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Playlist for 29 October 2008 Favoriting | Sex Fragments

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Artist Song Album Format Comments New Approx. start time
Ann Magnuson  Art Professor   Favoriting Pretty Songs and Ugly Stories   
*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Yann Tomita  Caroline Cries to Chopin Opus 28 No. 4   Favoriting Dooppee Time   
  0:02:23 (Pop-up)
The Shangri-La's  Paste Present and Future   Favoriting Best Of        0:04:07 (Pop-up)
Clare and The Reasons  Obama The Rainbow   Favoriting         0:08:33 (Pop-up)
Elton and Betty White  If I Were The President   Favoriting    
  0:08:49 (Pop-up)
Johnny Cash  Rock Island Line Wolf Remix   Favoriting Johnny Cash Remixed   
*   0:10:58 (Pop-up)
Quintron  Track Two   Favoriting Too Thirsty for Love   
*   0:15:16 (Pop-up)
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip  Beat that my Heart Skipped   Favoriting Angles   
*   0:19:03 (Pop-up)
Rammstein  Mein Teil   Favoriting Reise, Reise        0:23:24 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Elias  Vamp   Favoriting Vampire Circus        0:28:39 (Pop-up)
Krzystof Komeda  Alfred Behind Sledge   Favoriting Vampire Killers Soundtrack        0:39:05 (Pop-up)
Krzystof Komeda  Moment Musical   Favoriting Rosemary's Baby soundtrack   
  0:40:11 (Pop-up)
Barry Goldwater  Our Lack of Moral Leadership   Favoriting 1964 Campaign Ad        0:44:08 (Pop-up)
Mission of Burma  That's When I Reach for My Revolver   Favoriting         0:45:11 (Pop-up)
Iggy Pop  I'm A Conservative   Favoriting    
  0:48:59 (Pop-up)
Franz Josef Degenhardt  Vatis Argumentis   Favoriting Hippies, Hasch, und Flower Power: 68er-Pop aus Deutschland VA Comp      *   0:53:03 (Pop-up)
Eagles of Death Metal  Bad Dream Mama   Favoriting         0:57:13 (Pop-up)
Golden Boys  MIne Like a Diamond   Favoriting Goodbye Country      *   0:58:58 (Pop-up)
The Notwist  Boneless   Favoriting   7" 
*   1:01:13 (Pop-up)
Juana Molina  Los Hongos De Marosa   Favoriting Un Dia      *   1:04:11 (Pop-up)
Pigeon Funk  Alma Hueco   Favoriting The Largest Bird in the History if the Planet.. Ever!        1:13:05 (Pop-up)
Joy Division  Leaders of Men   Favoriting    
  1:23:46 (Pop-up)
Bocephus Agin!  McCain Palin Tradition Remix   Favoriting         1:27:53 (Pop-up)
Buddy Starcher  The Fall of a Nation   Favoriting    
  1:33:28 (Pop-up)
Tom T Hall  The Monkey That Became President   Favoriting   7"      1:36:41 (Pop-up)
Jimmy Riddle  Yakety Eeph   Favoriting   7" 
  1:39:40 (Pop-up)
Minutemen  Political Nightmare   Favoriting         1:41:52 (Pop-up)
Wax Audio  War   Favoriting         1:46:00 (Pop-up)
John Murphy  Taxi (Ave Maria) Jackknife Lee Remix   Favoriting 28 Days Later Soundtrack   
  1:52:23 (Pop-up)
Bobby Conn  Vanitas   Favoriting King for a Day        1:57:23 (Pop-up)
Krysmopompas  Reinhold Will Nicht den Ganzen Tag Dein Leben Reparieren   Favoriting Heute Schlafen Morgen Aufwachen   
*   2:04:15 (Pop-up)
Maluco  Kokain   Favoriting Kalk Seeds: Karaoke Kalk Compilator No 2 (VA Comp)      *   2:07:21 (Pop-up)
Einsturzende Neubauten  Am I Only Jesus?   Favoriting The Jewels   
*   2:11:08 (Pop-up)
Noah Creshevsky  Psalmus XXIII   Favoriting To Know and Not to Know      *   2:21:19 (Pop-up)
Judy Dunaway  Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime   Favoriting Balloon Magic   
  2:28:42 (Pop-up)
Dokaka  Ramblin Man   Favoriting Dokaka 2        2:30:59 (Pop-up)
Allman Brothers Band  Blue Sky   Favoriting Eat a Peach        2:42:07 (Pop-up)
King of Good  Mixed One   Favoriting    
  2:42:20 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  My Underwater Boy   Favoriting         2:47:59 (Pop-up)
Pierre Bastien  Bubblin'   Favoriting Visions of Doing      *   2:54:32 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am Ghengis Jung:

  9:01am Ghengis Jung:

Ken? Is that you? Ken! I'm afraid!
  9:01am Negator:

  9:01am Ken:

It is me. Hello.
  9:01am Negator:

  9:01am fishmonkeystew:

Hi Ken! Nice creepy start to the show.
  9:02am Ghengis Jung:

Oh thank goodness it's you. It's so dark in here Ken...
  9:02am Bad Ronald:

Hey everyone, good morning!
  9:02am cribley:

It's rather amusing when you have to dump 'shit'.
  9:04am Negator:

Why is this Yann Tomita record so haunting? I learned of it through Wfmu a couple of years ago and it has been on heavy rotation since. What is it about that record?
  9:06am Parq:

  9:06am Negator:

Ken, Is that all there is?
  9:06am JCityJensen:

Hola! Nothing goes finer with a cold morning and coffee like the Shangri-La's
  9:11am Bad Ronald:

80's speed metal - (I cheated)!
  9:11am JCityJensen:

Yes! I got the pig iron I got the pig iron I got allllllll pig iron!
  9:11am Ken:

Damn you Bad Ronald!
  9:11am fishmonkeystew:

Rock Island Line! I foooooooled you!
  9:12am Negator:

Ken, why is Johnny Cash so cool?
  9:13am fishmonkeystew:

whoa. Nice remix.
  9:13am Bad Ronald:

sorry no more shenanigans. I promise.
  9:14am Laurie:

Ken, I like this Monarch butterfly. I'm glad I have milkweed plants in my front yard.
  9:14am Ken:

Negator, why is the sky blue?
  9:17am Ken:

Hi Laurie! Great meeting you last week. Did anybody hear Laurie's Listener Hour last Saturday?
  9:17am cribley:

so... johnny cash is cool because of his refraction index. it all makes sense now, the black clothes, etc.
  9:18am bb:

why do i get the feeling this butterfly is going to get into talking about jesus in a few panels?
  9:19am Laurie:

Ooooooh, I'm seeing Quintron next month. We have two awesome local bands who have gotten airplay on WFMU, and one of them is opening for Quintron. Go, Electric Bunnies, go.

Originally, Jacuzzi Boys, the other good local band, were going to open, but they're going to be in Brooklyn, I think, that same day opening up for King Khan again.

And it was great meeting you too, Ken! I had so much fun doing my listener hour and at the Record Fair :)
  9:20am Kyle:

Some weather huh?
  9:25am Ghengis Jung:

Listening to this, I really think it's strange that German isn't the international language of Metal.
  9:25am Cecile:

Hey, how about Korpiklaani, Finland's finest hummpa (oompah) metal band. They rule.
  9:26am Cecile:

And YOU ROCK for posting my favorite cartoon of the last decade!
  9:27am Ken:

Korpiklaani,,, sounds familiar - have I played them?
  9:29am Cecile:

I don't know. Diane and Brian have.
If you can find some, I recommend Happy Little Boozer...
  9:33am Ghengis Jung:
  9:34am Laurie:

  9:34am Hatch:

I heard Laurie's listener hour. Well done, Laurie.
  9:34am Ghengis Jung:

Incidentally, the answer to the Math question was 666 for that Korpiklaani link.
  9:36am Cecile:

The clip for Hunting Song is pretty awesome, too.
thanks, Genghis.
  9:36am Bad Ronald:

How can you speak after that?
  9:37am Mark:

Dude I got vicodin once for a root canal
  9:39am Negator:

Ken the sky is blue because it is the frequency of sunlight (which is white) that the atmosphere of earth does not filter out. Addtionally, the sun on the horizon is not really there, but is a virtually refracted mirage. Tramadol!
  9:40am Ghengis Jung:

I read 'vicodin' as 'violin' and thought 'how strange...'
  9:40am thelma:

Shangri Las Past Present and Future starts with Beethoven's beautiful Moonlight Sonata, another classical music piece mixed with pop.( Beethoven was deaf but he could C Sharp by the moonlight!) Feel better, Ken.
  9:40am Swami:

I prefer Darvocet, and thank God for worker's comp. Tough to kick also. Had a cracked filling fixed yesterday! Also had 2 wisdom teeth pulled last week. Also had a root canal (my third in a year) two weeks ago! If there is empathy from a listener, I got it in scads for you Uncle Ken! No more dental work for the next month and a half! I've exhausted any benefits. Fingers crossed.
  9:40am Laurie:

The fish oil vitamins I took this morning came back up. GREAT.

  9:41am John from Oslo:

I got Codeine for my root canal - thank God - I needed it!
  9:41am ~L:

Why didn't you go to that record fair table where you could trade records for painkillers?
  9:42am Laurie:

Okay, this fish oil is vile.

  9:42am Ken:

Darvocet sucks. Dog meds is where it's at.
  9:43am Laurie:

I would vote for Harris Feldman.
  9:43am Cecile:

I have never had a root canal.
I did have a nosebleed this AM on the way to work, thank you upper respiratory flu.

Laurie, you're not supposed to check those....:)
  9:44am Cecile:

I mean chew...
  9:45am John from Oslo:

Dogs... Drugs... Teeth... Pain... sounds like a Caninus tune coming up...
  9:46am annie:

  9:46am Negator:

Once upon a time, a few years ago, during a 100yr snow down here in the battleground state of NC, Negator did a few lines of a mix of Katamine, blow, and meth. My friend stopped by and was offered a line and accepted. Before he did it I said, "Got insurance?". Tee-Hee since I found Jesus I don't do those things anymore. Mission of Burma! My band opened for them! Nice dudes.
  9:47am Laurie:

I didn't! I swallowed two of them together, but they decided to come back for some reason. :(
  9:49am Ghengis Jung:

Was he behind the couch?
  9:50am Bad Ronald:

"I like the small black marks on my hand"!
  9:51am Cecile:

bummer. I only take one at a time, and never first thing in the AM. It's like sticking a forearm down your throat.
  9:57am jeffrey dahmer:

mmm... forearm....
  9:58am sugarwolf:

I think I have darvocet and vicodin leftover from when I had kidney stones. All they did was make throw up.
  9:59am Cecile:

Eagles of Death Metal? I would call them the Pigeons of Glam Rock.
  10:00am Swami:

Bark once for freedom!
  10:06am Dog Whisperer:

Who rolls over...Sen. Bark Obama or Sen. John McCanine?
  10:07am Negator:

I get a distinctive "Leather Queen" from Eagles of Death Metal. I imagine a collaboration with the aging Freddy Mercury (if he hadn't gotten fuckin' AIDS). I think they'd of written some good stuff together in leather.
  10:12am Cecile:

they could collaborate with the other "Leather Queen" - Rob Halford. ;D
  10:12am jtm:

McCain is a lame, blind Golden Retriever with scabs all over his body and Obama is a yippy Puggle
  10:14am wha?:

Puggle? What's that? A pug crossed with....?
  10:15am wha?:

...a muggle? A guy who can juggle?
  10:15am My Friends:
  10:16am Cecile:

  10:16am Negator:

Does anyone else think McCain looks like Tim Conway? Like Tina Fey, Conway could have really stepped back into the spotlight, but alas, Tim, must be out of it...
  10:16am Kyle:

  10:18am Cecile:

I get all those Frankendogs mixed up.
  10:19am wha?:

ugh. sounds wretched.
glad to be naive in the realities of designer crossbreeds.
Who would want that?
  10:20am Negator:

Well, first Ken, you need to get some Tramadol before next Wed show! Looks like the pup needs a check-up!
  10:20am doron:

ken you are jinxing the election w/ this celebratory talk
  10:22am Cecile:

I see McCain as more like a snappy Clumber Spaniel.
  10:22am dc pat:

Yeah, really. Just plan on a McCain-oriented show and everything will be okay.
  10:23am wha?:

pug + poodle would probably be a pugpoo.

i also don't see obama ask a puggle either.
he'd be a dog of stature. maybe a rhodesian ridgeback?
  10:25am wha?:

sorry. how did i get drawn into this spurious line of thought?
oh the magic of the accuplaylist
  10:25am Parq:

'Cile, why would you want to burden a nice dog like Clumbers with that? Let's think outside the box - McCain is an aged, lazy, demanding cat.
  10:25am St.Even Denver:

What's the difference between Sarah Palin and a pit bull?
  10:26am R I S K Y:



_________R I S K Y______________
  10:26am St.Even Denver:

A pit bull usually eats its retarded babies.
  10:27am Negator:

Pit Bull can lick his jewels?
  10:27am Parq:

St Even: One is a mean, selfish creature that snaps out without thinking, and the other is a dog. Or something along those lines.
  10:27am Kyle:

What do you get when you cross a Shih Tzu with a Bull Dog? Anyone??
  10:27am Ken:

I agree with Parq - McCain is a bitchy sneaky old cat. Obama's one of those dogs that doesn't bark - a Basenji?
  10:28am Cecile:

Yes, a Basenji!
  10:29am Left Wing Liberal Media:

We enjoyed emptying the bowels of the basement! and then buying it all for a dollar!
  10:29am gigantor:

Hey, Basenji's are African, too!
  10:29am Parq:

I'm sure this is hilarious to most of you, but I have to listen to this "left wing liberal media" whining, and worse, from co-workers on a daily basis.
  10:31am dc pat:

Yeah, can we hear Hank I, or Hank III, or IV?
  10:31am sugarwolf:

If McCain is an old cat, I bet he's a geriatric Siamese, pacing around and yowling.
  10:31am R I S K Y:


___R I S K Y______________
  10:32am ?:

  10:33am Negator:

'Old Hank' seems to be stuck. Didn't he write this song in '82? Broken dumbass record...
  10:33am dood:

Will this song never end?
  10:33am Swami:

Ken. Why do you hate us? This is worse than the dentist!
  10:33am Negator:

'good lookin' dish'. Oh shit, I just busted a gut!
  10:34am bzul:

Reagardless of which breed gets thrown the big bone and takes the top dog oath, ohh, the many miilions of us will have to follow with plastic bags to pick up what they...create.
  10:34am chris:

hank jr is a dink
  10:35am Bzul:

  10:35am St.Even Denver:

The Hanks can be compared to the HOUSE movie series. House 2,much like Hank Jr.,was the comedic slapstick sequel that was trying to rip off Evil Dead.Not to be taken seriously..
  10:36am annie: emory
  10:37am Mark:

I think Biden should have asked for her plan if there was a dickfor
  10:39am Mark:

then what of Hank III?
  10:40am Adrian:

Yeah, I heard Laurie's listener hour. It was great, I rushed out and got a bowl cut. Great choice of Felt song, laurie.
  10:40am St.Even:

I actually haven't seen House 3
  10:41am ?:

Oh, I do miss Benny Hill.
  10:41am Carmichael:

Waxie's Dargle!!!
  10:41am Dickdong (UK):

1. You've started without me. When do your clocks change?
2. Come on then - what IS zupdog? Even google won't tell me.
3. Thanks for this (jew's harp) music Ken.
  10:42am Dan:

oh god yes, Jimmy Riddle!
  10:42am Parq:

Oh, the horror movie. For a moment I thought we were talking about that stupid doctor show. "Eeph" has changed my life.
  10:42am Carmichael:

And about 20 other songs ....
  10:43am Swami:

D. Boon! We miss you! We need you now morethan ever!
  10:44am Carmichael:

"Daniel" Boone? We certainly DO need him now. He was a biiiig maaannn ....
  10:45am Bad Ronald:

DD -
1. this sunday
2. it's a joke
3. Ken can handle that one
  10:45am DeBarge:

Ken, would it be wrong to do next week's show as a salute to McCain and Sarah regardless of the outcome?
  10:46am Mark:

1. Our clocks change November 2 at 2 am
2. Not much what zup with u?
  10:47am TTT:

How about a show on plain ol' power-mongers.

Lacking any sort of ethics, they'll move, moved and will move to where the powers be.

Snakes with snake oil to sell.
  10:48am Dickdong:

Thanks Bad and Mark, ah! I get it now!
It's Bugs Bunny.
I suppose it's sort of funny.
  10:49am Carmichael:

How about an hour each on Pinochet, Franco and Moe Howard??
  10:49am GP:

Missing a great show....C U R S E having to work and be away from desk.
  10:50am ume:

it will take a couple of months for the supreme court to give away the election, so, what to do on next week's show is a moot question
  10:50am Jrock:

wtf is this obama nonsense?
  10:50am panic tim:

todays show is damn brilliant. This is why I don't listen to any other radio station.
  10:50am Mark:

Come on Dickdong it's hilarious!
  10:51am Rob W:

Is it too late to join the Harris Feldman bandwagon?
  10:51am Carmichael:

Tou-friggin'-che ...
  10:51am Parq:

"Pinochet, Franco and Moe Howard" would make a good name for a band.
  10:52am Mark:

Pinochet, Franco and Moe Howard walked into a bar and said to the bartender...
  10:52am Carmichael:

Ken, you're mellowing my harsh.
  10:53am gigantor:

Amazing LIFE magazine cover from 2004. Now we know where he got the idea!
  10:53am Carmichael:

... They see a horse in the corner with a sign that says "$20.00 if youcan make me laugh."
  10:55am dc pat:

..."Give us some beer before trouble starts"
  10:55am Parq:

. . . So Pincohet says "Victor Jara was a shitty guitar player anyway." The horse just stares . . .
  10:57am Carmichael:

... and Franco says, "At least I don't think I don't eat guinea pigs, Augusto." The horse barely cracks a smile ....
  10:59am GP:

This Mc Cain animated .gif is freakin heelarious. I spewed my coffee onto my keyboard..thanks Ken.
  11:02am ?:

go to it's loaded
  11:02am Carmichael:

You mean there's MORE fun to be had with McCain?!?
  11:04am tim:

indeed, indeed
  11:07am Bad Ronald:

I like this one the best:
  11:09am R. P.:

Reinhold doesn't want to spend all day fixing your election.
  11:11am GP:

Now we just need to get him posing with LORDI or GWAR
  11:13am Bad Ronald:

thanks Ken - can't stop giggling like a school kid!
  11:14am GP:

I got it too Bad Ronald..I can't even go look at the site office already thinks I'm crazy no need to encourage them.
  11:15am Carmichael:

Why do Germans sound like Plains Indians?
  11:16am GP:

Carmichael, I don't know, why?
  11:18am Carmichel:

That was meant to rhetorically address the beginning section of "Am I Only Jesus"? Just typing out loud, I guess ...
  11:18am Gigantor:

I don't know, but Mel Brooks felt the same way. He had the indians in Blazing Saddles speaking German.
  11:19am Parq:

No, Gig, he had them speaking Yiddiush.
  11:19am Carmichael:

Great line, Gigantor: "Go ahead. Cop a walk ..."
  11:20am Parq:

"Yiddish", sorry, never post in haste. Get it? Post haste?
  11:21am God:

Ken, play fragments of sex.
  11:21am God:

  11:21am GP:

What does Larry want Ken?
  11:23am Carmichael:

For a minute, I thought this was Firesign Theater's "Toad Away".
  11:24am Gigantor:

Ech. You're right. Sorry. Why do people speaking Yiddish always sound like Plains Indians?
  11:25am Carmichael:

Because they're not necessarily German.
  11:27am Bad Ronald:

There were stormtroopers in Blazing Saddles...
  11:27am Laurie:

Your picture of the black metal suburban kids reminds me: I saw a picture of Wes Cage with his dad Nicholas Cage and Nicholas Cage's young girlfriend (wife? I don't know). He was wearing white cake makeup all over and got it all over his black clothes and boots. I laughed. It looks like he was either baking cookies or rolling around in a giant pile of coke before he left.

Fact: Wes Cage once sent this girl a message on mySpace telling her to check out his band because he, and I quote, "bring[s] the cold darkness of [his] viking roots." HE'S ITALIAN!!!!
  11:29am The Lgo Lady:

How am I supposed to get any work done with all this moaning??

Guess I'll have to go look at pron, insetad.
  11:30am Carmichael:

Maybe his mom wore pigtails and a horned helmet. I mean from several wives back ...
  11:31am Carmichael:

Now THERE'S a good band name: "pron insetad".
  11:32am Left Wing Liberal Media:

  11:33am Carmichael:

A cappella scat helium-induced Allman Brothers. My head just exploded, so I'll have to turn it up louder.
  11:34am Michael:

There is a legend that some of the Jews hired to play Indians back when they made a Western a week would use Yiddish when they were supposed to be speaking Injun. Presumably, the Sicilians, Greeks, and Armenians they also hired did the equivalent.

I've also seen 9but can't find) some source claiming that some of the few actual Indians they hired (rarely of the right tribe) would speak their traditional language, and use the opportunity to insult the lead actors.
  11:34am The Log Lady:

(needs to put on her reading glasses before posting, obviously)

I meant to misspell "pron" but certainly not "instead" OR my damn name, heh.
  11:36am ~L:

My kids listen to My Chemical Romance, so if Obama is not successful, they have a song you could play, 'Mama, we're all gonnna die!"
  11:36am Carmichael:

I was guessing "The Lego Lady" .... Who can think with all this noise???
  11:38am Carmichael:

Is it just me, or did this song just go from 30 1/3 to about 37 2/3?
  11:38am JCityJensen:

how about a photoshop contest
  11:39am nna:

Anybody else's stream stuck in a hilarious loop?
  11:40am Ken:

Carmichael -

Definitely you. I didn't do a thing, like adjust the speed faster or anyhing like that, if that's what you're thinking. That's just not something I do.
  11:40am GP:

It is now at 34 13/ me on this one.
  11:40am Bad Ronald:

heh heh log
  11:41am GP:

I read that LEGO Lady the first go round
  11:41am Laurie:

I would like a hand in my pocket, please.
  11:42am Parq:

. . . so Moe jabs Pinochet and Franco in the eyes with forked fingers and grabs the horse's nuts. The horse whinnies like Mister Ed on PCP. The bartender shrugs and lays out a double sawbuck.

(I know it's lame, but no one else stepped up to the plate and I didn't want to leave it unfinished.)
  11:42am Iver:

Barry Goldwater was a ham. K7UGA
  11:43am jeffrey dahmer:

mmm... hand...
  11:43am GP:

Got brass in pocket
  11:44am Mark:

It's well known that horses love slapstick comedy, especially the Three Stooges
  11:45am Mac:

There were Vikings (Normans) in Italy. They stopped in the southern spots on the way home from the Crusades. The locals headed for the hills thinking it was the Turks coming to do their annual pillage and rape date. Once they calmed down to feed and gave the Vikings wine. A few days later...the Turks did show up and again the villagers headed for the hills. The Normans however were happy to fight. Imagine the look on the poor short Turks' faces when they discovered tall screaming drunk Normans ready to do battle with 4 ft broadswords. After the battle...the local Italians invited the Vikings to stay and some did. This is why you find tall Blond Italians in the south of Italy today.
  11:46am Carmichael:

I believe you, Ken. I thought there may be an art statement in there somewhere.

You've confirmed many things about myself I've been suspecting.
  11:47am GP:

Mac, you mean like Fabio?
  11:48am Carmichael:

And Danny DeVito.
  11:49am ?:

Huh. I thought that was why Armenians were unusually fond of Germans dressed as Vikings and speaking Cherokee.
  11:49am Ghengis Jung:

Still conscious Ken?
  11:51am GP:

Why are those heads growing on that ladies feet? This is a serious condition methinks.
  11:51am howard zinn:

"When Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, ran for President in 1884, the general impression in the country was that he opposed the power of monopolies and corporations and that the Republican party, whose candidate was James Blaine, stood for the wealthy. But when Cleveland defeated Blaine, Jay Gould wired him: " I feel ... that the vast business interests of this country will be entirely safe in your hands" And he was right.
  11:52am Mac:

Has anybody seen Fabio wearing his horns? ...But in reality, I have a close Italian friend (who is 5ft 3 and very dark) and his wife (who is the same rough size and shade) have a son who is 6ft 3 and blond and pale (and a metalhead) So there you go.
  11:52am Dickdong:

Mac, that is interesting. Must be about 1000 years ago, which is about 35 generations. Now you've 2 parents and 4 grand parents, that's 3 generations. Go back 35 generations and you will find that you have about 30 billion direct ancestors. Either we are all related or we are terribly inbred.
  11:52am Laurie:

FYI: I love the kid who sings "Touch My Body"

You keep it up, kiddo.
  11:54am Cecile:

what's Harvey Feirstein doing on the radio?
  11:54am Sean Daily:

Probably last comment! Woo hoo!
  11:55am Mark:

maybe not Sean
  11:56am Mac:

Feel better Ken
  11:58am Dickdong:

Is it that time already?
Oh well...
.... next week.
  11:58am Bad Ronald:

heh heh DoKaKa!!
  11:59am Sean Daily:

Not... NOT CRICKS IN THEIR BACKS! Someone notify Jerry Lewis! Or maybe Jerry Lee Lewis!
  12:00pm Ike:

I'm worried that your unconscious is quite correct. Our only hope: Some Republicans are switching to Obama. Even some former loons. Maybe some of them have control of the electronic voting machines.
  12:00pm Parq:

As Jerry Lee Lewis would say, "Hey lady!"
  12:01pm Sean Daily:

Don't worry, Ken. Even if Obama's elected, you'll have PLENTY of fodder for your paranoia.
  12:02pm Mark:

Hey Sean you did get the last post, oops!
  12:02pm GP:

That mouth harp is amazingly in tune.
  12:02pm Ghengis Jung:

  12:03pm GP:

Well it least one of them was.
  12:03pm Ghengis Jung:

Mouth-guitar heroes!
  1:18pm Michael:

As Jerry Lee Lewis would say, "Hey lady! Are you over fourteen!?"
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