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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 6, 2010: Big Fan

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:01pm John McCabe in LA:

hi weirods
  6:02pm John McCabe in LA:

that is why she is soooo awesome
  6:02pm Buzz Aldrin:

Frangry is IRREPLACEABLE!!!!!!!
  6:03pm ric:

I had that cough last week.
  6:04pm giraffe-o:

sorry to hear Frangry is ill
  6:04pm Buzz Aldrin:

Frangry,more butt pictures, PLEASE!!!
  6:05pm Cannon:

Frangry and Andy Breckman would be a good show, once.
  6:07pm red_sauce:

i'm such a big fan, I would come down and give frangry a foot massage. or whatever else she needs massaged
  6:08pm Buzz Aldrin:

Sign her face.
  6:08pm Jil:

  6:09pm Alex:

As seen in the technical tour de force Big Trouble in Little China
  6:09pm Listener John:

Don't you think that the woman who gets a tattoo of her favorite stars' autographs should automatically win already? I can't imagine anybody outdoing her . . .
  6:10pm Cannon:

Most Depeche Mode fans are more extreme than that.
  6:10pm Alex:

too vanilla
  6:11pm Johnny Muller:

i love single white female
  6:11pm Listener John:

Ask Genesis P. Orridge to call in! That person got plastic surgery to look like his partner, a star to G.P.O.
  6:12pm Johnny Muller:

Uncle Frangry and Aunt Andy
  6:16pm jojo:

daily dose of moss?
  6:16pm W.C. Nixon:

Andy's advice: It's not creepy until the person performing the action finds it creepy.
  6:17pm Jil:

Second dead person story, my beloved late David stole a flower off Renata Tebaldi's grave in Italy as he happened to be there when she died.
  6:17pm Cannon:

The only thing worse than oblivious creepy is self-conscious, awkward, apologetic creepy.
  6:17pm red_sauce:

i would like to get part of frangry in my mouth, too
  6:18pm Johnny Muller:

Oh Snap!
  6:19pm FRANGRY:

  6:19pm Cannon:

I had a friend in the Navy who swore that the best cure for congestion was teargas.
  6:20pm DrunkGirl:

FRANGRY what s the most extreme stalker email you've gotten?
  6:20pm Buzz Aldrin:

Try a big ball of wasabe.
  6:20pm W.C. Nixon:

I carved a stone into the shape of Walt Disney's head and preserved it in a glass jar. The pedestal is wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.
  6:20pm Mollred:

Frangry - try a hot toddy
  6:20pm DrunkGirl:

uhhh this guy is so creepy
  6:20pm Johnny Muller:

That's creepy
  6:20pm Cannon:

Can we start a John McCabe hooker fund?
  6:21pm Buzz Aldrin:

Why don't you kill Jodie Foster to impress Frangry????
  6:21pm jeff-m:

gps chips so you can find their dead bodies
  6:22pm DrunkGirl:

can someone please call the police
  6:22pm Buzz Aldrin:

Call the Cyberpolice quick.
  6:23pm Buzz Aldrin:

Why hasn't SPIKE called???????
  6:24pm Cannon:

@Buzz - Such blessings should not be questioned.
  6:24pm seang:

yeah man Evelyn Waugh--Vile Bodies--how about Philip Larkin?
  6:25pm John McCabe in LA:

I just want every one to know it's not a sex thing I think Frangry is the perfect women and all women should aspire to be like her
  6:25pm Charles:

I got a job at a gas station chain named CLARK in Kent, OH so I could answer the phones as "Clark - Kent". It was funny for about a week, and the bastards never paid me.
  6:27pm DrunkGirl:

i feel like John McCabe would love to know what Frangry's head looks like on a stick
  6:27pm John McCabe in LA:

SPIKE was told by Tom S. not to call anymore
  6:28pm TubaRuba:

"nice" neighborhood in the EV? bahaha

Anyway, what the heck is the show about this week? I just tuned in in the middle of John's apology and I'm throughly confused.
  6:28pm Buzz Aldrin:

FRANGRY would be a great name for a hurricane!!!!
  6:29pm Mollred:

Is this just crazy stuff you've done as a fan, or crazy stalker stories? Cos, well.... hehehehe....
  6:30pm FT:

Rita was not a real hurricane. I spent the whole thing outside in the hot tub drinking.
  6:30pm Buzz Aldrin:

Spike, if you're a true fan, call in now!!!!
  6:30pm jojo:

sharpling is mad covetous of the spike.
  6:30pm John McCabe in LA:

@DrunkGirl no no no I just want to be her special friend who helps her with things
  6:31pm TubaRuba:

Silly Frangry, you know I don't call. And I also don't do anything extreme.
John, don't you call SSD? And doesn't Danne call Chris T's show? Is this where we rat out other listeners for violating their exclusive fandom of SUW?
  6:31pm red_sauce:

frangry has nice things. especially in her bathroom medicine cabinet
  6:32pm Buzz Aldrin:

I want to stalk John McCabe in LA. What's his address?
  6:32pm red_sauce:

she throws out nice things too
  6:32pm Cannon:

Scharpling is the only one who demands complete loyalty. He's the L. Ron Hubbard of radio.
  6:33pm DrunkGirl:

i like it when this show isnt about Frangry's stalkers
  6:33pm jojo:

frangry rubs the lotion on it's skin.
  6:34pm DrunkGirl:

@jojo hahhahaha, awesome reference
  6:34pm Spike:

Please help me Uncle Frangry. Tom hurts me.
  6:34pm W.C. Nixon:

The show is 99% Frangry stalkers. They are the gears that pull the show wheels.
  6:35pm jojo:

@drunkgirl definitely several grangry stalkers who want to wear a "frangry mask"
  6:35pm Johnny Muller:

I think she needs more dope.
  6:35pm Spike:

Hey, John McCabe, we should hang out.
  6:36pm jojo:

  6:36pm DrunkGirl:

i used to be on a radio show a while ago and quit cause it became all about the one girl on the team...it was ruining my resume
  6:36pm Spike:

Kate Moss is lame-o.
  6:36pm Charles:

my gas station story can't compete with stalkers
  6:36pm TubaRuba:

Haha, that chick seemed cool. Pester her to call more, John! Except with less Frangryness
  6:37pm Cannon:

I bet Kate Moss has some good drugs.
  6:37pm DrunkGirl:

Kate Moss is a a feline dreeeeam
  6:37pm jojo:

i dont understand the kate moss obsession... she's got a nice face... but her body is skinny and boring.
  6:38pm DrunkGirl:

im talking face....especially in the 90s, she's got catty face
  6:39pm Spike:

Tom said I couldn't call in, but he didn't say I couldn't post comments.
  6:39pm jojo:

  6:39pm jojo:

frangry is obsessed with her boobs though.
  6:40pm giraffe-o:

I think dolls of Andy Cohen would be a huge boost as giveaways for the WFMU pledge drive
  6:40pm channeling big Tom S.:

I rool this roost. DO NOT fuck with me. Even though I'm unemployed now that Monk died.
  6:40pm Spike:

With Kate Moss's boobs -- or her own boobs?
  6:41pm DrunkGirl:

boobs are great! i like mine and im pretty flat, but i think if you like your boobs others will follow hahahaha
  6:41pm seang:

Here's a topic: hot vehicle deaths --does anyone know anyone who has died in a hot vehicle
  6:41pm TubaRuba:

Did everyone's favorite New Yorker, Mickey Nickels, call in yet, and raise everybody's spirits?
  6:41pm FRANGRY:

  6:42pm jojo:

you're out of control with the kate moss titty shots.
  6:42pm Spike:

Both breasts -- or both pairs of breasts?
  6:42pm jedi head:

I'm such a big star wars fan - after Phantom Menace came out, I would beat up kids I saw wearing Jar Jar costumes at Halloween.
  6:43pm John McCabe in LA:

who want to go in with me and get Frangry her $500 Kate Moss book?
  6:43pm Charles:

promoting the waif as a sex symbol, but she's better than kate moss
  6:43pm Johnny Muller:

Yeah Mikey Digits!
  6:44pm TubaRuba:

@jedi head - well everyone does that, you don't have to be a Star Wars fan
  6:44pm jojo:

i agree frangrys way more attractive than kate moss.
  6:44pm DrunkGirl:

Frangry are your boobs real?
  6:45pm Spike:

Andy, give Frangry a sweat-hug!!!!
That will cure what ails her!!!
  6:45pm bartelby:

I have a pair of white bucs that belonged to a friend of mine's dad, they're size 9, maybe wear 4 socks, but I'd have to get them over to jersey city
  6:45pm silicone:

define "real".
  6:46pm Spike:

Frangry, is your butt real?
  6:46pm Charles:

it's not a good topic.
  6:46pm butt:

that cottage cheese is totally authentic. made it myself.
  6:47pm DrunkGirl:

  6:47pm Spike:

I gained 60 pounds to look like Aunt Andy.
  6:47pm bartelby:

what did the pink panther say when he stepped on an ant?
  6:47pm jojo:

nobody is going to admit to most of the REAL crazy stuff that they've done...
  6:48pm DrunkGirl:

agreed @jojo
  6:48pm FRANGRY:

  6:48pm DrunkGirl:

Let's talk about the craziest homeless person you ve ever met
  6:49pm FRANGRY:

@DrunkGirl Oooooh that's not bad!
  6:49pm wha?:

frangry has more than one pussy???????
  6:49pm DrunkGirl:

There s a homeless girl by my office that loves to flash girls and ask them out on dates while yelling IM NOT A HOOKER THOUGH
  6:49pm Spike:

Where are the pictures of these crazy tattooed ladies????
  6:49pm Cannon:

I live in Los Angeles. Most of the homeless folk here are quite charming. Many have spec scripts.
  6:50pm DrunkGirl:

i feel bad for Andy, no one says hi to him, it s always frangry
  6:50pm Cannon:

  6:50pm DrunkGirl:

Andy I would give you a hug even if you were sweaty
  6:51pm John McCabe in LA:

@Spike see the facebook fan page
  6:51pm bartelby:

@cannon, so then what happened before the invention of the camera?
  6:51pm W.C. Nixon:

Took care=made sweet, sweet love to.
  6:51pm Charles:

I have congratulated a homeless man in Journal Square who parades with his giant tower of large fast food cups, but he didn't mind me.
  6:52pm Cannon:

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  6:52pm John McCabe in LA:

@wha? you're way out of line dude
  6:53pm DrunkGirl:

I bought a homeless guy lunch one time and he threw it at me and asked me for cash for meth
  6:53pm jojo:

they should def do the homeless show next week.
  6:53pm wha?:

the whole show isnt way out of line tonight????
  6:54pm canadian comedian:

how many New Yorkers does it take to change a lightbulb?
  6:54pm Cannon:

Meth does kill your appetite.
  6:54pm bartelby:

so then how was the camera invented if the inventer devised it before the existence of the universe?
  6:54pm jil:

duct tape does not win over aunt andy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:54pm canadian comedian:

answer : none - they don't know how to use duct tape!
  6:55pm Spike:

Duct Tape Lingerie.
Does Victoria's Secret make that?
  6:55pm TubaRuba:

@bartelby, what's the punchline to the Pink Panther joke?! I'm on the edge of my radio-seat!
  6:55pm DrunkGirl:

i used to work in san francisco, i ve never met so many meth addicts
  6:55pm jil:

what about my james villiers tattoo??????
  6:55pm W.C. Nixon:

Stop fighting, Aunty!
  6:56pm Spike:

Aunt Andy -- settle down Mary.
  6:56pm jil:

oi james villiers tattoo
  6:56pm canadian comedian:

duct tape lingerie is all we have in Canada... that, and moosefur
  6:56pm bartelby:

punchline: Schopenhauer? We don't even get a coffee break!!
  6:57pm Spike:

  6:57pm giraffe-o:

Andy! Do mouth-to-mouth, quick!
  6:57pm Charles:

uh oh.. duct tape lingerie my first fetish.
  6:57pm jil:

  6:57pm ad agency:

sex sells, as this show shows.
  6:57pm argentina:

Hey guys
  6:58pm Spike:

  6:58pm Johnny Muller:

I still want you to come to my birthday party
  6:58pm TubaRuba:

@bartelby - well, hm. Must be some type of surrealist Pink Panther comedy.
  6:58pm LawrenceDPervison:

Sorry I can't call dere.
  6:58pm jojo:

oh man it has to be homeless dudes
  6:58pm DrunkGirl:

sex sells but it doesnt mean it's quality
  6:59pm DrunkGirl:

im sure half the guys tune in to hear Frangry giggle and be feisty and decide it s good enough to spank to.
  6:59pm ad agency:

quality? who dat?
  6:59pm Spike:

LDP, ya you know me.
  6:59pm DrunkGirl:

yea this will probably the first and last time i liste
  6:59pm Spike:

Spank it to Frangry
  6:59pm argentina:

New to the show love it
  7:00pm TubaRuba:

haha, I like you, Drunkie - hopefully *you're* just as feisty when you're sober
  7:00pm jojo:

  7:01pm new commenter:

cant believe i got through!!!!
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