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Hip-hop and rap, that's where my heart's at. But I'll play anything so long as it ain't crap!

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Options May 1, 2009: Bang On A Jam meets Freestyle On A Mic (The Blackie Show) feat.Jason Sigal, Doron, Homeboy Sandman, Ken, Bisc-1, Scott Williams, Broke MC, Jeff Mullan, Doctor Boxer, Sean from Metermaids, Nick The Bard, Mike, Chad, Jordan, and Bill Bowen.

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments New Approx. start time
Vince Mack Mahon  various   Options Chapter 1    2009    *    
Bad Ronald  Jam is the Man   Options WFMU Listener    2009    *   0:14:12 (Pop‑up)
Frankie Paul  Pass The Tu Sheng Peng   Options Hi Ganja Anthems  Greensleeves  2007 
Jeff Mullan(toy piano) Doron (drums) Jason Sigal (bongos) 
  0:17:20 (Pop‑up)
Wise Intelligent  Steady Slengin' Jockin' (4am Remix)   Options           0:18:05 (Pop‑up)
Dj Vadim  Thrill 103   Options U Can't Lurn Imaginashun  BBE  2009 
Ken, Scott, Mike 
*   0:23:33 (Pop‑up)
Homeboy Sandman  Food Glorious Food   Options Actual Factual Pterodactyl    2008  Will be a guest later on today 05/1/2009    0:27:18 (Pop‑up)
Guru and Solar  After Time   Options The 8.0 Lost    2009 
Doron shreds on cigar box guitar 
*   0:30:36 (Pop‑up)
U & E  Can I Get A Witness   Options Unusual & Electric VS. The World    2009    *   0:34:57 (Pop‑up)
Railroad Sounds VS. The Tom Tom Club  Noise & Noise (Jordan Remixx)   Options     2009 
Bill Bowen live remixing 
*   0:39:44 (Pop‑up)
Bang On A Jam Orchestra  BillyJam, Ken, Jason Sigal, Doron, Scott Williams,Jeff Mullan, Mike, Nick The Bard, Bill Bowen   Options      
Ken looking for "music please" sample 
  0:42:53 (Pop‑up)
Family Guy  A Bag of Weed   Options from recent Family Guy episode    2009 
Jason Sigal 
  1:22:08 (Pop‑up)
Archies  Sugar Sugar (4AM remix)   Options           1:24:28 (Pop‑up)
Prefuse 73  varios   Options Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian    2009 
Mike and Nick the Bard 
*   1:28:22 (Pop‑up)
Throbbing Gristle  Persuasion   Options 20 Jazz Funk Greats  Mute Records  1978      1:35:16 (Pop‑up)
Charles Webster  The Gift of Freedom   Options   Peacefrog   
Homeboy Sandman 
  1:36:46 (Pop‑up)
Chicago On 33 Vs. Melaine on 33  If You Leave Me Now vs Brand New Key   Options           1:44:37 (Pop‑up)
Jon Hopkins  A Drifting Up   Options Insides  Just Music  2008 
Best dressed beat boxer: Doctor Boxer 
  1:45:44 (Pop‑up)
Jimmy Penguin  fullfill   Options Summertime b/w Open Music    2009    *   1:49:56 (Pop‑up)
Homeboy Sandman, Broke MC, & Sean from Metermaids 
  1:52:55 (Pop‑up)
Bisc-1, Broke MC, Doctor Boxer, Homeboy Sandman  Bisc-1, Broke MC, Doctor Boxer, Homeboy Sandman - Live in the WFMU Studio   Options     2009 
Bisc-1 + Homeboy Sandman 
  1:57:13 (Pop‑up)
West Coast All-Stars  We're All In The Same Gang   Options Single    1990       

Listener comments!

  4/30 2:45pm Blackie:

thanks for da luv BillyJam. It ain't easy been fat and it ain't easy been a pig, especially in these swine flu times. Yo can you play "Stick Em" by the Fat Boys for ya homie over here in Tapai? laterzzzz gotta go nap
  10:18am ALF:

second comment.....to a pig.....wooo hoo....I am the new Sean Daily of the Comments boards
  10:49am Bad Ronald:

Oink Oink!

Hey... where is Sean? Haven't seen him in a while...
  2:57pm Ike:

I impatiently await this ruckus.
  2:58pm Cecile:

I wish Sean was back here. He was so much more than "whoo hoo!"
  3:02pm Pearly Sweets:

Sean needs to but his Hata Blockers on.
  3:03pm Jøe Steele:

I think Sean gots the Bacon Bits.
  3:04pm still b/p:

He catched the FU flu from quoted critics.
  3:04pm Cecile:

rock it out vince mac mahon, and manifest yourself Sean!
  3:07pm Sean's ghost:

Lost comment!
  3:08pm Pearly Sweets:

Oh. Black ipod won. From the William twotits posts earlier. I bought it during lunch.
  3:08pm Cecile:

Hi, Ghostie!
  3:09pm Cecile:

get a pink cover. It's more brutal that way.
  3:10pm Pearly Sweets:

They totally didn't have any cool covers there! So no pink cover yet.
  3:12pm Pearly Sweets:

Vince is building the tension up
  3:13pm Devin:

Sup ya'll's...
  3:15pm Pearly Sweets:

Howdy, Devin
  3:15pm Cecile:

Bad Ronald, this is great.
  3:16pm Pearly Sweets:

I am going to make a response to Bad Ronald's song. Talking about Bryce.
  3:17pm Cecile:

this isn't Frankie Paul is it? It's been a long since I heard this. It's a great song.
  3:17pm lsmonkey:

Love Bang On a Jam! Timi D... has abandoned us for Beer Camp Lucky D
  3:18pm Devin:

+1 for C.
  3:19pm Bad Ronald:

Damn, I got up for a sec and missed it!!!

Thanks! You rule Billy!
  3:19pm Cecile:

LOVE 4am.
  3:20pm Feral Cat:

Poor Blackie :(
  3:21pm still b/p:

Has to be DJ-milieu appropriate, Pearly, so we're standing by for a well-met challenge, and best of luck to you.
  3:27pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I think too many people are watching The Blackie vid; it errored out on me halfway through.
Anyway, Blackie is cute.
Oh, it looks like I can watch the rest of it now...
  3:27pm Pearly Sweets:

Thank you sir. I plan on getting something finished by next Friday and e-mailed to Mr. Bryce.
  3:28pm north guinea hills:

dj vadim is still making music? i haven't heard of anything new since '01-'02
  3:30pm Feral Cat:

FOOD!!!! GLORIOUS FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3:32pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Cheese Glorious Cheese!!!
  3:34pm Cecile:

is it Solar or Solaar?
  3:34pm Carmichael:

OK, it's Friday afternoon. Billy Time! LUNCH, GLORIOUSLY CRAPPY LUNCH!
  3:35pm Pearly Sweets:

Billy's show is undoing all of the tension built up during Kenny's show. I've decided that one is the devil and the other the angel.
  3:38pm Ike:

Hi Wendy! I went to T Salon in Chelsea for the first time recently. Their Earl Grey had an awesome, alluring aroma but I didn't get any yet. Is there similarly beautifully-scented Earl Grey cheaper elsewhere?

Not to mention the luscious cheese samples at the Fruit Exchange....
  3:42pm Devin:

Billy no vex.
  3:42pm Lisa M.:

Hey Billy..hey all.
  3:43pm JCityJensen + David Lee Roth:

You gotta mix some roth up in there!
  3:43pm Marshall Stacks:

Is anyone posting pictures?
  3:44pm paul:

  3:44pm Feral Cat:

Blackie took the train to kooky alley
  3:44pm JCityJensen + David Lee Roth:

  3:45pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hi Ike! I am not fond of the T Salon, for reasons I won't mention here, so I am not sure how others' Earl Grey will compare, but you can probably find good quality EG for much cheaper (the T Salon is EXPENSIVE) at McNulty's on Christopher or Porto Rico on Bleecker. Zabar's also has a good bulk and boxed tea selection if you feel like going uptown.
  3:46pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Paul: like on Coney Island!
  3:47pm bill oreilly sucks:

  3:48pm Parq:

Nifty hearing Ken's classic drop-ins on Friday.
  3:48pm G.:

Earl Grey is one of my faves. I have tried many brands from stores and from over ye olde interwebs, and the most organgey, or greyey, to my palate anyhow, is the Stash double bergamot EG -- buy 3 get one free, fwiw -- no i am not a shareholder :-P
  3:48pm north guinea hills:

i assume this is a pun on the bang on a can orchestra....
  3:49pm JCityJensen + David Lee Roth:

I am blasting this over the intercom at my job! THANK YOU BILLY CAN JAM BAND
  3:50pm Feral Cat:

More can less drum
  3:51pm paul:

does trent have swine flu too?
  3:51pm Terry:

I jamming with some Lady Grey right now
  3:51pm Wendy del Formaggio:

More Corn Weenie! Thanks, Ken!
  3:52pm Cecile:

Corn Weenie Man makes everything right.
  3:54pm Pearly Sweets:

I hope bryce isn't too sick to send me a vocal stab or two :\
  3:54pm JCityJensen:

More Weenie Lee Roth!
  3:55pm Carmichael:

Ike, I'm assuming you're in NYC. Find any place that buys in bulk and blends in house. You'll pay a tad more, but the flavor and aroma are well worth it. And you'll use less.

Anyone who sells in teabags (not only Lipton, but Tetley, Stash and others) usually gets the drier, more powdery "shake", and not true tea leaves. They're cheaper to buy. If you like Earl Grey or any good blend, buy it fresh and hand-crafted. I buy mine by the pound from Harney's in Connecticut.

And if you taste orange, that's probably because Pekoe is mixed in. Settle for nothing less than Assam and Keemum.

Sorry, someone pushed my tea button.
  3:55pm Jones:

this one is for the KEN : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPkMUU9tUqk&feature=channel
  3:57pm Jordan:

Listen I don't have the Swine Flu but these SOUNDS ARE SICK!!!!! (DON't CALL ME NO DISK JOCKEY!!!!)
  3:59pm Ike:

Naked swine jam! YES.

Wendy, I'll say it for you: T Salon is a little tiny bit condescending, no? But the scent of that tea was astonishing. It went way beyond any Earl Grey I've inhaled before, but I resisted. So far. And yes, Carm, they mix it in-house. Do Porto Rico and McNulty's mix theirs in-house?

I normally drink green but bergamot is niiiiiice.
  3:59pm dc pat:

is anybody else in the middle of a fekkin stinking meeting right now?
  4:00pm Feral Cat:

Tetley tea is the best I think. Drink it in the morning when you're naked
  4:00pm Tom:

More like banging on our head
  4:01pm JCityJensen + David Lee Roth:

right here DCPAT on my way to a meeting!
  4:01pm 420:

19 minutes to go
  4:02pm AnAnonymousParty:

I'm getting a whiff of Aphrodite's Child.
  4:02pm dc pat:

good, at least I'm not alone...but I AM drinking a beer...
  4:02pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Carmichael, I have to correct you on one point: Orange Pekoe has nothing to do with oranges. It's just the name of the particular variety of tea leaves.
I'm with you on Harney & Sons, though. They have very nice tea.
  4:03pm fred:

was that a sample from NSB's "it's not my fault"?
  4:04pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Ike, that's not exactly what I was going to say about the place, but it's not untrue. I'll say this much publicly: I think the place is pretentious and hokey.
  4:05pm JCityJensen + David Lee Roth:

have one for me DC
  4:06pm paul:

  4:06pm Feral Cat:

No, it's what your dreams sound like after watching tons of episodes of The Prisoner.
  4:07pm Ike:

True, it IS pretentious and hokey, with the new age music and over-the-top smoothed-out curvy wavey interior design. And yet....

Feral Cat: Shhhh! Don't make Rover angry!
  4:07pm paul:

can we get some Nick The Bard freestylin'?
  4:07pm dc pat:

gawd, just ended. Good luck JCJ.

Hey, The Prisoner--that show freaked me the fork out when I was little..
  4:08pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

  4:08pm doug from dc:

WFMU DJ Michael Goodstein (Choking on Cufflinks) is spinning at Marx Cafe in DC tonight. 3203 Mt. Pleasant St. NW.
  4:08pm dc pat:

happy derby day folks, later.
  4:08pm Marc Bolan:

Bang A Gong. Get It On.

meanwhile: countdown to 420 a/k/a Gang A Bong
  4:08pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hi DC Pat!
  4:09pm dc pat:

thanks doug

  4:09pm #2:

dc pat, you are now #46
  4:10pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Billy bust a FREESTYLE!
  4:10pm JCityJensen:

hey everybody - if y'all venture to hoWbRoken - I'm going to part of group show - be great if y'all can come! here's the link to the flyer :


  4:11pm dc pat:

  4:12pm dc pat:

alright, gotta git the weekend started. Hope yer cheese is doing ok Wendy. Boom.
  4:12pm #2:

Ah, ha ha ha ha ha!
  4:12pm Feral Cat:

No horns please...I hear that all day in my neighborhood..eekkkk!!! Was that a kitty I heard for a sec there?
  4:13pm David Lee Roth:

OOOOOHHH - oooooooooooooo YEAHHHHH - waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- uuuuuuuuuuuuuu - got me -WAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  4:14pm Ismael:

wigro, what the hell r we listenin' to? did you just say El Debarge?!
  4:14pm # 007:

I like this number thing
  4:14pm daycare:

yeah its music class
  4:17pm Oscar the Grouch:

Stop knocking!!!!! Trying to sleeeeep!!!!
  4:19pm Bad Ronald:

Oh yeah!!!!!
  4:20pm The clock:



  4:20pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Man?!! What time is it?!!
  4:20pm feral Cat secret spy:

#007....are you 69? = secret police code
  4:21pm Unclear on the Concept:

This is a lot like that avant garde stuff they play in those WNYC-sponsored events, only much weirder.
  4:21pm Devin:

Altitude adjustment.
  4:22pm Howdy Doody (toking):

It's Billy Jammy time,
It's Billy Jammy time...
  4:23pm Jessica:

  4:23pm Jøe Steele:

Ha Ha! Awesome.
  4:23pm #007:

  4:24pm BAG O WEED:

everything is better
  4:24pm Devin:

  4:25pm Coca Cola (c):

Things go better with dank.
  4:25pm Orange Pekoe:

is not better with a bag o weed
  4:26pm Dan K.:

Sugar sugar
  4:26pm Howdy Doody:

Wow. Uh. Pass the poptarts, dude.
  4:27pm loltrax:

  4:28pm Tall Paul:

Yo Bill, what up I am just back and checking out the show. Lets get down with the groovy, groovy. Dub is amazing at the moment. Peace
  4:31pm Ismael:

now, this is I like! very Morriconian.
  4:38pm north guinea hills:

oh shit, it's deadbeat, that means it's time for the weekend to start!
  4:40pm feral Cat secret spy:

This is totally spy music. opps shouldn't have told you that...damn
  4:41pm Parq:

Man, I been waiting for this EAS test, Doug S *promised*.
  4:42pm Howdy Doody:

The EAS sounds pretty interesting. Stoned. It's like a monster size evil talking duck ringing your doorbell and then running away.
  4:44pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Baaaaaaaaby.......PLLLLEEEEEEASEE.......DON'T GO!!!<slow> LOL!
  4:45pm d OO bs:

oh yeah, its all gone a bit wonky! wObble wObble!
  4:46pm Howdy Doody:

[squinting at the screen] Is there any still left in there, do you think? Gimme the lighter.
  4:47pm Casey Kasem:

Chicago on 33...is that like Stars on 45?
  4:52pm Staubgold:

Whoops! Almost forgot to tune in. Ah well, I'll get the last hour or so. Happy Friday all!
  4:53pm Feral Cat:

This song is inspiring me to try bowling in my Heely's tonight
  4:55pm Pearly Sweets:

I'm just popping my pussy, shaking my titties, and tootsie roll.
  4:56pm Pearly Sweets:

I'm not allowed to doo doo brown anymore :(
  4:59pm Devin:

No Astronautalis?!?!?
Ooooo Nooooooooooooes.....
  5:00pm Pearly Sweets:

Officer Rickey. pow.
  5:00pm Pearly Sweets:

pow. pow.
  5:03pm JCityJensen:

  5:03pm Feral Cat:

Yeah for wet dreams and gettin' silly. Sassafrazzzzzzzz
  5:09pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Freestyle about Mayor Bloomberg, Koch, and Guiliani
  5:15pm Tall Paul:

Now this is the real deal really feeling the love
  5:15pm Cecile:

Broke MC is the man.
  5:18pm Ismael:

btw, happy May Day, Villy Yams! you should play the Internationale.
  5:20pm Feral Cat:

Sandman...you win the tightest rhyme razzy
  5:20pm Staubgold:

Ismael: Good call. Happy May Day Friday!
  5:28pm Feral Cat:

Can you rhyme about Madonna falling off her horse? Medicine Man...this is a hater free zone yo!
  5:28pm Ismael:

I love KRS-One! RIP, Scott La Rock.
  5:29pm Ike:

Bisc-1, Boxer, Broke MC
smooth like fresh jasmine green tea
  5:31pm Cecile:

  5:32pm Pearly Sweets:

  5:32pm dividend:

may pole
  5:33pm Glenn L:

  5:33pm Suuposedly Impossible Rhymes:

  5:34pm Pearly Sweets:

  5:36pm Feral Cat:

cyber squatter, infotainment, babes
  5:37pm Pearly Sweets:

  5:38pm JCityJensen:

Howdy'gang! I'm going to part of group show - be great if y'all can come! here's the link to the flyer - hope to see you there!

  5:38pm zedprophfer:

  5:38pm Glenn L:

  5:38pm JCityJensen + David Lee Roth:

  5:39pm Glenn L:

  5:40pm Ismael:

  5:40pm neeks:

  5:40pm Glenn L:

  5:41pm Cecile:

  5:41pm Glenn L:

  5:41pm JCityJensen + David Lee Roth:

  5:41pm feral Cat secret spy:

  5:42pm Glenn L:

  5:42pm patrick:

x-ray vision
  5:42pm zedprophfer:

  5:43pm Glenn L:

  5:43pm DICK:

  5:44pm Why not?:

Billy Jam
  5:44pm feral Cat secret spy:

  5:44pm j-bklyn:

  5:44pm Glenn L:

  5:44pm zedprophfer:

Anti Gum Powder
  5:44pm JCityJensen + David Lee Roth:

bad brains!
  5:45pm staubolgd:

  5:45pm Wendy del Formaggio:

  5:45pm patrick:

willy yams
  5:46pm neeks:

  5:46pm wordy:

  5:46pm Pearly Sweets:

chewing water
  5:46pm JCityJensen + David Lee Roth:

  5:46pm Jessica:

Niiiice, guys.
  5:47pm Glenn L:

Ewwww, Wendy.
  5:47pm Pearly Sweets:

  5:47pm JCityJensen + David Lee Roth:

  5:48pm Ike:

Nice reaction to "orange!"

As for "diuretic," I assume Wendy was thinking about tea.
  5:49pm Feral Cat:

Mad love boyzzzzzzz
  5:50pm Glenn L:

Webster equates Diuretic with the Pee word.
  5:50pm Wendy del Formaggio:

No, I was thinking of a word that's not hard to rhyme, but is of a challenging sorta subject matter.
  5:51pm FCC:

Do *not* dare them to rhyme "muck." Thank you.
  5:53pm Glenn L:

  5:53pm MUCK:

duck , luck, ruck, schmuck , yuck, zuck, buck, guck, huck ......
  5:55pm Ike:

Funny Clown Car, stop eyeballing us and go shut down all 300 pirates in Flatbush. And the ones destroying WKCR and WFUV in Clifton and Paterson. Thank you.
  5:57pm JCityJensen + David Lee Roth:

  5:58pm Bad Ronald:

Jam IS THE Man!!!
  6:05pm Marty McSorley:

upstairs recording a band. walked into the volunteer room to ask Scott a question and BAM! I hear Shock-G's verse from We're All In The Same Gang. I ever really felt that they ment the shit they were, saying but The West Coast Hip Hop All Stars blew away the Stop the Violence Movement on the whole we are the world rap vibe! I still rock this casingle! Bill your the shit
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