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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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December 31, 2008: DO or DIY fills in for Ken, hip hip hooray

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Wing  Back In Black   0:00:00 Pop‑up)
The Three Tendons  The Good, The Bad & The Ugly   0:05:23 Pop‑up)
Sibling  Animal A Crossin'   0:06:10 Pop‑up)
Dick El Demasiado  Mickey Mouse   0:08:14 Pop‑up)
Bobby Breaux  Deck The Halls   0:11:21 Pop‑up)
DJ Schmolli  My Girl Is King Of The Road   0:13:22 Pop‑up)
DJ Early Bird  This Love Gets Lost   0:16:02 Pop‑up)
ToToM  Derniers Ding Ding Dong   0:18:50 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Man Chau Po Orch 
A Go-Go River Kwai   0:21:17 Pop‑up)
Modern Music Makers of Bancroft Elementary School Montreal  UFO   0:24:34 Pop‑up)
Dave Soldier da Hiphop Raskalz  We're Famous   0:26:15 Pop‑up)
Satanicpornocultshop  Get Ur Freak On feat. Carl Stone   0:27:48 Pop‑up)
Messer Fur Frau Muller  Telefonella   0:33:32 Pop‑up)
The Smurfs (Finnish)  Megabailut (Mambo No. 5)   0:34:07 Pop‑up)
Arve Opsahl  Medisin, Medisin Med Samme   0:37:22 Pop‑up)
Dutch Medley    0:40:07 Pop‑up)
Carl Stalling  Flea Ridden Sheep Dog   0:41:47 Pop‑up)
(with) Scratch My Nose  90210 Time In The Port-A-Loo   0:42:02 Pop‑up)
(and) Bert Kaempfert    0:42:51 Pop‑up)
Bobby Breaux  Good Tidings   0:44:14 Pop‑up)
various not annoying at all sound effects    0:44:49 Pop‑up)
Gorse  Born Free   0:46:33 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Ken Barrie 
My Family And Other Animals   0:48:19 Pop‑up)
Drillbit  Heart of Glass   0:52:15 Pop‑up)
Nihilist Spasm Band  What About Me   0:55:31 Pop‑up)
Sigge Hill  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah   0:56:29 Pop‑up)
(and) Jaap Blonk  Ij Ij Ijijij   0:57:40 Pop‑up)
(and the) Native Hipsters  Mr Magic   1:00:24 Pop‑up)
Perez Prado  Isle Of Capri   1:04:28 Pop‑up)
The Waikiki Brass with Jack De Mello  Tijuana Frog   1:06:13 Pop‑up)
(with) Shostakovich  Taiti Trot   1:06:30 Pop‑up)
(plus) Andy Williams  Butterfly   1:06:44 Pop‑up)
(then also) C.W. McCall  Convoy   1:07:25 Pop‑up)
(and also with) Maladroit  Musicbox Jungle   1:08:18 Pop‑up)
John Klein & Sid Ramin  Whistle While You Work   1:11:11 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Man Chau Po Orch 
A Go-Go River Kwai   1:13:49 Pop‑up)
Andy Breckman  God Only Knows   1:15:31 Pop‑up)
(with) Beach Boys  God Only Knows   1:15:45 Pop‑up)
(and) Petra Haden  God Only Knows   1:18:06 Pop‑up)
(and) The Beach Boys  God Only Knows (a cappella)   1:18:24 Pop‑up)
(also) Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra  Dancing In The Dark   1:18:49 Pop‑up)
(plus) Julia Heyward  Mongolian Face Slap Big Coup (part one) Nose Flute, Big Coup (part two)   1:19:20 Pop‑up)
Meredith Monk  Procession   1:20:15 Pop‑up)
(plus) DJ Earlybird  John Lennon vs The Supremes - Baby, Imagine Love!   1:22:51 Pop‑up)
ToToM  Wouldn't You Be My Baby   1:26:30 Pop‑up)
Tortura    1:29:05 Pop‑up)
The Crystals  No One Ever Tells You   1:29:11 Pop‑up)
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock  Mama   1:30:01 Pop‑up)
John Zorn With Yamatsuka Eye  Eep Man   1:31:09 Pop‑up)
Caninus  Locking Jaws   1:31:14 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Man Chau Po Orch 
A Go-Go River Kwai   1:31:58 Pop‑up)
Ergo Phizmiz  Otterman   1:34:19 Pop‑up)
Doug & Julia  On CKMS-FM   1:36:07 Pop‑up)
Scooter & Fozzie  Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear   1:37:29 Pop‑up)
(with) Karel Svoboda  La La La Lied   1:39:07 Pop‑up)
(plus) Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra  Lolita Ya-Ya   1:39:17 Pop‑up)
(and) Nihilist Spasm Band  Going Too Far   1:40:34 Pop‑up)
(also) Blanketship  Royal Ear   1:41:02 Pop‑up)
(as well as) Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg  9-11 Desperation Is The Mother Of Laughter   1:42:42 Pop‑up)
Radioactive Sparrow  You Only Live Twice   1:42:59 Pop‑up)
Patsy Gallant  From New York To L.A.   1:45:16 Pop‑up)
Wings  Live And Let Die   1:48:50 Pop‑up)
Pop Chop  Comp-Elation   1:51:02 Pop‑up)
Mutation  Norwogian Weed   1:54:41 Pop‑up)
Blanketship  Blanketown   1:56:42 Pop‑up)
Tep  Plume   2:02:37 Pop‑up)
Don Augusto  This Sound Hurts   2:05:18 Pop‑up)
Akufen  Deck The House   2:08:36 Pop‑up)
Blanketship  Ramsey Denver   2:11:11 Pop‑up)
P. Miles Bryson  Terrazzo Plexiglass Mosaics And The Dilemma Of Corrugated Plastic Lavatory Tropicales   2:16:39 Pop‑up)
Acid Brass  Black Riot / Royal House / Day In The Life / Can U Party (Medley)   2:18:42 Pop‑up)
DJ Morgoth  Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up   2:19:55 Pop‑up)
Die FabulĂ®sen Thekenschlampen  Ja Herr, Ich Kann Boogie   2:23:35 Pop‑up)
(with) Aaron Williamson  And How Do We Connect Language to the Body   2:24:25 Pop‑up)
(also) Adachi Tomomi  Rrrr   2:25:21 Pop‑up)
(and) Adachi Tomomi  Lippp   2:25:27 Pop‑up)
(plus) DJ M.I.F  Tricky Sandman   2:25:36 Pop‑up)
(into) Wing  Sing   2:28:56 Pop‑up)
(with) Yoko Ono (With Peaches)  Kiss Kiss   2:30:59 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Man Chau Po Orch 
A Go-Go River Kwai   2:42:28 Pop‑up)
Thiaz Itch  Earth, Wind And Fire   2:34:13 Pop‑up)
Messer Fur Frau Muller  Walking Dead   2:43:15 Pop‑up)
David Shea  Screwy Squirrel   2:44:03 Pop‑up)
(and) Messer Fur Frau Muller  Walking Dead   2:44:15 Pop‑up)
David Shea  Screwy Squirrel   2:45:10 Pop‑up)
(and) Messer Fur Frau Muller  Walking Dead   2:45:19 Pop‑up)
John Cage  Credo In Arse   2:46:38 Pop‑up)
Hiroshi Miyagawa  ?????4???   2:47:02 Pop‑up)
Unknown  Twa 'n' Twa (The Cuckoo's Nest)   2:47:30 Pop‑up)
(plus) Runzelstirn + Gurgelstock  Morx Und Kotschlag   2:47:48 Pop‑up)
Hiroshi Miyagawa  ?????4???   2:47:58 Pop‑up)
Unknown  Twa 'n' Twa (The Cuckoo's Nest)   2:48:26 Pop‑up)
(and some more) HiroshiMiyagawa  ?????4???   2:48:43 Pop‑up)
Big City Orchestra  Because   2:48:54 Pop‑up)
(and) Blanketship  Is This Real?   2:49:06 Pop‑up)
blimey    2:49:15 Pop‑up)
(and) Blanketship  Is This Real?   2:49:33 Pop‑up)
oh I don't know what    2:50:35 Pop‑up)
(and) Messer Fur Frau Muller  Walking Dead   2:51:02 Pop‑up)
Carl Stalling  Flea Ridden Sheep Dog   2:51:27 Pop‑up)
once again I'm stumped    2:51:59 Pop‑up)
oh this is Credo in Arse    2:52:45 Pop‑up)
John Cage  Credo In Arse   2:52:52 Pop‑up)
David Shea  Screwy Squirrel   2:53:02 Pop‑up)
(and) Messer Fur Frau Muller  Walking Dead   2:53:16 Pop‑up)
Blanketship  Is This Real?   2:54:05 Pop‑up)
(with) Big City Orchestra  Because   2:54:15 Pop‑up)
(and) Blanketship  Is This Real?   2:55:19 Pop‑up)
bloody hell    2:55:30 Pop‑up)
ok now I totally have no idea    2:55:46 Pop‑up)
PUNISHMENT    2:55:58 Pop‑up)
Bobby Breaux  Jingle Bellies   2:56:29 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Bobby Breaux 
Jingle Bellies   2:56:51 Pop‑up)
Big City Orchestra  Because   2:58:10 Pop‑up)
and erm    2:58:12 Pop‑up)
Paul Dutton  erming   2:58:26 Pop‑up)
Bobby Breaux  Jingle Bellies   2:58:33 Pop‑up)
Take it away, Jason. No really, TAKE IT AWAY    2:59:50 Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  Wed. 12/31/08 9:01am annie:

happy new year vicki
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:01am Vicki:

nice and smooth
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:01am Ken From Hyde Park:

First comment? Yay for Wing! How are you, Vicky?
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:01am JJZ:

I didn't know she did Back in Black.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:01am Negator:

Hey, Vicki! Negator here and damn glad. Avant retard rules!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:01am Vicki:

and you's too
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:02am ?:

I love you, Vicki!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:02am Vicki:

Wing doesn't know she did Back in Black either
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:02am Mike Harding:

See you later!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:02am Parq:

Miss V, what a delightful surprise! Now I'm assured that, at least, there will be something good about this morning, come what may.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:03am paul:

ending 2008 with a half day workday and do or diy!!!! nothing could be better!!!!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:04am Negator:

I heard when Wing cut this track she was in a leather pantsuit!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:04am Parq:

  Wed. 12/31/08 9:05am vince:

Good hello, Vicki, and PLU-fans everywhere!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:06am Vicki:

morning / afternoon, all
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:11am C:

So are you guys ringing in 2010 over there Vicki? Great show!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:11am Vicki:

no i'm having my lunch
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:12am vince:

bon appitite!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:14am Vicki:

glad you're all listening - was worried you may all be zombied out somewhere
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:16am Negator:

Like a I always said put a bunch of talented black dudes behind a mediocre drunk white dude and you got somethin'.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:16am vince:

It's all about 'cheap thrills' this year, at my house.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:17am gwilly:

I AM zobied out - this is my last chance!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:18am Vicki:

don't fly towards the flame!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:18am gwilly:

Captain Zobie
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:18am Ghengis Jung:

Good Morning!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:20am Bobby Breaux:

I love my own records.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:20am Negator:

ToToM is awesome! I really like this shit. Where are they from? French?
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:21am Vicki:

yes he's French - for some reason there are LOTS of great French sample/electronic people
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:23am Vicki:

even if it ain't your birthday
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:26am Gwilly:

Amazing... Wing is the bizniz. She the shiznit. I'm off to the airport...
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:26am Vicki:

to California?
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:27am vince:

Jeepers! That's like the fourth 'good gig' i heard that goona be in San Fran this New Years!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:27am Gwilly:

Yes - even if I can't get a ticket. I'm going.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:28am Vicki:

someone in SF, PLEASE go and see Wing for me.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:28am Mooose:


good show
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:29am Vicki:


ha ha
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:30am paul:

was that a teletubby going "hollaaaa"?
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:31am Vicki:

I'm still thinking about the moose going whoooo
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:31am listener mark:

I know a man, his name is Lang
and he has a neon sign.
And Mr. Lang is very old.
They call it Old Lang's Sign.
Happy New Year
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:32am Vicki:

for some reason my playlist entries are going REALLY slow
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:32am Vicki:

you're going to have to bear with me here...
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:33am vince:

THIS is a cute piece.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:35am Vicki:

and.... we're back.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:35am Gigantor:

Diggin' the smurf mambo!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:36am Vicki:

aren't they wonderfully VILE?
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:36am listener mark:

playlist is working well on my end
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:37am paul:

this is why i come to work every morning
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:37am Vicki:

this is why I stay home.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:38am vince:

I know it's after x-mas, but considering your love of MACCA and cartoon voices, you'd like THIS:
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:39am Vicki:

will look afterwards, thanks!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:42am Gwilly:

Arve Opsahl - excellent! Such good music, ace show. Really excited about next year now, when more people will make music!

Whooo- Sgrratcchh!!!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:44am HV:

yay for Dutch music!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:44am vince:

Love that "AIiiiiya, Aiiya, Aiiiya." sound!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:47am Negator:

This is not at all annoying.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:47am paul:

inhuman scream forever!!!!!!!
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:47am Vicki:

it's what i call Positively Annoying. Irritainment.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:50am Negator:

'Irritainment' is what I've been doing most of my life, starting with marching band. Gorse made me LOL.
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:54am Vicki:

Gwilly just emailed to say bye and that he's got to go to his Aunties now. Everyone say goodbye
  Wed. 12/31/08 9:54am Vicki:

does anyone else have to go to Aunties? Please ask to be excused if you're leaving the screen.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:00am vince:

I'm here for the duration.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:02am anne:

happy new years from japan! it's now 2009 for us over here. you'll get here soon enough.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:02am Ghengis Jung:

Goodbye Gwilly
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:03am Vicki:

Happy New Year, Japan! Oh, and Australia! Anyone else listening from 2009?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:04am Negator:

Great Scott! Get the (and the) Native Hipsters on the phone! This is a hit!
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:04am AnAnonymousParty:

I'm still listening from 1999.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:04am Phil:

2009 is CRAZY! You won't even believe it!
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:05am vince:

I concur!
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:05am vince:

.. about the Hipster statement
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:05am anne:

yes, so far so good in 2009. but savor your 2008, it's special.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:07am paul:

andy williams!
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:07am Vicki:

well done, yes
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:09am paul:

oh dear... convoy + maladroit = too much awesomeness
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:10am Gigantor:

Ah, the sounds of 1975!
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:10am Brian:

streaming you at work here in Chicago and now I cant work. cut it out
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:10am Vicki:

there's never too much of too muchness
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:10am Negator:

If you speed up this Convoy song I think the guy rappin will sound like Popeye.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:11am Vicki:

isn't Convoy fantastic.
ha ha, Chicago
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:11am annie:

this is for the poor suckers who have been in time suspension for the last 20 years, fittin it all only like fmu can..
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:12am paul:

indeed... there is never too much too much
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:12am Negator:

Oh yeah. Do you know who Red Sovine is Vicki? You might like him too.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:13am Vicki:


WFMU's Playlist Comments
Your math answer was incorrect, so your comment hasn't been posted.

  Wed. 12/31/08 10:18am AnAnonymousParty:

Why can't the correct answer always be 42?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:18am gary:

that's Andy Breckman on that Beach Boy's tune, right?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:19am Negator:

Check out Red Sovine! Start with 'Giddy up and go'. It starts out with a son and a truck and ends with the son dead and the narrator wanting to screw the truck. I swear! Red doesn't sing but tells sad, twisted music over Country and Western.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:19am vinkkkkk:

I'm so happy that you're on when I am too exhausted to do anything.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:21am Cecile:

mornin' crew, mornin' Vicki!
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:21am Negator:

sad, twisted stories over Country and Western. Oops.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:23am Vicki:

Country, AND Western.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:24am Phil:

We got both kinds.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:25am ted:

This is a little off subject:

Does anyone know the artist or title of a blues song (?) that use double entendre to describe a women as a television set?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:26am Doug:

I remember when Lennon did this live with the Supremes on the Merv Griffin Show
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:26am Negator:

Red Simpson is another 'truckers story teller songy guy'. He actually tries to sing, but he talks over Country And Western. Stuff is fringe CW for sure.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:27am Doug:

Isn't that the definition of the blues?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:27am Parq:

Is it possible to dig John Lennon and hate "Imagine"? I do, but then there are people who reconcile all sorts of inconsistent beliefs.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:29am ?:

the definition of the blues would be trains, I think. And the 'river', too.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:30am vince:

nice break, there.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:30am jan:

Great substitute for Mr Ken. We always behave in class when Miss Vicky is in charge
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:30am Negator:

little school girls too.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:31am Doug:

Blues is defined as "trains and the river"?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:32am Negator:

I just wouldn't assocites 'blues' with 'trucks'. Did I misunderstand you?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:32am Cecile:

and the devil, and no-good cheating women who suck your soul and take your money.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:32am ted:

I guess that means you don't know.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:33am Negator:

I associate 'trucks' with Country and Western.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:33am MB:

Yes! I love Caninus! This is a really great shoe...
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:33am Doug:

Hi Vicki ... sorry I'm late. I was having the most wonderful dream about organizing a colloquium.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:34am Vicki:

a surrealist would. now calm down children and draw me a chair.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:34am Negator:

Name a blues song that gave one shit about a truck much less wanted to fuck it (Red Sovine), Ted. I could be wrong.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:35am Doug:

How many legs, ma'am?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:35am Vicki:

  Wed. 12/31/08 10:36am irene:

Hi everyone. Just woke up. Think the Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock track might of snapped me into awareness.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:36am doug:

Well, then I need to be excused to go to the bathroom.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:37am Doug:

God, now I'm hearing myself.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:37am Vicki:

you're excused
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:38am Vicki:

Doug that was you.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:38am ?:

That sounds like a muppet right there...
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:38am Parq:

Any day that includes the Mups' version of "Simon Smith" can't be all bad.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:38am Dou:

Although I do sound a lot like Scooter.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:39am Vicki:

and your g fell off
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:39am Tim Maloney:

Hey, I guessed right!
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:39am Cecile:

now cars are the blues.
stalled cars were the topic of a great Albert Collins track, Frostbite.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:40am Do:

What are you talking about?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:40am Vicki:

the muppets always come on when you come in here, Tim
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:40am ug:

nnennarrrrr doof.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:41am Cecile:

I love Jim Hemson - the modern day equivalent of the Mups and Randy Newman would probably be Barney singing Rufus Wainwright songs or something.

we were talking that trucks weren't the blues, but i think stalled cars are.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:41am anne:

2009 still going good. bowl of rice, an orange. hope yours goes as well as ours thus far.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:41am ?:

The weird thing is that we were discussing the Muppets and Fozzie Bear in particular just before I logged on!
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:42am tim Maloney:

Keep forgetting to put my name in...
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:42am Negator:

What was David Allen Coe driving the he was picking his mama up from prison, drunk?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:43am Vicki:

I'd start thnking about NY and LA in a sec.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:43am Negator:

What was David Allen Coe driving the day he was picking his mama up from prison, drunk?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:43am D:

Yes, I think that the blues is all about wheelbase and weight per axle.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:46am Vicki:

all together now!!!
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:46am Negator:

The blues guys were more interested in the 'road' than the vehicle.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:46am Bad Ronald:

Hoppy Brew Beer Everyone! Late to the party but partying early...

Hey Vicki - Did you catch the Codpaste piece on Metafilter?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:47am Vicki:

this one's for you Tim
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:47am Tim Maloney:

I sang this song the entire time I drove from NY to LA. It took three days.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:47am ?:

Oh, now I have to dance (ad snort some cocaine)
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:47am Vicki:

you too, Bad Ronald - yes thanks for that link

I'm a star in NY I'm a star in LA
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:48am Cecile:

yeah, but the flyover country is less enthusiastic. ;D
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:48am Negator:

This sounds like the openign track to a 70's porn!
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:49am Bad Ronald:

Your a star in the face of the sky too...

oh wait a second, that's Daniel...
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:49am Vicki:

or a murder film
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:50am Parq:

'Gator, if he wasn't driving, then I hope she lost weight while in stir.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:50am Bad Ronald:

By crows?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:51am D:

Isn't Ken on some station in Michigan? I want to listen to him simultaneously.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:51am Vicki:

I think it's tomorrow that Ken is on WCBN.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:52am Cecile:

WCBN-FM, 88.3.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:52am Do:

A murder of crows, like?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:52am Cecile:

I want more Tone Loc
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:52am Bad Ronald:

But you can bet Ken's on something today!
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:52am Vicki:

yes, it's tomorrow he's on - 8pm-10pm.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:53am Tim Maloney:

I love "Rocketman" the way you love Wings.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:53am Bad Ronald:

Yes, Do.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:53am Dou:

Oh, it would have been great to try to sync up identical shows on different stations ...
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:54am paul:

it's hard for me to hear any of these songs without thinking of them in the context of this mashup
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:54am Doug:

Damn, I'll be pretending to be amused at that time tomorrow...
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:54am Vicki:

yes, collage subverts everything
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:55am Negator:

I was in a pub in London once, late, and 'Wonderwall' came on. Everyone stopped dancing and began singing like it was the National Anthem. I was confused. I thought, why do everyone love the soft rock hit?
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:57am Vicki:

yes, collage subverts everything
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:57am Cecile:

I don't know, Negator.
In a two week period, I heard both Ryan Adams and Cat Power attempt to do versions of it.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:58am Dougl:

yes, collage subverts everything
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:58am Parq:

"Gator, the same thing happened to me, only in NJ and with "American Pie". Yechh.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:58am Negator:

Ryan Adams and Cat Power should never mate.
  Wed. 12/31/08 10:59am Cat Adams:

Yes, collage subverts everything
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:00am Negator:

"American Pie" YEah I watched a buch of frat fools sing that at a mixer. I was there bwcause of a girl. Later we got into a drunken fight.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:01am Dougla:

Was the girl there too?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:02am DBinNYC:

Norwogian Weed was OUTSTANDING! Is this available for D/L somewhere?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:02am Sean Daily:

Vicki! Yay!

Oh, and... not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:03am Vicki:

I downloaded it from the intershit so I should imagine it is still up and out there.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:03am Douglas:

Well, I have her laughing at Ergo's name somewhere ... in about 100 hours of stuff ...
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:05am Negator:

Yeah she was there. We didn't go out again after that. Tee-hee.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:05am annie:

vicki, thanks for playing meredith monk, she rocks(and she's my neighbour)
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:05am Parq:

While we're on the subject, I just downloaded the splendid Pop Chop track Comp-Elation from pop-chop.tripod.com
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:05am Vicki:

she's fantastic
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:06am jan:

Ken is on tomorrow night? Here?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:06am Steev:

Hi Vicki! I finally managed to tune in to a WFMU show of yours live.
Who is this "Tep"? This track rocks.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:07am annie:

it's exciting that she's teaching her style of performance to kids. i admire her mucho grande.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:07am Vicki:

hi Steev!!
Tep is more french music, I find link in a sec
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:07am Dougla:

The little old lady next door to us never records anything ...
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:10am Vicki:

find Tep here - also check out Thiaz Itch
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:10am paul:

i bought this akufen lp from wfmu's own Clay at the last record fair
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:12am jan:

Can I be excused from class, and will this show be archived so that I can hear the rest of it later?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:13am Vicki:

yes you may be excused.
archives at wfmu.org/peoplelikeus
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:14am Cecile:

I have a Deep Dish (house DJs) mix disc with an Akufen track on it...
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:14am Ken:

Morning all! Thanks for filling in Vicki!! Just got three inches of fresh snow here in Michigan..
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:15am Vicki:

morning Ken! Please eat some snow for us. It is 4.15 here and DARK.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:15am annie:

morning ken...now we have it! thanks for sedning our way!
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:15am Dougl:

... guy thinks he's Ken ...
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:16am Negator:

Is anyone else's stream crapping out? Mine falls to 0% then I click on the link and it comes back up.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:16am Vicki:

no, stream here fine. Which is just as well really.
Try standing on a chair in the corner with a coat hanger.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:17am Liz B.:

Which stream are you listening to, Negator?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:17am Negator:

128 MP3. Liz. Great show yesterday, BTW.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:18am Vicki:

I just terrified myself when it jsut went silent.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:19am paul:

my bathroom is a private kind of place = one of the best recordings of all time
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:19am Cecile:

Ken, please eat some Zingerman's food for me even though it is really expensive now
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:19am Dou:

That's the stream I'm on and it's actually quite good here ... i think the coat hanger trick may be in order.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:21am Parq:

El-Cheapo WMP stream is okay.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:21am Ken:

I am indeed doing a show on WCBN in Ann Arbor tomorrow night, January 1st, 8-10pm: http://www.wcbn.org/listen.html . Cecile, I had Zingerman's for dinner last night! AAC Stream is fine here in Michigan
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:21am Cecile:

Good for you Ken!

a coat hanger is also good to open a car door then it's locked.

Which Albert Collins sings about in Frostbite.

Now the circle is complete, and I may leave for coffee.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:22am Do:

Rick never should have left Nirvana
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:22am Parq:

My daughter has a friend who is really into Rick-rolling. My daughter has threatened me with bodily harm if I pass this Morgoth track on to her friend.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:22am Vicki:

are you going to record your radio show tomorrow? maybe put on the blog if you like it?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:22am Negator:

You played this Ashtley mashup last fill in Vicki and later I tried to describe this to friends. They didn't believe me! When I told them the Nirvana was seamless they pshawed me.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:23am Tim Maloney:

Current track: awesome and hilarious.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:23am Vicki:

someone tell me the link to the Rick Astley mashup album
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:23am paul:

yesterday at work we got a cd by a lady who does a cover of "smells like nirvana". as in, the weird al version of "teen spirit". it sounds like joanna newsom. i am not making any of this up.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:24am steev:

this is insanely funny. ROTFLMAO!
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:24am D:

What's really great about it is the lack of tweaking necessary ... they fit together quite nicely.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:24am Vicki:

Nirvana is like chips. Goes with everything
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:25am paul:

  Wed. 12/31/08 11:26am Bad Ronald:

Yes, collagen perverts everyone.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:26am Ken:

I need this copy of Yes Sir I Can Boogie, Vicki!! Sounds like I should just download and edit this show!
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:27am Vicki:

I can give you that in half an hour Ken
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:28am Negator:

'In Utero'? That goes with psychotic suicide, Vicki. It, for me, goes with nothing else. Ever heard that record? My favorite Nirvana.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:28am Vicki:

I'm a backseat Nirvana fan.

Collage subverts everything.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:30am annie:

i still would love to hear mrs. miller.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:30am Vicki:

did you hear the interview I did with Mrs Miller? Check the DO or DIY archives.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:31am Negator:

Would anyone eat mushrooms with me and go to the New Years Wing show in San Fran?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:31am annie:

word up, really? i shall check it out. how long ago?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:31am Ken:

I'll go Negator! Which New Years Eve is it?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:32am Bad Ronald:

Shrooms yeah, Wing not so much...
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:32am Vicki:

People Like Us in conversation with Mrs Miller here.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:33am johN:

Wing makes me oddly emotional. As if I'm missing a long lost cousin who moved to the moon.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:33am Vicki:

Wing is playing at the Castro in SF tonight. SIGH.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:33am Do:

Every time I eat shrooms I go to the Wing show in SF
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:34am irene:

really!?! wish i was there
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:34am Vicki:

"Wing will perform in San Francisco on 31 st December 08 -- as a guest star in New Year's Eve with JOY BEHAR at The Castro Theatre, 429 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114."
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:34am sueb:

do u think Yoko's faking it?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:35am Negator:

I didn't know Wing did Kiss Kiss with Peaches. God, Wing's got a nasty side. Vicki said the Wing show is tonight, Ken. Damn sure I would go on shrooms!
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:35am Ken:

Is WIng really playing The Castro tonight?! Now that's where I want to be... saw the movie "Milk" last night, speaking of Castro.. very good film imo.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:35am Vicki:

it says so on her site, yes.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:37am mike:

  Wed. 12/31/08 11:38am Vicki:

ekim olleh
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:39am Vicki:

imagine riding a donkey to this
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:39am Ken:

Vicki, are you on twitter? I am johndoe40 on twitter, everybody.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:39am Vicki:

  Wed. 12/31/08 11:39am Bad Ronald:

I also says "Wing is available to sing live (by phone) on your radio show"

You should do it. Or DIY
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:43am ?:

  Wed. 12/31/08 11:44am Negator:

Man, I could be seeing Wing tonight on psychedelics, but instead I'll be home, having sex with my pick up truck (like Red Sovine) listening to Country AND Western. (This is starting to sound better!)
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:47am Bad Ronald:

C&W? Both kinds of music... Sweet!
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:47am Derek in DC:

Yes, Airwolf! I was wondering where I heard that tune before. Or was it the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:47am Parq:

'Gator, don't forget to compare your woman to a TV set. Or your truck. Whatever.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:51am Negator:

Sorry, Parq, but nothing can happen with me with the TV on. Have to turn it off everytime. Now a dirty, flirtatious pick up truck....'44 Ford?
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:52am Ken:

Coming up later today. jelbogen, king of soulseek, fills in for Kenny G. Tonight on Seven Sec Delay, Kelly Jones fills in for me. She and Andy Breckman will scream WHORE! RETARD! at each other, I hope I hope.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:52am Doug:

Wow, I'll not be turning off FMU ...
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:54am Ken From Hyde Park:

Ken, how are/were things in Michigan? My mom in North Dakota says it's been snowing a lot there recently. Fargo had the most snow in any month in recorded history.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:54am Bad Ronald:

That sounds like one of my therapy sessions...
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:54am RSTVMO:

  Wed. 12/31/08 11:54am Doug:

@Ken (well, and everybody)... have you tried Tweetdeck as a Twitter client ... pretty nice.
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:55am Vicki:

Hello Mr Moore!
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:55am ?:

Blanketship is AWESOME!
  Wed. 12/31/08 11:58am Caroline Kennedy No:

  Wed. 12/31/08 12:00pm Ken:

Ken from Hyde Park, Michigan is great, I love it here. When I arrived there was two feet of snow, but it all got washed away in two days of rain, Everything froze and now we have enough snow to snowboard once again.
  Wed. 12/31/08 12:00pm steev:

hey vicki, are you on Twitter?
  Wed. 12/31/08 12:00pm Ken:

R Stevie Moore, I need you to perform on Seven Sec Delay's next Maxwell's show, on January 7th. Let me know!!
  Wed. 12/31/08 12:01pm Ghengis Jung:

Great Show Vicki!
  Wed. 12/31/08 12:01pm Vicki:

  Wed. 12/31/08 12:01pm Ken:

Bye everybody, thanks again Vicki!

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