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Hip-hop and rap, that's where my heart's at. But I'll play anything so long as it ain't crap!

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Options January 8, 2010: LIVE FROM OAKLAND: DnZ, Dawgisht, Saul Goody, Opio + Tajai (Souls of Mischief), DJ Quest (Live Human/Space Travelers), Deeandroid & Celskiiii (The Deuce), Bas-1, 4AM

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
BillyJam over Souls 93 Til Infinity instrumental  Intro to WFMU live remote from Megasonic Sound studios in Oakland, CA   Options          
Raashan Ahmad  Oakland   Options          
DnZ + Dawgisht   Oaktown freesytyle live on WFMU   Options      
Dawgisht + DnZ @ Megasonic Sounds in Oakland, Jan 8th 2010 
DnZ + Dawgisht   Oakland freestyle pt. II   Options         0:06:30 (Pop‑up)
DnZ (turntables) + Dawgisht (beats+effects) + Saul Goody (trumpet)  Oakland freestyle pt III   Options         0:08:47 (Pop‑up)
DnZ (turntables) + Dawgisht (beats+effects) + Saul Goody (glockenspeil + trumpet)  Oakland freestyle Pt IV   Options       World's two tallest DJs - DnZ and Platurn  0:17:56 (Pop‑up)
DnZ (turntables) + Dawgisht (beats+effects) + Saul Goody (classic KORG MS10 synth) + Billy Jam (freesytle rhyme)  Oakland freestyle Pt V   Options         0:30:47 (Pop‑up)
DnZ (turntables) + Dawgisht (beats+effects)   Oakland freestyle Pt VI   Options       LIVE FROM FE MONS AGO  0:42:20 (Pop‑up)
Saul Goody (trumpet) _Dawgisht Beats            0:56:40 (Pop‑up)
Souls of Mischief  Proper Aim   Options Montezuma's Revenge        1:02:32 (Pop‑up)
Souls of Mischief  Poems   Options Montezuma's Revenge        1:04:17 (Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Opio + Tajai interivew 
        Opio (Souls of Mischief)  1:06:30 (Pop‑up)
Souls of Mischief  la la la + postal   Options Montezuma's Revenge        1:25:46 (Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Opio + Tajai Sous of Mischief interivew 
        Tajai (Souls of Mischief)  1:30:51 (Pop‑up)
Souls of Mischief   live freestyle   Options         1:41:12 (Pop‑up)
Souls of Mischief  93 til Infinity   Options         1:44:10 (Pop‑up)
DnZ + Dawgisht _ Saul Goody  live turntable and beats + trumpet>Korg MS10 freestyle   Options       The Genie + DJ Quest  1:48:51 (Pop‑up)
Deeandroid + Ce;skiii (The Deuce)  Live 2DJ WFMU turntable freestyle   Options         2:02:48 (Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Deeandroid + Ce;skiii interivew + 4AM 
over 4AM song "I dream with open eyes"   Options      
2:26:39 (Pop‑up)
Digital Underground  Packet Man   Options Sex Packets  Tommy Boy  1990  Celskiii (The Deuce)  2:26:47 (Pop‑up)
Too $hort  blow the whistle   Options   Zomba  2006    2:30:18 (Pop‑up)
Dawgisht + DJ Quest + H.O.P. + DnZ  beat yer beats n samples and skratch yer rekkids LIVE WFMU freestyle   Options         2:34:28 (Pop‑up)
Dawgisht + DJ Quest + H.O.P. + DnZ  part two (dis is sick) feat. BAS-One freestyle   Options         2:48:55 (Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Bas-One, DJ Platurn, The Genie, Saul Goody on the mic 
        clockwise L to R: 4AM, Bas-1, Saul Goody, DnZ, H.O.P., Dawgisht (far right), The Genie (kneeling)  2:55:53 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  1/5 9:22pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

What up Bay AREAAA<echo>?!?!?
  2:11pm Billy Jam:

greetings from Oakland CA where we are broadcasting live from Megasonic Sound recording studios in Oakland, CA for the January 8th, 2010 WFMU live remote broadcast. The studio is owned and run by longtime stellar Bay Area producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Goody (aka Saul Goody, aka Balanceman, aka founding member of Cat Five, etc.). A state of the art studio where such artists as Azeem, Lyrics Born, Kirby Dominent, The Glaciers, Bart Davenport, Winfred E Eye, Larry Vuckovich, Candela, and John Santos have all recorded. In fact John Santos Quarter 2009 album "La Guerra No" - recorded at Megasonic - is up for a Grammy this year (happens end of the month) under the Best Traditional World Music category. - Stay tuned for losts of guests and performances -
  2:51pm Paul:

Yo what up BillyJam first show of 2010 what a line up really looking forward to t his.Greetings from a freezing Dublin. Much respect to Deeandroid & Celskiiii for keeping the scratch on the tables representing the Women of HipHop. Much respect to the legend DJ Quest can't forget Tajai thanks for blazing through Dublin in 2006. Alf what up, a very Happy 2010 to you all. Greetings from a freezing Dublin
  3:04pm dc apt:

  3:04pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

  3:06pm north guinea hills:

beer & ish,,,,,
  3:09pm Paul:

Big Up Dawgisht and DNZ for laying the tight and fresh beats. keep up the good work gys.
  3:09pm Billy Jam:

what up ALF, Paul, NGH, DC..., Jeff Mulan, - happy new year - We did a show last week too....me and Jeff Mullan....In the house already Celsjiii, Saul Goody, DnZ, and Dawgisht - Tajai and Opio on the way from the East side
  3:13pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hello EVERYBODY! Shout outs to Paul in cold Dublin. I'm sharing the "cold" pain here in MD. Oh shout out to Fred in Paris! Thanks for your support! :-)
  3:14pm Ike:

Sounding great!
  3:14pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Balanceman gettin busy on the trumpet......NICE! :-)
  3:15pm DnZ:

we are streaming this live on UStream if you want to see it on your computer as well as hear it - Link = www.ustream.tv/channel/amazing=zoo-crew
  3:16pm Matt:

This oakland freestyle iii is pretty crazy
  3:23pm Billy Jam:

hey Jeff Mullan - how is all back in JC studio A @ WFMU?
  3:25pm jeff-m:

everything sounds great. These guys are amazing.
  3:26pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

  3:28pm Paul:

Dnz and Dawgisht are killing it rigt now with these sick beats
  3:38pm m9:

  3:43pm sahak:

amazing show so far lets hear some west coast rapping
  3:43pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

  3:46pm DJ Sokkkz:

great show fellas!
  3:48pm Billy Jam:

hey Sahak - we got emcees Bas-1, Tajai, and Opio all coming thru in a bit. Thanks for listening. Happy new year to you! R U in your mom's whip?
  3:51pm sahak:

sounds dope happy new years to u too. i dont drive the moms whip that much anymore got my own now im at home always enjoying the west coast remotes
  3:53pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Shout outs to Studio A for filling in that dead air! :-)
  3:55pm perrin:

wow - from Bryce's show to live from Oakland! WFMU rocks!
  3:55pm jeff-m:

hehe, that's my official "uh oh" music
  3:59pm meta_este:

Ya'll killed it this first hour and put me in that zone!! Nice Ustream. :P
  4:00pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

What up Dee, Celskii, and Mista-B!!!!??
  4:00pm north guinea hills:

lovin' the scratchin' beatz.......
  4:08pm Timi Dz...Nutz:

Hey All....Love the way you are put'n it down today, great flo. I been here all along, wish'n I was there where I belong...
  4:26pm jimmy penguin & sebi c:

shout outs from ireland, respect..
  4:28pm Paul:

Yo Jimmy logon to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/amazing-zoo-crew and you can view the live stream. Happy New Year to you guys. Thanks for stopping by on the 18th of Dec.
  4:29pm fOrmerly knOwn as dOObs:

whOOp whOOp, first chance to tune in live in a long minute - I LOVE THIS SHOW! The Hieros were true headphone heroes to me in Ireland as a 14 year old way back. I had to pay my homie 1 pound to get him to sneak into his older brother's room and copy his "93 to..." tape when he was out of the house. Of course, I grabbed the wax when I got the chance years later. Those cats were always the freshest. Peace to Billy, Alf, Hieros, and all the fresh fruit eaters and kids in wifebeaters. Worldwide.
  4:32pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

DOOOOOBSSSS!! What up man?!
  4:32pm jimmy penguin:

you guys are still killing it..
great to hear..
  4:38pm jOObs:

All good, Sir Alfred! Whats the craic? Busy busy busy, working and whatnot. Consumed with new equipment and records, making beats, squeeks and noises. WHADDUP TO PENGUIN AND SEBI!
  4:40pm Noah:

Wasn't Del a graphic designer as well?
  4:44pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Dawgisht....with....the...FUNKY BEATS!
  4:44pm Noah:

Hey Billy hey Alf, show sounds great!!
  4:46pm Paull:

Yo Bill,nthanks for dropping a classic
  4:47pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hey there Noah!? Hope all is well with you!
  4:49pm meta_este:

93/93 ;P Hot!
  4:55pm Bad Ronald:

Hah, cheers Billy, nice hit!

Great Show as always, digging the live vid stream!!!
  4:59pm sahak:

whos up next?
  5:00pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Celskii and Deeandroid are on deck
  5:01pm jimmy p:

its ten o' clock in ireland...
great show guys..
  5:01pm Paul:

If your watching the live stream Deeandroid & Celskiiii . Really looking forward to their set.
  5:02pm annie:

present and accounted for, mr jam.
  5:09pm damema:

oh yes wow!
i just found you.
few minutes past midnight here
  5:12pm wheeler:

if you play any tracks today send one out to wheeler
eazy-er said than dunn.
that one should be cool for the radio.......
  5:16pm Timi Dz...Nutz:

Heeeeyyyyy Biiilllllyyyy.....I can see and here you all the way Live Bro!!!! this is agreat to do this....
  5:16pm north guinea hills:

Happy weekend everyone!
  5:24pm Dawgisht:

This shit is HELLA fun... therapy to wash away the stains of 2009. Thanks to all in the place today! =)
  5:28pm Paul:

God I can't remember the last time I heard this tune
  5:28pm Todd 76%:

It's on again for twenty-ten! Thnx per usual for the jams, Billy! All the best in the new year to everyone in the place to be...
  5:29pm Bad Ronald:

Thank you and everyone out there at Megasonic. This show kills!
  5:32pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

BAS-1 in the HOUSEEEE!!!
  5:33pm jOObs:

tOO $hOrt! Big pimpin!
  5:34pm Timi Dz...Nutz:

Play some Ray Love..cuz I gots to get my money on!!!!!
  5:38pm Paul:

Yo Bill, can't see the DJ to the right of Dawgisht.
  5:40pm Billy Jam:

Thanks PAUL - just straigntened the UStream cam now...Good looking out....Where da weed at TIMI D?
  5:43pm jimmy penguin:

quest and dawgisht bringing the freshness..
  5:43pm Paul:

No worries Bill, really loving this special can't wait now for BAS 1 to bust a verse.
  5:51pm Bad Ronald:

Dis IS Sick!!!
  5:52pm Timi Dz...Nutz:

What you talk'n 'bout Billy?? I just got you the Phatest Sack in Da West O'.!.! The Jam Man is hold'n out on you all.....And Bas-1 look'n daper as always my man. You know what liquor store to find me at....
  5:53pm Bad Ronald:

Hell Yeah!
  5:57pm sahak:

excellent show billy! gonna get myself a bag enjoy the cali weather peace
  6:00pm jimmy penguin:

shout outs to every one involved, we're all still here..
  6:00pm Paul:

Yo Bill, Thanks for this amazing show. Big up to everyone in the house. Thanks to DNZ for the live stream its really cool. Have a great weekend in Oak town.Big up to Quest, Dawgisht Bas 1, Big up to Deeandroid & Celskiiii Oakland Faders and Saul Goody Later Peace, One Love Paul
  6:02pm jOObs:

Kwal-a-tea stuff, soldiers! Excellent.
  6:25pm Taz Cat:

Big shout out to Dawgisht! And you too Billy
  6:36pm Taz Cat:

Big shout out to Dawgisht! And you too Billy
  3:02am H.O.P.:

Big ups to Billy Jam and crew for havin' us side thru. -H
  10:42pm Billy Jam:

That was fun. Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in on the radio back in NY/NJ areas and online everywhere else including out in the Bay, in DC, MD, back in Ireland (Limerick, Galway, Dublin) and other parts of the world. Also thanks for checking out the UStream of the show (a first for this show) which, while not perfect, is a nice addition to getting a feel for the overall show. Special thanks to Jeremy Goody (aka Saul Goody, aka Balanceman) for so graciously allowing us all to take over his wonderful studio for the day (Megasonic Sound in Oakland) and also for his wonderful multi-instrumental contributions to the live session. THANKS Jeremy! Also thanks to all of the guests who stopped by but didnt get on the air inluding Mista B, DJ Platurn (Oakland Faders), and The Genie. And all those who did including Dawgisht (the man is a monster when it comes to laying down sick beats), DnZ (one of the greatest DJs I know and one of the nicest people I know), DJ Quest (the man is a legend for good reason), 4AM ( truly a renaissance man), Tajai and Opio from Souls of Mischief who were so mad cool (loved their freestyle too!), Deeandroid & Celskiii (two supertalented female skratch DJs - check out their Skratchpad events), Bas-1 (a unique talent who has such a passion for the art of hip-hop), and H.O.P. (a talented DJ with diverse musical tastes - welcome back to the Bay mayn). Of course thanks to WFMU for being such a truly freeform station - where we can do this kind of thing. Note that over the coming months there will be many more DJ oriented "Put The Needle On The Record" shows including in two weeks, Jan 22nd when DJ ALF and the Buck 50 Kutters will be among those getting busy in the WFMU Scratch Attack Pt II session in Jersey City, and the "Community Skratch Games" WFMU broadcast from Galway, Ireland on April 2nd. Thanks for listening to WFMU -peace BillyJam
  11:14pm DnZ's mom:

yo yo yo - I just hurt my back from breakdancing to that mix CD in the car (God I still love that Young MC "Bust A Move" joint) but anyways my son DnZ was good enough to UStream this broadcast, of which a recording (not the greatest audio quality) can be seen/heard here - http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/3835616 - Oh and to all of those "friends" of my sons, I am well aware of the "DnZ's moms" jokes you all make. And all I will say is that I dont appreciate them all.
  4:18pm James C:

sizzlin streamin
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