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You see a blanket on the ground. It's your favorite color, smooth and soft. You can sit on it, or lie on it. It's a flying blanket, and you are the pilot. You are in control. You can fly anywhere you wish, just by thinking about it. You are the pilot.

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Options September 26, 2010: Oh Sunday - are you the last day of the week or the first?

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
The Velvet Underground  Sunday Morning   Options The Velvet Underground & Nico (Deluxe Edition)  Polydor  0:00:00 ()
John Cage  Fontana Mix   Options Fontana Mix  él/Cherry Red  0:06:28 ()
Swans  No Words/No Thoughts   Options My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky  Young God  0:13:46 ()
Colin Newman  Image   Options A-Z  Restless Retro  0:23:23 ()
Virgin Prunes  Ulakanakulot/Decline and Fall   Options ...If I Die, I Die  Mute  0:27:16 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Sex   Options Sex  Fish of Milk  0:34:16 ()
The Chapin Sisters  Sweet Light   Options Two  Lake Bottom  0:43:05 ()
Dick Gaughan  MacCrimmon's Lament/Mistress Jamieson's Favourite   Options V/A: Never the Same: Leave Taking from the British Folk Revival 1970-1977  Honest Jons  0:45:36 ()
Geisterfahrer  Sing While You May   Options Telegraph  Back Porch Revolution  0:50:51 ()
Trúbrot  Starlight   Options Trúbrot  Normal  0:54:04 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Sex   Options Sex  Fish of Milk  0:59:22 ()
Robyn Hitchcock  Television   Options Spooked  Yep Roc  1:05:06 ()
Ted Lucas  Sonny Boy Blues   Options Ted Lucas  Om  1:10:56 ()
Dos  Intense Song for Madonna   Options The Bob Lawton EP  Ecstatic Peace!  1:18:51 ()
Jozef Van Wissem  The Day Is Coming   Options Ex Patris  Important  1:22:42 ()
Psychic TV/PTV3  Maggot Brain   Options Alien Brain vs. Maggot Brain  Vanity Case  1:32:09 ()
Group Inerane  Telalit   Options Guitars from Agadez, Vol. 3  Sublime Frequencies  1:44:42 ()
M. Bassett and J. Graf  Zero as Sky   Options Peradam  Utech  1:50:10 ()
Sqürl  Pink Dust   Options EP #1  Naked Kiss  2:04:24 ()
Josquin Des Prez  Missa Penge Lingua: Credo (Perf. New York ProMusica Motet Choir and Wind Ensemble)   Options Missa Pange Lingua & Motets & Instrumental Pieces  Decca  2:11:24 ()
Voice of the Seven Thunders  Cylinders   Options Voice of the Seven Thunders  Tchantinler  2:16:57 ()
Mary Armede  Fanno   Options V/A: Ethiopian Urban & Tribal Music Vol. 2: Gold From Wax  Lyrichord  2:23:09 ()
Peter Drake with the Willis Brothers  Satisfied Mind   Options For Pete's Sake  Gusto  2:34:45 ()
Leonard Smith  Whiskey Before Breakfast   Options The One-Armed Fiddler  Folk Evaluation  2:36:59 ()
J. Biebz  U Smile 800% Slower   Options N/A  No label  2:38:17 ()
Rhys Chatham  Scrying in Smoke   Options The Bern Project  Hinterzimmer  2:44:38 ()
Sonic Youth  Sunday   Options A Thousand Leaves  DGC  3:00:05 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 9/26/10 6:10am david in scotland:

how wonderful to wake to the sound of three million tape edits (or however many it was)
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:12am andy/s:

Good...morning? So far I count 800 tape edits.
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:16am Dan B:

Good morning or good afternoon, whichever you find yourself in. After painstaking research (i.e., none), I have determined that the total number of tape edits on Fontana Mix is a gazillion.
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:20am Héctor from Barcelona:

Good Morning Dan!
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:20am Hollis:

how onderful to wake up to john cage, in sunny Bristol U.K , and i counted 60 tape edits, tho i was cooking breakfast at the time so could have missed maybe 100?
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:21am Bas, NL:

Good morning all!
Hey, Swans! They'll be on stage in my hometown in a couple of weeks..
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:22am david in scotland:

after 30 seconds of research (looking in one book for an interview with cage), there is one sixtieth of a second that has 1097 edits in it - but i don't know which one it is
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:29am Dan B:

@David, that's great. @Bas, I'm jealous, I'll be out of town when they're playing in NYC. @Hollis, tape edits and breaking eggs go well together. @Hector, nice to see you, buenas tardes!
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:33am Dan B:

Colin Newman and Virgin Prunes -- separated at birth?
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:42am david in scotland:

you're right dan, it's a gazillion - i was thinking of williams mix, duh
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:56am Rachel Malheure:

wow, your set is riding a big wave! great!
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:56am Marco In Brooklyn:

Morning Dan B:)
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:57am dale:

good morning mr. deejay. enjoying the music with my raisin bran in the hudson valley.
  Sun. 9/26/10 6:58am Marco In Brooklyn:

What are we doing this show:) all female singers:-)
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:02am Marco In Brooklyn:

Well I'm not hungover this time:( I lost two back teeth and have 14 stitches in my mouth:-(
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:05am dale:

when i was a kid 'make a wish' with tom chapin was a favorite show. had that editors and animators on acid feeling about it.
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:07am Marco In Brooklyn:

More female singers!. I wanna hear some sexy lady voices because I'm in pain from the stitches. And I can't drink:-(
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:10am Dan B:

Poor Marco. Does the codeine help? @Dale, are you representing for the WMFU/WXHD listening public? @Rachel, how goes the math?
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:12am Marco In Brooklyn:

They wouldn't gimmie any in the E.R. All I got was plain ol Tylenol:(
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:13am kosta:

marco, what happened? front teeth, yeah, but 2 back teeth?
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:14am dale:

dan, mount hope is a hop skip and jump away from me. hope i don't represent the entire listening contingency - my wife listens on her way to church and back, but since organized religion frightens me i listen at home.
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:15am Marco In Brooklyn:

I took a flop in the shower:(
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:16am Marco In Brooklyn:

Whole damn night waiting in the ER. Finally just got home:(
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:17am kosta:

oh man. thats tough. slipmat?
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:19am Marco In Brooklyn:

I don't know how I'm going to sleep:( my cheek is 3 different colors!
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:19am dale:

morco, hope you weren't in that hospital on 7th avenue in park slope. isn't that where they let some woman die on the floor a couple of years ago?
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:20am Marco In Brooklyn:

This hospital is just as bad:( poor man was stabbed in the stomach and they couldn't understand him.
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:20am Dan B:

@Dale, no no, Methodist is the one on 7th Ave in the Slope and it's pretty good. You're thinking of Kings County, the big public hospital, which is a nightmare.
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:22am kosta:

dos reminds me of portrait of tracy by jaco pastorius
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:22am Marco In Brooklyn:

Don't ever go to mine wyckoff heights in bushwick Brooklyn
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:24am Marco In Brooklyn:

The doctors / aren't bad. They just don't speak english! Punjab and taglog and Korean yes!
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:26am dale:

oh - i moved out of bklyn in '99 so the memory fades. i used to love the flea market in the school yeard in that nabe.
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:26am kosta:

and jozef van wissem of geoffrey oryema
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:28am Marco In Brooklyn:

I feel sorry for the Spanish man:( he was holding a bloody towel over his stomach. No one understood spanish:(
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:30am kosta:

being in ER is a traumatizing as the real injury. saturday nights are a freak show anywhere in the world in ER
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:31am Rachel Malheure:

brrr - scary health care system, hn? ;)
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:33am Marco In Brooklyn:

Hours of waiting with two broken back molars in my mouth and an ice pak for pain :(
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:34am Dan B:

@Kosta, thanks for the references, I'll check them out
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:35am andy/s:

This is almost Maggot Brain. Oh hence the title oops. I can almost feel the pain of Marco's teeth :(
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:35am dale:

damn, this psychic tv is awesome.
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:35am kosta:

i guess they don consider your thing to be serious enough... but in relation to what? 1 broken tooth, if the nerve gets exposed, is probably one of the most painful pains to endure. let alone 2. aint that a priority? the alleviation of pain, first action?
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:37am Marco In Brooklyn:

3am before they yanked out the two broken stumps
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:38am Marco In Brooklyn:

I begged them "sedate me!" I don't wanna see it!
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:38am kosta:

dan b, cool, and thus the knowledge grows
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:39am kosta:

marco got the queue for i wanna be... ramones no?
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:41am andy/s:

whoever is playing guitar on this is doing an amazing job!
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:41am Marco In Brooklyn:

Well:( at least they made the whole left side of my face numb:)
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:42am kosta:

swim knows how to make sure it stays that way when the Er shot wears off ;)
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:44am Marco In Brooklyn:

This very cute lady doctor stitched me up:) I was so numb i couldn't mouth the words "please marry me!":-)
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:44am Rachel Malheure:

ooh, adventurous transition from JvW to PsyTV, but you made it through without prejudice - well done.
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:45am andy/s:

I remember when I got a tooth taken out they numbed my face and the dentist literally had his leg up on the chair so he could apply enough force to get it out. It was pretty brutal.
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:45am kosta:

ppweezz mhwaaaooui mii . too funny man, good stance, chin up bro.
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:45am Dan B:

"For the realization ov this project Psychic TV/PTV3 were: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: Vocals; Jeff "Bunsen" Berner: Guitar; Alice Genese: Bass; Edley O'Dowd: Drums; Jess Stewart: Keyboards"
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:47am Marco In Brooklyn:

This very cute lady doctor pulled out the fractured roots. I was going to say to her "wow your strong"
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:47am Dan B:

How about that Bunsen Berner? Damn!
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:49am Marco In Brooklyn:

How I'm going to eat or sleep with a mouth full of gauze?
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:50am Marco In Brooklyn:

I'm dying for a beer! Maybe I can sip it through a straw?
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:50am kosta:

what else you gonna do man, when someones ripping out your teeth, you just gotta shrug it off until its over, then laugh. call up some girls now man, and do the Caine-numb-drawl...youll sound like mick jagger...
Group Inerane is awesome*****
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:52am Marco In Brooklyn:

The shots are wearing off!
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:53am kosta:

2 straws in your case ;)
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:53am Marco In Brooklyn:

They told me no drinking! I'm dying for a beer!
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:54am kosta:

  Sun. 9/26/10 7:55am kosta:

drink away man, if you feel for a beer, do it. its iporatnt to lift your spirits after the accident/bummer. shortcut, and sleep inducer, to that=beer. that your choice. have one.
  Sun. 9/26/10 7:58am kosta:

they say it coz alcohol thin the blood, and with fresh cuts, they dont want that, as the clotting takes longer, thus increasing porblems.but if your all titch up, and ok, then even better, have scotch. itll hurst, but do all the beer can, and then some.
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:02am andy/s:

you can still get the cd of Guitars from Agadez, i'll wait until the cd of this one comes out, SF lps are so expensive. Bunsen Burner.
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:02am kosta:

patient listening... reward. nice one mr bodah
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:03am andy/s:

also Eddie Hazel.
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:06am Dan B:

@Andy, thanks! For the Guitars from Agadez tip too, didn't realize it had come out on CD.
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:07am kosta:

omg squrl
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:07am Doctor Killpatient:

In distressingly moderate quantities of each, alcohol + actominophen (a.k.a. Tylenol, but compounded with many OTC remedies, so checking ingredients is important in this case) = liver transplant for the unlucky, or The Big Sleep for the more fortunate.
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:16am Dan B:

@Dr. Killpatient, as a chronic pain sufferer who likes a drink or two with dinner, this was my least favorite medical news when I learned it. Ibuprofen + alcohol also = bad. WTF?
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:21am kosta:

in the uk, after tooth work, its ibuprofen. any pill+booze=liver taxation,but the actominophen in tylenol makes it particularly risky. but theres a risk in everything no? ;) (didnt know about tylenol+alcohol till just now, so thx doctorkillpatient)
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:23am kosta:

in the meantime, i hope marco is ok, hes gone quiet....
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:24am kosta:

nice circular riffing on cylinders
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:43am nigel:

This J.B. 800% Slower thing must be the hit of the season at FMU! Reminds me a bit of Rhys Chatham or Glenn Branca.
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:44am Dan B:

@Nigel, me too -- actually, I have Rhys cued up!
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:48am kosta:

800% slower.... like a comet thru the stratosphere....
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:50am kosta:

omg rhys chatham
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:52am kosta:

drumming on rhys is like trilok gurtu style playing. ****ing magnificent track!!!!!!!!!
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:56am Molybdenum:

dan, were litsening!...
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:56am kosta:

gum by cornelius go well with this
  Sun. 9/26/10 8:57am niobium:

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