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July 17, 2009 Favoriting
July 17, 1959 – July, 17, 2009: Fifty years of peace for Billie Holiday
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Marinho Castellar 

Beira Rio
(Listen: Pop-up)
Marinho Castellar
(Continental 1980)
Ruy Maurity  Marilua   Favoriting Em Busca do Ouro
(Som Livre 1972)
Manduka  Entra y Sale   Favoriting Manduka (Brasil 1500)
(IRT/ILS 1972)
O Têrço  Longe Sem Direção   Favoriting O Têrço
(Forma 1970)

Aruandé   Favoriting A Voz do Samba
(Philips 1975)
Lô Borges  Não Foi Nada   Favoriting Lô Borges
(Odeon 1972)

Talkover Music:
Nicola C 
Forma 2000   Favoriting Boss Per Due
(ESL 2000)

Paul Bley 

(Listen: Pop-up)
(BYG/Actuel 1966)
Hampton Hawes Quartet  Blues #3   Favoriting All Night Session!
(Contemporary 1956)
Andrew Hill  Blue Black   Favoriting Blue Black
(East Wind 1975)
Bill Evans  Very Early   Favoriting

Moon Beams

(Riverside 1962)
Horace Tapscott  Body and Soul   Favoriting Among Friends
(Just Friends 1995)

Talkover Music:
Jackie Mittoo 
One Step Forward   Favoriting Champion in the Arena 1976-1977
(Blood and Fire 1976)

Billie Holiday 

Some Other Spring
(Listen: Pop-up)
Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday on Columbia
(Columbia 1939)
Blanche Calloway  Growlin' Dan   Favoriting Blanche Calloway and Her Joy Boys 1925-1935
(Chronological Classics 1931)
Blue Lu Barker  Nix on Those Lush Heads   Favoriting Blue Lu Barker 1938-1939
(Chronological Classics 1939)

Where Were You?   Favoriting Beryl Booker 1946-1952
(Chronological Classics 1952)
Billie Holiday  Lover Man   Favoriting Priceless Jazz Collection
(GRP 1944)
Nellie Lutcher  That's a Plenty   Favoriting Real Gone!
(Capitol 1955)
Maxine Sullivan  Christopher Columbus   Favoriting Memories of You: A Tribute to Andy Razaf
(Period 1956)
Billie Holiday & Jimmy Rowles  I've Got It Bad and That Ain't Good   Favoriting
(ABC-Paramount 1955)

Talkover Music:
Bud Powell 
Comin' Up   Favoriting The Scene Changes
(Blue Note 1958)

Janet Helms 

Bird Song
(Listen: Pop-up)
Ship On
(Stone Groove 1974)
Robert Knight  Branded   Favoriting 45 Phobia
(Goldmine Soul Supply 1967)
The True Tones  He's Got the Nerve   Favoriting Get Back Up Again, Volume 2
(Gyro 1966)
Jimmy Hughes  I Want Justice   Favoriting The Best of Jimmy Hughes
(Fame 1965)
Eddie Hinton  I Can't Be Me   Favoriting

Country Got Soul,
Volume 2

(Casual 1978)
Bo Diddley  You Can't Judge a Book By It's Cover   Favoriting Bo Diddley
(Checker 1962)
Dan Penn  Skin   Favoriting Nobody's Fool
(Bell 1973)

Talkover Music:
Dave Hamilton 
Blue Funk   Favoriting Detroit City Grooves
(BGP late 1960s)

The Soul Proprietors 

(Listen: Pop-up)
Purple Heart Surgery, Volume 2
(Modern ca. 1965)
John Berberian & the Middle Eastern Ensemble  The Magic Ground   Favoriting Middle Eastern Rock
(Acid Symposium 1969)
Trevor McNamara  Now   Favoriting Yeah Captain
(Aussie Nationwide/Word in Sound 1969)
Hickory Wind  Maybe Tomorrow   Favoriting Hickory Wind
(Gigantic 1969)

Felix   Favoriting Love and Poetry
(VInyl Japan 1969)
Coral Reef  Cherry, Cherry   Favoriting Way Out Wonders, Volume 1
(U-Spaces 1967)

Talkover Music:
Afro Funky   Favoriting Ritmo + Sabor
(EM late 1960s)

Sons of Izzu 

Ago Follow You Go
(Listen: Pop-up)
Ago Follow You Go
(Supertone ca. 1977)
Verckys et L'Orchestre Vevé  Annitcho   Favoriting

Dynamite Verckys

(African 1970)
Super Biton  Siseni   Favoriting Super Biton
(Syllart )

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:03am annie:

word up, first! morning doug!
  9:04am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

Washington, D.C. representing. Mornin'.
  9:05am PMD:

Hi Annie, DDGATGOD, and Doug... representing Virginia I guess. Doug, how goes the job search? Good for you for taking 3 weeks off!
  9:08am annie:

morning PMD...
  9:10am Drummer Some:

Good morning y'all! I'm gonna miss the hell out of all of you. Still looking, PMD. Trying to find something interesting and not just jump back into the moribund publishing world. Still waiting for a gtds listener to step forward with (ahem) a killer offer!
  9:22am annie:

doug do you listen to the brazilian show on wwoz in the crescent city? saturdays, suzanne... she rocks..
  9:23am annie:

this is the schedule..:
  9:24am Drummer Some:

Haven't tuned to WWOZ in a long time. I'm constantly hipping others to it though. Thanks for returning the favor Annie!
  9:25am annie:

i started listening right after katrina, when their sister station up in cape cod did an emergency fundraiser for them.. this is the week of the jazz fest i think..
  9:33am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

Is not Ken's brother the GM at WWOZ?
  9:35am annie:

veerrrrry interesting..
  9:35am gumby:

Doug have a good time in Maine! Last time I was up there those crazy Mainers moved the Appalachian trail right into the middle of a river!
  9:37am annie:

oh, right, and i'd love to know if the plum creek plan went through, they were gonna gentrify and build up moosehead lake.. allowing boat ramps and such.. would have ruined it. and say hi to weru for me, station is right on route one..
  9:38am Drummer Some:

WWOZ's general manager is no releation to our Ken. WFMU did help out WWOZ immediately after Katrina, letting that station broadcast live online using one of our streams. I have always been hugely proud of what Ken did in helping out our radio neighbor during that horrible episode. (Heckuva job there, Kenny!)
  9:39am Drummer Some:

Gumby, that must've been the part of the Appy Trail Mark Sandford was hiking!
  9:39am chris:

I have this cd. Great stuff. Hall rocks!
  9:40am annie:

i love how it all came together for them, doug. i think they were broadcasting just a few days afterwards. long ago.. i forget..
  9:41am gumby:

It was a part called Four Mile Falls, just before the Kennebec River. And it was one giant waterfall after 3 days of rain. Absolutely gorgeous though!
  9:42am annie:

i almost moved to blue hill last year....
  9:54am north guinea hills:

ah, bill evans, perfect chillness on a friday morning while watching my boss go insane....
  9:55am annie:

it was amazingly bittersweet listening to tony's show yesterday.
  10:01am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

My mistake. My assumption regarding the similarities in last name coupled with the near immediate offer of assistance by Ken has certainly made an ASS of ME. I guess that is why they call me the Dum Dum Guy. :)
  10:06am theloniouscrunk:

I agree--a perfect jazz set for the end of the week.
  10:14am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

Play Strange Fruit. Chilling.
  10:16am annie:

cecile mentioned she felt a twinge-y ache last friday when she realized that drummer some was coming and going and she was not listening. she promised to listen to the archives.
  10:17am paul from Sheffield UK:

Howdy folks.
  10:18am annie:

  10:30am annie:

this is one of my billie faves.
  10:34am Carmichael:

Good Friday morning Doug and others. Annie, just where is Cecile?
  10:37am annie:

she is on vacation. we email occasionally.
  10:39am Carmichael:

The Pyrenees? The South Bank? Tierra Del Fuego?
  10:40am annie.:

hehehe.. sorry, i think michigan...
  10:49am GP:

Good morning.....I repeat.....Good Morning.
That is all
Over and Out

Oh and Doug, have a great vacation! If you are allowed to eat Lobster I hear they have a surplus this year. down in Maine..priced cheap and tasty.
  10:52am trishhh:

Can't say 'tweet tweet' without calling to mind some corporation, anymore.
So much for that. Little birds they aren't.
  10:52am GP:

Shesh..I hope Ike is not around to notice my punctuation lackadaisicalaitudinus. Typing too fast here.
  10:55am trishhh:

cheap cheap
cui cui
pío pío
  10:56am trishhh:

Tinier sounding:
piou piou
piep piep
  10:57am Not Ike:

GP I don't know about the punctuation, but the unloquacious and gratuitous making up of words must CEASE!
  10:58am Onoma Paea:

trishhh, i can hear it now!
  10:59am Carmichael:

Eddie friggin' Hinton. Ya baby.
  10:59am Drummer Some:

Allowed to eat lobster? I would boil myself alive if I wasn't ALLOWED to eat lobster!
  11:01am GP:

LOL Ike. Wordmongery shall cease (for now). Have a good weekend.
  11:01am trishhh:

Apparently, camels only nuzz in english. <grumph!>
  11:04am GP:

Agreed Carmichael....Eddine friggin' Hinton indeed. What a wonderful song. I want to sing that to my wife, but she would probably laugh and/or cower in horror at the screeching sounds projecting via my vox box.
  11:06am annie:

speaking as a person who could be a wife to someone, i would give my eyeteeth to have ANYONE sing to me, the voice ain't nothing, it's the intent....sing away, honey
  11:06am JW:

"Can't Judge a Book" written by the great Willie Dixon
  11:08am GP:

Annie ; )
  11:08am north guinea hills:

i sing to my girlfriend all the time, usually i don't even realize it, as i sing away when i'm at home...
  11:08am Carmichael:

Man, I thought this was Elvis until I looked at the list. I love Dan Penn's music, but I've never heard him talk.

"Dark End of the Street" is one of my favorite songs ever.
  11:11am still b/p:

I sometimes listen to the Classic Soul and Motown channel on the Sirius that comes with my sat. TV, and while there's some good and entertaining stuff there, they don't play the great unfamiliar 60s soul and R&B tracks I hear on FMU. Enjoying them more and more. Thanks.
  11:12am mike:

doug, finally got your premium. it's more awesome than i could have imagined.
  11:16am annie:

i love it when i find myself shaking my head, and have been for several minutes... beebop areebop.. woohoo!
  11:16am Drummer Some:

Hey Mike,
So glad you (finally) got it and dig it! With that cover, how bad could it be?!
  11:22am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

I posit that John Lennon listened to this Trevor McNamara song shortly before he wrote Instant Karma.
  11:27am Parq:

Slept in this AM, but here for the last reel. DrumSum, bet you're really looking forward to that vacation. Have a terrific one.
  11:28am Carmichael:

Great non-Beatles Beatles set.
  11:29am Carmichael:

Oh, and DumDum, if you want Lennon-like music check out Graham Dye.
  11:29am annie:

good morning parq..
  11:33am Parq:

Hey, Annische, and all. Speaking of soul, as b/p was, the first night of Pondo Stomp NYC last night was killer. Putting on my boots at tight jeans (metaphorically speaking) for Part 2 tonight and having my best jacket cleaned for Part 3 Sunday.
  11:33am gumby:

must stay in seat, must stay in seat, am at work (although my whole body wants to dance to this cherry, cherry
  11:34am Parq:

Yeah, Gumb, was that great or what?
  11:34am annie:

mm... images of parq in tight jeans.. dancing is good!!
  11:36am dc pat:

what's wrong with tight jeans??!
  11:37am annie:

in a good way pat... although i'm a leg-woman myself..
  11:38am Parq:

Oh stop!
  11:39am dc pat:

did you see the Collins Kids?
  11:41am Brian Sanders:

Have a groovy break, Doug. That Andwellas Dream took me back some. Feeling a bit down at the moment one of our chickens has just gone to meet its maker.
  11:41am annie:

parq... :)
bummer brian!!
  11:43am dc pat:

..I guess CollinsKids are to see them. Wonder if Lorrie's voice is all husky now cuz of too much cigarette smokin?
  11:53am Listener James from Westwood:

Doug, have a safe, restful, and memorable break. We'll miss you!
  11:54am Drummer Some:

LJ from W and everyone,
Thanks a bazillion for "being there" and for being here when I get back.

  11:56am Carmichael:

Have a great vacation, Doug!!
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