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March 27, 2009 Favoriting
A freedom writer is a freedom fighter:
For John Hope Franklin
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Mickey Baker 

You Better Heed
My Warning
(Listen: Pop-up)
Rock With a Sock
(Bear Family 1954)
Jerry Minnis  Northern Boy   Favoriting A Deep Dip Into Memphis Soul
(SFTV 1981)

(click)The Masqueraders
Wake Up Fool   Favoriting Forgive This Foolish Man:
Hi Deep Soul Brothers 1964-1978
(Hi 1973)
Don Bryant  The Call of Distress   Favoriting River Town Blues
(Hi 1967)
Steve Mancha  Monday Through Thursday   Favoriting Soul Deep, Vol. 7
(n/a 1966)

Talkover Music:
Milt Jackson 
Olinga   Favoriting Olinga
(CTI 1974)

Clementina De Jesus  Assim Não, Zambi
(Listen: Pop-up)
Clementina e Convidados
(EMI/Odeon 1979)
Benedito Nunes  Caittu ENjoado   Favoriting Benedito Nunes
(Musicolor 1972)
Bezerra da Silva  O Federal   Favoriting

E um Punhado
de Bambas

(RCA 1982)
Batatinha  Direito de Sambar   Favoriting Samba da Bahia
(Fontana 1978)
Ismael Silva  Me Diga Teu Nome / Boa Viagem   Favoriting Se Você Jurar
(RCA Victor 1973)
Pedro Santos  Flor de Lotus   Favoriting Krishnanda
(CBS 1968)

Talkover Music:
Strobe's Satari Beats   Favoriting Sai-So
(Sony Japan 1999)

Boyd Raeburn Orchestra 

March of the Boyds
(Listen: Pop-up)
Experiments in Big Band Jazz 1945
(Musicraft 1945)
Roland Kirk  Easy Living   Favoriting Third Dimension
(Bethlehem 1956)
Ken McIntyre  Cosmos
[faded down because the recording is out of phase]   Favoriting
Year of the Iron Sheep
(United Artists 1962)

Paris Eyes   Favoriting Into Somethin'
(Blue Note 1964)
Byard Lancaster / Keno Speller  Dr. Oliver W. Lancaster   Favoriting Exactement
(Palm 1974)
Michel Portal  Give Me a Chance   Favoriting Dejarme Solo!
(Cy 1979)

Talkover Music:
Leon Ferguson & the Groove Tones 
Stokin'   Favoriting Instrumental Explosion
(BGP 1965)

Ole Rasmussen and his Cornhuskers
(vocals=Teddy Wilds) 

Did the Man in the Moon
Come From Texas
(Listen: Pop-up)
Ultra Rare Western Swing
Eldon Baker  Happy Cowboy   Favoriting

Farewell Blues:
Hot Strings Bands

(Krazy Kat 1938)
Rambling Rufus Shoffner &
His Tennessee River Boys 
At The Burlesque Show   Favoriting Earl & Joyce Songer
(Rockin' Gypsy )
Rod Morris  When It Rains Banana Peelin'   Favoriting Bimbo
(Bear Family 1952)
Jimmie Ballard  Chicken Plucker   Favoriting Movin' On
(Collector 1952)
Eddie Noack  If It Ain't on the Menu
(Faded down due to another out-of-phase
You Done Got Me
(Ace 1955)

Talkover Music:
Earl Hooker 
Improvisations on Dust My Broom   Favoriting The Moon Is Rising
(Arhoolie 1969)

Tom Brosseau 

Here Comes the Water Now
(Listen: Pop-up)
Grand Forks
(Loveless 2006)
Iris DeMent  Troublesome Waters   Favoriting My Life
(Warner Bros. 1994)

It's Raining   Favoriting Country for True Lovers
(Zedtone 2003)
Tom Brosseau  97 Flood   Favoriting Grand Forks
(Loveless 2006)

Talkover Music:
Hey Mr Bundle   Favoriting Make New Friends
(Tru Thoughts 2004)

African System Orchestra 

Canon Kpa Kum
(Listen: Pop-up)
Canon Kpa Kum
(Rogers All Stars 1981)
Le Palm-Jazz De Macenta  Kobogui   Favoriting Les Palmes du Success
(Syliphone 1980)
Ouza et le Teranga International Band  Sama Gueleme-Magana   Favoriting


(Jambaar 1980)
Kakaiku's No. 1 Guitar Band  Minnim   Favoriting Adadam Paa Hie
(Ambassador )
Ramblers Dance Band  Ntoboase   Favoriting The Hit Sound of the Ramblers Dance Band
Volume 2
(Flame Tree ca. 1970)

Talkover Music:
Green Hell   Favoriting Afro-Rock
(DeWolfe 1971)

Johnny Pate 

Shaft in Africa (Addis)
(Listen: Pop-up)
Shaft in Africa (soundtrack)
(MGM 1973)
Shades of Brown  The Soil I Tilled for You   Favoriting S.O.B.
(Cadet/DustyGroove 1970)
Kickapoo Kidd & the Deputies  The Kick-a-Poo Pt. 1   Favoriting Jerk! Shake! and Vibrate!
(Soul City )
Kool & the Gang  Funky Granny   Favoriting Music Is the Message
(De-Lite 1972)

Ames Harris Desert
Water Bag Company
People   Favoriting The Young Disciples
(Numero Group 1971)
Debbie Taylor  Eye Doctor   Favoriting Comin' Down on You
(Today 1972)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:03am chris:

oh yeah
  9:06am PMD:

Second comment - woo hoo!
  9:08am Hillary:

My morning just got better.
  9:13am PMD:

Interesting how a northern boy can sing with such soul. Thought only southern boys could do that...
  9:14am Hillary:

Must be a northern boy in a southern boy's body.
  9:15am annie:

morning folks, sorry to be a slacker, major windows meltdown in my puter. what link should i use for a very slow puter?
  9:19am Hillary:

Annie, maybe the 20k windows?
  9:23am annie:

oooohhh.... nectar!! sweet music and the voice of doug, what joy!!! so good to be back.
  9:23am PMD:

annie, I agree with Hillary.

Poor Doug, jobless. So sorry...
  9:26am annie:

i'm using the windows media strem.. seems to be fine
my puter got smacked with a major shutdown... so sad. thank god for tekkie friends and favours returned!
  9:29am gumby:

Sorry to hear your getting your walking papers, but at least spring is a nice time of year to have some free time. Go check out the big blue marble.
  9:30am annie:

i've had to resort, these last couple days, to an oldies station out of eastern penna.. wow.. go work for them doug and shape em up a little.
  9:34am Drummer Some:

Hey Gumby (and hey all y'all):
I had that thought, too. This is the best time of year to have lots of free time. Ah the silver lining!
  9:40am megisi:

wow ... it's Cinco Hold de Mayo
  9:49am gumby:

The birds are shouting, the maples are exploding in burgandy buds, there's crocii out, tullips on th eway and the snow fences are coming down. It must be spring.
  9:52am PMD:

I'm experience my first spring in my new home, and I found out I have some crocuses in my front lawn! So great.
  9:55am megisi:

Much as I'm sending good thoughts to the folks in Fargo, I find I can't look at the vids from there. We have winter on the run here and that's just shiver-time all over again up there.
  9:56am miki:

Ah....the sweet sounds of the Kirk Meister!
  9:56am annie:

so neat pmd, huh?? i was in formed that the crocus are up in my lawn in my old house, surely a harbinger of good wearther.. yes, it's a shame about ND.
  9:58am Roy Pea:

Doug, although I am unemployed due to a move rather than a layoff, I empathize. The job market SUX right now! What kind of work do you do?
  10:02am Drummer Some:

Roy Pea,
I am a editor/writer. Had been in magazine publishing but that oasis is just about dried up.

I've got a set come up with Faro in mind. Stay tuned...
  10:05am Parq:

I wish I had some practical, actually-make-it-better advice for you, Doug. I know quite a few writer/editors, but very few potential clients. Hold fast to the love of your family and friends during these rough days. Your fans here are with you 100%.
  10:06am Roy Pea:

That's the same field my wife is in, albeit in Boston area. You are right, from what she's told me, that industry is in a world of hurt. She has a book about career change coming out in June that might prove helpful, should you opt to go in a different direction, career wise. Have to say, you're doing a great job keeping my OWN spirits up with your awesome program!
  10:11am PMD:

Doug, do you do web writing/editing? Can you move into that? Are there listservs of such people up there? I'm on a web women list in the DC area, and there are often job postings.
  10:14am Drummer Some:

I surely can do Web-based work. No problemo. Soon, it seems, there will be no print publications left. (Not really, but it feels that way.)
  10:14am Cecile:

Doug, that sucks.
No advice. Just good wishes.

Annie, my WMP has been evil this week, but the 20k stream is usually good. What they said.
  10:17am megisi:

Good for you, doug ... we're going to see some major league suffering up there in the next few days.
  10:18am annie:

it's what i'm listening to now. very sweet to see all three windows in the same screen. even the chat box. my computer doesn't do that..
  10:19am Cecile:

aw, doug, so cool. Byard makes great music.
  10:24am texas scott:

Good morning,all and Greetings,
from west of the mighty Mississipp!!
  10:28am still b/p:

I've seen others ask and get leads from cranky_editors/editors unleashed members on livejournal. Relevant job info gets swapped sometimes among the gripes and jeers. What could hoit to post/inquire?
  10:29am Pearl├┐ Sweets:

Work has been getting the best of me the past two days. It is keeping me away from what I want most.... listn'in' & a'chatterin'
  10:29am G:

To add to what others have said -- Online work can work. I teach college, and started shifting into doing some all-online teaching three years ago, because it allows me to work from anywhere in the world that I have internet. Last year it treated me 50% better than non-online did in its best year.

I too see ads and websites for online writing/editing work.

Negative stuff almost always opens up other positive possibilities :-)
  10:30am Drummer Some:

Hey Still B/P:
Thanks a ton!
  10:32am stingy d:

good morning everybody, today i can stop being tired a little bit... but i have to do all this shit first. and then there's all this shit i gotta do after some shit i gotta do. i can almost feel the sleep washing over me, it's wonderful.
  10:33am nasok:

is this one of those songs that was banned way in the back then for being too close to certain words that certain agencies feel are unsavory?
  10:35am Doug in DC:

Thanks to the new administration, the DC area is one place where jobs can still be found.
  10:35am still b/p:

Thank YOU for fortifyin' my Fridays.
  10:37am bcsterrett:

Good morning from Utah. Loved the Rod Morris and Jimmie Ballard.
  10:38am Ike:

Annie, this response is a bit late, but for quality, the little AAC+ stream *destroys* the Windows Media stream. It only works in Winamp or Foobar 2000 or VLC Player. Foobar is probably best for a very slow computer. Very simple, basic, small, free. Much faster, tinier, and more nimble than WM Player or iTunes.
  10:39am stingy d:

oh dip! i'm gonna eat a good bacon egg and cheese, it's decided. time to get ready for the day.
  10:40am annie:

ike, thanks.. this is a borrowed puter. and so have to be judicious about downloads. . mine will be back and running next week.
  10:41am dentron in denton:

Good morning everyone!
  10:42am Cecile:

what happened in Fargo? I am living under a rock these days.
  10:43am dentron in denton:

  10:43am annie:

bad flooding cecile
  10:44am Cecile:

Oh, jeez. Oh, oh, oh dear
  10:45am bcsterrett:

Is that Tom Brosseau on vocals?
  10:45am GP:

Doug+Friday morning = all is good.

I can offer no advice right now, just a prayer and some good thoughts. At first I did not know anyone hit by the trainwreck economy, now I'm hearing more and more stories and knowing more and more people affected.
  10:47am Listener James from Westwood:

Doug, if you have your talk w. HR re: healthcare today and COBRA comes up, ask about the stimulus-plan subsidy. Dept. of Labor site has details; search for "ARRA COBRA subsidy" there. Qualifying COBRA recipients can get 65% of their monthly COBRA premium subsidized for 9 months. Your mileage may vary etc., & not to be nosy about your biz, but this got very little press & I knew more than my insurer's cust serv rep about the plan.
  10:47am dentron:

Just givin' you a hard time C.
  10:47am PMD:

Have you ever heard the soundtrack from the Song Catcher? This sounds like the woman who sang many songs on it...
  10:48am annie:

my train wreck started about a year ago... here i am in the middle of nowhere and still alive.. the adjustment is the hardest part... long as i have fmu. it's all good
  10:49am Cecile:

ah, I'm just slow today.
Listener James, that is great.
Cobra is handy, but very, very expensive.
  10:49am annie:

PMD. this is iris dement. one of the finest singers to come down the pike lately. and yes i think she was in that..
  10:50am Drummer Some:

Yep, that is Tom's voice. Keep ears open for another of his tracks coming up.

Listener James From Westwood:
I am all OVER that 65% Cobra subsidy. Thank you President Obama. (That'll save me $1,000 a month for the next 9 months.)
  10:52am PMD:

Thanks for the COBRA info. HOpefully I won't need it, but you never know.
  10:52am megisi:

And, another good argument ... the employer must front the subsidy, but can claim it on their next federal 941 filing.

Iris DeMent sang "Prety Saro" on "Songcatcher."
  10:54am still b/p:

Media in your 'hood, Cecile, must be in a full-press lather about the state's power-washed hip and shoulder, yah? Almost hear the swole-up Red River if you crack your door then, you betcha, yah.
  10:55am annie:

greg brown latched on to her couple years ago and john prine has done alot of duets with her. she is very much in demand...
  10:57am Cecile:

yes, yes, yes, b/p. I just haven't been paying any attention to anything. I'm sure there's relief gigs and food drives going on.

Floods are tough, to understate things.
  10:58am PMD:

Oh, that would be interesting - with John Prine. Not that I need to spend the money, but may need to look that up.
  10:58am Listener James from Westwood:

That's very true, Cecilie. Like all insurance, it's a gamble, and the ins. co's and healthcare system are the house: Don't take it, maybe stay well, maybe get sick to the tune of more money than the COBRA would've cost; take it, get sick, save thousands. And even insurance coverage has its limits. But sometimes if there's a break in coverage, it's tougher to get the next health insurance, esp. if you self-insure (which is MUCH more expensive than COBRA for many).

Doug, you may also be offered the chance to pick a different, less costly plan under your company's suite of plans, but not all co's offer that to outgoing laid-off employees. E.g., my first layoff, I took a small step down in coverage but saved $100/month in COBRA. But your plan may not offer. Can't hurt to ask. Again, YMMV, IANAL or an HR person, just a 2x layoff person.

DOL site info:
  11:00am Carmichael:

Good morning Doug, as well as the somber and practical here this morning. Don't know about you (except maybe Stingy), but I'm hittin' the ground running.
  11:02am Listener James from Westwood:

One more thing and I'll stop clogging the chat: Be careful what reason you put down in NJ (NJ for you?) unemployment. Don't put "terminated" or "fired." It can set off an alarm bell and lead them to think there was misconduct. This delayed my $ for a month and required a chat w. NJ Unemployment. Ask your HR what the specific term should be.
  11:03am annie:

PMD.. "in spite of ourselves" that's the name of the duets cd ...
  11:06am still b/p:

Who wants a temp job bullying, biting, grinding, knocking, deflating and leaving stripped on the asphalt the car dealer minions/mooks of Satan that I'm CONTRAdancing with?
  11:08am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:10am Parq:

So many Euro-ancestry musicians have tried to duplicate this jangly African style of rhythm guitar, and nobody can pull it off but the real guys.
  11:11am Cecile:

sounds hawt b/p
  11:14am megisi:

still b/p ... can I do a clog dance on their tender parts? Cuz I can work up a hate.
  11:15am still b/p:

Absolutely. Submit resume. I'm payin' thirty bucks and a grilled cheese that stingy would sell his soul and sneakers for. Bonus: a souvenir video of the work.
  11:16am Carmichael:

B/P, try using e-mail. Pick out the cars and config you like from the mfgr website, and e-mail the local dealers with minimum requirements. Tell them not to bother you with counter-offers. Just give me a price for what I'm calling out. Then go down and get it!

I bought my last 2 cars this way. Carmax is another great option, if you have one in your area. Shop and buy online.

Car lots (and their *sales associates*) are headed the same direction as drive-ins.
  11:17am stingy d:

what's this i see about a soul-worthy grilled cheese?
  11:18am Cecile:

or you can go to Duluth, MN and get a car from my friend who is an absolute stand-up prince of a guy.
  11:21am still b/p:

Muenster and tomato on choice of Big Sky German Rye or Sunflower.

email inquiries may be convenient and pared to essentials, but I wouldn't expect simplicity or earnestness in replies.
  11:21am Carmichael:

I can see the guy who plays the devil in the TV show Reaper, standing and smiling with a grilled cheese in his outstretched palm, saying, "Come on Stingy, just a little taste."
  11:22am Carmichael:

You may be pleasantly surprised, b/p. These ain't the salad days for them.
  11:22am stingy d:

i am afraid of the devil.
  11:23am megisi:

Cabot 5-year cheddar, a nice Jewish rye and beurre noisette and you gotcher boy. Hell, I'd heat that on the exhaust manifold of a '93 Taurus.
  11:24am Cecile:

I actually have the cookbook Manifold Destiny.
  11:24am Ike:

Carm, that guy makes a pretty great Satan, doesn't he? Maybe even better than John Glover.

This music is awesome!
  11:24am stingy d:

nah just kiddin! where's my fuggin sangwidge devil!
  11:25am PMD:

damn, now I'm hungry and it's not even close to noon...
  11:26am ?:

give the drummer some . . .job.
  11:26am megisi:

any venison recipes, cecile? this is Michigan after all. drive far enough NW and you can steal asparagus alongside the road to garnish.
  11:29am Cecile:

my venison recipe is to marinade in red wine vinegar, a little sugar, juniper and sage and only cook to medium rare.

My father in law is 87 and still brings us deer meat.
  11:29am Carmichael:

My next album will be titled The Road To Garnish.
  11:30am still b/p:

Maybe work out the truck buy by end of day, and if I feel violated and low, or like roadkill, all may be well with a Sunday night Big Blood appearance here in town.
  11:30am stingy d:

that's a lot like my venison recipe! except i don't use juniper. because i've never had juniper, or thought to use juniper. i use a little sauteed red onion. and a vegetable. asparagus sounds right on.
  11:31am stingy d:

i want a big blood appearance in town.
  11:31am annie:

hhmmmm venison... up here we call it mountian meat due to the fact it can't be "sold" i just roast it slowly.. no vinegar.. and baste it with butter and garlic.. yup medium rare..
  11:33am Cecile:

juniper I use because the deer eat pine needles up in the UP and are gamey. Juniper is piney, but in a pleasant way and works with the natural gaminess. You need a big, rough red wine with that. And I'm not a wine person, but you do.
  11:34am GP:

James from Westwood thanks for the good info. You may have a career as a benefits advisor.
  11:34am PMD:

Oh still b/p, I'm so jealous. I also want Big Blood...
  11:34am megisi:

cecile, I'm new in these here parts ... you're in the UP, Michigan's prettiest? holy wah
  11:35am SueB:

does you think it means something when I am typing "Trans-Pacific Contract Negotiations: " right when the DJ says "TransPacific Sound Paradise"??
  11:35am Cecile:


No, I'm from there. and we go there a fair amount, still have family. I'm in MN now.

oh, jah you betcha.
  11:36am Hugo:

Hey, that Macenta piece was special, but then it was on Syliphone, so only to be expected.

Didn't catch last week's show as I was on a brief trip to Antwerp in the Flemish part of Belgium. Trip financed by the EU. Planning for a trip to China in the first part of May.

Yes, it looks as if the print media is in retreat; cutbacks on this side of the Atlantic as well. We shall all be online in the future, it seems, though I dread the day when we shall all be required to lug around a portable wherever we go. Still, no lack of print media; the library had a clear-out and I've accumulated piles of books. Now, where to put it? Ah, well ...
  11:39am Cecile:

I love soul country.
  11:39am Cecile:

Did you know there are less than 5000 African-American farmers left in this nation?
  11:41am stingy d:

bye everybody time to take care of every little thing that could possibly need even the slightest bit of attention.
  11:41am still b/p:

BB show is a benefit with other acts -- might be short set, but eager to hear what sound they make in a small live setting.

Ag. Dept. policies/attitudes seem to have helped whittle them numbers down, Cecile.
  11:43am Parq:

Wait, wait, wait -- D's sneakers are for sale?
  11:43am Drummer Some:

The range and versatility of you Commenters is astounding. Just read these comments from beginning to end is a massive lesson in music lore, labor law, geography, automotive sciences and more. Freaking astounding. Wow!
  11:43am Cargill -ConAgra:

All your farms are belong to us
  11:44am Cecile:

Yes, I do think so, b/p.
  11:45am Ike:

Hugo, China? Get ready for rudeness, excellent food, horrifying bathrooms that will haunt your nightmares for the rest of your life, beautiful scenery, and the thickest, foulest clouds of cigarette smoke imaginable. Well, that's out west anyway. I can't speak to Beijing etc.
  11:45am reid:

Holy Wow its funky Granny!
  11:47am GP:

This reminds me of an early video of James Brown that I saw the other day on the YouTube. He was demonstrating some funky dance moves, and MAN could he move...he was much much younger then..and oh yeah, not dead.
  11:48am PMD:


I think we need some KC and the Sunshine Band after this. Yeah, I know, I'm shallow.
  11:48am Cecile:

good call PMD
or Troglodyte
or something by War
  11:53am Ken From Hyde Park:

I was in the car and heard the flood songs. Thanks for the shout-out to N.D. I grew up there and attended NDSU. I wish them well.
  11:53am Ike:

Ugh, good thing it's not a request show. That Ames Harris Dester Water Bag Company absolutely *demolishes* KC and the Shoeshine Band.
  11:55am Parq:

KC's "Boogie Man" was put to effective use in "Watchmen". Just saying.
  11:56am Cecile:

They are two different things, Ike.
It's the difference between a jello shot and a fine glass of wine. Sometime you need the jello shot.

I love KC and the TK sound
  11:57am annie:

parq, you thought it was ok, watchmen?? i have yet to see it
  11:57am PMD:

Thanks Cecile for the heads up on toglodyte... gonna check them out.
And exactly on the jello shot. Though I don't normally do those. My analogy would be more a Ho Ho or Kraft Macaroni and cheese.
  11:59am Cecile:

my husband really liked it.
troglodyte is a song by the Jimmy Castor Bunch, BTW.

Annie, my husband liked Watchman a lot. But it is long, he says, and violent.
  12:01pm bc sterrett:

Good luck Doug!
  12:01pm Ike:

I don't like jello shots (unsurprisingly).
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