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Playlist for 16 December 2009 Favoriting | Merry Krampus 2009 A.D.

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Special Ed  Excerpt From Xmas 2005   Favoriting No Album  No Label 

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  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
People Like Us  Sounds of Christmas at The Tate   Favoriting No Album  No Label      0:04:53 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Jesus and I Go To Hell   Favoriting No Album  No Label 

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  0:09:35 (Pop-up)
Bob Dylan  Adeste Fidelus   Favoriting Christmas in the Heart  Sony 

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  0:16:35 (Pop-up)
Schedryk  Mitya Kuznetsov   Favoriting No Album  No Label      0:21:45 (Pop-up)
Laffy  Carol of the Bells   Favoriting No Album  No Label      0:23:44 (Pop-up)
Patton Oswalt  My Christmas Memory   Favoriting No Album  No Label 

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  0:26:11 (Pop-up)
Chuck Billy, Scott Ian, etc  Silent Night   Favoriting We Wish You a Metal Christmas  Armoury 

*   0:28:25 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Elias  Vamp   Favoriting Vampire Circus  Silva America      0:32:38 (Pop-up)
Mannheim Steamroller  Carol of the Bells   Favoriting A Fresh Aire Christmas  American Gramophone 

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  0:35:16 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
Little Drummer Boy   Favoriting No Album  Table of the Elements      0:38:53 (Pop-up)
The Jingle Cats  Little Drummer Boy   Favoriting Here Comes Santa Claws  Jingle Cats / BMG 

Click for the full size image
  0:50:37 (Pop-up)
Special Ed  Excerpt from the Naivete Special   Favoriting No Album  No Label      0:56:10 (Pop-up)
Children of CPH  Christmas Medley   Favoriting Christmas at CPH  No Label 

  0:59:54 (Pop-up)
Culturecide  Depressed Christmas   Favoriting The Best and Worst of Xmas 2004  Stay Free 

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  1:01:24 (Pop-up)
Monty Python  Christmas in Heaven   Favoriting Best of Monty Python  Virgin      1:04:25 (Pop-up)
People Like Us  Slay Bells   Favoriting No Album  No Label 

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  1:08:40 (Pop-up)
Scott Haag  Blue Christmas   Favoriting No Album  No Label      1:08:53 (Pop-up)
Tiny Tot Calvin & Tiny Tot Rachel  Say Will You Be Ready?   Favoriting Aunt Bertha Presents Singtime  Diadem 

Click for the full size image
  1:12:25 (Pop-up)
Irwin  Santa Claus Is Coming to Town   Favoriting WFMU  WFMU Aircheck 

  1:16:28 (Pop-up)
Wayne Butane  A Wayne Butane Christmas   Favoriting A Very Special Wayne Butane Christmas  Flaming Canine 

Click for the full size image
  1:20:12 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Jingle Dogs 
Carol of the Bells   Favoriting Christmas Unleased  Jingle Cat Records 

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  1:31:56 (Pop-up)
Vince Guaraldi Trio  Christmastime is Here   Favoriting A Charlie Brown Christmas  Fantasy 

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  1:44:38 (Pop-up)
Sonic Youth  Santa Doesn't Cop Out On Dope   Favoriting No Album  No Label 

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  1:46:41 (Pop-up)
Lemmy Kilmister, Billy Gibbons, Dave Grohl  Run Rudolph Run   Favoriting We Wish You a Metal Christmas  Armoury    *   1:50:06 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:

  1:57:56 (Pop-up)
People Like Us  Sounds of Christmas at The Tate   Favoriting No Album  No Label      2:02:49 (Pop-up)
Jeff St Pierre and Phillip Antoniades  Little Rubber Boy   Favoriting A Rubber Band Christmas  Redeye Distribution 

Click for the full size image
  2:06:47 (Pop-up)
BBC Radiophonic Workshop  Christmas Commercial   Favoriting BBC Radiophonic Music  BBC Records 

Click for the full size image
  2:11:15 (Pop-up)
Kids of CPH  Oh Come All Ye Faithful   Favoriting No Album  No Label 

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  2:13:05 (Pop-up)
Woody Philips  Joy to the World   Favoriting A Toolbox Christmas  Gourd Music 

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  2:13:49 (Pop-up)
Social Skills Center  Away In A Manger   Favoriting No Album  No Label      2:16:34 (Pop-up)
Thirsty Dave's Western Caravan  Psycho   Favoriting Yellow Texas Moon  Western Caravan 

Click for the full size image
  2:21:45 (Pop-up)
Special Ed  Excerpt from the Naivete Special   Favoriting No Album  No Label      2:25:00 (Pop-up)
People Like Us  Do You Hear?   Favoriting Live at Christian Marclay's Sounds of Christmas  No Label      2:29:58 (Pop-up)
Kay and Ed  Christmas 1957   Favoriting Calgary Home Recording Disc  No Label      2:31:10 (Pop-up)
Social Skills Center  Santa Claus Is Coming to Town   Favoriting No Album  No Label 

  2:33:29 (Pop-up)
Joel R Cooper  Cup of Jesus   Favoriting No Album  No Label      2:34:22 (Pop-up)
Yosemite Sam  Explains Santa Claus   Favoriting Who Wouldnt Go Down on Santa?  No Label      2:37:10 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Your DJ   Favoriting    

  2:38:45 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Kane  Little Drummer Boy   Favoriting No Album  Table of the Elements      2:50:08 (Pop-up)
Jimi Hendrix  Little Drummer Boy / Silent Night   Favoriting Cherokee Mist  No Label 

  2:50:27 (Pop-up)
Wing  Vision of Love   Favoriting Everyone Sings Carols With Wing  MMO Music      2:53:21 (Pop-up)
Wing  Ave Maria   Favoriting Wing Sings the Carpenters  Wing 

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  2:55:22 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am Dan B From Upstate:

Happy Kensday!
  9:02am Mark:

Here's my choice of beverage for this morning's show:
  9:04am annie:

let the wild krampus begin!!
  9:07am Midol:

I can relieve your Krampus!
  9:07am seang:

muggle bells, muggle bells
  9:08am Dan B From Upstate:

This is my first Krampus Christmas. I'm really looking forward to this!
  9:11am Ghengis Jung:

Sorry I'm late.
  9:13am Ozzy Skateboard:

it's been a Krampus kind of year.
  9:15am Lizardner Dave:

I love the Krampus Christmas show.
  9:16am Dan B From Upstate:

Dante for dummies?
  9:16am Ne-guh-tor:

  9:16am Ne-guh-tor:

Demons must be smelly.
  9:17am Vicki:

who's doing those little chipmunk voices, Ken? I want!
  9:18am crowe:

  9:20am Stuart Troutman:

Oh, I get the segue: from Satan to Dylan...good.
  9:21am annie:

will cartman grace the playlist?? oh holy night?
  9:23am Maria D:

Yes to Cartman!
  9:23am crowe:

  9:23am Holle Berry:

Tubular Bells,
Tubular Bells,
It's Krampus time,
Jersey City
  9:24am PMD:

Mornin'! Excited also for today's show. :-)
  9:25am annie:

pmd- you are sooo slacking.. ;)
  9:29am PMD:

NOT! I'll be here until at least 7.. gonna stay at work through 7sd.
  9:31am still b/p:

God Rest Ye, Metal Gentlemen
  9:32am Janet H:

Good Morning!!
  9:32am annie:

so, good, then we won't hear a "word" out of you... heheheh
  9:33am dc pat:

HOLY SHIT!! The Krampus show!!! AAAAhhhhH!!!!
  9:34am PMD:

hmmm,,, is it my turn in any active games?
Hi Janet!!!
  9:38am annie:

yup ;)
  9:40am annie:

i'm so excited, this is my second annual krampus celebration!
  9:40am Cecile:

hi, Ken! aw, missed Special Ed and all the goodness...

Mine, too, annie! How time flies!
  9:41am Mark:

This week Krampus show, next week xmas show?
  9:42am An informed listener:

It's actually a visionary idea to hedge your bets, to work both sides this holiday season, to appease the dark forces as well as Jesus and his little elves, because - what IF - WHAT IF - ? We could all learn from today's programme.
  9:44am PMD:

I didn't know I celebrated Krampus last year and the year before. I think my evil twin had taken over those years.
  9:44am Pascal:

I'll wager you're right, Informed.
  9:44am PMD:

And my evil twin enjoyed having my ears pulled and participating in the pulling.
  9:45am Ne-guh-tor:

Krampus Wedgie
  9:45am Mark:

and Ralph
  9:46am Magda:

I was whipped by a krampus in Salzburg Austria
  9:46am Ne-guh-tor:

Yeah, I'm with PMD, the Krampus tortures sound sort of good, right about now. Some kids might want to be "bad".
  9:47am Cecile:

Pomeranian seized by owl. What a Krampus present!
  9:47am listener mark:

Krampus needed a better lobbying firm. Where is Dick Cheney working these days?
  9:47am Cecile:

We Three Kings is pretty dark too. I loved it as a kid. It was in a minor key.
  9:48am A young listener:

Does Krampus give swirlies?
  9:48am Bob Dylan:

I did a Christmas album? Shoot, why didn't someone tell me?
  9:50am Mark:

Krampus invented wedgies and swirlies?
  9:50am Celebrity Stylist:

Don't you remember me straightening your hair for 10 hours at the photo shoot?
  9:51am Bad Ronald:

Purple Nurples?
  9:52am still b/p:

Krampus Wedgie = GNFA improvised high-octane holiday punch
  9:58am Cecile:

Or one of those shots that land you under a bar stool
"I'll have a Car Bomb and a Krampus Wedgie, please"
  9:58am cribley:

An excellent first hour, Ken.
  9:59am Lizardner Dave:

I smell marathon premiums:
  10:00am Mark:

I smell burning sulfur
  10:00am Lowendbrow:

Uppenvatsis mit der bunz und gambitz?
  10:00am dc pat:

ok, German speaking commenters--what the hell is going on in the Jingle Cats pic?? I can't quite make it out. "She has a game that Krampus can't play..." or something like that?
  10:02am -max-:

Good morning, Ken, Listeners, et al. Merry Krampus, Zatumba. Hello Larry.
  10:03am paul:

culturcide!!!!! this is seriously in my shortlist of best xmas songs ever
  10:03am magda:

Yeah lump of coals don't really resonate punishment like a beating from a demonic monster.
  10:09am Listener John:

That "Jesus & I go to hell" was very very unusual.

As was the Bob Dylan song that followed it!

Rock on, Ken!
  10:13am bennett4senate:

had to put my down souf rap on *paws* to get me some Khen
  10:14am Cecile:

Hey, Ken, do you have a John Waters Christmas?
There's a song on there called "Santa Claus is a Black Man" sung by this little kid named Akim which is classic Krampus fare
  10:15am dc pat:

ok, it's something like this: "She has a hot game of chess in honor of Krampus, but he is to weak too prevail." Deutschen, help me out..
  10:16am dc pat:

  10:16am Laura L:

German pic :
A hot little game, tis true / Krampus can't be refused / For in this hot game of chess / even the mightiest Krampus soon becomes a wuss!
  10:16am gecko:

Der Jinglecatskrampustext ist:
(Something like): A nice little game, entirely respectable, which Krampus can't refuse, But this hot chess, soon makes Krampus weak.

Incidentally, German isn't so much spoken as spit.
  10:17am bennett4senate:

watchoo kno about Zwarte Piet? aka Black Pete he's boys with St. Nick, in dutchland. the lady at The Wyckoff house told me that the local residents of E. Flatbush are all aboutit (rilly lady??)
  10:17am dc pat:

ach danke gecko.
  10:18am PMD:

@ gecko but the spit stays in your mouth at least, since it comes from the throat
  10:18am Bad Ronald:

This is hilarious!
  10:19am dc pat:

so, we learn a little more: Krampus's one weakness, hot redheads.
  10:20am gecko:

Ich spritze ein "your welcome" at dc pat

@PMD - actually, the spit does sometimes fly. The custom we have of not sitting in the front row of a lecture comes originally from Germany.
  10:21am bennett4senate:

  10:21am Lizardner Dave:

Wayne Butane! I bought a few Wayne Butane discs and I'm always amazed that you guys find enough FCC-friendly material to air.

Johnny Mathis.
  10:23am Laura L:

DC Pat: Bitte sehr! Note Krampus is such a wuss he doesn't even know what to do with the hottie. Ach, der Schweinhund!
  10:24am dc pat:

holy krampus, I'm not getting ANYthing done today...

Yeah Laura L, he's just sitting there scratching his head--totally forgot about the birch whip!
  10:26am PMD:

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. Where's the image of that?
  10:29am dc pat:

PMD: for the Jingle Cats tune
  10:30am Cecile:

dcp, his birch whip lost its snap, if you get my drift.
  10:30am Johnny Mattis:

Who you callin' a ho?
  10:30am annie:

pmd- consider yourself notified.
  10:31am doug in dc:

You sleigh me.
  10:31am crowe:

the difference between tiger woods and santa
santa stops at three hos
  10:32am Mark:

I thought the implication of the cartoon was that the hottie already wore Krampus out.
  10:32am Chris:

Thank god Christmas only comes 4 times a year.
  10:33am texas scott:

hey Ken.This show is such a distraction from work,that I'm just gonna surrender.
It's Krampus,for God sakes!
  10:35am Chris J:

To be inclusionary, I also wish a Happy Hogswatch to those who celebrate!
  10:36am PMD:

Oh, which wedgie to choose? All have their benefits.
  10:36am Bob Dylan:

Uh, did the royalties check at least clear? Are we totally sure, so I can really spend it???

And who *are* these people who buy this stuff, anyway??? Jesus.

Bring me a copy so I can check it out., and assess the damage
  10:37am Al Qaeda:

Don't forget the suicide wedgie.

  10:37am Cecile:

Bob, you donated all the money to charity.
  10:38am chuck:

wait, Bad Ronald? like the 70s after school special?
  10:39am Lizardner Dave:

Why was my first reaction to the image next to the Jingle Dogs "Keep on Truckin'" ?
  10:39am Ne-guh-tor:

Dear Bob Dylan,
Why have you made this vexing Christmas record? Do I like it even though I am an atheist? Is it that you do know what you have done?
  10:39am PMD:

How insane is it that this insanity is keeping me sane at work?
  10:40am Bob Dylan:

  10:42am Bad Ronald:

Yes Chuck live behind the walls...
  10:44am postmanpaul:

mmm, not a bad mix 'n mash.
  10:45am PMD:

I feel very sad that Ken didn't mention me when he said hello. Kinda like back in the old days in Romper Room - never said my name there either. waaahhhh Krampus on all of them.
  10:45am Bob D.:

Oh, OK. My people cleared it up. It means I don't have to look for other wtiteoffs against income both this and next tax year. Not that us members of the Hebrew persuasion are calculating or anything.

Now if I can just get an Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer franchise to pay for a vacation place out west, I'd have it made in the shade.
  10:46am Carmichael:

OK, well .... Seems I walked into the middle of a Satanic progrock psycho boogie party featuring the Charlie Brown Singers and America's Favorite Non-Germans, the Mannheim Steamroller. All on drugs.

I think I'll hang around.
  10:47am Chris:

has anyone travelled on christmas day (flying) - half the people I ask say it's bad. the other half say it's the best day to travel.
  10:49am dc pat:

what's with all the Krampuses just standing around in these pics. Shouldn't they be drunkenly chasing girls around with birch whips?? Man, I gotta get to Austria next December 5th...
  10:49am Laura L:

Mark, sure enough, you could read it that way, the hottie's worn him out--either way, Krampus is a wuss!
  10:50am Mark:

that's true Santa is strictly a booze hound
  10:50am bennett4senate:

@chris I flew on xmas day - found it to be quite low key. lower volume of people but otherwise the airports feel like the exact same nowhere-lands that they always feel like. but also since its christmas u feel okay with spending too much on a hotdog and beer and watching a football game on your layover, and the jetlag substitutes for the xmas fog of cheer.
  10:50am gecko:

@Chris - yeah, I've flown on Christmas. Half the people you talk to are right.
  10:50am Carmichael:

  10:51am gecko:

@Chris - yeah, I've flown on Christmas. Half the people you talk to are right.
  10:52am gecko:

Oops, sorry for duplicate posting. The second one referred to the *other* half
  10:54am dc pat:

why does Dave Grohl sound like he's using a wet towel for a snare drum?
  10:55am dc pat:

Krampus is so pathetic, he can't even apologize to a witch...
  10:56am Mark:

dc pat, because he's a hack?
  10:56am lewis:

that last run rudolph run sounded like nine pound hammer... but it isn't
  10:57am Chris:

Thanks. I hope it's not too bad but at least i'll be missing an uncomfortable Christmas day with the family.
  10:59am Carmichael:

DC Pat: He's probably mimicking the ol' rock'n'roll days, when Buddy Holly's drummer would use a phone book or cardboard box instead of a snare.
  11:00am doug in dc:

There's no place like a sunny vacation for the holidays.
  11:01am dc pat:

yeah, Eddie Cochran did that too. If that's his intention, he should use a freakin PHONE BOOK OR CARBOARD BOX!!
  11:02am Ken:

I think Krampus must of gone to junior high school with me
  11:02am wha?:

I'm just realizing that Dwight Schroot is Krampus in his modern guise.
  11:03am doug in dc:

Krampus gives you a flat tire?
  11:03am Mark:

whoops that was from me not Ken
  11:03am wha?:

Or at least they're best buds.
  11:05am Lizardner Dave:

Have a Merry Krampus and a Happy New Year Ken! I suspect I'll be listening to archives of past Krampus shows next Wednesday and Thursday even.
  11:05am Carmichael:

Ken, do you have any Longines Symphonette? Could you put it in the blender with Wild Man Fischer?
  11:09am postmanpaul:

hi ken, you kwazy person you... and talking of the devil, how's kenny g? really missing him.
  11:09am Vicki:

Ken, don't forget The Social Skills Centre!
  11:12am dc pat:

Vicki: great tunes today. Your looping prowess is brilliance.
  11:13am cribley:

On the laptop today, Ken? or were those chat noises just to mess with our heads?
  11:16am dc pat:

AHHH! I see the brunettes pose no problem for Krampus!
  11:16am trs:

ah, I like the tools turned instruments
  11:19am Ne-guh-tor:

Thanks for reminding Ken of the Social Skills Center, Vicki. Music to my poor ears.
  11:19am shameonyouken:

you know you're going straight to h-e-double-hockey sticks for playing this social skills center song
  11:20am Vicki:

Uh oh, Bob Dylan's home for Christmas
  11:21am Mark:

it doesn't sound like Bob will make it to Christmas
  11:21am cribley:

You put horns on Dylan, you've got yourself a Krampus ... if he doesn't have them already, that is.
  11:21am trs:

oh, hey - look. a volume dial..
  11:21am Vicki:

ha ha
  11:22am bbell:

God Jul to all, especially Bob Dylan, who gave Ken the best gift (new material for Krampus mixing!) Do you think Krampus is responsible for burning down and molesting the Yule Goat in Sweden?
  11:22am Chris:

IF...and I mean IF Bob Dylan stills smokes pot I can understand...
  11:22am cribley:
  11:23am Bad Ronald:

Great slant on Kittel's tune!
  11:24am lewis:

go Ken!!
  11:24am Brian C.:

wow, "Psycho Santa"! Maybe the best Christmas song ever! Nice cover!
  11:24am Cecile:

ok, this is really disturbing.
And on this show, this is really saying something.
  11:25am AnAnonymousParty:

I can't decide what's worse, a lump of coal or the Bob Dylan Christmas CD in the stocking.
  11:25am cribley:

this is the best country song i've heard in a long time.
  11:26am zoot:

When Dylan sings, "I'll Be Home for Christmas", is that a threat?
  11:27am PMD:

From wikipedia: Traditionally, young men dress up as the Krampus in the first two weeks of December. In some rural areas the tradition also includes birching by Krampus, especially of young girls. [oh, what a surprise that young me birch young girls, be they redheads or brunettes]
  11:27am Janet H:

I've been scared the whole time listening to this show. Thanks!
  11:29am dc pat:

well, he definitely (from the graphic evidence anyway) seems to handle brunettes better than redheads...woe to the dark-haired lasses....
  11:30am 67tele:

Isn't there a tune by Porter Waggoner or somebody that the Psycho Santa song is a playoff of? Do you think I'm Psycho Mama, or something? I figure somebody out there knows what I'm talking bout...
  11:31am Bad Ronald:

Leon Payne wrote "Psycho" but I'm familiar with the Jack Kittel version:
  11:32am anne:

the krampus show has become our family holiday tradition, thanks Ken!
  11:35am Carmichael:

Sounds like Jack Murdurian in there with the gang.
  11:35am Ne-guh-tor:

Sing it, Oral!
  11:36am Ne-guh-tor:

This Joel R Cooper song has a serious Beatles lick lifted in it.
  11:38am Chris:

@anne - i want to spend christmas with your family instead.
  11:41am north guinea hills:

Thanks Bad Ronald, the Eddie Noack version is good too.
  11:41am Billy Jam:

greetings from Ireland where I am enjoying your Krampus show, Ken! Saw a WFMU sticker on a car nearby the Dublin airport earlier today. Tomorrow will set up gear at All City in Temple Bar for Friday's WFMU remote broadcast.
  11:41am 67tele:

Wow - thanks Bad Ronald!!!! that's the one I remember
("Seems I was holdin' a wrench Mama...and then my mind just walked away") fascinating story on there - *chills*
  11:42am Vicki (PLU / DO or DIY):

you can download Christian Marclay's Sounds of Christmas here for free -
  11:43am Bad Ronald:

Yes I love that tune! Thanks NGH that is a nice version.

EC took a stab at it as well:

Hey Hey Billy J!
  11:44am Carmichael:

Ya know, somehow Jon Davidson would fit in perfectly today.
  11:44am Mark:

He did he did! Krampus went to Junior High School with me
  11:44am Krampus:

I also call you and ask you if your refrigerator is running, and if you answer 'yes', I tell you you better go and catch it.
  11:48am Krampus:

You know when you take the laundry out of the drier and you are missing one sock? That's me.
  11:49am Marshall Stacks:

Chappy Chanukkah, Ken!
  11:50am dc pat:

Krampus, why is it always the left sock?
  11:51am Bad Ronald:

Best Krampus show ever! Thanks Ken!!!
  11:52am Mark:

Krampus you don't use the more traditional word dryer when referring to the machine that makes wet clothers drier?
  11:54am -max-:

Mark, you are in for it now! Forgive him Krampus...
  11:54am Dan B From Upstate:

Gotta' go to lunch early today. Thanks for the fantastic Krampus show, Ken. See you next year!
  11:55am -max-:

Ah, Wing! My day is complete. Ask my boss if I can go home now. Please?
  11:55am Mark:

no don't forgive me Krampus, I've been naughty, I must be punished
  11:55am north guinea hills:

zorn w/ yamataka eye, brilliant!
  11:56am Vicki:

excellent show Ken
  11:57am Laura L:

Agreed--excellent show, thanks, Ken! Spitze!
  11:57am paul:

xmas really isnt xmas wing's "ave maria"
  11:57am paul:

there shouldve been a without in there
  11:57am cribley:

Wing is so awesome.
  11:59am texas scott:

wing for krampus queen!
  12:00pm Marshall Stacks:

Would anyone like a Hertz donut? I've got a box of them right here.
  12:00pm Mark:

  12:01pm Bad Ronald:

Lashes for the lasses y'all!
  12:02pm Mark:

young adolescents all over the world owe Krampus a debt of gratitude for inventing all these things
  12:02pm trs:

happy globuledays everyone
  12:03pm Art Smass:

Ken is BMOK.
  12:03pm PMD:

well done!
  2:59pm Jeff M:

Why do you hate Jesus?
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