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Playlist for 02 December 2010 Options | National Nothing Day

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Artist Song Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Persona  Fogo   Options Som   
(artwork by Mark Mumford)
0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Henry Mancini  Touch of Evil (Main Title)   Options Touch of Evil (soundtrack)  Varese Sarabande    0:02:06 (Pop‑up)
Pina y Sus Estrellas  Los Extranos   Options Back to Peru (various artists)  Vampi Soul    0:05:07 (Pop‑up)
Pat Powdrill and the Powerdrills  They Are the Lonely   Options Girls With Guitars (various artists)  Ace    0:07:54 (Pop‑up)
Psapp  Fix It   Options The Camel's Back  Domino    0:10:22 (Pop‑up)
Husker Du  Love Is All Around   Options 7" single      0:13:48 (Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Vic Flick 
Tree Leaf   Options Small Pop Group      0:15:23 (Pop‑up)
Novos Baianos  O Misterio Do Planeta   Options Acabou Chorare  Som Livre 
(artwork by Mark Mumford)
0:18:13 (Pop‑up)
Esther John & Fadhill William & Ben Nicholas & Fundi Kondi  Mwana Mali Wa Maridadi   Options Before Benga: Kenya Dry (various artists)      0:21:55 (Pop‑up)
Beatles  Misery   Options Songs, Pictures & Stories of the Fabulous Beatles  Vee-Jay    0:24:59 (Pop‑up)
Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti  Gopacapulco   Options Scared Famous  Human Ear    0:26:34 (Pop‑up)
Chico Marx  I'm Daffy Over You   Options Animal Crackers      0:29:44 (Pop‑up)
Thelonious Monk  These Foolish Things   Options Thelonious Monk Trio      0:31:10 (Pop‑up)
The Captain Howdy  Always Something There to Remind Me   Options Money Feeds My Music Machine      0:33:42 (Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Bolliger & Gloor 
Computergrafik   Options Summloch      0:37:13 (Pop‑up)
Laurie Anderson  Dr. Miller   Options You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With  Giorno Poetry Systems 
(artwork by Mark Mumford)
0:40:04 (Pop‑up)
Thomas Voburka  Black Box   Options Aus die Partisanen Kamen    Downloaded here, from WFMU's Beware of the Blog  0:44:22 (Pop‑up)
Oranj Symphonette  Pink Panther Theme   Options Plays Mancini  Gramavision    0:47:08 (Pop‑up)
Amy X Neuburg  Atten-tion   Options Residue  Other Minds    0:51:34 (Pop‑up)
Aretha Franklin  Elusive Butterfly   Options Soul '69  Atlantic    0:54:54 (Pop‑up)
Loong Piau Piau  Love Is Like a Dream   Options Chinese cassette, bought on the street      0:57:31 (Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Alan Hawkshaw 
Sky Train   Options KPM 1192 - The Road Forward  KPM    1:00:59 (Pop‑up)
Harry Nilsson  The Moonbeam Song   Options Nilsson Schimilsson  RCA    1:03:19 (Pop‑up)
Elis Regina  Nada Sera Come Antes ("Nothing will be like before"?)   Options Elis   
(artwork by Mark Mumford)
1:06:30 (Pop‑up)
Steve Dirkx  What the Gentleman Wanted   Options That's Crazy Music  Steve Dirkx    1:09:26 (Pop‑up)
Brian Eno & David Byrne  Moonlight in Glory   Options My Life in the Bush of Ghosts      1:10:33 (Pop‑up)
TV ad  Mood Ring   Options manufactured by K-Tel    found on YouTube, of course  1:15:06 (Pop‑up)
James Brown  These Foolish Things   Options Ballads      1:15:48 (Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Lalo Schifrin 
Ballad of Cool Hand Luke   Options Cool Hand Luke (soundtrack)      1:18:23 (Pop‑up)
Camper Van Beethoven  Ice Cream Every Day   Options Vampire Can Mating Oven  Pitch-A-Tent 
(artwork by Mark Mumford)
1:21:02 (Pop‑up)
ZNR  La pointe de tes seins est comme un petale de pavot   Options Barricade 3  Recommended    1:24:57 (Pop‑up)
King Crimson  Moonchild   Options In the Court of the Crimson King  Atlantic; EG    1:28:35 (Pop‑up)
Harry Revel  Lunar Rhapsody   Options Music Out of the Moon    With Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman at the Theremin  1:31:25 (Pop‑up)
Judee Sill  Crayon Angels   Options Judee Sill  Asylum    1:34:09 (Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Piero Piccioni 
Sognando la Tua Voce   Options The Seduction of Piero Piccioni  El/Cherry Red    1:36:50 (Pop‑up)
Susumu Yokota  Fearful Dream   Options Grinning Cat  Leaf 
(artwork by Mark Mumford)
1:39:25 (Pop‑up)
C-Mon & Kypski  Mood Mode   Options Vinyl Voodoo  Supertracks    1:43:26 (Pop‑up)
The Three Suns  Fever   Options Fever and Smoke  RCA  check out the cover here  1:49:38 (Pop‑up)
Billie Holiday  If the Moon Turns Green   Options       1:52:53 (Pop‑up)
Harpo Marx  I'm Daffy Over You   Options Monkey Business      1:55:28 (Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
George Martin 
Ringo's Theme (This Boy)   Options A Hard Days Night (soundtrack)  United Artists 
(artwork by Mark Mumford)
1:57:43 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am Vicki:

yay, no looping!
  9:00am Charlie:

Good morning! And welcome to Busy Doing Nothing.
  9:01am Gary Mitchell:

give the bongo man some
  9:02am Michael:

Yea! It's Charlie Time!
  9:03am glenn:

man, these guys sound like sloan.
  9:03am Charlie:

Hi Vicki, Hi Gary! I miss that loop, though...
  9:03am Michael:

<Famous opening crane shot>
  9:04am Charlie:

glenn, i think you want to be on the playlist page for Jason...
  9:04am Charlie:

Yes, Michael, one of the longest opening single-shot takes in film history
  9:05am Michael:

Great ain't it?
  9:06am Charlie:

Oh yeah, great movie. That Orson Welles...
  9:07am doyle:

and "Charlatan" Heston gone Mexi
  9:07am Drummer Some:

If I may echo the sentiments of Ella Fitzgerald: "Clap hands, here comes Charlie!"
  9:08am Laura L:

Morning, Charlie! Thanks for the busy music to keep us doing nothing!
  9:09am Charlie:

Hi Doyle, Doug, Laura -- yes, busy music to do nothing by, or nothing music to be busy by, or something...
  9:09am jan:

The email reminder is so helpful. Still haven't imprinted Thursday AM
Charllie into my week. Didn't miss anything. Show sounds great!
  9:10am Charlie:

Hi Jan -- glad the e-mail reminders aren't onerous!
  9:11am doyle:

it's music to enjoy second breakfast by. today's second breakfast: chocolate and coffee! and the math quiz is keeping me on my toes!
  9:12am Laura L:

I second Jan's note about the email reminder--not onerous at all, au contraire.
  9:12am Charlie:

I love how the math quiz never requires you to "carry" a number over!
  9:19am Shaun:

Hey Charlie - I got one of those pillows with the iPod connector. Oh YEAH
  9:20am Charlie:

Ha ha, did you really, Shaun? That's like those earmuffs with the headphones built in!
  9:20am glenn:

i'm confused. the playlist is not consistent with the music being played. at least mine isn't.
  9:22am glenn:

husker du? i didn't hear that.
  9:23am Charlie:

Glenn-- you're on the wrong playlist page! Go back to the WFMU home page, and click on the link for Jason's show.
  9:24am glenn:

the header on itunes says i'm listening to talk's cheap?
  9:25am Charlie:

yes, you clicked on the link to listen to talk's cheap, with jason, but you clicked on the playlist link for busy doing nothing
  9:25am victor:

finally schedules permit
  9:26am seang:

Lennon Forever!
  9:26am Drummer Some:

Glenn, you clicked on the link for WFMU's stream, but also the link for Charlie's playlist. To get Charlie's show, go here: http://wfmu.org/wfmu_drummer.pls
To see Jason's playlist, go here: http://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/38292
  9:28am Charlie:

Welcome, Victor! Glad you could drop by. And hi Seang.
  9:30am Vicki:

  9:31am Charlie:

Thought you'd like that, Vicki...
  9:31am Michael:

Night at the Opera on TCM Dec 4 I think. DVR set
  9:32am Vicki:

Glenn WANTS your stream, but is listening to Jason by accident
  9:33am Charlie:

Yes, just creating an alternate playlist here to confuse WFMU regular listeners!
  9:33am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hello everybody!? Hope you're having a WONDERFUL day thus far!
  9:33am Vicki:

lost in the WFMU corridor
  9:34am Gary Mitchell:

this song was so meant for thelonious
  9:34am victor:

who's on piano?
  9:34am Charlie:

That was Thelonious Monk, Victor
  9:35am Charlie:

Air stream, third door on the right...
  9:42am Charlie:

Hey Alf, great day over here... What's goin' on over there?
  9:46am seang:

anybody hear that new David Lynch tune? it's growing on me
  9:47am Listener Katya Oddio:

Long live freeform, where people like Charlie can have a leading set with both Mancini and Husker Du. Viva!
  9:49am Charlie:

Hi, Katya, yes, long live freeform, yay! Hey, Seang, what's the new David Lynch song?
  9:51am seang:

It's called "Good Day Today"

  9:51am Listener Katya Oddio:

Smashing show last week, brother! And ditto on the earlier statements about the email reminders. Much appreciated.
  9:53am Charlie:

Thanks, Katya! Will continue with the reminders. And I'll check out that song, Seang. Lynch can certainly get under your skin, eh?
  9:53am Listener Katya Oddio:

Ha! I was listening to Jason, too, at first. Had to go to my bookmarks. http://motherlode.wfmu.org:443
  10:05am victor:

purty Nilsson... I have that record and don't remember the song
  10:07am Drummer Some:

Wasn't this song used in Nilsson's soundtrack to the animated film "The Point"? All hail Oblio and his dog arrow (and Ringo Starr, who narrated the home video release)
  10:08am Charlie:

Yes, and you'll like this one from Elis Regina too, Victor!
  10:09am Charlie:

I love the Point soundtrack too! Big Nilsson fan. Nilsson Schmilsson!
  10:09am Randy:

Good morning Charlie and Doug. And was the confused Glenn THE confusd Glenn?
  10:13am Charlie:

Hi Randy. Oh, gee, I don't know if that was Glenn Glenn. I thought it was someone who stumbled in accidentally. He didn't use an e-mail address. By the way, if you send me your e-mail address, or send a comment with your address (only I will see it), I can add you to my contact list, and also catch up with you outside of the playlist!
  10:15am Randy:

sure thing. I only suggested the Glenn Glenn because I forwarded him the info a few weeks ago.
  10:18am victor:

Elis-Eno-James Brown ... I am in heaven
  10:20am Drummer Some:

Makes me wanna watch Ed Wood's "Glen or Glenda."

Hey Randy.
  10:20am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

@ Charlie Today......COLD. Hurry up Spring.
  10:23am Charlie:

Er, bit of a wait for spring, unless you're in Peru. It's barely begun to get cold here in Vermont...
  10:30am Charlie:

Ever since the movie Buffalo 66, I can't hear this song without thinking of Christina Ricci.
  10:30am Randy:

Wow King Crimson--Take me back...
  10:31am Drummer Some:

I am listening to the stream on iTunes. Three times in the past half hour, the stream has just stopped. (And restarted once I re-clicked.) Has anyone else experience this?
  10:32am Gary Mitchell:

all good out here in space
  10:33am Charlie:

The stream has been fine here on Winamp on a PC. If anyone else has probs on iTunes, we should report it to the WFMU stream team.
  10:34am Randy:

I'm on iTunes without difficulty.
  10:43am Gary Mitchell:

this is fukuokan great
  10:44am monica:

it's been a pleasure lollygagging with you, chaz.
  10:48am Charlie:

Oh, always a pleasure hangin' with you, Monica. Thanks for dropping by.
  10:52am Gary Mitchell:

and to think I used to shun three suns lp's
  10:58am Listener Katya Oddio:

Wrapping up with Harpo Marx. Excellent! You're the best, Charlie. So happy to have you in the work week again.
  10:59am Michael:

Thanks charlie - it's been a pleasure!
  10:59am Gary Mitchell:

Alot of sensationals in this show. Thanks, Maestro!
  11:00am Charlie:

Thanks everybody for tuning in today, and for commenting! See you in a couple weeks!
  2:12pm fxo:

welcome home, cyber-wise.
  9:59am charlie:

Not a live show today, but an amazing reproduction of a previously-aired show which, even when first aired, had been pre-recorded! Hope you can virtually join me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:02pm Doug S.:

Feel free to continue the conversation from December 2010. Does anyone remember what I was saying?
  12:03pm lewis:

OK - so how does this work? does the play list play itself as well?
  12:05pm lewis:

oh wait - now I get it. One must explore before spouting off...
  12:09pm charlie:

hmm, this show seems oddly familiar to me...
  12:10pm Michael:

Another dumb summer re-run!! Ooops hi charlie.
  12:11pm Tower:

I like the Pat Powdrill and the Powerdrills. Great name too.
  12:13pm charlie:

Hiya Doug, Lewis, Michael, Tower! It's the Dean Martin summer replacement show, with the Golddiggers!
  12:15pm Michael:

Or Glen Campbell Goodtime show replacing the Smothers Brothers. I'd rather the Golddiggers me thinks.
  12:22pm Ike:

That Husker Du track definitely sounded like it came out of a dumpster (generic lower-case version). And then got run over by 67 garbage trucks. Many of their tracks sound like that. That's why I can't get into that band. Bob Mould's other work, like Sugar, is much better because, well, uh, you can actually hear it.
  12:24pm Tower:

Nice guitar work and great groove on the Novos Baianos.
  12:27pm charlie:

Tower -- that Novos Baianos is one of my fave albums of all time!
Ike -- agreed about the HD sound; the surface noise is built right in! Still love 'em though.
  12:29pm trish:

Whoa. Now that's a playlist segue.
@11:00, @2:12, [...] @9:59, @12:02
  12:31pm trish:

comment list... comment playlist..
concurrent .. uhh asynchronous..
  12:36pm Ike:

Capt. Howdy, ha ha, funny!
  12:38pm charlie:

yeah, kind of sinister and funny. that's the only other version of that song, besides Dionne W's, that I like
  12:49pm northguineahills:

Time warping this schiidt
  12:53pm Carmichael:

Hey Charlie, I'm busy doing something, so I'll be listening sporadically. Don't play anything good until I get back.
  12:53pm Katya Oddio:

Hello from a rural hotel room, BDN friends! Crazy show, Charlie!
  12:55pm charlie:

Hi Trish -- here's an asynchronous response to your comment!
Hey, NGH,
Carmichael -- yeah I'm busy doing something too, checking in periodically.
and Hi Katya!
  12:56pm Doug S.:

It's like you never left, Katya!
  12:57pm still b/p:

I keep pulling reflexively down to the bottom of the playlist and then having to back it up back it up back it up. Conditioning strong. Learning capacity weak. Need punishment/reward system.
  12:59pm Katya Oddio:

Guess not, as I am not "Listener Katya Oddio." What gives? Hitting the road. Catch you all from the comforts of home next time.
  1:02pm Katya Oddio:

I see now! Very silly! Time travel.
  1:11pm charlie:

"Hit the road, Kat," but DO come back next week ;)
  1:11pm charlie:

still b/p -- isn't that new accu-shock system working yet?
  1:16pm kat330:

Oh, wow, there IS a live playlist?! I've been lounging around listening with lunch and only wanted to check a track!

Hi, Charlie, and -- hm, "hit the road, Kat?" I hadn't even arrived! :) Bye Katya, if you can still catch this.
  1:19pm charlie:

Hi Kat(330) -- Well, it's a semi-live playlist. I mean, we're live. I mean, I'm semi-participating. I mean, er, welcome!
  1:25pm Michael:

Just finished The One - JB was quite the character.
  1:25pm kat330:

Scrolling back up: You have to remember, glenn is from Canada. ;)

Drummer some: at the Ella album, does that cover bear a tiny resemblance to the "refreshed" frescoe in Spain? :)
  1:27pm location based data:

@kat330 Right. As opposed to being from Mars.
  1:29pm kat330:

@LBD: Why, sir, what are you insinuating?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:31pm charlie:

I think about the first two thirds of the comments are from the first airing of this show. And I believe Glenn was a little lamb who had lost his way that day...
  1:33pm kat330:

As for celestial globes, nice, prescient tribute this set to Mr. Armstrong.

I figured as much about glenn -- probably as new as I was when I made a few of those blunders. :)
  1:35pm lewis:

more than once I have found myself listenting to my own itunes library when I thought it was wfmu. You would think that after the first time I heard Abraxas played all the way through I would have caught on...
  1:37pm Michael:

Is it wrong that I know the next tune from the LP?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:39pm charlie:

Which LP, Michael -- Judee Sill or Abraxas? ;)
And, no, it's not wrong. Sometimes I find myself thinking of a song, wonder why, realize it's because, earlier I had been thinking about the song that precedes it on the record!
  1:40pm lewis:

here's a thought - will this show be archived?
  1:40pm kat330:

@lewis: My pre-FMU 1,000 iTunes library could likely never be confused with any DJ I've encountered here. Maybe Irene.
  1:42pm kat330:

I've not a single Rod Stewart of Liz Phair track, for e.g. ;)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:42pm charlie:

Well, Lewis, the original streaming archive is still available. Not sure if the mp3 archive will appear later. Check back!
  1:42pm lewis:

@kat330 - indeed, my long fmu conditioning was part of the problem. i simply didn't question for a long time. I merely thought, "interesting segue... why the whole album?" twice!
  1:43pm kat330:

You mean all these incredibly insightful and wonderful comments may not be preserved for all posterity?!
  1:44pm kat330:

[I've been doing a lot of "f" typing for "r" lately -- just figure it's a given in my comments]
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:44pm charlie:

oh, the comments are forever...
because we're commenting on the original playlist.
  1:45pm lewis:

charlie - I was more reacting to your comments in the break welcoming live listeners and archival listeners and wondering which one I am... (apologies to all - I am banging my head against a manuscript that just won't come together and am concerned that part of the problem is that it is just not a very good idea. So the mind wanders...)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:47pm charlie:

lewis, you are the rare live archival listener!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:47pm charlie:

I'm also working on writing something gnarly, keep popping over here for a break!
  1:48pm kat330:

Ah, well and good, then.

You're a writer, lewis? Could you (and anyone else) help pick which of these sound bytes is more cogent IYO? It has to do with Governor CHR S CHR ST E <-- typing purposeful.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:49pm charlie:

A quick survey of the WFMU playlist database reveals that Rod and Liz have each been played about 50 times since the inception of the playlist database ten years ago, not exactly heavy rotation. R. Stevie Moore, in contrast, has been played over 650 times!
  1:49pm northguineahills:

My iTunes library can be confused w/ anything (I have over a year of sounds), and I too, have had the same problem as kat when the WFMU stream craps out and goes straight to my iTunes library (which is always on random).
  1:50pm Doug S.:

The hits just keep on coming here at the Drummer Stream. Tomorrow at 9am, it's the 3-hour edition of GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME, followed at noon by A ROUGH MIX from Steinski. (On tap for tomorrow is Part II of Steinski's all-Caravan special. Yow!)

Immediately following this classic episode of BDN, these fine artists will stick their tongues far down (up?) your ears:

Andrew Cyrille
Catherine Irwin
Amédé Ardoin
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis
Dima Sisters
Paul Ngozi
Docteur Nico & African Fiesta
The Witch (an acronym for We...Intend...To...Cause...Havoc)
Phon Phirom
Waiphot Phetsuphan
Chatri Sichon
Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar
Jean Bosco
Nina Simone
Johnny Hampton
Jackie Brentson & His Delta Cats
Carolina Slim
Sister Rosa Shaw
and more
and more
and eternally more...

Safe travels, Charlie!
  1:50pm kat330:

This sound byte came to mind several days before the 2012 Republican Convention, so there was no connection to the post's CC subject initially. But someone might check out the working condition of whatever keyboard created Governor Christie's speech:

His ego was so vast that his shifty "I" button kicked the bucket first on his keyboard.

His ego was so vast that initially the "I" was the first casualty on his keyboard.

His ego was so vast that the first casualty on his keyboard was the shifty "I."

His ego was so vast that the first kaput on his keyboard was the shifty "I."

  1:51pm kat330:

Yay, Charlie! A statistic I can certainly love! :)
  1:52pm kat330:

Thanks, Doug! And yes, safe travels to anyone doing so this weekend. Isaac is due to wreak havoc for us, so a planned road trip may be postponed.
  1:53pm Michael:

I wonder if RSM played RSM and how often. Way before the archive though.
  1:53pm kat330:

Billie! I came to check out Eno, but sure had to stay through the Holiday!
  1:54pm lewis:

this one:

His ego was so vast that the first casualty on his keyboard was the shifty "I."

that said Dick Cavett's admonition regarding being able to hear the delivery is crucial.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:55pm charlie:

Nice lineup, Doug!
Kat330, maybe the "I" key was avoided out of modesty ;)
  1:56pm kat330:

TY, Lewis! My husband was no help to me on this one, so I appreciate the feedback! Have a great Holiday everyone!
  1:57pm kat330:

(Oh, and the delivery will be in the eye/voice of the beholder when it lands on my blog. :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:58pm charlie:

Yes, have a great holiday weekend everyone, and thanks for making this a little pre-holiday party today. See you with a new live show next Thursday.
  1:58pm lewis:

@kat330 - ah then mr Cavett will be pleased!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:58pm charlie:

We're finally really talking over Ringo's Theme!
  1:59pm kat330:

Thanks, Charlie! Will try to get here next week. Thursdays have become a bit of a pill for me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:59pm charlie:

Next week! (the show was every other week back then)
  2:00pm Michael:

Show still fresh - thanks charlie. See youse all next week.
  2:02pm charlie:

Thanks for the re-listen, Michael :)
  2:16pm Tower:

Great show Charlie! I missed a few things that I am going to go back and listen to now ... because I can.
  2:22pm charlie:

Thanks, Tower! Nice not to have to wait for the archive to be uploaded :)
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