue. 6/28/11 1:39am Nobtis:

Bravo, Nick... Bravo!!!
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:41am Nobtis:

You know... Either way, looks like trees are not Jesus' friend... Either impaled as a baby or crucified on a wooden cross as an adult. That sucks!
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:48am Nobtis:

Hey Professor: What if Jesus had a retarded Twin brother????
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:49am king dean:

professor catherine has a poem but she's a chicken bawk bawk
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:55am Nick M:

I am very proud!
  Tue. 6/28/11 1:55am Nobtis:

What if Jesus was a product of RAPE and Mary just lied she was still a Virgin???
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:00am Ricky:

What if Jesus came back as a drunk trailer park supervisor??
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:00am (mta) Tony:

This female physicist is about the sexiest and smartest women I've ever heard call in. I salute you, gal, whomever you are!
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:01am (mta) Tony:

Oops, I meant, "woman."
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:06am Catherine C:

even though he called me Herr? don't worry, I am indeed a woman.
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:08am Max Henderson:

Does the C imply your chest size?
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:08am (mta) Tony:

Indeed Catherine, you certainly are.
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:09am Dan B:

Chest Size doesn't matter
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:10am king dean:

wheres leila she's very fat i'm sure she has huge breasts
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:11am Catherine C:

the c implies i'm a fan of jhonen vasquez. my chest size remains a mystery.
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:12am NightfallGuidesInsomniaToBeEverlastingMentalTortu:

I'm so glad your back on the air Professor.........All is right w/ the world......Stay Frosty
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:13am Nobtis:

I am drinking Ovaltine, European Blend,... It is an acquired taste, but is good & goes down smooth. Why am I saying this? I don't know... But I am drinking it.
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:14am Nobtis:

Wow! The show is more than 2/3rd's over already! I'm enjoying it here! Great show!!!!
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:15am (mta) Tony:

I'm surprised to hear you're a fan of comic books; I suppose, "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" must be pretty special to gain your interest, Catherine.
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:18am Catherine C:

i've been a fan for about 13 years now. the heart holds on to young love.
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:19am Max Henderson:

That's why I love young girls
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:25am king dean:

the ovaltine european blend has chinese characters on it i never understood why
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:27am Nobtis:

You are so right! And I bought it at an Indian Store! Go figure!
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:27am (mta) Tony:

Catherine, I would like to hear you speak more, so call the professor back to discuss other things on your mind. You're interesting to listen to.
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:28am gangster 4 life:

  Tue. 6/28/11 2:30am Catherine C:

i did have another interesting comment but i didn't want to "hog the air"
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:37am NightfallGuidesInsomniaToBeEverlastingMentalTortu:

did he just say the "F" word???????
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:38am Max Henderson:

Gangster: Because you don't want to upset our half-white President who's a Christian who believes in Muhammad! His ears will grow & grab you faster than the Grither!
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:43am Max Henderson:

Although I'm sure the show would love to I am sure no one involved in the program wants to be beheaded for poking fun at Muhammad by those so very peaceful Muslims that fill our prisons, terrorize our people and commit most the murders in our cities.
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:46am (mta) Tony:

Point well-taken; I did hear the Professor say those words, so I understand your reluctance. Maybe the Professor will invite you to call back? C'mon, Prof., ask her to... If not, hey, there's always next time. I'll be listening for you, Catherine. You and the Prof. had a good rapport going on and that's not easy to do impromptu.
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:48am Nobtis:

Only 13 mins left... where are you professor? The music is cool, but we're here to hear you too! :)
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:48am king dean:

i've made fun of mohammed on the show, check the archives
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:49am NightfallGuidesInsomniaToBeEverlastingMentalTortu:

Maybe it would have been better if he had said..."Bacon the air".....hogs are kinda gross....but most pple like bacon
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:49am Nobtis:

Professor: Is that you as King Dean??? I didn't realize that!! I didn't know you were posting until your last comment!!!
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:51am Nobtis:

That was weird... The comment board disappeared!!
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:53am Nobtis:

Is there no more comments?? I guess it's over??
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:57am Nobtis:

Great show.... Thank you for 3 wonderful, interesting hours!!
  Tue. 6/28/11 2:57am Catherine C:

if he had said bacon the air, i may have called him back just for that.
  Tue. 6/28/11 3:42am Herr DD:

King Dean is not I - he is a celebrity caller from previous seasons
  Tue. 6/28/11 8:06pm ModernDayWarrior:

I thought Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath was also played at the beginning of the show.
  Tue. 6/28/11 11:02pm boogerlord:

If you actually liked music, you wouldn't mistake one band for another
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