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February 29, 2008 Favoriting
This program loves you from the bottom of its Sun Ra
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus:Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus:Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

James Brown 

Get Up, Get Into It,
Get Involved
(Listen: Pop-up)
Star Time
(Polydor 1971)
Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band  Express Yourself   Favoriting Express Yourself: The Best of Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
(Warner Bros. 1969)

Talkover Music:
Joe Claussell & Kerri Chandler 
Escravos de Jo   Favoriting Copa Mundial Muzique
(Guidance 1998)

Kim Doo Soo 

(Listen: Pop-up)
International Sad Hits:
Volume One
(20 | 20 | 20 )
Tomokawa Kazuki  Kasai Zenzo   Favoriting

International Sad Hits
Volume One

(20 | 20 | 20 )

Talkover Music:
Q-Burns Abstract Message 
Feng Shui   Favoriting Feng Shui
(Astralwerks 1998)

Meic Stevens 

Bryn Unigrwydd
(Listen: Pop-up)
Sackcloth & Ashes: The EPs Vol. 2
(Sunbeam 1971)

Nid i Fi Mistar MP   Favoriting Sackcloth & Ashes: The EPs Vol. 2
(Sunbeam 1970)

Talkover Music:
Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu 
Rabu: Sakit Tangani   Favoriting 1951: Sumatran Ladies Wearing Hats as Outlawed by Goverment
(Hot Air 2001)

Eddie Head & His Family 

Down On Me
(Listen: Pop-up)
American Primitive Volume 1:
Raw Pre-War Gospel 1926-1936
(Revenant 1930)
NuGrape Twins  I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape   Favoriting American Primitive Volume 2
(Revenant 1926)
Mavis Staples  Down in Mississippi   Favoriting We'll Never Turn Back
(Anti 2007)
Marjoe Gortner  Hell With the Lid Off   Favoriting Marjoe (Soundtrack)
(Warmer Bros. 1972)
Ken Hyder's Talisker  Heel an' Toe, Foot an' Moo'   Favoriting

Dreaming of Glenisla

(Reel Recordings 1975)

Talkover Music:
Nicola Conte 
Forma 2000   Favoriting Bossa Per Due
(ESL 2000)

The Latin Brothers 
Las Caleñas Son
Como las Flores
(Listen: Pop-up)
Colombia! The Golden Age Of Discos Fuentes: The Powerhouse Of Colombian Music 1960 to 1976
(Soundway 1975)

La Drivers Union
Por Por Group
Kpanlogo Por Por Medley   Favoriting Por Por: Honk Horn Music Of Ghana
(Smithsonian/Folkways )

Fruko y
Sus Tesos
A la Memoria del Muerto   Favoriting Colombia! The Golden Age Of Discos Fuentes: The Powerhouse Of Colombian Music 1960 to 1976
(Soundway 1972)

Talkover Music:
Rubén González 
Tumbao   Favoriting Introducing Rubén González
(World Circuit/Nonesuch 1996)


Khor Tan Gor Mee
Hua Jai
(The Night Chicago Died)
(Listen: Pop-up)
Thai Pop Spectacular 1960s-1980s
(Sublime Frequencies )
Los Diablos Rojos  El Guapo   Favoriting

The Roots of Chicha:
Psychedelic Cumbias
From Peru

(Barbès 1977)
Little Yvonne LeBlanc  Mama Rosin   Favoriting Nathan Abshire: French Blues
(Arhoolie )
Patricia & Jimmy  Trust Your Child Part 1   Favoriting Home Schooled: The ABC's of Kid Soul
(Numero 1974)

Talkover Music:
Organic Grooves 
Gold Weave   Favoriting Black Cherry
(Aum Fidelity 2002)


Nan Nan Pob Gan Tee
(Listen: Pop-up)
Thai Pop Spectacular 1960s-1980s
(Sublime Frequencies )
Sun Ra  Receiving the key to the city of Detroit
Gone With the Wind   Favoriting
The Detroit Jazz Center Residency
(Transparency 1980)
3 Simmons  You Are My Dream (Schooltime)   Favoriting Home Schooled: The ABC's of Kid Soul
(Numero 1971)

Talkover Music:
The Whitefield Brothers 
Thunderbird   Favoriting In the Raw
(Soul Fire 2002)

Lee Moses 

What You Don't Want
Me to Be
(Listen: Pop-up)
Time and Place
(Maple 1970)
LaVice & Company  Thoughs Were the Days [sic]   Favoriting Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal
(Numero 1975)
Lee Moses  California Dreaming   Favoriting

Time and Place

(Maple 1970)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:18am Paul Sherratt:

Expresso yourself !
  9:18am Torbjorn:

His son is still Easy-E ? .. Okay, isn't Easy-E actually dead ? Good luck with the marathon !
  9:19am Parq:

That James Brown number? When I first started hearing it on the radio as a kid, I thought the key line was "get embalmed". Youth . . .
  9:23am north guinea hills:

Hey Doug, I just emailed you my pledge w/ all of the info you requested in your email. Is there anything else i need to do?
  9:25am Paul Sherratt:

north guinea hills - Put the coffee on !
  9:27am jonathan:

it's nice to hear that irwin is here with us.
  9:27am north guinea hills:

  9:31am Doug:

It'd be easier if you just called in your peldge to 1-800-989-9368. I haven't received any emails.... yet.

Love to all y'all out there in drummerland! Can't wait to hear from you.
  9:34am north guinea hills:

i emailed my pledge about 10 minutes ago.... (i've been stuck w/ jury duty since tuesday, until this morning)
  9:35am jonathan:

i pledged all i could muster this week. i don't think i'll be eating for about a month. you're doing god's work...whomsoever that may be.
  9:42am north guinea hills:

i admit i haven't been wfmu'ing too much this week at home, i just got back from monterrey, mexico and picked a giant pile of latin vinyl that i'm still going through at home.
  9:47am dei xhrist:

I pledged before the hullaballoo so I'm missing out on the fun. When my husband wins the lottery, though, FMU will win too.
  9:51am john:

isn't dylan a welsh name? so 'the welsh dylan' is akin to 'the french francois'...
  9:52am Barry:

Sackcloth & Ashes reminds me that I haven't heard 16 Horsepower in a long time. Doug, can you play some?
  9:52am pat:

Dylan may be but Zimmerman isn't.
  9:52am Cecile:

I pledged!
  9:53am Parq:

Dei, next year set up a prize account. You can pre-pay and still get in on the drawings. Check your flyer or the marathon web page for details.
  9:56am Kenzo:

Yay for recognizing the beauty of Doug's playlists!
  9:57am pat:

Thanks to Kenzo too for making this all work. Nice code.
  9:58am xangoir:

KenzoDB has a posse
  9:58am john:

double the kenzo kudos - his stuff is amazing
  10:00am Cecile:

Wow, I thought you were a company, kenzo.

Stellar, stellar work!
  10:03am gerardo:

yes, kenzo is a company of 1; and yes, his work is stellar

truly fine musical selection for today, doug, keep up the good work!
  10:14am Cecile:

I don't think Doug plays ENOUGH tortured saxophones! ;D
  10:17am Sybil:

Speaking of different tastes...

One of the best things about WFMU - IMO - is that I will hear things that I otherwise might not have listened to, and find out that I like them a lot. I've had this experience with Doug and Irwin and Mike Lupica, for example, and lots of others, and it's really one of the things that brings me back.
  10:27am north guinea hills:

i always love ken hyder, good for cleaning out the friday morning cobwebs
  10:28am Dale:

Wow. I have a copy of Ken Hyder's Talisker "Land of Stone" I bought at Record Theater in Buffalo back in the day. That brings back memories.
  10:29am jonathan:

you know the dancing outlaw? have you ever read chuck kinder? fine, fine writer from wv now in pittsburgh. my writing mentor and the biggest fan and person friend of the dancing outlaw. small, small planet.
  10:29am jonathan:

personal friend. sorry.
  10:30am xangoir:

I love WFMU when out of nowhere speed levitch comes in for listener hour, Lord Whimsey appears, or Prof DUMDUM is on the air.
  10:32am Pamela:

You count people that pay via paypal?
  10:34am north guinea hills:

i have that colombian comp, it's amazing! there's some tracks where the you can see the bridge from latin to cotemporary dance music...but maybe i'm reading too hard into it.....
  10:38am Paul Sherratt:

Los DJs de 'fmu son como las flores ...
  10:51am Paul Sherratt:

Why the fruko don't our UK djs play this ????
[A la Memoria del Muerto" by Fruko y Sus Tesos]
  10:57am Cecile:

C'mon, lucky draw! Mama needs a premium!
  10:57am dei x:

Dave from BOSS-ka-when, you're my hero.
  11:15am jonathan:

kenny g...being insane.
  11:18am Richard:

Here's to The Bean! He was also my FMU "gateway" back in 1982 when I first moved to NY - I've been pledging ever since.
  11:21am Paul Sherratt:

Little Yvonne LeBlanc - Cleoma Breaux Falcon ... no relation ??

Nathan Abshire, my hero !
  11:22am north guinea hills:

Doug, i emailed my pledge in b/c i wanted to make sure your show got my pledge (although, now that i think about it, i'm sure the website would have taken care of that)
  11:30am Parq:

For the record, my gateway show was Irwin. But I dug the Bean, and miss him.
  11:38am Cecile:

Wow, a mini-Otis Redding...
  11:39am pat:

I think my gateway show was a marathon show w/ Ken and Scott--Ken constantly yelling "YOU ARE MEDDLING WITH THE PRIMAL ORDER OF NATURE!!!"
  11:40am north guinea hills:

what's the brain donor level?
  11:44am Paul Sherratt:


  11:45am dei x:

You have to underwrite a bad rehash of the Marx Brothers with John Tuturro.
My gateway to FMU was through Fantagraphics books - all the coolest illustrators have done spot stuff for them. It's so nice when the artists you admire have taste!
  12:02pm reid:

good god I love WFMU!
  5:00pm Skylar:

Wonderful 50th marathon show Doug and Irwin. The Kim Doo Soo song was beautiful.

E-mailed my pledge in this morning. Love WFMU, happy 20th Doug. Your the best.
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