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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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November 26, 2008: DO or DIY with People Like Us filling in for Ken

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Artist Track Approx. start time
The Doopees  What's The Time   0:00:00 Pop‑up)
Petra Haden  Armenia   0:00:34 Pop‑up)
(into) Petula Clark  On The Road   0:02:05 Pop‑up)
Caetano Veloso  Superbacana   0:04:01 Pop‑up)
Halcali  Summer   0:05:20 Pop‑up)
Patrick Ireland  Vowel Drawing   0:08:16 Pop‑up)
(and) Louis Clark  A Night At The Opera   0:08:27 Pop‑up)
(plus) Gwilly Edmondez  Opening Ceremony   0:09:53 Pop‑up)
(also) Mary Schneider  Yodelling Overtures (Ouvertüren): Wilhelm/William Tell/Carmen/Can Can   0:10:34 Pop‑up)
(into Louis Clark  Hooked On A Can Can   0:13:03 Pop‑up)
(with) Bruce Nauman  No No No No - Walter   0:13:44 Pop‑up)
(and) Fozzie Bear  A Monologue   0:14:36 Pop‑up)
some bloke singing who I can't find name of now  John from Oslo gave it to me   0:14:49 Pop‑up)
(as well as) Gwilly Edmondez  Miracles In The Breeze   0:15:32 Pop‑up)
Bill Morrison  Be Do Be Doop   0:16:17 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Man Chau Po Orch 
A Go-Go River Kwai   0:17:14 Pop‑up)
The Avalanches  Two Hearts In 3/4 Time   0:20:44 Pop‑up)
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band  A Child's Guide To Good And Evil   0:23:58 Pop‑up)
Os Mutantes  Desculpe, Babe   0:26:15 Pop‑up)
Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Mutantes  Parque Industrial   0:28:50 Pop‑up)
Os Mutantes  Panis Et Circenses   0:32:01 Pop‑up)
Robert Filliou  Imitating The Sound Of Birds   0:34:13 Pop‑up)
(and) Mini Bikini  Intro   0:34:40 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Man Chau Po Orch 
A Go-Go River Kwai   0:35:07 Pop‑up)
The Oath  We Are The Champions   0:36:51 Pop‑up)
Vomit Lunches remixing Stock, Hausen & Walkman  Total Pointless Guidance Mix   0:39:01 Pop‑up)
(into) Ball 2000  Martha My Dear (happy 40th anniversary to The White Album!!)   0:39:34 Pop‑up)
Vomit Lunches remixing Stock, Hausen & Walkman  Total Pointless Guidance Mix   0:42:10 Pop‑up)
John Cage  Empty Words (excerpt)   0:43:47 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
John Cage 
Empty Words (excerpt)   0:44:35 Pop‑up)
John Cage  Empty Words (excerpt)   0:45:11 Pop‑up)
(and) Bruce Nauman  World Peace - Bernard   0:47:21 Pop‑up)
(plus) Bruce Nauman  Mei Mei   0:49:01 Pop‑up)
Black Sabbath  Milwaukee Riot   0:50:15 Pop‑up)
(into) Vorpal  Gymnopedie v1.01   0:51:09 Pop‑up)
(then) DJ Morgoth  Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up   0:52:23 Pop‑up)
Hawkwind  Silver Machine   0:55:52 Pop‑up)
Merzbow & John Goff  Merzbow & John Goff - 1-Sided 7"   1:00:10 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Man Chau Po Orch 
A Go-Go River Kwai   1:02:46 Pop‑up)
Blanketship  Hemmrhoid Is More Pked   1:06:15 Pop‑up)
Oleg Kostrow  Pesenka Hottabycha   1:08:09 Pop‑up)
Steffen Schleiermacher  Nanny's Iron Stovel   1:11:03 Pop‑up)
Camarata Contemp Chamber Orchestra  Le Troix Valses Distinquees Du PLes Trois Valses Disinguees du Precieux Degoute   1:12:27 Pop‑up)
Asa-Chang & Junray  Parlor   1:15:13 Pop‑up)
Thanh Tam  Bonanza (Bat Ghen)   1:18:33 Pop‑up)
Philip Jeck  Bush Hum   1:19:26 Pop‑up)
(into) Phil Niblock  Four Arthurs (1978) Superimposed With Two Octaves And A Fifth (1975)   1:23:13 Pop‑up)
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band  It's All Over Now Baby Blue   1:23:54 Pop‑up)
Weasel Walter  Bohemian Rhapsody   1:26:54 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Man Chau Po Orch 
A Go-Go River Kwai   1:31:51 Pop‑up)
Tom Johnson  Secret Songs No.3   1:35:23 Pop‑up)
(and) Harvey Matusow's Jews Harp Band  War Between Fats and Thins   1:36:01 Pop‑up)
(also) Ferrante And Teicher  How High The Moon   1:36:33 Pop‑up)
Dublxero  Thomas The Plague Engine   1:37:52 Pop‑up)
Vernon Lenoir  From The Copter To The Skates   1:38:05 Pop‑up)
Volumina  Abuelito   1:39:57 Pop‑up)
Messer Chups  Schostakovich Beat   1:42:31 Pop‑up)
bpNichol  Dada Lama   1:44:27 Pop‑up)
(and) William Burrough And Brion Gysin  Recalling All Active Agents\   1:44:59 Pop‑up)
Senor Coconut  Da Da Da   1:45:32 Pop‑up)
(into) The Doopees  Doopee Time   1:47:31 Pop‑up)
John Zorn  Take 2   1:50:00 Pop‑up)
(and) Listen! Imagine And Write  Listen And Learn   1:50:17 Pop‑up)
Die Fabulisen Thekenschlampen  Ja Herr, Ich Kann Boogie   1:50:32 Pop‑up)
Felix Kubin & Coolhaven  There Is A Garden   1:54:06 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Man Chau Po Orch 
A Go-Go River Kwai   1:57:37 Pop‑up)
Gen Ken Montgomery  Spacebar - 32 Lines   2:01:11 Pop‑up)
(into) Frank Pahl  Ode To Ukes   2:01:55 Pop‑up)
Irene Moon  L.Welk Introduced   2:02:42 Pop‑up)
David Shea  Screwy Squirrel   2:03:56 Pop‑up)
Fennesz  The Colour Of Three   2:04:31 Pop‑up)
Messer Chups  Miss Surf   2:10:51 Pop‑up)
Tep  Pianard   2:12:54 Pop‑up)
Die Anseltaler  Fruhlings Landler   2:14:36 Pop‑up)
Ogden Nash  The Hunter   2:17:35 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Man Chau Po Orch 
A Go-Go River Kwai   2:17:57 Pop‑up)
DJ Schmolli  My Girl Is King Of The Road   2:19:38 Pop‑up)
Blanketship  Blanketown   2:22:35 Pop‑up)
R Stevie Moore  Part Of the Problem   2:25:58 Pop‑up)
Edwin Torres  Peesacho   2:29:28 Pop‑up)
Acid Brass  Day InThe Life/Can You Party   2:31:08 Pop‑up)
Von Südenfed  The Rhinohead   2:32:32 Pop‑up)
Rank Sinatra  Donna You Wanna Me Baby   2:36:18 Pop‑up)
RIAA  Always Something Rollin'   2:40:26 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Man Chau Po Orch 
A Go-Go River Kwai   2:43:08 Pop‑up)
Paul McCartney & Wings  Band On The Run   2:46:45 Pop‑up)
Mister Rogers  Look & Listen   2:51:51 Pop‑up)
Dave Soldier And Komar & Melamid  The Most Unwanted Song (excerpt)   2:53:59 Pop‑up)
Yoko Ono  Toilet Piece   2:55:28 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
John Oswald 
WX09   2:55:42 Pop‑up)
bye    2:56:49 Pop‑up)
oh oh oh    2:57:00 Pop‑up)
one more    2:57:04 Pop‑up)
no idea, sorry    2:57:21 Pop‑up)
ok fade me out    2:59:50 Pop‑up)
and!    2:59:54 Pop‑up)
yes?    2:59:59 Pop‑up)
and    3:00:07 Pop‑up)
ja?    3:00:12 Pop‑up)
uh huh?    3:00:22 Pop‑up)
ok i'd better go    3:00:54 Pop‑up)
thought so    3:01:07 Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  Wed. 11/26/08 9:01am JJZ:

Gobble gobble.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:02am Negator:

It's Doopee Time! I was sick last week, too. Caught last weeks show in the archive. Larry made me sad. I wanted sleeping candy.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:02am Vicki - DO or DIY:

morning all, afternoon some, evening many others
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:02am Parq:

Mornin' Miss V. Are you live or pre-recorded?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:02am Lizardner Dave:

I love the Petra Haden version of The Who Sell Out. Thank you Vicki! Good to hear you again.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:03am Vicki:

morning, I'm here, put it that way.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:03am annie:

good morning.... hope larry has s good thanksgiving.. hi vicki
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:04am Vicki:

Larry's with Ken
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:04am Homer:

Darn. I logged on late and missed Petra Haden. Doh!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:05am Vicki:

she wasn't with us long
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:05am Lizardner Dave:

I think Vicki is live but all the music is pre-recorded. Unless Nick the Bard is lurking somewhere....
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:06am Vicki:

that is correct Dave. Nick the Bard is always lurking somewhere, thank WFMU for that
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:06am Ike:

Petra Haden: repeatedly proving that a cappella is not necessarily bad, and can even be great!

A long-time fellow listener in VA once told me that FMU DJs went through a big a cappella-lovin' phase in the late '80s or early '90s but I wasn't sure if he was joking. If so then it was a very dry joke.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:07am Parq:

Bard is a pretty versatile guy, I wouldn't rule it out. And boy does he know how to rumba!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:08am Negator:

Vikki, sorry to confuse you with Ken. Great to hear you filling in. I knew it wasn't Ken just now when you mixed that latin Halcali. Ken doesn't mix, does he! Lovely.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:08am Vicki:

Petra Haden's acapella is beautiful and great for mixing too.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:08am Negator:

I hope Larry is with Ken. I still want 'sleeping candy'.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:09am Doug of Canada:

Hello all!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:10am Vicki:

morning Pedro!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:11am RRRRR:

Corn weenies, anyone?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:11am annie:

and so it begins, what fun we are having!!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:12am Vicki:

I'm too busy typing
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:12am Parq:

This show is only 12 minutes in, and it's already what the kids call epic.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:13am trrrish:

it's DO or DIY in the morning !
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:14am Vicki:

  Wed. 11/26/08 9:15am john from Oslo:

Do or DIY is probably better than Follyfoot and Black Beauty combined - Lovely!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:15am Negator:

  Wed. 11/26/08 9:15am PMD:

Hi Vicki - you can catch up with the typing if you play stairway to heaven. Or go to the bathroom.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:16am Parq:

She can catch up with her typing if she goes to the loo?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:16am Vicki:

I forgot to do the "toilet" music
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:16am annie:

i'm waiting for larry to do a cameo.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:20am Negator:

Scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, chunx, splattered, and pumped.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:21am PMD:

Sure Parq. Don't you?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:22am Parq:

Heck no, that's my "quality time" for reading.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:23am Vicki:

would love Larry to sing on some songs but he's in Paris.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:23am Negator:

Avalanches! I forgot about these guy. Remember 'Frontier psychiatry'?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:24am Who's Larry?:

Who's Larry?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:25am Parq:

. . . she said, and laughed in her special way.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:26am cribley:

Larry strapped himself to the underside of the plane, like De Niro in Cape Fear.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:29am Negator:

Larry is at home resting quietly, yet, troubled by visions of the empty Employee of the month parking space and the smell of fresh pine needles from the WFMU Christmas Party. He sighs, wishes he could've gone, and drifts into a sleeping candy induced rest. Ahhhhhhh.....
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:29am Vicki:

cup of tea anyone?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:30am Doug:

Please ...
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:31am Nick the Bard:

Lurking like the Spanish Inquisition...
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:31am Bad Ronald:

Nobody expects that!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:32am Parq:

Except, Bard, *everybody* expects you
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:32am Bad Ronald:

Bring out the comfy chair!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:32am Gwilly:

Any chance of some speakers with that cuppa?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:33am Vicki:

hello Gwilly :)
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:34am Vicki:

I hope Nick gets his own show
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:34am Negator:

You think one lump is enough? Maybe he would like two. What the heck I'll give him two. WHACK! He likes it sweet!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:34am Gwilly:

  Wed. 11/26/08 9:34am Ghengis Jung:

These were never the lyrics I'd imagined for this song...
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:34am jan:

I knew that ken was out today, but I forgot that Vicki was coming to fill in.
Now I can't leave the house, afterall.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:35am Nick the Bard:

Well, we do find out if I'm getting my own Christmas special today, so I guess that's close enough for now.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:38am annie:

this would be the best time to go out for more wood.. let the children play... back to sanity in... ???
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:39am Parq:

Negator, would you like me to read the bumps on your head?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:40am PMD:

Ow, my ears!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:40am Bad Ronald:

Didn't know you were a Phrenologist Parq...

Oh dear Martha!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:41am RRRRR:

Great show!!!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:41am Negator:

Parq, please, don't read the bumps on my head. I don't wanna know! That quote was from the cartoon 'Ant and the Ardvarrk' from 'The Pink Panther Show'. I'm old.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:42am Vicki:

Joe Belock did a fantastic tribute to the White Album on his show yesterday - loads of great covers
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:43am Bad Ronald:

Was that Jackie Mason who did the Aardvark's voice?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:48am irene moon:

great show...good for my nap
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:48am Jackie Mason:

It was that b*stard John Byner impersonating me. They should have been paying me, they should.

  Wed. 11/26/08 9:48am Ghengis Jung:

Vicki, when/where is this performance from?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:48am Negator:

No, not Joey Bishop, but a bad hack. He did the voice for the ant too (bad Dean Martin), but the band foor the score! Vikki you should hear this stuff. Shelley Manne, Tommy Todesco, and other wrecking crew members. Killer music...
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:48am Jackie Mason:

Don't get me started.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:49am Vicki:

Ghengis, sorry I can't look right now cos it's on another drive. I'll trya nd get the details after the show.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:50am Negator:

It was supposed to be Joey Bishop, right?
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:50am trrrrish:

'hey, aunt!'
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:50am Ghengis Jung:

  Wed. 11/26/08 9:50am dc pat:

Vick: yeah Joe's show must go on the blog. I must say I was slightly disappointed in the lame version of Rev 9. Kind of a cop out.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:50am trrrrish:

'hey, aunt!'
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:51am Vicki:

do send me a link to what you're talking about
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:52am Vicki:

agreed about Joe's White Album set!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:52am Doug:

Black Sabbath does not appreciate being hit by flying objects
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:53am paul:

oh. my. god.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:53am gavin:

rickrolled b!tches!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:53am Ghengis Jung:

  Wed. 11/26/08 9:54am Vicki:

isn't it fantastic
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:54am gavin:

...sort of
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:54am dale:

Damn, this just sounds so right..
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:55am Vicki:

Gavin, do you have the link handy for this album? I think you know the album it's from - the Rick Astley mash album
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:57am paulthepostman:

  Wed. 11/26/08 9:57am Ike:

Wow, wow, wow. Wow. It's like mash-ups are new again. (I wouldn't hate rickrolling so fucking much if it went THERE.)
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:57am Vicki:

TG eat your hearts out, it's Hawkwind
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:58am gavin:

ha, no. afraid i've never heard of it. sorry. make sure to find the 'literal' version on youtube sometime though.
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:59am ?:

Vicki, here is a link for Ant and Ardvarrk. Check out the scoring!
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:59am Vicki:

I think Music for Maniacs blog might point to it - another link to find afterwards! There's a whole mashup album of Rick Astley
  Wed. 11/26/08 9:59am gavin:

oh, got it.

  Wed. 11/26/08 9:59am annie:

vicki, you rock, not only do you get the music going cut-rate, you can post comments too!! and in real time!
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:01am Vicki:

thanks both!
here's some bagpipes
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:02am Negator:

Bagpipes make me automatically lose control of my bowels. Thanks alot Vicki!
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:02am tombom:

is there anything greater than bagpipes? i think not.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:03am Vicki:

bagpipes and a pile of poo
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:05am Waterbird:

Where's Ken? What have you done with Ken? Speak up...
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:05am paulthepostman:

  Wed. 11/26/08 10:05am Vicki:

it's not my fault, i'm helping
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:10am Negator:

What's wrong Waterbird? Not enjoying the Avant Retard? "GUARD'S! Remove plebian from the comment's page! Don't look back or you'll turn into a pillar of salt!
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:11am Cecile:

I'm digging this current track
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:12am Vicki:

there's not much difference between Avant Pop and Avant Garde.

I wish I knew what Nanny's Iron Stovel is though
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:14am Negator:

'disavowed fag'. I wish I'd said that.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:14am Vicki:

is that like a clove cigarette
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:16am Vicki:

toilet time
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:17am Negator:

I think he's talking about George Michael.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:17am paulthepostman:

I think it's a fag with everything removed except the consonants
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:18am Cecile:

really digging this all.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:19am Vicki:

  Wed. 11/26/08 10:23am ?:

The 'disavowed fag' could be George Will.

  Wed. 11/26/08 10:25am Cecile:

leftover spicy mock duck stirfry = breakfast of champions
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:26am Vicki:

so where are you's listening from?
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:26am annie:

hhmmmmmmm refried tofu.. yum
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:26am Vicki:

and are you live or a recording?
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:27am annie:

upstate new york delaware county top o the mountain
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:27am Bad Ronald:

I thought Bud was the breakfast of champions...

Live from NY...
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:27am Bad Ronald:

Still have snow Annie?
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:27am annie:

prerecorded .. still outside getting wood
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:28am annie:

oh yeah BR, still flurries too
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:29am Cecile:

I am live and from Mpls, MN. at work
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:32am annie:

dell, in it's infinite wisdom transerred this page to search page. i hate that
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:34am Bad Ronald:

The background tune reminds me that Hitler was actually monorchic.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:35am Vicki:

whistling is the second sign of depression
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:35am Parq:

I'm actually a digital construct, like Larry. "Hello, Vicki. I've been thinking a lot about the show lately . . . "
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:36am Cecile:

we say full stop when we are dictating letters or whatnot to our transcriptionists in this fine country.

lol, bad ronald.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:39am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Hello, I am a recording.

@annie: You probably have a search redirector installed that you can remove through control panel -> add/remove programs. My day job (rather afternoon & evening job) is tech support; I'm not there yet!

@vicki: Sure that wasn't "Apache" by Thanh Tam?

@ Tom Johnson: Bagalagalaga dook dook dookabalalaga.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:40am annie:

would that be the "dell driver reset tool"?
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:41am Lester 444:

Ey oop, what are the chances of a Flossy Semen reunion then?
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:43am (mta) Tony:

Good morning Vicki. At 4:05 on Swinglargo, I would like to know if the loud "thud" sound immediately following the "swoosh" sound was intentionally put there or not. There was some debate over this issue, some saying the sound was a defective edit while others say it was intentional. Only YOU know your honest intention and I would like to know if it was intentionally put there or not. Thank you. P.S. Our family loves that song!
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:43am Negator:

Vicki, listening from North Carolina. Still snowing flourescent light down here. The view from my cube is incredibly depressing. I'm whistling, holding a gun to my head (the first sign of depression) enjoying your show immensely. I like the word 'banger' instead of 'sausage'.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:45am bzul:

Location: In FMU geo-coordinates, I'm barely a mile down the road from the storefronts where Big Blood did their live perf recordings.
But I ain't even working today -- just stoppng by for a minute's worth of that ol' glitchy-connection ragged fraggravatin' agony, and a day's worth of fat howlin' regret at not hearing this full program. Road time -- Happy Feast to all.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:45am Mickey Mephistopheles:

@annie: Hmmm...Look for something typically labeled "browser error redirector". Without a direct look at the list of installed programs it's hard to say.

This link may be of assistance:

I don't think the software is at all malicious, however, just irritating bundled crapware.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:45am Vicki:

thud unintentional
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:46am annie:

right on mickey. i dig. it's just annoying.. will just search for that program.. thanks.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:48am tombom:

i am listening from south-east england. england rules.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:51am uncle lonely:

nice! people like us!! never heard the radio show, saw you's at purchase college a couple years back! awesome i am excited!
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:51am annie:

mickey... aha.. widget redirector..
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:52am Vicki:

that Purchase gig was fun - organised by Dan Deacon who is now played lots on fmu
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:53am uncle lonely:

yea i know dan pretty well actually. did you do the show at the whitson's memorial greeting hall? i forget. but if so - i built and managed that place.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:54am uncle lonely:

yea... you did... i remember now.
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:54am Vicki:

have played there twice in a big hall
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:55am Cecile:

Ferrante and Teicher twice this past week.
The twin pianos live!
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:56am elvie:

i like this felix kubin song. how can i get it? is it on an album somewhere?
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:58am Vicki:

here's Felix's site
  Wed. 11/26/08 10:58am (mta) Tony:

Thank you for clarifying that issue, Vickie. While we're disappointed in the sound, I'm glad to know my ears and opinion were correct all along and I'll pass your admission along to those who doubted me. Like so many others, we really love that song. Happy Thanksgiving! - Anthony
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:03am redactor:

Hitler was actually sick last week, too. We say full stop when we are whistling, hit by flying leftover spicy mock duck. I knew that Ken was out today, but I don't wanna lose control of my bowels. She said, go to the bathroom, and laughed in her special way. The smell of fresh pine needles from the bagpipes and a pile of poo. Let the children play, don't read the bumps on my head. Sorry to confuse you it was a very dry joke.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:05am Vicki:

I hope we all feel better soon.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:08am Freud:

always a good sign when the messages get longer and longer
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:10am Bad Ronald:

And harder...
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:11am Vicki:

ha ha
like the maths questions which i keep getting wrong, on my OWN playlist
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:11am Bad Ronald:

...to understand
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:12am Doug:

I'm with the Hitler guy ... definitely ...
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:13am FCC:

Turn around and put your hands behind your back for me, please...
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:13am Cecile:

not to mention in-jokes, Bad Diane
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:14am Bad Diane:

I thought we were on hiatus...
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:15am uncle diane:

there was just a child secretly under my desk!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:15am vince:

Good hello. Hope all is well. trying this comment thing for the first time.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:17am Cecile:

I didn't get the memo. Someone needs to copy me on that.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:17am Bad Diane:

welcome Vince.

UD - That's very suspect. btw - I dig the Clyde Borly album alot!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:18am uncle lonely:

diane is hereby suspended until december 4th... retroactvie to yesterday.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:18am Cecile:

okay, what is this Clyde Borly album everyone is so hepped up about ?

Thanks for the update.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:21am Bad Diane:

  Wed. 11/26/08 11:21am Parq:

Okay, show of hands and be honest. How many of you, each time Vicki plays her talkover music, are reflexively thinking "Comet . . . it makes your mouth turn green . . ."
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:21am Vicki:

look away for one moment and I don't know what you're all talking about. Is schmolli a rude word?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:21am Vicki:

xtabay is a good blog, is where I got my bedmusic from
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:23am annie:

cecile: this clyde borly thing has eluded me, should search harder
parq: sorry no
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:24am irene moon:

Comet...you mean the cleaner? or the space non-volatile grains and frozen gases?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:24am Cecile:

it tastes like gasoline, Parq
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:24am Bad Ronald:

Dunno if schmolli is rude but it sounds rather tinny to me. Schmolli.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:25am vince:

maybe some of you 'cats' know: has "Beware of the Blog" ever put the Frank Harris & Maria Marquez track, "Compecina" up on MP3?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:25am Vicki:

Ken's suspended
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:25am uncle lonely:

how are you using the schmools? it's usually just goofus-y
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:26am Vicki:

cos I said Schmolli
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:26am uncle lonley:

i know what that's like
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:26am vince:

I thought it was a rather woody sort of word
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:26am Gwilly:

From what?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:27am Cecile:

ahhhh, one of my favorite R. Stevies
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:27am Vicki:

how many Schmools make a Schmolli? Is it metric?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:27am uncle lonely:

schmooly is definitly a sludgey underpants word
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:27am irene moon:

you know...I have no idea what these comments are about anymore.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:27am Schmolli:

Ken's suspended from Schmool
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:27am vince:

It was on an old RALPH "Buy Or Die" EP from the 80's
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:28am Bad Ronald:

No rude is a woody sort of word. Rude. Schmolli definitely tinny. Schmolli!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:28am tombom:

personally, i never know what the comments are about.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:29am red actor:

Like the maths questions which keep getting longer and longer and harder...it makes your mouth turn green. Turn around and put your hands in a big hall. Trying this sleeping candy thing for the first time. Play stairway to flourescent light. Beautiful and great for mixing too, what the kids call epic. It was intentionally put secretly under my desk twice this past week.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:29am Vicki:

I think tinny is something that happens to small ears on the continent when Schmolli is off Schmool. Ken.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:30am vince:

Vicki, what's the history of this "Part Of The Problem" song?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:31am Cecile:

the comet (cleanser) song
to the tune of Bridge on the River Kwai:

Comet! It makes your teeth turn green
Comet! It tastes like gasoline
Comet! It makes you vomit
So get some Comet and vomit today!

classic summer camp 60s song
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:31am Vicki:

Vince, I don't know except I like the version that I play cos it's all cassetty. Caschetti.

This music is going well with the comments at the moment. Not the other way around. Wish we'd got into talking complete shite a couple of hours ago, so sad to leave in half an hour.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:32am vince:

Bart sang a variation of it on the Micheal Jackson episode.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:32am Harvey:

  Wed. 11/26/08 11:32am annie:

i so totally forgot about the comet song, now i remember!!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:33am Doug:

mmmmm, Caschetti ... now, what's for lunch?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:33am Vernacular:

These comments are non-linear.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:33am Cecile:

vince, butting in, I know that R Stevie has recorded it at least two times. It's from the mid 80s
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:33am vince:

Sorry, I just wake up an hour ago, remembered you were gonna be on, and started typing.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:33am irene moon:

gross. so its good for vomiting? also very helpful at removing slug slime from hands.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:33am Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 11/26/08 11:34am Vicki:

i have two versions by Stevie, yes. This is the cassetty one.

  Wed. 11/26/08 11:34am vince:

Has it ever been up to 'download'?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:35am Samuel Beckett:

oh hi
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:35am Vicki:

I think Part of the Problem is up for download. Or the other way around. On er... oh I'll have to


back in a sec
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:36am Cecile:

I think a lot of things would be better for vomiting, like ipecac. Comet has tons of bleach, not so good for the esophagus. For vomiting, I recommend ipecac.
It's just a stupid kids song with a kind of weird genius to it. Who thought Comet, vomit and the River Kwai would work together?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:36am vince:

Oh, I thought you were talking about "Compencina"
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:36am uncle lonely:

great show! i'm gonna go back and listen to it catch the bits i missed
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:36am Ian Dury:

Oh, Segovia!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:36am Vicki:

I think Part of the Problem may be on Comfortstand? Maybe?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:36am Doug:

Linearity makes me all woozy.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:37am Girl from Concertina:

  Wed. 11/26/08 11:37am paul:

  Wed. 11/26/08 11:37am Vicki:

I'm going to go back and listen now
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:38am Vicki:

we're on 211 comments
thanks for making this fun, people
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:38am nna:

  Wed. 11/26/08 11:39am Terry:

Hello, I'm Terry,
And I'm going to enjoy myself first
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:39am Parq:

If someone remade the Von Sudenfeld track, would it be "Rhinohead Revisited"? V, your show has been the only good part of my otherwise loathesome morning. Many thanks and if I don't get to say so later, farewell and see you again soon.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:39am uncle lonely:

ha! Ian dury is here! Go back to sleep blockhead no one is gonna do you
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:40am Ken:

Hello everybody! Thanks Vicki for filling in. Just came back from visiting Larry, he's doing great and he just got home.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:40am Vicki:

good on you Terry ha ha
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:40am Captain Sensible:

  Wed. 11/26/08 11:40am Vicki:

afternoon Ken! How's zee continent?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:42am uncle lonely:

is this limp bisquik?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:42am vince:

It's raining here in Vegas, but the avant-retard is making me happy!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:42am Shmarvey:

Glad to hear Larry is doing OK
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:42am Vicki:

partly, and partly Burt Bacharach and also The RIAA
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:43am paul:

always something there to remind me of how terrible fred durst is
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:44am uncle lonely:

it could offend a jew somehwere, but really?! just do your thing
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:45am (mta) Tony:

If ANYONE would like to have a copy of Swinglargo with the loud thud sound (at 4:05) removed, I would be happy to share it; just ask.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:46am Freud:

no thanks
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:46am Ken:

I'm Jew-ish, not reallu a Jew, but Jew-ish, and I'm not offended. But I also didn't hear it.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:48am vince:

Jeepers, Creepers! Anybody here heard Paul's new FIREMAN album?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:48am Bad Ronald:

Yes, I like it!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:48am Vicki:

what's offensive? I'm not Jewish or Jewish but I did hear it so I'm sure I can help. Did it have a loud thud?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:48am Ken:

I'm curious - who is reading the playlist, but not listening (like me)?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:49am uncle lonely:

me too ken, but I feel like mafiosi guido dudes in velour walk through crown heights and refer to everyone as shmooly
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:49am Vicki:

  Wed. 11/26/08 11:49am vince:

I heard a track on it that almost sounds like something off of Can's "Tago Mago" album!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:50am Vicki:

would be funny if NO ONE was listening, just reading.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:50am PMD:

Listening from DC. So hard to catch up on comments when you've had a meeting! Damn refresh...
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:50am Ken:

Wow, sounds promising Vince! Paul is certainly out to make a point these days, isn't he?
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:51am uncle lonely:

schoomly and schmendrick have the same connotation to me but a schmendrick has infinitely less hope than shmooly
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:51am vince:

Well, it's no "Rushes"! I really liked that one.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:52am Ken:

You can pause the auto-refresh for the comments - check the top of the comments for the link to do it.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:52am vince:

there was a cartoon character called, "The Schmoo"
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:53am Bad Ronald:

UL - I think you mean "mulie" and that IS offensive!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:53am annie:

ken, that drove me crazy.. i love that app.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:54am uncle lonely:

yea i know that eggplantation motif.. but i do in fact mean what i said
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:55am Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 11/26/08 11:55am Vicki:

I have no idea what you're all talkinga bout again
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:56am Vicki:

oh by the way, this is wfmu east orange, wxhd mount hope..

  Wed. 11/26/08 11:57am vince:

Have a happy day.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:57am Bad Ronald:

Schmolli is only offensive to Schmollians!

Great show Vicki Thanks!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:57am uncle lonely:

same crap v

thanks again for coming through! everythign was wonderful. sometimes just wonderful *in its way*. but still great show!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:58am Ghengis Jung:

Great show! Thanks Vicki!
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:58am Vicki:

yes, "special" :)
bye all.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:59am Ken:

Bye Vicki! Bye everybody.

I'm going to stay here reading and typing even after Kenny's show starts.
  Wed. 11/26/08 11:59am Vicki:

so am I. But definitely never listening.
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:00pm annie:

bye ken, thanks for the show vicki
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:00pm vince:

Hope to hear your show back on the air soon. Long time listener.
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:00pm Ten Pole Tudor:

  Wed. 11/26/08 12:00pm Ken:

I'm listening again... I'm surprised Kenny hasn't begun to screw with the MP3 yet!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:01pm Vicki:

i thought he'd play my show again
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:01pm Bad Ronald:

Dave's not here man!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:01pm Robert Plant:

You need shmooly
Baby, I'm not fooly...
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:01pm Ken:

There's Kenny!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:02pm uncle lonely:

oh cool... now i don't have to go back and listen... perfect job kenny!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:03pm Vicki:

do I have to playlist it again?
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:03pm Ken:

Kenny, you have to stay there and board-op!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:03pm nna:

  Wed. 11/26/08 12:04pm Vicki:

thought i should have kept MY accuplaylist!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:04pm Sam the Sham:

Schmolli Bully. Watch me now!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:05pm Ken:

OK, to protest this lazy radio, I'm going to turn it off. I'll listen to it later.

Don't kill the accuplaylist!! Put this damn accuplaylist back up Vicki!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:06pm Vicki:

I should NEVER have killed the playlist. I'm NOT LISTENING!!!!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:06pm Ken:

Actually, you know what I should do here...
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:07pm Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 11/26/08 12:07pm irene moon:

great show kenny, I mean vicki. so nice had to do it twice!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:07pm Ken:

I can start up a comments thread on Kenny's playlist.. he would notice pretty quick though.
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:08pm Thud:

I was a mistake!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:08pm irene moon:

im thinking the thud is perfect behind the swoosh
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:09pm Ken:

Kenny hates the comments thread because he can't take getting negative feedback during his show. So I will set up a comments thread on Kenny's show now without his knowledge and then we should all jump on that and say really nice things to Kenny.
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:09pm Vicki:

Ken - start it up!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:10pm Bad Ronald:

I'm there!
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:11pm Ken:

Is everybody ready? Let's see if we can 50 positive, complimentary comments to Kenny's playlist before he notices and shuts it down.
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:12pm all:

go go go Ken
  Wed. 11/26/08 12:12pm Ken:

OK, get ready everybody! Use different names!

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