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Digging up jams sure to raise the dead.

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Options November 16, 2008: With BANZAI live!!

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Artist Track Album Comments
People of Color  Debra On All Fours   Options    
Devin KKenny  Little Ants   Options    
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five  The Message   Options    
Hood Gang  Get Ridiculous   Options    
Ninjasonik  Art School Girls   Options All My Friends Are In Bands   
Blondie  Rapture   Options    
Girl Talk  In Step   Options Feed the Animals   
Patti Smith Group  Babelogue   Options Easter   
Monotonix  Body Language   Options    
50s High Teens  Don't Break My Heart   Options    
Gelatine  Let's Go Home   Options   I can't say it enough, you HAVE to see a Gelatine show. She is SO vulgar..its AWESOME 
Beluga  House Party   Options    
Ramones  Blitzkrieg Bop   Options The Ramones   
Sakura Madams  Checking U Out   Options    
Dek Boo  Desoto   Options    
Abe Vigoda  Gallop   Options    
Fiasco  Oh, You Horny Monster!   Options    
Parts & Labor  Satellites   Options Receivers   
Parts & Labor  Nowheres Nigh   Options Receivers   
La Cosa Nostra  Episcapallian Mammallian   Options    
Prince Rama  Beast of Jewels   Options    
Snuffleupagus  Cutis Anserina   Options    
BANZAI LIVE      (sorry about the technical stuff at first guys) 
Basement Spiders  Summer Nights   Options    
Archipelago  I'll Believe in Anything   Options    
LMNOP  No Means No   Options    
Lily  I'm Not Usually This Frantic   Options    
Kate Ferencz  Michael May vs. A-OK   Options    
Levi Weaver  Idioteque   Options    
Eric Lindley  Carnival   Options    
Thom Yorke  "Thank you, New Joisey!"   Options    
      KEEP BEASTIN! Thanks to Trent Wolbe for engineering! 

Listener comments!

  3:12am kurt gottschalk:

man don't be playin' stuff with weird voices and shit man it gets me all freaked out.

my pleasure to at least make you acquaintance, kisbeastin.
  3:13am Eli S:

Hey... When's Banzai gonna be up?
  3:15am Keili:

During my show! Hahaha...
  3:16am Eli S:

Ahhh... I see. My main concern was... well... you see... I will go to bed now and catch it tomorrow if they won't be on for a long time...
  3:17am Keili:

Nice, Good to hear from you, friend.
  3:18am Max C:

I. RAAANNNN HOME. FROM THE TRAIN. I'M OUT OF BREATHE. I got home at 3:15 whewwww
  3:19am Eli S:

Although.. I gotta admit.. I'm really enjoying this :-) Max? as in Maxo? as in.. uh.. bassist?
  3:19am Keili:

  3:19am Max C:

as in yes.
  3:20am Eli S:

Haha! Nice man... I just got back to my room... Decided to tune in for you guys!
  3:20am Keili:

This is a PROFESSIONAL radio station!
  3:20am Max C:

I as at Jonathan's house watching our old movies from CAP in like 6th and 7th grade. SOO funny, remember that Eli?
  3:21am Eli S:

Hahahaha yes, I do have some pretty distinct memories from those years...
  3:22am Max C:

Nifenator 1 + 2. I haven't seen those in like... well... since they were made. Julian was so. so. so. funny.
  3:23am Eli S:

  3:24am Eli S:

I'm gonna sit back, smoke up, and listen to this with my room mate... Btw, Keili, I'm really enjoying everything you've played so far... Kudos!
  3:24am Keili:

Yo I wanna see thoseee noww!
Little Eli and Little Max making mooovies.
  3:25am Eli S:

I actually wasn't in them... But I remember them being fantastic... very violent.. at least as much as you could get away with having Marlene as the censor...
  3:27am Max C:

I don't think little eli made it into an of the nifenator movies...

All participants:
Larry Weiss
Jacob Gilford (holy shit remember Jacob?)
Daniel Horwitz
... I think that was it...? Not counting Eli Markham Canter since he ruined the 3rd one... jeez...
  3:28am Eli S:

Hahaha... "Graveyard Kid"
  3:28am Max C:

P.S. I'm so glad you played some ninjasonik
  3:29am Keili:

Yeahhhhhhh Ninjasoniikkkk
  3:30am Max C:

Yo did you edit out me dropping the f bomb in the interview?
  3:32am Keili:

Uhhh, I couldn't even hear it.
I listened to that part like 54324325 times to find it...
I think somebody was talking over you when you said it...
  3:33am Max C:

oh good haha
  3:34am Max C:

Oh btw this song is called
In Step
just so... you can rename it you know...
  3:34am Keili:

HELLYEAH thanks!
  3:34am Max C:

and the album is Feed The Animals
  3:35am Max C:

  3:37am Max C:

Do we put our actions where our mouths are?

  3:39am Eli S:

Hahaha... I get it... Nice comment on the line of white kids... :-) And I can tell you, Being on an active college campus during this past election, it was pretty impressive the amount of work people actually put in to not only the national election, but the local elections up here in this incredibly red part of NY...
  3:40am Max C:

Definitely! That was mad deep Keili
  3:40am Keili:

and I'm not done! Listen up!
  3:41am Max C:

  3:42am Eli S:

And as evidence of that, Bard kids actually accounted for a huge part of all our local elections... they actually all went Democrat too which is impressive... This is pretty much the area where NY State's Republican votes come from... nearly exclusively the area surrounding Bard... XD
  3:43am Max C:

still want to experience a monotonix show
  3:44am Max C:

Yo.. young people are mad powerful. There's simply no question.
  3:44am Keili:

You shouldve come to the WFMU Record Fair a few weeks ago, they played live!!
  3:45am Max C:

I know! I couldn't make it...
  3:45am Eli S:

I saw an interview with Bill Maher the other day from the primary season where he endorsed John Edwards... of Obama, he stated "He'll definitely get the youth vote but... the youth don't vote." We proved him wrong! Which is something I thought I could never do to Bill Maher.
  3:46am Keili:

Bill Maher's a douche
  3:47am Max C:

Word.. i think it was more of a joke, but hey.. I think we exceeded a lot of people's expectations.
  3:47am Max C:

hahah keili
  3:48am Eli S:

Haha, I love him.
  3:49am Max C:

Differing opinions are okay! We're in an open scene right guys? right guys? DIY?? ALL AGES??????


.... ok
  3:51am Eli S:

Let's encourage a new-found spirit of debate and bi-partisanship in our country! Starting right here, on the WFMU listening comments!
  3:52am Max C:

We will go down in history... let's hold hands like the HIPPIES WE ARE.

ok.. ok too much max, too much.
  3:53am Keili:

"Hippies use side door"
  3:53am Eli S:

Hippies? er... Hipsters?
  3:53am Max C:

hahaha... today was sooo long yo...
  3:54am Max C:

Not actually too much of a difference, Eli..

don't say that to a diehard hipster.
  3:55am Eli S:

You recorded a radio broadcast... impressive.

Haha... I got drunk at 2 PM... College is fun...
  3:55am Max C:

"Blitzkrieg Bop? God.. SO overplayed.. so many better Ramones songs." -Some hipster right now.
  3:56am Max C:

Hahahaha nice Eli
  4:00am Max C:

do you have Lily K's album? if you could play one of her songs, that would be super ill.
  4:01am Eli S:

Btw, when the first song played, I didn't know what the format of this was going to be so for a while I was trying to figure out if it was you guys... I kept thinking "Damn... Banzai has really gone in a new direction..."
  4:03am Max C:

Hahahaah i didn't hear the first song...
yo we played such a good set.. like.. we're not really braggers.. but it was we think, one of our best sets.
  4:04am Eli S:

I'm psyched! And dude... Random Child Album... finished after Thanksgiving!
  4:04am Keili:

Max, you don't listen to mah show. I play Lily almost every week, and I had her on my show...live...at 3am...She's got guts AND glory! :)
  4:06am Max C:

accck i'm sorry keili, i'll listen on a more regular basis! I have enough stuff to do WITHOUT YOU BOSSING ME AROUND GOSH. hahaha jk jk. Lily is so good.

Nice! I think ours will be out January. We've had so many delays at this point.. but I think we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
  4:08am Eli S:

Yea... well... I mean, Random Child has been around for like, fucking five years or something and I only joined the band last year.. but we started this album over the summer... "GIRL TALK IS THE BEST" lol
  4:09am Max C:

word.. but it will be good, I'm sure, but yeah sometimes the stuff takes a while to get off the ground.
oh AND SNUFFY IS RECORDING! a full album! I'm so excited SO EXCITED!
  4:10am Eli S:

My dad saw Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five in some shit-hole club way way up in the bronx in the 70s... He played Jazz only back then and one of his friends dragged him up there.. He said they were AMAZING!
  4:11am Max C:

That's awesome

  4:11am Eli S:

NICE! I listen to this album all the time...
  4:12am Max C:

oh this is the older version.. the new one is faster and crazier, but, this is till awesome.
  4:13am Eli S:

If I could get Mutt Lang to produce my album... I'd shit.
  4:14am daniel:

i think all you can do is expect things from your self. you cant expect anyone else to follow or do what you do. just like this comment board cant scroll all the way up to the top and let everyone converse with every one. its overpopulaton. i expect if there were 20 inhabitants in manhattan 20 more in brklyn etc ..then perhaps there would be a 'we' in those numbers. but even then there would be differences. simply because we are all different- maybe because of conditioning economics ages responsibilities. all we can hope for are our own little niches with our frends and family and sometimes with no one but our selves and even that is difficult to achieve.some can add the 2 to the 5 some..maybe not. some can eventually and those who could before sometimes cant.
  4:16am Max C:

wooo parts and labor! this album is insane.

and i agree daniel
  4:19am Eli S:

Wait.. Max... There were two versions of Oh You Horny Monster?
  4:20am Max C:

Yeah, there's the one on myspace which is a tad slower.. unless they changed it. The one on the actual album is a bit faster, and more treble heavy. I like that one better, it's tighter and more intense overall I think.
  4:22am Eli S:

Can I get a copy of the older one from somewhere? lol, for my archives and records?
  4:23am Max C:

I think it's probably still up on myspace... it's really a hardly noticeable difference.. they pretty much sound the same on the surface.
  4:26am Eli S:

For a musician and a fan of music in general with OCD... every version is important... IT MUST BE COMPLETE! lol
  4:26am Max C:

Hahaha I feel you
  4:28am Eli S:

On my computer I have the entire second Floor is Lava Album in the compressed form that went on myspce...
  4:29am Max C:

Hahah, yeah I'll probably keep the rough mixes laying around after we release the album
  4:30am Eli S:

Oh yea, I've had the RC roughs for a few months and I will never get rid of them... lol in fact, after I buy the album, can I get a copy of the roughs from you guys?
  4:30am Max C:

  4:31am Eli S:

Bitchin... you can only imagine how much I enjoyed listening to the Beatles Anthology albums when I got them... I love that kinda stuff...
  4:32am Max C:


and yes eli.
  4:34am Max C:

We have a split single being released this week with Fiasco.. we're covering skipping across the autobahn, and they're covering cutis anserina, which we are listening to. we'll release it free online.
  4:35am Eli S:

  4:37am Max C:

Fiasco's cover of this is so ridiculous
  4:38am Eli S:

I would expect nothing less... haha
  4:40am Max C:

  4:41am Eli S:

  4:41am Max C:

  4:42am Eli S:

Fasten your seatbelts!
  4:43am Max C:

... Keili.. are you playing the check song?
  4:43am Eli S:

Haha "It's on the record... I hope we know it"
  4:43am Max C:

Hahahaha yeah
  4:46am Max C:

hahahaaha don't worry about it
  4:47am Eli S:

haha... this is just fun...
  4:47am Max C:

this is the check song again haahah
  4:49am Eli S:

Adobe Audition plug!
  4:49am Max C:

  4:49am Max C:

this was another check lol
  4:50am Keili:

no its not i can see it on adobe auditionnnn
  4:52am Max C:

but ... it is though
  4:52am Jenn:

This is awesome! I love that I could hear all the behind the scenes stuff! Banzai rules!
  4:52am Keili:

well..ppl are enjoying it obviously max.. :P
  4:52am Max C:

Thanks Jenn! :)
  4:53am Eli S:

lol, I am...
  4:54am Max C:

we mess up so bad later in this song... wait for it, it's pretty funny if I recall correctly
  4:54am Jenn:

And you handled it great Kaylee. I would have cried. You were so cool about it and just kept going.
  4:55am Eli S:

Dude... your bass sounds fuckin awesome on this...
  4:55am Jenn:

oops! spelled your name wrong! sorry!
  4:57am Max C:

thanks eli!

the mess up is coming really soon hahaha
  5:00am Keili:

Max, you gotta chill, if you don't tell anybody, NO ONE KNOWS
  5:00am Max C:

Nah i think it was funny haha
  5:01am Eli S:

I don't notice usually, but when Max points stuff like that out, it is funny... lol
  5:02am Keili:

and i can't wait to put the pictures up!
  5:03am Max C:

Oh I forgot there were photos!

those two of Jesse... were fantastic hahahaa
  5:03am Keili:

So where's Jonathan and Jesse and Michael??
  5:04am billy:

i'm really enjoying this quirk-jam. great for a chilly autumn morning. are they playing live?
  5:04am Eli S:

I don't know about the other two, but I'd guess Michael is smoking a bowl somewhere...
  5:04am Max C:

Jonathan is at his mom's... no computer, jesse and mike are probably passed out on some couch
  5:04am Keili:

There's an awesome one of you eating pie, and another awesome one of you in the green room!
  5:05am Max C:

No we're not live... this was earlier today. and thanks!
  5:05am Eli S:

I didn't know Michael ever slept...
  5:05am Keili:

Yes, billy!
  5:07am Max C:

he does... it's just he sleeps only when it's slightly inapproprite... like riding in a car with us.. and at parties.
  5:07am Eli S:

Oh! Dude! You said January? I'm gonna be home till the 25th I think! Record release?
  5:08am Max C:

  5:08am Eli S:

YES! so fast!?
  5:09am Max C:

We'll see, we don't have anything planned yet..

oh wow my vocals are so loud
  5:10am Eli S:

haha, it's great...

you should do it on the 20th and have an Obama Inauguration party + Eli's birthday show... lol
  5:10am Keili:

  5:11am Max C:

  5:12am Eli S:

Maybe RC will play with you guys too... I know Ian wanted to do at least one show over our winter break... That'd be the best birthday ever...

Let me know if you guys are booking something! and if we can play, it'd be sweet... and TELL JONATHAN! (Random Child doing anything is completely dependent on his schedule...)
  5:13am Max C:

okie dokie
  5:14am Eli S:

haha.. Max.. you sound so chill...
  5:14am Max C:

It's because I AM chill. hahah
  5:15am Eli S:

lol don't try to explain it.. just refer people to the Spectrum...
  5:16am Max C:

Hahahaha yeah
  5:16am kabir:

holy shit it's late but this sounds awesome dudes

keili i really wanna do this!!!
  5:17am Max C:

hahaha what's up kabir thanks man
  5:17am Eli S:

haha, I had C& UP rehearse at my house too...
  5:18am Keili:

well, COME ON DOWWNN, Kabir~! :)
  5:18am Eli S:

haha Bar shows suck...
  5:19am Max C:

Oh definitely
  5:20am Eli S:

We only ever did one (TFL!) and it was the shittiest thing ever... we had a bunch of teachers there... but one of the other bands bought us beers...

  5:23am Eli S:

lol totally... they suck... more than bars...
  5:24am Max C:

  5:27am Keili:

Soooo, how many times you think I can say "like" in this interview?
  5:28am Eli S:

Bah... Mighty Handful...
  5:29am Keili:

  5:29am Max C:

Mighty Handful got so good. I saw their show two weeks ago. It was so great.
  5:30am Eli S:

Every few months I go to see them again and I havn't been impressed... I guess it's time for another check-up...
  5:31am Eli S:

But sorry! No negativity! This is about how awesome Banzai is!
  5:32am Eli S:

lol and Max's dad freaks out on random kids for cheering for other bands... lol
  5:32am Max C:

Ughhh don't remind me
  5:33am Eli S:

I swear to god he was about to hit Travis in the face... lol, it was just funny...
  5:35am Eli S:

haha, Fabian has been going to every show since TFL! was around... he still has one of our flyers taped to his bag..

Jon called him Lawrence and then couldn't pronounce his last name... haha :-)
  5:38am Max:

Keili is beastin the jams
  5:38am Eli S:

haha, you guys should just do a show like that...
  5:39am Keili:

That was awesome!! Thankssss!!! :)
  5:39am Max:

Thanks so much Keili!
Hellz yeah, i'm going to bed,
  5:39am Keili:

oh, and, Lily coming up!!
  5:40am Eli S:

That was really great! Thank you both! haha, I want to do that sometime... Sounds like alotta fun... How would I go about making that happen??
  5:42am kabir:

who's covering wolf parade?
  5:43am Keili:

  5:44am Eli S:

Email is?
  5:45am Eli S:

Oh... I see it... AWESOME! I probably will, some time in December... how much in advance do we have to set something up?
  5:46am Keili:

as much time as possible, atleast a month..
  5:48am Eli S:

Can do! And an email has been sent! Thanks!
  5:58am paulthepostman:

Bugger!.....I think I've missed a great show, again!
  5:59am Keili:

No problemo--- archived!!
Thanks for stopping by!
  9:59am mike e:

keili what happened to the listen button next to see playlist?!
i wannna hearrr
  10:54am RUTH:

how the fuck do i go about this yall?
i fell asleep :[
  12:44pm Charlie J:

Good job guyzzzzzz!!

Sorry I couldn't stay up to hear it live...
  1:02pm Charlie J:

Lonely Phone!
  1:19pm Max C:

It's cool charlie. lonely phone was one of our better takes
  7:38pm Charlie J:

They were all pretty sick actually

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