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June 12, 2009 Favoriting
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Hattie McDaniel 

Boo Hoo Blues
(Listen: Pop-up)
Female Blues Singers, Volume 12
(Document 1926)
Dan Pickett  Lemon Man   Favoriting Shake That Thing!
East Coast Blues 1935-1953
(JSP 1949)
Mississippi Sheiks  Stop and Listen Blues No. 2   Favoriting

Honey Babe Let the
Deal Go Down: Best
of the Mississippi Sheiks

(Columbia/Legacy 1930)
Peetie Wheatstraw  Working on the Project   Favoriting The Devil's Son-in-Law
(Blues Collection 1937)
Memphis Minnie  World of Trouble   Favoriting Blues Is Killin' Me
(Jewel/Paula 1953)

Joe Hill
Western Union Man   Favoriting Boogie in the Park
(Ace 1953)
Muddy Waters  Trouble no More   Favoriting Hey DJ! Play Some Blues Boppers! Volume 2
(Hellllo Darel 1955)
Lazy Lester  I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter   Favoriting I Hear You Knockin'! The Excello Singles
(AVI 1958)

Talkover Music:
Dirty Dozen Brass Band 
Dead Dog in the Street   Favoriting Buck Jump
(Mammoth 1999)

Yusufu Olatunjiu  Late J.F. Olasimbo
Abimbola Gbolade
Alhaji Adeleke Dada
Idayatu Sowami
Egbe Oredegbe Agege
(Listen: Pop-up)
Yusufu Olatunjiu & His Group In Action
(Zareco 1975)
Papillon du Poly Rythmo en Action  Mi Wo Nonvi   Favoriting Ambiance Africana No. 1
(Libert 1980)
Les Messagers du Mali  Kafisa   Favoriting

Les Messagers du Mali

(Musique Mondiale 1983)
Ebenezer Obey  Ondo/Ogbomosho   Favoriting In London
(Decca 1969)

Talkover Music:
DJ Food 
Dub Lion (Remake)   Favoriting Stop and Listen, Volume 1
(BBE 1994)

Slim Lay & Happy Wilson 

Trouble Along the Cable
(Listen: Pop-up)
Boppin' Hillbilly, Volume 20
(Collector )
Andy Parker & the Plainsmen  I Was Born Ten Thousand Years Ago   Favoriting Texas Belle
(B.A.C.M. )

Bob Newman
A Broken Doll   Favoriting Hangover Boogie
(The Hound 1947)
James O'Gwynn  Were You Ever a Stranger   Favoriting Trying to Forget You
(NBCD 1958)
Kitty Wells  Mommy for a Day   Favoriting The Queen of Country Music
(Bear Family 1958)
Charlie Aldrich  Kinsey's Book   Favoriting The Intro Label
(HBR 1953)

Talkover Music:
Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu 
Rabu: Sakit Tangani   Favoriting 1951: Sumatran Ladies Wearing Hats as Outlawed by Goverment
(Hot Air 2001)


(Listen: Pop-up)

Come, Arrow, Come

(Language of Stone 2008)
Rufus Wainwright  Do I Disappoint You   Favoriting Release the Stars
(Geffen 2007)
Vetiver  Idle Ties   Favoriting To Find Me Gone
(Dicristina Stair Builders 2006)
Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter  Morning It Comes   Favoriting Like Love Lust & the Open Halls of the Soul
(Barsuk 2006)
Angel Dean & Sue Garner  Morning Blake   Favoriting Pot Liquor
(Diesel Only 2004)

Edge of a Dream   Favoriting Song Up in Her Head
(Sugar Hill 2009)

Talkover Music:
Joe Henderson 
Water   Favoriting The Elements
(Milestone 1973)

Roy Campbell Pyramid 

One for Hannibal
(Listen: Pop-up)
(Silkheart 1994)
Eric Dolphy  Straight Up and Down   Favoriting

Out to Lunch

(Blue Note 1964)
Arthur Blythe  Lower Nile   Favoriting The Grip
(India Navigation 1977)

Talkover Music:
Vikter Duplaix 
Grover (Vikter Duplaix remix)   Favoriting The Philadelphia Experiment Remixed
(Rope a Dope 2002)

Djinji Brown 
Las Siete Potencias
(The Seven African Powers)
(Listen: Pop-up)
Osunlade Presents... Yoruba Records
Cincos Años Despues
(Soul Jazz 2004)
Osaka Monaurail  Two Houses Make a Happy Home (remix)   Favoriting Thankful (For What You've Done)
(RD Japan 2006)

Balkan Funk   Favoriting Feel the Fire
(Legere/Groove 2009)
Spam Allstars  Electrodomésticos   Favoriting Electrodomésticos
(Spamusica 2007)
Quantic Soul Orchestra
(Vocal: Spanky Wilson) 
When You're Through   Favoriting Mishaps Happening
(Tru Thoughts 2004)
The Whitefield Brothers  Rampage   Favoriting In the Raw (extended reissue)
(Now Again 2009)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:02am PMD:

Am I first??? Morning Doug!
  9:03am annie:

ami i second? morning doug and PMD
  9:05am Parq:

Am I fully conscious yet? Hope so, but getting another cup of coffee just in case.
  9:07am annie:

parq, i just poured my second cup and put the water on for the second pot. .. also.. consult if you'd also like some baby garlic attached to some of your scapes. she's calling tonight
  9:10am PMD:

You addicts... I'm drinking my tension tamer herbal tea.
  9:11am texas scott:

green tea here.
Morning,Hepcat Doug!
  9:12am Parq:

Dang show-off, PM.
  9:13am annie:

hhmmm. coffee.. hhmmm caffiene hmmmm dark rich coffee, mood indigo/espresso blend, catskill mountain roasters rule!!
  9:13am Lore:

Thanks for this music, Doug. It's framing my morning quite well.
  9:17am Paul Sherratt:

Now do any of you US folk know who Dan Pickett was or might have been ? I don't ! Correct answers only if possible. Ninety Nine And A Half Won't Do !
  9:19am GD:

Thx for the link to prog not frog in the newsletter...haven't slept for days
  9:20am annie:

no, paul, here:
  9:22am Drummer Some:

Dint you give me a Dan Pickett record once, Mr. Paul. Well I believe you did.
  9:24am Cecile:

Triple espresso with a lot of sugar and a schplash of milk in the house.

Isn't Mr. Stingy volunteering today?
  9:24am still b/p:

I didn't know Hattie McDaniel was singing and recording before she was Hollywooding. Interesting, and a good track.
  9:25am dc pat:

GODDAMMIT! Missed a whole delta blues set!! UGH! this does not bode well for the rest of the day.
  9:26am annie:

cecile, you are a woman after my own heart! ( leave out the milk, though. )
  9:27am ken:

what a set. my brain needs it. great gods and monsters show last night. ayone catch it?
  9:28am gumby:

Oh no, I missed Peetie Wheatstraw, the Devil's Brother-In-Law.
  9:28am dc pat:

at least I caught Muddy and Lazy Lester, this is fekkin perfect.
  9:28am Cecile:

is that the Gary Lucas groups with all the great peoples in it?

Yeah, annie, I remember. I need some to "cushion" the blow.
  9:30am annie:

i dig ya! (get my email?)
  9:31am dc pat:

man, Willie Dixon was all over the place back then
  9:32am Michael Jackson:

Yeahhhh, me and Lazy Lester. I'm a lover not a fighter, just like I told Paul McCartney about 25 years ago.
  9:33am Cecile:

I did. I have the attention span of a gnat these days. I PROMISE I will actually click the link tonight!!!! ;D I apologize for my lameness.
  9:35am annie:

it's all good, take your sweet mid-west time. :) as long as you got it..
  9:35am PMD:

yay! African set! (right?)
  9:35am ken:

request: rembitika...
  9:37am PMD:

request, Zimbabwean music...
  9:38am Cecile:

Request. Santana with Babatunde Olatunji
  9:40am ken:

i meant when you were well clear of africa -- please stay there for a long time!!!
  9:41am dc pat:

Drummer Some: great assessment of the awards industrial complex by the way. Couldn't agree more.
  9:43am Drummer Some:

I'll put together a Greek set for next week's throw down.
  9:46am Parq:

What Pat said and then some on the award shows, DrumSum. I've felt that way for decades. Thanks for the newsletter add, b/t/w.
  9:46am still b/p:

My Big Fat Greek Throwdown!
  9:46am ken:

i'll bring a bottle of retsina into work for breakfast...
  9:47am annie:

greek next week! eek! (yay)
  9:50am Parq:

Exactly what I thought, Annie. Greek music? You mean like "Shout", "Wooly Bully", "Double Shot", that kinda thing?
  9:52am Zorba:

Anyday of the week, Parq, but never on Sunday
  9:55am Parq:

Felix [wants Oscar to dance with his new Greek girlfriend's father]: It's okay, don't worry, I saw this in 'Zorba the Greek'.

Oscar: It's *not* okay, I saw this in 'Boys in the Band'!
  9:57am annie:

love that parq. is it next friday yet? huh is it>
  9:57am Cecile:

what's that style of Greek singing that is really only truly authentic if the singer has lost an eye to syphilis and a finger or two in a knife fight?
(not my words, the late Keith Ferguson from the Fabulous Thunderbirds, etc.)
  9:58am Barack:

  10:11am PMD:

Now that's Boppin!
  10:12am annie:

i simply have to share this..
  10:20am annie:

sittin here, watching the rain blow in, folding paper transplant pots, drinkin coffee and listening to awesome tunes. priceless!
  10:21am texas scott:

ouch,annie.that makes my butt hurt.

  10:24am annie:

much too funny to sit and NOT laugh. doug, you rule
  10:25am Cecile:

oh, the good old days before female orgasms
  10:36am anonymusk:

And then Kinsey helped to paint the shudders.
  10:36am Drummer Some:

Just lay back and think of Rufus Wainwright.
  10:36am Cecile:

Ah, Rufus!
  10:37am Elizabeth:

What am I, chopped liver?
  10:37am Cecile:

Can't. I get too sad.
What a waste. It's like looking at a beautiful Fabrege egg you can never have. And that never wants you back. ;)
  10:39am Carmichael:

Good morning Doug and innuendo-laced listeners. You got a strummy, folky thing goin' on here Doug. Baby Lemonade wouldn't be out of place at all here. Except for the "no-beat" part ...
  10:42am Roy Pea:

Don't know if you mentioned this, Doug, but Hattie McDaniel's birthday was on Wednesday. I know this because that's my b-day as well. One I share with Elliot Spitzer, Bobby Jindal and John Yoo, as my younger bro so coldly pointed out. Luckily, people like Hattie M and Howlin' Wolf represent the other side of the Gemini!
  10:43am Mallory:

Doug, I'd love to hear some Abner next week! I'll be listening. :)
  10:46am Drummer Some:

I did see that HM's b-day was 6/10. Forgot to mention it! Thanks for the backup.

Abner Jay is always welcome on the show. Can't promise when he'll reappear, but it shouldn't be too long.
  10:47am Parq:

Vey ist mir, what did I miss, with all this Heit Report talk? Dang commute. Well, if it's Wainwrights you want, Loudi III and such family members as are still talking to him will be doing a live show in my front yard, Madison Square Park, next week.
  10:47am Carmichael:

For some reason, I share my birthday with lots of musical people: Mark Knopfler, Pat Metheny, Buck Owens, Joe Jackson, and (the best name of all) Joe "Boogaloo" Jones.

Oh, and George Hamilton. We have yet to celebrate together.
  10:50am annie:

lucky you parq!! you going?
  10:50am Carmichael:

Parq, is he on the outs with his family? That's too bad. I saw Martha on TV and she speaks gushingly of him. He married one of the Roche sisters, if I recall?
  10:51am Cecile:

I've got Clint Eastwood, Kyle Secor (Bayliss on Homicide), Johnny Paycheck and Joe Willie Namath! and Walt Whitman.
  10:51am Cecile:

I know he and his dad don't get along.
I thought he and his mum and Martha were fine.
  10:52am Cecile:

and Carm's twins!
  10:54am Parq:

Sure hope to. He'll be joined by his other daughter (not Martha) and his niece. 'Cile, I'm led to believe that he is on the outs with Rufus because dad is jealous of son's success; sort of a paternal "Star Is Born" trip. I'd assumed that Martha had sided with Ruf. I'm glad to know she's still okay with pop; maybe I'm wrong about Ruf, too. In any event, neither Ruf nor Marti will be joining pop next week - barring unbilled "surprise" appearances.
  10:54am dc pat:

I got Lucinda Williams and Eddie Van Halen on my b-day.
  10:55am PMD:

Parq, wow... Wish I could go!
  10:55am Roy Pea:

LW III seems to thrive on volatile family dynamics. Probably provides him with great material. His song "Surviving Twin" evokes the tension and competition he felt with his own father. Like father, like son, as they say.
  10:56am Cecile:

Oh, I thought you were talking about Rufus, parq!

I think Martha did side with Rufus. Not sure.
  10:56am Carmichael:

Yes, Cecile! They're another year closer to car keys .....
  10:56am Parq:

Btw, don't know if DrumSum's got a gospel set planned, so I'll toss this out now. Did anyone else catch "Sinner's Crossroads" last night? Kev did a whole set of 70s-funk-style gospel songs. Really unusual. Wondered if it was genuine love of the form or just an attempt to "get the kids".
  10:56am PMD:

I have Mark Knopfler, Pat Metheny
  10:57am Cecile:

Yes, Roy Pea, he's never made any bones about being a great dad, but still it's kind of sad. Although it can produce good art.
  10:58am Carmichael:

PMD, looks like we share birthdays. Maybe it explains a lot. :))
  10:58am dc pat: PMD you and Carmichael share a birthday!
  10:58am Parq:

Oh, and my birthday kin include E.A. Poe, Janis J, Minn. Fats and George Gordon Lord Byron.
  10:59am GP:

Morning all..jumping in to the conversation with Dennis Hopper, Enya!, Trent Reznor and Bill Paxton.
  11:00am Janet H:

10:00 am here...
  11:00am Janet H:

good morning all!
  11:01am annie:

and mine: bill haley, merv griffin, hh dalai lama, dubya, and fitty cent
  11:02am PMD:

Hey, great! I hadn't read all the comments I didn't catch up with. Carmichael - great day, eh? I like it. Meteor shower every year for us special people.
  11:02am Parq:

Annie takes the prize for disproving astrology.
  11:03am Carmichael:

The Gods smile on us ....
  11:04am Carmichael:

She also takes the prize for the oddest pairing so far: Dubya & Fitty.
  11:04am annie:

oh get this parq, his holiness was born in 35 and i in 53. extremely auspicious.
  11:05am Janet H:

I share my b-day with paul mccartney
  11:05am annie:

my mother loves to rub it in about dubya
  11:06am Carmichael:

Here we go, JAZZ SET!!!!
  11:08am Carmichael:

Oh my. I just read that I also share my day with Miss Cleo and Plaxico Burress. Kinda takes the piss out of that celebration.
  11:08am still b/p:

Roman Emperor Valentinian III, Hermann Hesse, Walter Brennan, Thurgood Marshal, Ahmad Jamal, Lindsay Lohan.
And which of them tallied the most birthday shots? It wasn't me.
  11:08am annie:

this musical journey on which you lead us each week, doug, is thorough and ever so pleasant!
  11:11am Parq:

Turns out my day has a country hat-trick: Dolly Parton, Phil Everly and Lester Flatt.
  11:15am holland oats:

i <3 eric dolphy
  11:23am Cecile:

Ah, yes, Arthur Blythe.
  11:41am Parq:

JL Hooker time soon. Another great morning of not getting work done. Thanks, DrumSum!
  11:42am Drummer Some:

I take full responsibility.

Your warm comment earlier made me smile.

Me freakin too!
  11:45am annie:

smilin back doug :)
  11:49am Mallory:

This has been a really kick ass set.
  11:49am Roy Pea:

The Dalai Lama and Dubya share a birthday?! And people are skeptical about astrology!
  11:50am annie:

yeah, roy.. very odd. almost cosmic
  11:51am Roy Pea:

Looks like Annie already made the same comment. Pardon the redundancy. Does anyone else find it hard to believe that Dennis Hopper became a Republican?
  11:52am annie:

all those damn hippies have to grow up sometime!! <s>
  11:54am GP:

Never assume anything rational about Dennis : )
  11:54am Carmichael:

Doug, you can get funky like this any old time. It ain't good music unless you can say "Ugh!"
  11:54am Parq:

Roy, I find Jon Voight's awakening <s> even more bizzare.
  11:54am annie:

that's what makes him so wonderful
  11:55am Drummer Some:

Everybody say it with me


Thank you.
  11:55am Roy Pea:

God, your are so right about Voight, Parq! He must be suffering flashbacks from Deliverance.
  11:56am annie:

there has to be some kind of pendulum thing, the odder you are when young, the straighter you get as you age? hehe, I REFUSE!!!!! mwwhahahahaha
  11:56am alexey:

aaaaa!!! yes!! amazing track! i love this show!! greetings from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
  11:56am annie:

  11:56am Drummer Some:

We've been waiting for you! Welcome home!
  11:57am GP:

ugh! and a "get down" thrown in for good measure..o.k. also toss in a "hey"
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