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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options September 9, 2009: Bumble Bee Bolero

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Anonymous Donors  Beethoven's 5th Movement   Options 0:00:00 ()
Brian Joseph Davis  EULA   Options 0:00:24 ()
Alan Stocks  Customs And Quarantine Regulations   Options 0:04:40 ()
Family Guy  The Freaking FCC   Options 0:10:10 ()
Anonymous Donors  Yankee Doody Dandy   Options 0:11:29 ()
Anonymous Donors  Silent But Deadly Night   Options 0:12:40 ()
Leroy Anderson  The Waltzing Cat   Options 0:13:35 ()
(with) various Anonymous Donors    0:13:41 ()
Boston Typewriter Orchestra  QWERTY Waltz   Options 0:14:07 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Hollyridge Strings 
I'm A Loser   Options 0:17:16 ()
Josie McDermott  Celtic Mouth Music   Options 0:21:05 ()
Tim Lyons  Celtic Mouth Music   Options 0:21:50 ()
Audrey St-Coeur  Celtic Mouth Music   Options 0:22:28 ()
(and) Harry Breuer  Farmerette   Options 0:23:52 ()
(into) Harry Breuer  Bumble Bee Bolero   Options 0:24:06 ()
(then) Alexander Liebermann  Music For 40 Typewriters   Options 0:24:21 ()
(also) Woody Phillips  Flight Of The Bumble Bee   Options 0:24:35 ()
Only A Mother  Secret   Options 0:24:44 ()
The Ukelele Orchestra Of Great Britain  Ride Of The Valkyries - Silver Machine   Options 0:27:18 ()
(and) Bendix Thor  The Rinse Cycle   Options 0:30:49 ()
(into) Hawkwind  Silver Machine   Options 0:31:04 ()
(with) Throbbing Gristle  Freedom Is A Sickness   Options 0:32:11 ()
Hawkwind  Silver Machine   Options 0:33:00 ()
(with) Throbbing Gristle  His Arm Was Her Leg   Options 0:33:09 ()
Susan Rafey  The Big Hurt   Options 0:34:41 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Hollyridge Strings 
Sound Of Silence   Options 0:36:57 ()
Mark Ford  Chartsweep   Options 0:39:36 ()
Drake-Chenault Documentary  Rock and Roll Timesweep   Options 0:41:52 ()
Mark Ford  Chart Sweep   Options 0:49:39 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 9/9/09 7:01pm mb:

Woohoo! Im all in this week.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:01pm Vicki:

  Wed. 9/9/09 7:06pm young colleague:

Just so I know, are these UK or American customs/quarantine regulations?
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:06pm Vicki:

I think Ken and Andy just wore everyone out. Feel free to keep pasting record stores. In fact paste blogspot sites instead.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:07pm Vicki:

  Wed. 9/9/09 7:09pm German Shepherd Dog:

that isn't fair
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:10pm Ike:

That BMG end user licensing agreement as sung by a women's choir was comedy gold. I just discovered there's more stuff by that dude on the Free Music Archive. Cool.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Say, is there a record store near me where I could go to purchase this recording?
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:12pm Vicki:

there's some Brian Joseph Davis on Beware The Blog too
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:12pm Vicki:

yes, this show could be all about where the hell you get this stuff :)
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:14pm G:

Was that the first *movement* :-P
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:15pm Vicki:

last week's show was called "three piece suite with several movements"
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:16pm irene:

nice stick work
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:18pm irene:

is that true??
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:19pm Vicki:

  Wed. 9/9/09 7:20pm :):

ASDF is even better
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:21pm young colleague:

that is asinine. though i can't imagine such a thing passing.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:21pm Vicki:

ASDF - oh that German group from the 80s
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:22pm zipthwung:

this filesharing will not stand
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:23pm :(:

i imagine it would;d be really hard to police, hence the resistane from ISPs.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:23pm Vicki:

I haven't imagined a lot of things passing. I agree I can't imagine it. However, the fact that my country's government even proposed such a thing means at first they imagined it. And yes, everyone, I agree. They would never win
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:23pm ;):

nice typing by me. no, just was trying to make a bad keyboard joke.
Great show btw
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:25pm zipthwung:

they could pay filesharers to police themselves, because it takes one to know one.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:28pm Vicki:

I just feel a sense of dismay that governments don't even see the first hurdle in an argument, enough to keep their mouths shut. They can't even do a proper bit of research - they only asked about 200 people what they thought
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:28pm secret sharer:

the horror, the horror
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:28pm texas scott:

and another "Artist " on the plinth...

ukeleles RULE!!!
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:28pm young colleague:

perhaps it just posturing; by just proposing it, a fear tactic.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:29pm Vicki:

ukeleles DO rule, and so does getting annoyed sometimes, can make a good radio show! Oh - what are they doing on the plinth at the moment? Please do tell
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:31pm Vicki:

so, what youtube links do we have to share this week, listeners? musical/audio extraction for DO or DIY...
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:31pm texas scott:

messages to friends written on a chalkboard

i do love the anglican way!
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:32pm Vicki:

  Wed. 9/9/09 7:34pm Vicki:

strange sounds outside the window here... gone midnight... and a near neighbour has taken to practicing little bursts of opera - 7am... 1am..., but she sounds like a theramin. Took months to work out it was a human
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:34pm wobbly:

this is a lot of silver machine
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:35pm Vicki:

well I've got one, I thought I'd use it. And an opera singing human theramin
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:36pm BSI:

Just tuned in... marvelous and creepy, mixing TG and HW, my twin musical obsession during school days...
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:36pm texas scott:

original big hurt was like a bomb going off...
thanks,again Vicki!
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:37pm Vicki:

amazing eh
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:37pm MrFab:

Stick a mic out the window and record Theremin Lady!
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:37pm Vicki:

hello Mr Fab - thanks for the Boston Typewriter Orchestra link - everybody go and get it at the Music For Maniacs blog
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:38pm Vicki:

please paste the link to your podcast, Wobbly
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:39pm gerardo:

hola, vicki!
unfortunately, at this very moment i'm using a pc with no speakers at all .S, so i'm forced to listen to the show later
cool playlist, it seems!
(btw, any words concerning the 9.9.09 new beatles craze?)
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:40pm texas scott:

  Wed. 9/9/09 7:40pm Vicki:

ok chaps - time to "name that tune" - here we go...
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:41pm Vicki:

hi Gerardo - well we're playing Name That Tune. Well I am anyway.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:41pm G:

tomorrow never knows it doesn't know
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:41pm texas scott:

love the Chartsweep.
i can name every tune,i'm sure
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:42pm Vicki:

OK here's a podcast for you all - http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:43pm wobbly:

it is a tough one to google / vicki beat me to it

it wasn't me as much that revealed the author as mark ford as plain old google: http://www.drakechenault.org/special.html
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:44pm Vicki:

yes but you told me - and no one else seems to have identified it in my tiny world
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:44pm wobbly:

mark ford, hero

"now if I can find the right place, we might come up with a good segueway, so after, ha, uhm, HOURS..."
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:45pm Laura:

This educational snippet about music suited for the radio-, right now he's talking about overlap---what is it? where can I find it?
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:45pm Vicki:

this is for all the lonely people, say the lyrics
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:46pm Vicki:

was that link you pasted where Laura can find this, Wobbly?
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:46pm texas scott:

thanks fer the links,guys and girls
what an education i have learned
not lonely anymore.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:47pm gerardo:

leidecker's panorama on sampling, good!
("thinking that life has passed them by"?)
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:47pm pfapfap:

Wow, I love this clip! Tho' I suppose we're all of us fans of the how and why behind the what, which is part of what attracts us to this show...
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:47pm Vicki:

yes that too, ha ha
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:48pm Vicki:

it's nice that it's so simple, it makes it friendly - although it wasn't simple to do with tape
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:49pm gerardo:

now i'm "speakered"
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:49pm zipthwung:

dude fade it up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SaFTm2bcac
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:49pm texas scott:

it's all so simple,eh vick?
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:50pm gerardo:

i tried doing that with cassettes, even harder!
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:50pm Vicki:

will check that link after the show, thanks
yesh it's simple, as in friendly
I did it with double cassette decks too.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:51pm texas scott:

i was caucasian, when caucasian wasn't cool.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:52pm gerardo:

pitch controlled playing?. i had none, lol!
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:52pm Vicki:

  Wed. 9/9/09 7:53pm wobbly:

vicki did you see someone did a youtube version of the time sweep? it's a different edit, not as smooth as Ford's but it's got images

I got the Mark Ford / Drake-Chenault interview from Bill Ingram, who is one of the three people I know who did updates of Ford's original 1955-1981 Sweep. I think it was part of the original 52 hour History of Rock and Roll documentary (of which the Time Sweep was the big ending)
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:53pm texas scott:

where my caucasians at????
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:53pm zip:

i used to play tapes on a tape recording device.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:53pm Vicki:

amazing we can know the words to so many songs eh? no wonder I can't remember anything, I'm full of crap
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:53pm Vicki:

do you have the link to the youtube Chartsweep to paste in here?
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:54pm gerardo:

btw, heavy beatles references in there
cool stuff that, vobbly
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:54pm zip:

i offloaded my memory to my computer
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:54pm texas scott:

we all be full of crap,wonderful,musical crap...
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:55pm Vicki:

it's all the charts back to back, Gerardo
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:55pm zip:

im down with opp and usb
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:56pm Vicki:

I must remember I'm doing a radio show, nearly forgot
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:56pm monster mashup:

something in the way she sits on the dock of the bay...
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:56pm wobbly:

just gotta search 'time sweep number one' on youtube, it's in many different parts


"like a bridge over troubled water, whisper words of wisdom'
'everything is beautiful to the long and winding road'
'cherokee people, you've got a friend'
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:57pm texas scott:

as always,great entertaining,maam
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:57pm Vicki:

many thanks, looking forward to seeing that
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:57pm gerardo:

you bet!
"todo el rato", as we say here
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:57pm Vicki:

ok chaps, goodnight - be sure to follow all these links in comments
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:58pm zip:

i used to spin the tuner on the radio. all the good music was on the high and low end, with bad reception. I din;t really understand why.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:58pm Vicki:

hands across the water, water
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:58pm cklequ:

Why do i always forget about Do or DIY and suddenly remember 2 minutes before your show is over????
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:58pm gerardo:

checkin' link
nitey-nite, vicki ;)
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:59pm texas scott:

my life just flashed in front of my eyes.
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:59pm Vicki:

I'd play the whole Chart Sweep on next week's show if Kenny hadn't already beat me to it!
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:59pm Vicki:

there's always the podcast, cklequ
  Wed. 9/9/09 7:59pm mb:

cool shoe
  Wed. 9/9/09 8:00pm zip:


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