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A viking ship appears on the horizon, a likeness of Loretta Lynn carved into its bow. Rare birds flock together to sing Francoise Hardy as soul hits. A sunset of blips and bleeps fills the air.

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Options April 30, 2009: a golden dust not worth nearly as much as gold

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments New Approx. start time
jody kruskal  music box   Options gamelan son of lion  innova        *   0:00:00 ()
savath & savalas  carajillo   Options la llama  stones throw        *   0:05:12 ()
wildbirds & peacedrums  pony   Options heartcore            0:09:16 ()
dorit chrysler  chlorophyll   Options 4 women no cry vol 2 v/a            0:12:58 ()
prefuse 73  half up front   Options everything she touched turned ampexian  warp        *   0:16:36 ()
modern egyptian dance band  wedding night   Options pow wow v/a            0:17:11 ()
the dead C  now I fall   Options eusa kills/helen said this  badabing/jagjaguwar  1988/89      *   0:24:48 ()
pet shop boys  beautiful people   Options yes  astralwerks        *   0:28:14 ()
comet gain  you can hide your love forever   Options broken record players  what's your rupture?      a & b sides,plus 1998-2008  *   0:32:34 ()
ecstatic sunshine  A#3   Options living  wildfire wildfire    12"    *   0:43:30 ()
rocket to the sky  song of pearl   Options medea            0:50:58 ()
france bernard  si je t'ai fait de la peine   Options palmares v/a            0:54:50 ()
creation rebel  space moment section 1   Options starship africa    1978        0:57:29 ()
barn owl  the stones speak through the fire   Options from our mouths a perpetual light  Digitalis Industries        *   1:03:05 ()
bj ward  that's how the world is made   Options             1:08:19 ()
tahiti 80  1,000 times   Options wallpaper for the soul            1:11:02 ()
gyratory system  yowser yowser yowser   Options           *   1:14:32 ()
fleetwood mac  second hand news/rough   Options runours(reissue)            1:18:14 ()
major lazer f. lexx & santogold  hoild the line   Options             1:20:34 ()
sitaar tah!  in sight   Options tah!!            1:23:47 ()
marianne dissard  les confettis   Options l'entredeux            1:31:43 ()
silver pines  #3   Options forces          *   1:38:52 ()
Pascal Comelade/Victor Nubla  bar elelctric   Options Musiques Electroniques en France 1974-1984 (V/A)  gazul        *   1:43:38 ()
king creosote  fine horseman   Options migrating bird: the songs of lol waterson v/a  honest jon's          1:45:45 ()
fever ray  when i grow up   Options fever ray  mute        *   1:50:17 ()
  gilak   gamelan music from sebatu            1:54:06 ()
duke ellington  black and tan fantasy   Options okeh ellington            1:59:59 ()
open door  breathe   Options rewind! v/a            2:09:24 ()
bobb trimble  when the raven calls   Options iron curtain innocence            2:15:11 ()
the box tops  neon rainbow   Options neon rainbow        appearing at hoboken arts and music festival for free on sunday    2:22:19 ()
joyce  clareana   Options visons of dawn  far out        *   2:25:02 ()
the box tops  soul deep   Options dimensions            2:30:21 ()
ESG  talk it   Options step off            2:34:56 ()
jan bradley  your kind of lovin   Options             2:39:02 ()
sandra philips  You Succeeded   Options             2:41:53 ()
betty padgett  my eyes adore you   Options betty padgett  luv n haight  1975      *   2:44:13 ()
lee dorsey  my old car   Options soul mine            2:46:48 ()
wendy mae chambers  new york new york   Options gravikords whirlies & pyrophones v/a            2:48:50 ()
Yesterdays New Quintet  prelude/superstition   Options stevie            2:52:52 ()
  higland lament   willows lament v/a  finders keepers        *   2:54:28 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 4/30/09 9:03am George Eliot:

good morning trouble!! funny about your note there at the top of you list; i just posted "the happy prince" on my FB
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:03am orzolino:

morning morning morning - though afternoon here in Rome (IT). Sun is not shining, sky is blue as i hope will be the rest of my day, tomorrow is holiday YES!
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:14am trouble:

good morning! bon giorno roma!
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:20am Stu:

HI Trouble ! Big May Day party getting under way in Finland....beautiful, sunny and warm this afternoon ! Long celebration weekend....starting right now with Wildbirds and Peacedrums to kick it off! Kiitos, ja Hauska Vappua everyone !
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:21am jaypee:

Good morning everyone, I just spent my first 10 minutes at work reading about viruses. They're creepy.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:23am trouble:

good morning stu! we are having a may day celebration of a local political nature, you know trying to sway those hudson county politicos...Have a wonderful kick off to your season of sun!
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:23am dc pat:

eh, viruses are so yesterday...what's today's panic?
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:23am JCityJensen:

no need for coffee when the modern egyptian dance band is on!
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:26am Jøe Steele:

Today's panic is building collapse.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:28am gumby:

Happy May Day (a bit early) everyone. Saw a pair of turkeys on my bike ride this morning and either a bluebird or indigo bunting (the early morning light was a bit tricky) on the bike Tuesday. lovely planet this earth, still my favorite planet.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:28am Parq:

JS, the swine virus made that building downtown collapse.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:29am Jøe Steele:

No, it was vibrations from Air Force One buzzing it.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:29am trouble:

gumby, I saw a bumber sticker once that said "earth first, we'll screw up the other planets later". sad but true
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:30am Jøe Steele:

I'm an engineer, my wild accusations are slightly more credible.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:30am sugarwolf:

hi guys! I've been organizing my records this week HOO BOY
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:30am dc pat:

that dead C song was great! gumby, I think that it takes direct sunlight for an indigo bunting to really looik blue, otherwise they're kind of dull. I saw one once and it was like a neon sign in the sun.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:31am George Eliot:

i totally forgot about mayday! what up with the building collapse? and tomorrow is beltane
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:31am Jøe Steele:


In my professional opinion: It just up and fell.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:33am jaypee:

gumby, I almost hit a Turkey Vulture on a bike ride yesterday. Poor guy was eating some delicious carrion and I can flying down a hill and he couldn't get away fast enough. This is the second time I've accidentally disturbed one of those guys. The first time, the unfortunate fellow puked up his dinner!
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:33am listener mark:

good morning trouble
good morning george
good morning world wide web
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:33am dale:

trouble, do you ever listen to grant mclellan or the go-betweens?
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:33am dc pat:

jaypee, you know about vultures and puking, right? discussed many times on this very playlist
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:36am sugarwolf:

oh i have May Day off! I will dance around a Maypole and sing the Internationale.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:36am dc pat:

I'd take that hill a little slower if I were you--you could end up w/ carrion puke in your face
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:37am Pieter:

Good morning Trouble !
Good morning all!
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:37am George Eliot:

mark, i have a challenge for you, yet again!
chinese story, i think it's a short story in a collection or a story within a story. traveler wanders through small chinese village and after chatting with the villagers, he states that everything will be different "come the revolution". he leaves and the people are all excited about this big changes coming. as a result, they behave differently! etc..etc.. your homework... :)
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:37am jaypee:

dc pat, really? Am I repeating myself or has this happened to other people?
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:37am Kansas Highway:

Carrion my wayward son,
There'll be puke 'fore you are done...
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:38am Parq:

Miss T, my cockatiel is loving today's bird calls.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:41am dc pat:

No lie--it's their last ditch defense--foul puke in your general direction. I thought it was projectile but there seems to be a debate about that...
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:44am Jøe Steele:

I guess not everyone shares Freedman's love of chaos.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:44am jaypee:

Woah, I thought it was just because he was so full of sweet, delicious carrion he couldn't gain altitude quickly enough so the decision was made to lighten the load, so to speak.

Now I know, it was stinky, yucky biological warfare!
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:45am dc pat:

I think lightening the load is part of it too.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:46am Charles Darwin:

Choas is the plan!!!
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:47am gumby:

I agree dc, easier to fly when not full.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:50am dc pat:

MAN trouble is noisy this morning. This is kickin!
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:51am Laurie:

The doble L in "La Llama" is actually pronounced with a y sound. So it sounds like "yahma." Or something like that.

Yesterday evening, I discovered a baby mockingbird trapped in my garage. I knew there was a nest in one of the trees near my garage since I get divebombed and yelled at by Mommy and Daddy every time I went near there. So I heard this incessant beepy crying from the baby and couldn't figure out what was going on. And then a half hour later, when I went to leave for my GRE class, there he was. Sitting on a paint can. He had more feathers than down, and his wings looked fully formed, but he still had a cute baaaaby beak and opened his mouth when I picked up the paint can to place it outside on the lawn. I watched from a distance and saw the little birdie recover from his scare and fly off to his home in the Japanese privet tree.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:54am listener mark:

george, china had a bunch of revolutions. I checked anthologies the google suggested this "Chinese drama after the Cultural Revolution 1979-1989" a bit pricy at $140. Was it a recent book? "The Ginseng Seller" was recently published.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:58am George Eliot:

it was from years gone by. i'm not sure of the period of the collection. i'd love to think is was pearl buck, oh, well. it will appear sooner or later!! this is why i carry a notebook now.
  Thu. 4/30/09 9:58am dc pat:

Has anyone else noticed mockingbirds making car alarm sounds lately?
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:03am Devin:

I love Trouble's show...
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:04am Georgie Peorgie:

Have we decided the silliness factor this morning, yet. how silly are we able to get before the staff tell us to stop? just askin'
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:05am Adrian in London:

I got a taxi to Heathrow at 4.30am the other moring. As I stood on the kerb waiting for it to arrive, I was surrounded by the sound of the dawn chorus. It was fanrtastic. Then in the car the driver was playing Bryan Adams. I preferred the blackbirds.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:05am chris:

This is shaping up to be quite a moody morning...
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:05am gumby:

no dc, but that does make sense.I agree Devin. Trouble, speaking of barn owl, do you think you could do a full show of aong and band names of birds?
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:06am bw:

HEY! I just finally recorded the pigeon orgy out my window! will email it to ya later
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:07am Jøe Steele:

er...audio or video?
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:08am chris:

I have a great recording of a mockingbird going off during a thunderstorm.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:09am bw:

thats audio! I know that trouble is family friendly!
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:10am chris:

i believe car alarms were featured in his performance
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:11am dc pat:

Peorgie: silly as we wanna be...who cares what the staff thinks? IKenny demonstrated yesterday that the dj is superfluous now and we commenters are the shit!

love you trouble...
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:12am Bad Ronald:

I've got a great off camera bit of audio where an obviously drunken Big Bird reads Oscar the Grouch the riot act!

How's that for silly?
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:14am Georgie Peorgie:

dc pat, thanks for the back-up. i was thinking of all the funny stuff i heard today. like this: They said a black man would be president when pigs fly. 100 days later: swine flu! haha...
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:14am Cecile:

Hey, Georgie.
Hey everyone.
hey trouble, the most beautiful DJ in the room.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:15am Cecile:

I saw the Mastodon last night. It was teh awesome. i am wearing the hoodie. It rocks
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:16am bw:

ok this song can get me out of bed! time to go to work.. don't want to get fired
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:17am Cecile:

you'd have lots of company, bw
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:18am chris:

this song is making me think of mockingbirds mimicking car alarms
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:18am GP:

Trouble you got me dancin already....yowser, yowser, indeed. Good Morning.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:20am DC D:

Help. My internet radio just changed to the Morning Zoo.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:20am Christopher einshtein:

What no tusk....Oh well....Still cool as hell...
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:20am dc pat:

I saw Chain and the Gang last night. Ian Svenonius is a genius...I'm sleepy this morning.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:21am still b/p:

So many things/versions sound better, or re-worthy, when treatment is straighter and slimmer.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:22am Cecile:

dcp, me too
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:22am Parq:

All this talk about carrion puke and birds making like car alarms is totally talking me out of leaving the city. Laurie, good luck on those GREs.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:23am dc pat:

C: I got about 4 hours sleep, how about you?
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:25am Pearly Sweets:

I went to sleep at a regular time, but woke up with a toothache around 4 or so in the morning, which kept me up and down until work :(
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:27am Shadow Hare: "The Superhero of Cincinnati:

Good Morning all
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:27am Cecile:

I got about 6.5, but it was close to my house, and an all-ages show.
Still, I got a table with one of those food/drink credits and I had a lot of wine.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:28am Parq:

Schaden, Pearly. I woke up about 5:30. I was fine but my dog was teh restless for some reason. Took about 20 minutes for her to calm down. Still have no idea what was up.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:29am Patrick:

Good morning trouble! I for one am at least glad that pigs are off the hook for this one. Take your vitamins and drink your emergen-C
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:31am Matt:

yay! yoshimi! yoshida!
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:31am Cecile:

Parw, is there a storm on the way?
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:32am gumby:

Pearly, lay off the sweets and your teeth will feel better.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:32am dc pat:

yeah, well pigs still started it-- if you mothers would stop eating them, we wouldn't be in this jam.

--I make joke--
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:33am still b/p:

Thinking about a bus trip to a bigger city Saturday -- now wondering if that's boarding a swine flu special with sketchy seatmates to reach a carrier party. Help, I'm shinnying the panic pole and I can't get down!
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:33am dc pat:

C, Parq: that's what I was thinking. Watch out for tsunamis...
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:34am Golden Sours:

Will this make the pain go away, gumby?
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:34am still b/p:

There's a tsunami coming??!!!!!
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:35am trouble:

good morning patrick! silver pines are coming to maine i do believe in june: catch them!
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:35am Jøe Steele:

  Thu. 4/30/09 10:36am listener mark:

Pearly Sweets have you tried the ibuprofen? Knocks out toothache for four hours or more. Try one caplet, if it doesn't work after 15-20 minutes take another. I sometimes have to take another an hour later. But no more then four within four hours after taking the first. Hope you feel better.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:37am dc pat:

and don't wash 'em down with a couple of brews...
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:38am Devin:

I like chirpy birds that dont sound like car alarms.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:39am GP:

Tell us the blogs Trouble or where we can find them...thanks.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:42am dc pat:

trouble, this show is kicking total ass. Thanks.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:42am JCityJensen:

yes yes what are these blogs that have restored your faith in this world wide interlink thingy , besides the daily check ins at http://awesometapesfromafrica.blogspot.com/
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:45am listener mark:

A home remedy for pain I've used; take two aspirin, wait two hours, take two ibuprofen,wait two hours, take two acetaminophen, wait two hours go back to the aspirin. Don't use the aspirin for tooth ache. It thins the blood stops the clotting makes it harder for the dentist.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:46am Sybil:

What label is the Rumors reissue on?
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:46am still b/p:

Tell the DJs healing happens here.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:47am Jøe Steele:

No offense, but I'm relcutant to trust medical advice from the WFMU comment thread.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:47am Patrick:

I'll will make sure to keep my eyes pealed for them. Did you hear that Big Blood are playing a few shows in june? What a great excuse to come to P-land.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:48am George Eliot:

joe, use zinc to kill a toothache;especially if it's abcessed.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:49am listener mark:

They made me stop practicing surgery.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:49am trouble:

the rumours reissue is on warner bros, sybil. the only blog title i can accurately recall right now is root blog.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:51am still b/p:

June shows where, Patrick? I would see again.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:51am Cecile:

I dunno Joe, I've had enough procedures that I could probably start doing them myself.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:52am sugarwolf:

I have a toothache, but I think it is sinus related pain. I was at the dentist yesterday for a cleaning, and they found nothing bad. And my dentist gave me a doughnut when I was leaving.
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:52am LaLa:

FEVER RAY! yes trouble! i looooove. have you watched some of their videos? amazing!!
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:55am listener mark:

sugarwolf, sounds like you need some exploratory surgery, now I keep some tools in a milk crate in the back of the truck
  Thu. 4/30/09 10:56am wha?:

Balinese music pushes all my buttons at the same time.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:01am listener mark:

trouble I received " i am a modern girl " in the post. I like Sandie Shaw/mama roux and Leichtmetall/im paradies. You really confound the google, I wanted to know more about the artists and not much is there. How do you find these things?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:03am Parq:

See today's NY Times (slide show on line) re the Ellington Orchestra.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:03am GP:

Sheeesh,,can you just SHUT UP about stupid toothaches and talk ONLY about the music please....

<just kidding...hope you tooth feels better Pearly)
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:05am Jøe Steele:

Ooooo, perhaps some of my shwag will arrive soon.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:05am dc pat:

we need to work on comment sarcasm/irony. I don't like having to say "just kidding" or "I make joke" when I type something inflammatory. There should be a non-smiley-face symbol of some sort...
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:05am Cecile:

Is Scott still hung over from his 21st birthday.

  Thu. 4/30/09 11:06am sugarwolf:

a nearly all girl DJ day? DAMN!!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:06am Parq:

Maria? AND Debbie?? Way cool! Girl Trouble rules today.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:06am Cecile:

how about
///inflammatory comment here///
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:07am dc pat:

///girls suck///

I dunno...
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:07am GP:

Agreed DC Pat...what can we use?...there used to be this ; ) (winkining face) but some screens are too small to see it clearly.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:09am Cecile:

I got it.
[sarcasm mode] comment [/sarcasm mode]
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:10am dale:

what about the gathering gloom?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:10am Cecile:

OK, i have this crazy idea of having Snoop Dogg do Desiderata ("you are a child of the universe, pretty mama"
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:11am Golden Sours:

Thanks for the advice, crew. I already have some pain medication in me, but it never seems to help too much for toothaches for me. (I think sinus might be helping make it worse) It totally is a "I need to go to a dentist." Deal. But I can't get there until at least next week. Ugh! UGH! I tell you!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:11am dc pat:

<sarcasm>can you puleeeze play some steely dan??</sarcasm>

maybe too obvious and too geeky...
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:12am Jamesie:

Outsider In?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:13am dc pat:

\\\I love post-sid pink floyd///
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:14am AnAnonymousParty:

Diggin the Open Door.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:15am jeanne:

great cover but he's a little off key i think
it's buggin me
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:15am George Eliot:

pounding my chest here with pride: trailer for the new film:
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:15am GP:

We need an 'S' with a circle around it symbol ( sim. to copyright mark) that we can use....registered sarcasm..
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:17am dc pat:

YEAH something like that....
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:18am Sybil:

  Thu. 4/30/09 11:18am trouble:

listener mark: sandi shaw was a huge pop sensation in the 60's. this was her cover record, i can't remember the title. the other babe is contempo german, she must have a my space page.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:18am George Eliot:

i like that GP
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:19am trouble:

hey jamesie! how is everything in sunny london?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:19am Golden Sours:

Oh.. THAT'S a GREAT idea, GP. §
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:19am lowbrow:

hey everybody-
if y'all happen to be in hoboken this sunday - I've got a few pieces in a group show - hopefully you can make it - follow the link for the info...

  Thu. 4/30/09 11:20am Golden Sours:

How was that?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:20am dc pat:

what about this:

sue glad I'm not drinking bourbon now <s>
or §
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:20am Cecile:

Well, obvious never hurt anyone on this board.
you could do it as [sm] comment [/sm]
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:21am dc pat:

that's "sure glad..."
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:21am GP:

LOL..Golden Sours..that is it!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:21am Cecile:

dcp, I will use your s with the brackets.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:22am Cecile:

Perfect. Who will alert station management?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:23am dc pat:

well wait which is it <s> or <§> ?? § might be confusing...
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:23am Cecile:

I think <s> is good. I can't do special characters.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:24am GP:

10-4 on <s>
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:24am Bad Ronald:

Why not (S)?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:24am dc pat:

god I love work <s>

right, <s> is more universal
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:25am gumby:

Thanks fo rthe heads up on the Ellington Orch slide show. DUKE is still the DEAL.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:25am Georgie Peorgie:

(s) ?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:25am Georgie Peorgie:

damn this lag
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:25am listener mark:

Cecile you are a special character :)
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:26am dc pat:

ok so it's settled, <s> it is

(s) or (S) looks like you might be implying plural
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:27am George Eliot:

the ayes have it <s> it is
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:27am Seattle Favela:

  Thu. 4/30/09 11:27am Bad Ronald:

OK, then do you have to close the <s> tag like this </s>?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:28am AnAnonymousParty:

What if I want to be pity, rather than sarcastic? BTW, <s> was a valid html tag fo strikethrough, and we're not supposed to do that, no?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:30am dc pat:

AAP: crap forgot about that. well let's go withj it and see how it works. Bad Ron, I GUESS you can do a closing tag...if you wanna be a dork <s>
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:31am GP:

Hey, Trouble can I donate my neighbors Hummer with the "glasspack" mufflers to the cause?...gimme that number again.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:32am Cecile:

hey, am I a special snowflake for generally enjoying the box tops more than big star, even though the latter has its moments.

thanks, listener mark.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:32am dc pat:

by the way, how did the effort to get Ken to give away DC show tickets go yesterday? I had to...uh...work...so missed the end of it
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:33am trouble:

no you can not donate your neighbors car, sorry. AND guys don't you think the secret sarcastic language code is a little like writing secret messages in lemon juice?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:33am Parq:

Gumby, glad you dug it. For the rest of you, here's a link. I would have posted it before, but I thought Miss T might make on-air reference to it and I didn't want to jump the gun.


PS. I still really like Dark Side of the Moon. Sorry to all you free-formers, but note the lack of sarcasm cue.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:34am Cecile:

no, we'll let everyone know.
one of us maigned "frequent posters" will spread the word.

And I love that you know that.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:34am dc pat:

oh yeah, TOTALLY Parq, LOVE that album <s>

just trying it out...
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:34am Georgie Peorgie:

parq, i'm in your corner on the moon thing
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:34am listener mark:

I love the Duke Ellington. The Queen's Suite "Sunset and the Mocking Bird" What grace and style, beautiful.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:34am Cecile:

I like Nichelle Nichols' cover of Money
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:34am JCityJensen:

9 lives skate shop on Newark has the best Hoboken TShirts for your venture on sunday!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:35am GP:

Toruble, may I have this dance.?...this Box Tops is wonderful...
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:36am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hey there Trouble!? This is my first time listening to your show. I really like it!

  Thu. 4/30/09 11:36am Cecile:

  Thu. 4/30/09 11:36am Jamesie:

I'm bogged down in Blonk at the moment... anticipating a show with him next week <plug>
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:37am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

What's up Cecile?! How many other shows do you listen to besides Billy's?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:38am GP:

DJ Alf..way too many us are here all day..
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:39am trouble:

hey ALF ! thanks for the good words. will you be at the bang on a jam?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:39am Patrick:

still b/p, im not sure if big blood is playing outside of new england, or hell even portland, but i saw on a calender for a venue in town that they are going to be playing June 17
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:39am Cecile:

all the regular day ones. When I can.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:40am dc pat:

oh I get it, trouble thinks we're being childish. You got anything better for me to do at work??
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:40am ooh ooh ooh:

ALF + Trouble show next week?
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:40am Bad Ronald:

Here's the line-up as far as I know:
Bang On A Jam meets Freestyle On A Mic
Put The Needle On The Record
Friday, May 1st, 3pm - 6pm
The noise of last year's discordant Bang On A Jam WFMU festival - an
alternative to the more popular, more musical, and more rehearsed Bang On
A Can fest. - will repeat this year with numerous noise-makers including
Bryce (drum-kit & kitchen percussion), Trent (toy instruments), Scott
Williams (cigar box guitar,feedback electric guitar), Ken
(samples/laptop), Liz Berg (Mr. T soundbytes + Casio RapMaster), and Jason
Sigal (handmade guitar) all making noise. Meanwhile a slew of freestyle
emcees including Broke MC, Homeboy Sandman, Bisc-1, Astronautalis,
Bleubird, Swell, and Sentence, plus beatbox master Doctor Boxer will also
gather in the WFMU on-air studios to wreck the mic in an extended
freestyle for Bang On A Jam meets Freestyle On A Mic on Put The Needle on
The Record, 3-6pm on Friday May 1st on WFMU.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:41am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

I'm not going to be able to make it to the bang on jam. Gotta go grocery shopping in preparation for my guests from England coming to my house on Saturday. Maybe next time I come thru for the jam.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:41am trouble:

not childish; exclusionary!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:43am Cecile:

I am the inclusionariest inclusionary ever.
We just have to tell people.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:43am dc pat:

well that certainly wasn't the intent--I just want to be able to shoot off my mouth without really offending anyone.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:44am Cecile:

but not me, I'm too shy to post. <s>
that works nice.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:44am Cecile:

I can dig it.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:45am Patrick:

trouble, you should come to portland for the big blood show, then the next day do a live remote from my studio in portland!!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:45am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hey, did any of you guys hear about that bad accident on the Jersey Turnpike last Saturday? I was stuck in traffic for like three hours that day.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:46am dc pat:

I heard rumors that BB might be venturing out of their home town...that's all I'm sayin
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:47am GP:

I kinda agree with Trouble...it is too much work trying to explain when we are being our usual charming smart azz selves so maybe we just forget about it and have fun and not try to scare off any newbies ( of which I am still relatively, one)
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:47am Cecile:

I LOVE that Lee Dorsey song!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:47am dc pat:

fuck off GP <s>
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:48am Cecile:

I defer to Trouble.

It's not my comment board, although sometimes I act like it, cause I am bossy.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:48am dc pat:


alright forget it....
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:49am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

"My Old Car" = some people who were actually stuck on the Jersey Turnpike last Saturday.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:49am GP:

LOL Dc...you could have left of the <s> as I hear that enough every day anyway!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:49am George Eliot:

cecile you are loved.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:50am Cecile:

I know. Bossy people need love, too. ;D
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:50am david from ks.:

please;please;please,,,stop eating animals
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:50am JCityJensen:

TROUBLE - this horn NY NY is awesome - thanks! Im blasting it in my office right now!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:50am Cecile:

nope, can't.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:51am Cecile:

I heard, ALF. Nutso!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:51am George Eliot:

next lifetime, i'll be vegetarian.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:53am dc pat:

later folks, gotta go. Thanks trouble.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:53am listener mark:

Thank You Trouble
It was a great Show
See you on the radio next week.
Happy May Day everybody
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:53am Parq:

DC Pat., I am thoroughly chagrined by your disapproval of my digging "Moon" and will definitely revise my opinion to conform with yours.

  Thu. 4/30/09 11:53am GP:

C ya Dc
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:54am George Eliot:

wow, the show is over already!! trouble, thanks so much for the tunes!!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:55am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

YNQ!!! :-) MADLIB!!!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:55am Jøe Steele:

This morning flew by.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:55am GP:

Trouble you should close your show with this all the time
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:56am JCityJensen:

Thanks for the great show - Happy International Workers' Day!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:56am still b/p:

Patrick, thanks. I'm a mile from Strange Maine and SPACE, so I'll find whatever intown show. I think Colleen told me what's coming up when I asked at Meg Perry Center a few weeks ago and I flat fergut.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:56am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Speaking of morning flying by, I'm going to get back to work. I'm keeping WFMu locked for a while today.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:57am ?:

  Thu. 4/30/09 11:58am Cecile:

*Prison Guard* We're on lockdown!
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:58am david from ks.:

all the slaughtered animals shall be avenged,,,,,,,swine,,,,,,
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:58am Marshall Stacks:

Great show as always, Trouble. Thanks.
  Thu. 4/30/09 11:59am patrick:

still b/p, its going to be at space... see you there!!
  Thu. 4/30/09 12:00pm still b/p:

Caged Commenters! I think I saw that at the drive-in.

Goodbye Trouble.
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