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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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September 22, 2008: DOwnloadable DO or DIY 2008 - Volume 1

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Gwilly Edmondez  Pugged In Funds   0:00:00 Pop‑up)
(with) Popcorn - The Discoteque Sound  Song Sung Blue   0:00:13 Pop‑up)
Bo Hein  Burmese Golden Drum   0:01:16 Pop‑up)
Bernie Green  Mister Peepers Theme   0:01:31 Pop‑up)
(and) Toecutter  Always and Never   0:02:24 Pop‑up)
(with) Bruce Broughton  Carnival Presto   0:02:35 Pop‑up)
(plus) Gwilly Edmondez  Pugged In Funds   0:02:48 Pop‑up)
(and fleetingly) Carl Stalling  Stupor Duck   0:02:56 Pop‑up)
Demis Roussos  Forever And Ever   0:03:05 Pop‑up)
(with) Nelson Riddle  Lolita Ya Ya   0:03:15 Pop‑up)
(then) various farts    0:03:27 Pop‑up)
Nelson Riddle  Lolita Ya Ya   0:03:37 Pop‑up)
(with) The Chipmunks  From Me To You   0:04:02 Pop‑up)
(and) Dick Mills  Major Bloodnok's Stomach   0:04:49 Pop‑up)
(then into) Demis Roussos  Forever And Ever   0:04:55 Pop‑up)
(plus) Dogs Barking In Kennel    0:06:20 Pop‑up)
(also) Various Impacts    0:06:23 Pop‑up)
(into) Copydex  The Burst Musician   0:06:44 Pop‑up)
(and) Fozzie Bear  Waka Waka   0:07:47 Pop‑up)
Copydex  The Burst Musician   0:07:57 Pop‑up)
Brian Jones Presents The Pipes Of Pan At Jajouka  War Song - Standing + One Half (Kain Oua Nos)   0:09:01 Pop‑up)
Pheugoo  Sympathy For The Warhols   0:09:32 Pop‑up)
Blanketship  Royal Ear   0:12:58 Pop‑up)
(into) Patsy Gallant  From New York To L.A.   0:13:50 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
The SDS All Stars 
Theme From A Summer Place   0:17:18 Pop‑up)
The Comedian Harmonists  Comedian Harmonist Waltz   0:21:49 Pop‑up)
(with) The Three Tendons  O Solo Mio   0:22:02 Pop‑up)
The Comedian Harmonists  Comedian Harmonist Waltz   0:22:54 Pop‑up)
(with) Deep in the Heart of Tuva  AudioTrack 01   0:23:21 Pop‑up)
(and) Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock  Lap Dog Rap Mix   0:24:13 Pop‑up)
Christian Bok  Ubu Hubbub   0:25:13 Pop‑up)
(with) Hukilau Hulas  The Cockeyed Mayor Of Kaunakakai   0:25:27 Pop‑up)
(and) Jivaro Indians  Social Dance Song   0:25:42 Pop‑up)
Primavera  Middelmann   0:26:35 Pop‑up)
(with) Arrigo Lora Tatino  Sconcerto   0:26:59 Pop‑up)
Brion Gysin  All Those Years   0:27:54 Pop‑up)
(into) Ian Murray  Keeping On Top Of The Top Song   0:28:39 Pop‑up)
Oleg Kostrow  Ein Kleines Bettlerliedchen   0:31:44 Pop‑up)
(and) Nihilist Spasm Band  United Nations   0:31:56 Pop‑up)
(plus) Inhuman Screams    0:33:56 Pop‑up)
(also) Runzelstirn And Gurglestock  Schimpfluch Gruppe - Aktion 910512   0:34:20 Pop‑up)
(with) Various Muppets singing    0:34:35 Pop‑up)
(as well as) Zatumba  Wichumbra   0:35:42 Pop‑up)
Ivor Cutler  I'm Happy   0:37:23 Pop‑up)
DJ Carhouse & MC Hellshit  Join The Hellshit Army   0:37:57 Pop‑up)
Ground Zero  Consume Mao   0:38:05 Pop‑up)
(into) Jackie Chan  Side A   0:39:20 Pop‑up)
(and) Anonymous Donors  Puff Daddy   0:39:31 Pop‑up)
(with) Carl Stalling  Bad Swiss Band   0:39:47 Pop‑up)
(also) Bruce Nauman  No No No No - New Museum   0:39:57 Pop‑up)
Puffy  Ai No Shirushi (Proof of Love)   0:40:11 Pop‑up)
(into) Nihilist Spasm Band  Going Too Far   0:40:28 Pop‑up)
(plus) Russian Immigrant  New York New York   0:41:02 Pop‑up)
Puffy  Ai No Shirushi (Proof of Love)   0:41:30 Pop‑up)
Music behind DJ:
Sds All-Stars 
Theme From A Summer Place   0:43:53 Pop‑up)
Princesse Rotative feat. Abigail Green  Dirrty (2007 version)   0:47:06 Pop‑up)
(with) Gwilly Edmondez  Funky Ombudsman   0:47:25 Pop‑up)
Gwilly Edmondez  Grievous Bodily Charm   0:47:42 Pop‑up)
(into) Copydex  Cash Price Champion   0:48:57 Pop‑up)
(with) Dave Soldier  Zebra Finches Playing Big Band Samples   0:49:50 Pop‑up)
Unknown Artist  O Nightingale   0:50:20 Pop‑up)
(with) 386DX  Smells Like Teen Spirit   0:50:47 Pop‑up)
McSleazy  Billie Spirit   0:52:03 Pop‑up)
(with) Negativland  Michael Jackson   0:52:39 Pop‑up)
(and) Unknown Artist  O Nightingale   0:52:48 Pop‑up)
McSleazy  Billie Spirit   0:53:17 Pop‑up)
(with) Negativland  Michael Jackson   0:53:31 Pop‑up)
(and) Unknown Artist  O Nightingale   0:53:45 Pop‑up)
McSleazy  Billie Spirit   0:53:57 Pop‑up)
This DO or DIY is now DOWNLOADABLE    0:55:01 Pop‑up)
at the WFMU blog, in 3 mins from now...    0:55:12 Pop‑up)
DO OR DOWNLOADABLE    0:55:55 Pop‑up)
AT THE WFMU BLOG...    0:56:02 Pop‑up)
IN 2 MINS...    0:56:07 Pop‑up)
DON'T OR DIY    0:57:11 Pop‑up)
ONE MORE WEEK LEFT...    0:57:17 Pop‑up)
GET OVER TO BLOG.WFMU.ORG    0:57:22 Pop‑up)
BARRY!!!!!  ARRRGHHH!!!!!   0:57:33 Pop‑up)
Barry Manilow  DARRARRAGHGGHGHHHHH!!!!!   0:57:48 Pop‑up)
Barry  HELELELEEPEPPPPPPP!!!!!   0:57:58 Pop‑up)
ok get over to blog.wfmu.org    0:58:15 Pop‑up)
http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2008/09/people-like-us.html    0:58:46 Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  7:03pm Vicki:

  7:03pm mr h:

first comment!
  7:03pm mr h:

not :(
  7:03pm Sean Daily:

Third comment! Woo hoo!
  7:04pm Vicki:

oh sorry
  7:04pm Vicki:

not :)
  7:05pm Doug of Canada:

7th comment!
  7:06pm Doug of Caada:

Your show should have a map ....
  7:06pm Vicki:

hello all! Pasterama here tonight
  7:07pm Vicki:

Yes an Oggle Map
  7:08pm Vicki:

in case you didn't notice, it's a Best of DO or DIY tonight, and next week too - downloadable after this show at the WFMU Blog, in album form with artwork and all
  7:09pm Doug:

... and t-shirts!
  7:09pm gromit:

glad 2 hear U in Ukraine!
  7:10pm Vicki:

greetings T-Shirt wearers everywhere!
  7:10pm mr h:

glader to hear u in california!
  7:11pm Vicki:

nice to see so many comments on my slippery slide into the world of Don't Or DIY :)
  7:12pm gromit:

our world is smaller than we think ;)
  7:13pm Vicki:

said the goldfish to the snail
  7:14pm Doug:

Hey Pheugoo ... must have this ...
  7:14pm mr h:

this is better than the rolling stones version!
  7:14pm vicki:

isn't it amazing how mashups can do that
  7:15pm Doug:

This one's right up there
  7:16pm Vicki:

all together now!!!!
  7:17pm mr h:

From ny to la!
  7:17pm Doug:

I'm singing, I'm singing ...
  7:18pm Mr Fab:

"Nelson Riddle
(then) various farts
Nelson Riddle
(with) The Chipmunks "

Ha ha, Do or DIY in a nutshell.

Thanks for another swell season, Vicki.
  7:18pm gromit:

from Ukraine 2 LA!!
  7:18pm Vicki:

i'm a star in ny... I'm a star in L.A!!! Oooh Oooh Ohh!
  7:19pm mr h:

good one gromit!
  7:19pm Vicki:

Ha ha, very true, Mr Fab
  7:21pm Vicki:

in between the TERROR and the DREAD
and the JETLAG
  7:24pm mr h:

live comeents!
  7:26pm gromit:

î ñîëëëÿ ìèèèîîî
  7:28pm mr h:

great song!!!!!!
  7:28pm gromit:

bazooka booom!
  7:29pm mr h:

and it just gets better!
  7:30pm gromit:

i have a stupid smile on my face %
  7:31pm mr h:

DO or DIY, questioning the exstence
w/ great backround music
  7:34pm mr h:

give the drummer some!
  7:34pm gromit:

nnnnnnice was that
  7:35pm Doug:

Youuuu neeed schooooolin .....
  7:35pm Vicki:

those who do not remember the paste are condemned to re-eat it
  7:36pm Doug:

or the pasta
  7:36pm Doug:

Those who do not remember the pasta are condemned to re-heat it ...
  7:37pm Vicki:

ha ha
  7:38pm mr h:

doug the prophet
  7:38pm gromit:

and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7:38pm Doug:

Sure, but not HA HA
  7:39pm Vicki:

  7:39pm gromit:

  7:40pm mr h:

he's happy he's happy
  7:40pm Doug:

I bet when you made that Muppets mix, you just sat back and smiled ...
  7:41pm Sean Daily:

  7:41pm gromit:

the will be blooood
  7:42pm Vicki:

that's the Muppets on youtube - go and search! Remarkable
  7:43pm Doug:

Ground Zero?
  7:43pm Vicki:

some is, yes
barely keeping up here
  7:44pm mr h:

this is the angry muppets
  7:44pm mr h:

  7:44pm Vicki:

Muppets For The New Millennium
  7:44pm gromit:

  7:44pm Doug:

They are like angry muppets ...
  7:47pm Vicki:

it's not at the blog until the top of the hour
  7:47pm mr h:

wat about comment archives?
  7:48pm Vicki:

I did that a while back - made a track out of all my mic breaks - check the fmu blog - it's called The Bits In Between
  7:49pm Doug:

Yeah, what about comments archives!?
  7:49pm mr h:

  7:50pm Doug:

I always wanted to mashup the show that was on after me ... (you know, from tapes of their shows).
  7:50pm Vicki:

I feel very secure with The Comment Archives.
  7:50pm Doug:

So, that it was like my show had ended, but actually it was still going ...
  7:50pm Sean Daily:

These Gwilly Edmondez songs make me very happy, Vicki.
  7:52pm Vicki:

They makes me happy too
This Copydex premiered on your show, eh Doug?
  7:53pm Doug:

You're always telling me things like that ... I'll take your word for it ...
  7:53pm Vicki:

  7:53pm Doug:

Oh wait ... I do remember that!
  7:54pm gromit:

yeah! let's some ROCK!!!
  7:55pm gromit:

wow!!! great mashup!!!
  7:56pm Ernest:

nice comeback of the nightingale!
  7:57pm agnesinn:

vicki, i just want to say thank you!
  7:57pm Vicki:

you're welcome!
  7:58pm mr h:

thanx Vicki!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7:58pm gromit:

it was nnnnnice
  7:59pm Vicki:

one more show after this... tune in next week for the last show
  7:59pm Vicki:

... also DOwnloaable next week...
  8:01pm Vicki:


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