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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 17, 2011: Weird Eats

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:01pm hamburger:

hi weirdos!
  6:02pm Durian:

Made it!
  6:02pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos!
  6:02pm stinkbug:

  6:02pm ?:

Is someone looking through a toolbox in the studio?
  6:03pm hamburger:

surströmming reprazent!
  6:03pm Peruvian:

I love guinea pigs! The cuter you dress them, the better they taste!
  6:04pm G:

Frangry has never had tongue, poor thing.
  6:04pm DEED:

  6:04pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Eat it
  6:05pm other david:

deed wins
  6:05pm Danne D:

This topic was made for Hamburger
  6:05pm Andrew Zimmern:

  6:05pm stinkbug:

I once tried deep frying edible packing peanuts. I don't recommend it. Bad taste.
  6:05pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I ate some worm cookies once.
  6:05pm Danne D:

come to think of it, stinkbug is made for this too
  6:06pm J J:

My first tongue was a girl named Cherise. I'll never forget the taste of cheap lipstick that came with it.
  6:06pm Danne D:

Lots of cholesterol in brains
  6:06pm Johnny Muller:

  6:06pm seang:

this show might make me throw up
  6:07pm stinkbug:

I wonder what Frangry and Andy cookies would look like.
  6:07pm Danne D:

My coworker at my old job had these seaweed roll-up things that tasted disgusting. Every time someone ate it they were compelled to have the next person try it so they could see the convulsive faces they made upon tasting it.
  6:08pm Danne D:

Frangry cookies would be very sweet.
  6:08pm Oh Hai!!:

I had kai-ten sushi in Kyoto which included horse meat from the neck, which also included some fat. Who knew that the 'beef' and 'scallop' I had was horse neck?
  6:08pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

For some reason I feel like Spike has eaten things that are illegal.
  6:08pm Adam in Boston:

I throw up every time spike calls
  6:09pm stinkbug:

Test ignore
  6:09pm g:

Rabbits are the other white meat.
  6:09pm Andrew Zimmern:

Spike has eaten pets. Just like you'd expect from how he talks.
  6:09pm Danne D:


The makeup of the brain is about 12% fat, most of which is located in myelin (which itself is 70-80% fat).[3] Specific fatty acid ratios will depend in part on the diet of the animal it is harvested from. The brain is also very high in cholesterol. As an example, a 140 g can of "pork brains in milk gravy", a single serving, contains 3500 milligrams of cholesterol, 1170% of the USRDA.
  6:09pm Adam in Boston:

just kidding spike ONE LOVE
  6:09pm Spike:

Adam go away. I should eat you for dinner,
  6:10pm Karen Carpenter:

If I puke, does it still count?
  6:10pm Aharon:

I've eaten cui before--the most disturbing part is the little guinea pig teeth--but what was weirder was what preceded it. While I was waiting for the rest of my friends to show up at the restaurant, a guy sat down next to us at the bar and said, "You two seem like smart guys. So tell me: how many people do you have to kill before you're considered a serial killer?" He went on to tell us how his friend from high school was accused of being a serial killer, but he'd only killed three people and it didn't seem fair.
  6:10pm g:

Indiana Jones ate monkey brains.
  6:10pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I had some lamb meatballs for lunch.
  6:10pm hamburger:

there was this BBC3 show called 'freaky eaters' all about people who -only- eat chips or put mint sauce with everything, etc etc.
  6:11pm Danne D:

Frangry wants a whole show of this?:

Adult picky eaters: Food preferences tend to be bland, white or pale colored - plain pasta or cheese pizza are said to be common foods along with French fries and chicken fingers. Some picky eaters stick to foods with a common texture or taste.
  6:11pm TubaRuba:

Wow, good thing I just happened to come home at 6:00 - forgot today was Friday.
  6:11pm Danne D:

Pork Brain picture, suitable for comments board:
  6:11pm FRED:

I had horse tartar as a child in Belgium. (yeah, that's raw ground horse meat)
  6:12pm g:

Horse appetizer? Shouldn't it be called a pony?
  6:12pm Elwyn:

Morning everyone!

I'm too half asleep to call in!
Also, my friends call me a "banana" for being yellow on the outside, White on the inside. I don't even eat chicken feet at yum cha
  6:12pm Adam in Boston:

they cooked horse on top chef, or should I say, did NOT cook it. Horse tartare!!!!
  6:12pm Spike:

I'm in a good mood. I think I will have Roasted Staten Islander with Sausage stuffing.
  6:12pm Mister Ed:

@FRED. That's SICK, Wilbur!
  6:12pm Danne D:

  6:13pm g:

I loved mashed potatoes on my tuna fish on a roll when I was in HS.
  6:13pm Danne D:

Elwyn!?!? During SUW?!? Wow!

Frangry - Elwyn is the official stormtrooper of WFMU
  6:13pm hamburger:

I've had chicken feet, goose tongue, lamb heart.. thanks to having lived with chinese housemates
  6:13pm daisy:

in elementary school EVERYONE ate ranch and french dressing on their pizza at lunch.
  6:13pm Adam in Boston:

spike, how bout some child eyeballs for an amuse bouche?
  6:14pm Aharon:

Oh, also:

Cod tongues

The waitress steered me away from the seal flipper pie, which she said was "gross."
  6:14pm Johnny Muller:

National Geographic channel has a show called taboo where this man eats roadkill
  6:14pm g:

What has Mrs. Clotworthy eaten?
  6:14pm Danne D:

Oreos taste better when they are stale.
  6:14pm stinkbug:

BREAKING NEWS: frangry is bored.
  6:14pm Mister Ed:

@Adam: If Spike ate it, it would be an amuse douche.
  6:14pm Adam in Boston:

fight fight fight!
  6:15pm TubaRuba:

@Danne - don't they get squishy instead of "stale"?
  6:15pm Danne D:

Frangry doesn't want to eat brains cuz she's afraid of having brain farts afterwards
  6:15pm other david:

This show is teetering on the brink!

Boring aside, one of my friends - 27 - eats starburst with the wrappers still on
  6:15pm dave:

This is too easy! I can't get through on the phone, so how about Durian fruit?
  6:15pm hamburger:

stale cheeseburgers ain't all that bad
  6:15pm g:

My dad used to say the best part of the chicken is the part that went over last.
  6:15pm Oh Hai!!:

@Elwyn, that's OK. All my Asian friends think I'm an egg (white on outsdid, Yellow on the inside) since I'll order stuff at dim sum that they wouldn't.
  6:16pm Danne D:

@TubaRuba yeah - they get chewier - yum
  6:16pm stinkbug:

Frangry wants people to call and say things like "I always put Pixie Stix powder in my peanut butter sandwiches"?
  6:17pm TubaRuba:

@Danne - haha I like them best when they are super-crispy! I actually like Hydrox better because they're crunchy :)
  6:17pm Mister Ed:

This caller is SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:17pm g:

Or "I put mayo on everything...dead or alive!"
  6:17pm Aharon:

Lamb testicles
Lotta fish heads
Horse sashimi
Horse sausage
Chicken feet
Chocolate covered ants
That last was disgusting
  6:18pm hamburger:

years ago there was this thai girl who joined my school and brought in a durian for lunch on her first day.. and everyone was like 'WTF IS THAT STINK?' poor girl finished the rest of it outside
  6:18pm Johnny Muller:

metamucil ice cubes in egg nog
  6:18pm Listener Schned:

My sister used to eat small smooth stones whenever we were at the beach. We'd hear them clink in the toilet when she passed them later !
  6:19pm g:

Why hasn't anyone started a haggis fast food take out place?
  6:19pm Adam in Boston:

I would nominate the chow mein sandwich enjoyed in taunton mass but it's more unbelievably delicious
  6:19pm Danne D:

@TubaRuba Hydrox?!? Ew.

(btw, it's kinda funny that Hydrox are seen as "knock-off" oreos when they actually came first)

One of the best put-downs I gave to one of my coworkers was "You're not even Hydrox to my Oreo, bitch!"
  6:19pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

No excuse for the shrimp butts.
  6:19pm other david:

new better topic:
lesser known booze mixers
  6:19pm TubaRuba:

Topic should have been "What food combos should everyone try?" instead of "Freaky Foods" if you wanted honey+apple calls
  6:19pm hungry man:

I like to eat.......... PUSSY!
  6:19pm Eric:

I like to eat Oreos with red wine
  6:19pm stinkbug:

I never sprinkle salt on my french fries. I make a little pile of salt and then dip the fries in the pile. I guess that's not weird though.
  6:20pm Danne D:

Listener Schned needs to call with that stones story.
  6:20pm HL:

I ate Ray Liotta's brain, but it was over cooked.
  6:20pm seang:

@g that is a good idea
  6:20pm TubaRuba:

@Andy - you eat the entire sunflower seed? You'll get a rectal bezoar :(
  6:21pm hamburger:

I know of a shop in Hong Kong that sells red wine AND dog food...
  6:21pm Danne D:

what's a rectal bezoar, TubaRuba? Does that mean Andy will have a 9-foot Sunflower coming out of his ass?!?
  6:22pm Johnny Muller:

people that adhere to the paleolithic diet.
  6:22pm jaycjay:

wikipedia on durian: "The smell evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust, and has been described variously as almonds, rotten onions, turpentine and gym socks."
  6:22pm TubaRuba:

When people describe the durian taste (not the smell!) it always sounds good. I'd probably try it
  6:22pm Oh Hai!!:

Vegans are wonderful ... on a stick.
  6:22pm Adam in Boston:

I found out today I won't have to try prison food any time soon. I bet it's pretty weird stuff.
  6:22pm Jim:

No, durian *smells* like rotten meat, it doesn't *taste* like rotten meat. Place up the street from me (San Francisco) does durian ice cream yum.
  6:23pm TubaRuba:

@Danne - the hulls of the seeds can't be digested, and they can start gathering into a mass in the intestine/rectum
  6:23pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Where deaf people live?
  6:24pm Danne D:

Call the prison, Adam, maybe they'll send you a delivery or you could head over there for take out.
  6:24pm yum yum:

I like goat tacos
  6:24pm g:

blah blah blah
  6:24pm Show Monitor:

The regularly scheduled quarter-past kid call is 9 minutes late tonight.
  6:24pm Adam in Boston:

haha I bet prison food is like the cafetaria at Ikea
  6:25pm 67tele:

Google bone char...we all eat it (if you eat sugar)
  6:25pm TubaRuba:

Haha Jenna is so awesome - vla looks alright http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vla
  6:25pm woj:

why can i, listening on the live stream, understand the callers better than andy?
  6:25pm bryan:

back in high school me my gf and another couple used to mix alcahol and sex. a day after my friends gf's period we had one of these soiree's. hours later my friend noticed a blot clot in his beard and proceeded to eat it.

you wanted weird eating habits, i'm on the no-s diet, m-f i eat cheerios and a banana for breakfast, salad w 5 olives and 2 artichoke pieces for lunch and a light dinner.. that's as weird as i have.
  6:25pm hamburger:

oh, durian's got NOTHING on stinky tofu...
  6:25pm g:

Where are the crazy Jersey Biggies lovers?
  6:26pm Dag nabbit:

no children or animals are allowed to phone into the show!
  6:26pm TubaRuba:

Amen 67tele - If people knew what was going on behind-the-scenes, it would be way more terrifying than these calls
  6:26pm Spike:

"Morons were put on this Earth to be used as food sources. They shall be fit for human comsumption"-----Patience DePhazio.
  6:27pm Adam in Boston:

Anyone ever been to the stinking rose in LA? I had some garlic ice cream there that was so epic.
  6:27pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

Sopes Y Gorditas !!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!
  6:27pm FRED:

love is a rose, but in Spanish rice is arroz
  6:27pm hamburger:

stinky tofu: "Usually marinated in a brine made from fermented vegetables for as long as several months"
  6:27pm J J:

Bitter melons are pretty awful. I unknowingly bought it in a curry form at an Indian deli. I don't know how anyone can eat it and enjoy it. It also taints every piece of food it touches.
  6:28pm Danne D:

How are the Bactrians doing these days, Tom?
  6:28pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

When is Jenna going to co-host the show?
  6:28pm g:

Haggis! Haggis Haggis! Haggis!
  6:28pm Adam in Boston:

Has anyone said Arbys yet?
  6:28pm Jim:

And ... nobody's mentioned balut yet?
  6:28pm Danne D:

Product I never understood: Caffeine free diet coke. At that point you've taken all the good stuff out - might as well just have water
  6:28pm TubaRuba:

@hamburger - Oh, I just thought you were making fun of tofu in general :)
  6:29pm DEED:

vegamite vegamite vegamite
  6:29pm Danne D:

My grandpa used to have a jar of lamb tongues in the fridge. I stuck to the stale oreos on those visits.
  6:29pm Richard from Venezuela:

Arepas is so good. http://bit.ly/lhOpr9
  6:29pm hamburger:

@tubaruba: nonono! you can smell this thing cooking several blocks away!
  6:29pm seang:

almost puked--I have to turn it off--hope its a good show
  6:30pm Patience DePhazio:

"Morons were put on this Earth to be used as food sources. They shall be fit for human comsumption"
  6:30pm Eric:

I did NOT try the human cheese...
  6:30pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

That would be MarMite !!!!!
  6:30pm Adam in Boston:

human blood sausage was the name of my high school grindcore band
  6:31pm garey:

yeah, vegamite. But marmite tastes like salty yeast. Great on toast!
  6:31pm jaycjay:

re: andy's mention of what he "imagines soylent green would taste like: In the novel that the movie was based on, soylent green wasn't people. Just soybeans and lentils.
  6:31pm Adam in Boston:

Can we get Gladys a show on WFMU?
  6:31pm TubaRuba:

I guarantee everyone cracked a smile when Gladys called in
  6:31pm Adam in Portland:

Is Gladys Larry 'Da Perv?
  6:32pm woj:

shrimp tails! thumbs up!
  6:32pm J J:

@Danne D Expired Diet Coke. Sip of that and you'd wish you had water instead. Tasted like a combination of that yellow Listerine and what I would imagine cancer would taste like in liquid form.
  6:32pm Moppy from Wales:

Marmite is the greatest thing ever. Great on a crumpet.
  6:33pm Dark Meat:

I know Frangry secretly loves the dark meat.
  6:33pm g:

Lobster stuffed with okra is delish!
  6:33pm Adam in Boston:

Shutupweirdo spinoff: Tell Me More, Gladys.
  6:33pm Danne D:

Yellow listerine is good - you know the stuff is working when you gargle it.

I'm curious about this new show since there are no fill-in archives to spoil the surprise.
  6:34pm hamburger:

ouuu I've seen a korean dish - live octopus! :o
  6:34pm other david:

fibber, FIBBER
  6:34pm TubaRuba:

Ooh I forgot about the new schedule - I'll have to peruse it
  6:34pm Danne D:

Here's one for you Frangry: when I was a kid I would never eat anything with sprinkles on them. If a kid brought in cupcakes for his birthday, there'd be 23 cupcakes with sprinkles and one without.
  6:35pm g:

I like olives steeped for 6 months in Lavoris.
  6:36pm hamburger:

@Danne D: at least you weren't the kid that needed to have 38 sprinkles in total, no more no less :)
  6:36pm g:

You're supposed to snort ashes!
  6:36pm Danne D:

17 years ago today was OJ's White Bronco chase - happy anniversary.

@hamburger I was a major pain in the ass
  6:37pm Adam in Boston:

The oj chase was so awesome.
  6:38pm bryan:

fluffer nutter is marshmellow fluff and peanut butter
  6:39pm tony:

Frangry, everyone deserves your meanness.
  6:39pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I grew up on fluffer nutters. I'm not sure how I survived.
  6:39pm g:

No WFMU listners have eaten their young?
  6:39pm Danne D:

I thought for sure Frangry would've shouted out the "no sprinkles" policy of my youth.
  6:40pm woj:

@g or sneeze violently and scatter them all over the place.
  6:40pm g:

@woj sounds like a good way to be scattered!
  6:41pm Danne D:

The woman probably ate nothing but onions and arm pit sweat that's why it tasted that way.
  6:41pm other david:

frat boy sounding caller does frat boy stuff

next caller
  6:41pm hamburger:

I thought all milk came from breasts
  6:41pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

How about eating a placenta?
  6:41pm seang:

  6:41pm la Leche:

Did anyone mention the fancy NYC restaurant serving breast milk cheese made from his wife's breast milk. That doesn't sound legal.
  6:41pm g:

"here and there, nothing crazy"
  6:41pm TubaRuba:

@Frango - whoever you talked to was probably talking about the breast milk ice cream
  6:42pm other david:

creepy caller should win a tshirt
  6:43pm Adam in Boston:

I had a friend who was into body modification. He wanted to wear big gauged ear jewelery but didnt feel like stretching smaller piercings out, so he used a dermal punch to cut big holes out of his ears. we took the chunks and fried them up with some tofu and veggies and enjoyed some human stir fry. we were all vegans at the time.
  6:43pm g:

Did I hear Frangry quiver?
  6:43pm Adam in Portland:

I wish Todd Barry would call in and tell us what the grossest thing that he has ever eaten was.
  6:44pm tony:

a buddy of mine once drank someones piss. It was apart of scavenger hunt.
  6:44pm TubaRuba:

@Adam - haha
  6:45pm Danne D:

Expect a note with the letters clipped from all different magazines in your FMU mailbox soon from creepy dude, Frangry.
  6:45pm bryan:

ashes are carbon
  6:45pm Adam in Boston:

I should have told my human stir fry story rather than the cow brains, but I dont know how legal it was
  6:45pm cee dubbles:

chris was using his inside voice. he really isn't creepy once you get th 'know' him ;)
  6:46pm Danne D:

Surprised nobody has called about drinking their bong water yet?
  6:46pm g:

Turtle soup.
  6:46pm Adam in Boston:

I'll drink my bongwater right now for a t-shirt
  6:47pm TubaRuba:

Wow. Way to drink salmonella turtle water
  6:47pm Danne D:

Hey Frangry you hear about the Poop Burger?:
  6:47pm dale:

worst thing i had was the 'howard stern sandwich' from the carnegie deli - a huge cow's tongue thinly sliced, but piled up so it looked like a big old tongue. i took one bite and felt it licking the inside of my stomach. ugh!
  6:48pm hamburger:

ohhhhh Danne D.. no!
  6:48pm dale:

camphor = mothball
  6:48pm Adam in Portland:

I'll attempt to drink Boston Harbor for all of Andy and Frangry's t-shirts.
  6:48pm Adam in Boston:

I bet I could get a 7 second delay shirt for drinking bongwater
  6:48pm g:

Moth balls in a candy dish. Sounds good for next Halloween.
  6:49pm Adam in Boston:

Can we a get a Boston/Portland Adam conference on the air?
  6:50pm Danne D:

Hamburger, that's a real story, btw.
  6:50pm Adam in Portland:

@me: hahaha.
  6:50pm Adam in Boston:

We can call it Shut Up Adam
  6:50pm Danne D:

Adam in Boston should move to Maine - then there can be two Adam in Portlands.
  6:51pm Eric:

Bacon is cured so it should be ok to eat without cooking
  6:51pm Adam in Portland:

I just ate my brain.
  6:51pm Adam in Boston:

@danne d lol. I love portland!
  6:52pm woj:

apparently, there are portlands in tennessee, texas and connecticut too.
  6:52pm TubaRuba:

I'd go for pb+avocado+hot sauce. No big deal
  6:53pm ~L:

Some people really have a double thick stomach and can eat and digest anything
  6:53pm jaycjay:

It's the little things that make this show work, like when this caller said "my name is Andy, too" and Frangry responded with "that's amazing."
  6:53pm Danne D:

did ya hear about eating yeti, dog?
  6:53pm g:

Munching on dog?
  6:54pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

this guy likes to explain the obvious
  6:54pm TubaRuba:

I fully support value judgments and admonishments
  6:54pm g:

How about dogs munching pompous callers?
  6:55pm Sex Mahoney:

Dog stew is pretty delicious. Much better than non-stewed dog.
  6:55pm Danne D:

dog has a worming effect?
  6:55pm dave:

Durian was the easier of my Peace Corps foods. Later came duck embryo, python, dog, bat, rat, the Mayor's cat (by accident!) goat spleen, pig liver in blood, all kinds of sea life (urchin, cucumber and better stuff than tripe from water buffalo.) All cultural exchange that went fairly well, but required some gin intake on my part.
  6:55pm josh:

you ever eat play-doh? mmmmm
  6:56pm Danne D:

That dog-eating dude would probably love eating a poopburger.
  6:56pm TubaRuba:

"Guy who pushes his agenda" is the aggressive version of "guy mumbling into the phone from Jersey City"
  6:56pm alberto:

unable to get through on phone...in the fourth grade some friends and i ate and a box of milkbone doggie biscuits with the intent of grossing out the girls.
  6:56pm Danne D:

(note to self keep dave away from family pets)
  6:57pm g:

I would like to force feed the dog eater a poopburger.
  6:57pm FRED:

I swallowed a roll of film... nothing serious developed
  6:57pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I like Frangry's imitation of that dude.I hope he calls again to lecture us about cultural differences.
  6:57pm Adam in Portland:

@Woj: that's it! I'm changing my name to Bubble BOBble.
  6:57pm TubaRuba:

@Fred :)
  6:57pm Danne D:

No kidding - all the brain eaters are clogging up the phone lines (as well as their arteries)
  6:58pm g:

Eating a face is stupid.
  6:59pm Danne D:

Prediction: comments boards lose again!
  6:59pm TubaRuba:

@Dannne - haha I love that you knew brains were high in cholesterol (unless that was a topic before I tuned in)
  6:59pm g:

Eating a baby face is wrong.
  6:59pm dale:

the water at saratoga springs tastes like the worlds worst fart. me no likee
  6:59pm FRANGRY:

  7:00pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

We all lose equally.
  7:00pm Danne D:

I knew that TubaRuba because I saw an article on Pork Brains in the old 'zine "Beer Frame" by Paul Lukas
  7:00pm g:

They're all winners!
  7:00pm dave:

This is fun! All of you are well-fed people, probably never having gone more than a few hours without food.
  7:00pm TubaRuba:

Happy wet weekend, weirdos
  7:00pm Adam in Boston:

I dunno, I thought it was a fun shut up weirdo. It's always soooo good though!
  7:00pm Danne D:

Recipe on the can of Pork Brains: Scrambled Eggs and Brains.

Have a good one Weirdos!!!
  7:01pm Adam in Boston:

shut up weirdo is always so much excruciating fun, I can't wait to listen to Tell Me More, Gladys!
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