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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options January 14, 2010: I Want to be a Part of it..... New York, New York!

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Artist Track Album
Nat Shilkret with Lewis James  The Sidewalks of New York   Options  
Ben Selvin  Do the New York   Options  
Dave Kaplan with his Orchestra  My New York   Options Electric Edisons 
Jelly Roll Morton's Hot Seven  Good Old New York   Options Commodore Vol.1 Record 10 
Casa Loma Orchestra  Do the New York   Options The Complete Okeh and Brunswick Hits 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk    
Yardbirds  New York City Blues   Options Ultimate! 
James Brown  Down and Out in New York City   Options Black Caesar 
Ray Charles  New York's My Home   Options Genius + Soul = Jazz 
Precisions  New York City   Options  
Gil Scott-Heron  New York City   Options Glory 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach    
Pee Wee King  New York to New Orleans   Options  
Flatt & Scruggs  New York Town   Options Flatt & Scruggs- 1959-1963 
June Carter Cash  Gatsby's Restaurant   Options It's All in the Family 
Waylon Jennings  New York City, R.F.D.   Options Destiny's Child 
Buck Owens  I Wouldn't Live in New York City   Options Buck Owens Story Vol 3 1969-89 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore    
Ad Libs  The Boy From New York City   Options The Very Best of Red Bird/Blue 
Sammy Davis Jr.  New York's My Home   Options  
Peter Sellers  New York Girls   Options A Celebration of Sellers 
Frank Sinatra  Autumn in New York   Options Columbia Box 
Bobby Darin  Sunday in New York   Options Ultra-Lounge Vol.5 Wild, Cool and Swingin' 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From Coney Island Boardwalk    
AC/DC  Safe in New York City   Options Stiff Upper Lip 
Randoms  Let's Get Rid of New York   Options Dangerhouse Singles 
Hounds  Old Man in New York   Options Stora Popboxen Vol. 3 1967-1069 
Pandas  Girl from New York City   Options Acid Visions Vol 1 
Ace Frehley  New York Groove   Options Super Hits of the 70's - Have a Nice Day, Vol. 25 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk    
UK Subs  New York State Police   Options  
Fear  New York's Alright if You Like Saxophones   Options The Record 
Gogol Bordello  Avenue B   Options Gypsy Punks 
The Moldy Peaches  NYC's Like a Graveyard   Options The Moldy Peaches 
Le Tigre  My My Metrocard   Options Le Tigre 
Andrew W.K.  I Love NYC   Options I Get Wet 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach    
Gordon Lightfoot  Cold Hands from New York   Options The United Artists Collection 
Harry Nilsson  I Guess the lord Must be in New York City   Options Harry Nilsson Anthology 
Simon and Garfunkel  The Only Living Boy in New York   Options Bridge Over Troubled Water 
Bob Dylan  Talkin New York   Options Bob Dylan 
Serge Gainsbourg  New York, USA   Options Couleur Cafe 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore    
The Beastie Boys  An Open Letter to NYC   Options To the 5 Boroughs 
3rd Bass  Brooklyn-Queens   Options The Cactus Album 
Rakim  New York City   Options  
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo  Streets of New York   Options  
Last Poets  New York, New York   Options The Last Poets 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk    
Lou Reed  Dirty Blvd.   Options New York 
Damon and Naomi  New York City   Options The Sub Pop Years 
The Wombats  Moving to New York   Options Theme Park EP 
Interpol  NYC   Options Turn on the Bright Lights 

Listener comments!

  6:03am Chuck:

Morning! Must've been hard editing this theme to fit 3 hours, eh?
  6:04am Meghan:

It was actually better this week... Last week was a lot harder!
  6:07am Chuck:

I still have to listen to last weeks show... Hard to find time to be strapped to the computer these days...
  6:12am Chuck:

I was just looking at last weeks playlist... Is it the same Crispin Glover that played Mr. McFly in the "Back to the Future" film series in set 4?
  6:13am Meghan:

Ha! Yep!
  6:15am Chuck:

Wow! Didn't know he did any recording... I'll definately have to take the time to listen tonight...
  6:16am Meghan:

it's not your "regular" type of music.... but i have a lot of memories attached to that album
  6:21am Chuck:

Glad to see The Damned made the cut in that set as well... Should be cool!
  6:22am Meghan:

A request!
  6:22am Chuck:

  6:24am Meghan:

Facebook fan page.... Rory from Scotland
  6:27am Chuck:

Good! Multinational theme park, hehe... Still can't get on Facebook cuz of my Linux OS... I'll have to complain to them about that...
  6:28am Dave B:

Greetings! That first set was perfectly nostalgic. I almost didn't want to wake..

Coffee's ready!
  6:29am Chuck:

Morning Dave!
  6:29am Meghan:

Morning Dave! I didn't want to leave my bed either.... so warm and comfy....
  6:31am Chuck:

At least it's a little warmer out today... If you can consider 23 degrees warm...
  6:32am Dave B:

and try as I did, I couldn't get that Bollocks Brothers track in time. My friend with all the vinyl went to see War last night,
  6:32am pauldepiperssoninberlinski:

im coming to new york on the 30th of jan from berlin. i think im gonna pay a visit to 'fmu in jersey city. cant wait. see you soon.
  6:33am Meghan:

Meh, it happens!
  6:33am Meghan:

Oh fun! You'll have a blast Paul!
  6:34am Dave B:

23? brrrrrrrr
  6:35am Chuck:

Better than 11 which it was a couple of days ago when I got up, Dave! Ha!
  6:37am pauldepiperssonnewyorkme:

i know. its been 7 years since i was last there. would love to hear
the kills - what new york used to be
but its all good.;)
  6:39am Dave B:

i suppose its all relative... At least NYC doesn't smell so bad in the winter.
  6:41am Chuck:

Ah, now I know I'm not the only one that finds NYC offensive to the nose...
  6:44am Chuck:

It's one of the reasons I live up in the woods of the Mid-Hudson valley... The air is always clean up here...
  6:45am Listener zero:

I've just been in New York's Capital District for about three weeks over the holidays, and I must say that people are very, very friendly there -- in a sincere, generous way, maybe lacking the more formal aspects of politeness and such but always willing to extend a hand.
  6:45am Meghan:

Oh there are funk clouds up there as well.... cow pastures....
  6:46am Dave B:

no doubt Chuck. I plan to escape to Lake George next week for a dose of cold mountain air...

Just try to imagine for a moment the olfactory sensations that must have permeated the City I call home a century ago
  6:48am Meghan:

Ohhh yeah.... just pouring their waste on the streets out the windows... yummy. Welcome to America immigrants!
  6:48am Chuck:

Ha! I'd rather not, Dave! The odor must have been horrendous!
  6:50am Chuck:

Bad enough to make your eyes tear up, I'll bet!
  6:51am Dave B:

I think that's why the men wore such bush moustaches. They'd slick em up with camphor oils and such. Like a personal Glade Plug In air freshener!
  6:52am Dave B:

and bush = bushy.... (still cafinating)
  6:54am Chuck:

Oh, and don't forget that people didn't bathe very frequently then... Made it even more "interesting"... hehe...
  6:55am Chuck:

Yay! Love Buck! One of my favorite country artists...
  6:55am Dave B:

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!
  6:56am Andy in Berlin:

Hi Meghan! I'm probably too late to weigh in on this one but are you playing "I'm a Native New Yorker" by Odyssey in the cheese section? Totally hateful, but cheesy to the max.
  6:58am Parq:

Fine with me. I like NYC much better without jerks like that in it.
  6:59am Andy in Berlin:


Every bit as horrifying as I remember.
  7:00am Dave B:

"Someday a real rain will come, and wash all the scum off the streets" Travis Bickle
  7:01am Meghan:

Oh Andy I had it too! I got rid of it! Damn!
  7:03am Parq:

I am one of those few NYers who actually likes it here. Also, I liked it better when it was more like NY and less like a big mall. My formerly funky nabe now has every chain store imaginable and a Starbucks on every corner. That's exactly what I left Paramus to get away from.

Hi Miss Meg! So glad I made it in time for le fromage.
  7:05am Meghan:

Ha! Exactly! I was worried you would miss the fromage!
  7:06am Andy in Berlin:

I gave you the link above, you could just put it back in. That's the masochist in me talking.
  7:07am Dave B:

I'm on the same page Parq.
  7:12am Chuck:

Whew, the schmaltz factor just went off the scale! Oh, Frankie! hehe...
  7:13am Dave B:

Hey Meghan, just stumbled on this via BoingBoing. Almost like a theme infographic:


Quote: What do we sing about, when we sing about the body? The chart below, based on a sample of thousands songs, tells the story. The size of a circle corresponds to how often that part is mentioned in each genre. Click on a genre name to see a close-up that shows exactly what words were used.
  7:15am Dave B:

The body parts used in the Hip Hop genre is pretty obvious
  7:18am Dave B:

  7:20am Andy in Berlin:

PAINTWORK by the Fall!! (and also by Barbara Manning)
  7:20am Chuck:

"If I Were an Artist" by Johnny Burnette, Meghan...
  7:22am Parq:

What's that early T.Heads song with the lyric "You can't see it 'til it's finished"?
  7:22am Chuck:

Oh, and "She's an Artist" by the Bees...
  7:22am Dave B:

Meghan - what was the missing track? I'll release the search hounds...
  7:24am Meghan:

It's Gogi Grant- Down Here on the Ground. It's a Lalo Schiffrin cover. it's on Pete Records, which is a very small label
  7:25am Dave B:

@Parq - I think that's "Stay Hungry" which is apropos for the starving artist.
  7:28am Dave B:

@parq and myself... I stand corrected... That line is from "Artists Only"
  7:29am Meghan:

ha! nice correction Dave....
  7:30am Dave B:


even MORE apropos for next week!
  7:33am Rael:

It's a long shot, but do you have "Back in NYC" by Genesis from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway?
  7:34am Meghan:

Hey Rael! I don't.... I find Genesis songs REALLY long.... which is unfortunate. I Those are the first to go when i am trying to find time.... it's sad. Maybe I'll do a theme of LONG songs one day!
  7:35am Glenn L:

I see faces and traces of home................
  7:36am Dave B:

Jeff Buckley did a pretty good acoustic cover of Back In NYC...
  7:38am Dave B:

Meghan - there's a few versions of "Down Here On The Ground" over at the Performing Arts Library. I'll swing by tomorrow and see what's what.
  7:39am Charcutero:

Malaysian Beef Jerky Store in Chinatown FTW
  7:41am Rael:

Yes, long songs indeed.
I'll have to look for that Jeff Buckley version.
  7:41am Meghan:

ohhhh i love the Vietnamese sandwich shop that sells videos and other randomness
  7:41am Dave B:

the Takoyaki joint on East 9th Street...

And for Russian, I find Uncle Vanya "pretty" good. Not overly opulent, which some of the Russian joints in Hells Kitchen try to be..
  7:41am Andy in Berlin:

Are you playing that Laurie Anderson single, "New York Social Life"?
  7:43am Meghan:

Hmmmm i'll have to try it out.... I could always go down to Brighton Beach. There is a Russian Venue down there that is supposed to be amazing.

No Andy, I am striking out with your songs!
  7:45am Dave B:

@Rael - It's on an album called something like "Sketches for my Sweetheart the drunk"

  7:46am Rael:

Thanks Dave B
  7:47am Andy in Berlin:

If you're playing Avenue B, how about Belle of Avenue A by the Fugs? Or Slum Goddess of the Lower East Side.
  7:48am PKNY:

Just got in work and looked at the playlist, I missed my suggestions! But that's what the stream archive is for...looking forward to the rest of the show!
  7:49am Meghan:

ahhh yes, that is what the archives are for!
  7:53am Chuck:

Ha! I remember when I first brought Le Tigre into work... Another "You're sooo not going home with this CD!" incident...
  7:54am Meghan:

ha! It was damn good! But you wanted to take my !!! one....
  7:55am Chuck:

But of course! And thank you for that as well!
  7:58am jeff p:

aw, man, I missed Ace!
  7:59am Meghan:

Awww sorry!
  8:02am Dave B:

Aw crap... Teddy Pendergrass R.I.P.
  8:02am jeff p:

is it just me or do you have a ton of comments today?
  8:04am Meghan:

hehe... people are back from where ever they were. And awake! The Holidays makes people disappear....
  8:12am Charcutero:

Ahhh one of the best dylan tunes imho.
  8:23am Chuck:

Whoa! Lost you there for a few minutes... My player seized on me...
  8:39am Dave B:

Ah, the Last Poets... I used to hang posters back in the late 80's for Celluloid Records... Brings back memories!
  8:42am annie:

amazing show!!
  8:43am Meghan:

Awww thanks Annie!
  8:49am jeff p:

new york new york, big city of dreams, but everything in new york ain't always what it seems....
  8:54am pauladepipersdaughterinparis:

new york, da place where..
  8:54am Chuck:

Another of your terrific finds, Meg! Love Interpol and thanks for letting me know about them back when...
  8:54am Dave B:

fingers crossed that LCD Soundsystem made the cut, but don't spoil the surprise...
  8:55am Meghan:

the eternal search for good music when you had no resources....
  4:41pm Chris:

Meghan you are a deity, loved loved loved the show.
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