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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options August 8, 2009: Summer 2009 Ep. 7 - The Desert

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Artist Track
Frank Edward Nora  The Rampler   Options
  “Summer 2009 Ep. 7 - The Desert“ - 4:00:10 / 220 MB - Frank broadcasting live from WFMU (wfmu.org) 91.1 FM in Jersey City, NJ, on Saturday, August 8, 2009, from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM. NYC recordings: Train Set (8/4/09) 22:46, Solutions (7/30/09) 29:48. Reviews: “Slippery Spheres”, “Jittery Joe’s” coffee, “Hempzels”, “FlavH2O” Wild Cherry, “Wise Hot Cheese Popcorn”, “Defac 5-Hour Energy Shot”, “G.I. Joe View-Masters from 1974″. “Krazy Glue”, “Jungle Moc”, etc. Topics include fortune cookies, Trix Cereal credit card, making a train set (clown and secretary in the desert looking at a train in the distance), “The Red Caboose”, Snorks, “inherent Vice” audiobook, and much more. Pinball Corner with “Lady Death”, “Lady Luck”, “Lady Sharpshooter”, “Lap By Lap”, “Laser Ball”, “Laser Cue” “Laser War”, “Last Action Hero”. Phone call with George from Vermont. Songs in the “Rampler music” genre: “Rampler Man” and “Rampler Man (Atlantean Version) by J. Wiz. Theme song “Minimoog” by Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen, from “Vintage Synths Vol. 1″ ©1990 Originalton West (originaltonwest.de) - used with permission.

Listener comments!

  2:00am Rampler:

Welcome to the show!! The Slippery Spheres are full size!!!!!
  2:02am J. Wiz:

Hey Frank! PTWheatstraw and I are hanging out right now!
  2:03am harviek:

Hi FEN _ I am listening, but sanding a roof, so I won't be participating in the chats.I'll be listening to the "radio" aka u!
  2:05am Sarje:

Hey Frank! I made it!
  2:05am peetyL:

Hi Frank. I love the Spheres! Will we be getting a Sharpie demonstration tonight as well?
  2:07am roel from the Netherlands:

Hi Frank, will be able to listen to a part of the show live.
  2:13am boostah:

tuned in from south east asia
  2:14am Rampler:

the video stream is up!
  2:15am harviek:

whilst you wait listening to FEN in NYC here's my 365 pic for the day if you're interested http://www.flickr.com/photos/krumpet/3799895346/
  2:20am MadPod:

Hey Frank.. from CA!
  2:24am JimSally519:

WHAT WHAT WHAT, Train build on the show!
  2:25am Jim and Lillian in Newfoundland (The ROAR):

Hey Frank, here are listening in the Roots Cellar recording studio. by the way, the new album is finished and we just had a very successful launch last night. If you want, we can send you and mp3 of one of the songs for an exclusive WFMU Frank Nora worldwide debut.
  2:26am sherri:

hola, frank
  2:26am j. Wiz:

What's up, Frank!
  2:27am JimSally519:

Nobody beats the WIZ!
  2:28am j. Wiz:

Rubber cement
  2:29am Sarje:

Frank, use some nail polish remover to get rid of the Krazy Glue...if it's sticking on your hand
  2:30am Sarje:

Paint thinner works too...surely someone around the studio has that. :P
  2:31am peetyL:

Purple Krazy Glue? Nope...purple ketchup is better!
  2:31am j. Wiz:

like the Teletubbies!
  2:32am peetyL:

Tinky Winky
  2:33am JimSally519:

Im drinking a Timmy's Double Double right now!
  2:35am j. Wiz:

Like a '70's orgy club?
  2:35am JimSally519:

Two cream two sugar!
  2:37am Lee from UK:

7.36am here in the UK. Listening to Frank for a while before going to work!!
  2:37am JimSally519:

a thermal sleeve
  2:38am peetyL:

It's called a "koffee kozy," actually spelled with a "k," jk
  2:42am JimSally519:

Koffee Kozys are for babies
  2:43am j. Wiz:

  2:44am JimSally519:

Jittery Jews, that's wicked! My mom used to call BlockBusters... BlackBastards.
  2:45am ?:

Is there any music, or is this show all talk?
  2:45am peetyL:

I think...to have an official train set you need at least an engine: you don't need to have any cars. A coal car and a caboose would be nice too, but there needs to be something on a track imo
  2:48am JimSally519:

Frank, instead of a train you should get one of those 2-people pump carts for your train set...
  2:49am Jim and lillian:

We have a brand new song, I'm sure you'll like it
  2:49am E-squared:

Hey Frank! Listening from my campsite in north Georgia. Hoping to keep the black bears away
  2:50am j. Wiz:

A little creepy FEN
  2:51am jim and lillian:

we have a brand new song!
  2:51am peetyL:

Those Slippery Spheres look like a cross between bath oil balls and caviar...
  2:52am JimSally519:

I just saw GI Joe, it was the best action move of the summer, bar none!
  2:53am j. Wiz:

  2:53am JimSally519:

Dont forget to Add "IN BED" to those fortune cookies!
  2:53am peetyL:

The Slippery Spheres also remind me of Peggle, unfortunately...
  2:54am JimSally519:

I love PEGGLE! I can't believe how much I played on my ipod.
  2:56am peetyL:

I'm addicted to Peggle...is there Peggleholics Anonymous...I accept that I have a problem...
  2:56am J. Wiz:

  2:57am peetyL:

"to have a fever"...maybe: an EXTREME FEVER?!
  2:57am JimSally519:

I bought it on my nano, and now I have to keep my self from buying it everywhere else
  2:57am jim and lillian:

just sent the song to frank@theovernightscape.com. it's good for the conspiracy therorist within you. Play it or big brother will get you :.)
  2:58am ?:

Szcheun Hot Pot?
  2:59am peetyL:

Yeah, JimSally: I bought Peggle for my nano too...the game may ACTUALLY be more fun than Tetris...
  3:00am peetyL:

No caffeine? I hope it doesn't contain PCP or something...
  3:00am JimSally519:

I hear yeah... but now I got a touch and Im too cheap to re-buy peggle again, I first the first 100 hours I played on my nano are now for now
  3:01am JimSally519:

PCP energy drinks! I wish I loved in the states!
  3:03am JimSally519:

Cirtus and PCP go together like Peanut Butter and Smack
  3:03am Sarje:

Yeah, save some of it for removing the Krazy Glue.
  3:04am JimSally519:

Snack time! I'm having somethng better than banana creme pie... Im having banana cream pie with icecream!
  3:06am peetyL:

JimSally, banana cream pie a la mode? SERIOUSLY?!?! Too decadent!!!!! And decadence is for babies!!
  3:07am JimSally519:

oh baby I love decadence!
  3:07am peetyL:

Is the ice cream Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey? That would be OVER THE TOP!
  3:09am sherri:

levulose.......sounds sensual
  3:09am peetyL:

If a company has a myspace profile as its address instead of .com, that could either mean the company is "cutting edge" or not that legit...
  3:10am sherri:

levulose.......sounds sensual
  3:10am JimSally519:

Itls just plauin vanilla with a pie a pie, nuttin fancy
  3:10am peetyL:

Hemp pretzels? Paging Woody Harrelson...
  3:11am peetyL:

"natural antioxidant"=levulose
  3:13am peetyL:

  3:14am j. Wiz:

Get it together!
  3:17am j. Wiz:

Play Rampler Man!
  3:19am JimSally519:

Sally cant take it, too tired, hard week at work. Take care guys, I'm gona go to bed and listen. xo
  3:21am Sarje:

Night, Jim!
  3:21am peetyL:

JimSally....ooooh, baby is tired...go to sleep-sleep little baby...ha ha jk
  3:21am peetyL:

Have a good night, JS...you baby
  3:22am Jan Erik:

levulose = Fructose aka shugar
  3:28am J. Wiz:

Night, Frank! Have a great show!
  3:29am peetyL:

Popcorn, Indiana? Is that near Santa Claus, Indiana?
  3:31am peetyL:

Ciao Bella Sorbetto=perfection
  3:32am peetyL:

Blood Orange or Passionfruit
  3:36am peetyL:

  3:44am thejerk:

so what is going on here?
  3:46am thejerk:

are you talking about pennyloafers?
  3:48am jason:

dr scholls! help!
  3:49am Neal Ireland:

Hello everybody, busy busy busy, going to listen to the download later, Have fun. Bye.
  3:50am jason:

come on frank! this is serious!
  3:51am jason:

you're missing out, ipecac is the bomb!
  3:51am Lee from UK:

At work now, still listening to Frank, and hoping to stream it through the speakers in my bookshop
  3:54am jason:

you got time to lean, you got time to clean.hippy.
  3:55am jason:

the green arrow had the greatest beard in comics
  3:56am jason:

the tarantula, by lou fine, bow and arrow hero
  4:01am peetyL:

Frank...you were very calm as a child!
  4:04am Lee from UK:

Awesome stuff. I remember doing similar things when I was a kid
  4:05am peetyL:

That tape was hilarious! and awesome...
  4:08am peetyL:

"Are you feeling sick? Do you have a headache? Well...that's just too bad. Too bad." LOL
  4:11am peetyL:

I have no interest in G.I. Joe either...the makers of the film wouldn't even screen it for the critics, so what does that tell ya?
  4:13am peetyL:

I LOVED THE LITTLES!! Don't disrespect the Littles, Frank...
  4:14am peetyL:

The Snorks' enemy--their "Gargamel"-was the Snorkeater, George...
  4:14am jason:

the smurfs were hare krishna biz
  4:14am Val from Cape Town:

Just popped in to say Hi! Busy today can't stay.
  4:15am peetyL:

Exactly. They were like little mouse-humans.
  4:16am jason:

yetis live there
  4:16am peetyL:

The Smurfs were created by this guy from Belgium with the nickname of Peyo. They have Krishnas in Belgium?
  4:17am jason:

belgium is a hotspot for krishna worshippers
  4:22am peetyL:

Here's a website about anti-gravity hills like the one in New Brunswick: http://tinyurl.com/mkoac5
  4:23am Brian Jude:

Good morning, all!
  4:24am jason:

good morning to you sir
  4:25am jason:

that was a swarm of angry hornets
  4:25am Brian Jude:

Jason - your 10 month old still up?
  4:26am peetyL:

I like ix key's sound...especially the boxing cats one
  4:26am jason:

you've got the wrong fellow, i'm childless. bulletman!
  4:27am Brian Jude:

LOL! There's a JasoninNJ who posted on Ustream!
  4:29am jason:

not me! i'm innocent!
  4:30am jason:

love that sound! viewmaster!
  4:32am Brian Jude:

Womder if the writers of Toy Story 2 were fans of the old G.I. Joe. THey wrote in the old prospector into the film...
  4:35am jason:

probably, but the old prospector is kind of an archetypical character. sort of.
  4:37am jason:

choo chooooooooooooooo!
  4:38am Brian Jude:

So where is everyone else today? peetyL, you still awake?
  4:40am jason:

that's meth
  4:43am peetyL:

I'm in a state of awakeness, Brian. All the regulars have popped in, said they were busy or tired, and popped out again...
  4:46am Brian Jude:

Yeah, I scrolled back and noticed that. I'm working early this morning, so I just woke up around 4. I seem to catch either the first two or last two hours live, then listen to the rest on the iPod.
  4:48am peetyL:

Gosh, it's harder to get into than a package of headphones...
  4:49am peetyL:

  4:54am Jan Erik:

We used to have a trainset that took up most of the spare room with the waterheater (just painted grass and stuff right on the plywood floor). We even made a mountain out of styrofoam with a tunnel though it.
  5:00am Lee from UK:

Still listening in the bookshop!! Customers seem to be enjoying the show!!
  5:05am peetyL:

Rampler music about the Rampler on the Rampler on WFMU
  5:14am Brian Jude:

I was not prepared for the loss of the Ustream feed... ;^)
  5:15am Jan Erik:

FYI Frank, the Ustream feed is off air now
  5:15am peetyL:

We can't see...no UStream....aaaagggghhhh! Help, Frank!!!
  5:18am Brian Jude:

Unless you're gonna eat the soap, I believe it's "scent." LOL.
  5:18am peetyL:

It's OK, Frank. We could still hear ya...but it's nice with visual evidence
  5:18am Brian Jude:

I couldn't hear - I forgot to turn on iTunes.
  5:19am Brian Jude:

Are you gellin'
  5:20am peetyL:

"Nectarine Mint"? Do they have "Caramel Kiwi" as well?
  5:20am boostah:

pinball corner :/ / ... . . . //.. .. .. // .... . . . // : D
  5:21am peetyL:

  5:21am Brian Jude:

Breakfast time - veggie sausage egg & cheese on an English muffin
  5:23am peetyL:

What kind of veggie sausage, Brian? That sounds good...
  5:25am peetyL:

No Harold Hill....ooooohhhh noooooooo
  5:26am taylor:

isn't lady death a samurai movie as well?
  5:27am taylor:

what about pacman, jr. ... combo arcade/pinball?
  5:28am peetyL:

taylor...I WAS JUST looking at that one on the Internet Pinball Database as you were mentioning it...what a coincidence,,,Baby Pac-Man
  5:29am sherri:

ahhhhh lady luck sound goood
  5:30am taylor:

i wasn't sured if i had just dreamt the baby pacman game....
  5:33am peetyL:

You don't have Last Action Hero pinball...or have you already done that one a couple of shows ago...it sounds familiar
  5:33am peetyL:

Lazer Ball sounds GREAT
  5:34am Brian Jude:

Laser Ball reminds me of "Communication Breakdown" by Led Zeppelin
  5:35am taylor:

those are sounds from joust!
  5:37am peetyL:

Joust is the one with the ostriches...didn't they steal the general idea to make the original Mario Brothers...non-"Super"?
  5:40am taylor:

you should play them both peetyL on mame or something... i think joust is much more fun...
  5:43am Brian Jude:

Music sounds liker Terminator
  5:44am peetyL:

  5:45am peetyL:

taylor I've tried to do mame but don't understand it..is there help somewhere?
  5:46am taylor:

have you tried the internet?
  5:48am taylor:

just kidding. you have to put the mame rom files in a certain folder... should be a ffaq somewhere...
  5:48am peetyL:

kinda...hot cheeese pawpk0rn is GOOOOOODDDD
  5:48am taylor:

look for roms at romnation.net
  5:50am peetyL:

Yeah, it's those Win32 folders (System files), and those things are tricky...
  5:52am peetyL:

Yeah, I kinda understand seeding and torrents and stuff...I gotta read a lot more before I do more I guess...Thanks Frank and taylor
  5:56am peetyL:

Great show Frank...a lot of little quirky micro-disasters on the show tonight...the exploding Slippery Sphere, the Lucite box exploding open, the bug near the mic, whatever was happening outside...that's a part of what makes yr show so great...awesome job!
  5:56am taylor:

cheers ptl! this music is forcing me to imagine an 80's sitcom that never was...
  6:00am Brian Jude:

G'night/G'day, all!
  6:00am peetyL:

See ya next week Frank!
  6:00am peetyL:

G'night Briiiiiaaaaannnnn!
  6:00am boostah:

thanks for the show - epic.
  6:01am peetyL:

Gooooddnight taylor and alll!!!!
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