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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 20, 2010: In the Year 2525

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Artist Track
Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:00pm Spike:

Hi, everybody
Are you having a good one?
  6:01pm Charles:

we're gonna die
  6:01pm tlm:

  6:02pm Spike:

Will this be the third bad show in a row?
Please Jesus, no.
  6:02pm John McCabe in LA:

  6:02pm Johnny Muller:

In the future Frangry will take the bus.
  6:02pm magicrob:

in the future...maybe everyone will take the bus?
  6:03pm John McCabe in LA:

NYC Will be NFC
  6:03pm Spike:

Wet with sweat.
I love it.
  6:03pm Spike:

Stop iimitating me, Jackass.
  6:04pm Charles:

I don't know about 2525, but in the future, mankind will run out of ideas for comedy-entertainment and stick to crazy scenarios of the future. ironically, some geek finds the binary number for "GOd" in 2103 and saves the earth from porn. We'll be dead (humanity) by 2525 from the AIDS gas porn unleashed.
  6:04pm Spike:

Whatever Spike, you're too pussy to call! You don't have a right to criticize!
  6:04pm Cecile:

I ride the bus.

In 500 years, only cockroaches and Cher will remain.
  6:04pm Crystal Balls:

In the future, Frangry will be annoyed and bratty. Pcik your date and time.
  6:05pm Frangry:

Whatever Spike, you're too pussy to call! You don't have a right to criticize!
  6:06pm Spike:

I predict that the shows Aunt Andy will do without Frangry will kinda suck.
Sorry Andy.
  6:06pm Dan B From Upstate:

In the future, Frangry will have lots of stalkers on her bus.
  6:06pm Robert:

And then in 2525 you'll reveal the predictions and score them?
  6:07pm Cannon:

In the future, someone will shoot the president to impress Frangry. It may or may not work.
  6:07pm Crystal Balls:

In the future, all callers will be absolute lame-os.
  6:08pm magicrob:

chinese versus muslims is pretty creative...
  6:09pm Charles:

EEHHH. no such thing as time travel. diswualified
  6:09pm Spike:

Hey, stop talking about predictions!
That's my fucking job, bitches!
  6:09pm Andrew John Mitchell:

If people could time travel wouldn't we have seen people time travel in our time by now? I'm with Charles!
  6:09pm giraffe-o:

if time travel will ever exist in the future, it must exist now. Think about it.
  6:09pm Cannon:

World War III will be a bracketed tournament. I'd put the US, China, Russia and Iran in the final four.
  6:10pm Crystal Balls:

In the future, Spike will continue to be douchy. Any sucka want the other side of that action?
  6:10pm Nostradamus:

Fuck you, Spike
  6:10pm Andrew John Mitchell:

In the future Frangry won't let Andy talk to callers. The show will be 15 minutes long :)
  6:11pm Listener zero:

I know Tom from Inwood -- he called 7SD once to ask whether he would be eligible for medical marihuana because of his glaucoma.

In the future Andy of Shut up, Weirdo and Andy of 7SD will host a show together. Andy²!
  6:11pm ((((((O)))))):

in 2525, i'll be dead!
  6:11pm Cannon:

In the future, President Paul will eliminate the DMV and Spike will be unemployed.
  6:12pm John McCabe in LA:

Spike is OK with me - ***don't be a hater***
  6:12pm The REAL Spike:

In the future, Sarah Palin will be gone. BTW, I don't work for the DMV.
  6:12pm Cecile:

In the future, Frangry's descendants, a tribe of fierce warrior women, will hold the Earth in fear by pillaging and strafing any who disagree with them.

They will also have really keen outfits.
  6:13pm Cannon:

You'll definitely be dead, with that attitude.
  6:13pm pankake:

momy com hom I mis yu
  6:13pm magicrob:

in the future, maybe everyone will have a good one?
  6:13pm Nostradamus:

I predict that Frangry will take out a restraining order against John McCabe in LA.
  6:13pm Frangry:

Man that was a PERFECT Pancake! Too bad this is his nap time.
  6:14pm Crystal Balls:

In the future, this comments board will be a mutual admiration society for dweebs.
  6:14pm Cannon:

In the future, people will have more than one good one at once.
  6:14pm Sean:

In the year 2525, alien archeologists will happen upon a recording of Shut Up Weirdo on a dead Earth, and forever be divided as to whether or not humanity was completely awesome, or totally lame.
  6:14pm Listener zero:

Awesome news!
  6:15pm pankake:

I wok up I wat to smel your funy smok agin
  6:15pm Mike Flood:

After the 2012 flood it will take about 1000 years for the ice caps to reform.
  6:15pm Cannon:

In the future, Crystal Balls will be Overpopulation Czar.
  6:16pm Listener Jil:

Hands down.. stupidest topic ever. Or so Brandon says,,,
  6:16pm Cecile:

The movie Frankenhooker had a good way of accessing the different centers of the brain. A powerdrill.
  6:17pm austin:

world government, no stds.
  6:17pm Frangry:

@ Jil Only because you couldn't come up with a good topic.
  6:17pm Crystal Balls:

Memo: Saltpeter and oral contraceptives in the water supply.
  6:17pm Nostradamus:

Frangry will drunk dial old boyfriends.
  6:18pm Future:

2525? It's so 20th century to make numbers match
  6:18pm Johnny Muller:

I like Mullerlandia
  6:18pm Listener Jil:

  6:19pm James Villiers:

Oh, I say. In five hundred years... Lord love you, Jil will finally get that ripping portrait of ME she's been telling facebook about. What? Phew, not THAT is a bloody FAN!
  6:19pm Nostradamus:

Will sharks evolve to the point that they can host call-in radio shows?
  6:20pm Dan B From Upstate:

Do you know how teleporters work? The original is destroyed, and a new copy is made.
  6:20pm Different Alex:

By the year 2525 every blobkbuster movie ever made will have been remade at least 5 times, with each remake being an even grittier reboot of the franchise than the last.
  6:20pm Dan B From Upstate:

Dammit, andy beat me to it. You teleport and come back as a clown. There. better?
  6:20pm Johnny Muller:

In 500 years, Johnny and Frangry's great great great great great etc. grandchildren will rule the world
  6:21pm Cannon:

@Nos: You don't need to evolve when you can just eat everything.
  6:21pm Frangry:

@Muller YAYYYYYY!!!!!!
  6:21pm Johnny Muller:

look what the weirdo dragged in
  6:21pm Great White:

Fuck you, Andy
  6:21pm Crystal Balls:

I'm calling TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:21pm Dan B From Upstate:

Spike! A ban from the best show! Hooray!
  6:22pm Cecile:

Octopuses can predict the future!!!!
  6:22pm Tom Scharpling:

  6:22pm Dan B From Upstate:

Oh wow. A shut up weirdo rerun. Oh wait. Spike's calling.
  6:22pm Cannon:

Scarpling will RUIN your entertainment career.
  6:22pm Cecile:

Or at least the World Cup.
  6:22pm Johnny Muller:

That's how much The Best Show sucks, people disobey his jealousy driven lame bans
  6:22pm James Villiers:

Perhaps by that time parents will learn to control their children in Burger King!
  6:23pm Cannon:

Your name will be mud on ASpecialThing.
  6:23pm magicrob:

in the future there'll be a shitload of megalomaniacs running the world by the sound of things...
  6:23pm jeff-m:

hoist the Black Flag
  6:24pm jonathan:

Genetically modified super-cows will escape from their satellite-pens in orbit around Jupiter's moon Enceladus. They will land in Idaho and set up an Autonomous Bovine Republic. After decades of war and horrific amounts of wasted steak we will reach an uneasy peace centered around mutual dislike for reality TV, especially the 387th season of "Freelandian Idol" (the renamed version of "American Idol").
  6:24pm Tom Scharpling:

How dare you defy me, Spike!
I will destroy you.
  6:24pm Johnny Muller:

Mikey Digits will make everything okay.
  6:24pm Stalker Monitor:

Frangry's offering rides now?
  6:26pm Johnny Muller:

2525: the real housewives of Jupiter
  6:27pm Johnny Muller:

We're not fatty enough, we don't taste good.
  6:27pm Or:

2525: the real housewives of Uranus.
  6:27pm argh:

Hey.. guys... shark week... am i right? shark week? right guys?
  6:27pm Cannon:

Vegan livers are delicious.
  6:29pm Comments board:

w00t! we got drunk frangry to say uranus on air! take that, FCC!!!
  6:29pm Dan B From Upstate:

A real live fourth grader's opposite day.
  6:30pm greg G from DC:

In the future, everyone will have a radio show on the cyber universal hypernets and the only people listening will be people inside the WFMU studios.
  6:31pm Cecile:

have a good one everyone! later.
  6:31pm Charles:

which Buñuel movie is that?
  6:31pm Nostradamus:

In 2525,
Andy will still be jealous of Frangry's awesomeness
  6:31pm Johnny Muller:

You've hit an all time low: talking about organic tortilla chips
  6:32pm Caller police:

No reading from a script, caller, very BORING!!!
  6:32pm Robert:

By 2525, the idea of life expectancy will not exist. People will live forever as parts will be replaceable. Microbes will clean your cells of bad stuff. As a result of people not dying, babies will not exist either. NO BABIES.
  6:32pm Cannon:

In 2525, a lot of DJs will play the song "In the Year 2525."
  6:32pm Andrew John Mitchell:

In the year 3025 after the great uprising, people will find old Shut Up Weirdo Podcasts on an ancient file system called “iTunes” and a new religion based on the teachings of Andy and Frangry will arise where Kate Moss will be seen as a delightful semi-nude goddess due to old blog entries from Frangry. Shut-Up-Weirdo-ology will become the second most popular “ology” (right behind Scientology which will be the only current “religion” accepted) and it will be accepted all over the planet, minus Bayonne. Also, in the near future Andy will work at “Newsday” magazine, where a new issue of the publication with come out daily, minus all 45 Jewish Holidays.
  6:33pm Nostradamus:

In 2525,
everyone will have a good one
for 15 minutes
  6:33pm Andrew John Mitchell:

This is your fault McCabe?!?!?!
  6:36pm Charles:

I'm afraid of Andy
  6:36pm Nostradamus:

Tran-sexual Jesus saves.
Praise the Lord.
  6:36pm magicrob:

in the future everyone will grow an extra limb
  6:37pm Crystal Balls:

To underscore the obvious, I was right about all future callers being absolute lame-os.
  6:37pm seang:

In 2525 boxing will be relevant
  6:38pm Nostradamus:

In 2525,
Cyber-Frangry will return to taking the subway to work.
  6:38pm Cannon:

In the year 2525, there will be advanced civilizations living on my balls.
  6:38pm Andrew John Mitchell:

Aren't they all good shows in your mind, Andy?
  6:38pm Frangry:

not so fast crystal balls
  6:38pm woj:

in the year 2525, wfmu will still be managed by ken freedman, though he will be a disembodied head in a jar of indeterminate liquid.
  6:38pm Johnny Muller:

like crabs?
  6:38pm Show Producer:

[desperately making the cut sign about this caller]
  6:39pm Robert:

By 2025, the Republicans will run out of other groups to demonize.
  6:39pm Charles:

Walt Disney's head will admit that he's a little racist.
  6:39pm Cannon:

Crabs with opposable thumbs.
  6:39pm John McCabe in LA:

2525 Frangry lifelike robots hit the retail market and everyone is happy!!
  6:40pm magicrob:

crabs with extra limbs
  6:40pm seang:

nothing good happens in August
  6:40pm Charles:

oh crap. lifelike Frangry robots. watch the liquids.
  6:41pm Nostradamus:

In 2525,

Frangry will regret all the mean things she said to Andy.
  6:42pm Johnny Muller:

star guitar, that song makes me want drugs SO BAD.
  6:42pm greg G from DC:

in 2525, everything will be inside out, which will be a messy way to get around and do things, and the only way to prove this is to reincarnate, which I just don't want to do anymore ... the last time around as a hippy really sucked!
  6:42pm Andrew John Mitchell:

In the year 3000 we'll all win a prize from "Shit Up Weirdo"!
  6:42pm Culture:

The 'think your own endorphin' is from the Culture novels by Iain M. Bank
  6:43pm Caller Clinic:

If you want to call, come up with a premise-to-punchline rap that lasts 40 words or less, not multiple rambling paragraphs.
  6:43pm Johnny Muller:

Mikey from the Bat cave
  6:43pm Culture:

(Banks) - sorry
  6:43pm Andrew John Mitchell:

opps... eh, "Shut Up Weirdo", that's the NSFW version of the show.
  6:43pm Nostradamus:

Another call from the fucking BATCAVE.
  6:43pm Dan B From Upstate:

Dunna dunna dunna dunna Mikey!
  6:45pm Nostradamus:

In 2525,

Size will matter MORE!
  6:46pm Production Clinic:

Reverb is really good for distracting people from show problems!
  6:46pm magicrob:

brave new world, 1984, naked lunch, handmaid's tale etc. None of them will be relevant and we'll all be living on rainbows and eating sugar sandwiches. hopefully.
  6:46pm Nostradamus:

In 2525,

People will still be talking about how much this week's show sucked.
  6:47pm Joe Mulligan:

If you think you're having a bad show then remember me. You'll feel better
  6:47pm Andrew John Mitchell:

but in 2526 size will matter a little less only to come back in demand in 2527!
  6:47pm Air Traffic:

  6:48pm Nostradamus:

In 2525,

Micky Digits will have a phone that works.
  6:49pm tim m.:

in the year 2025... frangry & andy actually grow up
  6:49pm Air Traffic:

  6:49pm seang:

In 2525, Happiness will not exist
  6:49pm Nostradamus:

In 2525,

Svetlana and Frangry will finally become lovers.
  6:50pm Johnny Muller:

Ha, deserves him right!
  6:50pm Charles:

Texting accidents are good for evolution.
  6:51pm Johnny Muller:

Exactly, natural selection.
  6:52pm Andrew John Mitchell:

Microsoft might create the first teleporter, but Apple's design will be hipper and twice as trendy. in 2525 you won't catch me with a Windows teleporter.
  6:52pm Nostradamus:

In 2525,

Andy will stop sabotaging to show.
  6:53pm Johnny Muller:

Andy is great at telling jokes.
  6:53pm magicrob:

hope you guys get to drink a lot after the show and forget all about it...
  6:53pm Johnny Muller:

What do CEO's get for lunch?
  6:53pm Johnny Muller:

THAI food!
  6:53pm Nostradamus:

Did Andy bump his head?
  6:53pm Andrew John Mitchell:

The common factor between Andy Cohen and Andy Breckman: neither know the station's number.
  6:54pm Charles:

Andy is a good filter. Makes me think harder. But I did try to call.
  6:54pm Dr Freud:

Andy is more of a know it all than a comedian, hence his caller cut-down obsession.
  6:54pm Andrew John Mitchell:

Nostradamus, wouldn't you know if Andy hit his head?
  6:55pm Dan B From Upstate:

Just copy the brain on to a computer chip. Bam. Infinite life.
  6:55pm Nostradamus:

Please chill out.
It's a radio show.
Try to have fun.
We like you, we really like you.
  6:56pm jonathan:

It's called The Nature Channel
  6:56pm greg G from DC:

in 2525, I will finally get to wax my yuji
  6:56pm magicrob:

naked animals?
  6:56pm Andrew John Mitchell:

Suddenly we get a new look at Frangry and Pancake's quality time.
  6:57pm Johnny Muller:

yeah when do animals wear clothes
  6:57pm Dan B From Upstate:

God dammit, why do I have winning calls whenever I listen to the podcast, but I always draw a blank when listening live?
  6:57pm Nostradamus:

  6:57pm @Dan B:

One word: Loserville.
  6:58pm Ramou:

Fuck, you guys! I was going to call in today FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, but I started drinking wine. Next week. Next week. Have a good one!
  6:58pm Charles:

  6:58pm Dan B From Upstate:

Eddie. Stop talking, and take your automatic win!
  6:58pm greg G from DC:

See you all again in 2525 ...
  6:58pm Johnny Muller:

Eddy, lay off the meth pipe
  6:58pm Nostradamus:

  6:59pm Proverb:

Bad shows come in threes
  6:59pm Johnny Muller:

Andy "Buzzkill" Cohen
  6:59pm Charles:

BAH, it was not the best.
  6:59pm Proverb:

Bad things come in threes.
  7:04pm ronB:

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