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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options July 29, 2009: Do Do Do

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Wu Ma  Do Do Do   Options 0:00:00 ()
Samurai Spoon  Techno Techno Techno   Options 0:01:00 ()
Ground Zero  China White   Options 0:02:50 ()
Messerchups  Schostakovich Bit   Options 0:03:02 ()
(also) Various Impacts    0:04:45 ()
(and) Roger Roger  Le Type Beurre   Options 0:04:52 ()
(into) Zatumba  Satano   Options 0:05:20 ()
Muppet Chickens  Baby Face   Options 0:05:51 ()
Dick Mills  Major Bloodnok's Stomach   Options 0:07:43 ()
The Meat Sweats  Track 12   Options 0:07:52 ()
Emil Richards  Diamond - April   Options 0:08:01 ()
Pac Man    0:10:29 ()
Blood Brothers  Under Pressure   Options 0:11:47 ()
Oingo Boingo  Walrus   Options 0:14:38 ()
DJ Useo  Nobodies Mountain King (Marilyn Manson vs Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra)   Options 0:18:35 ()
Music behind DJ:
Hollyridge Strings 
I Am A Rock   Options 0:21:11 ()
Tep  Plume   Options 0:25:47 ()
Nurse With Wound  This Piano Can't Think   Options 0:28:28 ()
Ian Murray  o.p. cit.   Options 0:29:43 ()
Waldeck  Midsummer Night Blues   Options 0:31:23 ()
ToToM  Derniers Ding Dong   Options 0:34:27 ()
Apollo Zero  Numb Fuzz   Options 0:37:17 ()
Drillbit  Heart Of Glass   Options 0:39:38 ()
Kazmi With Rickies  Jesus Christ Super Star   Options 0:42:49 ()
Gwilly Edmondez  Opening Ceremony   Options 0:46:33 ()
(with) Yoko Ono  Toilet Piece   Options 0:46:48 ()
(and) David Shea  Screwy Squirrel   Options 0:47:12 ()
(into) Tep  Pianard   Options 0:48:37 ()
The Vienna Art Orchestra  Reflections On Aubade   Options 0:50:42 ()
Music behind DJ:
Hollyridge Strings 
I Am A Rock   Options 0:52:12 ()
Wings  Live And Let Die   Options 0:54:18 ()
John Oswald  WX09   Options 0:57:21 ()
goodnight    1:00:04 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 7/29/09 7:01pm Vicki:

  Wed. 7/29/09 7:02pm Phil R:

Hi Vicki
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:02pm Martín Escalante:

Evening, glad to hear your back!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:03pm Vicki:

  Wed. 7/29/09 7:04pm Charles:

Greets from the melting cauldron formerly known as Portland. It's 106 today. That's 41 in your language.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:04pm Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 7/29/09 7:04pm vince:

Good hello, Vicki, and ALL fellow PLU-kers!!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:04pm Vicki:

yes, we got all the rain, miserable bloody summer in London!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:05pm Tweeters:

  Wed. 7/29/09 7:05pm Vicki:

hi all!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:05pm Martín E.:

Play something crazy! ;)
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:05pm Vicki:

hello Tweeters!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:06pm vince:

.... do you really get a tan from standing in the English rain?
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:07pm Bad Ronald:

No, but you can get a bustle in your hedgerow.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:08pm Vicki:

trying to think of a witty response to that question...
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:08pm irene:

anything like a topary?
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:08pm martinibomb:

@ charles I hear ya. it is very hot here today. hotter than I can remember. muppet chickens are helping me deal
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:09pm vince:

you could say, "Only walrus's do." ... or, is it wal-ri?
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:09pm irene:

emil richards!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:09pm Vicki:

lots of people in comments tonight, that's very nice.

yesh Irene.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:12pm pfapfap:

I don't usually get to listen live, always happy when I do! Tho' that ruins the surprise of the podcast...
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:13pm vince:

Yeah, I haven;t listened live in a while.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The Pac Man song is cool.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:14pm Vicki:

it's better for me for people to be saying hello, or i think i'm sitting here on my own
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:16pm vince:

I should hope you have a healthy amount of pod-cast subscribers...
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:16pm Phil R:

Betcha got friends all over the world - even if you don't know it...
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:18pm Vicki:

I think it is one ofthe most downloaded fmu podcasts

the thing about doing a radio show etc though is most people assume that you get lots of people getting in touch but they don't, so is nice when people come in and say they're listening - I'm sure it's the same for many at fmu
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:19pm hello:

what else would you rather be sitting on?
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:20pm pfapfap:

So are DJ Speaks comments done live?
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:21pm Vicki:

although it's also fine not to hear from people...
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:21pm Vicki:

the show is uploaded but i'm obviously here now
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:21pm hah:

  Wed. 7/29/09 7:24pm Ike:

Hi! I'm listening! Good stuff!

I hope I don't get hit by lightning on my way home.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:25pm pfapfap:

Walking around with Do or DIY on headphones is one of the best ways to enjoy any summer afternoon. You can have normal conversations with people on the street while insanity plays in your head. Also, the sun shines brighter.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:26pm Vicki:

when driving in the car I often think "I bet no one ever played this song down this road before"
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:27pm Martín E.:

like listenign to God Saves the Queen by Los Punkrockers...
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:28pm martinibomb:

vicki- i'm curious about the avant retard. I personally think we have reclaimed the word retard and it does not refer to a mentally disabled person. However some people get very angry when they hear it. I know the special Olympics has been working on PSA series to tell people it's wrong to use the word retard. Have you had anyone give you a hard time about using that word?
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:28pm Vicki:

outside Buckingham Palace, yes
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:28pm Phil:

Exactly. I often enjoy the surreal soundtrack in the most ordinary and unsuspecting locations
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:29pm Martín E.:

oh, This is serius talk now...
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:30pm Vicki:

retard means a lot of things - I'm not referring to disabled people, I'm referring to the meaning "backwards". So avant retard just means forward-backwards. So, it's "present".
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:30pm vince:

I think, in terms of 'music', you can get away with using the word retard
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:30pm pfapfap:

I thought it was 'avant-retarde'?
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:31pm vince:

you could have 'avant-alegro', too.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:31pm Martín E.:

A yes, its french
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:31pm Stephen Hawking:

Ev'rybody chill or I'm gonna get mental!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:32pm Vicki:

wxactly - both are french.
avant and retard.

oh! playlist...
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:32pm Vicki:

  Wed. 7/29/09 7:32pm Vicki:

oh we're all nice
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:33pm Martín E.:

I love Nurse with wound!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:33pm Stephen Hawking:

  Wed. 7/29/09 7:33pm vince:

Didn't know Stephen Hawking was a 'PLU-ker'!!!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:34pm Vicki:

avant-alegro doesn't rhyme with avant-garde so it's not a pun
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:34pm Stephen Hawking:

prolly dunno wut I smell like too but it's cool.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:35pm Martín E.:

Thats very clever, I feel dumb never having noticed that it was a pun.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:35pm vince:

me, too!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:36pm Vicki:

that was the whole point, that it was a pun :)
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:37pm Phil:

I'm really liking the ToToM...
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:37pm vince:

That reminds me of that Python scketch....
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:38pm Vicki:

which sketch?
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:38pm Martín E.:

well you should have told us it was a pun! haha.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:39pm Dinsdale:

Sarcasm rules.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:40pm vince:

the one where Palin goes, "Oh, not a pun, what's the one that's makes a different word when you say it backwards?" And Clesse says, "A palindrone?"
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:42pm Dead:

  Wed. 7/29/09 7:42pm Vicki:

did you's see William Shatner performing Sarah Palin's speech?
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:42pm martinibomb:

shatner! doing Palin!!!! wtf
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:43pm vince:

was it worth it???
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:44pm Vicki:

I thought it was a great - it's on youtube
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:44pm vince:

love this song!!!!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:44pm Vicki:

will play it next week
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:45pm Phil:

will have to look for that
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:45pm vince:

cool.... did he do it to music?
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:47pm Vicki:

to be honest I don't recall - but he did it sort of beat poet style. a curious mix of things that shouldn't happen together
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:47pm Martín E.:

Drillbits heart of glass is my favorite. I think my favorite set ever was when you played that and then Los Punkrockers.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:48pm Mr Fab:

yes, Vince, The Shat had a cool jazz backing to give it that Beat feel.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:48pm vince:

That's Shatner for you.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:48pm Vicki:

hello Mr Fab
The Shat indeed.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:49pm martinibomb:

maybe it's time for a remix shater/palin contest for next week
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:49pm vince:

Mr. Fab.... of RIAA..... pleased to type to you! Big fan, thanks to Vicki, of course!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:51pm Vicki:

was it just me or did it just go silent a couple of times then?
maybe fmu got struck by lightning
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:52pm Martín E.:

sounds solid over here, i think it was just you.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:52pm Phil:

fine thru the net..
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:52pm Vicki:

does anyone want about a hundred snails by the way?
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:52pm Mr Fab:

Thanks, vince. He he, only WFMU makes me feel like star.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:52pm vince:

No silence here....
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:53pm Vicki:



I do believe I was a buffering
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:54pm Vicki:

know the feeling, Mr Fab
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:54pm Martín E.:

First I thought you meant silence because no one had written anything for about 1 minute.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:54pm vince:

You're BOTH heroes to me!!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:54pm irene:

play the fozzie bear song often
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:54pm MICHELLE CEJA:

  Wed. 7/29/09 7:55pm Vicki:

ha, no. Believe me I'd keep typing
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:55pm Phil:

to ME you guys are absolutely STARS - just love this stuff.
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:56pm Vicki:

thankee, well very good
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:56pm vince:

  Wed. 7/29/09 7:57pm Martín E.:

Michelle, since you said it first, I feel confident enough.... I love you too Vicky!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:57pm Vicki:

ha ha
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:58pm vince:

have a happy week.....hard to believe the hour's almost over.....
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:59pm Vicki:

time for sleep here - 1am
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:59pm Vicki:

thanks for listening, all!
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:59pm Phil:

night night - sleep well
  Wed. 7/29/09 7:59pm Martín E.:

NIghty night.
  Wed. 7/29/09 8:00pm vince:


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