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September 5, 2008 Favoriting
Get this, he was a community "organizer."
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Gene Ammons 

The Talk of the Town
(Listen: Pop-up)
Early Visions
(Chess 1948)
Hank Mobley  Old World, New Imports   Favoriting No Room For Squares
(Blue Note 1963)

B.A.M.   Favoriting Home!
(Milestone 1969)
Roy Brooks  Soulin'   Favoriting Beat
(Workshop Jazz 1963)

Talkover Music:
Dave Pike 
Mathar   Favoriting Untouchable Outcaste Beats, Volume 1
(Outcaste 1969)

Dúo Spirituano 

Yo Se lo Decia
(Listen: Pop-up)
Dúo Spirituano de Evelio Rodríguez
(Tumbao )
Willie Bobo  He's That Way   Favoriting Do That Thing
(Tico 1963)
Ismael Rivera y Sus Cachimbos  El Nazareno   Favoriting Traigo de Todo
(Tico 1974)
La Banda del Paraiso  No Quiero Perder Mi Fe   Favoriting

La Banda del

(Idem 1973)
Los york's  Abrazame Baby   Favoriting Los York's 68
(Mag 1968)
Sachos  La Realidad   Favoriting Love, Peace, and Poetry:
Chilean Psychedelic Music
(Normal 1973)

Talkover Music:
Marc Ribot 
Postizo   Favoriting Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos
(Warner Bros. 1998)

Bob Atcher 

The Warm Red Wine
(Listen: Pop-up)
The Golden Age of
Bob Atcher & Bonnie Blue Eyes
(Cattle Compact 1949)
Harold Bruce & His Rhythm Five  Spin the Wheel   Favoriting Khoury's and Lyric Hillbilly
(HBR ca. 1958)
Jimmy Haggett  Without You   Favoriting Tank Town Boogie
(Collector 1958)
Loretta Lynn  Legend in My Mind   Favoriting Entertainer of the Year
(MCA 1973)

Dillard & Clark
She Darked the Sun   Favoriting The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark
(Water 1968)
Rex Allen Jr.  Push to the Ground   Favoriting Today's Generation
(Omni 1970)
Vernon Wray  God Is Color Blind   Favoriting Wasted
(Vermillion 1972)

Talkover Music:
Augustus Pablo 
Drums to the King   Favoriting Blowing With the Wind
(Shanachie 1978)

Ikenga Super Stars of Africa 

Men of Today
(Listen: Pop-up)
Peace Movement Social Club
(Soul Poster 1976)
Horoya Band  N'Banlassouro   Favoriting Paya-Paya
(Dakar Sound 1969)
Kokoro (Benjamin Aderaunmu)  Baba Mimo   Favoriting Miliki Music: Society Sounds of '60s Lagos
(Mulatta 2008)
Orchestre Regional de Mopti  Rècital (Sèkou Amadou)   Favoriting Mali Music: Legendary Bands of Mali
(Stern's 1970)
Picoby Dance Band D'Abomey  Mi Ma Kpe Dji   Favoriting

African Scream Contest:
Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds
From Benin & Togo '70s

(Analog Africa 1976)

Talkover Music:
Ramon   Favoriting The Solid Sounds of the 8-Piece Brotherhood
(Manteca 1999)

Chris Kenner 

Johnny Little
(Listen: Pop-up)
I Like It Like That
(Charly R&B 1962)

A Nice Place to Visit   Favoriting Cheaters Never Win:
The Quinvy Sessions From Muscle Shoals
(Soulscape 1968)
Harold Burrage  Mr. Window   Favoriting The Pioneer of Chicago Soul
(One-derful )
Artie Golden  Bad Habits   Favoriting Get Back Up Again, Volume 1
(Gyro ca. 1968)
Lee Rogers  I Want You to Have Everything   Favoriting Sock Some Love Power To Me:
Rare Detroit Soul 1963-1970
(Soul-Tay-Shus 1965)
Little Charles & the Sidewinders  Nobody Knows   Favoriting Twice as Much For My Baby
(Soul-Tay-Shus 1971)

Talkover Music:
The Wooden Glass feat. Billy Wooten 
Monkey Hips & Rice   Favoriting Recorded Live Featuring Billy Wooten
(Interim 1972)

Kevin Ayers 

This Song Isn't
Called Anything
(Listen: Pop-up)

What More Can I Say...

(Reel Recordings 1970s)
Markley  Sarah the Sad Spirit   Favoriting A Group
(Forward/Acid Symposium 1969)
Gordon Jackson  My Ship, My Star   Favoriting Thinking Back
(Sunbeam 1969)
July  My CLown   Favoriting July
(Major Minor 1968)
13th Floor Elevators  Postures (Leave Your Body Behind)   Favoriting Easter Everywhere
(International Artists 1967)

Talkover Music:
Hey Mr Bundle   Favoriting Make New Friends
(Tru Thoughts 2004)

Marion Brown
Juba-Lee   Favoriting Juba Lee
(Fontana 1966)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:04am PG:

Top of the morning to you Doug. Hello listeners. It's gonna be a great one today.
  9:08am gumby:

Horn love right off the bat, NICE! That McCain really looked like a creepy Max Headroom with that plain backdrop behind him.
  9:10am Paul Sherratt:

I think I've timed that coffee just right ... or left.
Good morning, afternoon, evening, to music lovers everywhere.

Yes, even there!
  9:11am gumby:

Hey Obama should call his campaign The Turnaround then he could play the Hank Mobley record all the time while he's speaking.
  9:11am GP:

A palindromic morning to PG....this could get confusing.
And another thanks for the horns Doug! Morning all.
  9:17am annie:

pop quiz... second cup or first cup of coffe, which is tastier?
  9:17am El Thatchmo:

El T. ,chillin' in the hizzie, burnin' trees and cookin' eggs. Give me some more on a late summer's day!
  9:19am Parq:

First cup, second or third sip.
  9:19am dc pat:

I'll go w/ Parq--first cup... just like the first beer after work.
  9:20am annie:

  9:20am Doug:

I rarely start the show with longerish cuts, so I have the time to bang out: MORNING Y'ALL!

OK, back to the Select-O-Matic...
  9:21am annie:

raising my second tasty cuppa at ya doug..
  9:21am Paul Sherratt:

From a distance ( don't worry I'm not going start singing ) I get the feeling that an act of cleansing is taking place.
  9:23am Bad Ronald:

Morning folks!

Each beer gets progressively tastier than the previous...
  9:24am annie:

see, the first beer after working in the garden is the tastiest..
  9:29am GUMBY:

Whoaa caps lock. I vote fo rthe third beer or third cup of coffee because those are the ones that start to make the nonsense disappear.
  9:30am gumby:

Although this 4th horn love song, is just the trick on this fine morning.
  9:30am dc pat:

there's something about a first sip that replenishes the soul
  9:31am annie:

it's the reassurance that life is indeed good..
  9:33am GP:

A beer that I can't get here, but terribly miss is
Yuengling, funny name, but a great beer to drink after a hot day working in the yard or garden.
  9:35am El Thatchmo:

My revolution has been decaffeinated for years, so I shan't vote. Does that make me square? I know not yet.
  9:35am PG:

I get confused because I never know quite when to switch from the coffee to the beer. I know there's the noon rule but that seems arbitrary, frankly.
  9:35am annie:

black and tan for me, yuengling is my son's fave
  9:35am gumby:

Yeungling says they are the oldest operating brewery in US. Where is here GP?
  9:35am GP:

Doug, more Sitar please!!
  9:36am GP:

Gumby, the land of Shiner Bock...Texas
  9:38am Bad Ronald:

Yes, the Yuengling Back and Tans are tasty!
  9:38am ? Texas Songwriter:

"There's a girl in her barefeet, asleep in the backseat and the trunk is full of Shiner Bock & Lone Star."
  9:39am annie:

is that a james mcmurtry line? i love his songs..
  9:41am GP:

Robert Earl Keen nut I don't know if originally wrote it.
  9:41am gumby:

Hey Annie, do they still have Utica Club? beer up there in upstate NY?
  9:42am GP:

< but I don't know if he originally wrote it>

Sheesh..need to remember the editor
  9:42am annie:

oh yeah... and genesee too
  9:43am GP:

I tried some Genesee Cream Ale and liked it
  9:43am annie:

we have ommegang brewery here and boy are the beers great
  9:44am Bad Ronald:

Newcastle Brown!
  9:44am gumby:

Rutger's Pub (1980) = 64 oz pitchers of Genny Cream for $1.75 from 8-9 everynight. WHOOO-HOOO! It's a miracle I graduated.
  9:45am Bad Ronald:

The Dog
  9:45am annie:

when i buy beer, which is rare, i get the saranac mix six-pack. and henry weinhart's private reserve!!
  9:46am Paul Sherratt:

Those words are by a pal, Terry Allen, one of the finest etc etc.
  9:47am annie:

thanks paul...
  9:47am gumby:

That's right, on the live album. Robert Earl Keen says "this is a Terry Allen song" Gringo Honeymoon by Robert Earl Keen may be the greatest song ever written. (In my not so humble opinion)
  9:51am GP:

Saw Robert Earl Keen at the Rodeo in Houston..He was the only artist that the real cowboys, girls, stayed around to listen to. Even though the sound was terrible, it was one of the most energetic concerts I have been to.
  9:52am annie:

can i find him in pandora?
  9:55am PG:

Oh, Los Yorks are amazing.
  9:56am gumby:

I too heart this Los Yorks sonic breakdown.
  9:57am GP:

Don't know..might have to search on it. I can't listen to very much at the office..WFMU still sneaks in under the radar...Thank you stealth technology; who knew FMU was so advanced)
  9:58am annie:

i'll check it out when i have time.. perhaps it means making a new station for cowboy songs..
  10:00am gumby:

I don't know if Texas is even big enough for all the great songwriters they have there. Must be something in the water. BR Newcastle is tasty, wish I had one now.
  10:00am GP:

Wonderful set here Doug...this Sachos song is nice.

10-4 on that Annie..REK is really more of a Texas singer than anything else, not really considered mainstream country. One of his college roomates iand still best friend is Lyle Lovett.
  10:01am stingy d:

utica club definitely exists!
  10:02am annie:

way cool.. just found rek on youtube.. will definitely make a station for that genre
  10:03am Bad Ronald:

Me too Gumby! (Homer Simpson drool gurgle sound)
  10:03am stingy d:

do you guys know the utica club natural carbonation band?
  10:04am annie:

unheard of in my realm..
  10:04am Paul Sherratt:

Short Public Service Announcement.
That Terry Allen song, " Amarillo Highway " is off the remarkable ( understates..) album " Lubbock On Everything " available, still, on your Sugar Hill Records.
  10:04am gumby:

My dad would always stop in a little butcher shop in Phonecia to get his Utica Club on the way to my uncles trailer in Lanesville in the Catskills. Ah the mountains and rivers of my youth were neverending Gary Snyderesque. Thank You all for bringing that back to me.
  10:05am Parq:

Doug, I prefer to think of FMU as the oddball, uncooperative neighbor who all the "nice" people on the block wish would move.
  10:05am PG:

The great thing and the troubling thing about Doug's show is that one feels compelled to buy everything played which one does not yet own.

"Lubbock on Everything" is a masterpiece.
  10:06am annie:

gumby, i love it up here and travel to the hudson as often as possible.. perhaps i'll move ther for real sometime.
  10:07am annie:

hey doug how about jerry jeff?
  10:09am stingy d:

if you scroll down you can hear the utica club natural carbonation band sing "utica club natural carbonation band beer song"

looks like you can download it too.
  10:10am stu:

whi is everyone on the station ignoring Jerry Reid, who died earlier this week? how disappointing...
  10:10am stingy d:

i grewed up in utica.
  10:10am GP:

Gumby, you just set the opening scene for a novel or a movie with that descirption. i can smell the sawdust on the floor of that butcher shop. true that is. If I could afford every artist I bookmarked.....I'd need to be running a hedge fund or something!

Stingy cool is that, reminds of the NuGrape stuff.
  10:11am gumby:

Joe had a whole johnboatload of Jerry Reed yesterday on Three Chord. It was wonderful.
  10:12am stingy d:

ther'e also a ton of utica club beer commercials with shucltz and dooley on youtube that are pretty wacky and worth a look.
  10:12am annie:

stingy, i'm in oneonta.. been my home since i was a teen..
  10:12am stingy d:

  10:13am Bad Ronald:

Yeah Joe B rose to occasion!
  10:13am stu:

hey gumby - thanks for the jerry reid info
  10:14am stingy d:

sure the oneonta yankees... buncha rapscallions
i'm in brooklyn nowadays
  10:15am annie:

word up. bad news... it's the oneonta tigers now and the naders are thinking of seeling once again.. even after all the work done on damasche field
  10:16am gumby:

Hey stu - when I'm hot, I'm hot, when I'm not, I'm not and you said, thanks a lot.
  10:19am stingy d:

i like tigers better than yankees...
the utica blue sox however completely cease to exist. same goes for the utica devils.
  10:20am annie:

i have always liked the minors anyway. they play for playing not for money
  10:22am GOD:

You tell 'em Vernon!
  10:23am stingy d:

i dunno... i don't really think much of baseball, i like minor league logos and team names better, i am a basketball looney.
  10:24am PG:

Agreed Annie, the minors are a whole lot of fun, but I think it's a little simple to say Major Leaguers are only in it for the money. I mean, they do LOVE playin.
  10:25am annie:

yeah, you're right... i just wish the money did less talking..
  10:27am GP:

Word up Doug...I know it is cliche, but the saying "What would Jesus Do" is probably the EXACT opposite of a foaming at the mouth hate speech (c.f. Rudy Guliani).
  10:28am PG:

It's a conundrum, Annie, because I think free agency is a good thing for players, but it does lead to bloated salaries.
  10:28am annie:

it disturbed me to hear them spew such hate and derision..and it gets bitten hook, line and sinker by the conservative right.
  10:29am gumby:

For all there rap about God. It seems many of these politicians think they are it. (Is God an it or a he/she, I'm not too good at the religion nomenclature)
  10:29am stingy d:

porfessional sports players, make a pittance compared to the owners. but without the players the owners have nothing. its give and take.
  10:30am annie:

pg- word
  10:31am annie:

nonethe less, i love to hear the sound of the ballfield on my way home from work.. very small-town stuff...
  10:32am PG:

Whatever they're paying Doug he deserves to have his salary doubled.
  10:32am GP:

Annie how do you say the name of your town,
is is One ( like the number 1) -onta, or is it
like Owne ( as in Own) - onta, or niether?

Ball field sounds = great small town
  10:33am stingy d:

i recently got an african scream contest record. its pretty boss. more fuzzy than this. just freely associating.
  10:33am PG:

Saw the Oneonta Tigers last week. Cyclones defeated 'em!
  10:34am annie:

i used to have a delivery driver on friday afternoons for whom i played billy jam. he rocked getting the stuff off the truck..
pg- the season is alomost over right?
  10:34am gumby:

minor league baseball is a great way to stay connected with the game. Nice imagry raised there Annie,
Doug is the Babe Ruth of the airwaves!
  10:35am annie:

(holding off til the very last second the last sip of coffee. )
  10:36am Bad Ronald:

Own -E-on-ta
  10:36am annie:

gp.... yeah what BR said...
  10:37am annie:

slap dah on the side of the susquehanna
  10:38am Bad Ronald:

Slowly I turned step by step...
  10:38am PG:

Yeah, I think short season A ends this weekend.
  10:39am annie:

the team stays here in town and they are such nice guys...
  10:40am GP:

10-4..having a hard time with the Indian names...we have a lot of German place name here that do weird things with final vowels and such and also some Spanish names that are confusing to some. Sometimes it it the only way to tell if someone is from there by the way they pronounce the name of the place.
  10:41am Bad Ronald:

like Houston TX vs Houston St.
  10:41am annie:

well, the natives let you know right quickly how to pronounce it...
  10:43am stingy d:

the dummy locals in utica pronounce "rutger street" as RUCK-TER STREAK ??
and everything they say is a question
  10:43am Doug:

Gumby, I'd be happy if people thought of me as the Eddie Murray of the airwaves.
  10:43am stingy d:

and this ochestrea regional de mopti recital is supreme!
  10:44am annie:

i love this city name: skaneateles
  10:45am stingy d:

you 're the terry pendleton of hits!
  10:45am gumby:

Doug - For your longevity, consistency and unflappability?
  10:46am PG:

Doug is the Don Johnson of FMU.
  10:47am stingy d:

doug is the hot tamale of street vendors!
  10:50am GP:

Don't even want to try that one Annie! We have Bexar county which is actually pronounced BEAR, but I love it when say watching the Weather Channel they say BEXAR.
  10:52am gumby:

GP Do you have big square headed cowboys named Otto down there, like Steve Earle said?
  10:53am gumby:

Doug you be the Eddie Murray of the airwaves and I'll be the Barry Bonds of the posts, all doped up and full of myself.
  10:53am annie:

and i have heard three versions of this one:
wilkes barre.
  10:54am Bad Ronald:

All my exes live in Texas but my bitches live in East Moriches!
  10:55am Bad Ronald:

Bryn Mawr
  10:57am stingy d:

gumby - you seem to me more of a sammy sosa...
i'm the don maclean of this shit tho.

(MacLean tested positive for steroids in 2000, although Charles Barkley came to his defense, saying, "I've seen Don MacLean naked, and he doesn't use steroids.")
  10:57am Parq:

Ooh, Gumby, can I be Marty Feldman, can I, can I?
  10:58am annie:

PG-almost time to switch to beer... closing in the witching hour..
  10:59am GP:

Gumby..Got the Ford F-150 truckload full, Bad Ronald as John Daly says "All my exes wear Rolexes" ...and all I got is this lousy Timex.
  11:01am tt:

What do steroids have to do with American Pie?
  11:01am ?:

Pass me a tissue... sob sob
  11:02am Jack:

re:minor league baseball
Last night finished reading "Brittle Innings" a novel by Michael Bishop. Minor league baseball in the 1940's, and the first baseman is Frankenstein. Seriously! A great book.
  11:03am annie:

(writing that down)
  11:05am PG:

Oh god, I can almost taste that first beer!
  11:06am gumby:

Thanks stingy Sammy is more poetic somehow.. Parq you can be who you want that's the beauty of the posts.
  11:06am annie:

thyey call 'em elevensies... i got my wine glass ready..
  11:06am Bad Ronald:

You folks are killin me - I gotta wait till I get outta work to start with the hops!
  11:08am bzul:

Sometimes I leave a radio on in this room even while the computer's serving nutritious free-form food. For some reason a little while ago, Lou Rawls "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" in a random mash-up with Orchestre Regional de Mopti...was swell! That is all.
  11:09am wkrp:

this is radio swill
  11:10am Parq:

Bzul, and you can still concentrate on your work? Y'gotta stronger mind than mine, champ.
  11:13am annie:

i gotta get some room cleaning done here and move furniture.. have to stop every few seconds to read the posts.. .... positioning the monitor to the part of the room i'm in..
  11:13am gumby:

Killer set Doug, but work calls. See ya's on the flip side!
  11:18am Clear Channel Corporation:

You know what WFMU needs...MORE, no, make that some commercials to start with. That would be so nice. We also have these , how do the kids say it these days, killer, play lists that are sure to be a hit with your listening audience. Relax and let us take care of everything.
  11:22am stingy d:

  11:22am d.gilmour:

please follow this with Syd Barrett.
  11:28am PG:

Sorry Doug, missed the bit about the Ayers collection. Is that from a new collection?
  11:29am bzul:

Parq - If leaning with an unnatural twist toward this music source and then t' other, head cocked, ears twitchin', eyebrows rising and falling, jaw half-slack/half-grinning is still concentrating on my work...but I've done this surgery seven or eight times times before -- this guy'll by okay, I think.
Mighta dropped a stitch when Andy Williams (Music to Watch Girls By) volleyed with Little Charles & the Sidewinders.
  11:34am annie:

re: oneonta tigers- little anectode about the boys of summer .. a collection of wandering radio nuts roaming the country following minor league base ball. they came into town and walked into my store asking if i had onions for hotdogs. it seems that the ballfieold didn't serve chopped onions with their hotdogs!! so i pulled an onion out chopped it up and zipped it in a bag, off they went.. happy.. small bit on the radio a few weeks later about that.. what fun..
  11:36am stingy d:

coney island is officially gone this weekend.
  11:36am d.johnston:

that freaky jug playing...
  11:36am Doug:

PG, there are a couple of new KA release coming out. One is a multi-disc anthology called "Songs for Insane Times." The other is a collection of unreleased private tapes called "What More Can I Say..." on Reel Recordings out of Dundas, Ontario. The track I played came from the second collection. Looky here:
  11:38am Brian Sanders:

Roky Erickson is playing Austen City Limits later this month. Would you Adam & Eve it!
  11:40am Bob:

13th Floor Elevator fans, don't miss this YouTube clip of them lip-synching at a pool party:
  11:40am d.johnston:

"You're gonna Miss Me" is a great documentary...
  11:45am GP:

Stingy, Good riddence, now at least they have room for some more condos which we all know are sorely lacking..
; )...ahem...well, at least that is the idea of planning in my town..and it totally sucks. Coney island is one place that I really wanted to see. I bought some Nathan's Finest hot dogs over the weekend on the recommendation of a co-worker..they were excellent but would have really liked to try them in their native environment.
  11:48am Parq:

>>but I've done this surgery seven or eight times times before -- this guy'll by okay, I think.<<

Two points, Bz!
  11:55am stingy d:

i prefer grey's hot dogs

but don't go to grey's on the upper west side like... 85th street somehwere.. they charge TAX!!! unforgiveable... don't even have a recession special!
  6:33am Richard D:

Chris Kenner singing Johnny Little is great. Thanks, Doug.
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