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February 27, 2009 Favoriting
Shuffling off to Baltimore
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Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Sugar Blue & His Harmonica 

Sugar Really Has
the Blues
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Spivey's Blues Parade
(Spivey 1963)

Stealin', Stealin'   Favoriting The First Time I Met the Blues:
Secret History of Rock & Roll, Volume 2
(RCA Victor 1928)
Memphis Slim  I See My Great Mistake   Favoriting Sweet Home Chicago:
A History of Chicago Blues
( 1941)
Rev. Pearly Brown  Oh What a Morning   Favoriting You're Gonna Need That Pure Religion
(Arhoolie 1961)
Sonny Boy Holmes  The $64 Question   Favoriting Jook Joint Blues: Good Time Rhythm & Blues
(JSP 1952)

Talkover Music:
Freddie Hubbard 
The 7th Day   Favoriting The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard
(Impulse! 1963)

Bert Williams 

Elder Eatmore's Sermon
on Generosity
(Listen: Pop-up)

His Final Releases

(Archeophone 1919)
Richmond Starlight Quartet  Jazz Crazy Blues   Favoriting Virginia Roots: 1929 Richmond Sessions
(Outhouse 1928)
Hokum Boys  Every Man for Himself   Favoriting The Hokum Boys & Bob Robinson
(Document 1936)
Mal Hallett & His Orchestra  Beale Street Blues   Favoriting Edison Hot Dance Obscurities,
Volume 3 1927-1929
(Jazz Oracle 1929)

Charlie Johnson's
Paradise Orchestra
The Boy in the Boat   Favoriting Jazz the World Forgot:
Jazz Classics of the 1920s, Volume 1
(Yazoo 1928)
Johnny Hodges & His Orchestra  Dream Blues   Favoriting Hodge Podge
(Columbia 1939)

Talkover Music:
DJ Gregory 
Block Party   Favoriting Hi-Life: An Uplifting Selection of Afro-House Grooves
(Fuego 2002)

Charlie McCoy 

Baltimore Blues
(Listen: Pop-up)
The McCoy Brothers
Volume 1 (1934-1936)
(Document 1934)
Charlie Poole  Baltimore Fire   Favoriting

People Take Warning:
Murder Ballads & Disaster
Songs 1913-1938

(Tompkins Square 1929)
Clarence Williams' Blue Five (Vocals: Katherine Henderson)  Baltimore   Favoriting Clarence Williams 1927
(Classics 1927)
Lorez Alexandria  Baltimore Oriole   Favoriting This Is Lorez
(King 1957)
Nina Simone  Baltimore   Favoriting Baltimore
(CTI 1978)

Alarm Clock
Barefoot in Baltimore   Favoriting The World in a Sea Shell
(UNI 1968)
Five Chinese Brothers  Baltimore   Favoriting Rig Rock Juke Box:
A Collection of Diesel Only Records
(Diesel Only 1992)
East River Pipe  Baltimore   Favoriting

Tape Op:
A Compact Disc of Creative
Music Recordings

(Tape Op 2000)

Talkover Music:
Nicola Conte 
Forma 2000   Favoriting Bossa Per Due
(ESL 2000)

Zeca Pagodinho 

Jogo de Caipira
(Listen: Pop-up)
Zeca Pagodinho
(RGE 1986)

Que Onda Que te Levou   Favoriting Gabinete do Partido Alto
(K-Tel 1981)
Pedrinho Rodrigues e Os Nacionais  A Danca do Cafune   Favoriting A Danca do Cafuné
(Equipe 1973)
Novos Baianos  Suor do Sol   Favoriting Caia na Este da e Perigas Ver
(Tapecare 1976)
Olodum  Olodum Florente na Natureza   Favoriting Egito Madagáscar
(Continental 1987)

Talkover Music:
Sabu Martinez 
High Tension   Favoriting Sabu in Orbit
(SMC 1960)

Gil Cuppini Quintet 

Blue Waltz
(Listen: Pop-up)
What's New?
(Right Tempo 1961)
Gene Shaw Quintet  Autumn Walk   Favoriting Breakthrough
(Argo/Dusty Groove 1962)
Curtis Fuller/Hampton Hawes  Lyriste   Favoriting

Curtis Fuller &
Hampton Hawes
With French Horns

(New Jazz 1957)
Grachan Moncur III  Blue Free   Favoriting The New Wave in Jazz
(Impulse! 1968)
Burton Greene  Slurp!   Favoriting Presenting Burton Greene
(Columbia 1968)

Talkover Music:
Arkie Shibley 
Dusty Blossom Boogie   Favoriting Hot Rod Race
(Collector 1952)


Baby Sitter's Blues
(Listen: Pop-up)
Ann Jones
(HBR early 1950s)
Newton Brothers  I'm Too Young to Fall in Love With You   Favoriting The Real Thing (1954-1963)
(Bear Family 1957)
Unidentified  Go to School   Favoriting Rockabilly Acetates
(Buffalo Bop )
Gig Dry & Western String Band  Hey Pa   Favoriting Rockin' With a Boppin' Feel
(Collector )
The Collins Kids  Hush Money   Favoriting The Collins Kids, Volume 1
(Bear Family 1955)
Cowboy Bobby  Cap Gun Cowboy   Favoriting Grand Daddy's Rockin', Volume 1
(Legend )
Johnny Preston  I Want a Rock and Roll Guitar   Favoriting I Want a Rock & Roll Guitar
(Redita 1960)

Talkover Music:
Marc Ribot 
Los Teenagers Bailan Changui   Favoriting Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos
(Warner Bros. 1998)

Willie Mae Williams 

Don't Want to Go There
(Listen: Pop-up)
God's Mighty Hand: Gospel Evangelists
(Gospel Heritage 1949)
Blind Willie Johnson  It's Nobody's Fault But Mine   Favoriting Dark Was the Night
(Columbia/Legacy 1927)

Rev. Edward W. Clayborn
A Letter From Father   Favoriting The Guitar Evangelist
(Document 1928)
Brother Bill Louis (Elder Utah Smith)  Two Wings Flying Home   Favoriting

I Got Two Wings

(CaseQuarter early 1950s)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:05am annie:

OMG first comment
  9:06am Bad Ronald:

Woo hoo!
  9:08am stingy d:

quick! hide me!
  9:12am Parq:

Hey, all. Saw "Frost/Nixon" last night. Couldn't help but think of that SNL bit lampooning Pat's book -- Maddy Kahn as Pat, and Akroyd as Dick standing in front of the Lincoln portrait mumbling "Abe, you had it easy - they shot you."
  9:12am Brian S:

Well here in the UK; the sun is shining, feels like spring. the flowers are blooming & all is right with the world. If only. Happy days.
  9:13am Sloppy Poppy:

Nice Jugs!
  9:18am Bad Ronald:

Parq - That was a great skit!
  9:34am Parq:

"Who was it pulled the en-gyne off my neck? Naught a livin' soul."
  9:58am annie:

doing my duty doug, lyin back and thinkin of england.
  10:06am Scott:

I've never heard this show before, but it's incredible. What a perfect start to Fridays.
  10:07am Mr. Drummer Some:

Well how the heck are you, Scott? Welcome aboard.
  10:09am Mark:

Good Morning Doug - Tuning in a bit late but the set is sounding great as usual...
  10:09am annie:

philip jose farmer SF writer . anyone know him..i read him years ago.
  10:12am Mark:

RE: Mr. Farmer, sorry to hear that. His Riverworld series is a great read... Rest in peace.
  10:12am Scott:

I'm doing great while listening to this Nina Simone song. Wow, it's amazing. I like the Marvin Gaye-like atmospheric effects. I'm moving to Baltimore in June, this song will become my anthem.
  10:12am Ted from Baltimore:

Dang, just tuned in to see that I was missing the Baltimore set.

Btw, Doug, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself until I get my hands on your Brass Bands compilation.
  10:13am Manny:

Fantastic show, as always. My girlfriend and I lived in Baltimore in the early 90's. I remember one day a random crackhead stepped up to us and declared we were the best looking couple in Butcher's Hill (if anyone is familiar with the area...). Worst place I've ever lived in.
  10:15am still b/p:

Up next in this set, the duets: John Waters and H.L Mencken, Barry Levinson and Cal Ripken.

Great music today as always.

Scott: Any one of Doug's shows from the archives is worth hearing.
  10:16am annie:

i actually like baltimore. i visited there many times over 25 years ago. i was there, once, the day after the orioles had won the world series. what a great feeling it had.
  10:17am Zach:

I've been so pleased with all of this... It should all be on a cd together some day.
  10:18am still b/p:

If I get there, I'm surely goin' here:
  10:18am Drummer Some:

Baltimore: Birthplace of Babe Ruth and Billie Holiday. Need I say more?

What Ted From Baldymore is referring is my 2009 Marathon premium AROUND THE HORN, full-length CD of amazing brass band music. All pledges to my show over the following two weeks (of $75 or more) get the CD!
  10:19am listener 108365:

my daughter just mved to butcher's hill area in b-more; my brother's lived on butcher's hil 20 years. the great thing about baltimore is the lack of social and economic segregation compared to other cities. one of the great things anyway.
  10:20am annie:

please remember the train roundhouse museum.
  10:21am Scott:

I'm assuming most of you have seen The Wire.
  10:22am Cecile:

Annie, I read him way back.

still b/p - don't forget the Duff the Ace of Cakes/Tommy Keene duet
  10:22am annie:

and the wonderful open market down near the water.
  10:22am listener jeff:

Streets of Baltimore by the Georgia Peach!
  10:23am Cecile:

Doug, I am getting your premium along with Station Manager Ken.
How will they be shipping him to me?
  10:23am annie:

sea donkey
  10:23am Parq:

Probably not within the scope of Doug's scene, and set's over anyway, but I've always loved Randy Newman's Baltimore song.
  10:25am Ike:

Oh yeah, Scott, The Wire is possibly the best TV show ever made.

I'm also from Maryland, though not from Baltimore, but I miss visiting Baltimore. Nice East River Pipe song there! Didn't Bobby Bare also do a Baltimore-related song or is my memory kablooey?
  10:25am Cecile:


I hope it's a whorin' sea donkey as Salon's TV critic always says.
  10:26am Cecile:

I haven't seen the Wire, weirdly enough, but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Homicide.
  10:27am Matt:

I waiting to finish Homicide berfore I start the Wire....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Homicide also.
  10:30am Cecile:

I got into the Shield along the time of the Wire, so I have been watching that. For such a violent show, it's a great ode to non-Hollywood LA, and very Homicide influenced.

I have been afraid to watch the last six eps or so on my TiVo, cause will be over.
  10:30am Paaul Sherratt:

Wasn't the Nina Simone item , Mr Newman's 'Baltimore' ?

And have you heard The Tamlins version? - Oh boy !
  10:31am Mark:

Much agreed in regards to "Homicide: Life on the Street". The casting of that show was amazing: Andre Braugher, Yaphet Kotto, Giancarlo Esposito, etc. Looking forward to checking out "The Wire"... Doug - Can you reccemend any stores online or otherwise speciallzing in Brazilian music? (Already familiar with Dusty Groove, Descarga, etc.)
  10:31am Ted from Baltimore:

My wife and I moved here because we figured if it was good enough for John Waters and Anne Tyler it was good enough for us (in addition to being way cheaper than Brooklyn).
Don't forget that Billie got the hell out of Baltimore as soon as she could.
I still haven't looked up the Tamlins version of Baltimore that Paul S. suggested some time ago -- sorry.
  10:32am Cecile:

I have to agree. Ned Beatty, Clark Johnson, Richard Belzer, and OSCAR NOMINEE MELISSA LEO!!!!
  10:36am Drummer Some:

Just letting y'all know: I WORSHIP Ned Beatty. No really. He's like a Marlon-Brando-in-Apocalypse-Now figure for me.
  10:37am Carmichael:

Bom Dia, Doug and fellow listeners. I will read the comments and post a pithy comment later.
  10:39am still b/p:

"The heads. You're looking at the heads. Sometimes (Ned) goes too far. He's the first to admit it."
  10:39am Ike:

Homicide: Life on the Street was best when Ned Beatty was in it, and when Melissa Leo had a prominent role. Later it went downhill. NBC interfered and tried to make it more like a regular cop show with ridiculously young and pretty detectives. Meh.
  10:41am Carmichael:

b/p, one of the greatest performances ever. Only a crazy Dennis Hopper could play a crazy Dennis Hopper.
  10:43am Cecile:

Yes, Ike. We're twins again here.

Clark Johnson called Michael Michelle or whatever the former beauty queen detective's name was "the best actress available in the DC/Baltimore area". LOL!
Damning with faint praise...
  10:43am Carmichael:

Oh, and Cecile, I finally had a chance to sit down and watch Flight of the Conchords (The Epileptic Dog episode). All I know at this point is that it's extremely different.
  10:45am The Future:

Doug, I loved the Sandy Denny you played in the final hour!
  10:46am David Herskovits:

Good morning Doug. Sounding great as ever.
  10:48am Cecile:

That's not the best episode. But the Pepileptic Dog songwriting process was pretty damn funny.

I would start with Unnatural Love, if they re-run it, or Drive-By or Sally from the first season.

I love them so flipping much it frightens me. I guess I just have a thing for New Zealanders doing Prince impersonations through a mouthful of samosa. (Sally)
  10:49am Ike:

Cecile, ha! I didn't know that. Actually I thought M.M. wasn't totally awful -- better than the "pretty boy" at least. Meanwhile Stivers was cool but they never gave her anything to do.

Doug, there seem to be a lot of Brazilian web sites in general, or at least my evil employer is squatting on a lot of misspellings of Brazilian sites. I have no idea why.
  10:50am Cecile:

Stivers was absolutely great, and I agree with you.
Whenever Jon Seda would give interviews, he'd pretty much say things that translated to "I don't deserve to be here".
  10:51am Parq:

Paul S, I was in commute during most of the set, so I don't know what songs were actually played. From Doug's back-announce, I gather you're right. Never knew Nina covered that song, gotta go back and check out the archives. (I say that every morning, but almost never do.) Baltimore is one of those great American cities that are fun to talk about and read about, but maybe or maybe not so much fun to be in. S'pose it depends on whether or not your guide is a local who's in the groove.
  10:53am still b/p:

Carm: Twain said, "Suppose you were crazy. And suppose you were Dennis Hopper. But I repeat myself."

I even like him in his few-minute True Grit bit part.
  10:53am annie:

i was lucky enough to know the right people there, while visiting. stayed at the youth hostel..
  10:54am Zach:

I aways went to this Greek Restaurant there named Ikarus...MMMmm
  10:58am Cecile:

Curtis Fuller! From Detroit- another town with a checkered history and great legacy.
  10:59am postmanpaul:

salutations drummer some, city slickers and office-ionados.
...mature sounds doug, nice.
  11:01am Drummer Some:

Postman in the House! And hallo David H! And you! And you! (And you, over in the corner, you too.)
  11:01am Bruce in Boston:

Hampton Hawes' Autobiography, Raise Up Off Me, one of the great jazz memoirs
  11:03am postmanpaul:

regarding detroits music heritage cecile, the bbc put this benchmark together:
Documentary looking at how Detroit became home to a musical revolution that captured the sound of a nation in upheaval. In the early 60s, Motown transcended Detroit's inner city to take black music to a white audience, whilst in the late 60s suburban kids like the MC5 and the Stooges descended into the black inner city to create revolutionary rock expressing the rage of young white America. With contributions from Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton, Alice Cooper, George Clinton, Martha Reeves, John Sinclair and the MC5.
  11:06am Drummer Some:

You are SO right, Bruce. Raise Up Off Me is a brilliant book. I have never been a huge fan of JFK, but I will always be greatful that he gave Hawes, in prison on drug charges, Executive Clemency, and liberated him. (One of many fascinating details revealed in the book.)
  11:07am postmanpaul:

called: Motor City's Burning: Detroit from Motown to the Stooges
  11:07am Carmichael:

Hey Postman! How's the end of a working week?

Cecile, I actually enjoyed the show a lot. But it was so different from everything else on TV that I had some processing issues. I loved their song they created while jogging. And their manager is a piece of work!

Detroit: despite spawning Ted Nugent, they also brought us Iggy. 'nuff said ...

Oh, I understand there's an Ann Arbor/Detroit issue. I'm not mentioning it.
  11:13am postmanpaul:

Hey Carmichael! bloody gorgeous.
  11:17am Cecile:

Yes, Murray is amazing. If you delve into the show, his character gets even more eccentric. If they re-run "Unnatural love" you gotta catch it - Michel Gondry directed it and it's one of their more coherent eps, although strange as hell. Worth if for only for the phrase "dancefloor bro-ho ratio".

Postmanpaul, I will check that out, Thanks!

Ann Arbor/Detroit issue is that it's a middle class collidge town 40 minutes away. It's not really Detroit. I lived there for six years in the 80s. Visited Detroit a fair amount, really not as much as I wanted. Two very different places, that influence each other.
  11:18am Parq:

PMP, "office-ionados" is one bodacious coinage. Consider it stolen, and in this case, I really am stealing from the best.
  11:23am still b/p:

BTW Cecile: I ain't been down with the Duff, never heard of him. I gotta find/see this show, with napkin tucked and head tilted dog-like (or in the zone of drooly high intensity, cupcake-dog-like). One of the CCC crew made a striking Poe-tombstone-with-raven cake! Nibblemore!
  11:26am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:28am Cecile:

Duff is pretty awesome - he makes amazing theme cakes, and loves the band Clutch. It's a great show - it's on the Food Network.

Geoff, one of the decorators, should have his own show. His dry humor is fantastic.
  11:30am Carmichael:

Unidentified? I assumed it was Peggy Lee.
  11:34am Carmichael:

No, I mean the other one. Ann Jones. This playlist is about 1 minute ahead of the music.
  11:36am Cecile:

wow, that Larry Collins is quite the blackmailer.
And the voyeur.
  11:40am Parq:

Oh God, I LUV this Xmas Prteston novelty nugget!
  11:40am postmanpaul:

Hey Parq, your patronage is not unwelcome :)
  11:46am annie:

wayne newton ALWAYS sounded younger than 15. when he was on the lucy show all those millenia ago, i thought he was a she...
  11:47am Cecile:

Up a lazy river......I remember that episode!
  11:47am Scott:

Any chance you're going to play some Bukka White?
  11:51am Drummer Some:

Bukka White would be perfect in this group, but I'm out of time. I'll grab some BW for a show soon come.
  11:55am postmanpaul:

after a hard days graft, possibly the hardest decision anyone should be faced with making at his time of day is: leave groovy fmu to paint the front door, or not?
  11:56am annie:

PMP, i suffer the same guilt. should i make good a promise to clean brush or sit still?
  11:58am postmanpaul:

hey annie, i'm gone!
  11:59am annie:

yeah, sadly me too....
  12:00pm annie:

wonderful show doug, as usual
  12:02pm postmanpaul:

haha :)

my first ex motherinlaw [now an outlaw] maintained that i could not hang myself!
  12:03pm stingy d:

whew! ike didn't embarass me. whew!
  5:24pm phillip:

this all baltimore set is really somethin'. thanks
  10:37am El Thatchmo:

I remember the complete LYRACHORD catalogue for sale for $3 each at a thrift shop on 23rd street. I only bought 5.
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