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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options July 24, 2009

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Artist Track Album
Et Cetera  Raga   Options Et Cetera 
The White Noise  The Visitation   Options An Electric Storm 
The White Noise  Black Mass   Options An Electric Storm 
Brainticket  Brainticket   Options Cottonwoodhill 
Geinoh Yamashirogumi  Osorezan [Ghost Mountain]   Options Osorezan / Doh No Kembai 
Love Live Life + 1  Love Will Make a Better You   Options Shadows of the Mind 
Yamash'ta & The Horizon  Sunrise from West Sea   Options Sunrise from West Sea 
Ovary Lodge  Mountain Temple in Spring   Options  
Malcolm Goldstein  Autumn   Options The Seasons: Vermont 
Annea Lockwood  Tiger Balm   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 7/24/09 12:11pm annie:

first!!??? wohoo!! bryce!
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:13pm bryce:

annsky! top o' the zenith...
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:13pm g jiveass:

Bryce- your choices are mostly my favorite- raga is dope- what was that steve coleman-like track before this
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:18pm dc pat:

I guess Doug is down at the beach. I'm heading there tomorrow. Hy bryce.
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:21pm Carmichael:

Hey Bryce and payday listeners. Finally got the signal through the Flash connection.

Rah - gah .....
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:23pm Carmichael:

Oh BTW, big thanks to Doron for guiding a non-techie through the connection process!
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:25pm bryce:

hey, gj! that was actually from duane's show, on before — "Bukkenhornlåt etter Ole Eggen" by "Østerdalsmusikk" on a comp of Norwegian jazz called "Black is the color of my true love's hair"
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:25pm north guinea hills:

white noise! yum!
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:26pm bryce:

helloo dcp, carmaester, ngp!
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:29pm BSI:

The Bryce is Rite!!!
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:31pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/24/09 12:32pm richard:

Hi, from Venezuela. Good show.
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:34pm perrin:

waking up to this show is like climbing out of the rabbit hole
only to find that the rabbit is bryce....
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:34pm Richard:

visit my blog:

  Fri. 7/24/09 12:36pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/24/09 12:40pm richard:

black mass rocks!!
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:41pm dc pat:

I hope that drummer gets paid more than the rest of the group..
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:45pm Carmichael:

I dig this organ.
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:46pm perrin:

one of my bands in highschool was called "headcheese". the other was called "oakland international airport", and the goal was to make as much noise as possible... I was the "bass player", and I had a couple of 2000 what amps and 4 18" woofers. I got the helicopter landing sound down good.
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:49pm bryce:

hahaa, i think i just passed a gall stone
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:49pm Carmichael:

I remember an interview with the manager of Blue Cheer back in the late '60s. He said they were so loud "they turn the air into cottage cheese."
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:51pm dc pat:

I had an idea for a feedback orchestra where I would "contuct" about 10 or so guitar "players" each producing a different quality of skreetch..but nobody took me seriously and then half my players moved...dammit.
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:51pm annie:

now that's a name out of the dusty past!!!
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:52pm Jed:

I love Brainticket!
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:53pm dc pat:

I love that lady in the video--she's a genius.
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:53pm perrin:

I remember a sly and robbie taxi connection show in nyc in 88 where they had brought their bass rig from jamaica. it barely fit into the theater (the one on the upper west side?) so loud it was hard to breath. we had to move to the balcony
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:56pm ?:

Bryce, I left a thing wrapped in aluminum foil in your vagina.
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:56pm BSI:

I must turn the air into cottage cheese.
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:56pm dc pat:

I hope the drummer in this Brainticket tune gets paid the most too.
  Fri. 7/24/09 12:59pm bryce:

aghhh, is that what it is?? i thought i just hated tandem bicycles.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:01pm Bodo:

It is like a shower for my brain :)
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:01pm dc pat:

hey annie! Why are cat birds eating my tomatoes? I've given my cat permission to eat birds in addition to rats.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:02pm bryce:

dc pat, she was on that white noise record. she also did the electronic sounds for dr. who.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:03pm dc pat:

oh, I get it. I think I'm in love....I always fall for the black and white music nerds.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:03pm Cecile:

dude, I need some Argent
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:04pm perrin:

swiss psychedelic music: cover my naked body in chocolate and feed me cuckoo clocks
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:05pm Cecile:

the raclette is psychedelic!
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:06pm annie:

wow, catbirds eating tomatoes?? wow.. must be for the juicy sweetness.. http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/tomato/msg050612487996.html try that on for size pat. seems like they are looking for bugs, the same way skunks dig up soil for grubs..
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:07pm stingy d:

sounds like a turkish delicatessen at 11 in here on tubishevat
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:08pm texas scott:

it's gonna be alright
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:09pm dc pat:

hmm, don't think so, they eat the entire fruit....slowly...over days. it's definitely for the fruit. At first I thought it was for water as it's been pretty dry..but I dunno.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:10pm stingy d:

that's how long it takes me to eat 6 fingered soup
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:10pm north guinea hills:

brainticket consisted of mostly swiss memebers, w/ an italian and a german....
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:10pm dc pat:

let's hear some more Delia Derbyshire...tck! tck! 23 skadoo! chicken inspector....
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:11pm stingy d:

yo guinea mane, tell that to scott williams, he all up in arms about what is the deal there.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:11pm north guinea hills:

i think delia had a bookshop.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:13pm bryce:

eşşoğlu eşek!
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:13pm dc pat:

ngh: do tell! She gets better by the minute!!
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:14pm bryce:

BOOK SHOP, that was it!! thanks

aw yeah conflatin'
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:14pm dc pat:

I lived in a book store for a summer once--I highly recommend it.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:14pm north guinea hills:

haha, will do stingy...
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:18pm dc pat:

No way! Look where the phrase 23 skidoo comes from: "Perhaps the most widely known possible source of the expression derives from the area around the triangular-shaped Flatiron Building at Madison Square in New York City. The building is located on 23rd Street at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway, and due to the complex geography of the intersection winds swirl around the building. In the Roaring Twenties, groups of men would gather to watch women walking by have their skirts blown up, revealing ankles which were seldom seen in public at that time. Local constables, breaking up these groups of men, were said to be "giving them the 23 Skidoo"."
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:18pm Carmichael:

Cecile, I was thinking about Argent back there during Black Mass. But you knew that ....
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:20pm scelsi girls:

bryce, do you have any archived programs that feature Giacinto Scelsi?
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:20pm BSI:

argent orange?
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:21pm north guinea hills:

i've always wondered the etymology of 23 skidoo. thanks dc pat!
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:26pm bryce:


that's VERY STRANGE — i've been totally itching for a stompin scelsdown, but couldn't remember if it'd happened already. gah
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:26pm BSI:

I'm bustin' bloodvessels over here and all I'm getting is friggin' CHEEZ-WHIZ (tm) -- Not even levitating properly, it just kinda leans to one side before stinkin' up the office, mocking me with its many anthropomorphic yellow faces...
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:27pm dc pat:

please make the Scelsi marathon happen
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:30pm scelsi girls:

Giacinto Scelsi - Quattro Pezzi per orchestra, Anahit, Uaxuctum is oh-so-good...
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:31pm Cecile:

I have this great Robert Reigel (sp?) of him playing a number of Scelsi compositions.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:32pm texas scott:

what the hell did you peeps have for lunch?
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:33pm bryce:

okay cool! y'all talked me in.
he is....one of my favorite musical mystics.

also, tuvans for annie & carmichael. sorry, didn't forget! my shit is d i f f u s e

  Fri. 7/24/09 1:33pm Carmichael:

I finally found a Nepalese restaurant downtown. Heading there tomorrow to try out the dishes all a yall been talking about.

Today I'm settling for pizza.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:33pm bryce:

tiết canh, mr. scott.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:34pm Carmichael:

Right friggin' ON, Brycemaster!! Today or next week?
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:35pm dc pat:

NOT NEXT WEEK--You need time to plan it...and as I said, I'll be at the beach.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:35pm texas scott:

i had the pizza.
  Fri. 7/24/09 1:54pm texas scott:


  Fri. 7/24/09 2:00pm Carmichael:

I'll stick with the pizza.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

is this minimalism!?!
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:08pm texas scott:

no,it's maximized!!!
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:08pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/24/09 2:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

like everything in Texas, Scott?
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:14pm texas scott:

everything except the tiết canh,mister corporate guy!
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, I had to look that up....now I'm going to THROW up.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:19pm Ike:

A little shredded comte or havarti in there might make it more palatable, no? Heh.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:20pm texas scott:

yep,just like pizza,ike
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

i bet they serve that crap at the Ovary Lodge.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:27pm Glandular food critic:

Hey, no self-serving ovary would eat that crap.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:28pm Glandular food critic:

self respecting.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:28pm BSI:

I must see a self-serving ovary.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:29pm BSI:

Definitely more interesting than a self-respecting ovary.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:29pm Ovary Lodge:

...order up!~~~DING~~~
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:31pm Cecile:

I'll have some eggs with a side of caviar...
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:32pm perrin:

again with the blood soup, vampires?
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:34pm BSI:

I wasn't hungry at first, but the menu just fallopian to the eggs, and I just cracked...
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:34pm Chris:

You want those eggs ovarysy?
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hey my stream keeps dying here. dangit.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:37pm dc pat:

Oh, Varese?
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:39pm dc pat:

shit, mist a joke there--should have been "Eggard?...Oh, Varese"
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:40pm AnAnonymousParty:

If "The Seasons: Vermont" includes the sound of cutting wood, does "The Seasons: Wisconsin" include the the sound of cutting the cheese?.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:41pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/24/09 2:41pm perrin:

the answer, my friend, is blowin in the wind
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what's the sound of shit mist?
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:43pm dc pat:

when I tipe fas, I spel like a fiv yeer old
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:44pm pfapfap:

Damn, I keep looking around for my cat! This track makes me want to cuddle.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:45pm BSI:

...damn beastly things....
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:47pm bryce:

  Fri. 7/24/09 2:48pm Ike:

Ahhhhh. Relaxed now. Purr surround sound improves an awful day.
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:57pm Ike:

Any locals here at all? Anybody else going to see Black Moth Super Rainbow at South St. Tourist Trap-Port at 6?
  Fri. 7/24/09 2:59pm Chris:

Religious Knives in DC for me
  Fri. 7/24/09 3:02pm pauldepiperssoninberlin:

thx for annea lockwood
  Wed. 7/29/09 11:01am raga:

wow! the Et Cetera lead-off was excellent.
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