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The program formerly known as Seven Second Delay, and The Happiness Hut. Ken and Andy, also known as The Enema Boys, further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards on a weekly basis. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 30, 2008: Text To Speech

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Ken and Andy  Seven Second Delay   Options

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Listener comments!

  6:01pm Sean Daily:

First comment! Woo hoo!
  6:11pm C:

This system discriminates against senior citizens!!
  6:11pm Woody J:

I want to hear my name on the radio!!
  6:11pm Pivi:

I cant believe I got thru!
  6:11pm patrick:

where is the secret santa swag?
  6:12pm Blake Wallington:

How did Andy become successful after the flop that is "Rat Race"? How does one rebound from a career failure?
  6:12pm patrick:

ken how do i start my own pirate radio station?
  6:12pm Jefrey Bauman:

MY QUESTION: Andy: What's Tom Scharpling's Salary?
  6:13pm Randy:

Andy, what is the best way to get a TV spec script read?
  6:14pm christopher:

this has been bothering me all week: how can Andy have NEVER heard of Sonic Youth. You would think after living in the nyc area for the past few decades, he would have seen their name on a poster or in the paper at least once.

my theory is that when your ego is at level his is, you block out any information that does not pertain to you or your interests.
  6:14pm brock:

For Andy: How does one get an unsolicited script read?

For Ken: What's the total storage space of the archives?
  6:14pm Tor Hershman:

Hey, Andy, should I go back to moi's toilet cleaning gig after moi's massive heart attack and quintuple by-pass?

Stay on groovin' safari,
  6:14pm Greg G:

To Andy,

How much of your real life seeps into your writing, especially on Monk? Is your life full of people getting murdered and missing like on the show?
  6:14pm Andy in Berlin:

As a fifth Beatle, Andrea would be Murray the K
  6:15pm patrick:

speaking of scharpling, how does it feel to be the least talented of the two of you?
  6:15pm DADDYBIGS:

  6:16pm c.o'd:

How can I get a copy of 'Hot Hero Sandwich' show . Is that really you ,Andy, occasionally fronting the 'Hot Hero' band ? How come you have a lisp now ? I loved that show.
  6:16pm joe:

Did you ever pitch a movie in the wayne d.m.v.?? I think i saw you,,, because, later that day i heard the same guys voice on the radio,,, hence,,, I rediscovered 7secondelay that day.. (your show was ripping off the audio of an unreleased movie)
  6:17pm Fred:

Hey Andy, what do you think of Tom's show?
  6:17pm Brian in OR:

Ken: our local college / community freeform station is floundering, including mostly an automated dj program (Simian, programmed by the program director). The student staff seems mostly to do nothing. What are the minimal, crucial staff positions (must be students) necessary make a successful station?
  6:18pm CB:


  6:18pm C:

This is for Ken: Who is Miss Buxley? Why won't you answer her emails from last week? Is she a problem commentor?
  6:19pm WOO:

i forbid you from losing the will to live.
  6:19pm Laurie:

Andy, how does one develop such horrible taste in music? Is it innate? Or did it stem from your past as a singer/songwriter touring with Don McLean?
  6:20pm Anon:

Ken, ask Andrea if she is writing these questions.
  6:20pm rip:

I thought you guys was gonna nswer with also text to speech which would make it more interestingandy especially so why not this wway?
  6:20pm christopher:

H0w 1mp0r74n7 15 17 70 h4v3 wr1773n f0r 7h3 H4rv4rd |4mp00n wh3n 7ry1n6 70 47741n 4 p051710n 1n 7h3 N3w Y0rk c0m3dy w0r|d?
  6:20pm Randy:

Andy, I'm a filmmaker who is not making any money, and it's making my girlfriend very unhappy. what should i do?
  6:21pm Tim:

Andy, will you please sing you favorite Super Sonic Rascals song?
  6:21pm Betsy from DC:

To Ken,

Do you actually sit around with Andy and plan theme ideas for these shows, or do brainstorm 35 seconds before show time?
  6:21pm charis Conn:

Ken, How do you stay so super hot?
  6:21pm t:

abcdefghijklmonpqrstuvwxy and z
  6:21pm D:


Have you ever considered canceling seven second delay?
  6:21pm Jason:

Ken, now that Randi Rhodes is gone, how would you save Air America radio ?
  6:22pm Pivi:

Betsy: That sounds about right! :P
  6:22pm jon:

Ken: are there jobs in radio where I can use my audio editing skills?
  6:23pm Tim:

Andy: Could you help me negotiate my facebook account?
  6:23pm Mr X:

What is the meaning of life?
  6:23pm Peter:

Ken, do you like the sound of my feminine mechanical robot voice, despite the fact that I am a man?
  6:23pm broadway bill:

which is better candide or rent?
  6:24pm Former SSD Intern Patrick:

I am stuck in a miserable job. I need out, but I have no skills. My baby's momma left me. She takes all my money. What am I to do? Open for Don McLean?
  6:24pm Raj:

Andy, did you write the Saturday Night Live sketch with Phil Hartman as the frustrated Broadway actor currently playing in the King and I, overshadowed by the brilliance of Yul Brynner?
If you did, that is enough for you to gain my respect!
  6:25pm Pivi:

Is there a place for me and my 3D grapich skills on the radio?
  6:25pm jt:

Ken: what should you NOT do?
  6:26pm Don McLean:

Andy, which is more comfortable to swim in? A pool full of gold dubloons or a pool full of dollar bills?
  6:26pm Randy:

Andy, how do I get a writing agent?
  6:26pm vinh!:

Andy: What's the big'ol deal, rather, the long and short story with hatin' on Don Mclean anyhow? And have you ever considered writing him into an episode of Monk? And if so how?
  6:26pm Chet Bizzaro:

How can i keep up with the younger kids in my field who are more tech saavy?
  6:26pm Krystal:

Ken and Andy,

I feel trapped in my job as an automated robot reader. There's no room for free expression or anything. What should I do? Plus I have no money and no royalties agreement. What should I do??
  6:26pm Tim:

Andy, how do I submit script ideas for Monk?
  6:26pm Richard:

Did WFMU have to pay the FCC for the inappropriate word uttered during the water boarding? If not, how did the station get out of it?
  6:26pm hannah:

Great show!! How do you make it so great!!
  6:27pm Former SSD Intern Patrick:

I like the idea of answering in computer voice. Brilliant.
  6:27pm ?:

  6:27pm daddybigs:

  6:28pm brock:

Ken and Andy, what is your favorite new york or new jersey street food?
  6:28pm RE:

Is it worth refinancing to get rid of my HELOC and ARM if I might sell the property in the next few months?
  6:28pm JT:

Andy, How would you go about acquiring the thespian services of a Schwarzenegger or a Jan-Claude Van Damme for a film noir, or if this is not feasible, Steve Buscemi.
  6:28pm joe:

pick a question by random... ...
  6:28pm ?:

andy, why do insist on parking on the street and not in the wfmu parking lot. are you afraid of your car catching some hippie disease
  6:29pm Betsy:

I can't decide between becoming a rich millionaire DJ like Ken or a poor starving artist type writer like Andy or staying in the Hare Krisna temple making flower garlands? Which is the better career move for a sound financial future?
  6:29pm John:

Ken and Andy: Do you ever feel like you're just faking it?
  6:29pm joe:

theese are GREAT!!!
  6:29pm SueB:

hahah hippie didease!
  6:29pm bob:

I love the show. I can't believe I got through. Can I tell you a long story?
  6:30pm Some_Guy:

Of the three main candidates Clinton, Obama and McCain, which would most aversely affect WFMU's fortunes? Which would have the most positive effect?
  6:30pm bill:

  6:30pm Tim:

Ken, if you were not involved in WFMU, what other career would you have and why?
  6:30pm joerg:

ken whe is dat NYC booster antennea getting installed? -listener joerg
  6:31pm ducky chuck:

I hear there is a lot of money in kicking cats, is this true?
  6:31pm SueB:

I am a print designer. Should I take out a loan to take a web design certificate?
  6:31pm T:

Ken, what do you think of the McCain girls?
  6:31pm SueB:

I am a print designer. Should I take out a loan to take a web design certificate course?
  6:31pm Peter K.:

Not a question, just a clarification: Air America did not get rid of Lionel. WWRL, the New York Air America outlet, did. He's still on Air America and can still be heard daily on their website. He's just not on in New York anymore.
  6:32pm Richard:

What would happen to WFMU if Andy acted as Station Manager for a week?
  6:32pm ?:

Here's my show idea: Antiques Roadshow bloopers. Sometimes, they must drop those things
  6:33pm No TV:

OK. Here's my Monk pitch: Monk is sent to Mexico to investigate the strange case of a young man who drowned&#8230; in mid-air during a parachute drop.
  6:34pm alan:

Het guys i am from Peru and you should call somebody to transmit shows outside US h.. a lot of people listen to you ourside US by internet-- and we have amazing music here-- come guys-- be open mind!!!!
  6:34pm ?:

Here's my second bloopers show idea: Stripper Bloopers. Nobody is born knowing how to slide down a pole like that
  6:34pm agent hoopz:

why IS ken so full of hate? and why is andy so full of love?
  6:35pm Tim:

Here is a seven second delay idea: alternative travel route ideas to anything Rick Steves suggests.
  6:35pm Former SSD Intern Patrick:

My show idea is here - Make Andy be the call screener and let the call screener Bob be the co-host.
  6:35pm Dave:

Program idea. Number one hit from every time zone
  6:36pm Greg from DC:

You can do a show where Andy acts and talks like Ken and Ken acts and talks like Andy, while asking listeners to call in questions to certain themes that keep changing every 5 minutes.
  6:36pm Perry Wallace:

An idea for Seven Second Delay: Do the whole show with a seven second echo.
  6:36pm C:

Would you ever consider having Monk solve a murder in the WFMU studio?
  6:37pm VA:

SSD show idea: steal scharpling's last show idea.
  6:37pm Kevin:

Show pitch: What if you got listeners with Netflix to list their queue and you guys critique it?
  6:37pm Sean Daily:

Andy: Can you have more shows where DJ's team up? You had shows like that during the marathon, and they were some of the best you've had.
  6:37pm o:

  6:37pm Sean Daily:

That was for Ken, actually.
  6:38pm sloane:

How about a show of English teachers reading student papers that suck?
  6:38pm Richard:

If they made a movie out of Seven Second Delay, what actors would you like to play you?
  6:38pm Barry:

Maybe if you guys took more than 7 seconds to prepare for the show it would be entertaining.
  6:38pm anonymous:

Show Pitch: What if you tried to get on the air of another radio station again except did some research beforehand and focused on college stations?
  6:38pm Listener Rudy:

I refuse to rent Rat Race. But perhaps you could do an episode of Seven Second Delay where we all listen to the sound track of Rat Race, and the two of you, and callers, comment on the action live.
  6:39pm Former SSD Intern Patrick:

The playlist screener needs to open up her net. There's plenty of good comments posted.
  6:39pm Tim:

Idea for Seven Second Delay show: Three weeks of consecutive shows with diminishing preproduction. First show gets one hour of preproduction. Second show gets 30 minutes of preproduction. Third show gets 5 minutes. Call it an experiment.
  6:39pm ?:

Future trainwreck idea: Do a musical theater show. Everything has to be sung.
  6:39pm beth:

I'm an English teacher! I can gather some bad papers for sloane's show idea! that's a good one!
  6:39pm ANGE:

Are you guys really upset about my net?
  6:40pm joerg:

how about transcripting your show and having Andy read by German Reiner and Ken read by UK Audrey
  6:40pm anon:

Andy, Amy Sedaris was on Monk, so you know her. How about a Seven Second Delay where you try to get me a date with Amy Sedaris?
  6:40pm ?:

  6:40pm Raj:

Give Ken and Andy the three hour Best Show timeslot.
  6:40pm Paul:

You could spend a show looking through a CCTV camera online in New Jersey and guide listeners to the location when you hide 20 bucks.
  6:40pm ?:

  6:40pm t:

dear ken and andy,
the next dvds in my netflix queue are king corn, freaks & geeks disc 4, dexter season 1 disc 3, and transylvania 6-5000. what do you think?
  6:41pm ?:

Have Ken and Andy defend opposing positions on great issues (democracy vs. dictatorship, capitalism vs. socialism, Columbo vs. Quincy) while listeners phone in questions for either side
  6:41pm Peter:

Ken vs. Andy show pitch: Who gets more listeners to commit crimes in one hour?
  6:41pm duder:

Show Pitch for Monk: Andy and Ken cameo in the case of the Freeform Murders
  6:41pm ???:

Show idea: have Ken & Andy play Grand Theft Auto against each other on the air.
  6:41pm Former SSD Intern Patrick:

Ange, your net could be wider.

Here's another show idea. Andy talks and everything he says is repeated by Professor Dum Dum and the Old Codger.
  6:41pm Tim:

Seven second idea: bababooey!
  6:42pm moveeees:

netflix queue quiz show; wayne's world; fed up!; oldboy; julia child: an appetite for life; the straight story; god said ha!; becoming jane; the starter wife
  6:42pm ncmary:

Show pitch: have listeners call in one-line insults to update Andy's repetroire. They can't use bad language or mention anyone in particular. The more sarcastic , the better
  6:42pm ah:

do either of you guys really respect 'ange' because i think its apparent you dont?
  6:42pm Greg:

Play one of your own older shows backwards and allow listeners to call in the next week with all the secret messages to life they found embedded in the show.
  6:42pm ??:

I'm not being sarcastic.
  6:42pm Jeff M:

You could show close-ups of animals with a wide-angle lens. Everybody loves close-ups of animals with a wide-angle lens.

Oh, wait -- you're on radio. And that idea was already on South Park.
  6:42pm Former SSD Intern Patrick:

Patrick did playlists for two weeks or so.
  6:43pm ??:

Go to hell.
  6:43pm ?:

I loved the show

It was fascinating .
  6:43pm Tom:

Great idea, Andy. I am not being sarcastic.
  6:43pm Tim:

Seven second delay: solicit the worse college courses your audience ever took and have them describe what they had to do.
  6:43pm bartelby:

Could you explain the difference of your feelings toward your favorite Monkee compared with the rest of the Monkees with your feelings toward your favorite Beatle compared to the rest of the Beatles?
  6:43pm Laurie:

Gee, tonight's show is definitely not a trainwreck!
  6:43pm evan:

honestly, i'm still paying attention after 42 minutes so it must be pretty good. i wish it would go on for another 3 hours.
  6:43pm ilana:

enter into a hypothetical science fair. you have to do an experiment. get listeners to help you make the winning science fair entry.
  6:43pm Dave:

You rock always like your train wreck show did.
  6:43pm ncmary:

call past interns to 7-second and do a where are they now show
  6:44pm Former SSD Intern Patrick:

I haven't listened to SSD in over a year. I am so glad that today was the day that I returned.
  6:44pm Austin:

Rate my Netflix Queue. I'm not being sarcastic.
Big Love: Season 2
Battle Royale 2
The Prisoner: TV Series
Forbidden Zone
Rocket Science
The Good Thief
New York Stories
Jacob's Ladder
The Triplets of Belleville
  6:44pm Tim:

Andy, I miss you on Facebook.
  6:44pm mud:

andy's voice always relaxes me, now more than ever!
  6:44pm SueB:

Monk is one of the most witty and brilliant shows, full of fresh ideas that never remind me of Murder She Wrote.
  6:44pm Some guy:

Show idea: Playback an old show and do an audio commentary over it. Invite listeners who called in to the old show to call in and comment.
  6:44pm sarcastic?:

I love this show so much that I'm still awake.
  6:45pm Scott:

Show Idea - Competition. Call a company and see who can get forwarded to the most people.
  6:45pm ?:

i love the show, i can't believe i got through
  6:45pm Former SSD Intern Patrick:

I love the backwards idea and the commentary track show. Almost suggested both.
  6:45pm Laurie:

Show idea: Interview Andy's current and former interns. Do you still have that comic book nerd guy?
  6:45pm moonbeam:

don't you think it would be freakin' awesome to have an exclusive grateful dead only show
  6:45pm Matt:

I'm being so very sarcastic with this sentence.
  6:45pm ??:

Ken, I want to know more about Pirate Radio.
  6:45pm Andy in Berlin:

Ange -
there's a number of people putting their netfix stuff up - why don't you play some of these?
  6:45pm Tim:

Show Idea - Play an old "classic show" and annotate it by stopping and commenting on it.
  6:46pm ncmary:

andy, you never sounded more sincere
  6:46pm Zack:

Yeah, you don't have a big butt. 5
  6:46pm huerequeque:

first time caller, long time listener. i love the show. i always recommend it to my friends. (10)
  6:46pm Jamison:

Andy, Tina Fey should be in charge of everything in comedy. scale of 1 to 10.
  6:46pm ?:

This is better than last weeks show.
  6:47pm AHZ:

both of you guys really respect ange & ange really respects your listeners & that is REALLY APPARENT to me
  6:47pm Momentum:

You should rename the show 'short topic attention span'.
  6:47pm ??:

Netflix queue: Police Academy 1, Police Academy 2, Police Academy 3
  6:47pm George:

Here's a show idea
Have Ken interview potential sidekicks to replace Andy. If that doesn't work, you can always have another tug-of-war show.
  6:47pm CJ (4):

show pitch: Line up 10 call screens and have them screen calls for 5 minutes each. At the end of the show Ken and Andy rate the screeners. It should be easy to find 10 call screeners who will help you out.
  6:48pm Anonymous:

For seven second delay: you could do a whole show each trying not to exhibit your slight lisps. At the end, people could vote on whether paying so much attention made them better or worse.
  6:48pm mouse:

Ange picks only the very best comments!
  6:48pm Some guy:

Pitching a WFMU show: The Baby Monitor Hour
  6:48pm Betsy:

Andy's face is so sexy, that i'm taking all my Steve Allen posters down and putting his pictures up instead.
  6:49pm JT:

gutter helmet 5
  6:49pm Doug:

A challenge ... listeners send in 800 numbers ... you guys take turns dialing them and have to guess what the business is using only "autopmated Andy" type questions (i.e. - prepared ahead of time). You could both agree on the questions each of you will use that you preapre during foreplay. ...
  6:49pm anonymous [sincere 10]:

I have to write a blog entry for homework tonight.
  6:49pm Dave 9 OUT OF 10:

This show is sucking the life out of my wife, but I'm enjoying it.
  6:50pm cod:

Andy, I loved 'Hot Hero Sandwich' when I was a kid.You must be very proud to have fronted the Hot Hero band (sincere10)
  6:50pm Dave:

Your show rocks, like last weeks train wrecks
  6:50pm vinh:

This show sucks. 5?
  6:50pm Tim:

Andy, Baby Mama is the Citizen Kane of maternity movies.
  6:50pm Former SSD Intern Patrick:

I haven't listened to SSD in over a year. I am so glad that today was the day that I returned.

sincere 10
  6:51pm ??:

This is a 9 on the sarcasm meter. (rating: 10)
  6:51pm SueB:

Monk is one of the most witty and brilliant shows, full of fresh ideas that never remind me of Murder She Wrote.

  6:51pm John:

You guys are *so* much funnier than Tom Scharpling.

sarcastic 8
  6:51pm dink:

This show is so great, that I have lost my voice from laughing, now if only Andy could laugh so loud! (10)
  6:51pm Marx:

Wow! This is the best show evar! roflmao!
  6:51pm ?:

(not sincere)

This is more fun than oral surgery.
  6:52pm McNamara:

Guys, This is such a great concept that I just spend the past 45 minutes circumventing my company's firewall, just to post this. Thank you. sarcastic 3
  6:52pm ???:

Monk is my favorite show!

Sarcastic 7
  6:52pm Andy in Berlin:

I'm losing MY will to live
  6:52pm Austin:

Ken is my favorite. Rating - 5
  6:52pm ncmary sarcastic 8:

Ken, you really want Andy to live another day, don't you?
  6:52pm randy:

The show is getting much better as the minutes pass and should be really great in about 6 minutes!

  6:52pm ??:

I will never turn off my radio again! (rating: 9)
  6:53pm Raj:

More encore presentations not on the archive!!!

  6:53pm Tim:

You should transcribe an old Seven Second Delay show and feed it into this voice translator.
  6:53pm AHOOPZ:

  6:53pm ?:

Read out loud: Hoof hearted? Ice melted.
  6:53pm doug:

SHOW IDEA: post a sign in an old age home, to have the residents call in and tell stories about the good old days of radio. Andy can than critique.
  6:54pm Andy in Berlin:

Tim's idea is really good
  6:54pm David:

You're being too hard on yourself. I'm enjoying this one.

Totally sincere.
  6:54pm Pivi:

Dougs ide rocks!
  6:54pm Mike from SoCal:

This voice transcriber gives this particular show an amusing twist. (1)
  6:54pm not Tim:

I like Tim's show pitch. I think Andy and Ken mght go for it.
  6:54pm C:

I thought last week's show was pretty good 10 (sincere)
  6:55pm ginny:

This show is so great that it should be renamed 3,600 second delay!

  6:55pm ncmary:

Not since the last Democratic debate have we heard such riveting debate.
  6:55pm ?:

I'd sort of forgotten about you guys but this is a refreshing change from all things considered
  6:55pm Kat:

Andrea I love you so much! Du bist mein nummer eins!!!
  6:56pm Doug:

I threw my family out of the house because I didn't want to miss any of this show. (sincere 10)
  6:56pm ??:

Sincerely, I can't wait for this to be over. (4 -- REALLY SINCERE)
  6:56pm ?:

This rating system makes total sense.

  6:57pm Jeff M:

I really wish Kenny G were on the air every day!

(How's that scale work, again?)
  6:57pm Scale of 1-10:

I love it when topics change several times throughout the show.
  6:57pm Mike in SoCal:

Show idea: Read the callers 3 different horoscopes without revealing the dates. The listener has to figure out which horoscope is for them.
  6:57pm df:

show idea: out source the show to two radio hosts in India. Ankur and Ketan would be the hosts.
  6:57pm ?:

Be sure to make at least one of the old people cry, Andy
  6:58pm ?:

Oh no, the song, that means it is over

  6:58pm ??:

Andy loves to go home.
  6:58pm Jamison:

no comment will save this show.
  6:59pm Jeff M:

I'd love to have lunch with Andy.
  6:59pm vinh:

andy's last comment was a 1
  6:59pm annie:

I can't wait for next week. Ten
  7:00pm Some guy:

Andy should only be allowed to speak through the text-to-voice translator so we can't hear any gum chewing.
  7:10pm uta:

what about playing the theme song in the background for the lengh of the program,next time..?
  12:39am Erik:

I loved this show! I'm so bummed I couldn't listen live. I would have tried to ask a funny question. You definitely should do something with TTS again (I will also try to locate Juilo--I have a few friends).

I actually liked the initial idea of career advice questions and thought it would be really interesting. But "interesting" is such an... interesting word. When Ken and Andy had that big falling out around minute 16, I thought the End Of The Show was nigh. Luckily, Ken got a grip on himself and allowed the show to drift to the breeze of Andy's whims after that, thus saving the show from ignominious failure. Solid.
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