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Options March 2, 2011: Welcome to your Wednesday false education (Marathon Week 1: co-host Monica Lynch)

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Amanda  What a Bummer!   Options Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World  0:06:27 ()
Slim Harpo  I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis)   Options The Excello Singles Anthology  0:09:46 ()
Graham Reynolds & The Golden Arm Trio  It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)   Options Duke! Three Portraits of Ellington  0:21:06 ()
Amanda  Profane Thoughts From a Car Trip   Options Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World  0:25:23 ()
Max Roach Quintet  It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)   Options Max Roach + 4  0:29:19 ()
Belle & Sebastian  Write About Love   Options Write About Love  0:41:36 ()
Evolution Control Committee  What Would You Think If I Sang Autotune   Options All Rights Reserved  0:44:13 ()
Amanda  Got My Mind Set On You   Options Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World  0:46:08 ()
New Pornographers  Crash Years   Options Together  1:00:44 ()
Amanda  Floppy   Options Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World  1:04:11 ()
The Divine Comedy  I Like   Options Bang Goes the Knighthood  1:07:20 ()
Jim Sullivan  Jerome   Options U.F.O.  1:19:32 ()
Amanda  Horrible Hybrid Tulips   Options Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World  1:22:27 ()
The Old Codger  Money   Options Hotcakes and Hot Mamas (suppressed 2004 (album)  1:23:38 ()
Super Furry Animals  Rings Around the World (WFMU mix)   Options Rings Around the World  1:26:19 ()
Evolution Control Committee  IGA Giant Pineapple Party   Options All Rights Reserved  1:30:12 ()
Thomas  Thomas Rewrites the Beatles (Pt 1)   Options Thomas Sings  1:42:24 ()
Amanda  Banana Smoothie   Options Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World  1:55:30 ()
Marco Benevento  It Came From You   Options Between the Needles & Nightfall  2:07:36 ()
Amanda  Lurch   Options Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World  2:20:41 ()
Teenage Fanclub  Shock and Awe   Options Shadows  2:24:02 ()
Thomas  Thomas Sings Elvis   Options Thomas Sings  2:38:02 ()
Amanda  Hot Passion   Options Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World  2:46:11 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/2/11 3:04pm Dave B:

  Wed. 3/2/11 3:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

tuggin' at me wallet, are ye?
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:07pm Dave B:

Planning on donating tomorrow (pay day) Looking forward to Vol 2 of Amanda!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:08pm Joe Bacon:

Yes, I must have MORE Amanda!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:10pm Matt from Springfield:

Lee Morgan, followed by synthesized drumbeats intro--music to my ears! Iiiiiiiiiiiiit's...WEDNESDAY!!!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:15pm Joe Bacon:

Hi, Monica!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:15pm Danne D:

(not to be confused with super volunteer board-op Amanda)...at least I don't think so... :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:16pm Bugs:

Here's yer money, ya maroon!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:17pm Southern Listener:

Let's Lynch the freeloading noncontributors!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:17pm Dave B:

Amanda's lyrics remind me of Beefheart in a strange tangential way...
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:18pm Outlaws:

Don't like Amanda--we're 2% ers.
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:18pm Napoleon D.:

Do you 2% not like Amanda because you think you're fat?!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:18pm ginger tim:

next year: autotuned amanda
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:18pm Jandek:

Outcast? WTF?
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:19pm Listening Out There:

36 years?!?! Wow...
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:20pm Dave B:

Speaker of the House

  Wed. 3/2/11 3:20pm G:

I pledged last last week. Happy to get my second Amanda premium. Cry me a river, all u haterz.
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:20pm Joe Bacon:

Amanda for Secretary of Bar-B-Que!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:21pm Happy Pledger:

Irwin's been on the air almost as long as I've been alive... and still sounds like he's in his late 20s. Amazing.
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:23pm Happy Pledger:

"Shake it out of her grill"??? Your really are from Chicago, Mo'!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:24pm hamburger:

How do naming rights work? Can you view what you're naming?
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:25pm pizza:

good question
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:26pm shish_kebab:

great song
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:28pm Cold Sesame Noodles:

Monica is the anti-Amanda.
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Why Don't We Get Plastered And Raid Circus World?!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:28pm 12539:

naming rights:
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Love those White Album remixes! I wonder if they once used every White Album track for their backing music? It would make a great concept!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:30pm Ben:

You are walking in the big shoes of Kenny G as far as having an unlistenable marathon show.
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:30pm Matt:

  Wed. 3/2/11 3:30pm Sigurdur:

Sorry for being a wee curious but have ypu guys done a telly yet? And for some reason i am starvin
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:31pm hamburger:

so you 'brand' any legible item there for $180?
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:32pm 12539:

($365 for dj's)
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:33pm Danne D:

DJs are $365 to adopt, hamburger :)

There are a couple exceptions to the $180/$365 rule btw but those are clearly stated on their adoption pages
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:33pm Dave B:

I had a quick question regarding pledges...

If I do the 180, is the swag/prize thing cumulative or is it more like a Chinese restaurant - one from column A one from column B etc...
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:34pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

read the owner's manual!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:35pm Dave B:

  Wed. 3/2/11 3:35pm hamburger:

oh like the so: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wfmu/5455515733/in/set-72157603873576097/
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:36pm B evaD:

  Wed. 3/2/11 3:36pm monica:

hi everyone thanks for tuning in. did you know that irwin is still up for adoption in the wfmu gallery of available DJs?
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:37pm Drummer Some:

Give the IRWIN some!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:37pm Julie:

I still heart Irwin
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:37pm dudep:

Dave B, it is cumulative. So $180 will get you the prizes in the $15 category, in the $50 category, plus the premiums/poster listed at $180.
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:38pm dudep:

Well, just one of the prizes in the $15 category, apparently.

see wfmu.org/mara for more
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:39pm Dave B:

Thanks dudep. Will hit the pledging in the AM!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:41pm Carmichael:

Well howdy, Irwin, Monica & Amanda!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:46pm minnesota jeff:

Today is Lou Reeds 69th birthday. If Lou can beat the odds of making it this long, surely WFMU can reach $1.2 Million
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:47pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yuck yuck yuck
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:47pm Dave B:

  Wed. 3/2/11 3:48pm hamburger:

so what's on for Andy on 7SD delay tonight?
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:49pm G:

The real question here is : What would I say if you succeeded in singing one single freaking note not out of tune?
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:49pm monica:

hi carmichael, dave b, dudep, julie (!), Drummer Some, B evaD, hamburger, DCE, Dave B, Dab=nee D, 12539, Sigurdur, Matt, Ben, Matt from Springfield, Cold Ses, Shish Kebab, pizza, Joe v=Bacon, happy pledger, Listening Out There, Bugs, Outlaw, Nap D,, ginger tim, Southern Listerner!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:50pm Ian B.:

Hi, Irwin & Monica!

Thanks for all the great toons / Tunes!

Monica -

I STILL think your Nov 5th, 2005 show is one of the mightiest flows of triumph I have ever heard.

Love your shows.

  Wed. 3/2/11 3:50pm Upper East Jeff:

sweet love in the midnight, that was last song was funny. Oh Ringo...Thanks Irwin!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my coworker is actually enjoying this Amanda song
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:50pm George H.:

Just for the record: The carnival video for this song was for Amanda, on MTV. The leather armchair video was for arthritic baby boomers, on VH1.
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:51pm hamburger:

Howdy Monica
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Monica, when is your show?
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:53pm Zalgo:

Wḥ̻e͉͕͓̖͚̠re͖ ̤̫͓͈͓̫c̖a̭̲̖͕̤̳̭n̞̮̻͕͉ I̥͔ ͉̤̥̲̣fi̟͕̯̪n̻͙̦͇d͈͎ ͖͍̤̦̦̠̺A̞m̫̯͉͔̳͈a͕̩n̗̤d̝a̰͇̬̝ ̺on ̻̬t̬͉h̩̥͖̘e ̪͉͈we̱͍̥̯̞̼b̠?
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Monica, nice to hear you on with Irwin!

I've listened to a couple of your Archives, most recently when I discovered you had played a Bruz Fletcher as well. Before that was Liza Minnelli singing à française--a very campy set!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:54pm Danne D:

:waves at Monica:
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:54pm Kirstin:

great coverversions! love it.
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:54pm Danne D:

:shuffles feet uncomfortably:
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:54pm Dave B:


Hi Monica!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:54pm George H.:

Monica is on mic, so to help out: She's on 7-9PM East Coast US Sundays
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

damn, look at Matt with the special characters
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:55pm Dave B:

The Amanda-wagon!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:56pm pierre:

Bonjour Monica, Bonjour Irwin !
great job with this show > MARATHON ROCKS !!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:56pm G:

The comments board is *all* special characters, Mattsky. Check a mirror.
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:56pm frenchee:

Matt from Springfield! Bruz! Ithink Monica turned Irwin on to the Bruz. He was a Hoosier, Fletcher Nat'l Bank, HUZZAH
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: All ya gotta do is hold down Alt, and enter the ASCII number into the right-hand Num Lock keypad.

Once a co-worker who was here for 3 weeks saw me type a special character, and asked how to do that, so he could type his "fiancée"--the next week he was gone! He infiltrated just to learn that one thing from me!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:58pm USM Drives:

We've only been around for like a dozen years. Irwin and the Old Codger haven't heard of us yet, and when they go into the nursing home it just won't matter anyway.
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:59pm Carmichael:

Off to some meetings. Grub that money, Irwin & Monica! Give, people, GIVE!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 3:59pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'll keep that in mind for Bryce's show
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:00pm Matt from Springfield:

@frenchee: Amazing they had such campy cabaret way back then!
@G: Ha ha!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:00pm Danne D:

Irwin is kinda the Charlie Sheen of FMU - he was a lot of people's first :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:01pm AA:

Charlie Sheen is a cult
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:01pm Ik͖̤̫e:

@Danne: Ew! Grooooooooan! :P
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:01pm hamburger:

I don't remember ma first WFMU DJ.. it was about a year ago and he played loads of 70's filipino covers... I guess he gone-dusted my chevy..
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:02pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: And just like Charlie Sheen's house, it's not a good time on Irwin's show unless someone leaves on a stretcher, or in handcuffs. Zing!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

mine was in this same time-slot, Maria L
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:02pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

by 1980 I've at that time given up on FM until I was in a Spot and got WFMU yessss ... Pat Duncan !!!!!!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:03pm hamburger:

or if everyone from the ambulance leaves in handcuffs.. booya! or maybe not booya... kablooey?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Irwin was my cherry-breaker almost 2 years ago.
Broke it so bad I had to go to Terre T's clinic, where I was told she only treats blossoms...
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@Tom(BSN): I've been meaning to ask you Tom, is there any significance in calling yourself "the Bactrian Support Network"? Is that your band, or something like that?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:06pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

Just my private consultation thing --- alarm systems-- fire security etc...
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:06pm hank:

  Wed. 3/2/11 4:06pm Ik͖̤̫e:

@Hamburger@4:01 you don't mean Thai do you? Was it this amazing Fabio archive maybe?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:07pm Danne D:

Pretty sure my first FMU show I heard was with Chris T when my friend hijacked the radio in my car. Pretty sure it was at the (then) Interchange Bank drive through window in Elmwood Park. Probably called in to SSD not long after having the shows confused of course. I think his 2nd hijacking was when the Hound was on. Chris T/SSD/Radio "Active" Theater/The Hound/Wildgirl and Meredith's show were probably my first prime listens.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:07pm hamburger:

@Ike: No. Hell. No. Think it was Scott M or Jason S
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:08pm David:

Amanda simply blows everything else out of the water.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Any guess on what song this backing track is?

Hungry Like The Wolf? Michael Jackson?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:09pm frenchee:

The Hound. Wild Girl. Tony Coulter. Bill Kelly. Dave Mandl. and my ex's band played on Pat Duncan's show...didn't everybody back in the day?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:10pm Danne D:

I think I heard Terre a couple of times in that era (more a hazy memory) before she was off the schedule for a good while. Actually got to know Terre when volunteering at the station by way of a random convesation with her back at the EO place - so she was actually an FMU friend before she was back on air and I got to find out what an awesome DJ she is.

The guy who cuts my hair played on Pat Duncan's show, Frencheee
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:11pm David:

Was it Power Station?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:12pm monica:

you wednesday afternoon regulars are a randy bunch! great fun.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:14pm David:

  Wed. 3/2/11 4:15pm Randy:

@ monica: Don't blame meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:15pm fred:

Aaargh! I tried to get to a great gig tonight and couldn't make it. I ran into mass transit trouble, tried to get a cab and got arrested for it. I'm so pissed of right now.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:15pm Danne D:

Btw, props to Monica for that fabulous Oscar-night show :) Lots of great old clips there - was fun.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:16pm hamburger:

Do these volunteers go through a background check?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:16pm Randy:

Volunteers are vetted for ability to write plus servility.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:17pm Danne D:

Um, fred was the taxi driver in the cab when you tried to grab it? are you okay buddy - you're not going to the pokey I hope.

@hamburger - no comment
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:18pm David:

GOD, i want that premium CD! The artwork RULEZ!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:19pm Danne D:

Irwin is the Old Codger 2.0?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:20pm David:

Irwin IS WFMU!!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:20pm Channeling Irwin:

Get off my freeform lawn, YOU PUNKS!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:21pm hamburger:

@Channeling Irwin: could you return our baseball?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:22pm Channeling Irwin:

  Wed. 3/2/11 4:23pm Irwin's motivational poster:

"There is no 'I' in 'TEAM', but there is an 'M' and an 'E'. "
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:24pm fred:

Usual story as far as cabs go, they usually don't want me as a fare, probably because I look like a FMU listener. I'm used to have to show them the money first. This time he said he would be right back and I got cops instead. I have no idea why, the cops didn't seem to know either, but I still wasted one hour at the station and missed the gig. I'm pissed off as hell and ashamed too because I told pierre I would buy him a beer at this gig and didn't even make it there
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:24pm hamburger:

@Channeling Irwin: Could you make Billy's teeth into a personalized signature?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:25pm Channeling Irwin:

  Wed. 3/2/11 4:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Horrible Hybrid Tulips!! Love the ending on this one, it's perfect!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:25pm hamburger:

what is happening to me. This Amanda CD... is winning
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:26pm David:

LOL!!!! OMG the lyrics!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:26pm David:

"Shake your tits!" LOL!!!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:27pm Lou:

Codger! My man! I own him, you know. He's mine, ladies.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:27pm Danne D:

The synergy b/w the board and the show is quite awesome :) Go Codger Go!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:27pm ▀ ▓ ░:

█ ▌ ▀ ▌ ▄ ▀ Θ Ω
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:28pm Pink Floyd:

Thx for the cover version, Codgiepoo.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Old Codger!
Actually I think (pre-1938) Buffalo Nickels are still legal tender.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:29pm Danne D:

That's awful fred!

Um, you're not this fred are you?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Since Horrible Hybrid Tulips faded out, the ending was:
"Bye Horrible Hybrid Tulips. Hope you have a nice death!"
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:30pm Ik͖̤̫e:

@▀ ▓ ░: that still makes more sense than what most of Pseu's commenters generally say.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:30pm Danne D:

I don't know why but the yahoo search pulls up a "sexy" freddy kreuger costume (it's the next link after the one I posted) and I just think it's ridiculous.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:30pm fred:

Nope, I don't look that good (maybe that's why cabbies call the cops)
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:31pm hamburger:

My cabbies ARE the cops!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:32pm Danne D:

Sarge always sounds so cool. I'll be in the phone room for both of his shifts :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:32pm minnesota jeff:

Hahhaah, IGA sure does sell a cheap pineapple!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:32pm Dave B:

ah... More ECC... love it, love it, LOVE IT!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:33pm hamburger:

ou freddy kruger as a burn victim: http://img.pr.com/article/0808/article_attachment_1219240938.jpg
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Marge, pick me up a dozen pineapples!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:34pm minnesota jeff:

  Wed. 3/2/11 4:34pm monica:

what is IGA? there's only gristede's by me.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:36pm fred:

@hamburger: actually the cops almost drove me back home and looked apologizing (meaning they didn't beat me up)
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:36pm hamburger:

Irwin sounds like one evil drunk
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:36pm Matt from Springfield:

I've seen IGAs in Delaware and rural Virginia--I think it was a Euro chain to begin with?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:36pm Charlie Sheen:

That Irwin is A WILD MAN! I'm not worthy!!!!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:37pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

  Wed. 3/2/11 4:37pm Concerned Grocer:

IGA was founded in 1926, bringing together independent grocers across the United States to ensure that the trusted, family-owned local grocery store remained strong in the face of growing chain competition.

Today, that entrepreneurial family business spirit is alive and well, and communities across the U.S. are being served by second, third and even fourth generation independent IGA Retailers. And IGA is expanding across the globe, as well. IGA’s Hometown Proud stores can be found in more than forty countries around the world.

In a time of cookie-cutter chains, IGA stores stand out as distinctively unique, just like the communities they serve.

Stop in your local IGA and experience shopping the IGA way—with a promise of neighborly service from people you know and trust.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:37pm IGA:

It's Independent Grocers Assoc, formed by smalltown grocery stores around the US to match the economies of scale of early chains such as A&P
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Genre-surfing ADDism.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:39pm Danne D:

  Wed. 3/2/11 4:39pm Bongster:

Genre-surfing toking-ism.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks for the Wednesday (presumably true) grocery education. I'll stop in for a pineapple next time I see an IGA.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

entendre-stroking smokin'ism
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:40pm IGA:

Oh yes, we have no bananas!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:41pm Songs in the Key of Z:

That's OK, I don't remember Irwin any more either.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:42pm Charlie Hamburger Sheen:

I know I said Jagger, Richards Sinatra et al look like limbless kids, but hell, this Irwin..
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

we don't know why, either
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:42pm Danne D:

IGA is unionized btw (at least some of 'em - can't tell if all of 'em are)
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:43pm Danne D:

Fred lives in some sort of scary police state apparently :(
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:43pm fred:

OK I'm signing off, I'm so steamed I might say something that would actually get me in jail.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:44pm Freddy Kreuger:

Cabbies hate on me, too, dude.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:45pm noah:

I was trying to remember where I heard this Thomas character a couple weeks ago. It was this show, of course. Amazing.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I hope Thomas eventually found his soulmate
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:46pm David:

Something just occurred to me. This show is the ONLY thing worth listening to on the entire internet.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:46pm fred:

@Danne: I live in France, and though that's unrelated to my predicament, dissing the prez can indeed get you in jail for a couple of years around here
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:47pm Julie:

can we introduce Thomas to Amanda?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:47pm hamburger:

danne d, did you do poker in vegas last year?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:47pm minnesota jeff:

"Just hang out till the eeeee-ee-eend!" Hahaha, so great.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:48pm Das:

I need me some Thomas
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:48pm Freddy Kreuger:

Thomas should be my next victim. I'd get amnesty for all those bad remakes.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:48pm Ik͖̤̫e:

Ugh, Gristede's is appalling. I hate being ripped off even when I have $$$. ( Would rather save it and give to FMU.) Another reason (besides bedbugs and landlord horror stories, etc.) I don't live in Manhattan though I work there. Speaking of "indie" grocers, ShopRite is supposedly employee-owned.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:48pm hamburger:

this 'hold your hand' sounds sad :(
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:48pm still b/p:

You want us to diss him for you, fred? Presidential provocation by protected proxy?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:50pm pierre:

@ Fred : merde ! i'm so sorry for you that's terrible !
for the pint, i promised you one at the Club Moral gig, i'm sticking to it, don't worry some good things are still going to happen.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:50pm hamburger:

Thomas paperback writer!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hell, let him tackle some of the White album stuff!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:52pm john:

no way was he drunk... but what is sad, is that this sounds like it was maybe made for a girlfriend or something, and now it's being broadcast to the world!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:52pm David:

Move over AMANDA?!? Girlfriend, was yo mouff out!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:53pm dale:

re: thomas. i once worked with a guy who told everyone linda carter was flying him to nashville to record a country album with him. then he tried to borrow money from me for the studio fee. gotta love folks.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:53pm hamburger:

Thomas - Something / Day in the life!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:53pm Danne D:

Why yes, hamburger I did - why do you ask? :)

We'll make fun of your president for you, Fred, don't worry :)
That French President dude is a big dummy!

See there you go :) (That's totally not authorized by fred French Police Goons!)
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:53pm Joe Bacon:

I want to be the first one in line to contribute to Irwin's 2012 fundraiser if he does a Thomas premium!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:54pm fred:

Amanda would just rip Thomas, Freddy and My Great Leader to shreds without breaking a sweat. Amanda rules!
@pierre: at least I didn't let you down! That was my primary worry while I was waiting in the Bagneux police station. I can always catch up with a gig, but a promise is something else
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:55pm Danne D:

Pierre and Fred need to send a photo to the photo gallery once they get together :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:55pm hamburger:

@Danne D: I'm going to Macau sometime this week, just remember a WFMU commentor mentioning about doing some poker tournament is all :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:55pm Danne D:

(or perhaps we can just get a copy from Interpol I suppose...)
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:56pm hamburger:

More Amanda!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:56pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my inner Thomas regularly gets drowned by alcohol
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

good night and good luck!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:58pm hamburger:

@Dead Corporate Eyes: Taurine ala Red Bull!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:58pm David:

If I live to see Armageddon, songs by Amanda are gonna be the only tracks on my final day mixtape.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:58pm Das:

Does staying late to listen to Amanda count as overtime?
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:58pm noah:

Jimmy Mitchell should enter into the running.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:59pm fred:

Yeah! More Amanda! Let her power restore me in my hour of need!
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:59pm pierre:

@ Danne D : we will (i actually feel proud to be asked that), and if i can be of any help trashing (not) my president with all of you, that'll be a pure pleasure !
@ fred : now i really hope the police didn't treat you bad, and don't worry we'll have opportunities now that we know each other radio wise !

That's one of the many great thing about this radio, it's its non religious sense of community that can unit us.
  Wed. 3/2/11 4:59pm David:

LOL!!!! The sound of the blender and her hooting is fucking AWESOME!!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:00pm pierre:

ok now i want some Banana Smoothie!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:00pm monica:

so who wins? amanda or thomas?"
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:01pm David:

  Wed. 3/2/11 5:01pm minnesota jeff:

I say Thomas.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:02pm pierre:

amanda is definitely cuter,
but i'm afraid i do resemble thomas more.

so i say amanda, there's something there…
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:04pm insultes sans frontières:

The President of the French Republic is the miserable, thick-witted, pie stealing, card cheating, line jumping, low-rent, lowlife, rat-kissing, chump-ass, bedbug-spreading spawn of a rank-fanged meter maid and a scrofulous weasel.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:05pm Ik͖̤̫e:

Your forgot to mention his tiny shriveled quéquette.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:05pm Suckozy:

Sacre bleu, I blow donkey dick. Diner des cons, here I come.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:06pm dale:

hey mo and irwin - i didn't hear the drawing for the jim sullivan cd. that's whys i donated when i did!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:06pm pierre:

hahaha Ike !
nice insults,
i would say on top, that he is dangerous
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:07pm Danne D:

There goes my goal of fitting into a chick tee by the end of the summer....
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:08pm Danne D:

There should be an Amanda and Thomas duet:

  Wed. 3/2/11 5:08pm Danne D:

More XXL men listening to FMU than XXL womens I guess....
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:08pm fred:

Amanda rules!
@pierre: in my experience the cops have been pretty puzzled with me. Come to think of it I had never been arrested before the Great Leader got elected, and each time the cops have looked at a loss as to why I ended up in their care (hint: I'm of Tunisian descent, but my blue eyes confuse them)
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:09pm minnesota jeff:

  Wed. 3/2/11 5:09pm hamburger:

so how does it work when you've done a couple $75 pledges to meet the mouse level?
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:11pm herb:

as for UNCOMFORTABLE TOPICS, can i tell you about my shoes? they're new & not qwite broken in. but enough about me, how about more gossip about wfmu "management". (oh yeah, i just sealed up my pre-marathon pledge. and have added an extra 1%. i wish i could be like sports players - they give 110%.)
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:11pm Bill:

Was there a drawing for the UFO CD?
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:11pm Danne D:

They combine up all your cards at the end hamburger - no worries. It's part of the reason why they don't turn around and send pledge forms immediately - so they can try to capture some of the serial pledgers and make sure they are properly accounted. No worries - you'll get properly credited :) They have a great dataslave team there
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:13pm hamburger:

@Danne-D, yea coming from a non-background-security-checked volunteer.. whatever! only j/k :) I wanna hit the mouse for next next week's show. no offence Irwin and Monica
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:14pm hamburger:

*next next week's SUW show.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:16pm G:

I'm so proud I sponsored this board when i saw it was available last week, qvell qvell...
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:16pm pierre:

@ fred : well if you are safe, i'll be glad.
funny, i to descend from arabic ancestors (egypt-lebanon) but my skin is pale as a milkman's shit.

Cannot wait to hear more Amanda…
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:17pm NJ State Dept of Unemployment:

Andy B has money to pledge? WTF?????
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:17pm hamburger:

Ken wore a JB t-shirt today aye no?
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:18pm fred:

Yeah a Thomas/Amanda looks good, but I just don't think Thomas is strong enough to last more than a handful of seconds
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Yeah! Thanks for mentioning my mailed in pledge!

Now that I heard it I have to run, but thanks to Irwin, Monica, volunteers and all who pledged their support! Hope your chains aren't too tight, Irwin!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:19pm Ik͖̤̫e:

Andy B. must not know Irwin very well. He overpaid. I bet Irwin'd've said that for 50¢.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:20pm American Idol Producers:

Could Thomas audition next year, please? Thanks.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:20pm Danne D:

Hamburger wants to date Frangry, eh?
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:23pm David:

  Wed. 3/2/11 5:23pm hamburger:

who wouldn't Danne D? unless you're read a tad too much Tugrenev
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:23pm fred:

@Danne: a lot of guys would (not me, DJM, I swear!)
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:24pm hamburger:

God I'd love to have coffee with Amanda
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:24pm David:

Did Amanda or Jody write these lyrics? Genius!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:24pm hamburger:

at a retail coffee chain
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:25pm dc pat:

Ike! "Irwin'd've"?
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:25pm pierre:

i'd rather go out with amanda (assuming she is grown up now) than frangry
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:26pm hank:

good choice ...pottahawk
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:26pm dc pat:

She 's grown up and cute...and still talks like that.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:27pm Danne D:

Keep pledging everyone :) Heading out of work and up to the station (though I'm stopping to bring treats on the way). Make sure you soak Andy good! Probably will there too late for those festivities.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:28pm Keepin' It Real:

You bunch of old pervs, horning on Amanda!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:28pm pierre:

does anybody know if she'd go out with a useless 25 year old french guy ?
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:28pm Ik͖̤̫e:

Meh, I bet Frangry is impossible to please. @DC Punk, sigh, yeah, trying to be concise is getting me in trouble.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:28pm Danne D:

I'd date Frangry too, though it'd be a total trainwreck for sure. You may have competition, hamburger :)

See you all later!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:30pm liz:

I <3 Amanda, but Thomas makes me happy like nothing else ever could. I just wanna give him a hug. Or a high five.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:31pm Becky:

I almost waged a WAR because of the tee-shirt issue. I thought they were eliminating ALL girly-cut tees. But you still have the women's cuts, just not the "chick" cuts (for teen girls only, sez Ken) Okey doke! I'm pledgin!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:32pm hamburger:

later Danne D. good luck volunteering. What with your non-background-secruity-checked-background
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:33pm Jim Lange:

Yeah, Frangry would be the train, and Danne would be the wreck.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:33pm dc pat:

Amanda is my kinda gal.....she's what? 30's? They made those tapes looooong ago.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:34pm Do the Math:

Amanda tapes are age 8-11, 1986-89, which means she was born circa 78, is now 32-33...
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:35pm pierre:

i wonder where i could find her, and declare my love
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:37pm Rename this board:

  Wed. 3/2/11 5:38pm I̥͔ke:

Nah that's the Shut Up Weirdo board.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:38pm Rename this board:

@Ike: That too.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:39pm dc pat:

Right so she's not half my age, dammit.

No tv? Irwin you'll have to turn in your Republican card
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:40pm David:

Thomas works better with reverb! David Lynch eat your heart out. haha
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:40pm dc pat:

I mean she's more than half--ah forget it, bye.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:41pm Sting:

@dc pat: Don't stand, don't stand so, don't stand so close to her.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:42pm David:

Amanda and R. Stevie Moore need to do a duet!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:43pm Correction:

He has other irredeemable qualities.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:44pm Channeling Andy B:

I meant 100 pennies.
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:44pm pierre:

@ David : http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4125/5177875972_a3ff2d6970.jpg
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:45pm hank:

  Wed. 3/2/11 5:45pm David:

  Wed. 3/2/11 5:47pm David:

Just one more Amanda track for the road! pleaaasseeee
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:47pm Vampire Hunters:

We need to have a stake in Irwin
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:49pm Circling Vultures:

Do we smell DEATH???
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:49pm fred:

OK, despair all you want, but there are many amazing ladies up for adoption as of now: Liz, Keili, Bethany, I mean I can't believe Monica is still available for Bob's pipe!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:50pm David:

"Make me do bootie lifters!" WHAAAAATT?!?! LMAO!!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:55pm waking andy divine:

U.F.O. cd?
U.F.O. cd?
U.F.O. cd?
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:57pm Commenters:

Better than working!

Come on you freeloaders, man up!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:57pm Reno Dakota:

Thanks, I like the Decemberists!
  Wed. 3/2/11 5:58pm minnesota jeff:

  Wed. 3/2/11 5:59pm Commenters:

Is this a mashup? Or a carcrashup?
  Wed. 3/2/11 6:00pm pierre:

  Wed. 3/2/11 6:00pm David:

Irwin, you are the greatest!
  Wed. 3/2/11 6:01pm Commenters:

OK, Jeff, get ready to change his diapers. Or is that Depends.
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