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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options February 27, 2009

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Artist Track Album Comments
Maciunas Ensemble       
Pierre Bastien       
James Blackshaw  The Mirror Speaks   Options The Cloud of Unknowing   
Caetano Veloso  Triste Bahia   Options Transa   
Walter Franco  Me Deixe Mudo   Options Ou Não   
Tom Zé  To   Options Estudando o Samba   
Tom Zé  Medo de Mulher   Options Jogos de Armar   
Tom Zé  O Pib da Pib   Options Jogos de Armar  whoopsie 
Dorival Caymmi  Canto de Nana   Options   Brazil 
  The Sound of the Bull-Roarers   Brasil: The Bororo World of Sound   
  Marido Paru   Brasil: The Bororo World of Sound   
  "Capoeira"   some french compilation with no info whatsoever. FUCK THAT.   
  Ground Bow Solo   Central African Republic   
  Miso Ma Gbalombo   Central Africa: Aka Pygmies   
  Mongombi   Aka Pygmy Music   
  The Fruit Eater   Africa: The Ba-Benzélé Pygmies  Central African Republic 
  Music for the Buma Dance   Cameroon: Baka Pygmy Music   
  Yando   On the Edge of the Ituri Rainforest  Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) 
  Uruchantege   At the Court of the Mwami  Rwanda 
  Funeral Dance   Witchcraft and Ritual Music  Kenya 
  Enanga   East Africa: Ceremonial & Folk Music  Uganda 
  Bernadette   Burundi: Music from the Heart of Africa   
  Tubuke Ku Kaya Kwa Mwankenja   Tanzania Instruments   
  Malume Gasimbi Chilumenda   Tanzania Instruments   
  Kankenene Kambula Mushete   Kanyok and Luba  Congo 
  Kabondo Musambo Wa Changachanga   Kanyok and Luba   
  Maulu Maulu Kakusike Kumwebe   Kalimba & Kalumbu Songs  Zambia 
  [6]   Kalimba & Kalumbu Songs  Zambia 
Jeph Jerman  Tree w/Rain + Wind   Options    
Okko Bekker & Asmus Tietchens  Répartition Concrète   Options    
Steve Moore  Hermetic Discourse   Options    
Jukka Ruohomäki  NRUT 1   Options    
Arrigo Lora-Totino  Chiacchere   Options    
Maurizio Nannucci  Definizioni   Options    
Giacomo Balla  Discussione sul Futurismo di Due Critici Sudanesi   Options   read by Arrigo Lora-Totino 
Giacomo Balla  Macchina Tipografica   Options   read by Luigi Pennone, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Sergio Cena 
Giacomo Balla  Paesaggio + Temporale   Options   read by Luigi Pennone, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Sergio Cena 
Giacomo Balla  Canzone di Maggio   Options   read by Luigi Pennone, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Sergio Cena 
Giacomo Balla  Funerale a Piazza Termini   Options   read by Arrigo Lora-Totino 
Giacomo Balla  Il Pigro   Options   read by Arrigo Lora-Totino 
Giacomo Balla  L'Annoiata   Options   read by Arrigo Lora-Totino 
Arthur Pétronio  Cosmosmose   Options    
Sten Hanson  Tête à Tête   Options    

Listener comments!

  12:15pm jeff m:

good day sir
oemgee, first!!!
  12:16pm bryce:

  12:17pm Hugo:

Bryce is nyce ...
  12:17pm Sean Daily:

Fourth comment! Woo hoo!
  12:24pm Cecile:

this is nicely mixed up today.
  12:28pm bryce:

hugo, sean, cecile!!! how y'alllll to-day?
  12:30pm stingy d:

shhhh... he'll know!
  12:30pm Cecile:

good-ish! And you, Bryce?
  12:34pm bryce:


stingy, you're almost out of grapefruit juice
  12:34pm gerry sluzas:

bon dia~ great to hear you on the other coast
  12:34pm stingy d:

  12:35pm Cecile:

aw, sorry to hear that bryce.
Get ya-self some good Turkish coffee, that'll fix you up
  12:38pm north guinea hills:

I've never heard walter franco, i'm very much digging this.....
  12:40pm Parq:

Mmm, Turkish coffee. Random, I know, but it makes me think of Turkish Taffy. Which, in turn, brings to mind the running gag of fight-scene dialog in "What's Up Tiger Lilly" -- "Roman pig! Spartan dog! Turkish taffy!"
  12:40pm Hugo:

I'll second the Turkish coffee. In Bosnia, they'll never admit to Turkish coffee being "turkish", it's Bosnian, end stop. Still, whatever it's called, sipping it in the Starograd part of Sarajevo is very nyce, outside on the pavement, weather permitting ...
  12:43pm jk:

thanks Bryce, it's perfect.
  12:44pm Carmichael:

Hello Bryce. Interesting music. Brazilian, I assume (Ze is not recognizable as Portugese to me).
  12:49pm stuart:

yes, Ze was on the fringe of the already fringe Tropicalia movement of the late 60s.
  12:53pm bryce:

sorry all, little hard to chat today — literally running up and down 2 flights of stairs between every song....
  12:54pm reema:

dude this is coma inducingly boring...play something a bit more upbeat.
  12:55pm stingy d:

i was watching a documentary on capoeira this morning.
  12:55pm Hugo:

Preparing for the marathon? Literally?
  12:58pm still b/p:

Music fine.
O Coma, All Ye Faithless.
  12:58pm St.Even Denver:

Who wants to hear Coldplay or U2's new album??? NOT ME!
  12:58pm ?:

Go listen to a Michael Shelley archive, Reema. Sheesh. Veloso and Ze must've brought in some of the unwashed, unappreciative masses. IMO this crazy awesome racket is brilliant.

If any FMU DJ can handle running up and down the stairs between every song, it's Bryce. (Now as to the ones who SHOULD run up and down the stairs, well....)
  12:59pm Marshall Stacks:

O Coma could be the name of a Brasilian band.
  1:02pm Carmichael:

Stingy, where did you see the capoeira documentary?
  1:03pm Marshall Stacks:

Bruce displays excellent curatorial skills even when competing in athletic events.
  1:03pm Marshall Stacks:

  1:04pm stingy d:

channel 75.
  1:05pm stingy d:

i don't know whats it called but i live in brooklyn and don't have cable, just the channels that are basic or whatver...
  1:05pm reema:

relax guys.no need to become so defensive.i didn't mean any harm.
  1:08pm Hugo:

Yeah, Dave Mandl put on top of his playlists "guaranteed less than 2% rock and roll". That's just fine with me. This pygmy music reminds me of the soundtrack of "Viva la muerte". Arrabal used snips of pygmy vocals in that movie. One of my all-time fave movies, btw.
  1:12pm Carmichael:

Reema, we enlightened listeners consider ourselves the Great Cogniscenti, and thus are repelled by the mere suggestion of anything as pedestrian as, say, a recognizable melody.

Now, I must adjust my smoking jacket and turn up the castrato music. Pardon me, won't you?
  1:14pm stingy d:

let's play guess that bpm!
  1:17pm bryce:

  1:18pm Cecile:

About Turkish coffee in Serbia - LOL!
My husband and I stayed at a B&B in Quebec City with an ex-Canadian army owner who was obsessed with Leonard Cohen, which was fine, but not every day at breakfast. On continuous random loop.

A lovely Serbian expatriate lady would excuse herself around the 5th airing of Suzanne and make herself some Turkish coffee (her out was "they make it that way in Turkey, yes, but this is how we drank it in Serbia") and take the coffee and a pack of cigarettes outside. She made me a cup one day - delicious stuff, but it could dissolve varnish.
  1:19pm bryce:

give or take .3
  1:20pm reema:

i didn' request any rock and roll, just something more upbeat, that's all.ya'll need to take it easy.
  1:20pm jackie:

i just tuned in. any chance you can play more tom ze? he is so awesome. i saw him play a few years back with tortoise. they played powertools...very fun.
  1:23pm Ike:

We're taking it very easy. Who's not easy? I'm easy.

IMHO this is way better than Tom Ze.
  1:28pm Marshall Stacks:

Ike, I humbly agree. We seem to be moving east. Rwanda now... next stop Burundi?
  1:30pm Carmichael:

My last post was a joke, Reema. We're all mellow people.
  1:31pm Hugo:

"dissolve varnish" - that's how it should be, but you can always add sugar. Of course, combined with Gitanes/Gauloises or any equivalent, it's a breath-taking experience.
  1:31pm Jack Cassidy:

And no wise-crack remarks about smoking jackets either, sir. I have a sensitive disposition.
  1:32pm Hef:

  1:34pm Cecile:

Yes, hugo, I put loads of sugar in it. Makes my tooth enamel sing!
  1:36pm Hugo:

Yes, my dentist loves me. I wonder why ...
  1:36pm Carmichael:

I wish I could tolerate coffee. The dark, thick syrupy kind looks delicious.
  1:37pm stingy d:

speaking of tooth enamel - i have a new favorite toothpaste: marvis!! currently i am using the jasmin mint. but i enjoyed the aquatic mint, and i want to try the ginger!!! MARVIS!!!
  1:37pm Marshall Stacks:

Burundi... Thanks, Bryce.
  1:38pm still b/p:

Ahh...so semi-regular commenter SmokinJ's name is all about the togs, not the tokes.
  1:38pm Cecile:

Lucky magazing raves about the Marvis. I read my, er, friend's copy.

I have heard great things about that.
  1:39pm anne:

  1:40pm stingy d:

it's on the money! a bazillion times better than rembrandt.
  1:40pm Hugo:

  1:47pm zedprophfer:

  1:55pm stingy d:

  2:02pm Hugo:

  2:05pm stingy d:

haha, these people want to be friends with me:
  2:09pm bryce:

i don't know......they're kind of alternative......
  2:12pm stingy d:

some kid that is stinky, his name is dan, he's stinky... he asked me "what type of music do you like again?" i didn't know what to say. so i finally came up with "i don't know" then he said "do you like rock music?" to which i replied "i guess so". and then he asked me if i liked "90's rock"... i felt like i had never heard anyone use that term before... 90's rock? do you like 90's rock? this boy he is a stinky boy.
  2:12pm annie:

hey you have a show in oneonta@!!
  2:13pm texas scott:

bryce bryce bryce...
ready for pledgetime?got a premium this year?
maybe a comp of breaking glass?
  2:14pm stingy d:

that's not me annie. i want that to be extremely clear.
  2:14pm annie:

well, they do...
  2:14pm stingy d:

so uh... annie, do you like 90's rock?
  2:14pm annie:

i dig it now baby..
  2:15pm annie:

name me some names stingy..
  2:17pm Cecile:

what's 90s rock? Rock recorded in the 90s?
Or Seattle AOR stuff?
  2:19pm annie:

the only thing i know about 90s is like the college stuff that was played. i love hip hop, and late 80s
  2:20pm Ike:

That's so vague. They could mean like Pearl Jam, Soul Asylum, the Spin fucking Doctors, or that poser jackass Lenny Kravitz, or it could be Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, Lush, Curve, My Bloody Valentine... who knows?
  2:20pm bryce:

hey ts —
god bless america, i do have a "premium" this year.
it's as exciting as ME! hold on to your hair receivers.
  2:21pm stingy d:

i really don't know. daniel, who is stinky, posed that to me. he gave me a compilation to listen to that i have not opened. it has the following bands ive never heard of: magnet school, abgail warchild, fears, satellite tragedy,kid:nap:kin, graveheaven, lamb handelr, kung-fu grip, here holy spain, exeter, true widow, waterbodies, dam this desert air, marquis of vaudeville, audiovox, hazard adams, sputnik monroe, violent soho, and the boom box
  2:23pm Cecile:

Ok, I have heard of the names magnet school (it was also a great Couch Flambeau song) and audiovox...
  2:23pm Carmichael:

Good Lord. "90s Rock"?!? Does everything have to have a bin to store it in? There's even a category called "alternative" ....

I'm going to continue holding my nose high, pretending that those other groups suck because I've never heard of them.
  2:26pm stingy d:

i like this jukka rouihumkaisaia
  2:27pm Sean Daily:

  2:27pm Hugo:

I suppose the thirty-minute MBV version of "You made me realise" doesn't count as 90s rock. Otherwise an interesting sonic experience. Don't forget your earmuffs.
  2:27pm Art Smass:

Funiculì, Funiculà!
  2:28pm katie y:

been really enjoying the set today! thanks - -
  2:28pm texas scott:

  2:28pm stingy d:

you're a cat you're a cat you're a cat you're a cat cat kitty cat kitty cat kitty cat kitty cat kidder cat kidder cat kidder
  2:31pm Sean Daily:

How dare that Maurizio Nannucci say that! My mother is a saint!
  2:32pm Hugo:

Much better than Linguaphone...
  2:32pm stingy d:

here is the boy daniel who is a smelly boy:
  2:34pm Hugo:

mutatis mutandis...
  2:34pm stingy d:

gotta run! it's been fun.
  2:35pm Ike:

I gasped when I saw that Bryce has a premium CD this year. Wow! Groovy.

Hooray, fundraising marathon approaches! Now what other station can make it so fun, eh?
  2:37pm jon:

hey Bryce.... this all from the Cramps records Futura? I love this stuff.
  2:43pm bryce:

jon, yeah!! i could listen to arrigo lora-totino all day. "chiacchere" was from a comp on fylkingen, tho.
  2:47pm jon:

not familiar with fylkingen... but I will keep an eye on it. Could I ask you to play the Dimitrio Stratos piece if you have it?? It is so good. It would make me happy! If possible...
  2:50pm Hugo:

Fylkingen, eh? Those wacky Swedes. Actually, the term is of medieval origin and denotes a particular military formation. Just connecting the dots ...
  2:51pm bryce:

really?? i always wondered!

jon, i think my time's about up......next stop: $$$$$$$
  2:52pm jon:

no prob. see ya next time. thanks for the great show!
  10:15am miketp:

anyone remember stinkys kid brother from abbott n costello tv show. that tv was funny aas hell.
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