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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options July 1, 2009: Two Crayfish and a Fiddler Crab

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Artist Track Approx. start time
ToToM  Tambourines are from Barcelona   Options 0:00:00 ()
J.G. Thirlwell  Mississippi Noir   Options 0:04:24 ()
DJ Schmolli  My Girl Is King Of The Road   Options 0:07:13 ()
The Muppets  Play Lady of Spain   Options 0:09:52 ()
Vernon LeNoir  I Got Rhythm   Options 0:11:17 ()
MC Frosen & DJ Ugh  U Can't Touch Dis   Options 0:12:12 ()
Dudi  Dido Piano Mix   Options 0:16:11 ()
Schmoyoho  Auto-Tune the News #5: Lettuce Regulation   Options 0:17:07 ()
Wobbly  Killer Queen Autotune   Options 0:20:08 ()
Modular  Femme Fatale   Options 0:22:03 ()
Kevin Blechdom  Lazy   Options 0:23:40 ()
Music behind DJ:
Malcolm Arnold / Kenneth Alford 
The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957)   Options 0:26:19 ()
John Zorn & Yamatsuka Eye  Track Two   Options 0:31:31 ()
Hayman - Sear  Theme from Chitty Chitty Bang   Options 0:33:03 ()
David Shea  Screwy Squirrel   Options 0:34:16 ()
(with) Anonymous Donors  Silent But Deadly Night   Options 0:34:53 ()
Tomas Bolme  Norrmannen Han Har...   Options 0:35:50 ()
Gwilly Edmondez  Makin' A Album (Inst)   Options 0:36:09 ()
(with) Les Baxter  A Banda   Options 0:37:43 ()
G. Lucas  Track 30   Options 0:39:34 ()
(into) ToToM  Suberranean Time Warp Blues   Options 0:39:50 ()
Shelley Hirsch  Comic Strip   Options 0:40:54 ()
ToToM  Suberranean Time Warp Blues   Options 0:42:45 ()
Ushuaia Rocks!  I'm Waiting For My Man   Options 0:44:47 ()
Music behind DJ:
Golden Gate Strings 
Blowin' In The Wind   Options 0:48:11 ()
Dave Soldier  Zebra Finches playing tiny synthesizers   Options 0:52:56 ()
The Beatles  Blackbird   Options 0:53:53 ()
Blanketship  Blanketown   Options 0:56:12 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 7/1/09 7:03pm Vicki:

  Wed. 7/1/09 7:04pm Doug of Canada:

First comment
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:05pm Brian Oregon:

It's great to have PLU back on FMU! Go Vicki!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:05pm Vicki:

do you get the impression that no one is listening tonight?
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:05pm ?:

  Wed. 7/1/09 7:05pm Vicki:

oh there's one! Hi Brian :)
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:07pm Seamus of Michigan:

We're all over, but we have horrible sores on our fingers.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:08pm Vicki:

thought you all might have disappeared into the summer
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:08pm Brian Oregon:

Vicki -- do you do the show live or tape it in advance?
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:09pm gavin:

she's ba-ack...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:09pm Vicki:

a bit of both Brian - I'm here after all...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:10pm Doug of Canada:

More brilliant Thirwell ... I'm going to have to get it
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:11pm Seamus:

You have very dedicated listeners. Plus we are all shut-ins.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:12pm Brian Oregon:

I asked because Ken and Andy mentioned Mark in the studio working the levels. From my bit of experience I know it takes a lot of time to put together a good radio show -- I really appreciate Do or DIY!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:13pm Vicki:

yes I upload the show
are you shut in an office Seamus?
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:15pm David Shortell:

Marvin Suggs! I remember that bizarre Muppet bandleader. He sounds not unlike WFMU's own Professor Dum Dum!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:15pm Seamus:

No, I'm trapped in a well in my basement Vicki. Please send help!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:15pm mark:

i am indeed working the levels: watching me move faders up and down is like watching someone play chopin. ps whatisup vicki.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:16pm Vicki:

I liken the WFMU staff to Muppets yes. In fact I think of life as being much like the Muppet Show.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:17pm mark:

wfmu: http://purgatorio1.com/wp-content/pics/oldMuppets.jpg
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:19pm Seamus:

Muppet movies always make my cry. When a Muppet is sad it just feels terrible. I have always related to Muppets more than my fellow humans.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:21pm Vicki:

it's the smoke, ok
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:21pm charles:

It's the smoke! Hi Vicki
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:21pm charles:

oooh, that was weird...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:22pm Vicki:

hi Charles! What's this stupid song?
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:22pm Vicki:

yes it was a bit
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:23pm ?:

err..... something you found on the internet? How would I know? Sheesh....
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:23pm Doug of Canada:

One can easily break up a crustacean fight by simply throwing them a bunch of cheese ...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:24pm charles:

sorry, I forgot to sign that last comment
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:25pm Phil:

I ALWAYS listen to podcast - but LIVE is much more fun - THANKS!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:26pm Vicki:

hi Phil! Much better live, yes. Well live-ish...!!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:27pm Phil:

at least YOU are live.. as are we...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:27pm Vicki:

isn't this song amazing
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:28pm Vicki:

I am busy = live :)
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:28pm Doug of Canada:

I feel a strong urge to play Some Velvet Morning
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:29pm Seamus:

From my well, I feel like I'm part of something when the show is live. It's so dark and lonely here!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:30pm mark:

modular was a real beaut. (are you o k for a legal id, v?)
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:30pm Vicki:

we all have a well, Seamus
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:30pm Vicki:

legal id at the end always, Mark
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:31pm Seamus:

Thanks, I feel much better now Vicki.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:32pm mark:

good good. i'm just waiting for the time when i have to stumble over M-F-U, so it's better your way.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:33pm Vicki:

just been chasing a moskito around the room while doing a mic break, maybe that is a first
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:35pm Vicki:

silly man
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:37pm Phil:

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was the first movie I was old enough to take my sister to - a long time ago!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:38pm Vicki:

I watched it recently - it's actually got great music to it (I sampled it recently in fact)
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:39pm Wheezer:

Well, well, Spud fell in the well!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:40pm Phil:

yeah - nice music.

You should play some of Rhapsody in Glue sometime soon...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:41pm Doug in Canada:

Gwilly is a great unrecognized looney ...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:41pm Vicki:

not allowed to play our own work on fmu cos it's a non-commercial station
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:42pm Phil:

too bad - but that's fair enough
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:43pm Vicki:

yes, imagine us all showing off, would be excruciating
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:43pm Doug in Canada:

and when I say "looney" I mean "gentleman and scholar"
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:44pm Seamus:

Inspired by Yamatsuka Eye, I have found the strength to free myself and plan to write a memoir based on my experience titled, "Ten Things I Learned About Spiders". You can find it in your local super market soon!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:44pm irene:

oh man sorry im late. i got stuck.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:45pm Vicki:

where did you get stuck?
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:45pm Phil Theee:

Can't play PLU? But it's *all* PLU, innit?
Then play Ergo Phizmiz!
or RIAA!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:46pm Doug in Canada:

We were wondering ...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:46pm Phil:

  Wed. 7/1/09 7:46pm Doug in Canada:

I play my own stuff ... but I am completely unfamiliar with it ...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:47pm Vicki:

yes it is all PLU, funny old world eh
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:47pm irene:

well wasnt alaska this time. much more boring than that.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:48pm Phil Theee:

Totom's the dog's danglies, ain't he? heard that Pixies/Dylan one he did? Lovely.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:49pm brock:

I'm Waiting... for the CTA.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:49pm Vicki:

yes ToTom is great - without wishing to generalise (which I will now do), lots of good French mashup artists and also French electronic music artists doing humorous music
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:50pm Phil (R):

I like this version of Waiting For My Man - Rx Music has some good versions too...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:51pm irene:

like speed reading
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:53pm Brian Oregon:

Vicki is kind enough to put lots of downloadable stuff on ubuweb and peoplelikeus.org -- where you can also buy her incredible musical creations!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:54pm Doug in Canada:

I actually can hear your washing machine ... it's kind of nice
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:54pm Phil:

So true
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:55pm Vicki:

yes not sure about my washing machine
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:56pm irene:

are you sure those finches are not monkeys?
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:56pm Doug in Canada:

I also like it when people eat on the air ...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:57pm Vicki:

you'd never get several monkeys in a bird cage
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:57pm Doug in Canada:

Well, I have mistaken moneys for finches before, and it wasn't like this ...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:57pm Marshall Stacks:

Zebra finches -> Blackbird, a segue worthy of Kenny G himself.

And I mean that as a compliment.
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:57pm Doug in Canada:

Not without quite a fight ...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:57pm Vicki:

plus Dave's cat would never have eaten them
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:58pm Sean Daily:

Probably the last comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:58pm Vicki:

yes, that was a bit of a Kenny segue, and of course that would be a compliment
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:58pm Phil:

Thanks Vicki!
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:59pm Doug in Canada:

There may be a YouTube video ... type in "monkeys in bird cage" ...
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:59pm irene:

there were some crows trying to eat my ham sandwich
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:59pm Vicki:

I still have a moskito to catch in here
  Wed. 7/1/09 7:59pm Seamus:

Fantabulous show Vicki! Thanks for joining the FMU radio family.
  Wed. 7/1/09 8:00pm Vicki:

thanks! next week!!!
  Wed. 7/1/09 8:00pm irene:

mosquito catching hint: wet your hand before trying to swat it
  Wed. 7/1/09 8:00pm Vicki:

oh i've been here since 2003 :)
  Wed. 7/1/09 8:01pm Doug in Canada:

No shortage of insect experts here ...
  Wed. 7/1/09 8:01pm Vicki:

off to get that moskito... byee.....
  Wed. 7/1/09 8:01pm irene:

but she was hiding in the green room by the plants the last i saw
  Wed. 7/1/09 8:02pm Doug in Canada:

She knows of what she speaks ...
  Wed. 7/1/09 8:02pm Wasp Man:

Bizz bizz, buzz buzz...

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