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You see a blanket on the ground. It's your favorite color, smooth and soft. You can sit on it, or lie on it. It's a flying blanket, and you are the pilot. You are in control. You can fly anywhere you wish, just by thinking about it. You are the pilot.

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Options April 18, 2011: Auspicious portents in the air

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Brian Eno  Burning Airlines Give You So Much More   Options Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)  Astralwerks  0:00:00 ()
People Like Us  Happy Lost Songs   Options Welcome Abroad  Illegal Art  0:02:41 ()
Night Ranger  Sister Christian   Options OST Boogie Nights  Capitol  0:06:04 ()
East Stroudsburg High School Band and Wind Ensemble  Super, Salute   Options Thirty-Ninth Annual Spring Concert, May 5, 1973  Mark Custom Records  0:17:38 ()
Anti-Social Music  Rut   Options Anti-Social Music Is the Future of Everything  Peacock  0:15:24 ()
Om  Rays of the Sun/To the Shrinebuilder   Options Inerrant Rays Of The Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder)  Durtro Jnana  0:25:23 ()
Air Supply  Sweet Dreams   Options The "Best" of Air Supply  Some Label That Should Feel Deep Shame for Putting This Record Out  0:31:40 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Silverwater   Options Silverwater  ReR Megacorp  0:41:10 ()
Snakefinger  The Picture Makers vs. Children of the Sea   Options Greener Postures  East Side Digital  0:51:41 ()
The Jimi Hendrix Experience  1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)   Options Electric Ladyland  Experience Hendrix  1:01:47 ()
Joshua Burkett  A Moon Equals Zero   Options Where's My Hat?  Time-Lag  1:14:35 ()
Sufjan Stevens  Vesuvius   Options The Age of Adz  Asthmatic Kitty  1:16:27 ()
Moira Scar  Blood Moon   Options Slink to Intensity  Hollow Wood World Records  1:21:24 ()
Billy Bang  Mystery of the Mekong   Options Vietnam: The Aftermath  Justin Time  1:24:51 ()
William Basinski  A Red Score in Tile   Options A Red Score In Tile  Streamline  1:34:49 ()
T.S. Eliot  Ash Wednesday   Options T.S. Eliot Reading Poems and Choruses  Caedmon  1:35:22 ()
Alice Coltrane  The Sun   Options A Monastic Trio  Impulse!  1:48:30 ()
Crazy Dreams Band  Melanie   Options War Dream  Holy Mountain  2:03:17 ()
The Holydrug Couple  Mountaintop   Options Ancient Land  Sacred Bones  2:09:25 ()
Noise Nomads  Untitled   Options Noise Nomads  Ultra Eczema  2:12:12 ()
Ignatz  Atlantic Woman   Options Selected Songs From Cassettes 2005-2009  Kraak  2:15:12 ()
Fancy Space People  Fancy Space People   Options Fancy Space People  Starry  2:19:38 ()
Föllakzoid  Arabic-Hash   Options Föllakzoid EP  Sacred Bones  2:34:47 ()
Evolution Control Committee  Listener License Agreement Reminder / IGA Giant Pineapple Party   Options All Rights Reserved  Seeland  2:36:26 ()
The Magic Carpathians  Sambucus nigra music (Lagopus lagopus version)   Options Enjoy Trees!  World Flag  2:38:42 ()
Gnarls Barkley  Transformer (Live at Abbey Road 2007)   Options Live at Abbey Road  Channel 4  2:43:40 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Silverwater   Options Silverwater  ReR Megacorp  2:47:19 ()
Peaking Lights  Summertime   Options 936  Not Not Fun  2:58:55 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:01pm Kat:

Cue up the wrong track? ;-)
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:01pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:03pm Dan B:

@Silas -- hi! @Kat, certainly not, heaven forefend! The very thought! ;-)
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:04pm Tom L:

This is certainly festive.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:06pm Rick:

Hi dan. Nice surprise opening. I like the thought of the curlews in their strangely stunted trees!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:06pm silas:

happy lost songs?
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:08pm silas:

Yay! Sister Christian!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:08pm Parq:

Hi, Silas! Dan B, "Burning Airlines" may just be my favorite Eno song.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:11pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:11pm dave:

this loop perfectly distills the awesome in sister christian into a compact, portable form. win.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:12pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:13pm Parq:

<a la Loony Tunes> Monotonous, isn't it?
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:14pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:15pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:16pm Dan B:

That was fun. Forgot I had the East Stroudsburg PA High School band in there -- have to add that one.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:16pm anne:

oh can't believe i just missed night ranger
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:16pm Dan B:

Hey Si -- Avery's dad is playing saxophone on this one.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:17pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:18pm Dan B:

@Anne, you didn't miss much of it. Or, more precisely, you missed a lot of a little bit of it, repeated ad naseum
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:18pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:19pm meli:

hey Dan!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:19pm Tom L:

Rut rules.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:19pm silas:

hey Meli!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:20pm anne:

that's the best kine of night ranger
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:20pm Sean:

Man, digging the ASM. Doesn't that record come out tomorrow?
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:21pm silas:

wrong spelling!!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:22pm Parq:

Ditto everyone else on Rut.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:23pm meli:

Hey, Si!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:23pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:23pm 12539:

Rut was a beautiful surprise.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:23pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:24pm Dan B:

Amen Rut was a total blast. Unfortunately, I left my Air Supply CD at home and the station has none, so I was left holding an empty case and we will not be able to hear "Sweet Dreams" immediately following Rut as we ought to be able to do. But I will make it up to you, I swear, beginning with OM!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:24pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:26pm silas:

12,539 I repeat.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:28pm 12539:

(@silas: no comma (it's my listener number, not a quantity))
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:28pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:30pm silas:

then 12539.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:32pm anne:

there you go. this almost makes up for missing the night ranger. thanks Dan B!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:32pm meli:

I love the label for Sweet Dreams....
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:33pm silas:

I memorized the number:12539 12539 12539 12539 12539.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:34pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:35pm meli:

I was going to say, Silas, isn't it a little past bedtime!?
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:36pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:37pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:38pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:38pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:39pm silas:

ok i give up
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:40pm frisco kid:

backwards Air Supply sounds a little like Queen to me for some reason...
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:41pm silas:

ok i give up time
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:41pm silas:

dingman creek
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:42pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:43pm silas:

parker left!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:44pm Hudson valley jb:

Cmon up to hear the spring peepers (frogs) in Harriman st park. 90.1 represent
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:45pm meli:

This Silverwater stuff kind of reminds me of Samarost...
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:45pm silas:

ok i give up time i repeat I meant
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:47pm meli:

"I give up time" or "I give up, time"
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:47pm meli:

Cuz I would totally give up time. It bugs me.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:48pm silas:

sorry im too busy on commas cuz i had 2 more
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:49pm silas:

now i have 2 more*
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:50pm meli:

Yeah you got to hang on to those.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:50pm silas:

now i got more
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:51pm meli:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:51pm silas:

no meli i cant!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:52pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:52pm penelope:

apparently I've given up on bedtime and parental supervision for the moment but soon you all can have your grownup airborn event back.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:54pm meli:

:^P Ha!!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:54pm silas:

aw mom and dad! there both posting! penelope!!
dan B!!
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:56pm meli:

  Mon. 4/18/11 9:56pm silas:

too mane reepeets ok guys the spellings not good on purpose.
  Mon. 4/18/11 9:57pm silas:

Almost 10:00!
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:00pm meli:

Are you Penelope because you're harbinging doom?
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:00pm silas:

sorry i have to leave at 10!:-( come on* penelope!!!
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:00pm meli:

I really like this song
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:01pm silas:

  Mon. 4/18/11 10:01pm Dan B:

@Si - g'night!
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:03pm meli:

Bye si!
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:04pm penelope:

no, because i am loyally waiting around for odysseus to return to ithaca. goodnight all . xo dan.
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:05pm Some other guy:

Has Silas gone to bed? Good, now I can walk around in my underwear.
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:06pm R I S K Y !:

thank you for the Om Dan!
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:08pm Kat:

I forgot how awesome this Hendrix is.
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:08pm mr h:

great hendrix song. i forgot about that album, electric ladyland. love it. thanks.
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:12pm Dan B:

It's so easy to forget how great Hendrix is because of the all-pervasive insipid hippie-ization hype plastering his face on a million morons tie-dyes. But then put one of the records on and, damn! He is *good!*
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:18pm Hippie Q. Hempington:

whoa man. Like, whoa, okay.
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:22pm Dan B:

@HQH, true dat, duude.
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:30pm Dan B:

RIP Billy Bang, September 20, 1947 – April 11, 2011
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:41pm meli:

Oh yeah it was some other P name in Greek myths. Or maybe not "P"...Man my brain is mush.
  Mon. 4/18/11 10:45pm 12539:

The crackles add to his voice.
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:05pm steve:

so happy to have found your radio program again, used to enjoy sunday mornings and then you were gone!
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:10pm Dan B:

@Steve welcome back! Glad you found me here -- I think a lot of people lost me which made me sad about the move, but now this time works a lot better. But I miss the Sunday mornings!
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:12pm oldindiantim:

First time listening on my phone - wow - is this legal?
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:15pm Dan B:

Not sure -- anyway, don't trust legal advice received via playlist comments!
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:21pm dave:

Fancy Space People: from Space!
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:22pm Dan B:

@Dave, absolmolutely! Spacelicious!
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:32pm 12539:

Is this still Fancy Space People? It's a double feature.
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:37pm Dan B:

@12539, sorry, forgot to hit enter on the Follakzoid...nice stuff though, eh?
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:38pm 12539:

Still a nice double feature, Mr DJ.
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:49pm Ike:

Holy ___, this is always such a ___ing good show. I'll be ___ed.
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:53pm ?:

shit, fucking.. -couldnt get the last one
  Mon. 4/18/11 11:56pm Ike:

Ha ha ha! I didn't think anybody would try to fill them in. Really, it could be anything you want. You're supposed to use your imagination.

MARTY McSORLEY on 91.1 FM tomorrow morning! Yeah! Hot cumbia-style remixes of klezmer, right?!?!
  Tue. 4/19/11 12:35am Fill Ins:

The third one is "damned".
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