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March 13, 2009 Favoriting
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Same height as last week's photo, but with more volume

Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

The Soul Stirrers 

We've Got to Have
(Listen: Pop-up)
Going Back to the Lord Again
(Specialty 1972)

Getting the BIlls But no Merchandise   Favoriting Patches
(Atlantic 1970)
Porter Wagoner  My Last Two Tens   Favoriting The Rubber Room
(Omni 1965)

Talkover Music:
Jimi Hendrix 
Born Under a Bad Sign   Favoriting Blues
(MCA 1969)

Porter Wagoner 

The Rubber Room
(Listen: Pop-up)
The Rubber Room
(Omni 1972)
GangĂ© Brass Band  Glessi   Favoriting


(Contre-Jour 2004)
Marie Queenie Lyons  See and Don't See   Favoriting Soul Fever
(DeLuxe 1970)

Talkover Music:
Dirty Dozen Brass Band 
Dead Dog in the Street   Favoriting Old School
(Mammoth 1999)

Smokey and his Sister 

Creators of Rain
(Listen: Pop-up)
Smokey and his Sister
(Sundazed 1966)

Leave It to Time   Favoriting Misora
(Chapter Music 1972)

Talkover Music:
James Brown 
Cold Sweat   Favoriting Foundations of Funk:
A Brand New Bag 1964-1969
(Polydor 1967)

Marie Queenie Lyons 

Your Key Don't Fit
It No More
(Listen: Pop-up)

Soul Fever

(Deluxe 1970)

Talkover Music:
Glenn Lee 
Joyful Sounds   Favoriting Sacred Steel Instrumentals
(Arhoolie )

Jimmy Sabater 

(Listen: Pop-up)
Louie's Grooves: Latis Soul, Jazz & Boogaloo
(Vampisoul 1970)
Jorge Ben  Chalres, Anjo 45   Favoriting Jorge Ben
(Philips 1969)

Luisito Mozambique   Favoriting Louie's Grooves: Latis Soul, Jazz & Boogaloo
(Vampisoul 1967)

Talkover Music:
Afro Funky   Favoriting Ritmo + Sabor
(Em 1960s)

LaVice & Company 

Thoughs Were the Days [sic]
(Listen: Pop-up)
Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal
(Numbero 1975)

Talkover Music:
Sabu Martinez 
High Tension   Favoriting Sabu in Orbit
(SMC 1960)

Moussa Doumbia 

(Listen: Pop-up)


(Oriki Music )
Hank Williams  Nothing as Sweet as My Baby   Favoriting The Unreleased Recordings
(Time Life 1951)

Talkover Music:
Ramon   Favoriting The Solid Sounds of the the 8-Piece Brotherhood
(Manteca 1999)

Moussa Doumbia  Samba   Favoriting Keleya
(Oriki Music )

Little Hooks &
w/Ray Nato & the Kings
Give The Drummer Some   Favoriting 7"
(Enjay 1972)

Talkover Music:
Rudy Ray Moore & the Fillmore Street Soul Rebellion 
Put Your Weight on It   Favoriting Instrumental Explosion
(BGP 1964)

Malik Adouane 

(Listen: Pop-up)
The Orient Meets Funk Brothers & Soul Sisters
(EMI 2006)
Steinski  Hit the Disco   Favoriting What Does It All Mean: 1983-2006A Retrospective
(Illegat Art 2003)
Steisnki  None Shall Be Afraid (rough mix)   Favoriting

( )

Talkover Music:
Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu 
Rabu: Sakit Tangani   Favoriting 1951: Sumatran Ladies Wearing Hats as Outlawed by Goverment
(Hot Air 2001)

James Brown  The Payback   Favoriting Live in Zaire
(unreleased live performance from 1974)

Talkover Music:
9 Lazy 9 
Black Jesus   Favoriting Paradise Blown
(Ninja Tune 1994)

Cold Sweat   Favoriting Live in Zaire
(unreleased recording from 1974)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:07am annie:

first comment!
  9:08am annie:

morning doug, hotrod got my pledge today. my third and final. sorry...
  9:08am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Aw man Annie, that's what I was going for.
  9:10am Freddy:

Morning Doug, and Annie
  9:12am Drummer Some:

Good MORNING y'all!! Peace and love to each every one f you listening. Yeah, even you, Pal. Really hoping you'll all come through for us this morning: 800-989-9368 //

Your Drummer
  9:18am Parq:

I won "Rubber Room" on Miss Laura's show last year. Trust me, people, you need this CD.
  9:22am PMD:

Morning. Made it through the snow showers...
Already above my limit, but likely will be convinced to pledge more... sigh I can't resist Doug's music.
  9:32am Liz B.:

Marie Queenie Lyons is a long-time fave, what a great prize to offer!! 15 bucks, people!
  9:45am PMD:

I thought he said 'use your friend's credit card'
  9:47am dc pat:

I'm all out of cash. If I give any more, Mrs. dc pat will literally murder me.
  9:49am annie:

yeah, dcpat, i got reamed out for the measley 45 that i donated... gimme a flippin break!
  9:50am Brian Sanders:

dunnit doug
  9:54am Bruce in Boston:

Yogi da man but Doug a Yankee fan at last? PS just contributed
  9:56am dc pat:

mind you, Mrs. dc pat IS a big music fan, it's just that she's also the minister of finance as well so always has her eye on the bottom line...
  9:59am Cecile:

I gave, boy did I ever.
But supplying moral support here
  10:12am Cecile:

I didn't mean to kill the comments board, though.
  10:12am Dedalus:

Hey... pledged from Ireland.... well worth it! WFMU Rulz! Hotrod, if yer about... sorry I missed ya, but Doug... yer no second best... always a great show.
  10:13am annie:

hotrod was major bumming,
  10:14am Dedalus:

What do you mean, Annie?
  10:15am annie:

very low activity, seems lots of people slept in or just didn't tune in
  10:17am annie:

i was up early today too so i would catch her show. listened to the whole three hours
  10:18am Carmichael:

I wanted to sleep in, believe me. Mornin' Doug and others.
  10:19am stingy d:

i would sleep if every dog in the neighborhood didn't simultaneously have a conniption fit
  10:20am Dedalus:

Dammit... I intended to tune in, but the time change over there meant the show ended an hour earlier than I expected (1pm GMT instead of 2pm). Still, she knows we love her, I am sure.
  10:20am Pearly Sweets:

I want to go back to sleep the most.
  10:20am Ike:

Wow Annie, awesome. I only got up momentarily to pledge to HotRod around 8 and got entranced by the thumping beats, but finally fell asleep again and will catch the rest of it in the archives as usual.
  10:20am Carmichael:

Hey Dedalus (great Joycian name, BTW), where in Ireland are you from?
  10:21am stingy d:

who's going to enid's tonight?
  10:23am Parq:

Dedalus, long time no see, champ. Sorry you missed Miss HR, but a pledge to any show goes into the same coffer as all the others.
  10:26am Dedalus:

Indeed Parc, indeed. I am a fickle swine... any DJ I tune into on WFMU becomes my new favorite - they're all so damn good.

Carmicheal - I am from Santry in Dublin.
  10:31am Cecile:

In 2004, I heard Brian Turner's show on the interwebs
  10:31am dc pat:

I'm going to see the Homosexuals tonight!! YEAH!!
  10:32am texas scott:

last november,my gateway show was
the modern world w/trouble.
  10:33am dc pat:

My gateway show was Freedman 5 or 6 years ago during the marathon, yelling at the top of his lungs: "YOU ARE MEDDLING WITH THE PRIMAL ORDER OF NATURE!!!!"
  10:33am annie:

i have no specific memory of a particular show. i was in awe of the variety. but i remember tom sharpling and doug.. bronwyn.. listened constantly. started in 2001
  10:36am Cecile:

*brothers Johnson*
Doug'll be good to you, good to you, good to you!
  10:36am Tom:

My gateway show was listening to Andy Waltzer on the web in '98 or so in Ohio. I'd heard about FMU for so long but was never able to listen. It was like the arrival of electricity.
  10:39am dc pat:

by the way, if you haven't watched Network lately, you should check it out. I did because of Ken's show and it's pretty amazing.
  10:39am Parq:

My gateway, as with many folks, was Irwin, and I acknowledged that with a pledge to his show last week. I pledged to GDS last week too, and wish I could pledge on every show.
  10:40am Cecile:

this isn't a really good deterrent to not sinning. LOL!
  10:41am Cecile:

I mean deterrent to sinning
  10:41am Carmichael:

Dedalus, took me a minute to figure out where Santry is. You're over by the airport, inside the M50?

I'm from the boonies, outside of Gorey called Ballytegan. But I've been in California since I was 8.
  10:42am still b/p:

Don't remember DJ of first encounter @ 2 yrs. ago, but recall how I got to it: looking for info about The Real Tuesday Weld's "Bathtime in Clerkenwell" led me to Beware of the Blog. "What is this 'FMU...?" I says. And the answers/luck still rain o'er me.
  10:43am Carmichael:

To get myself back on topic, I've always liked Jorge Ben. Ever since he did that football song about 15 years ago.
  10:45am Carmichael:

And Cecile, the point isn't to NOT sin. The point is to feel guilty about it for the rest of your life.
  10:45am Listener Dave from NH:

People Take Warning is a pretty fantastic comp. I got it at the WFMU record fair a year back from the Tompkins Square folks.
Totally worth it.
  10:45am Parq:

Does anyone else think Google sucks? I just tried to look up Santry, Dublin (Ded has me curious) and what happened is what always happens when I run something on Google nowadays - eighty million bot responses that plug any and every search term into their useless ad-driven content. Man, that site is as worthless as it used to be essential. Please someone come up with a new search engine that does what Google used to do.
  10:46am Dedalus:

Carmichael - nice part of the world - Gorey... and as it happens I'll be around there this weekend, visiting a friend.

Yeah.. you got the location of Santry right.

And back on topic... my gateway show was Doug too. Tuned in for the first time bout three years ago.
  10:47am Carmichael:

Parq, did you go directly to Google Maps 1st? Then type in Santry, Dublin. It should work OK.

Ded lives pretty upscale. If you click on the satellite look, maybe he'll wave at ya ...
  10:47am stingy d:

parq have you tried
  10:49am annie:

i remember sinners crossroads too now. to be exact, i'd have to go back and pinpoint the date, i could too by the archives..
  10:51am Parq:

D, I am totally buying you a round Sunday night. Tried Cuil and got what I wanted in seconds. This is the second time you've hipped me to something cool.
  10:52am Hugo:

Well, I was able to look up my own address on Google Earth and the house is actually visible.

Entry point? Yes, it was this show c/o a small notice on the playlist of "The Global Jujebox", an internet-based show on Spydaradio, hosted by our regular columnist here, Paul Sherratt. Before that, mostly BBC Radio 1 and 3; John Peel, Andy Kershaw, Gilles Peterson, Mixing It and the jazz progs on Radio 3 - and of course the few worthwhile progs on Norwegian public radio.
  10:54am annie:

it was, though, fmu that woke me to internet radio and streaming. i never looked back ..
  10:58am dc pat:

there's nothing like Hank I
  10:58am Carmichael:

My 1st was Monica, who had a morning show (morning here, anyway) at the time. Our tastes seemed to click, and I hung around to hear the next DJ.

Several years and several hundred $$ later, I'm still here. And, as a complete coincidence, someone gifted me Irwin's book, which contains a CD. The Shaggs, Shooby Taylor, Martin Newell .... Oh, man.
  10:58am stingy d:

ha awesome! just out of curiosity... what was the first time?
  10:59am Brian S:

Ah Spydaradio. Got to 'fess up Doug, my premium is from Franc O, that Accra/Lagos funk got my attention super quick.
  11:02am annie:

now the memories are coming back.. frank otoole too. .. dave emory too. fabio was one of my first too.
  11:03am Carmichael:

By the way Stingy, Way to go with your volunteer phone work. You certainly impressed the DJs, and you got lots of on-air props.
  11:04am Glenn L:

What Carmichael said, Stingy.
  11:04am annie:

actually there is station in provincetown that has started using bed music. and one of your old deejays is there; sean..
  11:04am Parq:

I third that, D.
  11:05am stingy d:

yea i just went back and looked, i see that cecile was the cheeky one in the comments. i'll maybe go back and listen to the archives.
  11:06am Hugo:

Speaking of Irwin: While I and the kid went out to the station last year, we picked up a couple of cassettes that Irwin had a hand in: Shooby Taylor - The Human Horn and the "Incorrect Music" compilation. Thanks to Megan for those two!
  11:06am Cecile:

  11:07am annie:

forever the innocent huh?
  11:08am stingy d:

what's he wearing... it was a good question though. the sartorialist was looking for me yesterday. but i hid.
  11:08am Cecile:

pure as the driven slush, as Tallulah Bankhead would say.
  11:09am Cecile:

Your boots sounded cool. ;D
  11:09am Carmichael:

She was making the "heavy breathing" comments.
  11:09am Glenn L:

I was really tempted to post a comment as Stingy giving out my home phone number so I could hear Cecile breathing heavily.
  11:10am Cecile:

Aw, you guys. You know how to make a gal feel special.
  11:11am Carmichael:

Only a WFMU DJ would mix Moussa Doumbia with Hank Williams. And somehow it fits.
  11:11am stingy d:

i had a few mouth breathers on the line... if you know what i mean.
  11:11am PMD:

I think I happened across FMU on a trip up to NJ to visit mom. And then finally looked it up on the internet. My biggest memory is having to stay late at work consistently and hearing 7sd a few times and laughing my ass off.
  11:12am monica:

hey doug and kev and all you friday morning commenting commandos,
sending warm pledging wishes your way. am at work but can't listen. is there a goal for today's show? how's it going?
  11:13am annie:

tom sharpling used to crack me up... he got sooo damn creative,, i loved the bobble head man at christmas one year. and philly boy roy the year 'nem eagles lost and he had to hand over his family to settle a bet
  11:14am Cecile:

Yep, Stingy, I know what you mean.
  11:15am Parq:

D, I've done my share of phone slaving. The mouth breathers come with the terrirtory. You should see what it's like during Dum Dum's shifts.
  11:16am still b/p:

Too many pledges AND overheated telephone outreach! Doghouse days a' comin at Cecile's house.
  11:16am Walt:

Doug & Kevin- You guys are the best. People might want to know about a show that combines Doug's Super Brass with Kevin's gospel soul:
McCollough Sons of Thunder and the
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble at Aaron Davis Hall on March 19th for FREE - the same bill is on in Brooklyn at Kingsboro Community College on Sunday March 22
  11:19am Glenn L:

Hey Parq, try being on phone one w/ Todd-o-phonic Todd in the co-host chair. Kind pledger must repeat.
  11:21am Cecile:

i love Todd's musical taste.
I cannot listen to any show he hosts.
Nothing personal.
  11:21am Glenn L:

Todd-o-phonic too loud.
Tel-e-phonic too low.
Pledger must repeat.
  11:21am Cecile:

Preach it, Brothers Doug and Kevin!
  11:22am dc pat:

I LOVE TODD-O-PHONIC TODD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11:22am Parq:

Been there, done that, Glenn. The audio volume was over the top, too. I later found out that it had been pre-set and no one in the room knew how to turn it down. I had just assumed Todd preferred it that way.
  11:23am Cecile:

God bless him, I just take a Pandora break.
  11:24am Cecile:

wow this Shaft is the sexiest Algerian thing from Paris since Rachid Taha
  11:24am dc pat:

  11:25am Cecile:

You're giving me an eyeache.
  11:25am PMD:

I think I called in when TTodd was co-hosting. I felt so bad for the phone slave... I know it was loud with Glen Jones et al. Can;'t even imagine the decibel level with TTodd.

dcPat - yell all you want on the internet! just not in my ear...
  11:26am Glenn L:

Parq, for future reference, it's usually the big volume knob on the consumer receiver that sits just to the left of the co-host seat next to the loft ladder.
  11:28am stingy d:

ken's description of my shoes was sub par, so i'm gonna hit you guys in the nose with this....
  11:31am Cecile:

This piece by Steinski is so amazing. And so is the Rev!

Stringy you are quite the fashionable Stingynista. Helmut Lang is always the right answer
  11:33am PMD:

Stingy d - going hunting in that jacket?
  11:33am Parq:

Noted, G. Now where's the volume control for Todd? (Just kidding.)
  11:34am Parq:

I might as well admit it and take the heat; I think the rhyming portion of that benediction is hopelessly cornball. Yes I know, I'll slink away in shame now. Steinski, however, can do no wrong.
  11:35am Cecile:

The Parq shall be allowed to snark.
  11:37am stingy d:

i'm not big on the whole mega mix stuff to be honest. it's admirable, and one hell of an undertaking and everything... but it don't make me feel anything.
  11:38am dc pat:

since we're talking style, here are some gentlemen wearing a sampling of my wardrobe: Dated? Maybe, but it suuuure feeeeels goooood.
  11:39am Cecile:

Doug, not drugs
  11:39am still b/p:

Seconded on the pale corn in the rev's I-Day effort, an unspired bit of flimsy -- that's how eyeroll, brother.
  11:40am Guy:

I'm Guy from Maastricht the Netherlands, I pledged too. I still feel great!!!!
  11:40am Cecile:

which one are you pat? ;D
classic look.
  11:44am dc pat:

I'm the zit-faced 12-year-old just off camera with drool running down my chin
  11:46am Cecile:

  11:46am stingy d:

pmd, i only hunt for dead food. but if i need to unload a few rounds from my shotgun, i like to be prepared.
  11:48am Marshall Stacks:

Mindianapolis, did he say?
  11:48am stingy d:

i thought he said minionapolis.
  11:49am PMD:

Cecile! wow... whew.
  11:49am Cecile:

Yes. People do mispronounncne my adopted town.
  11:50am annie:

what a salesman! if i had money i'd boost that shit!
  11:51am Parq:

Doug, that reminds me, Ken outright *gave away* his kid last Wednesday. All we want is to adopt Lincon for a year, but no-o-o-o-o-o.
  11:51am PMD:

Seriously... I must say, if he had pulled a winner for prize and I didn't win, I would have pledged yet again...
  11:53am dc pat:

Doug, were you in MC5?
  11:53am PMD:

I'm so greedy...
And he IS a good salesman..
  11:54am Hugo:

I once saw Mick Jones at Dingwalls in the Camden area of London. This was a reggae concert with Steel Pulse from Birmingham. One of our entourage managed to fall asleep in front of the bass speakers. That is truly awesome. Dunno whether Mick was wearing those shoes; might very well have been ...
  11:57am Carmichael:

A guy next to me at a Steppenwolf concert managed to pass out in front of the speakers.

And this funky funky music: Good God, y'all!
  11:58am fishmonkeystew:

Woohoo! That's two from me (Terry in Eastford, CT) and I'm tapped. But it's soooo worth it. Thanks for the absolute best radio out there. There is nothing in like WFMU!
  11:58am Cecile:

I'm past tapped. I really do have to stop.
But those bastages keep enabling me. ;D
  12:01pm stingy d:

i like "bastages" my mom's grandmother used to say "bastages".. i never met that lady though.
  12:01pm Carmichael:

Almost time for crazy-ass Bryce. C'mon people, give the station some!
  12:01pm Glenn L:

Next year the pledge cards are gonna say
"Please answer the phone Cecile Cloutier's WFMU,
may I take your pledge?"
  12:02pm Cecile:

  12:02pm annie:

cecile aren't you near the boost eh?
  12:05pm Cecile:

Not quite, Annie.
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