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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options August 22, 2009: Summer 2009 Ep. 9 - Style Piglet

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Artist Track
Frank Edward Nora  The Rampler   Options
  "Summer 2009 Ep. 9 - Style Piglet" - 3:59:58 / 220 MB - Frank broadcasting live from WFMU (wfmu.org) 91.1 FM in Jersey City, NJ, on Saturday, August 22, 2009, from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM. Topics include the "Horrible Bag"/"Vaccine Bag" containing two scary child mannequin heads from a department store going out of business, EVP attempts with the heads,whooping cough vaccine character and concert in TImes Square, Hurricane Bill, Typhoon Vamco, haircut problem, Alpha Flight, movie "It Might Get Loud", live Rifftrax of "Plan 9 From Outer Space", vanity license plates synchronicity, an apocalypic sun vision, and much more. NYC recordings: Hepburn (8/17/09) 22:48, Brooklyn (8/18/09) 23:17, Theater (8/19/09) 17:40. Reviews: DynaPep Supercharged Energy Micro-Shot, Japanese snack (Bourbon Pakila), Japanese beverage(Roots "Peak Andes" Roast One Coffee), and more. Pinball Corner with "Doctor Who", "Popeye Saves The Earth", "Star Wars", "High Speed II: The Getaway". A great phone call with Tommy from Keansburg, New Jersey, on a wide variety of topics (including The Hindenberg, The Amish, Shelley Winters, the movie industry, and much more). Songs in the "Rampler music" genre: "All That Time (I Spent With 209)" by BellyBrain/Peter Bernard, and "The Rampler" by Sherri West of The Lava Children. Theme song "Minimoog" by Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen, from "Vintage Synths Vol. 1" ©1990 Originalton West (originaltonwest.de) - used with permission.

Listener comments!

  2:00am Rampler:

Welcome to the show! I have a horrible bag.
  2:00am JimSally519:

  2:00am Brian Jude:

Hello, Ramplerville!
  2:01am JimSally519:

Horrible bag, Im interested!!! Maybe a sneak peak on Ustream?
  2:03am peetyL:

Hell0 all. Let's see yr bag, Rampler!!!
  2:04am peetyL:

Horrible bags are for babies.
  2:05am JimSally519:

I was just thinking of the right babies remark myself... I was thinking Babies have horrible bags.
  2:06am peetyL:

Babies having horrible bags is for babies...does that make sense?
  2:06am John:

Hey, Dad and I are listening, He might go to bed soon.
  2:07am JimSally519:

good night dad!
  2:08am JimSally519:

I saw a couple of your videos on You Tube pettyL, they gave my nightmares!
  2:11am pettyL:

Thank you so much, Baby JimSally. I am pettyL, king of all NASCAR racing!!!
  2:12am JimSally519:

All Hail JimSally, Al Mighty King of Halo 3!
  2:14am peetyL:

Halo 3 IS for babies...
  2:14am JimSally519:

Listen to this guy taling about making beer? Where is he gonna do it, in his bath tub?
  2:15am JimSally519:

Wah Wah, Halo 3, I wannna Halo 3, Wah Wah
  2:17am Neal:

  2:18am peetyL:

y0 Neal
  2:19am Derek J:

  2:19am JimSally519:

Yo Yo
  2:19am Neal:

Loving Frank's Catherine Hepburn impressions.
  2:24am John:

Dad to bed.
  2:25am Brian Jude:

Bed is for babies.
  2:26am peetyL:

Yeah, they're going to rename Kombucha KAB00MA now.
  2:27am peetyL:

No Brian, CRIBS are for babies!
  2:27am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

hey frankie
  2:28am justin:

you've gotta open the kombucha ice cold.
  2:32am Brian Jude:

Vampire companies make contraptions that make movies!
  2:33am Brian Jude:

peetyL - Good point!
  2:33am peetyL:

Sorry, I'm a cheapskate. I have to settle for the Wal-Mart capes and coffins.
  2:34am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

my college roomate is the guy in the dynapep commercials, he's the "dynapepe" superhero
  2:35am alexmercado.blogspot.com:


  2:35am sherri:

sounds ominous
  2:35am Joshua K:

I almost forgot Its the rampler tonight, I was busy playing xbox 360
  2:36am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

sorry it's not dynapepe, misspell... lol, it's my latin roots making that extra "e"
  2:37am Brian Jude:

I was out singing karaoke tonight. Made sure I got home in time for The Rampler! Of course, Jersey bars close at 2 anyway.
  2:37am JimSally519:

What were you playing Jish, I was playing 1943 just before the show
  2:38am Joshua K:

I like how these energy shots keep getting smaller.... eventually its going to devolve back into pills
  2:38am JB Reed:

haha... personally i prefer pepe
  2:38am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

his name is mike and i'm sure he would love any exposure, lol.
  2:39am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

old college roomate the guy in red.
  2:42am Joshua K:

This is where those things come from:
The DUKW (popularly pronounced "duck") is a six-wheel-drive amphibious truck that was designed by General Motors Corporation during World War II for transporting goods and troops over land and water and for use approaching and crossing beaches in amphibious attacks.
  2:42am Val from Cape Town:

Hi Frank and everyone!
  2:44am peetyL:

n00000000, KEWPIES!!!! They're KEWPIES, Frank!!!
  2:44am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

hey frank what did u think of the AVATAR trailer, it looks like FERNGULLY part 2.... that same ol' HUMAN = BAD, ALIENS = GOOD movie... if you see the trailer to a movie called battle for terra it's eerily similar.
  2:45am Joshua K:

Theres some guy that calls Night People who does that ghost hunting stuff in NJ
  2:48am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

ghostlytalk.com, hometowntales.com, http://www.planetparanormal.com/radio.html

cool paranormal sites that deal with it...
  2:51am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

that stuff will follow u back home, frank!
  2:51am Joshua K:

EVP on the radio... ive heard of that band
  2:52am peetyL:

Who's that person you have in the studio who just said something, Frank?
  2:59am JimSally519:

Style Piglet, yes mt master
  3:00am peetyL:

Style Piglet...yeah, it's Winnie the Pooh's best friend's new fashion series on Bravo!
  3:01am jb reed:

nope.... sorry peety... style piglet is my stage name.... haha
  3:01am JimSally519:

I cant wait for this show!
  3:03am Neal:

Oh, pooh.
  3:04am peetyL:

Yeah, they have a pic of the original Winnie the Pooh toys on the Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winnie-the-Pooh
  3:04am GM:

worst show on WFMU. Not in a good way.
  3:09am Joshua K:

Then why are you on here instead of doing something else
  3:13am Neal:

GM how's the car business going?
  3:16am peetyL:

Well GM, not EVERYONE can cash in on the benefits of a government bailout like YOU
  3:16am John:

GM is a mason!
  3:18am JimSally519:

JimSally cant stay up any longer... Im gonna hit the sac and lisyen oniine, god night everyone
  3:18am peetyL:

But welcome GM, stay and listen. You'll like it if you let yrself...
  3:19am peetyL:

Going to bed is for babies, JimSally! Don't be a sleepy baby, JS!!!
  3:22am pillowhead:

i missed some wats goin on
  3:24am John:

Frank was walking with me in my chic neighborhood.
  3:25am Joshua K:

Frank shot and killed a man just to watch him die
  3:26am pillowfred:

just the usual then.
  3:28am sherri:

tee hee
  3:29am Joshua K:

In bed...
  3:29am pillowsaid:

you gotta do some telepathy experiments
  3:30am Joshua K:

The fortune cookie was invented in america
  3:31am Joshua K:

These are more like positive affirmation cookies
  3:31am pillowed:

beward of the pillowheads
  3:33am pillowmed:

u duz not haz to pay for knowledgez
  3:38am sherri:

  3:40am sherri:

  3:41am sherri:

thanks frank!!!
  3:44am John:

I'm liking it.
  3:45am Joshua K:

Its cool. Like twin peaks meets x-files in a 1960s garage.
  3:47am sherri:

it could be official!!
  3:52am peetyL:

bonami.be Yes, thanks Frank. Nightmares for me FOREVER :)
  3:53am peetyL:

And did someone call in? I heard that voice in yr studio again...
  3:53am Joshua K:

There was that Dr. Who episode...
  3:55am sherri:

  3:57am Dave from England:

HI Frank, Just letting you know I've just tuned in. Can't keep up with the chat room today as we're getting ready to go spend time with my wife's brother's family this weekend. Will catch what I can and of course d/l the podcast version. Hi to all in the room and to all the listeners over the airwaves. :-)
  4:00am peetyL:

cheers Dave!
  4:04am Jan Erik:

Dang, forgot that I had the sound muted on my computer before going to bed. Overslept and missed the first two hours of the show :(

Oh well, thank god for the archives ;)
  4:13am peetyL:

Thomas Edison in Jersey too, don't forget. Menlo Park...
  4:13am Derek J:

Have to meet my Dad for lunch tomorrow, so I'm going to bed after this phone call.
  4:16am Dave from England:

Don't blame you, this is a great phone call. :-)
  4:23am pillowhead:

very interesting guy, was he an actor? missing bits of it.
  4:23am Great Escapist:

Let's Talk America... why does that sound so familiar...?
  4:24am peetyL:

Shelley Winters was GREAT in Roseanne...
  4:30am pillowdude:

"I'm having a senior moment" haha I like that one. WIll use it on my mother she will get a laugh out of that.,
  4:37am Great Escapist:

Great conversation Frank.
  4:37am me:

listening on my clock radio
  4:38am Neal:

This guy certainly has a lot of things to say about stuff.
  4:41am Great Escapist:

Gee...airchecks to other markets. Where have I heard this before? Syndis historically only work for established talent. Stations won't invest otherwise. Backhaul costs are high even on an ISDN level.
  4:44am Jan Erik:

Defenently going for some kind of record on longest call in. But great, great stuff, reminds me of some of the great old interviews with your fater on the Overnightscape Frank.
  4:45am Great Escapist:

I have sold shows to sydis groups of 4 markets from sub 100 market stations. The talent gave up in frustration over a lack of "exposure" to markets 16. 67. 86 and 96. Not everyone can get $275k per y'r on a syndi contract.
  4:47am pillowification:

my stream just went on the hop.
  4:47am Great Escapist:

Frank, reset the conversation for the late joiners... who is this guy?
  4:51am DOGBOY:

lots of fuckin drunks with no life up i
  4:52am peetyL:

pillowification, mine also. And the Windows Media Player WFMU feed keeps cutting out as well.
  4:52am peetyL:

maybe it's the floods.
  4:53am peetyL:

Dear Courtney rocks.
  4:53am Jan Erik:

Feed is working good on my side of the pond so far at least
  4:55am Dave from England:

Feed works a dream in itunes but now I got to leave. Have a good weekend all. :-)
  4:56am peetyL:

Yeah everything's workin' now on my side too.
  5:00am peetyL:

Yeah, the UStream feed and the Windows Media Player stream kinda cut out at the same time, but only for a second or two...
  5:02am peetyL:

tinyurl that URL, Frank. STAT.
  5:04am peetyL:

Trust me, Frank. They Are EVIL
  5:04am taylor:

  5:05am Joshua K:

Perhaps they mean malt extract
  5:06am Brian Jude:

Hmmm - just had a 2-hour nap. Back for the last hour!
  5:07am Brian Jude:

Oh, ok...
  5:08am Brian Jude:

We are looking for about 10 or so people to play business office types (mostly males, 30's-50's) for our NYC shoot! The date is Saturday, 8/29, 7:30AM - 12:30PM. (Of course, in case of emergency, it could go later, but we can work around you if you can't stay - just let me know!)

Location TBD - probably midtown NYC.

No pay, but decent breakfast, and an abundance of thanks, adoration and eternal gratitude.

Check out http://nigrita.com/Nigrita.com/Jonestown%20Defense.html for more info and a rough trailer!
  5:09am Brian Jude:

hang on...
  5:10am Brian Jude:

  5:12am Brian Jude:

If you're interested, contact me at bjudedrp@gmail.com
  5:20am peetyL:

This is a request for Popeye Saves the Earth pinball for Pinball Corner. Thank you.
  5:21am taylor:

doctor who as well, please!
  5:25am Brian Jude:

Wasn't there a Star Wars pinball game? Have you done that one before?
  5:29am peetyL:

Oh Rampler, you just hate watches because you don't want to look down at it and have it read 2:09. Admit it...
  5:29am taylor:

great tape!
  5:40am peetyL:

  5:43am peetyL:

POPEYE....ugh ugh-guh-guh-guh-guh!!!
  5:44am Joshua K:

The physical skills of pinball are not the entire game. You need some mental skills as well. This is especially important in competitive play.

  5:45am taylor:

popeye saves the world from what?!?!?
  5:46am peetyL:

Well, blow me down!!! Thanks, Frank! Weird game...
  5:48am taylor:

what's the game that had a zz top song in it? it had a racing theme...
  5:48am Joshua K:

Not enough time left for this one
Elvira and the Party Monsters / IPD No. 782 / October, 1989
  5:50am Brian Jude:

Kinda like the prequels...
  5:50am peetyL:

The show went FAST tonight ;(
  5:51am Joshua K:

The Getaway: High Speed II
This game uses the song, "La Grange" (by ZZ Top), as its theme song.
  5:52am taylor:

thanks, y'all!
  5:52am peetyL:

ZZ!!! YEAH!!!
  5:53am peetyL:

Yr camera on the live feed is pointed at the ceiling.
  5:53am sherri:

sweet dreams frank
great show, as always!!
  5:55am peetyL:

Awesome Show Frank! Great Job. See ya next week!!!
  5:58am peetyL:

The world is a LOT safer knowing that the Kewpie-craniums are back under wraps...
  5:59am Joshua K:

Now what am I gonna do for the rest of the morning.
  6:00am peetyL:

DON'T drive with those Kewpies in yr car, Frank...
  6:01am peetyL:

'Night all of you!!!
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