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May 8, 2009 Favoriting
The radio show from Mother's Mixer
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Bob Gaddy 

Paper Lady
(Listen: Pop-up)
Harlem Blues Operator
(Ace 1957)
T-Bone Walker Jr.
(R.S. Rankin) 
Love Bells Ringing   Favoriting

R&B on Lakewood

(Ace 1962)
Big Moose Walker
(Guitar: Freddie Roulette) 
Puppy Howl Blues   Favoriting Midnight Ramble Tonight!
(Sepia )
Little Arthur Matthews  I'm Gonna Whale on You   Favoriting Laughin' at the Blues
(Rev-Ola 1955)

Something to Remeber You By   Favoriting The Things That I Used to Do
(Ace 1954)
Harper-Brinson Band  Harper's Return   Favoriting Hey DJ! Play Some Blues Boppers!
Volume 1
(Hellllo Darel 1957)

Talkover Music:
Earl Hooker 
Improvisation on Dust My Broom   Favoriting The Moon Is Rising
(Arhoolie 1969)

Martha Lynn 

Goin' Hunting Tonight
(Listen: Pop-up)
Boppin' Hillbilly, Volume 10
(Collector )
Mabelle Seiger  I'm Laughing Up My Sleeve   Favoriting Artists of the W.W.V.A. Jamboree
(HBR )
Bonnie Lou  A Rusty Old Halo   Favoriting Danger! Heartbreak Ahead
(B.A.C.M. )
Goldie Hill  Ain't Gonna Wash My Face for a Month   Favoriting I Let the Stars Get in My Eyes
(B.A.C.M. 1954)
Cousin Emmy  Come on You Virginia Gals   Favoriting

Cousin Emmy &
Her Kinfolks

(Bear Family )
Hank Fort  I Love Connecticut   Favoriting Hank Fort Sings Her Own Great Songs
(Epic 1958)

Talkover Music:
Glenn Lee 
Joyful Sounds   Favoriting Sacred Steel Instrumentals
(Arhoolie )

Jack Costanzo 

Goza Negra
(Listen: Pop-up)
Costanzo, Cano & Bongos!
(GNP Crescendo 1956)
Orquesta Los Hermanos Martelo  A lo Orilla'e la Quebra   Favoriting Eroticorhythmotropicalomanie
(EMI/Pathé )
Pedro Laza y Sus Pelayeros  Puya Bayunquera   Favoriting Pedro Laza y Su Banda
(Discos Fuentes 1979)

Fuego en los Bomberos   Favoriting Papito
(SAR 1980)

Talkover Music:
Going Out   Favoriting Mundial Muzique, Volume 2
(Guidance 2001)

The Cherry Slush 

I Cannot Stop You
(Listen: Pop-up)
Soul Deep, Volume 8
(Gyro 1967)
Red "Hot" Russell  Pedro Joe   Favoriting The Madness Invasion
(GMG Venus in Furs )
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles  Come Spy With Me   Favoriting Get Back Up Again, Volume 17
(Gyro 1967)
King George Discovery  Tragedy   Favoriting

King George

(Haparanda 1968)
Black Merda  Cynthy-Ruth   Favoriting The Folks From Mother's Mixer
(Funky Delicacies 1970)
Lee Moses  Bad Girl (pt. 2)   Favoriting TIme and Place
(Castle 1971)

Talkover Music:
Melvin Jackson 
Funky Skull   Favoriting Funky Skull
(Limelight 1970)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble 

Day of Reckoning
(Listen: Pop-up)
(Eyemark 1966)
Joe Harriott / Amancio D'Silva Quartet  Stephano's Dance   Favoriting Hum Dono
(Columbia 1969)

Ra 1   Favoriting Ra
(Moers Music 1976)
Nucleus  Sun Child   Favoriting We'll Talk About It Later
(Vertigo 1970)

Talkover Music:
Gulintangan Orchestra of Brunei 
Gendang Sri Rama   Favoriting Borneo
(Playa Sound )

Mike Cooper 

In the Mourning
(Listen: Pop-up)
Trout Steel
(Dawn 1970)
Bridget St. John  Happy Day   Favoriting

Thank You For...

(Dandelion 1972)
Kathy Smith  It's Taking So Long   Favoriting Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word
(Finders Keepers 1971)
Billy Nicholls  She's Always on My Mind   Favoriting Footprints In The Snow: An Anthology of
the British Singer-Songwriter Genre 1965-1974

(Castle 1968)
Meic Stevens  Mynd i Weld y Byd   Favoriting Gwymon
(Sain 1972)
Bill Fay  The Sun Is Bored   Favoriting Bill Fay/Time of the Last Persecution...Plus
(See for Miles 1970)

Talkover Music:
Nicola Conte 
Forma 2000   Favoriting Bossa Per Due
(ESL 2000)

Meireles e Sua Orquestra 

Máscara Negra
(Listen: Pop-up)
Brazilian Beat
(London 1967)
Orquestra Afro-Brasileira  Índia   Favoriting Obaluayê!
(Todamérica 1949)

Lúcio Alves
Negro   Favoriting Balançamba
(Elenco 1963)
Donga  Patrao Prenda Seu Gado   Favoriting A Musica de Donga
(Marcus Pereira 1974)
Candeia  Dia de Graça   Favoriting Axé!
(Atlantic/WEA 1978)
Meireles e Sua Orquestra  Madureira Chorou   Favoriting Brazilian Beat
(London 1967)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:02am gumby:

Drummer Some Time!!!!!
  9:06am Bad Ronald:

Drive the Summer Gone!
  9:08am PMD:

Hi Doug - thanks for the show and the new downloads, and everything. How's the job hunting going??
  9:12am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Moring everyone
  9:12am Parq:

Ah, a puppah song for Annie. Are you going to get yourself together and take some pictures, or am I gonna have to come up there and do it for you?
  9:14am Bad Ronald:

This is a killer set thus far!
  9:15am annie:

hehe,,, parq, this camera blows. the batteries go off after one picture. today is a nice day to take pics outside. still have yet to go down and get the proper accoutrements for the computer loading process... i'm still stuck here without wheels. and the mule is on vacation. feel free to come up, though parq! ;)
  9:21am dc pat:

I think FMU needs to send one of those donated jalopies to annie.
  9:22am annie:

i like that! bob is coming up this weekend, then i get the necessaries.
  9:25am texas scott:

hope you get that mule back,annie!
  9:25am Parq:

Doug, yes! There's your 2010 'thon premium right there.
  9:26am annie:

actually, a moped is on order......
  9:27am texas scott:

there you go and with a basket? for the pup!
  9:28am Drummer Some:

I like the way you think!

Top o' the morning (afternoon or evening) to you all
  9:28am annie:

a trailer hitch for groceries and side car for dog! hehe
  9:30am texas scott:

i like the mule idea better...
  9:31am annie:

i do too scott.. gotta figure out where to put it...
  9:32am texas scott:

oh,just parq it in the shed...
  9:35am Concerned Parent:

I only wish my kid would not wash properly for just one month.
  9:36am still b/p:

Sidecar on one critter for another critter could be rigged...there are always mule variations.
  9:37am dc pat:

annie3! what if the side car comes loose en route?!?
  9:37am gumby:

If Goldie doesn't wash for a month, the stars ain't gonna be the only thing in her eyes.
  9:39am annie:

maybe i'll go amish and get a cart. pat, i'll chain it on. when the pup gets big enough i can use her to run a sled in winter!
  9:41am Trekkie XII:

Star Trek is AWESOME
  9:42am annie:

i want to see it... i know it'll come here.. maybe see it twice!
  9:44am still b/p:

128k mp3 stream -- she don't work this morning on two different computers. This is me or WFMyou? My introduction to Hank is worth more than the low-flow.
  9:49am dc pat:

well..ok. Tracy Morgan was talking about sidecars and dogs last night and I just got worried...
  9:50am annie:

i'll be careful..
  9:57am Tom:

Doug's voice ... and then that unmistakeable approach - the journey from one region and style to a whole other continent and back again, dots connected along the way. It must be Friday!
  9:59am annie:

pat, for the first two years when my son was born, he rode on the back of the bike all over dc. tiny little body with a huge helmet. he always fell asleep on the ride.

funny, tom,i was thinking the same thing.
  10:04am dc pat:

Nice, annie--good way to get around this town. It's funny, stroller, bike, car = sleep for the little folk. So you lived in dc, what, 20 years ago?
  10:05am annie:

yeah. kensington, bethesda, silver spring..
  10:06am Drummer Some:

Bethesda? That's where I was growed up!
  10:08am annie:

my best memory is the bijou(?) cinema on wisconsin ave that served food as you watched the movie.. i loved that place..
  10:09am annie:

i worked for smith,thomas and smith, the contractors, then for johnson's flowers in kensington
  10:10am gumby:

What a great Smokey & the M's track, never heard this one. Thanks Doug.
  10:12am dc pat:

nothing like watching movies in a theater and drinking beer/eating pizza. Kensington, that's where Conn Ave ends, right?
  10:14am annie:

, its where university starts and conn continues north. university heads east towards the university... way out there.
  10:15am El Thatchmo...:

Didn't I meet you on Mars?
  10:17am DJ Bongohead:

Nice way to do a friday Doug! From Cuban bliss on SAR to down & dirty Detroit black rock with the Merda crew!!! Play some afrobeat if you get the chance, or something from Analog Africa's vodoun set for Ply-Ritmo, please. And cumbia too! Give me yr address & I will send you some CDs I've worked on. Do you get Vampisoul releases? Peace & Rhythm/Paz Y Ritmo, Pablo "Cocinando" Yglesias
  10:18am dc pat:

oh yeah, you're right...don't get up there much.
  10:20am annie:

i delivered flowers for johnson's. and worked in the bedding plants/nursery dept. loved the driving. it's where i learned how to drive a truck and van, in all that traffic and the beltway...
  10:21am cecile:

hola, gang!
  10:21am annie:

cecile!!! you're awake! feeling better?
  10:22am Cecile:

yup to both
  10:23am texas scott:

cecile,glad you're feeling better.did the percs work?
  10:23am annie:

i was gonna call you, something told me to let you sleep... glad you're feeling better.. it's the drugs....
  10:24am Parq:

G'morning, 'Cile, Kind of like a hangover without the build-up, yeah?
  10:25am cecile:

They did, TS.
Thanks for doing that Annie. I needed it. the percs mess with my sleep cycle.
Yes, exactly, Parq. That's it exactly
  10:26am Reactionary:

Spontaneousness frightens me.
  10:27am Cecile:

hey Doug, have you heard the Death disc. What do you think about it?
  10:31am Drummer Some:

Please school me. What's the Death disc?
  10:31am texas scott:

cecile,that death disc is the bomb!
the 'where do we go from here' song keeps playin over and
over in my head...
  10:34am cecile:

Death is this awesome all-brothers black rock band from Detroit. They put out one single Politicians in My Eyes in 1975, which I never knew about. They found the unreleased album.

My friend and I think it sounds like Funkadelic, Love and the Sonics Rendezvous Band if HR from the Bad Brains were singing lead vocs. It's new on Thrill Jockey.
  10:35am Cecile:

sorry Drag CIty. It should be in the new bin
  10:37am cecile:

wow Joe harriot I never knew about
  10:38am texas scott:

death album entitled, 'For The Whole World To See'
  10:39am Cecile:

yup thanks, TS.
One of the bros passed about 9 yrs ago. But it's out in the open now
  10:40am annie:

i just watched the trailer for star trek; gratuitous sex scenes? in a star trek movie?
  10:41am cecile:

Sounds good to me. That movie is going to be amazing
  10:42am texas scott:

yeah,can you believe it,annie.
guess it tells the story of kirk's beginnings...
horndog that he was...
  10:42am annie:

call me a prude, but start trek never went for that kind of stuff before did they?
  10:44am texas scott:

not really in that sense.
but on the tv show, kirk was always coming on to alien chicks...
  10:45am annie:

tru dat, but it was always suggested and off camera. hhmm. i'm thinkin' on this one..
  10:46am texas scott:

...kinda like the Batman/Catwoman paridigm
  10:47am Bad Ronald:
  10:47am Drummer Some:

Oh YEAH, that Death! Funny story: Nearly every Thanksviging, me and the family go up to Vermont to stay with friends who built a lovely lodge in the woods. A bunch of folks come up from NYC and some from Boston and even sometimes from Chicago and other locations. Same group has been gathering for T-Giving for more than 20 years. (My absolute favorite holiday ritual.) Well, one year about 10 years ago, we all headed over to a bar one night during the Thanksviging weekend. It was a drinking establishment that serves the skiers vacationing at the Mt. Snow ski area and the bar was full of the whitest people you've ever seen. Blinding in fact. (Not that our group wasn't adding to the incandescense, mind you.) Anyway, there was a really, Really, REALLY bad reggae band playing live and everyone around us was just grooving big time. I was nearly gagging from the ersatzness.

Well, a few weeks ago, the New York Times ran a huge article on Death and how they kinda fell off the map after making just a few brilliant proto-punk records. The article went on to say that the brothers ended up moving to Vermont where they'd reinvented themselves as a reggae band.

Oh the horror! It was definitely them. I literally screamed Nooooo! when I saw the picture accompanying the article.
  10:48am texas scott:

...has bryce's show started?
  10:49am annie:

don't get me wrong, i like a skin flick now and then, but to uncover what was meant to be covert and sacred to the "purity" of the show.. well. nothing is sacred anymore..
  10:50am stingy d:

i know this makes me a fuckin nerd in the heaviest way but erstaz is the best word
  10:50am annie:

great story doug, albeit sad...
  10:50am Parq:

Annie, believe me, if Roddenberry could have gotten away in 1967 with actually showing J. Tiberius porking alien honeys, he would have done so in a minute. Remember the episode with Kirk pulling his boots on while the alien babe stood at the mirror brushing her hair? The only thing that's changed is the applicable set of mores.
  10:51am Cecile:

Aw, Doug.
Well, they should have stuck to the rock. Because the stuff is great.

I love ersatz.

Parq is right, Annie. Listen to Parq. Rodenberry was the biggest horndog ever.
  10:51am dc pat:

Cecile: you're right on with that Death singer = HR comparison. I was thinking the same thing

Drummer some: nice story. I too adore T-day.
  10:53am annie:

i dig ya parq, but even in any of the newer series, it was all off-screen, guess i like some of it left to the imagination, makes it tittilating. (i like THAT word) but i guess going with the roddenberry thing........hold on have to walk the dog..
  10:54am Drummer Some:

Hey, playing 18-minute songs means I get to tell long stories in Comments. Woo-hoo!
  10:55am cecile:

I dig what you're saying, Annie.
say hi to viking dog

and we love you for it, Doug
  10:56am dc pat:

one time I was down at the beach and I saw that "Junior Murvin" was playing one town away. I got a lot of people to go....turns out it was "Junior Marvin"! and he was no Murvin.
  10:57am Happy Listener:

Wow, did Bryce take over early?
  10:58am Parq:

T-Scott has a point, but just keep doing your thing, man. [Shoutout to Strongbad fans]
  10:58am dc pat:

piss off listener, ithis is gold!
  10:59am Pieter:

This is indeed marvallous, just what I need just before leaving work
  10:59am Parq:

Listener, remember my favorite FMU motto: if you don't like what you hear, come back in half an hour and we'll play something else you hate. In this case, come back after noon, and I can pretty much guarantee you'll be alienated.
  11:01am dc pat:

Parq, much more eloquent than my outburst. I tend to always go for the punk version...
  11:01am Bad Ronald:

I recommend a date with Kenny G.
  11:02am fred:

Indeed, dc pat, this really rekindles my appreciation for Evan Parker. It needed some fuel after seeing too many routine performances of his lately (with the bottom being smashed through by his pairing with squarepusher)
  11:04am lolhepcat:

iz not nonsense. iz cool.
  11:04am Happy Listener:

Please don't confuse me with the mere "listneer". I actually like Bryce and Evan Parker, too!
  11:05am texas scott:

it's all nonsense,listener...really,really GOOD nonsense.
hey Doug,keep the stories coming!!
  11:06am Happy Listener:

Everything is nonsense to some.
  11:06am dc pat:

not just good nonsense but FREE nonsense (in many ways)
  11:07am Happy Listener:

*dies laughing at pat
  11:08am gumby:

Hear the nonsense
Feel the nonsense
Be the nonsense
  11:08am dc pat:

I think you should ALWAYS play nonsense or you'll never get anywhere
  11:09am Happy Listener:

Oops, almost forgot. Ohaiyo bakayaro!
  11:12am texas scott:

...and then BOOM!...mike cooper, outta nowhere...
  11:12am dc pat:

honestly, the more out there WFMU gets the better it is for us all. It's like an explorer or an astronaut--they do their job so you don't have to.
  11:13am texas scott:

AMEN! ,dc pat
  11:16am annie:

ok, i'll see it and raise you ten.
  11:18am El Thatchmo...:

As the President of my universe, I declare today DOUG SCHULKIND DAY!
  11:18am texas scott:

annie,you're back...
how does your pup(and garden) grow?
  11:18am Cecile:

mmmm, drifitng away on a mcmuffin and perc haze. later, taters
  11:19am Parq:

It's bugged me about FMU listeners for decades, and it's time to say it - where does *anyone* get off saying, in effect, "this is not to my personal taste, so you shouldn't ever air it at all"? In the 80s, the post-marathon comments mailings would always include complaints about the punk shows, Pat and his colleagues. What nerve! As if any of us has some kind of power of veto!

Okay, switching off "grouch" mode. Let's talk some more about Annie's puppy!
  11:20am Cecile:

  11:22am annie:

wonderful scott.. i just tried to take a couple pics but the stupid camera shuts off. ggrrrrr, today i plant cranberries and potatoes.. .. Isa is one feisty pup, sharp teeth and very much part husky. Isa, cecile.!!!! i won't be able to get pics til i have a diff camera. believe me i am grumbling..
  11:23am VG:

Relax guys. It was just a comment, not a guy with a bulldozer.
  11:24am texas scott:

since discovering fmu last november,it's the only radio,i listen to...
that and making my own cds,following fmu's loose guidelines,that is...
  11:24am cecile:

it's just our nature to close ranks around Doug.
  11:25am fred:

Parq, I for one am grateful there I times I just don't like what's being played: how would I catch up with archived shows otherwise?
  11:25am texas scott:

i thought cranberries were grown in a bog....
  11:25am Parq:

T-Scott, 30 years come September!
  11:26am annie:

scott, they can be grown anywhere where the soil is damp. the water is used to help the harvest.
  11:27am texas scott:

~~~WOW~~~ ,an WFMU elder!
i dig it,Parq.
  11:28am dc pat:

well the whole point is to expand the mind. It is weird that if you end up here you would get pissed at the certain aspects of the programming. But at the same time, it's all free so complaints should be acceptable long as we can say piss off!
  11:28am texas scott:

thx,annie.i know potatoes,and now i know cranberries!
  11:28am dc pat:

annie, I put carrots and onions in with my tomatoes. the kids are gonna love pulling carrots up.
  11:29am Cecile:

yes, exactly.
now i"m going to piss off. Really, this time.
  11:29am jon:

Does anyone know if the swag has been all sent out yet? I haven't got a drop yet, and I was just wonderin'.
  11:30am dc pat:

OH I get it--the water makes cranberries float!
  11:30am texas scott:

piss well.'cile!
  11:31am annie:

i've listened to many radio stations in my life. all i can say is this stuff is pretty reminiscent to what am-radio used to be looong ago. i crave the off-beat and new music, no matter which dj plays it. fine cecile, sleep well. yes pat, that's the trick.
  11:33am Parq:

Scott, smile when you say "elder". I prefer "geezer". My real preference is for "codger", but for FMU purposes, that's taken.

Jon, if past experience is an accurate guide, they are sending the stuff out in reverse size place - the bigger your swag pile, the later it will go out. The theory is, if you're willing to donate that much money to the station, you're willing to be patient. Mouse pledges and up may not go out until mid-summer.

Joe McG, excuse me for presuming to speak for you.
  11:34am jon:

Parq, thanks for the info. I feel much better now!
  11:34am texas scott:

  11:35am annie:

parq, that means i'm getting my cd from trouble soon!!
  11:35am GP:

Dang it, getting in too late yet again, but awfully glad to be here ya'll.
  11:36am jon:

Meic Stevens is really great. Thanks for the track, Doug!
  11:36am annie:

morning gp!
  11:37am GP:

Annie...<waves gardening shovel>
  11:37am Parq:

Actually, our own Stingy D is volunteering today, and just might be stuffing *your* swag into a box as we speak. Or whatever you call what we're doing.
  11:39am annie:

gp, mostly i get on my knees and dig with the trowel and three-tined fork. i like to be near the soil. yay to stingy!!!
  11:43am texas scott:

ahhh,annie...the sweet smell of dirt!!
  11:43am GP:

Good for least you can watch over him there...just make sure nothing "extra" get added to the packages..he he
  11:43am youbetcha!!:

  11:51am annie:

doug, your show is one in a million! what joy!!
  11:53am Joe:

You said it, Annie!
  11:54am still b/p:

VERY good today. Put a dollah on the drummah's brow!
  11:54am Drummer Some:

Thanks Annie! It makes me happy to read your encouragement. And thanks to all.
  6:38am Richard D:

Fantastic Blues Set!!! Thanks
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