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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 1, 2011: Viral Videos

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Artist Track
Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:00pm stinkbug:

hot times!
  6:00pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  6:00pm John McCabe in L.A.:

  6:01pm ?:

Do it, Andy!
  6:01pm weedhead:

April Folls! It snowed!
  6:01pm Deed:

Yeah Andy
  6:01pm Cecile:

I got rickrolled at the Renaissance Festival.
  6:01pm Catch Phrase Police:

  6:02pm DJ:

Andy's April Fool joke is to get the board right.
  6:02pm Catch Phrase Police:

The show is a joke every week How could we tell an April Fools show? Show prep?
  6:02pm listener mark:

Can't hear you, shout really loud !
  6:03pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  6:03pm Big Brown Stain:

Ms. Black singing "Friday"-definately viral
  6:03pm stinkbug:

trivia: "April Fool's" and "Andy Frangry" have the same initials
  6:04pm Pussy!:

Andy can't locate liquor. Sheesh!
  6:04pm A. in Essex Co. NJ:

April 31st? I thought it was March 32nd.
  6:05pm listener mark:

The Amanda tapes, where are they?
  6:06pm cooch smack:

Aliens landing at Area 41 in New Mexico 1950's. Missed that one on You Tube
  6:06pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

This topic makes my head hurt
  6:06pm stinkbug:

video of the crucifixion would be popular, i don't know if it would be "viral", unless God paid money for the video to be made
  6:08pm obdua:

you guys haven't seen battle at kruger? It's the only viral video worth watching. Frangry would especially love it because it's on the african savannah...
  6:08pm TubaRuba:

Happy April, Fools
  6:08pm dick snatch:

Elvis floating turd-I'd pay money to see that!

I want to see the Crucifixion of Jesus of Naz.

I LOVE a good snuff film.
  6:08pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I would like to see a video of Spike complaining
  6:09pm clam ham:

Kennedy and Marilyn gettin it on in the White House-Classic!
  6:09pm stinkbug:

Jesus burping the alphabet while being crucified would be viral.
  6:10pm Johnny Monitor!:

Mr. Johnny graduates to yet a higher level of creepyhood.
  6:11pm listener mark:

The Battle of Little Bighorn.
  6:11pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

How about Lady Gaga standing up to pee?
  6:11pm stinkbug:

it's not just a "popular" video, it's has to do with how it's shared. "A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites and email." - wiki
  6:11pm nutz in my ballz:

Hasselhoff getting a standing ovation at the Grammys-viral for sure!
  6:12pm Johnny Monitor:

Thank God we are done so soon with the week's obligatory Spike call!
  6:12pm erk:

andy has totally seen it multiple times
  6:12pm ben loaded:

Mr. T playing an April fool joke on someone and saying "April fools fool!!!" after
  6:12pm slazenger:

Cialis comercial tryouts>

How about Closed Circuit Security Video of FRANGRY stealing!!!
  6:13pm MuttonChops:

How about a video of when my parents met. Awwwwwwww
  6:14pm Show Status:

Board: Nominal

Audience: Bored
  6:14pm snatch cheese:

The "Fredo Corelone" try outs. Viral video at it's finest!

The sinking of the TITANIC. Classic.
  6:15pm slazenger:

  6:15pm slazenger:

  6:15pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Ducks playing poker
  6:15pm MuttonChops:

Womp time
  6:15pm Sammy:

Andy and Frangry sharing a passionate kiss with Waiting For A Girl Like You Lyrics by Foreigner playing in the background
  6:16pm chump change:

Three words: Sinatra Orgy party
  6:16pm Danne D:

Hi Andy! Hi Frangry <333 Hi weirdos! In the car again after this :( hope to be back on the board next week! Shout out to TubaRuba and al the regulars! Have a good one!
  6:16pm Show Status:

Mommy was looking for performance video of Jenny Lind and Paganini.
  6:17pm slazenger:

andy piercing his nipple to hang the triangle
  6:17pm stinkbug:

jenna just made me "lol"

Hitler's death.
  6:17pm TubaRuba:

Drive safe, Danno!
  6:17pm Jillers:

So not cute when obnoxious kids call with answers fed by parents. SHUT UP, Jenna!
  6:17pm slazenger:

Colonel Klink with mud on his helmet
  6:17pm MuttonChops:

Is this milo?
  6:17pm Show Status:

Obligatory Annoying Kid Call. Check.
  6:18pm John:

Mud on his face? I think Jenna inadvertently described a blackface show.
  6:18pm Blurg.:

I like turtles, I don't even know why it's funny.
  6:18pm stinkbug:

omg, she just made me lol more loudly.
  6:18pm slazenger:

Martha Stewart tossing salad
  6:18pm Jillers:

Change the show to "SHUT UP, JENNA" please.
  6:18pm obdua:

Jenna is actually 73.
  6:19pm stinkbug:

i nominate jenna to be Frangry's replacement in 15 years.
  6:19pm Ark Linkletter:

  6:19pm hambox:

"big store' is a marx bros. movie. chaplin's roller skaing was from 'modern times." film geeks rule!
  6:20pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I think Jillers is a little jealous
  6:20pm Jillers:

Johnny, there are many photos of the carnage after Gettysburg,
  6:21pm MuttonChops:

I want of a video of the little elf that turns off the fridge light when I close the door.
  6:21pm slazenger:

Frangry playing the kazoo

I want to see a lady with lots of tattoos driving a hearse on the Pulaski Skyway.
  6:22pm slazenger:

Playing the kazoo with other body parts
  6:22pm TubaRuba:

It always makes me happy when John sounds smooth and chill instead of nervous
  6:22pm ?:

I want a video depicting the carnage with narrator and all.
  6:23pm JCJ:

"Frangry Comes Home" teaser:
  6:23pm Creep Patrol:

John McCabe call. Check. For even more predictability, take the exact same callers in the exact same order every week. The listeners could dip in and out, following the minute by minute caller schedule.
  6:23pm MuttonChops:

1989 - Sound of the funky drummer . . .
  6:23pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I would like to see George Bush playing banjo
  6:24pm slazenger:

Andy playing fart noises under his arm. Very viral.
  6:24pm Steve Carter:

Right, Modern Times, Chaplin skates made in 1936
  6:24pm John McCabe in L.A.:

James Brown day after shooting at police on pcp

I want to see the video of what happens John McCabe finally gets FRANGRY in the back of his van. Warning: may be too graphic for some viewers.
  6:25pm obdua:

PLEASE. Put up the video of Frangry ransacking that Poor Bitch's Balenciaga bag on the airplane.
  6:25pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  6:25pm Mike:

I'd like to see Frangry chop an onion with a rusty knife.
  6:26pm John McCabe in L.A.:

if you start crying i'll let you go

More embarrassing than your slow dance with ANDY???
  6:27pm Jillers:

Johnny... Sunday... any Sunday! Especially PALM SUNDAY... Come watch me preach!
  6:28pm slazenger:

The gum chewing would have been funnier to see
  6:28pm Julie:

this story just gets better and better
  6:29pm spanky:

Rise above!
  6:29pm slazenger:

  6:29pm John McCabe in L.A.:

i'm planning a trip to new york this summer i'll stop by
  6:29pm stinkbug:

Frangry should have put a $1 bill in the woman's bag.
  6:29pm slazenger:

  6:29pm mike noble 7sd:

also a great story: if she said no and then you stole a piece anyway.
  6:29pm Moral of the Story:

Frangry is a cheapskate and misanthrope who didn't have the minimal social skills to start a conversation about gum with the aim of getting offered a piece.
  6:30pm The Burgler:

how quiet does your life have to be when stealing a single stick of gum becomes worthy of a blogpost, a comments board, and 5 minutes of air time?
  6:30pm Johnny Muller:

I'm down with Jesus.

What kind of gum was it?
  6:31pm mike noble 7sd:

or if she had a long trip to the head... if you had time to fold the wrapper up and stick it back in the pack. so she had a piece of mystery AIRGUM

I want to see video of RAY JAY with his French Slave Girl.
  6:31pm slazenger:

Juicy fruit (cake)
  6:32pm FRANGRY:

  6:32pm MuttonChops:

As The Gum Chews
  6:32pm Moral of the Story:

Frangry has now lost the will to live. Ask Andy B. for advice.
  6:33pm RJO:

i wanna see a video of sarah palin sneezing and farting at the same time. a "snart" if you will.
  6:33pm MuttonChops:

I'd watch a video of Frangry chewing the stolen piece of gum
  6:33pm JCJ:

Ignore those fools, Frangry! That story was the highlight of my week, and the all-time best thing that's ever come up on my Tumblr feed.
  6:34pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

That is how beginning skydiving works
  6:34pm stinkbug:

until somewhat recently, most new jumpers jumped on their own.
  6:34pm stinkbug:

too many people went splat though.
  6:35pm JCJ:

Yep, these days first jump has to be done that way. "tandem jump" they call it. Next you can do "static line", where your ripcord is attached to the plane. Then finally you can go freefall on your own.
  6:35pm TubaRuba:

I have been so zoned out for this show, I don't remember anything except Jenna's call. And that embarrassing gum story.
  6:36pm chump change:

Mulder getting on with Scully
  6:36pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Yeah, I am actually getting some work done during this show.

I want to see the video of the trail of FRANGRY on the charge of airborne grand theft chewing gum.
  6:38pm stinkbug:


Do you know any good lawyers, FRANGRY?
  6:39pm Johnny Muller:

I want to see DB Cooper jump.
  6:40pm Betty White:

Andy's a HATA!
  6:40pm RJO:

did he just say "stoned on weed"?
  6:40pm MuttonChops:

Yeah Frangry at least Chris Brown was honest
  6:40pm obdua:

They need to make a Grand Theft Chewing Gum Video Game. Starring Frangry. She will be the new Lara Croft. Frangry: Purse Raider
  6:40pm Mike:

Otters are vicious!
  6:41pm Moral of the Story:

@adbua: LMFAO

Video of Micky Digits breaking into FRANGRY'S place and trying on her bra and panties.
  6:42pm stinkbug:

Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal
Seein’ everything, the time is goin’
Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’
  6:43pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  6:43pm the girl:

  6:44pm DJ:

Andy singing Habanera from Carmen
  6:45pm Moral of the Story:

Frangry ABC (Already Been Chewed) gum. Yum! Several Frangry stalkers I know from this board would totally buy that.
  6:46pm MuttonChops:

$1000 for the gum
  6:46pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Nick the Bard LARPing?
  6:47pm MuttonChops:

Gary Busey
  6:47pm DJ:

@MuttonChops: Frangry's ABC gum will be next year's SUW DJ premium.
  6:48pm Johnny Muller:

I want to see the Sea World Trainer killed by the orca. I can't find that one.
  6:48pm MuttonChops:

Put me in for two. One for the case and one i can chew.

Video of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.
It was an inside job.
  6:49pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I want to see when Frangry was on tv it was on youtube but I can't find it anymore
  6:49pm FRANGRY:

@ mccabe its on my blog
  6:49pm TubaRuba:

Bluh this topic doesn't make any sense. Maybe time for another basic "What annoys you?!" show
  6:49pm Moral of the Story:

Frangry paid GOOD MONEY to get that video of the interwebs, John McC. Just to keep people like you from fapping to it.
  6:50pm Moral of the Story:

of = off

Put ANDY in a straight jacket for Christ's sake.
  6:51pm stinkbug:

is that the video that misspells Frangry?
  6:51pm the sloven:

Jeff Immelt, chief executive of G.E. is headed to Japan right now. I would like to see a video of him suiting up and marching right in to the Fukushima nuclear plant, to show that GE really does care.
  6:51pm Frangry Panties:

I'm like the fourth highest search on google for frangry. I'm practically a meme in the making. The best viral videos are usually funny for being so awful.
  6:51pm FRANGRY:

@ stinkbug. yeh. frangy
  6:51pm Moral of the Story:

Frangry is a history major.
  6:51pm slazenger:

146 dead
  6:51pm Johnny Muller:

I want to see what Upton Sinclair saw, although, that movie Food Inc is pretty much the same thing.

Is it me - or is FRANGRY rather ignorant?
  6:52pm Frangry Panties:

Andy in American Apparel tights feeling himself up and lip syncing to Slayer in his living room, wife walks in.
  6:53pm ADL:

I would like to see a viral video of the royal family riddled with viruses.
  6:53pm John McCabe in L.A.:

@Frangry oh I was looking for it on youtube thanks
  6:53pm Moral of the Story:

Comments Board video: Everyone at the computer in Daddy's basement, or in the back of the van they live in.
  6:54pm stinkbug:

worst. obama impression. ever.
  6:54pm slazenger:

  6:54pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  6:54pm Tony:

How about video of Larry Craig in the men's bathroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport? Wait ... does that mean I'm gay?
  6:54pm Vivian:

The idiots are out tonight.
  6:55pm Moral of the Story:

Dumbass Call In Progress.
  6:55pm MuttonChops:

Well a lookie here, . . . .
  6:55pm slazenger:

i wanna eat a golden retriever on utube
  6:56pm officina:

did that just get really racist?
  6:56pm TubaRuba:

I like how Mikey denies ever being near a golden retriever, but jumps at the thought that it might be him because he was wearing a baseball cap
  6:57pm Moral of the Story:

That Obama caller was confusing the Frangry and Andy show for the "Amos and Andy" show.
  6:57pm slazenger:

l&b is the BEST
  6:58pm Typical Caller:

I'm so hilarious! I kill me!
  6:58pm ben loaded:

video of Mr Fine Wine getting pissed off and kicking out these guys when they go over their time slot
  6:58pm Moral of the Story:

This is the second time a caller has advertised that same pizzeria on this show. It's a non-commercial station!
  6:59pm TubaRuba:

@Typical - ha!
  6:59pm slazenger:

Frangry fan club on FB. Frangry looks hot
  6:59pm Julie:

oooh diamond cross
  6:59pm double a-ron:

stephen hawking popping a wheelie
  6:59pm count:

FineWine in 1 minute
  6:59pm FRANGRY:

Bye Weirdos
  7:00pm Vivian:

Frangy No Poos! I go every other day..

What's next week's topic?
  7:00pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Wait, is it over so soon?
  7:00pm slazenger:

  7:01pm Moral of the Story:

Great close again!
  3:24am popping that thang:

lol @ "nickrolled"
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