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April 10, 2009 Favoriting
Spinning King Alfa's records in a strange land
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Delmore Brothers 

Blue Railroad Train
(Listen: Pop-up)
Classic Cuts 1933 - 1941
(JSP 1933)
The Prarie Ramblers  Walking in My Sleep   Favoriting Swingin' Down the Old Orchard Lane
(Bronco Buster )

Billy Cotton
and His Band
The Sunset Trail   Favoriting Somebody Stole My Gal
(Crystal Stream Audio mid-1930s)
Wink Lewis  Sahw Bessie   Favoriting Martha Lynn / Wink Lewis
(HBR 1953)
Texas Bill Strength  Frown on the Face of the Moon   Favoriting When Love Comes Knockin'
(B.A.C.M. 1951)
Billy Starr  Oh Yes! I'm Lonely   Favoriting Steppin' Out With...
(HBR 1951)
Tiny Murphy & His Bar 69 Boys  Nicotine Fits   Favoriting Boppin Hillbilly, Volume 19
(Collector 1952)

Talkover Music:
Organic Grooves 
Gold Weave   Favoriting Black Cherry
(Aum Fidelity 2002)


A Night in Central Park
(Listen: Pop-up)
Trinidad Is Changing
(Flyright 1952)
Mighty Composer  Child Training   Favoriting

All Time Calypso
Hits From Trinidad
and Tobago
(Marble Arch 1969)
Calypso Mama (Maureen Duvalier)  Mary Had no Little Lamb   Favoriting Calypso Mama with the Lad Richards Orchestra
(Art )
Lord Executor  How I Spent My Time at the Hospital   Favoriting Calypso Breakaway 1927-194i
(Rounder 1938)
Lord Kitchener  Birth of Ghana   Favoriting London is the Place for Me:
Trinidadian Calypso in London, 1950-1956
(Honest Jons 1956)

Talkover Music:
Q-Burns Abstract Message 
Feng Shui   Favoriting Feng Shui
(Astralwerks 1998)

Champion Jack Dupree (with Mr. Bear) 

The Ups
(Listen: Pop-up)
Shake Baby Shake
(Detour 1956)
Lightnin' Slim  What Evil Have I Done   Favoriting It's Mighty Crazy
(Ace mid-1950s)
Roy Milton & His Solid Senders  I've Hand My Moments   Favoriting The Grandfather of R&B
(Jukebox 1947)
Ella Johnson  Alright, Okay, You Win   Favoriting Rhythm n' Blues, Volume 2
(?? 1954)

Strange Things Happening   Favoriting Keep Walking On
(Charly R&B 1958)
Reggie Hall  The Joke   Favoriting New Orleans R&B
(Chess 1962)
Maceo & All the King's Men  Funky Women   Favoriting Doing Their Own Thing
(Charly 1970)

Talkover Music:
The Whitefield Brothers 
Thunderbird   Favoriting In the Raw
(Soul Fire 2002)

Blues Creation 

All Your Love
(Listen: Pop-up)
Blues Creation
(Polydor 1969)
Ranmadou  All Day Long   Favoriting

1971 Summer

(URC 1971)
Yoshio Hayakawa  Muyounosuke   Favoriting Kakkoii Kotowa Nane Kakkowaruin Darou
(URC 1969)
Kengo Iuchi  Inugami to Kachiku   Favoriting Inugami to Kachiku
(Kubitsuri 1995)
Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band  Mind Train   Favoriting Fly
(Apple 1971)
Chiemi Eri & the Tokyo Cuban Boys  Otemo-Yan   Favoriting Japanese Folk Songs
(King 1958)

Talkover Music:
Ruben Gonzalez 
Tumbao   Favoriting Introducing Ruben Gonzalez
(World Circuit/Nonesuch 1997)

Compay Segundo 

(Listen: Pop-up)
Grandes Exitos
(Egrem 1990)
Pete Rodriguez  Pueblos de Borinquen   Favoriting Los 4 Grandes de la Salsa y el Sabor
(Alegre 1960)
Orquesta Riverside  En Casa del Trompo no Bailes   Favoriting Si, Para Usted:
The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba
(Waxing Deep mid-1970s)

Los Tres Gordos   Favoriting Pupy y el Buenagente
(Timba 2004)
Orishas  A lo Cubano   Favoriting A lo Cubano
(Universal Latino 1999)

Talkover Music:
Steven Bernstein 
Let My People Go   Favoriting Diaspora Soul
(Tzadik 1999)

Mar Revolto 

(Listen: Pop-up)
Mar Revolto
(Musiquim 1979)
Elza Soares & Roberto Ribeiro  Recordação de Um Batuqueiro   Favoriting

Sangue, Suor e

(Odeon 1972)
Joãozinho da Pecadora  Conversa Fiada   Favoriting Minha Portela Querida: Sambas de Terreiro 1972
(Odeon 1972)
Os Originais do Samba  Eu Agradeço   Favoriting Os Bons Sambistas Vão Voltar
(RCA Victor 1977)

Talkover Music:
Pazant Brothers 
Skunk Juice   Favoriting Instrumental Explosion: Incendiary Funk and
R&B Instrumentals 1966-1973

(BGP )

Karamoko Keita  Photo Dimena   Favoriting Karamoko Keita
(Super Sound )
Alou Fané et Daouda Sangare  Tiefoli   Favoriting Kamalen N'Gonin
(Disco Club Bagoué 1968)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:05am annie:

ok fine first comment!!
  9:13am Swami:

Took you long enough
  9:18am chris:

Morning Ken, have you ever listened to JOhn Funke on WMBR? Your opening set reminds of the kind of stuff he likes to play...
  9:18am Parq:

Doesn't anybody have anything to say about this fine western swing set? ("Swing set" -- get it? I fracture myself.) Me, it makes me wish I could do a two-step.
  9:20am annie:

parq, i find it very hard to believe you can't dance.. give ma a sweet waltz or polka and i'm in heaven. not to mention a great set of chorus jig.
  9:21am dc pat:

I can only pogo but sounds good nonetheless...
  9:29am Paul Sherratt:


Was our Billy Cotton a western swinger ?
( If so, the BBC kept THAT very secret ! * )

*Not that the BBC is a beacon freedom, you understand ...
  9:32am Parq:

Paul, like the man said, every band had to do one. I dunno about the UK, but I know US country music does just fine in the IR.

That would be my luck; one of my neighbors would go sleep-walking in the buff, and it would be the fat middle-aged guy. Oh wait, that's me . . .
  9:32am PMD:

mornin' all... wouldn't that be cool to start dancing at work...
  9:35am annie:

i know i'm enjoying the music as i sit here clutching my coffee mug to my chest to keep my fingers warm and the cup is ice cold and i don't even notice..
  9:41am still b/p:

"I Bucked Up A Cowpoke Pogo When The Prickly Pear Got Personal" by Limpy Cussabunch & The Tucson Tweezers
  9:47am Cecile:

Good mornin' all!
  9:48am Cecile:

  9:49am Toby:

That was a heavy story Big Red!
  9:51am Cecile:

I know my dad went to Michigan Tech as the same time as the former head of Sony in Japan.
  9:51am Cecile:

oh, and happy Jinx Lennon day!
  9:52am Devin:

Good mornin' ya'll.
  9:54am Cecile:

Hey, speaking of Mr. Bear, did anyone read that novel by Rafi Zabor about the bear who was a jazz musician? I know Musician Player and Listener magazine ran it in the early 80s, never picked it up.

that magazine died when he stopped writing for it.
  9:55am still b/p:

Jinx Lennon Day -- Is that why the stock exchange is closed and folks are goin' to church?
  9:56am Parq:

I'm sorry I missed the last talkover music. I was interested in feng shui once. I bought a book on it, but I left it on a pile of "Dennis the Menace" comic books, and now I can't find it.
  9:58am Cecile:

This is exactly right, b/p.

*golf clap for Parq*
  9:59am annie:

did i hear that eddie bo passed away? two weeks ago or so?
  10:03am matty p:

as ella johnson came on i reflexively shouted "yeah!" in my office.

never heard the song or artist before, but i could tell it was going to be a burner from the opening piano licks. it's still going and i'm swaying as i type this.

it's going to be a good weekend.
  10:08am Cecile:

this reggie hall is amazing.
  10:09am Cecile:

Doug, is this leading up to Jimmy Castor?
(hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope)
  10:10am Pearly Sweets:

I am beat. I stayed up way to late last night recording. The good news is, one song is completely finished!
  10:10am Cecile:

  10:12am Cecile:

this song wants me to start a Soul Train dance line in my office.
  10:16am Parq:

Annie, yeah. Check the archives for Spazz's show two Thursdays ago. The JS Bach of tribute shows did his usual memorable job.
  10:17am dc pat:

Sweets - what kind of stuff are you recording?
  10:17am JCityJensen:

hey doug - thanks for the posts on the blog!
  10:17am annie:

wonderful parq, writing it down...
  10:18am Toby:

u d mon!
  10:19am woohoo!:

nuf sed
  10:19am annie:

to follow in june with bloomsday..
  10:20am Pearly Sweets:

Noisy dance stuff. Like a Severed Heads or Smersh
  10:22am Dominick:

Yeahh! Blues Creation
  10:22am annie:

geez, gettin the headphones..
  10:25am Parq:

Doug RAWWKS! This IS a banner day!
  10:26am annie:

done died 'n' gone to heaven. and to think there is more at noon!! OMG>>>
  10:26am dc pat:

ah I see. I'm currently working on a sprawling project that is starting to get more clear...but that's all I can say...
  10:26am JCityJensen:

1971 Summer is a great album!!!! Thanks Doug
  10:29am Pearly Sweets:

Yeah. I've been in the abyss for a while jumping into a number of different projects, but this one actually seems like it'll appeal to more than just straight noise heads and stuff. The other band member helps rein me in. He is suppose to get a streaming/DL track up sometime today so we can get some feedback. If/when I get it I’d be more than happy to share with anyone interested.
  10:30am annie:

definitely pearly
  10:32am dc pat:

yeah, lay it on us.
  10:33am Cecile:

you're doing that flipper/gap band mashup, too, right?
  10:34am Pearly Sweets:

Awesome. Well I'll let you all know when he's got it up.
  10:34am Cecile:

and, yeah, want to hear it.
  10:34am Pearly Sweets:

Going to try Cecile, this one is all original music. The flipper gap band mash up depends on when I finish getting my computer fixed so that it'll play sound/record/turn on. But hopefully soon!
  10:36am Cecile:

excellent to both.
  10:36am annie:

hey pearly you know the almighty terribles by any chance? dave cahill?
  10:36am dc pat:

yeah! Yoko! This album is great..
  10:37am Matt:

Wow, I've never heard any of Yoko's stuff before - this is cool.
  10:37am annie:

this is one i've never heard, i like it alot
  10:38am Pearly Sweets:

I am not, Annie
  10:38am Bad R☺nald:

Hey now! Great show Doug!

Parq - You're in a rather jocular mood today.
Swing Set = Folks who attend key parties

Pearly - Looking forward to hearing your work.
  10:39am Pearly Sweets:

But I am looking them up as we speak.
  10:39am Ken From Hyde Park:

There was a WFMU DJ a couple years ago that had the Yoko Ono song for his (her?) opening theme music. Anyone remember that?
  10:40am Drummer Some:

Hello Dear Listener Beings!
Re: Yoko
I am playing the whole damn thing, not that ridiculous 3-minute excerpt in the Yoko Ono box set. Dig It!
  10:41am annie:

pearly, you talkin to me? i can link you if you like.. doug, play on!!
  10:41am bebopgun:

this is the 1st yoko ono song i can actually listen to
  10:43am Pearly Sweets:

Yeah, Annie. I found their website. I actually didn't lower the Yoko song at first and the automatic track that started on their site blended in perfectly.
  10:44am Parq:

Lennon was a little bitter, and understandably so, when this shrieky "yakayakayaka" stuff became popular in the hands of folks like the B-Fifs, and nobody acknowleged that Yoko did it first.
  10:44am Ming the Merciless:

YEAH! I really adore this Yoko-Ono-piece!!!
  10:44am north guinea hills:

my shitty friday is now smiling at me thanks to yoko.... thanks doug!
  10:45am annie:

cool beans, my son works with them alot. i know dave slightly, too. nice kids they all are.
  10:45am slugluv1313:

YES!!!!!!! i remember "Mind Train" as intro music too -- but i cannot remember *who* used it either!

AMAZING song LOVE IT, thanks Doug for playing the WHOLE THING!!!!!!!!!
  10:47am Bob:

The B52's have often acknowledged their debt to Yoko. Here's an excellent picture of them performing together:
  10:48am Bad R☺nald:

This sounds like an exorcism, in a good way...
  10:48am Cecile:

I like Yoko.
I like that she's influenced people on her own.
I like WFMU cause they get that.
  10:48am annie:

anything by yoko is fine with me..
  10:48am the answer:

Black Ops used "Mind Train" as intro music
  10:48am Tom:

God I love Yoko. Still my favorite Beatle! :)

Years ago I worked in a record store with FMU DJ Ben Walker and I played Yoko and said she was my fav Beatle. The next day on his radio show he played Yoko and wisely borrowed that line. He said the phones lit up with angry callers. I still laugh thinking about that!
  10:49am annie:

love that tom
  10:50am postmanpaul:

just in, salutawhatever, must say, doug thank youuuuuu.
  10:50am slugluv1313:

thank-you for THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10:50am brutal:

yoko song is brutal

attention hungry band destoyer is she
  10:51am north guinea hills:

when the japan institute had a yoko exhibition of her work, she had one piece that was just a telephone. it was the last day of the exhibit, and the phone rang, it was yoko. i was so dumbstruck i gave the phone to a friend....
  10:52am Parq:

Bob, I'm really glad to hear that. I hope John got to hear it, too. By the way, Flicker's safe-search blocks that pic.
  10:58am dc pat:

Tom - great line, I'm using it.
  10:59am Cecile:

is this the nephew that sent you the Orishas stuff?

You have good taste, Arlo!
  11:01am PMD:

I would love to go to Cuba...
  11:04am Drummer Some:

Same cool nephew indeed!
  11:05am Cecile:

  11:05am Parq:

Compay Segundo was one of the greatest human beings ever in history. I was lucky enough to see him at Town Hall about 2 years after the BVSC movie. As great as he was to watch on stage, his band was equally so, especially the clarinet trio.
  11:05am Pearly Sweets:

:( a meeting is going to be eating up the rest of doug's show and maybe even some of bryce's. boo-urns.
  11:07am annie:

one of my top ten favorite movies is lalo schifrin's "tango" what sweet scenes and wonderful dancing...
  11:11am maria:

wow this cuban set is fantastic!
  11:14am annie:

i wonder how many calories i burn just sitting here bouncing back and forth..
  11:18am noiser:

man, i guess it runs in the family...and you two got it bad! incredible sets.
  11:19am Cecile:

YAY, Orishas! Well played, lads!
  11:20am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:21am Parq:

I once brought the first Orishas to a Spanish class and played their parody of "Chan Chan" -- it started a very lively discussion.
  11:21am Paul Sherratt:

annie, Los Tres Gordos have just reminded me of the fine Venezuala take on the popular tv dance competition show - theirs is called ' Bailando Con Los Gorditos ' - ( clips available on youtube )
  11:21am Hugo:

"si, para usted" - that was part of last year's grand prize - as I recall ... in one of the unsorted piles downstairs ...
  11:24am Cecile:

I heard them first on Pandora.
  11:25am Paul Sherratt:

Let my people go ... to Cuba! Perhaps a comments page contributors trip should be organised - I'd love to go back soon.
  11:26am annie:

  11:29am Cecile:

Steven Bernstein knocked it out of the park with his swing group featuring Charles Burnham last year in Mpls. can't remember the name, but they were stunning.
  11:31am Paul Sherratt:

Charming stuff, annie. I wonder if dear old Hugo Chavez has ever joined in the fun ?

He has the right build !
  11:31am Sloppy Poppy:

what Firehose song is this?
  11:31am Cecile:

thanks, Doug for the nice compliment.

I can't remember where my checkbook is, and I can't think of what i had for dinner last night, but I remember your show from a year ago.

I think I have my priorities right.
  11:38am Cecile:

now I want to do what the samba equivalent of the Soul Train line is.
  11:45am PMD:

Again, I would jump on a trip to Cuba. Maybe not by boat though...
  11:49am Hugo:

It looks like Cuba is coming to town ...
  11:55am Paul Sherratt:


And there's an ekstrakonsert - torsdag. Are you going ?
  11:56am Hugo:

Jeez, they have sold out the main concert and an extra concert has been scheduled for the next day. Now, should I go for this or Hugh Masakela or a James Brown tribute? Paul, Jim White is coming, too. And if Scott is reading the comments; Edgar Broughton Band is returning!!
  11:58am Paul Sherratt:

Jim White
Go !
  11:02am Paul Sherratt:

( Bassekou Kouyate kommer fra Mali og er et stort navn innen world music-sjangeren.
Artisten og musikk-arkeologen Taj Mahal beskriver ham som “a genius, a living proof that the blues comes from the region of Segu” )

So, must be true !
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