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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options June 20, 2011: Bzzzz, Boo.

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Koen Holtkamp  Loosely Based On Bees (excerpt)   Options S/t      0:00:00 ()
Tamaryn  Love Fade   Options The Waves      0:09:46 ()
Scott Walker  Delta Dawn   Options We Had It All      0:13:25 ()
Nü Sensae  Tea Swamp Park   Options V/a, Bloodstains Across British Columbia 7"      0:16:41 ()
Daniel Menche  Like a Ghost Singing to You (part 1) (exc)   Options Like A Ghost Singing to You cassette      0:18:14 ()
Timmy Thomas  Why Can't We Live Together   Options       0:24:36 ()
Joshua Gabriel  Simpathy   Options 3rd Chance      0:28:24 ()
The Butterflys  Goodnight Baby   Options V/a, The Red Bird Story      0:32:10 ()
Morbid Opera  Madness   Options Jesus Loves you, So Give Us Your Money      0:35:01 ()
The Rebel  SLC BTR   Options split 7" with The Bomber Jackets      0:45:53 ()
The Feeling of Love  Dissolve Me   Options Dissolve Me      0:48:50 ()
neskoóhAt  Watch the Skies   Options (from) the sky 7"      0:52:19 ()
Mario Garcia  Sr. Cisne   Options Sr. Cisne      0:55:39 ()
Spiv  Oh You Beautiful Child   Options 7"  1973    1:04:39 ()
Useless Eaters  Fake Fashion Loud Music   Options Daily Commute      1:07:29 ()
Belong  Come See   Options Common Era      1:09:50 ()
Ferrante & Teicher  Midnight Cowboy   Options       1:15:08 ()
Prisoners Go Go Band  Unborn AND Twisted   Options Live! At the Butchery with Special Guests On Fire      1:26:11 ()
Dyslexic_Artsehcro  Another World   Options S/t cassette      1:29:31 ()
Bromp Treb  Readinessmax   Options split 7" w/ Horaflora      1:31:21 ()
Gen Ken Montgomery  Fabio's Muffler   Options End Tymes Fest Promotional CD    End Tymes fest this Sunday, June 26  1:34:38 ()
Edgar Wappenhalter  revelatory pathways to a place of rebirth   Options On the Beach      1:36:35 ()
Hototogisu  tr 1   Options Floating Japanese Oof! Gardens of the 21st Century      1:41:08 ()
Pearls Before Swine  Images Of April   Options Balaklava      1:54:16 ()
La Big Vic  FAO   Options Actually    catch a live set from Marty McSorley's archives  1:56:50 ()
Roxy Music  All I Want Is You   Options Country Life  1974    2:03:49 ()
Implodes  Marker   Options Black Earth      2:13:38 ()
Naked on the Vague  Abstract Figures   Options 7"      2:18:21 ()
Alastair Galbraith  Screaming E   Options Seely Girn      2:21:03 ()
Rat Catching  Binder   Options S/t      2:23:58 ()
Harlan Howard  I Fall To Pieces   Options All Time Favorite Country Songwriter      2:27:20 ()
Neil Young  Birds   Options 7"    go listen to Joe Belock's archive from last week  2:30:08 ()
Jason Simon  The Dust Does Blow   Options S/t    Dead Meadow side project  2:32:00 ()
Valerio Tricoli / Thomas Ankersmit  Plague #7   Options Forma II      2:37:03 ()
w/ Donald Pleasance & Glenda Jackson  (exc)   Options No Exit      2:41:18 ()
You  Hallucination Engine   Options Electric Day      2:45:08 ()
Patsy Cline  She's Got You   Options Live at the Opry      2:52:49 ()
  Let's jam         2:55:32 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 6/20/11 3:04pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ahhh, the bees, the bees, the bees
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:06pm aaron in chicago:

killing me won't bring back your god damn honey
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:09pm 12539:

killer bees!
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:09pm Looms:

The only bee we saw this last weekend was climbing a stone wall, dying.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I had to kill some wasps that took up residence in the umbrella on my patio. But wasps are useless death machines.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:13pm J J:

I have a crush on this song.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:14pm Cecile:

The strip mall management planted lavender around the McDonalds near me - there were a ton of bumblebees hovering around there.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:18pm dc pat:

I told my son that yellow jackets are as useless as mosquitoes or gnats. I feel a little bad about that now..
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:18pm Cecile:

I don't think this is Scott's best song selection.

Stream is still being flaky for me.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:20pm Looms:

@Cecile: lots of bumble bees here as well, but honey bees are vanishing more and more each year, sadly (no joke)
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:21pm Dave B:


Here's the concerto in B flat:
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:21pm dc pat:

this is making me feel uneasy...
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:22pm Cecile:

I know. We have a great honey maker here, who does the Ames Farm honey. He does micro-honey - he'll put the geographic coordinates of the trees the bees are going to. He's a hero and has been raising a lot of people's consciousness here about bees..
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:22pm 12539:

Okay, now everybody can talk about how sad it is that the ghosts are disappearing.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:22pm Cecile:

micro-climate honey, I meant to say.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:23pm Dave B:

I'm sad that the vuvuzela disappeared.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:24pm dc pat:

vuvuzela jokes never get old, thanks Dave B.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:26pm Cecile:

Here's the site:
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:26pm OM:

This sound and these discussions have prompted me to try and figure out what species of wasp is nesting in my house.

That has led me to spend the past 5 minutes looking at pictures of wasps.

And for that, all of you can go to hell
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:27pm Cecile:

Go read the honey site. It will "sweeten" your mood.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:28pm Dave B:

@OM: I have this kind of wasp in my neighborhood:

  Mon. 6/20/11 3:29pm raga:

nevermind the bees and wasps, let's focus on the damn Emerald Ash Borer beetles. they killed the enormous ash tree in my front yard.
oh, and hi Scott...
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

in an effort to combat the Emerald Ash Borer, our city has decided to chop all the ash trees down. They probably won't because there's no $, but...
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:32pm Cecile:

Silly beetles. Don't they know if they kill the trees, then their food goes away?
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:34pm wigwambam:

Apparently the beetles have never heard of the tragedy of the commons...
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:34pm still b/p:

Haven't been stung in a while. Maybe I'm due. Thought it was interesting once when three of 'em got my hands because I swung an ax at a downed tree close enough to disturb a ground nest. "The hands are the agents of the offense. Get the hands!"
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:37pm julia!:

hey scott! sorry for the late tune in... local station here was doing their clarence tribute. glad to be here now...
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:39pm dc pat:

this woman sounds like the singer for the last group I was in..
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:40pm dc pat:

b/p: when I was about 3 I was convinced a jellow jacket stung me between the thumb and forefinger to get me to drop my banana..
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I can't see how '74 wasn't worse. And 1979! ugghh!
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:43pm Cecile:

1979 was great, '74 was kind of good, but it helped if you listened to glam rock.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:44pm julia!:

71-73: the three worst / most depressing songs - "alone again, naturally", "that's the way i've always heard it should be", "captain jack".
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:44pm dc pat:

yeah 1979 was great, tons of great stuff. I'm not sticking up for '74 though or '73
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:45pm Cecile:

Now, 1977 if you were not listening to punk rock or free jazz it was a horrible year.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well I was 10 in '79 and had not heard of punk or new wave...so it was the death-throes of classic rock and disco.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:46pm dc pat:

well we were, so it was amazing.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:48pm dc pat:

1979: I remember London Calling just came out and everyone on fire about it. And then somebody bought Entertainment...hoooooo boy.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:49pm Cecile:

There was some great disco that year. And some great pop songs on the charts. A good year.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:50pm Cecile:

London Calling was 1980. Entertainment was 1979. But, yeah, that was as barnburner.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:50pm Cecile:

they reissued the Clash's 1st album in '79, too with extra tracks.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:51pm Cecile:

Oh, it was '79. My mistake. I bought it in 80. LOL!
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:52pm Cecile:

No, I was right - US release January 80, UK release 79.

Whew. Thought I was losing it.
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:53pm Toms KiwiTayl:

  Mon. 6/20/11 3:54pm Chop Scott:

Ahem---Alice Cooper "Billion Dollar Babies" released in 1973!
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this has the same type of vocal cadence as USAISAMONSTER
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:57pm Scott:

Ahhhhhh, but it was no "Killer". Hi everyone!
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:58pm dc pat:

a friend had just been to England so... but now that I think about it, I'm remembering events from 1980 because we practiced in a building that had a"1780" stone out front and every one marveled at it being "the 200 year old house."
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:58pm Scott:

@Dead Corporate Eyes - guess what! Tom from USAisamonster's new Ann Arbor-based band
  Mon. 6/20/11 3:59pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

figures, it's a pretty unique way of vocalizing...I'll have to check that shit out
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:00pm dc pat:

ok, gotta go ride my bike. bye folks.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I got my kid a new bike for his birthday last week...in five days he had it broken already.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:02pm jaycjay:

Yeah Cecille, I agree on 1974. Roxy Music's Country Life, for example.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

kid's a freakin tornado of destruction
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:02pm Cecile:

and some very early disco/funk. War were still having hits.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:05pm still b/p:

Being a teenager, there was extra intensity in the "Aw, rats!" sentiment when I got the censored cover of Country Life.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:06pm Cecile:

Yeah, when I finally got my copy on vinyl, I made sure I got the smutty one.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:08pm Van:

Gosh, the memories. Country Life was my first Roxy LP
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:08pm still b/p:

Maybe the girls stepped out of the frame on mine because they were afraid of bees and poorly protected.
What about the rumor that all the Roxy album models were men?
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:08pm Dave B:

King Crimson's "Red" - 1974 - is a fav of mine..
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:10pm Cecile:

Amanda Lear posed on one of their album covers. She is transgendered.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:12pm Cecile:

She was the model on "For Your Pleasure."
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:12pm Scott:

Can't remember their names, but I believe the women on the cover of "Country Life" were the sister and girlfriend of Can's Michael Karoli
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:15pm still b/p:

With barely a drink and a half, I could probably take a first-ever karaoke shot at The Thrill of it All, Out of the Blue or Prairie Rose.
And speaking of imitation/homage:
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:18pm Van:

wiki has this: The cover features two scantily-clad models, Constanze Karoli (reportedly either the sister or the cousin of Can's Michael Karoli) and Eveline Grunwald. Bryan Ferry met them in Portugal and persuaded them to do the photo shoot as well as to help him with the words to the song "Bitter-Sweet". Although not credited for their photos they are credited on the lyric sheet for their German translation work.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:18pm Cecile:

The dueling pianos of Ferrante and Teicher! I think we had more records by them growing up than just about anyone.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:18pm BSI:

Late to the party.
barman: Bowmore 12 with a (lite) splash for all my friends.....
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:19pm Cecile:

I actually think someone skated to this during a competition back in the day...Even back then as a kid I was Hunh? This is from an X rated movie!
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:20pm BSI:

By the way: that was highly cool, but COWS did the utimate Midnight Cowboy cover, ever-ever-ever. I have spoken.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:21pm Cecile:

they also did a great cover of Koyaanisqatsi.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:22pm Handsome Harry:

There were definitely worse years in popular music (and music in general) than 1970.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:23pm Mutton:

Gary Higgins? 1973?
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:24pm BSI:

Cecile: agreed. Seeing them do Koyaanisqatsi live in DC (circa '89) destroyed my mind for life, god bless 'em.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:24pm Cecile:

it's my greatest regret I never saw them live. But it was during my hermit phase.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:26pm Mutton:

Any songs from the movie: The Mind of Mr Somes w/ Terence Stamp? Ball Ball Ball . . . .
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:33pm Looms:

Time to collapse into bed here, thanks for the great sounds Scott.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:34pm Years:

We years are all nearly equal, especially those of us in close mutual proximity. Huge variations in preferences among years that are in fact near each other mainly result either from sheerly subjective differences in preference, or from ignorance, or more often from a combination of the two.
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:37pm Fabio's muffler:

it's my time to shine
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this is beautiful, floating music
  Mon. 6/20/11 4:57pm BSI:

  Mon. 6/20/11 5:00pm Kathleen O'Malley:

Hey Scott -- I sent this PSA in to the Arb Guide, but nobody has updated the guide in over a month. So here is my announcement:

June 21 - Eat at Maxwell's, Save a Kitten.
Maxwell's in Hoboken will honor Adopt A Shelter Cat Month by donating a portion of their dinner receipts on Tuesday, June 21, to the Hudson County Animal League (HCAL). So come on out, enjoy delicious regional comfort food and a full bar, maybe catch the Art Brut show afterward -- and know that your dinner bill will save the life of an abandoned kitten, cat or dog.

HCAL is a 501c3 non-profit that relies on donations and fundraisers to pay vet bills for sick and injured animals, feed the little ones in our care, provide low-cost spay/neuter certificates, etc. And June is the height of Kitten Season, putting added strain on our resources. Saving furry lives runs into a LOT of money, so we're very grateful to Maxwell's and to you, dear diner/donor, for helping us to help the animals.

Maxwell's serves dinner from 5pm-midnight.
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:07pm jaycjay:

Yes! Can't wait to see what this will be followed up with.
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:07pm Bryan:

Scott you are broadcasting from inside my brain.
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:08pm jaycjay:

@still b/p, Bryan Ferry's is the only voice I ever karaoke to.
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:09pm frenchee:

nothing like a little Roxy Music to liven up the afternoon.
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:12pm Mutton:

baba booey to you all - that's a farcical text peter
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:14pm Mutton:

Oh no 3 hours of clay pigeon? kill me now
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:15pm Mutton:

Sorry tom sharpling told me to say that
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:16pm Scott:

0 for 3 on your shared thoughts there, Mutton
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:21pm frenchee:

Pidge should borrow Sue Per's show title: SOLID GOLD HELL
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:22pm frenchee:

..for three hours
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:28pm Handsome Harry:

Liking this RAT CATCHING thus far. Is this Jennifer Melinn's solo synth project?
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:30pm Scott:

Internet sez yup: http://www.fedoracorpse.com/
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:32pm don:

yo scott! very much diggin this harlan
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:34pm Scott:

thanks don!
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:41pm pierre:

(I see everybody is having a good chat !)

'Just wanted to say "bonsoir" to my favourite radio.

And by that i mean Bonsoir to Scott Williams, and all the Listeners Extraordinaires. i'm just catching the show, it is beyond good, and the playlist seem grandiose, so i feel amongst friends already
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:47pm Scott:

Bonsoir Pierre!
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:48pm ScottC:

Elizabeth R ?
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:49pm ScottC:

scary powerful that Glenda
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:49pm dale:

been listening but had to log on to say: once again what scott plays can really creep you out. now that's good radio.
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:49pm jeff-m:

beautiful for sure
  Mon. 6/20/11 5:54pm BSI:

I approve this message.
  Tue. 6/21/11 3:22pm bennett:

You are such a great dj and I get so much from your programs! Thanks for everything you do.
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