Options BLIP FESTIVAL Day 1 of three!: Playlist from May 19, 2011 Options

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Options May 19, 2011: BLIP FESTIVAL Day 1 of three!

BLIPSTREAM URL: http://wfmu.org/special_events.pls

(streaming begins at 7:50pET each night!)

Some rights reserved by Anne HelmondBanner300x250The world's premier international chipmusic event event, the Blip Festival returns to NY May 19-21. WFMU will be there live streaming direct from Eyebeam to your home computer!

Produced by 8bitpeoples & The Tank, the Blip Festival celebrates the best and brightest from the realm of chipmusic and its related discilplines. This year, artists from all over the world will converge at Eyebeam, the leading not-for-profit art and technology center in the USA, for three days of arresting music and visual art utilizing former heavyweights of computing like the Commodore 64 and Amiga, the  Atari ST and 2600, the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy.

WFMU will once again be webcasting live from the Blip Festival! So if you’re not able to make it to Eyebeam in the flesh, you can surf on over to wfmu.org each night for the live stream, Accu-Playlist, photos and a realtime comments board. WFMU DJs Bennett4Senate, Marty McSorely, and Jason Sigal will be joined by special guest DJ XC3N from Montreal CISM | 89.3FM to host and DJ between sets both on the stream and in-person at Eyebeam.

Highlights from these performances will be available from the Free Music Archive, where you can also enjoy a vast collection of mp3s from the 2009 Blip Festival at the Bell House in Brooklyn!.

Minusbaby and Anamanaguchi sets will be streamed with WFMU's audio plus Dailymotion's video here!


08:00 Chipzel · m7kenji // 08:40 Zen Albatross · vade // 09:20 Talk To Animals · Party Time! Hexcellent! // 10:00 Ralp · visualicious // 10:40 minusbaby · enso // 11:20 Anamanaguchi · Party Time! Hexcellent! // 12:00 Beastmode · Deadbeatblast (guest visualist) // 12:40 Ultrasyd · NO CARRIER

Check out blipfestival.org for more information, and this year's full lineup!

Artist Track Comments
ZEN ALBATROSS  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options
TALK TO ANIMALS  live from the Blip Festival at Eyebeam   Options
DJ XC3N from Montreal CISM | 89.3FM  (dj set)   Options  
RALP  live from the Blip Festival at Eyebeam   Options  
MINUSBABY  live from the Blip Festival at Eyebeam   Options  
Jason from WFMU DJ Set  lotsa stuff   Options playlist: Gunhead || Kidkanievel - Zooop feat. Oddissee || Raziel Jamerah || Pixelord 
ANAMANAGUCHI  live from the Blip Festival at Eyebeam   Options
XC3N  (DJ set)   Options songs played so far tonight:
Hirokazu 'Hip'
Tanaka - Dr Mario - Chill
Shrimps - Intro
Steady C - I'm a Blast
DJ Cutman - CastlevaniaShit (ft. Busta Rhymes)
Mr Spastic - Funktify
Dauragon C. Mikado - Untitled
Salkinitzor - Little Steppy Feet
Timbral - Fresh Bitches
Xyno - Not ur Parents
Toytone - Moody Laundry Woman
Nathan Meunier - The Beacon
Heosphoros - Tree of Daath
Norrin Rad - Becoming Superluminal
A.M.U. - Diamond
Couteau de Laitier - Tu suck en crisse mon NES
8gb - Same Thing (Touch)
UnCanard - Bering

BEASTMODE  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options
DJ XC3N from Montreal CISM | 89.3FM  ((dj set))   Options  
Ultrasyd  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options

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Listener comments!

  8:14pm marnuc:

awesome it has started, too bad Im not there
  8:14pm Ashtom:

There it is! Blip Festival 2011! Thanks WFMU for broadcasting it!
  8:14pm jason:

welcome to the blipstream!
  8:14pm K->:

  8:14pm jason:

how's it sounding? is it loud enough???
  8:15pm Ashtom:

Actually it seems that the sound just faded out... no more music
  8:15pm marnuc:

right now not sound at all

edit: it got back
  8:15pm W:

way too quiet now
  8:15pm Calitar:

I can't hear anything all of the sudden
  8:16pm Calitar:

Little more volume and you'll be good
  8:17pm marnuc:

you should post pics of the crowd and the stage on twitter, please!
  8:17pm Ashtom:

It was loud enough when Chipzel started
  8:17pm kabakism:

The sound is good.now CHIPZEL on WFMU on Live Broadcasts!
  8:23pm XyNo:

Sabrepulse UNCE style !
  8:25pm marnuc:

nice to see girls in the 8bit society haha
  8:25pm jyooruje:

  8:26pm kzert:

man, this is awesome. thanks d00d
  8:28pm XyNo:

lol jyoo ! this is not CVGM ! ;)
  8:29pm Ashtom:

Greetings from Switzerland! I have to go to work tomorrow so I'm saving the feed. Thanks WFMU!
  8:30pm celsius:

Hey guys. Stream is sounding great now. Reckon we could get a crowd mic for tomorrow night?
  8:31pm jyooruje:

hehe i know XyNo :P
  8:31pm Ashtom:

@celisus that would be nice!
  8:32pm kzert:

@Ashtom: how do you record the feed? or do I misunderstand?
  8:34pm jason from wfmu:

hey celsius, we got a crowd mic! just gotta turn it up. and we'll be archiving a lot of the high-quality bits over at freemusicarchive.org after the fest -- whatever the artists want to share -- so no need to record
  8:34pm Ashtom:

I use StreamRipperX (OSX) to rip the feed so I can listen to it at a more decent time!
  8:35pm kzert:

cool, that should work for me. Thanks man.
  8:37pm XyNo:

Ashtom this is awesome !!! Upload it somewhere after this ! :P
  8:38pm vid:

This is absolutely amazing... I was feeling super down that I couldn't make it to Blip, but this stream has done a lot to raise my spirits. Thanks for keeping it real, WFMU.
  8:38pm kzert:

yeah, actually that would work better for me. my school is blocking the stream so I have to run it through my phone, but I'd love to be able to download the full thing later. its very jitter for me.
  8:38pm Andrew K:

Insane quality guys, cheers a thousand!
  8:43pm Richard from Venezuela:

Great work WFMU. The best radio station in the all wide world.
  8:49pm Calitar:

Did the stream just go down?
  8:49pm celsius:

now it's asking for a user/pass
  8:50pm kzert:

yeah, sounds like. what's playing now?
  8:52pm celsius:

dead again... :(
  8:52pm Richard from Venezuela:

Yes it is. :(
  8:53pm kzert:

Its working for me.. but I might have a delay or something. :(
  8:53pm jason from wfmu:

did you try restarting the stream? it tells me there are 160 people tuned in still
  8:53pm Richard from Venezuela:

The stream work again.
  8:54pm Richard from Venezuela:

now Zen Albatross.
  8:55pm vid:

Coincidentally, my copy of Reformat the Planet finally arrived in the mail today. Such a great documentary, can't wait to see what they do with the Minecraft doc.
  8:57pm kzert:

reformat the planet? sounds cool; may I ask what's it about?
  8:58pm Pawiikun:

Who's playing like right now?
  8:59pm Andrew K:

my stream keeps cutting out too :(
  9:00pm Calitar:

Steam keeps going back up and down. :(
  9:01pm vid:

kzert, it's a chiptunes documentary, with a large focus on Blip '06. It's free to stream on Hulu, or the DVD is available from Fangamer.
  9:01pm Pawiikun:

My stream is steady but it cuts every now and then.. maybe my buffer's fault
  9:03pm gnomebard:

I'm tuned in! YEAH
  9:03pm kzert:

cool I'll be sure to check it out. :)
  9:05pm jason from wfmu:

this is Zen Albatross -- so good!

if the stream cuts out on you, refresh, looks like it's pretty steady on our end but it has dropped out a couple timesso far
  9:08pm Andrew K:

it's golden now. And he's farrr better than I remember him being :O
  9:09pm Richard from Venezuela:

The stream play good right now. Enjoying Zen Albatross. Thanks Jason, Marty, Bennett and all WFMU crew. I didnt know this festival. Now i enjoy it. Great tunes so far.
  9:09pm marnuc:

THE ALBATROSS!!, I like how he changed MASADA, hope he plays THe ABSENT FLESH
  9:10pm kzert:

and now I can't get it working through my phone either. =/
  9:10pm marnuc:

I was on my iphone on 3g got to refresh a lot, but now I got home and it is steady
  9:12pm kzert:

ah there it goes. =)

yeah I'm on my iphone four as the streaming is blocked by my school's network. is there any way to do it through the wmfu app, or just safari?
  9:12pm Richard from Venezuela:

  9:16pm marnuc:

I was using safari, haha didnt know there was an app
  9:17pm kzert:

mk. I'll just stick to safari, cuz that's been working. thanks.
  9:18pm Feryl:

4mat's first live performance is a mere twenty-four hours away, gentlemen.
  9:18pm Pawiikun:

I'm listening to it on Foobar on a win laptop eww kinda missing my black macbook <3 #neverforget
  9:19pm Cotton:

I know! I wish I didn't have work. Considering quitting my job to hear him.
  9:20pm Feryl:

Which songs do you think he'll perform? Let's hope for the best from "Surrender" and maybe even some new unheard tracks.
  9:20pm jason from wfmu:

@kzert, i wish but this "Special Events" stream is a new thing that hasn't made it into the app yet but we do have a lot of other streams and archived programming (and it's all free!)

  9:21pm marnuc:

YESS the absent flesh
  9:23pm marnuc:

what happened??
  9:24pm Feryl:

Yeah, where's Talk to Animals?
  9:25pm jefftheworld:

Whee, stream is down again.
  9:26pm kzert:

@jason ok, good to know and thank you kindly. I'll make do; after another half hour, it shouldn't be blocked anymore anyways.
  9:26pm Anon1092191:

My feed is requesting auth : /
  9:26pm Pawiikun:

Dr marioish beats
  9:27pm ?:

  9:27pm jefftheworld:

Anon, just refresh and the auth request should be gone.
  9:27pm Cotton:

I just love how he's been producing for the longest time, and now that he's finally formally releasing stuff it's been blowing my mind. But I really want to hear something from "decades" since that was what really got me into him since 8bp050.
  9:27pm ANONNY:

  9:28pm BombaySweets:

is there a video feed?
  9:28pm ANONNY:

I think there's a video feed on Daily Motion
  9:28pm adamruies:

the stream being down is going to be a trending topic.
  9:29pm Wizwars:

Not sure if it's just my internet but the stream is really fucky...lots of buffering drops and then occasional 401 errors...wtf guys. Bedroom Blipfest is like, the one thing I look forward to. Make it work.
  9:29pm marnuc:

at 1030 daily motion is going to video strem live minusbaby and anamanaguchi http://www.dailymotion.com/sas/live
  9:29pm adamruies:

http://www.dailymotion.com/sas/live starts @ 10 though, and I really really want to hear Talk To Animals
  9:29pm ANONNY:

Maybe it's because someone's set just finished?

is the stream as bad for stateside people as it is over here in europe?
  9:31pm jason from wfmu:

well this is basically a bedroom-style broadcast operation, seat of the pants volunteer powered radio noncommercial radio... we're doing our best!

Daily Motion on the other hand has 3g internet in a backpack -- seriously! does anybody know what's up with that?
  9:31pm celsius:

yep and just as bad in Australia.
  9:31pm marnuc:

it is also bad here in Ecuador in southamerica
  9:32pm marnuc:

GO ninja go ninja go!
  9:32pm ANONNY:

I wish Daily Motion were broadcasting more. I'll take some Anamanaguchi, though! Are they streaming Nullsleep on Saturday?
  9:33pm Wizwars:

I remember the stream for '09 being pretty much flawless. Just a tad disappointing, tis all.
  9:33pm marnuc:

Yeah they should a full boradcast, want to see starscream live.
  9:34pm ANONNY:

We appreciate your work Jason from wfmu!
  9:36pm jason from wfmu:

this is so much fun to broadcast the Blip Festival! I helped out when DJ Trent did the first wfmu blipstream from the Bell House and was instantly hooked
  9:36pm cxw:

Thanks for the stream!
  9:36pm BombaySweets:

what is the daily motion schedule for friday? I've been sending out this link to watch/listen to Stagediver...
  9:37pm Richard from Venezuela:

talk to animals sound awesome.
  9:38pm Richard from Venezuela:

horse the band will be play?
  9:40pm Richard from Venezuela:

Judas, OMG!!
  9:41pm Pawiikun from Mexicoco:

@Richard i dont think so
  9:41pm marnuc:

I think horse the band dont match with the blipfestival haha
  9:42pm Richard from Venezuela:

but Its nintendocore!!
  9:43pm Feryl:

All I've been hearing is this "Music to Spazz"... WHAT... the cuss?
  9:43pm Richard from Venezuela:

BLIPSTREAM URL: http://wfmu.org/special_events.pls
  9:44pm Feryl:

I'm using Flash.
  9:45pm Richard from Venezuela:

I need to see that girl singing.

where the livestream at?
  9:47pm Dauragon:

Its the big giant link
  9:47pm marnuc:

It is nintendocore, sometimes, i think it is more Metalcore

  9:52pm erin:

i dont think there is vid
  9:54pm Pawiikun from Mexicoco:

@Richard Blipfest is more of a happy chiptuneish event, nintendocore (or at least HTB) is more like metalcore + abit of chiptune
  9:54pm marnuc:

daily motion will stream video today only for minusbaby and anamanaguchi set http://www.dailymotion.com/sas/live
  9:55pm marnuc:

@Pawiikun jaja exactamente
  9:59pm anon:

Does anyone know login/pass? When I open the special_events.pls it asks for authentication??
  9:59pm low-gain:

W'Sup Blip listeners! :-D
  10:00pm Richard from Venezuela:

wasnt chiptune, but its good electronic from a venezuelan artist http://soundcloud.com/cardopusher

@anon refrest and that request should gone.
  10:00pm Cotton:

Is that some Mr. Spastic I hear?
  10:00pm anon:

Thanks! It went away. ^^b Awesome!
  10:03pm cxw:

jason: are we hearing XC3N while ralp is setting up?
  10:03pm anon:

this is awesome!! hello world!
  10:03pm kzert:

huh. my itunes won't connect. ideas?
  10:04pm Richard from Venezuela:

  10:04pm Pawiikun from Mexicoco:

i open it with foobar alternatively winamp opened it too
  10:05pm kitsch:

hey everyone. hi logan!
  10:05pm jason from wfmu:

yep that was XC3N and now RALP is on
  10:05pm xwd:

also confirmed for working: VLC
  10:05pm Listener:

Bit me!
  10:06pm kzert:

its entirely possible its just my computer though =[
  10:07pm XyNo:

XC3N is a nice guy !!! :) and Ralp part sounds awesome for now !
  10:08pm kzert:

what should the url be?
  10:09pm cxw:

kzert: I used the special_events.pls which listed
iTunes works for me
  10:09pm Listener:

c'mon you rocket scientists!

BLIPSTREAM URL: http://wfmu.org/special_events.pls
  10:10pm Richard from Venezuela:

  10:10pm clint:

Hey, is there a live video stream anywhere? The daily motion one seems...down?
  10:10pm Azure-:

Who's playing right now?
  10:11pm anon:

just curious if the special_events.pls audio is 128k ?
  10:12pm marnuc:

the dailymotion stream starts with minusbaby set, which is the next one
  10:12pm Richard from Venezuela:

  10:13pm kzert:

@cxw: yeah, that wasn't working for me. trying with the wfmu.org/special_events.pls
  10:14pm kzert:

I guess its just my network. =/ thanks everyone!
  10:15pm Pawiikun from Mexicoco:

yeah 56K
  10:15pm ?:

Yeah, the special event one seems to be the only one working
  10:16pm mike:

Ralp is blowing my mind
  10:19pm Tad:

bummed i missed Talk to Animals :( i'll assume it was life-affirming
  10:21pm kzert:

yeah, this just isn't really working for me. =/ peace out, I guess..
  10:22pm Listener:

*you're* not working for *it*!
  10:23pm Richard from Venezuela:

@tad. Yes. the cover of gaga's judas was a highlight.
  10:23pm jason from wfmu:

we'll be archiving high-quality mp3s on freemusicarchive.org, just like we did from the last NY edition of the Blip Festival. And there will be no stream drops!

Ralp is sounding so good here in the headphones
  10:30pm marnuc:

love the bass right now
  10:34pm marnuc:

the stream in dailymotion started!!
  10:37pm Dauragon:

  10:41pm trent:

  10:45pm Listener:

  10:45pm asdf:

Chip Songz!!!
  10:46pm XyNo:

OMG its one of my song !!! :D
  10:46pm xwd:

minusbaby keeps getting more and more awesome every time I hear him
  10:51pm Feryl:

Oh my gosh, it's Halo!
  10:51pm XyNo:

  10:53pm Cotton:

Is that him?!
  10:54pm ?:

stream failing for anyone else?
  10:54pm Cotton:

Where'd all of his hair go?
  10:55pm marnuc:

is that him?
  10:56pm XyNo:

ahhh there he is !
  10:56pm jason from wfmu:

MINUSBABY live video w/ wfmu audio: http://www.dailymotion.com/sas/live
  10:56pm Cotton:

OH! There he is.
  10:57pm oh noes..:

my stream keeps dropping in and out! :''(
  11:00pm ?:

hey jason -- same here re: stream and at least 1 other friend too. not to nag
  11:01pm jason from wfmu:

sorry for the dropouts. at least we can watch the video for the next two sets. it's the internet at eyebeam, we need that internet backpack that dailymotion has.
  11:03pm Cotton:

  11:05pm ?:

  11:10pm ?:

  11:11pm bk_gameboy:

this kicks ass--i can never get in to blipfest because it's always sold out, but keep on rocking!
  11:14pm ?:

Oh, not bouzouki. Mandola.
  11:15pm anon:

i agree! Big up to WFMU for this live stream!! ( ´∀`)
  11:19pm anon:

Large tune!
  11:21pm MaverickP-51:

Listening to this @ school, shit is so cash.
  11:21pm marnuc:

Excellent minusbaby,
  11:23pm ?:

verily, cash
  11:25pm XyNo:

wow Minusbaby with all those musicians ! :O It like if you take the 2 times I saw him live x1000 and this is the set he just did !!!
  11:25pm kzert:

grah, I still can't get itunes to stream this. any ideas? Note: VLC didn't work either and I'm on osx.
  11:26pm Pawiikun from Mexicoco:

Mathematical! when is anamanaguchi coming?
  11:27pm Pawiikun from Mexicoco:

What's the deal with the internet backpack dailymotion had? it sounded pretty schweet
  11:31pm Ichabod:

this is awesome
  11:32pm Pawiikun from Mexicoco:

I'll assume the anamanaguys are getting ready
  11:36pm anon:

GUCHI SWAG!!! ヽ(´ー`)┌
  11:40pm Pawiikun from Mexicoco:

They so gotta play Tempest Teamwork Triumph
  11:44pm vid:

HELL YEAH, AIRBRUSH! I can feel the energy radiating all the way from NYC, that's how great this is!
  11:45pm Pawiikun from Mexicoco:

Airbrushed<3 i feel so lonely! everyone must be watching the video feed
  11:45pm beanz:

where is the video feed?!?!?
  11:46pm XyNo:

is it me or the sounds is kinda weak(the instruments) compared to the other set...or it is the dailymotion stream ?
  11:46pm XyNo:

beanz http://www.dailymotion.com/sas/live
  11:46pm anon:

yea the audio is maxing out! turn it down fellas
  11:47pm trent:

hey jason sounds fuckin killer but super blow out
  11:48pm beanz:

thanks xyno :)
  11:49pm cordchomper:

whats up with the sound
  11:49pm spaceindaver:

Hey, which stream should I be listening to? The special_events.pls one?
  11:50pm anon:

freakin gooch is rockin too hard
  11:50pm Pawiikun from Mexicoco:

yes spaceindaver
  11:51pm spaceindaver:

Thanks. Oh, there's the crows sound!

Also, HERE IT IS. Awesome!!!
  11:52pm marnuc:

you should watch this http://www.dailymotion.com/sas/live
  11:54pm spaceindaver:

Thanks for that!
  11:55pm kzert:

Well, new music kills my ability to sleep. Damn you anamanaguchi.
  11:55pm vid:

"We're about to play some new stuff that no one has heard before, exceptformaybeacoupleofpeople"

Then they launch into a song that they played here last month. We're special <3
  11:59pm jeff excell:

feeling lame for sitting at home in brooklyn and listening to this stream.... ugh. so close and I am not there! I'm def there saturday!
  12:00am khold:

this new stuff rocks! wish I lived closer to NYC, I'd be there in a heartbeat
  12:02am Icia:

  12:03am Seeg:

Also sitting home listening instead of being there...missed this last time in NYC, missed this time...hope there will be another in the next couple of years!!!
  12:03am Icia:

tomorrow night for sure.
  12:04am spaceindaver:

Anyone know of anything like Blip that happens in Japan?
  12:06am XyNo:

spaceindaver : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=207798345918669
  12:06am spaceindaver:

Holy balls!! AWESOME. Is it usually the same lineup?
  12:08am jeff excell:

spaceindaver thought that they were having blip japan this year again...
usually they will have the usual 8BP lineup
  12:08am a pal:

@jason: I think we'd all love to hear these new tunes in the archive kind sir (’-’*)
  12:09am XyNo:

spaceindaver nope...lineup always different every Blip !
  12:11am jason from wfmu:

hey a pal, that's up to the band, i hope they're as psyched about this recording as yall are! i think it's sounding like a great mix right now, they have their own sound guy making things sound nice here at eyebeam
  12:12am khold:

the stream sounds really high quality! major props to everyone involved making it happen!
  12:13am XyNo:

jason can you add "XyNo - I'm not your parents so shut up !" in the XC3N DJ set ? ;)
  12:13am spaceindaver:

I forgot this last song was even chiptuney, just got lost. Genuinely good song.
  12:14am xXC3N:

I played it already haha
  12:16am XyNo:

I know thats why I said to add it in the list to the list frank ! ;)
  12:16am marnuc:

lets go back to the audio stream!!
  12:18am XyNo:

to the left*
  12:19am XC3N:

Dude nice set :)
  12:20am Akira:

HAHA that was me! I Meant to type XC3N here
  12:20am Ash:

Amazinggg <3
  12:21am XyNo:

Hey Akira ! :)
  12:22am Akira:

  12:25am RDE:

  12:27am gnomebard:

@Wizwars oh my god who says fucky?! I thought I invented that!
  12:30am Prince Fluff:

I like the beep and the boop
  12:32am Thymine:

beeps and boops are the best
  12:33am spaceindaver:

Is there a playlist anywhere?
  12:33am Akira:

  12:36am spaceindaver:

By playlist, I mean the stuff that's playing now. (I assume this is just being played while the next thing is set up?)
  12:37am spaceindaver:

Holy balls, that was live?!
  12:38am Akira:

This IS live. No playlist
  12:48am i read on twitter:

that a lot of people left after anamanaguchi
  12:49am XyNo:

:( Why ?! the best one are after anamanaguchi !!! Beastmode and Ultrasyd ARE the night...and dailymotion stop the stream before the best ! really succks !!!
  12:52am Akira:

Beastmode,Ralp and Ultrasyd, made this a wonderful day. Whoever left after Anamanaguchi doesn't know shit.
  12:57am Pawiikun from Mexicoco:

Akira! my feelings exactly
  1:00am Akira:

Pawii claro que si mi broda!
  1:08am Axiom:

hahaha wow beastmode was fantastic! i can't wait for tomorrow night, when i get to go!
  1:09am Akira:

Jesus is coming on Saturday for the last night of Blip Festival.
  1:10am Axiom:

hahaha i can only imagine
  1:10am XyNo:

  1:11am biiaru:

didn't notice this chat box until he mentioned it on air, so hello!
  1:12am Heosphoros:

Maybe they left because they realised chiptune is horrible music.
  1:13am Jason from WFMU:

@heosphoros if you dont like it you can giiiiit out!

music is music maaaan this is the best of the vast world of chip
  1:15am XyNo:

lol Jason Heos is a great 2A03 artist...he is just joking ! XD
  1:16am biiaru:

is there gonna be a recording of zen albatross's set posted on fma? cause i missed it. i actually forgot that blip was today.
  1:16am Jason from WFMU:

haha oh i get jokes
  1:17am Akira:

GEt a taste of the european style right friggin' now with Ultrasyd.
  1:17am XC3N:

heos stfu bitch, I played tree of daath so behave <3
  1:19am XyNo:

...lol XC3N ! XD
  1:19am Akira^8GB:

Xc3N that son you played right after BEastmoe sucked balls. :P
  1:19am bpoint:

syd rules! \o/
  1:21am XyNo:

bpoint : sucks we cant :gangstasyd: or :dothedance: here ! XD
  1:22am jason:

@biiaru pretty much every artist was in to the idea, we're gonna give everyone a chance to listen back and start posting sets in june to freemusicarchive.org
  1:25am biiaru:

rad, i'll try my best to remember to keep an eye on the site :)
  1:32am jake:

hey really appreciate you guys putting this stream together, was sorely disappointing i'd be outta town for the whole fest.

will this be archived?
  1:34am XyNo:

yes supposed to be !
  1:34am Mystra:

Damn! This rocks!
  1:38am Tony T:

Sup from Korea! I am so happy that this stream is available.

Nothing beats being there live though :-/
  1:39am bpoint:

Mystra, XyNo! o/ yeah, syd is doing some serious rocking :)
  1:41am XyNo:

Syd...always rock bpoint ! ;)
  1:48am biiaru:

congrats on a great set ultrasyd :)
  1:49am currycurry:

>Babycastles will be running arcade after parties each night of Blip Festival..featuring games, Indian food, and live music / DJ sets.
amazing music and then awesome after parties, you guys on the east coast have it so good.
  1:50am XyNo:

Tomorrow will be a blast too !!! :D
  1:52am biiaru:

wish we could get a stream of the afterparty :P
  1:54am XyNo:

yeah me too ! :( and I wish we could get a stream of the Hexawe ALL-STARS Sunday !
  2:00am currycurry:

biiaru & XyNo, ditto.
  11:47am than:

I opened the Blipstream with vlc media player and it asks for a username and a password. Does anyone know what I can do?
  12:22pm jason:

the blip stream will resume at 7:50 pm tonight!
  7:44pm bob:

5 minutes!
  8:49am e.s.c.:

i was going to try and set up a stream at the hexawe gig, but ran out of time...attempted a recording, but only sets that seem to have more or less come out were mine (after the first three tracks which are clipping pretty badly), b.leo, & matt.nida (only the electronics ran through my stuff,, so no vocals/extra instruments, so buds & natty's bands sets are only psp)..recording cut out during rhinostrich's set at some point :(
  1:31pm zenfan:

Is it possible to hear the Zen Albatross again somehow? Any recording? Hint... Pleaaaaaaaaaase!
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