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February 6, 2009 Favoriting
Happy birthdays to Babe Ruth and Bob Marley. Ronnie Reagan, piss off
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Check out my Favorite Downloads of the Week, Vol. 2

Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Asha Bhosle & Manna Dey 

Zindagi Hai Khel
(Listen: Pop-up)
Seeta Aur Geeta (soundtrack)
(EMI 1972)
Usha Mangeshkar  Ithas Agar Likhna Chaho   Favoriting Rani Rupmati (soundtrack)
(EMI 1957)
Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle  Do Dil Mile   Favoriting Honeymoon (soundtrack)
(Odeon 1972)

Dekh Lo Awaz   Favoriting Prem Geet (soundtrack)
(Polydor 1981)
Mahendra Kapoor & Chandrashekhar Gadgil  Roti Kapada   Favoriting Mazdoor
(EMI 1983)

Talkover Music:
Dave Pike Set 
Mathar   Favoriting Untouchable Outcaste Beats, Volume 1
(Outcaste 1969)

Herb Geller Sextet 

Gin for Fuegel Horns
(Listen: Pop-up)
(Trip 1955)
Rob Brown Quartet  Dawning   Favoriting

The Big Picture

(Marge 2003)
Charless Moffett  Adnerb   Favoriting The Gift
(Savoy 1969)
Byard Lancaster  Us   Favoriting Funny Funky Rib Crib
(Palm 1974)

Talkover Music:
Maceo & All the King's Men 
Maceo   Favoriting Doing Their Own Thing
(Charly 1970)

Johnny Pacheco 

Labrando la Tierra
(Listen: Pop-up)
Mi Nuevo Tumbao... Cañanazo
(Fania 1972)
Joseito Mateo  La Sectretaria   Favoriting Pa' Lante y Pa' Trás
(Discos Fuentes )

Pensamiento   Favoriting Mi Linda Guajira
(Virgin 1999)
La India de Oriente  Como Se Baila el Son   Favoriting Oye Listen!
(Globestyle 1987)
Los Guaracheros de Oriente  Tatalibaba   Favoriting Los Guaracheros de Oriente
(Ansonia )
Orquesta Chepín-Chovén  Como Campana   Favoriting Chepineando
(Last Call 1999)

Talkover Music:
Afro Funky   Favoriting Ritmo + Sabor
(EM late 1960s)

Antioco Marras 

Canzoni Sarda –
(Listen: Pop-up)
In Dialetto Sardo 1930-1932
(Heritage 1930)
Liborio Garanfa  La Partenza del Pastore   Favoriting Italian Treasury: Abruzzo
(Rounder 1954)
Zeit  Circus   Favoriting Un Giorno in Una Piazza del Mediterraneo
(Materiali Sonori 1979)
Banda di Avola  Tarantell No. 8   Favoriting

À Banna!

(Felmay 2003)
Tenore de Orosei  Muttos   Favoriting Amore Profundhu
(Winter & Winter 1997)

Talkover Music:
Alice Coltrtane 
Paramahansa Lake   Favoriting Huntington Ashram Monastery
(Impulse! 1969)

John Maguire 

My Charming Mary
(Listen: Pop-up)
Come Day, Go Day, God Send Sunday
(Leader 1973)
Peter Bellamy  Testimonial   Favoriting Won't You Go My Way?
(Argo 1971)
The Broadside (from Grimsby)  The Gardener and the Ploughman   Favoriting The Moon Shone Bright
(Topic 1973)

Willie O WInesbury   Favoriting Anne Briggs
(Topic 1971)
Steeleye Span  The Blacksmith   Favoriting Hark! The Village Wait
(RCA 1970)
Trader Horne  The Mixed Up Kind   Favoriting Morning Way
(Dawn 1970)

Talkover Music:
Embona   Favoriting Resting Place of the Mists:
New Valiha and Marovany Music From Madagascar
(Shanachie 1996)

Le Negro Band a Paris 

(Listen: Pop-up)
A Tout Classer
(Pathé )
World Lucky of Okeke Sound International  Uwioyimefie   Favoriting World Lucky of Okeke Sound International
(Delly Sound Studio )
Fela Ransome-Kuti  Interview and Lai Se   Favoriting

Unreleased broadcast

on Voice of America
(Voice of America 1967)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:03am emmmma:

i gained comment experience but lost my comment innocence... got any ethiopeaks? (spelling i'm not sure about)
  9:09am annie:

this is not the first comment.. no commnt ;see my agent. morning doug!
  9:10am Drummer Some:

G'mmmmorning Emmmma and everyone. I've got no Ethiopiques with me (ooh, so yummy, them) but I do have a satchel full of brilliant African selections -- including some never-before-heard Fela Kuti -- to play. Coming up...

  9:13am Doctor B.:

Love the Bollywood soundtracks!
  9:20am bill:

thanks for the Asha Bhosle - takes the chill out of my cold little office
  9:24am Brian C.:

Doug, Thanks for the nice blog post this week. It led me to some real cool stuff for downloading. "Whistle Bait! 25 Rockabilly Rave-Ups" Hoy Hoy!
  9:26am postmanpaul:

woohoo secound no comment!
'afternoon annie, doug, cityslickers and office-ionados.
have been absent doug, has an eminent indian bollywood lyricist left this life for another recently?
  9:29am annie:

PMP- PTP which is it now? we have to memorize a new name? good to see you back, whomever you are.
  9:30am bill:

they're really singing about roti ... i'm already hungry and it hours til lunchtime ... no fair
  9:34am postmanpaul:

...hi annie...PMT perhaps?!
  9:37am jerry:

i know it's probably not really a request show ... but how about some filipino music ? :) i have a friend listening in the philippines and he'd enjoy hearing some tagalog on wfmu
thanks !
  9:38am texas scott:

Hello to everyone of youse.
Good stuff,Doug!
  9:42am Hugo:

I did pick up some filipino from a record shop in Makati, Metro Manila some years back. Some very interesting instrumental folk music on those cds ...
  9:45am postmanpaul:

talking of agents, annie, mine suggested a name makeover, something that might roll off the tongue a little easier. well, after he said that we came up with several unprintable ones. and settled on postmanpaul. he thinks it might also help bring out the female side of my nature. after his first suggestion, i wasn't quite sure what he meant by that.
  9:48am annie:

hhmmmmmmmmm gotta chew on that for a while... PMP> ok i can do it.. one thing, straighten your kilt.
  9:50am Cecile:

give me good ticket buying karma, internet box office for this one show I want to see opens in an hour or so...
  9:50am postmanpaul:

woohoo, kilt lifted!
  9:51am Cecile:

*hides virtual eyes*
  9:52am ?:

Any one out there keen to start a WFMU tribute band?
  9:53am postmanpaul:

Cecile - can karma be bought that easily?
  9:53am miki:

Mornin' Doug!
Luv the Moffett Man!
  9:53am Cecile:

Only if I can be Kenny G.
  9:54am Doug from DC:

Doug, really enjoying this. This isn't the track with his son Cody on it, is it?
  9:55am Cecile:

Hey, DFDC, I got Kenny to read the cupcake dog poem on his show...
  9:56am Cecile:

I thought Chales Moffett's son was Charnette?
  9:56am Drummer Some:

Doug from DC:
Cody (Codaryl) is seven years old on this record!
  9:58am Cecile:

More Moffets, wow, cool
that's like that Empty Foxhole record with Denardo Coleman in diapers...
  9:58am Doug from DC:

Awesome, thanks Cecile! Was it this week's show or last?
DS - I know, and he's still playing drums! Charnette is his other son. This is Codaryl.
  10:01am Cecile:

this week's, and I made sure he gave a shout out to your blog, too.

this Lancaster sure don't fake the funk. Great Friday music.
  10:03am Doctor B:

Oooh , I LOVE what you're playing this morning! Keep the great jazz coming!
  10:03am Cecile:

OH - does anyone know where I can download a copy of Air Lore by Air?
I would spend whatever they ask for it, but i never see any copies these days...
  10:06am dc pat:

I don't expect to hear much Cramps coming out of Give the Drummer Some, BUT I know you have the music that made the Cramps possible. I could use some Ronnie Dawson about now..
  10:16am Drummer Some:

DC Pat,
Funny, but heard that Lux listened to nothing but Gregorian chants...
  10:18am dc pat:

Yeah, those chants on the Sun label are bitchin!
  10:19am Drummer Some:

Not sure if the link is still active, but here you go:
  10:21am chris:

This latin stuff is really working for me right now...
  10:21am Cecile:

thank you, Doug, it looks like it's still good.
  10:22am Cecile:

id est nothing but a hound dog?
  10:25am Carmichael:

Good mornin' Douglas and everyone. This is just the music I need on a Friday morning.

Wasn't this the music Kramer and Newman were listening to while grinding sausages?
  10:26am Freddy:

It does sound like that song
  10:27am Freddy:

Morning everyone
  10:34am Rey Cruz:

great selections as always, Doug!
I only knew Joseito Mateo for his merengues but I recently learned he used to be original vocalist for El Gran Combo.
  10:34am Ike:

Carm, I never understood Seinfeld. Red Dwarf and the first 8 yrs. of the Simpsons are vastly better than Seinfeld. Actually, eating dirt and being beaten with pointy sticks is vastly better than Seinfeld.
  10:37am annie:

so weird, i'm heading into the city today, returning late tonight, and staying at a friend's house; brunch with another friend saturday. feel like a million bucks!!! i get to see people!! woohoo!!
  10:37am Parq:

Morning all, arriving late to the party. Saw a cardinal in the park while walking the dog this morning. Not sure what it means, but given the ice-blasted wasteland that is currently our neck of the woods, it can't be bad news.
  10:38am Parq:

And I haven't checked Doug's blogpost yet. "Whistle Bait" is on it? People, trust your Uncle Parq and grab it. I've had it for years, and never get even a little tired of it.
  10:38am annie:

parq, it definitely qualifies as good news!
  10:38am Rey:

That's kinda how I feel about Curb Your Enthusiasm. Similar type shows but somehow I can take Seinfeld. Must be my crush on Julia Louis -D.
  10:39am chris:

Curb rules!!!!! Give it another try
  10:42am Cecile:

I am obsessed by Flight of the Conchords and Reno 911! so all this stuff sounds like crazy talk to me.
  10:43am postmanpaul:

poo, must dash, par excellent doug.
  10:43am annie:

movie recommendation: lalo schifrin's "tango". sooo damn sexy.. the music makes it all the better, not to mention all the great dancing.
  10:43am Carmichael:

I do like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but it's a little different than Seinfeld. I've always liked the Simpsons, but I can't watch any other animated show.

When I was younger, I couldn't stand to read comic books either, except for Mad magazine, which doesn't really qualify.
  10:45am dc pat:

THIS Zeit tune is amazing! I vote for 30 Rock.
  10:45am Carmichael:

I just saw Flight of the Conchords for the first time. It's quirky enough that I enjoy it. If someone should die as a result of a bad joke, it would be near-perfect.
  10:46am annie:

beavis and butthead, and family guy were thrust upon me and i have loved them.. just get rid of the damn commercials..
  10:47am Parq:

Sitcoms in general - TV shows in general, for that matter - don't make it for me any more. The last thing I watched regularly was the first season of Fraiser. And Ike, you've got to stop holding back, it's going to eat you up inside.
  10:48am Parq:

huh-huh huh-huh. Annie said "thrust".
  10:49am NS Andy:

Wholly Shit! This is indeed Profundhu!!!! (Muttos)
  10:50am ?:

Doug, is this the end of the set? This sounds way cool in my book. Is this from the link you put in Vol. 1 of the download list?
  10:50am Hugo:

Ah, Winter & Winter, they sure know how to make good-looking cds. That Marras track - Southern Italy or the outer islands - Sardinia?
  10:55am Doug from DC:

I was just looking this up, they're from Sardinia. Footage on YouTube:
  10:57am NS Andy:

There is a resemblance to Georgian acapella singing
  10:57am Ike:

Holy heck. Almost reminds me of Tuvan throat singing.
  11:03am Chopaho:

I miss old TV shows like Who's the Boss, Perfect Strangers, Alf, Small Wonder. Stuff like that TV now a days just sucks
  11:04am Carmichael:

More Sean Nos singing, please.
  11:06am Rey:

A lot of these old shows are now available for free on the internets.
I'd watch more of them if I wasn't too busy downloading music from Doug's Audio Motherlode
  11:07am Cecile:

Alright. It's BUSINESS TIME.

(I got my Conchords tickets.
  11:08am Chopaho:

I've download a lot of them. Its just ashame that TV has turn into garbage over the years. You know what I mean.
  11:11am Cecile:

I just want someone to started re-running old Bob Newharts, MTMs and Barney Millers...
  11:11am Hugo:

A favourite from the W & W label:

A musical travelogue of sorts.
  11:12am Parq:

'Cile, one minute with Flight of the Conchords is like two minutes with any other humor-folk duo from New Zealand.
  11:12am Brian C.:

As per Doug's suggestion, I had to dig around a while beofre unearthing "Whistlebait" -- but for those of you with less patience, you might want to check out
  11:12am Cecile:

Is that the Collins Kids song?
  11:14am texas scott:

Re:whistle bait.Googleblog and it's still availiable second or third blog.
  11:14am Brian C.:

Hi Cecile, "whistlebait" is by Larry Collins but there is "Hoy Hoy" with Larry & Lonnie
  11:15am Cecile:

Parq, LOL!
  11:16am Chopaho:

Name this classic theme song:

Sometimes the world looks perfect
Nothing can be arranged
Sometime just, Get a feeling like you need some kind of change
No matter what the odds are this time
Nothing gonna stand in my way
This flame in my heart
Of a long lost friend
Give dark street a light at the end.
Standing Tall
On the wings of my dreams
Rise and Fall
On the wings of my dreams
The rain, and thunder
The wind, and haze are bound for better days
Its my Life
MY Dream
Nothings gonna stop me now.
  11:17am Cecile:

The A-Team? Gary Shandling's Show?
  11:17am Drummer Some:

Maddy Priot alert! Maddy Prior alert! Maddy Priot alert!
  11:17am Carmichael:

The Good Guys?
  11:18am Cecile:

@Brian C - ahhhh, it's collected on that one COllins Kids comp that CBS put out a while back. That's the source of my confusion.
  11:18am Carmichael:

Thanks Doug!! I'm all ears.
  11:18am texas scott:

Perfect Strangers?
  11:19am Carmichael:

The Span!
  11:19am Carmichael:

This Old House?
  11:20am Chopaho:

Texas Scott is right
  11:20am Cecile:


I love the super rugged verseion on Please to See The king, too. I bought that one out of a cutout bin in 1997 - just wow.
  11:20am Carmichael:

  11:21am texas scott:

hooray for me!!
  11:21am Fishman:

Doug, love your show, though I am permanently scarred by the Dottie West number, "Mommy, Can I Still Call Him Daddy?" Creepiest song I've ever heard.
  11:22am chris:

does anyone remember the theme to Valerie's Place ? I remember it being really bad but I can't find a recording of it anywhere...
  11:22am Chopaho:

Someone needs to do a whole 3 hour set of classic TV theme songs
  11:23am Hugo:

That link did not work very well, did it? It's "Orient Express" on that list. And it does have a brass band!

Ah, classic Steeleye Span - that is a lovely album and so is the one that followed. They did not match those two later, imho ...
  11:23am Carmichael:

Found a great video comp of Brirish folk-rock stuff like Fairport, Steeleye, Lindisfarne, Mostly Autumn, and others. It has some generic title like "British Folk Rock". Check it out if you can find it.
  11:23am jacob:

I love the Planxty version of The Blacksmith, too.
  11:24am Brian Sanders:

Just heard of Claude Jeters demise on Jan 6th. News travels slow it seems on this side of the Atlantic. He never went over to the secular side. Ref MP Cold showera for you Schulkind.
  11:24am Chopaho:

Is it the same theme from Hogan's Famly
  11:26am chris:

I think so. it had this part where it said "the laughter and the sadness... together through the years..." I remember I couldn't believe how chessey it was
  11:26am Carmichael:

Also, June Tabor & Martin Carthy play a few songs on the Richard Thompson tribute album "Beat the Retreat". It's worth it just for that, although I really dig Syd Straw & Evan Dando doing "For Shame of Doing Wrong".
  11:27am Cecile:

What is Syd Straw up to?
I remember her being great with that one version of the Golden Palominos...
  11:28am Carmichael:

I have a feeling she does whatever the hell she wants to. I kinda like her for that ....
  11:29am Hugo:

Speaking of the Steeleyes, I suppose, Doug, that you have to play (give the) female drummer (some) at one point or the other. Goes with the show, dunnit?
  11:32am Joe:

Thanks for the Anne Briggs, Doug. If you had a crush on Maddy Prior, I was totally gone on Anne Briggs. Still am, I think!
  11:32am Chopaho:

Show me that smile again
Don't waste another minute on your crying
We're nowhere near the end
The best is ready to begin
As long as we got each other
We got the world spinning right in our hands
Baby you and me
We gonna be
The luckiest dreams, Who ever could dream it
As long as we keep on giving
We can take anything that comes our way
Baby rain or shine
All the time
We got each other
Sharing the Laughter and Love
  11:32am Chopaho:

name it
  11:33am Cecile:

Hugo, ITA, and a rubba dubba dum!
  11:37am Carmichael:

Garrison's Guerillas?
  11:38am chris:

who's the boss
  11:38am Chopaho:

  11:38am Carmichael:

Dear John?
  11:39am Freddy:

Is it Growing Pains?
  11:40am Chopaho:

Freddy got it
  11:40am Carmichael:

  11:41am Drummer Some:

Are you kidding, Hugo? Female drummers are like Gods to me. Take Dame Evelyn Glennie, fer instance. Worship!!! (I am not worthy.)
  11:41am Cecile:

  11:47am Hugo:

Not to speak of Marilyn Mazur ...
  11:50am GP:

Don't forget Shelia E!
  11:52am Cecile:

Susie Ibarra
  11:53am Hugo:

Cindy Blackman
  11:54am Chopaho:

Shelia E was the shit back in the day
  11:55am BSI:

oh, what a difference the word "the" can make.
  11:58am Sean Daily:

Probably last comment! Woo hoo!
  8:38am Docomo:

First time listening to your show (and this station), unquestionably my new favourite station, the radio's been playing more than 24hours now, i'm loving it all!
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