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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options September 16, 2009: Lots of unreleased things that no one's ever heard of

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Recording Industries Are Archaic  The Joy Of Noise   Options unreleased mp3  0:00:00 ()
Petula Clark  On The Road   Options La Dame Dans L' Auto Avec Des Lunettes Et Un Fusil  0:02:51 ()
Lightspeed Champion  Xanadu   Options   0:05:01 ()
Hugues Aufray  Ce Que Je Veux Surtout   Options Gold Music Story - Dylan  0:06:46 ()
Motion Trio  CafĂ© Paris   Options Pictures From The Street  0:09:21 ()
The Nihilist Spasm Band  Dog Face Man   Options No Record  0:11:12 ()
Dummy Run  Songs For Swinging Children   Options The New Sound Of Drab  0:11:59 ()
various Impacts    unreleased mp3  0:12:29 ()
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock  Mama   Options Das Fest  0:12:50 ()
Stock, Hausen & Walkmen  Total Pointless Guidance Mix   Options Medical Milestones  0:14:00 ()
Kid Koala  Like Irregular Chickens   Options Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  0:14:19 ()
Dutch Resistance  Mr Blue Sky   Options The Resistance Begins Here  0:14:30 ()
Spaz  Spaz   Options unreleased mp3  0:15:31 ()
Ben Vautier  Some Ideas For Fluxus   Options Fluxus Anthology  0:16:35 ()
Roger Roger  Polka Mauve (1963)   Options Grand Travaux - Music For Film Productions 1956-1966  0:17:26 ()
Karel Svoboda  Was Ist Los   Options Generation Fernseh-Kult  0:18:03 ()
Gloom303  The Real Orange Country, You Know, Like   Options unreleased mp3  0:18:50 ()
Christian Bok  And Sometimes   Options unreleased mp3  0:19:13 ()
Alvin Curran  Toto Angelica   Options Lost Marbles  0:19:40 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Hollyridge Strings 
I'll Follow The Sun   Options   0:20:45 ()
Gregory Brothers  Secretary Chung and President Obama Auto-Tune Health Care   Options unreleased mp3  0:24:45 ()
Unknown  Be Happy   Options unreleased mp3  0:27:10 ()
Lalo Schifrin  Be Happy Again   Options TX1138 OST  0:28:53 ()
Karel Svoboda  Gute Neuigkeiten   Options from Generation Fernseh-Kult  0:29:55 ()
Wobbly  Killer Autotune   Options unreleased mp3  0:30:43 ()
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock  Mama   Options Das Fest  0:31:01 ()
Gregory Brothers  Lift Up Your Heart   Options unreleased mp3  0:33:33 ()
Dan Deacon  Mr Big Stuff   Options Porky Pig  0:34:55 ()
ToToM  Derniers Ding Ding Dong   Options unreleased mp3  0:37:15 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Hollyridge Strings 
I'll Follow The Sun   Options   0:40:03 ()
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble  Preach   Options Dreams  0:42:08 ()
Yol K'u  Fiesta De Los Mayas   Options Inside the Sun - Mountain Mayan Music  0:46:19 ()
Thai Elephant Orchestra  Trio For Theremin & Electric Keyboard   Options Thai Elephant Orchestra  0:49:03 ()
Nu Creative Methods  Muggles Jungle   Options Le Marchand de Calicot  0:49:27 ()
Christian Marclay  Jukebox Capriccio   Options The Wire 20 1982 - 2002: Audio Issue  0:49:42 ()
DJ Bitman  Me Gustan   Options Latin Bitman  0:52:11 ()
Kazmi With Rickies  Hugs   Options Who  0:54:31 ()
386DX  California Dreaming   Options unreleased mp3  0:57:04 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 9/16/09 7:01pm vince:

Good day, Vicki & all fellow 'PLU-kers"!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:01pm pfapfap:

Ahh, Irwin > Andy > Vicki.

Wednesdays are FUNdays on FMU!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:02pm Vicki:

evening all
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:03pm anne:

this is awesome. cleanses the palate!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:03pm Ike:

This is great! This is even better than ECC's "Rebel Without A Pause."
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:04pm Vicki:

indeed! fantastic album is Dirt Bacharach
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:04pm Gwilly:

Hey! My clock is slow, you started already..
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:05pm Vicki:

great timing though!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:05pm Chris K.:

Evening, Vicki and all, finally remembered to sign on for a live listen (always catch the podcast.) Aw, only thing worse than Xanadu is a bad cover of Xanadu. Love it!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:06pm Vicki:

doing my show from a hotel in Newcastle this week. Strange noises in the pipes, just went and looked in the hallway
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:06pm texas scott:

ghosts,i tells you
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:07pm Chris K.:

Did you record the strange noises, Vicki?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:07pm Gwilly:

Strange noises... in which pipes?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:07pm Vicki:

I think it's toilets. No I think it's only transmissions. Or emissions.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:08pm Vicki:

I don't know. I think it's upstairs. And outside. Drunk people.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:08pm vince:

toilets that go 'bump' in the night?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:08pm texas scott:

don't take any evps hehe
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:09pm Vicki:

no, the shower socket is coming out of the bathroom wall though
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:09pm vince:

  Wed. 9/16/09 7:10pm vince:

Just finished watching "The Prisoner" series for the first time, this afternoon
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:10pm Vicki:

this week we fmu djs have to note in our playlists what album and label everything we play is on so that people get sent a coffee flavoured chocolate from someone in an office in America. It took me over an hour to work out what had even been released on this show let alone know the name of the album or label.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:11pm Vicki:

then I suggest you start watching The Prisoner from the beginning again. I personally recommend Jason King actually. Or The Rockford Files.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:12pm vince:

iy, coruomba !
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:12pm vince:

Oh, not to worry... I did.......
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:13pm Chris K.:

Vince: You are number 6. (You watched the entire series in one afternoon?) Working my way through '67 Spiderman animated.

Vicki: Coffee flavored chocolate? Confused. Saw Ken's comments about RIAA...Residuals? Residual chocolates?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:13pm Vicki:

ok so how to I just undo making my Firefox resolution so small I can't even see what I'm tyrping? No joke
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:14pm Chris K.:

  Wed. 9/16/09 7:14pm Chris K.:

Or just learn to touch-type/surf.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:15pm vince:

well...... just finished.... the last 4......
been watching a few a day....
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

View >> Zoom >> Reset
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:15pm Vicki:

oh my god, thank you
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:15pm pfapfap:

This is the goofiest stuff I've heard in a long time. Love it!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:16pm vince:

this is nice!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:16pm Vicki:

touch typing is the only useful thing I learnt at school!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This is like like something from Amanda, but sped up.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:17pm giraffe-o:

Is that the yelpy youTube dog over the piano drone outro of "Strawberry Fields Forever" ?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:17pm Vicki:

indeed yes - it's the RIAA reporting period. Time to give your friends 27 cents.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:18pm vince:

Ha, ha, ha!!!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:19pm Chris K.:

Can I have $.27? I'm your friend, right? RIGHT?!?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:20pm Vicki:

I'll send you an empty envelope with a stamp on it if you like
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:22pm Vicki:

ok I think I've caught up now. How DJs get to play any music I don't know. I just paste lists. Oh and get the MATHS QUESTION WRONG oh sorry caps lock
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:22pm Chris K.:

Vicki, you must try a text-to-speech program reading your track list, would be hi-larious. (Loved having your aunties reading 'em on the Apr Fools show.)
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:23pm Vicki:

You want more energy , Acai Berry will increase your e...
oh sorry, wrong window
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:24pm texas scott:

the plinth,the plinth is on FIRE!

with style.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:24pm Vicki:

my aunties have read more since then too! they have gone all avant on me
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:26pm Vicki:

what the hell is she doing on the plinth?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:26pm Vicki:

any youtube links I can use the music from, folks?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:26pm Chris K.:

Lovely auto-tune joke by Colbert on Monday: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/247478/september-14-2009/kanye-west-interrupts-taylor-swift-at-the-vmas (go to 1m in)
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:27pm vince:

yeah.... and he's got The Flaming Lips tonight!!!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:27pm Vicki:

thank you - will look after the show - please other people paste me some media links of interesting audio to play!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:29pm Ike:

Can UK people access colbertnation.com? It might be blocked to non-U.S. citizens. Vicki might need to use a proxy or something.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:29pm Oscar:

Yay, Dave Benson Philips again! Takes me back to one of the earliest PLU shows on WFMU. Wow, Do Or DIY has been on the air for years now.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:30pm Chris K.:

Vicki, did you get the illegalart.net napster collection CD? Very cool material. I'll see if I can find the name of it. Amazing amateur bizarre stuff.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:32pm vince:

You can have my wife, me & my friend singing "Fish Heads"- kareoke-style:
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:32pm Vicki:

no - I was on the Illegal Art exhibit album and know illegalart.net which is something separate but not sure which you mean actually. Do you mean the thing The ECC put together of people's audiotrack in tunes where they were unknowingly sharing their vocal recordings on napster?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:34pm Vicki:

any other recommendations, people? Only about 4 DO or DIYs left this year.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:35pm Vicki:

Bleedin nora, there goes a road sweeper. It's gone midnight! These northerners never sleep
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:35pm cklequ:

  Wed. 9/16/09 7:36pm Chris K.:

Vicki, yeah I think you're right ECC...I picked it up from illegalart.net .

Lovely autotuning!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:36pm Phil R:

I really like Girl Talk - also on illegal arts...
though that's a bit too mainstream perhaps.
lots of it isn't too radio friendly though.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:36pm Vicki:

nice link, cklequ
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:37pm Gwilly:

It's always nigt time in Newcastle, though. The roadsweepers never sleep.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:38pm texas scott:

try this,vicki


  Wed. 9/16/09 7:39pm Chris K.:

Requests: Tape-beatles? Plunderphonics? Other classic tape cut-ups?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:40pm MrFab:

Wasn't ECC, 'twas Stark Effect:
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:40pm Vicki:

  Wed. 9/16/09 7:41pm Vicki:

that did a napster comp? anyone got it?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:41pm Vicki:

don't spent the 67 cents all at once, btw Mr Fab
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:42pm Chris K.:

MrFab: Note the link on that page to the ECC with a thanks to the ECC for the idea...So Stark Effect followed up with more juicy tidbits.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:43pm Chris K.:

Vicki, the ECC page has mp3's, dunno 'bout Stark Effect...
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:43pm Chris K.:

  Wed. 9/16/09 7:43pm Vicki:

the ECC definitely should take the credit for Napster Nuggets, as they are called
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:45pm Vicki:

napster, sigh
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:45pm Phil R:

What are the chances that I'd send a private email tonight to V B, regarding 'stark effect', and have it show up entirely separately in the listeners comments - but not mine? Bizarre - but cool.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:45pm Vicki:

napster, sigh... when illegal filesharing was so simple
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:47pm Vicki:

yes, that's true, Phil R! Funny coincidence, you were recommending playing Stark Effect. I'm so tired from pipes, road sweepers and Newcastle accents that I didn't even notice
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:47pm MrFab:

Aw yez, forgot the ECC connection. Yes, Stark Effect still has lots of mp3s up (just checked) e.g. the classic "Bunnyrabbits Satan Cheese & Milk"
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:48pm Vicki:

those Best Bootlegs in the World albums really were great, particularly the first one. By number 4(!) they were a bit shitty though
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:50pm Vicki:

maybe I should just do a mashup show next week
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:52pm Doug:

Where am I?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:53pm Vicki:

well it depends which Doug you are.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:53pm Chris K.:

Ah for the love of god, I finally figured out what it was called: http://evolution-control.com/cat_comps.html ("Default's Greatest Hits")

Doug: You are there, you sure ain't HERE!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:54pm Doug:

Which Doug am I?
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:54pm Vicki:

yes, that's it Chris K
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:55pm vince:

welp, thanks for another hour of entertainment!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:55pm Vicki:

if you're the Doug I know then you're a home. If you aren't then you're Dougless.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:55pm texas scott:

my name's not doug!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:55pm Vicki:

yes, nearly time for sleep here. 1am and all that.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:56pm Vicki:

  Wed. 9/16/09 7:56pm Chris K.:

Vicki, I don't think I've ever heard you play anything from Kevin Blechdom or Blevin Blectum. Should add that to your list (unless other WFMU DJ's play some?)
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:57pm Doug:

I am Doug ...that I know ... no more, no less
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:57pm Vicki:

I've played both
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:57pm Phil R:

Goodnight Vicki - thanks
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:57pm Chris K.:

When I travel, I bring good earplugs (get from your local musician's shop, they sell the good "musician's" plugs that you can wear to concerts. Or in noisy hotels.)
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:58pm Chris K.:

Doug, you are Doug or someone else by the same name. (Old joke!)
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:58pm Vicki:

I just bring a brick
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:59pm Chris K.:

Nighty-night Vicki, hope you get sleep. If a neighbor keeps you up, I'm sure you can confuse them with bizarre music.
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:59pm vince:

at least, he's not Number 6!
  Wed. 9/16/09 7:59pm Vicki:

goodnight all!

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