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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 29, 2011: Parental Lip Slips

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:00pm FRANGRY:

  6:00pm stinkbug:

  6:01pm E Double:

Yeah Yeah Yeah!
  6:01pm Mike McKenzie:

  6:01pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  6:02pm E Double:

I'm going to say something that no one has ever said before...
  6:02pm E Double:

Wait for it......
  6:03pm E Double:


I prefer it when Andy screws up the board.
  6:03pm ben drinken:

dumb show already buy the sound of their voices.
  6:03pm E Double:

Thank God It's Frangry!!!!! Huh? HUH? !!!!!
  6:03pm stinkbug:

this topic will last 10 minutes
  6:04pm E Double:

This is a pretty retarded topic.
  6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

But I suppose that's not original--lots of people probably mispronounce that.
  6:04pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I think it is an interesting topic.
  6:04pm ben drinken:

spelled it wrong because i ben drinken

@E Double

Good One.
  6:04pm E Double:

People are going to call up be like "Sassafrass" and then hang up. Wow.
  6:05pm John McCabe in LA:

Sorry working on a movie set today try to call in at some point
  6:05pm stinkbug:

my mom says Fangry.
  6:05pm ben drinken:

frangry is a pedant
  6:05pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

It doesn't really matter what the topic is. It is just about talking for an hour.
  6:05pm E Double:

Frangry and Andy, do not be surprised if you get a bunch of angry letters from your sponsors.
  6:06pm Todd 76%:

  6:07pm Premise Police:

DOWN IN FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:07pm Yakov Smirnoff:


My lawyers have sent you a cease and desist letter.
Russia stories are my bag, OK?
  6:07pm stinkbug:

it's not necessarily a british thing.
  6:07pm E Double:

People always misprounce the D's words.
  6:07pm Old Landlord:

earl burner (oil burner)
  6:07pm OeO:

My favorite mispronunciation is terlit for toilet.
  6:07pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

It is pronounced "Aunt", as it is spelled. Not "ant".
  6:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Thank you Dave from Seattle! That's the point!

And that "heavy NJ accent" is similar to a British accent, adding "-er" to "-a" words.
  6:08pm Mariano:

My stepdad, the one who told me that Benny Hill's real name was Val Marsiglia, worked at Charity Hospital in New Orleans back in the 60s. He hear women refer to their hoo-has, instead of vagina, as pajamas (oh doc, my pajamas are on fire!), as well as virgina.
  6:08pm makaha joe:

mason-airy vs masonry
  6:08pm Todd 76%:

'supposably' for supposedly?
  6:08pm ben drinken:

anybody ever hear of blowjamas? it is the kind that has the hole in the crotch and allows one to get a bj easily.
  6:09pm Sweet16:

in high school my best friend read aloud the name Eugene "OOHENIE" in english class... this was 10th grade. oooh henie, like genie.
  6:09pm E Double:

Benny Hill's real name is Val Marsiglia?
  6:09pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

'mung-ster'. Quality Pennsylvania adding of "g"s to words.
  6:09pm jaycjay:

i used to work with an actual registered lobbyist in a backwater state who pronounced "omnibus" as "ominous." The problem was that we were working legislation called the "Omnibus Water Bill" so she'd be testifying in front of the state legislature about that "Ominous Water Bill." I'd hear the theme from JAWS every time.
  6:09pm Listener Schned:

My big sister calls spaghetti "piz-getti" to this day- I worked a security graveyard shift with a seriously old-school retired Irish cop who said "stragety" when he meant strategy-
  6:09pm E Double:

  6:10pm stinkbug:

is this going to denigrate into a discussion of mondegreen lyrics?
  6:10pm Spike:

The idiots who were trying to prove that Obama is not a citizen called themselves BOYTHERS.
  6:10pm Siouxzeequeue:

It's a "mute" point.
  6:10pm Jilliers:

I'm crying with laughter from that second call!
  6:10pm Chris:

Can you say the number slowly?
  6:11pm E Double:

This is an elitist topic that only appeals to you edumacated people
  6:11pm Mariano:

E Double: No, sorry! My stepdad had me convinced that he was a New Orleanian with that name, when I was about 13.
  6:11pm Linguist:

r insertion is called rhotacism (rho is what they call "r" in ancient Greek). it's common in many languages. we pronounce r's in english but brits stopped pronouncing r's in the early 1700s ("rathah" vs. our "rather"). but we just kept the older pronunciation is all. except for elite east coast boarding school types who drop r's to sound more british.
  6:11pm Mike McKenzie:

TELL IT!!!!!
  6:11pm Staten Island:

  6:11pm E Double:

Frangry you are a professional you have to mine all your personal experiences for material. Let's hear it girl
  6:11pm marq:

my parents said "hmm" a lot when I was a kid but I think the real way to spell it is "hhhmmmm"
  6:11pm Other David from Ireland:

Oh please tell the story so we get an irate Frangry date on the phoneline! It's precisely what this show needs.
  6:12pm sletty:

i was criticized for pronouncing human as yoo-man. i relearned how to say it and now am pissed that i learned how to put the "h" in it because dictionary.com has both pronunciations
  6:12pm stinkbug:

where does frangry find these guys?
  6:12pm Hugh:

  6:12pm Mike McKenzie:

How did you meet this guy?
  6:12pm E Double:

Other David from Ireland...yes my brother you are correct
  6:13pm Mariano:

Let's do a show about bad dates then!
  6:13pm E Double:

Frangry stop going out with these dirty Hipsters Girl
  6:13pm stinkbug:

frangry, what is your opinion of monkey tail beards? http://bit.ly/k4Qez6
  6:13pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Yeah it is hard to believe that it is so hard to find a date with people that understand basic concepts such as hygiene and shoes.
  6:13pm and so on and on:

I asked the teacher how to spell "and so on", since my parents would use that a lot.
  6:13pm Mike:

I had a co-worker who mispronounced the word "extraneous". She said "extrenuous". And she said it all the time, far more often than anyone else uses the word.
  6:13pm Hugh:

  6:13pm bannana pajama:

is andy getting his blowjama on for frangry
  6:14pm Mike McKenzie:

Did you exchange photos before your date, Frangry?!?
  6:14pm Frangry's Dates:

Frangry obviously can't smell HERSELF.
  6:14pm jaycjay:

If I were to decide for whatever reason to do something like that with a beard, I'd certainly ditch it before going on a first date.
  6:14pm Sweet16:

Hulk Hogan has a negative goatee, i dont see what the problem is...
  6:14pm Matt from Springfield:

@Hugh: Do you mean "mis-CHEVV-i-ous"?
  6:14pm steve:

i was hoping today was really going to be about how to stop hiccups
  6:15pm Mike McKenzie:

Date of a thousand cuts.
  6:15pm E Double:

The guy should always pay, especially for the first date.
  6:15pm Frangry's Dates:

Frangry is a traditional female who likes dominant guys, not passive egalitarian guys.
  6:15pm Davesnothere:

Smell you later, dude
  6:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Two year celibacy AND is PROUD of not wearing deodorant...could he really be wondering why???!
  6:16pm stinkbug:

does andy wear deodorant?
  6:16pm Other David from Ireland:

I have to see this beard
  6:16pm Mike McKenzie:

He sounds like a goat.

A hairy bearded stinky goat!
  6:16pm Other David from Ireland:

  6:16pm Mariano:

Once I was ordering from a restaurant where the guy couldn't speak English very well. He asked for my address. I say Hoyt St. He asks me to spell it. I say H-O-Y-T. He says "H, as in Florida?"
  6:17pm Listener Schned:

Cool doorman- remember this at Xmas time !
  6:17pm Sweet16:

art handler shmart handler. take a shower boo boo
  6:17pm distgusting lee:

andy with a big beard smoking a cigar wearing pjbj's and getting a bj from frangry
  6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mike: That explains the "I'll have what she's having" -- because goats truly will eat anything!
  6:17pm E Double:

Frangry, pics or GTFO
  6:17pm Davesnothere:

You know how to pick them.
  6:19pm Mike McKenzie:

Come back Frangry!

I smell like roses - remember?
  6:19pm E Double:

Frangry stop dating these retarded ambiguous hipster dudes
  6:19pm Frangry's Dates:

Deoderant doesn't really help IF YOU'RE WAY OVERWEIGHT, Andy.
  6:19pm Other David from Ireland:

Please let the date be the next caller
  6:19pm E Double:

Frangry, what is the stinky guy's first and last name?
  6:20pm Mariano:

Maybe he wasn't celibate by choice...
  6:20pm Matt from Springfield:

"Incebs", as they're known...
  6:20pm Jilliers:

As inventor of this topic.... I insist you stick to it. Incidentally... ~I~ have been celibate for two years as well; purely for seminary purposes.

How about a show called "Queer Eye for FRANGRY'S Dates."
  6:21pm E Double:

Then we could take the public humiliation up a couple notches
  6:21pm Frangry's Date's Lawyer:

Expect a letter on Monday.
  6:21pm Sweet16:

i hate it when people call w.houston street, west HOUSTON st. like whitney houston. no no boo boo. no no.

Inseminary purposes?
  6:21pm pedant:

this show is wrong
  6:21pm begal:

My ex used to call moo juice, "melk"
  6:22pm jaycjay:

Some guy Clay talked to on last night's show kept saying "it's a mute point."
  6:22pm sletty:

my mom says mirror: meer row
  6:22pm Dude from Houston:

I hate when New Yorkers come to my city and call it Howstin
  6:22pm mispronunciation:

The under 30 crowd has started to say "oogling" instead of "ogling" in the last ten years or so.
  6:22pm Mariano:

Ooh! When people use Calvary for cavalry. Calvary is where Jesus got crucified, cavalry is a group of mounted soldiers.
  6:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@MR JOHNNY: How about "Rescue Date 911"?
  6:22pm Standard Weirdo:

I been celibate for OVER 2 years (not voluntarily, sigh) but I DO NOT admit it to dates. let alone brag about it! That's just peculiar. At least I got that part right
  6:22pm stinkbug:

frangry probably isn't revealing that she stole gum from that date.
  6:23pm Jilliers:

  6:23pm forgot:

words that people mis-pronounce regularly:
espresso and etcetera
they put x's in:
expresso and excetera
  6:23pm OeO:

  6:23pm movie:

my fave was "fillum" for film.
  6:23pm steve:

  6:24pm Spike:



Good one! Maybe she stole his heart!
  6:24pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mariano: I myself used to pronounced cavalry as "calvary", maybe because it was always just easier.
  6:25pm Danne D:

Hi Weirdos!!!

Yay! My Bengals drafted a quarterback named Andy :)
  6:25pm mispronunciation:

It's the Man with the Van.
  6:25pm jaycjay:

Yes! "forgot" @6:23, those both bother me a lot.
  6:25pm Sweet16:

i also hate it when people call the brand ralph lauren, ralph lauREN, accent on the e.
  6:25pm Frangry:

Thanks for your comments guys!
  6:26pm Matt from Springfield:

I was infuriated watching the British diet show "You Are What You Eat", when they said how one guest has a "Pehn-SHAWN" for fried foods. WHAT??! Do you mean "pen-chint"!!! Why do the Brits say French words the French way like that!!!
  6:26pm FRANGRY:

  6:27pm goerge carlin gohst:

andy really takes the cake....where?
  6:27pm TubaRuba:

Oh my, I'm 27 minutes late for my radio date
  6:27pm mispronunciation:

no spoofing the hosts, you LOZERZ
  6:27pm Danne D:

Obviously the Frangry that says THATS NOT ME is the hotter one :)
  6:27pm FRANGRY:

  6:27pm Chris:

I live in New Orleans I have a list of them.
  6:27pm OeO:

Ashcan is a great term maybe he had flare.
  6:27pm Mariano:

My great grandma, an old off-the-boat Sicilian woman, loved Engelbert Humperdinck. But with her accent, she could only say Hinky Dinky. I like-a da Hinky DInky.
  6:28pm TubaRuba:

You guys know "ashcan" is (was) a real thing, right?
  6:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Like "rest-au-rawnn" for restaurant! That's just terrible!

How bad was your date's B.O., FRANGRY???

Was it weapons grade B.O.?
  6:28pm Lisa:

Paasta instead of Pasta.
  6:28pm boring:

someone meant to say this show is boring but said it sucks instead.
  6:29pm Chris:

They call oil...erl.
  6:29pm Jersey City Born:

People mispronounce Hoboken and Secaucus all the time.
  6:30pm mispronunciation:

mezzaline, the floor where you buy Vaseline!
  6:30pm APM:

i had a high school coach tell his players that they are to conjugate in the auditorium after morning anouncements. (instead of conjugate)
  6:30pm Mariano:

It's called a glottal stop, the sound in Manha'in
  6:30pm crankypants:

Too much Girly gigglin.
  6:31pm Sweet16:

what about when people pronounce Target TARGAY, like its french. zut alors!
  6:31pm Not Frangry:

You have to put the accent on the HO but some neanderthals say HoBOken
  6:31pm mispronunciation:

Idge-it instead of Idiot.
  6:31pm John McCabe in LA:

I can't get through sorry guys
  6:32pm Lisa:

Real-a-tor instead of Realtor. Or maybe I'm the one that has it wrong...
  6:32pm mispronunciation:

DEE-troit, instead of Detroit (accent on last syllable), especially popular with African Americans
  6:32pm crankypants:

I hate when people say ho when they mean whore.
  6:32pm stinkbug:

thanks for making me "lol", jenna
  6:33pm sletty:

i think the dj's mispronounced 'ADHD' as 'topic'
  6:33pm ANDY:

I'm LOVING this topic! I feel rainbows and butterflies flowing through my HEART right now!
  6:33pm Chris:

this kid is boring.
  6:33pm ben drinken:

is this my kid?
  6:33pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Someone needs a drink
  6:33pm mispronunciation:

it's the kid break, there every week in case you were getting tired of paying attention and need a time out
  6:34pm Andy:

That's not me!!!
  6:34pm TubaRuba:

Jenna's call was a bit Dadaist this week
  6:34pm ben drinken:

jenna, i don't owe any child support
  6:34pm jaycjay:

I fully support Frangry on that hangup.
  6:34pm Other David from Ireland:

Irish-isms: Hopspital, Bukes (books), Millins, Crips, Dokku-ments - also we don't pronounce the H in The/That etc.
  6:34pm OeO:

Ruff man cheese.
  6:34pm E Double:

ha ha mispronunciation!
  6:34pm Danne D:

One time my mom said it'd be great to own a horse and my dad replied "You wanna divorce?!"
  6:34pm Johnny Muller:

When people curse why do they say "Pardon the french..." I don't get it
  6:34pm cranky pants:

I hate when people say peen when they mean to say peon
  6:35pm steve:

i knew someone whose last name was pronounced "a lie us"
so i frequently pronounce alias wrong

Craic - what's that?
  6:35pm mispronunciation:

i've heard "pendantic", actually...
  6:35pm E Double:

Worse topic ever?
  6:35pm mispronunciation:

now on the line, the dronemaster general
  6:35pm cranky pants:

Please dont ever say we will CONVERSATE!!
  6:36pm Danne D:

I would always order my friend's drink at starbucks as a Chi (rhyming with Lie) Tea Latte.
  6:36pm Sean:

You asked my name, I didn't hear you. Sorry. I'm Sean (the caller that regaled you with my story about "insineous"). Frangry, you sound like Victoria Jackson. Hilarious. Will you sing in that voice for us?!
  6:36pm Other David from Ireland:

Craic=fun, hijinks, with added alcohol

More bad date stories, Frangry!

  6:36pm Sweet16:

have a good one?
  6:36pm pedant:

it is PEdantric with the emph on firs part Andy
  6:37pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Hey E Double - may I recommend that you change the channel?

How is CRAIC pronounced?
  6:37pm mispronunciation:

no mercy calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:37pm Chris:

its ringing, hang up on this person
  6:38pm stinkbug:

Frangry, how do you say gyro?
  6:38pm E Double:

Ignant ass Italian Americans don't even know how to properly pronounce italian words Mozarella ia MOE ZAH RE LAH
  6:38pm Other David from Ireland:

MISTER JOHNNY, craic = crack
  6:38pm mispronunciation:

  6:38pm E Double:

Hmmm.... valid suggestion Dave from Seattle
  6:39pm Other David from Ireland:

Prevert/Preversion is from Dr. Strangelove, no?
  6:39pm pedant:

hate it when people say manure instead of manure

Thank you, Other David from Ireland
  6:40pm Mariano:

My grandma, to sound learned, would say perVERT instead of PERvert.
  6:40pm sletty:


  6:40pm Mariano:

The reason it's pronounced Calli-ope is because of the French pronunciation of the muses' names.
  6:41pm Other David from Ireland:

Arkansas, Are-Kanziss
  6:41pm cranky pants:

I hate when people say buffay when it's properly boofay.
  6:41pm ben drinken:

accents are not the same as someone saying something wrong.
  6:41pm Mariano:

I'm from there too. Nobody from there says N'awlins.
  6:41pm Davesnothere:

only in texas do people think retards are charming.
  6:41pm mispronunciation:

wouldn't it make less work to list the words hicks *DON'T* mispronounce?
  6:41pm E Double:

Who do you have to blow around here to get them to mention your comment on the air?
  6:42pm Chris:

Chris from Nawlins
  6:42pm Tim Serpas:

Colonel "Bat" Guano: I think you're some kind of deviated prevert. I think General Ripper found out about your preversion, and that you were organizing some kind of mutiny of preverts. Now MOVE!
  6:42pm OeO:

I hate that shit so fucking much if you cannot speak Italian you do not get to pronounce Ricotta cheese like rigot.
  6:42pm Sweet16:

what about people who speak spanish with castillian accents?
  6:42pm Marmalade Kitty:

Worcester Sauce - Wooster.. :)
  6:42pm Danne D:

Get in thy car.
  6:42pm Mariano:

Both are correct with route.
  6:43pm E Double:


A rout is what happened at the Battle Bullrun, goddammit
  6:43pm Danne D:

I hate when people pronounce roof as ruff.
  6:43pm ben drinken:

what if you are on route E. then you can be rowdy on route E
  6:43pm A german:

I hate it when people pronounce german names that end with e as if it was an eee, They are supposed to be short and that.
  6:43pm Tim Serpas:

Nuh War Linz
  6:44pm mispronunciation:

Frangry said "learned" (one syllable) when the comment she was reading should have been pronounced "learn-ed" (two syllables). Great addition to the show theme, there, Frang!
  6:44pm E Double:

Oye chica tu eres Nico?
  6:44pm Danne D:

More Frangry speaking Spanish please. That's hawt.
  6:44pm E Double:

  6:44pm Mariano:

My great grandma, an old off-the-boat Sicilian woman, loved Engelbert Humperdinck. But with her accent, she could only say Hinky Dinky. I like-a da Hinky Dinky. I'm posting this again 'cause surely it's good enough for the list!
  6:44pm Johnny Muller:

carmel vs caramel

@Tim Serpas

Very good one!
  6:44pm A. in Essex Co. NJ:

I used to say "warder" instead of "water."
  6:45pm A german:

re: water.
Chavs saying wa'er.
  6:45pm Danne D:

How about this one:

Andrea (like ant) vs Andrea (like ONdrea)
  6:45pm Jesus:

I keep getting a busy signal! My sister drives me crazy by pronouncing marshmallow - mushmellow
  6:45pm Other David from Ireland:

Hmm, I'd use the route (rowte) pronunciation, for.. like "they were routed in that defeat"... and route (root) for "I took the following route to get to the pie factory"
  6:46pm mispronunciation:

  6:46pm Other David from Ireland:

H is not silent in Herb over this side of the Atlantic, you.. erbs!
  6:47pm mispronunciation:

herb w/ no h in US, with h in UK and Ireland
  6:47pm Robert in Seattle:

Sigourney Weaver says "warter" - it was driving me crazy when she narrated Planet Earth (or whatever) - warter, warter, warter everywhere. Wouldhave made a great drinking game, thougn. A shot every time she said "warter"
  6:47pm FRANGRY:

Te gusta cuando hablo espanol? Que quieres que te diga papi?
  6:47pm mispronunciation:

"nudnick on the line" alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:48pm nyc rat:

now we can be rate
  6:48pm Mariano:

When I was a kid in Latin America, my grandma's maids couldn't pronounce the name of her dog, Daphne. They used to call her Lackly or Dassly. Imagine it pronounced in Spanish.
  6:48pm dude:

what a condundrum
  6:48pm Dough Boy:

Hey Mamacita come to my casa we do the loco thang!
  6:49pm mispronunciation:

Frangry, say "chinga me ahora papi!"
  6:49pm Other David from Ireland:

I want a tirry me zoo, he should win
  6:49pm Sweet16:

i hate it when people pronounce smarty pants SMARTY PONTS
  6:49pm mispronunciation:

old lady: "condominian" (condominium)
  6:50pm Not Frangry:

Papi es lindo, cual es tu malfuncion chica?
  6:50pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Or "data" vs. "daaayta"
  6:50pm jaycjay:

There should be a way to reserve the DJ names in this comment script, so they can't be impersonated.
  6:50pm Danne D:

data (like day tuh)
data (like datta)
  6:50pm Jesus:

aks instead of ask drives me crazy!!!!!
  6:50pm Mariano:

Also, nobody could pronounce my grandpa's name, Steve. They called him Don Es-tTEEK.
  6:51pm OeO:

Thank you that shit is so creepy when a girl calls you papi, that shit is creep.
  6:51pm vinh!:

here in Portland, OR we have a couple good tests for out-of-towners, but the best is a street named Couch... which is actually pronounced Cooch.
  6:51pm bry:

i like messing with people so i say supposebly instead of supposedly.. i say mottz a rula instead of mozzarella, ricotta i say rigoata,
  6:51pm seang:

that was awesome
  6:51pm Davesnothere:

Best show all year so far
  6:52pm mispronunciation:


You're gonna go down suicide!
  6:53pm Bobby K:

Now I understand why I kind of have the hots for Frangry, at first I didn't get it because I'm not into skinny white chicks. But hearing that she is from Nicaragua, it makes sense.
  6:53pm Curt Kobain:

hey, INCESTICIDE was our awesome 2nd album !
  6:53pm Danne D:

Yay :) that one's mine. I prefer data the way Frangry says it :)
  6:53pm Jesus:

bob wire barbed wire
bidness business
chester drawers chest of drawers
  6:53pm Sweet16:

i dont like anything madonna said during her british phase
  6:53pm Chris:

it depends on if you are talking about Star Trek or not
  6:54pm Jesus:

George W. Bush with Calvary cavalry

The Great Depresh was CAUSED by incesticide!
  6:55pm Danne D:

Here's one that pisses me off.

The word Quixotic is pronounced Quicks ah tick. Why the hell isn't it pronounced Key hoe tick. I mean it's named after Don Quixote. WTF?
  6:55pm stinkbug:

Ann-Fran: How do you pronounce forte?
  6:55pm Mariano:

Ooh! Had an 8th grade science teacher who said place-bo for placebo.
  6:55pm mispronunciation:

@Danne D: Get a life???
  6:55pm Danne D:

whoa that dude totally just did mine.

Quicks ah tic is technically correct btw. Even though that's totally STOOPID.
  6:55pm sletty:

in frisco, droors are sometimes known as shoritz
  6:56pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  6:56pm Jesus:

often ofen We have mastered the spelling of this word so well, its spelling influences the pronunciation: DON'T pronounce the [t]! This is an exception to the rule that spelling helps pronunciation.
  6:56pm Danne D:

@mispronunciation do you say

Mis pro nun c a shun?
Mis pro Noun C a shun?
  6:56pm mispronunciation:

Brit pronunciation is Quicks-ut. That's why quixotic is pronounced that way.
  6:57pm Mariano:

In English lit, Quixote is traditionally pronounced Quick-sote, and Don Juan, the Byron poem, is called Don Joo-un
  6:57pm chemist:

aluminium and aluminum
  6:57pm Danne D:

I'm like Frangry's ghost writer sometimes :)
  6:57pm SS:

Expresso. ugh! Also, my grandmother says Home Deppo instead of Home Depot
  6:58pm vinh!:

agreed, Jesus, off-TEN is one of my very pronunciation pet peeves.
  6:58pm Other David from Ireland:

You guys rescued this show from early doldrums <3
  6:58pm mispronunciation:

Deppo was the least known Marx Brother
  6:59pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

aw-fuhn, of-uhn; awf-tuhn are all correct
  6:59pm chemist:

no it's actually became the official pronunciation but americans stick with aluminum
  6:59pm FRANGRY:

  6:59pm Danne D:

Thanks for a great show :)
Good night Weirdos :)

Metuchen your junk.
  6:59pm Mariano:

Priestly originally called the element aluminum, the current American pronunciation. It was later changed in the UK.
  7:00pm mispronunciation:

often hasn't had the f pronounced since about 1500. after people had public education, starting in the 1800s, the insecure losers brought the f back. often doesn't need a pronounced f.
  1:07pm fan of frangry:

Meee - touchin should've won
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