Options BLIP FESTIVAL Day 3 - live from Eyebeam NYC: Playlist from May 21, 2011 Options

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Options May 21, 2011: BLIP FESTIVAL Day 3 - live from Eyebeam NYC

BLIPSTREAM URL: http://wfmu.org/special_events.pls

(streaming begins at 7:50pET each night!)

Some rights reserved by Anne HelmondBanner300x250The world's premier international chipmusic event event, the Blip Festival returns to NY May 19-21. WFMU is here live streaming direct from Eyebeam to your home computer!

Produced by 8bitpeoples & The Tank, the Blip Festival celebrates the best and brightest from the realm of chipmusic and its related discilplines. This year, artists from all over the world will converge at Eyebeam, the leading not-for-profit art and technology center in the USA!

Your hosts/DJs for tonight: Jason Sigal from WFMU and the Free Music Archive, DJ XC3N from Montreal CISM | 89.3FM, and the pioneer of the original Blip Stream, DJ Trent, will be making a special appearance by remote between 10p-12a!

Highlights from these performances will be available from the Free Music Archive, where you can also enjoy a vast collection of mp3s from the 2009 Blip Festival at the Bell House in Brooklyn!.

08:00 Noisewaves · Party Time! Hexcellent! // 08:40 Wet Mango · NO CARRIER // 09:20 Peter Swimm · m7kenji // 10:00 Starscream // 10:40 knife city · vade // 11:20 Nullsleep · Tabor Robak (guest visualist) // 12:00 Bubblyfish · visualicious // 12:40 Henry Homesweet · m7kenji

Check out blipfestival.org for more information, and this year's full lineup!

Artist Track Comments
DJ XC3N from Montreal CISM | 89.3FM  pre-show dj set   Options PLAYLIST - Part 1

eBot - Wake Up
Sir Moustache - Mustard
Alex Mauer - Floating Point
Neil Baldwin - Magician NSF
Naruto - AI Time Bomb
OxygenStar - An Axe in the Back will Attract the Neighbors
Rushjet1 - Forgotten Planet
Mattison - Lobed
??? - MaSTer
Bitmuch - 8 bach
Kupa - Chango Island
Skaven - datajack (S3M Version)
Phlogiston - Access Codes
Linde - Void Traveller
Noisewaves  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options

visuals: · Party Time! Hexcellent!
DJ XC3N  dj-set   Options  
Wet Mango  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options
DJ XC3N  dj set   Options PLAYLIST - Part 2
Bud Melvin - 62 Miles
BLEO - Glanz
Natty- Happy Fizz
sadnes - novocaine for the soul (the eels cover)
Chalermponmalakum - Peter Swimm in da House
Tugboat - She's A Doll
Peter Swimm  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options
DJ Trent of WFMU's Sound and Safe  DJ'ing by remote from Los Angeles   Options DJ Trent of Sound and Safe guest DJ set
set list
joxaren - log lady
london elektricity - u gotta be crazy
lady gaga vs. sonic - battery romance
nicki minaj - did it on em
gucci mane - dollar sign (these new puritans remix)
Starscream  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options
DJ Trent of WFMU's Sound and Safe     
Knife City  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options

DJ Jason Talks Cheap    download from Free Music Archive FMA
setlist: Los Ampartito - El Barzón // Damscray - Dancing Tiger // Food For Animals - Summer Jam //

DJ Jason Talks Cheap    setlist: Prepare to Meet Thy Broom - High Like It's 1989 // Mahjongg - Tell The Police The Truth // 
Bubblyfish  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options



DJ Jason Talks Cheap     
Henry Homesweet  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options

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Listener comments!

  7:32pm biiaru:

hi folks
  7:37pm Andrew K:

  7:37pm biiaru:

pretty excited.
  7:38pm Andrew K:

same, Starscream and Nullsleep should be sick, and it'll be cool to hear a Wet Mango and Knife City set :)
  7:38pm jason:

welcome! just getting warmed up here at eyebeam, DJ XC3N playing some music. we restarted the stream at 128kbps stereo jsut a moment ago...is that cool?
  7:40pm Andrew K:

Sounds great man (Y)
  7:40pm cosmic matrix:

yeeeaah! oh goodness this is the best. thanks you guys.
  7:41pm biiaru:

jason, any real reason you can't do 192kbps?
  7:42pm biiaru:

cause 192 is the future, just sayin' x)
  7:46pm Andrew K:

Anyone know if Dailymotion are doing a visual stream again, or was it like a one off or summat?
  7:47pm biiaru:

i think that was a one-off just for minusbaby and anamanaguchi. they didn't do one last night and there's been no post about having one tonight.
  7:47pm Andrew K:

and Jason, don't suppose you'll be streaming the Cheese N Beer closing party tomorrow night??
  7:50pm Andrew K:

@biiaru, bit of a bummer, would of loved to see 10k's performance, but I guess being able to see minusbaby' evens it out :P
  7:55pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings to Jason, DJ XC3n, DJ Trent and all the listeners.
  8:03pm zabutom:

  8:04pm zan-zan:

  8:06pm dosprompt:

Blip Tokyo is happening october this year guys
  8:08pm trough:

AWRIGHT I'm up for some blips.
  8:09pm trough:

we were supposed to die at 6:00 PM
  8:11pm david:

i know, right?
  8:15pm Wizwars:

This is really quiet.
  8:17pm trough:

This stream sounds pretty unbalanced. Where's the bass?
  8:19pm marnuc:

greeting again from Ecuador, too bad it is the last day
  8:20pm Wizwars:

Where is the VOLUME. My speakers are maxed out it's way too quiet.
  8:20pm trough:

And badly mixed!
  8:22pm jason:

how's it sound now guys? we're just getting a board feed + room mics here, trying to turn it up but not so loud that our recording clips. it sounds good here in the headphones
  8:23pm Andrew K:

I'm using headphones and it sounds perfect
  8:23pm trough:

It's better, still can't hear the bass at all. The chip sounds way louder than the guitars.
  8:25pm jason:

hey if you guys are on TWITTER (hashtag #blip11) and find good IMGs that we should post in the playlist, please leave a comment here or tweet them @wfmu !
  8:33pm trough:

the guitar and bass guitar are still too quiet.
  8:35pm jason:

yeah, we dont have any control over that...often happens from the board feed in a room where the amps are pretty loud themselves
  8:36pm trough:

oh alright, well I really appreciate the stream anyway. Thanks!
  8:39pm currycurry:

is this one Noisewaves? ---> 3fram.es/8fD
  8:42pm trough:

somehow, the mixing is suddenly better. Don't know what happened but I'll stop complaining.
  8:47pm jason:

hard to tell currycurry but that is awesome! really been digging the 3fram.es, i think last night's hosts were chatting with one of the founders
  8:47pm XC3N:

haha no worries, I think they had some technical issues but definitely sounds good in the console here
  8:49pm XyNo:

The sounds is ok with the instruments for me !
  8:50pm XyNo:

hehe nice track XC3N ! ;)
  8:53pm XC3N:

=p we talking on it so it doesnt count haha
  8:53pm XyNo:

I want USK, Prof. Sakamoto and Hally for the next Blip Tokyo ! :P
  8:54pm XyNo:

hehe your background song ! ;) Cuistots style !
  8:55pm currycurry:

@jason, cool, ya, 3fram.es is an awesome site. we can't be there, but it's good to see gifs of the dj's. :D so post what you guys can!
  8:55pm XyNo:

65 Miles ! :D
  8:56pm trough:

Hahahahahahahahaha! :D
  8:56pm XyNo:

  9:02pm XyNo:

Nice beats !!!
  9:03pm Axiom:

damn!!! good stuff
  9:06pm MKGE:

damn, it sucks being here instead of bouncing at new york :(
  9:09pm currycurry:

for whom it may concern, you can pause gifs with Esc. and restart them with F5.
thanks for posting the gif, btw.

@MKGE, maybe look up some of the older blip festival videos and play them without sound. XD sometimes they go together.
  9:09pm XyNo:

same here MKGE ! ...for the fifth time ! :(
  9:18pm XyNo:

  9:18pm XC3N:

  9:20pm biiaru:

wet mango is so crazy.
  9:22pm XC3N:

man this is the freaking B0MB
  9:23pm XyNo:

lool at panties...who took my name hahahaha
and frank yeah this is awesome !!!
  9:25pm jason:

this Wet Mango set is killer!!! great visuals by NO CARRIER
  9:27pm MegaTron~F-Town,CA:

This is the raddest thing I've ever heard!!!
  9:28pm XyNo:

sounds like a mix of Yoddle music and Tim Burton !
  9:29pm kyotofishx:

so far- this is my favorite tonight! So good!!
  9:35pm XyNo:

hell yeah Cuistots du bal !
  9:35pm bennett4senate:

jason you're holding it down! keep it up! Marty and I got kinda drunk last night, hope I got all the gear packed away ok?
  9:38pm trough:

  9:38pm jason:

bennett4senate what's UP man you guys sounded great last nite! i was listening on my phone on the way to death by audio and diggin the hell out of it. all the gear is safe and sound. speaking of sound and safe's dj trent might be making a guest dj appearance by remote (from Los Angeles!) in a little bit...
  9:38pm XyNo:

lol whats this song ! :)
  9:39pm trough:

New favorite song! I need to know what it is! Ska + Chiptune?
  9:39pm XC3N:

haha that was Peter Swimm's entry song
  9:40pm XyNo:

Hey this is TugBoat !!! :D
  9:42pm XyNo:

XC3N Jmen fume un a ta santé tu fais un criss de bonne job man !!! :)
  9:42pm MegaTron~F-Town,CA:

  9:43pm XC3N:

haha xyno jviens tellement de trainwrecker
  9:44pm XyNo:

  9:58pm marnuc:

peter swim is da shit!
  10:01pm marnuc:

is there any video stream? I want to see nullsleep and starscream!!
  10:02pm biiaru:

not that any of us know of.
  10:02pm XyNo:

yeah me too I want to know !
  10:07pm upstate sean:

  10:08pm jason:

what marnuc said!
  10:08pm upstate sean:

is ustream happening?
  10:10pm jason:

no idea about video. there is a guy filming, i think he's from 2 player productions. if anyone hears abotu a video stream (or wants to collab on a stream next year) hollla
  10:17pm Thymine:

sho excited for Starscream
  10:17pm trent:

  10:17pm Kat:

yaaay Trent
  10:19pm currycurry:

maybe Peter Swimm needs subtitles on the visuals when he uses the Decepticon type voice. at least for the people there, since it's so difficult to tell what he is saying. XD
  10:22pm biiaru:

jason you should hit the 2pp guys up and work something out for next year... would be rad :)
  10:25pm XyNo:

WTF !!! Biiiig lol !
  10:27pm jason:

actually the people filming are doing a feature for the French/German public station ARTE ...anyone know what's that?
  10:27pm JD:

DJ Trent can make nerdgirl booty shake from 2000 miles away kids!
  10:28pm biiaru:

haven't a clue. 2pp guys are actually probably all in sweden now that i think about it :(
  10:30pm Apricorn:

yay starscream
  10:30pm marnuc:

shut up!!!!!!
  10:31pm biiaru:

starscream is going to be fantastic, i just know it.
  10:31pm XyNo:

Hey Apricorn !!! :D
  10:31pm FuturNari:

Woop! Hey Henry!
  10:31pm Thymine:

starscream orgasm already.
  10:32pm XC3N:

man everyone just RUSHED IN... crazy attendance
  10:33pm marnuc:

space chippy music, me like it
  10:33pm Apricorn:

i had been trying all the links up the top until i realised the big link in bold for the blip stream.
  10:34pm Apricorn:

oh and come on to irc guys! #8bc
  10:34pm Wizwars:

I believe this could be turned up a bit. Quite a bit, probably.
  10:34pm XyNo:

Frank sa m'étonne pas !
  10:35pm shawnphase:

can you guys mix the gameboy louder in the stream for starscream here? it isnt comin thru in the stream
  10:36pm marnuc:

how do i enter irc? sounds like the grid
  10:37pm Apricorn:

  10:37pm biiaru:

shawnphase: they can't, that's the soundboard dude's thing and wfmu doesn't have control over it
  10:37pm Cotton:

Heere We goooo!
  10:38pm Thymine:

Omgggggggg I can feel the energy from here.
  10:39pm reptile gatekeeper:

if you like tech

you are multi dimentional
  10:39pm jason:

what kind of speakers are you guys listening on?
  10:40pm reptile gatekeeper:

focus on what you want

and it is yours
  10:40pm biiaru:

shitty laptop speakers but i'm switching to my good headphones (grado sr-60i) shortly as the parents are goin' to bed
  10:40pm Wizwars:

The same speakers I was using when the stream was a lot louder earlier tonight, except for when there was the same problem during Noisewaves set, which was fixed midway thru.
  10:41pm awesomechair:

TV Speakers!
  10:42pm Apricorn:

sennhneiser hd 202 headphones. they are awesome but the cable is unecessarily long.
  10:42pm marnuc:

the most tiny, and chinese speakers you can imagine
  10:43pm reptile gatekeeper:

the film


"they live"

is non fiction
  10:44pm biiaru:

hey jason/trent/xc3n, get in IRC! apricorn posted the link above.
  10:44pm XC3N:

  10:47pm XyNo:

biiaru, which IRC ? there is 8bc and chipmusic !
  10:47pm marnuc:

please upload a pic of the visuals!!
  10:47pm biiaru:

8bc. i'm not sure what "chipmusic" is
  10:51pm Kat:

@Apricorn I have same headphones, and same complaint :)
  10:56pm biiaru:

this music is making me sweat so profusely. <3
  10:56pm reptile gatekeeper:

nullsleep is like

cyber punk ROKK!!
  10:58pm reptile gatekeeper:




  10:59pm marnuc:

Oh man this cant get better, WHY Im not fucking there!!!!
  11:00pm Thymine:

starscream makes my heart all fuzzy and strange.
  11:01pm XyNo:

  11:03pm marnuc:

  11:04pm reptile gatekeeper:

jesus uses linux

thats why he has good sound
  11:05pm Doomsberry:

so so good......=)
  11:06pm ttocs:

that was amazing
  11:07pm Cotton:

I hope to GOD A.M.U. Comes next year, because I'm fucking GOING after missing 3 in a row.
  11:08pm dosprompt:

Actually streamers didnt hear ctrix - it pretty much died :(
  11:09pm biiaru:

  11:10pm 5 year old:

Wow this is some captivating radio!! Poop balls boobs asshair!
  11:11pm biiaru:

as someone who has worked at a fcc-bound radio station, it's nice to be able to let loose every once in a while, or at least not have to worry about one slipping by.
  11:14pm 5 year old:

fcc = fart chunk cloud
  11:15pm XyNo:

sounds like a Jeroen Tel type of arps
  11:23pm JD:

  11:24pm reptile gatekeeper:

prep yourself


and bub


leave a mario moustache

on your ass hairs
  11:25pm JD:

speaking of Mario, shoutouts to the cute girl rocking the Toadstool hat!
  11:26pm FuturNari:

So much awesome sidechaining
  11:27pm Cotton:

  11:29pm Cotton:

  11:30pm marnuc:

  11:33pm pn0:

set reminds me of gameboy infected danger records. really good.
  11:34pm biiaru:

yeah i'm lovin' this knife city stuff. he have an album or ep out or anythin'?
  11:38pm FuturNari:

Scroll down to find some knife city demos http://futuredadsociety.tumblr.com/
  12:00am biiaru:

  12:04am reptile gatekeeper:


..... ... .. ... .........
  12:25am reptile gatekeeper:

expert rifle

  12:33am m3lang3:

Thank you reptile gatekeeper. KEEP US INFORMED
  12:40am biiaru:

that was absolutely mindblowing
  12:42am jason:

Where the 8th bit visuals yo?
  12:44am Jason:

I am a pro visual artist
  12:44am biiaru:

hey if bennett happens to be looking at this right now, did you get my email last night? i hope i sent it to the right address
  12:52am bennett:

Yeah. Why was there so much gay porn with your face photoshopped over it in the e-mail? (Not that there's anything wrong with that)
  12:53am nkogliaz:

^^^ LOL!
  12:55am biiaru:

  12:55am reptile gatekeeper:




bub bub bub

jesus is bubly
  12:58am biiaru:

did she just give out her phone number?
  1:00am JD:

and put it up on the giant screen behind the stage! TExt her!
  1:03am JD:

330 366 6740. Get involved!
  1:05am reptile gatekeeper:

spam in my mind is clear remember its yours also
  1:12am XyNo:

OH NO ! :O
  1:14am currycurry:

is this a bunch of nullsleep's visual stuff? --> http://3fram.es/8fV
  1:16am reptile gatekeeper:

good stress bad stress

actor actress
  1:22am dosprompt:

Yes! Trash80!
  1:23am reptile gatekeeper:

bin laden got a chipped tooth

from listening to


off a dick spoon

80 trash

lawrence of arabias
  1:24am fenris:

this is nice and fat
  1:26am reptile gatekeeper:

can any1 say record

off stereo mix


  1:27am JD:

for those wondering: Bubblyfish does her hair exactly like Chun-Li from Street Fighter
  1:27am m3lang3:

No no no! http://streamripper.sourceforge.net/
  1:29am dosprompt:

Cannot WAIT for HH - he is SO good
  1:44am reptile gatekeeper:


be aware of the 12 helixes

awakening in your Dna
  1:47am JD:

fun fact: live chip music exposes the secret matrices inside your DNA. So you should probably do it.
  1:49am reptile gatekeeper:

mahatma Zomby
  1:52am reptile gatekeeper:

spontaneous healing


genetic immortality

its all in your near future
  1:56am reptile gatekeeper:

every thought

affects you and every living molecule in the


keep it pure positive!
  1:57am reptor the mildly introvertive:

Dad told you not to tell the humans about the helix thing.
  2:07am reptile gatekeeper:


an online fest where artists place from each place for a 15 min set
  2:11am marnuc:

Thanks guys for bringing the stream to my country :)
  2:12am biiaru:

Thanks WFMU!
  2:13am Novembersfable:

thanks so much!!! <3
  2:13am XyNo:

Toy Company !!! :D
  2:15am MONGO:

Blip Japan ~
  2:15am currycurry:

thank you wfmu and everyone involved!!!! is it possible to buy a video of the event? I'd love to get it or if not, could their be a DVD of all the visuals the artists used?
  2:16am currycurry:

eh, there*
  2:19am reptile gatekeeper:

winnning! = WFMu

signing off..

freeing you from the clutches off the reptilian brain
  2:19am XyNo:

  2:20am XyNo:

hahahaha TABARNAK DE CALIS !!!
  2:20am marnuc:

slapping the bass
  2:21am biiaru:

i keep motioning to hit the dump switch... the fcc has corrupted me
  2:23am XyNo:

Poutine !
  2:24am biiaru:

  2:24am biiaru:

  2:39am jason:

thanks everyone who made this happen and/or contributed positive NRG to BLIP!

keep an eye on FreeMusicArchive.org for the high-quality mp3freees!
  10:07am Peter Swimm:

That crazy "chiptune/ska" thing is called "title theme" from the comp Thai Pop Spetacular 1960s to 1980s by Chalermponmalakum
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