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Monday   TOP

Frank O'Toole's Found Sound Around

Liz Berg's Rhythmic Rites

Irene Trudel's Fingers Aflame!

Scott Williams' 12 Years High And Rising


Bronwyn and Jim the Poet present the Sportsy Talk Score Book

Do or DIY presents Gwilly Edmondez Sings Chart Sweep

Bethany's Locomotion: Songs and Sounds of the Railways


Airborne Event's Head Cleaner: The Best Live Music from Airborne Event

Nat Roe & Marty McSorley's Bandana & DJ Clash Battle Disc

Dance with Me, Stanley presents Stashu Offers Samples

Tuesday   TOP

Marty McSorley & Nat Roe's Bandana & DJ Clash Battle Disc

Trouble's Stop the World and Let Me Off

Joe Belock's Celebrities at their BEST, Vol. 3

Brian Turner's Squawkabout - Australia 2014 Sampler


Aerial View's Lighter, 3rd Edition

Distort Jersey City presents This Is Jersey City Not New Brunswick

Antique Phonograph Music Program presents Ethnic Eccentricities


Dave Hill presents The Goddamn Dave Hill Show T-shirt

My Castle of Quiet presents The East Orange Ripper

DJ Disk Jockey presents the Redundancy Radio T-shirt

Wednesday   TOP

John Allen's JA in the AM Year of the Horse T-shirt

Ken's KHLAM!

Duane's All the Way Live Party!!

Irwin's Produced by Tom Wilson


Seven Second Delay's Bingo Boards

Andrea's Why Oh Why Tote Bag

Dave Emory's Life Work


Evan "Funk" Davies' Starting With The '70s III - Punky, Poppy, Glammy and Dancey

$mall Change's Ritual

Dark Night of the Soul presents Kinky Girls

Thursday   TOP

Underwater Theme Park presents Musical Tour of Africa

Joe McGasko's Newman's Loaned

Joe McGasko's It's a Sunshine Day

Diane Kamikaze's Kamikaze Kontenders

Fabio's Enlightenment Through Failure


The Dusty Show presents Clay's ClasSIX

Hearty White's Miracle Nutrition TV

Sinner's Crossroads' We Were Gospel Before You Were Gospel T-shirt & Church Fan


Dave the Spazz presents The Great Unknown

Nick Name's Now That's What I Call Music! 1982

Stan's Destination Saturn

Friday   TOP

Knuckle Sandwich presents Staying Under the Covers ... with Dave Bombay

Beastin' The Airwaves! Presents Whisper Karaoke

Miniature Minotaurs presents Your Cesk√Ĺ Hit Parade

Miniature Minotaurs presents The 17-Year Itch


Shut Up Weirdo presents The Shut Up, Weirdo What's Up Hot Nerds! Bundle Wad

Billy Jam's Put The Needle On Billy Jam's 30 Years In Radio

Mr. Fine Wine's Escape from the Shadows of Motown


Pseu's Thing With a Hook's Hook and Heart T-shirt

Martha's Metals. Rocks. Elements

Bill Mac's Cycle-delic Snooze Alarm

Saturday   TOP

Jeffrey Davison's Small Wonder

Bob Brainen's 2nd Set of Tracks

Michael Shelley's More Super Hits of the Seventies!


Rex's Do The Dud! Dance Fad Flops

The Cherry Blossom Clinic presents The Cherry Terre Towel and Button Combo Pack!

Transpacific Sound Paradise presents Cross-Cultural Confusion!


Hello Children presents What's the Point of Being Good?

100% Whatever presents The Ladies of Last Year

Blurred and Obscured presents Music From "The Unknown Tongue"

Sunday   TOP

Dangerous for the Brain presents Love Is A Launderette

Imaginary Radio presents Imaginary Radio, Mixtapes Vol. 3

Reggae Schoolroom's Love Reggae Music - Sing I Some

The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray Burns presents The Official IBJ Package


Bill Kelly's 7 And 7 Is R-r-real Rock & Roll, Volume 14

Gaylord Fields' Gaylord Fields' Double Coverage

Daniel Blumin's Your Song, My Foot! Vol. 2 - A Bevy of Cover Versions


Dave Mandl's Hippies

Therese's No, Heather. It's Heather's Turn

amEdeo's Dr. Dylan Thomas Poughkeepsie III's Guided Nightmare Meditation Guide

Tom Scharpling, Give the Drummer Radio and Misc Shows   TOP

Destination:Out presents Sharrock and Roll - Jazz Guitar for People Who Don't Like Jazz Guitar

Tony Coulter's Forza Italia: Italian Post-Punk, Industrial, and Experimental Music from the 1980s

Doug Schulkind's African Twang - Country Songs from the Motherland

Kaminsky Kamoutsky presents Ritmo Falso - A collection of rare international Latin music forgeries


Amanda's The Nazario Scenario Zine-ario

Bodega Pop Live presents Rap Around the World

Matt Fiveash's VG Minus!

Hinky Dinky Time presents The Many Heads of Uncle Michael


Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza's To Decadence in Obsolescence (two-decade dance cadence)

The Eternal Now presents An Exacerbating Eclectic Compliation

The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling presents 25 Classics



Prize Warehouse

It's the Area 51 of Swag!


The Best of LCD Book
The Best of LCD
(Book, 2008)

The Worst of LCD
Worst of LCD
(Magazine, 2010)

Lynyrd Skynyrd Floaty Pen 2002 Design by Drew Friedman
Lynyrd Skynyrd Floaty Pen
Designed by Drew Friedman (2002)

Jersey City Postcard Flexi
Jersey City Postcard Flexi
Audio Tour hosted by Glen Jones & X. Ray Burns (2012)

LP Slipmat
LP Slipmat
Designed by Dimitri Simakis (2012)

Global Domination Bag
Global Domination Bag
Designed by Andrew Vastagh / Boss Construction (2012)


Apparel   TOP

  Blob Baseball Cap (2010)

  Tim Biskup T-Shirt - Men's S (2011)

  Tim Biskup T-Shirt - Women's S (2011)

  Tim Biskup T-Shirt - Women's M (2011)

  Tim Biskup T-Shirt - Women's L (2011)

  Tim Biskup T-Shirt - Women's XL (2011)

  Tim Biskup T-Shirt - Toddler's (2011)

  "Choking on Cufflinks" Men's (S ) (2009)

  Biker T-Shirt - Men's S (2012)

  Biker T-Shirt - Men's M (2012)

  Biker T-Shirt - Men's L (2012)

  Biker T-Shirt - Men's XL (2012)

  Biker T-Shirt - Women's S (2012)

  Biker T-Shirt - Women's L (2012)

  Biker T-Shirt - Women's XL (2012)

  Turntable T-Shirt - Men's S (2012)

  Turntable T-Shirt - Women's S (2012)

  Turntable T-Shirt - Women's M (2012)

  Turntable T-Shirt - Women's L (2012)

  Turntable T-Shirt - Women's XL (2012)

  Turntable T-Shirt - Toddler (2012)

  "Choking on Cufflinks" Men's (M ) (2009)

  Bird Splatter Women's Cut ( S ) (2009)

  Bird Splatter Women's Cut ( L ) (2009)

  Bird Splatter Women's Cut ( XL ) (2009)

  Bird Splatter Women's Cut ( XX ) (2009)

  Bird Splatter (Toddler) (2009)

  50th Anniversary Women's Cut [ M ] (2008)

  50th Anniversary Chick Tee [ M ] (2008)

  50th Anniversary Chick Tee [ L ] (2008)

  50th Anniversary [Toddler] (2008)

  "Choking on Cufflinks" by Emily Ryan [S] (2008)

  "Choking on Cufflinks" by Emily Ryan [L] (2008)

  Con./Incon. Men's ( S ) (2010)

  Con./Incon. Men's ( XL ) (2010)

  Con./Incon. Women's ( S ) (2010)

  Con./Incon. Women's ( M ) (2010)

  Con./Incon. Women's ( L ) (2010)

  Con./Incon. Women's ( XL ) (2010)

  Con./Incon. Toddler (2010)

  Radio Bear Men's ( S ) (2010)

  Radio Bear Women's ( S ) (2010)

  Radio Bear Women's ( M ) (2010)

  Radio Bear Women's ( L ) (2010)

  Radio Bear Women's ( XL ) (2010)

  Radio Bear Toddler (2010)

  Best Show "Funhouse" [S] (Fall 2009)

  Best Show "Funhouse" [M] (Fall 2009)

  Best Show "Funhouse" [L] (Fall 2009)

  Best Show "Funhouse" [XL] (Fall 2009)

  Joe Belock-3 Chord Monte 2010 [L] Art by Piersanti

  Joe Belock-3 Chord Monte 2010 [XL] Art by Piersanti

  Joe Belock-3 Chord Monte 2010 [XX] Art by Piersanti

  Antique Phono 2010 [M]

  Antique Phono 2010 [L]

  Antique Phono 2010 [XL]

  Antique Phono 2010 [XX]

  Good Ship Women's S

  Good Ship Women's M

  Good Ship Women's L

  Good Ship Women's XL

  Good Ship Toddler

  "Choking on Cufflinks" Women's [S] (2009)

  Brian Turner T-Shirt design by John Morton [L] (2011)

  Brian Turner T-Shirt design by John Morton [XL] (2011)

  Brian Turner T-Shirt design by John Morton [XX] (2011)

  Seven Second Delay T-Shirt - L (2011)

  Seven Second Delay T-Shirt - XL (2011)

  Seven Second Delay T-Shirt - XXL (2011)

  Talk's Cheap T-shirt - S (2012)

  Talk's Cheap T-shirt - L (2012)

  Talk's Cheap T-shirt - XL (2012)

  Terre T.-Ragnarock-n-Roll Men's S (2012)

  Terre T.-Ragnarock-n-Roll Men's M (2012)

  Terre T.-Ragnarock-n-Roll Men's XL (2012)

  Terre T.-Ragnarock-n-Roll Men's 2XL (2012)

  Terre T.-Ragnarock-n-Roll Men's 3XL (2012)

  Terre T.-Ragnarock-n-Roll Women's M (2012)

  Keili's-T-shirt Men's S (2012)

  Keili's-T-shirt Men's L (2012)

  Keili's-T-shirt Men's XL (2012)

  Keili's-T-shirt Men's XX (2012)

  Keili's-T-shirt Women's S (2012)

  Keili's-T-shirt Women's M (2012)

  Keili's-T-shirt Women's L (2012)

  Keili's-T-shirt Women's XL (2012)

  Keili's-T-shirt Women's XX (2012)

  Mr. Fine Wine-Downtown Soulville 2008 [S] Art by PJ Longo

  Tom Scharpling - The Best Show 2008 [XL] "Scarface" motif

  Rex's "Opera Gives Me the Creeps" 2007 [L]

  Rex's "Opera Gives Me the Creeps" 2007 [XL]

  Joe Belock-3 Chord Monte 2005 [L] Art by Pat Longo

  Cherry Blossom Clinic 2004 [L] Blue cotton, art by Vanessa Roworth

  Chris T 2003 [M] Gray cotton, art by Kaz

  Chris T 2003 [L] Gray cotton, art by Kaz

  Chris T 2003 [XL] Gray cotton, art by Kaz

  Jonesville 2003 [XL] Gray cotton

  Greasy Kid Stuff 2003 [Adult L] Art by Greenblat

  Jeff Sarge - Reggae Schoolroom 2003 [XL] Wine red cotton

  The Radio Thrift Shop 2004 [XL] Art by McMahon


Books   TOP

  The Best of LCD Book (2008)

  The Worst of LCD (2010)

  WFMU Cookbook + 2cds (Fall 2006)

  Inflatable Squirrel Carcass "Coloring Book" (2010)

  Rich's "Another Inflatable Squirrel Carcass Coloring Book" & CD (2011)

  Rich H Coloring Book



  Where's the Beat? WFMU Live Music (2008)

  Don't Shoot the Toy Piano Player WFMU Live Music (2002)

  More Music, Less Parking WFMU Live from J.C. (2000)

  Live Music From A Dead Campus WFMU Live Music (1998)

  Upsalapalooza WFMU Live Music (1995)

  Interplanetary Remixes (Fall 2011)

  Frank O'Toole's Ephemera (2011)

  Liz Berg's Bratty (2011)

  Too Much Information's Info Dump Vol. II (2011)

  Dan Bodah's Hissing of Chrome Snakes (2011)

  Woody's Twang Pandemic (2011)

  Julie's Dark Matter (2011)

  Marty McSorley's Good Vibes (2011)

  Diane's Frain Breeze (2011)

  Antique Phono's Moral Turpitude (2011)

  Nat Roe's Adult Contemporary Redux (2011)

  Kurt's New Directions in Unrehearsed A Capella Speaking Choirs (2011)

  Irwin's Let's Get Plastered and Raid Circus World: The Amanda Tapes, Vol. 2 (2011)

  Bennett's Epic Tangent (2011)

  Meghan's 20 Degrees of Separation, Part 2 (2011)

  Fabio's Lost Gems (2011)

  Betsy's Big 10-4 (2011)

  Jason E.'s Good God(s) - Judeo-Christian Psychedelic Funk from the 1970s (2011)

  Billy Jam's Put the Needle on the Bryce Marathon 2011 Mix (2011)

  Pseu's Snooki Pickled Your iPod (2011)

  Bill Mac's Squeeze Me, Don't Tease Me (2011)

  Rob W.'s Hour of Babel (2011)

  Daniel B.'s Your Song, My Foot! - An Earrational Selection of Cover Songs (2011)

  Joe M. Heavy Breathers CD (2011)

  Reggae Schoolroom's Reggae Dancing (2011)

  Glen Jones CD (2011)

  Monica's 2xCD This Time the Dream's on Me (2011)

  Martha's Heavy Tunes from '70s Africa (2011)

  Therese's I Get Around (2011)

  Best of LCD Audio Book (2011)

  Debbie / Ichiban's One-Liners, Vol. 2 (2011)

  Doug's Love Your Motherlode, Vol. 2 (2011)

  Tony C.'s Single-Mindedness (2011)

  Brad LaBonte-No One Can Leave this Room (2009)

  The Speakeasy-Couched... (2009)

  Bob Brainen-Degraded Teen (2009)

  Talk's Cheap-Speaking in Tongues (2009)

  Glen Jones/X. Ray Burns (2009)

  A.P.M.P.-12 Inches of Delight! (2009)

  Evan "Funk" Davies-Revenge of Make Your Own Mayhem! (2009)

  Ken-Corn Weenie (2009)

  Kurt Gottschalk-Discyard (2009)

  Diane Kamikaze-Kamikaze Kwarterly (2009)

  Sinner's Crossroad-The Sensational Sensational Sensationals (2009)

  Dave the Spazz-Monkey Fever 3 (2009)

  HotRod-Drum Poll, Please (2009)

  Doug-Around the Horn (2009)

  Bryce-Flattery (2009)

  Billy Jam-Put the Needle on the Irish Hip-Hop Record (2009)

  Pseu Braun-Sasha & Malia Dissed Disney! (2009)

  Rich Hazelton-Themes Without a Theme (2009)

  Michael Shelley-Cut That Out! (2009)

  Rob Weisberg-Play that Funky Galda (2009)

  Daniel Blumin-Rockist Distendencies (2009)

  Reggae Schoolroom-Reggae for Moms (2009)

  Tale of the Twelve with Lou-Flipside (2009)

  Irene-Smiling Faces, Studio Spaces (2008)

  Dave Emory-Nazi Connections to 9/11 (2008)

  Dave Emory-Curve Ball (2008)

  Scott McDowell-Guanna Dance (2008)

  Maria-Ear in Year Out (2008)

  John Allen-Twisted Nerve 1977-1982 (2008)

  Daniel Blumin-Russians Love Their Children Too (2008)

  Joe Belock-Never Mind the Belocks, Here's Even More Guests (2006)

  A.P.M.P.-Nonagenarian Cylinder Records (2006)

  Bill Zurat-California Yearning (2006)

  Glen Jones & X-Ray Burns-Bits and Pieces (2006)

  Bill Kelly's Real R n R Vol 10 (2010)

  KBC's Bitslap Survival Kit (2010)

  Bob Brainen's Psychedelic Psellouts Vol 2 (2010)

  Dan Bodah's Buried Under Air (2010)

  Dave Emory's Lone Nuts (2010)

  Diane Kamikaze's You Drive Me Nervous (2010)

  Evan "Funk" Davies' Radio Heart (2010)

  Fabio's Sliced, Diced & Spliced (2010)

  Frank O'Toole's Tit for Tat (2010)

  Hatch's Disco Yacht (2010)

  HotRod's Carnal (2010)

  Talk's Cheap presents: The Best Things in Life Are Freeform (2010)

  Jeffrey Davison's Great Lost Trombone Album (2010)

  Joe McGasko's Do the 45 (2010)

  Liz Berg's Clap Off! (2010)

  Maria's You Rang (2010)

  Marty McSorley's Protect Youself (2010)

  Michael Shelley's Cut That Out Vol 2 (2010)

  Reggae Schoolroom's Reggae for Children (2010)

  Rex's Ain't No Thing But a Chicken Wing (2010)

  Ichiban Debbie's One-Liners (2010)

  Scott McDowell's Live/Long (2010)

  Scott Williams' Broke (2010)

  $mall Change presents Ruffage (2010)

  Tale of the Twelve presents Flipside Vol 2 (2010)

  Too Much Information's The Info Dump (2010)

  Trouble's Dance with the Girls (2010)

  Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet Companion (2010)

  Liz Berg's "Amps Across the Hudson" (2009)

  Dave Emory's "Geopolitical Grab-Bag" (2009)

  The Best Show's "Dog...A Tribute to Ram" (2009)

  Frank O'Toole's "Mixed Down and Maxed Out" (2009)

  Irwin's "NJX@NY$!#2" (2009)

  Scharpling & Wurster at the Speed of Sound (2009)

  Pat Duncan's "XXX-30 Years of Punk & Hardcore" (2009)

  Bill Mac's "And Now for My Final Song..." (2009)

  Keili's "The Beastiest of 2008" (2009)

  The Acousmatic Theater Hour's "Original Broadway (J.C.) Cast Recording" (2009)

  Professor Dum Dum's "Laboratory Items" (2009)

  The Cherry Blossom Clinic presents "Cherry Jubilee" (2009)

  Evan "Funk" Davies' "They Coulda Been Tribute Bands Too" (Fall 2009)

  Marty McSorley's "20/12" (Fall 2009)

  Bob W's "La Poutine C'est Bon!" (2010)

  Irene Trudel's "Sweets in Your Ear" (2010)

  Martha's "Paint It Freeform" (2010)

  Noise & Syrup presents "Post-Scarcity Frequency Collisions" (2010)

  The Eternal Now presents "Soundtrack to Infinity" (2010)

  Evan Muse-Guitar Hero-Japan! (2008)

  DJ / Rupture's After Tropical Comes Arid (2011)

  Trouble's I Hear a New Girl (2011)

  Spazz's Everybody Back to Bingo's Bachelor Pad! (2011)

  Bob B.'s Pop For Cats (2011)

  Michael S.'s Music Is Freedom (2011)

  Terre T's "Cooking Cherries" (2011)

  Bill Kelly's Caligula's Frat Party (R-r-real Rock & Roll, Vol. 11) (2011)

  Gaylord's All the Lady Singles (2011)

  Irene Trudel's-Through the Studio Glass (2012)

  Scott Williams'-Scottify (2012)

  Benjamen Walker-The Music of Too Much Information (2012)

  Marty McSorley's-This Is For La Raza (2012)

  Trouble's-Double Trouble (2012)

  Antique Phonograph Music Program-Hits of the Acoustic Era (2012)

  Nat Roe's-Supercuts Supercut (2012)

  Duane's-Party Remedies for Your Broken Social Scene (2012)

  Irwin's-I Want to Be a Singer (2012)

  The Embassy-WFMU Cassette Library (2012)

  100% Whatever-Sugar Spell It Out (2012)

  Diane Kamikaze's-Glottal Fry (2012)

  Fabio's-O S T (2012)

  William Berger's-In the Dark, There Are Fingers That Grab (2012)

  Stan's-Stoned in the Garden of Eden (2012)

  HotRod's-The Secret of the Rod (2012)

  Scott McDowell's-Red-Hot Iron Ball (2012)

  Kurt-Radio Silence (2012)

  Billy Jam-Put the Needle on the Miami Bass Record (2012)

  Pseu Braun's-The Happy Hooker (2012)

  Bill Mac's-A Cappella Is Not an Ice Cream Flavor (2012)

  Michael Shelley's-Super Hits of the '70s (2012)

  Rex's-They All Ask for You (2012)

  Rob W.'s-TSP Rocks the Globe (2012)

  Reggae Schoolroom's-It's Time for Reggae (2012)

  Bill Kelly's-R-r-real Rock & Roll, Vol. 12 (2012)

  Gaylord Fields'-Pet Soundalikes (2012)

  Therese's-We Are Your Friends (2012)

  Jesse's-Love and the Needing of It (2012)

  Debbie's-One-Liners, Vol. 3 (2012)

  Doug Schulkind's-Going Out of Their Heads (2012)

  Tony Coulter's-Radio Homebrew (2012)

  Destination: Out-Space Jamz (2012)

  Andy Ortmann-The Eternal Now (2012)

  Dave Emory's Tea Party Fascism (2011)

  Jesse's The Frow Zones (2011)

  KBC's The Bitslap Reader (2011)

  Joe Belock CD (2011)

  Fatty Jubbo-Gibberish & Jibber Jabber (2012)

  Liz Berg: Insert Coin (2008)

  Woody: New Divisions of Plucked Strings (2008)

  Scott: Excellent Pink Noise Vol II (2008)

  Stan: Let's Levitate (2008)

  Frank O'Toole: Loop De-Lite (2008)

  Hatch: Roses and Rainbows (2008)

  Joe Belock: One Man's Trash (2008)

  Small Change: De-Evolution (2008)

  DJ/Rupture: Tu Fruto Me Sabe A Cumbia (2008)

  Fabio: ANOTHER 7 inches of Pleasure (2008)

  Diane Kamikaze: Hold that Thought (2008)

  Ergo Phizmiz: Little Blue Men (2008)

  Music to Spazz By: Bingo's Bachelor Pad (2008)

  Pat Duncan: THEY're LIVE (2008)

  Hot Rod: Run for Cover (2008)

  Doug: Children of the Corn (2008)

  Put the Needle on the Record: Hip-hop Element 1 of 4-The DJ (2008)

  Bill Mac: DJs at Play (2008)

  Rex: Cannibal Stew (2008)

  Rich Hazelton: 50 Years of DJ Intros, Outros and Bed (2008)

  Airborne Event: Gems from Cortelyou (2008)

  The Reggae Schoolroom: What's Your Name? (2008)

  Glen Jones feat. Ray Burns (2008)

  Gaylord Fields: Gilded Larynges (2008)

  Martha: Doom for the ADD Generation (2008)

  Bill Zurat: B&W (2007)

  Kenny G. ...Sings the Classics (2006)



  WFMU Celluloid Babylon DVD (2006)

  Glen Jones & X-Ray's Behind the Scenes (2010)

  Scott Williams' Archives Vol 1 (2010)

  Maria Levitsky's "Me Standing on Me Head" (Fall 2009)

  "Fantasia in Best Show Minor" (2010)

  Glen Jones-IBJ Holiday Party DVD (2012)

  Trent's Instant iTunes Party Pak (2010)

  Chris M.'s-Imaginary Radio Mixtapes Vol. 1 (2012)

  Steinski's-Data Dump (2012)

  Seven Second Delay: Amazing Ventriloquism DVD (2008)

  Seven Second Delay's Dead Air DVD (2007)


Vinyl   TOP

  Golden Airwaves: 50 Years of Freeform Gold vinyl LP (2008)

  Running in Place (locked groove LP) (2009)

  Daniel Blumin's-The Finest Tree I Ever Did See 7" (2012)

  Sounds of North American Freeform DJs [three 7" Records] (2003)


Misc   TOP

  Lynyrd Skynyrd Floaty Pen 2002 Design by Drew Friedman

  Jersey City Postcard Flexi (2012)

  LP Slipmat (2012)

  Global Domination Bag (2012)

  23"x7" Ward Sutton sticker (1999)

  Car Magnet (2005)

  WFMU Postcards (1 doz) 2006)

  WFMU Great Moments in WFMU History Trading Cards (2006)

  WFMU Airwave Idols Trading Cards (2004)

  WFMU Lunchbox (1999)

  WFMU Missing Persons Playing Cards (1996)

  WFMU Crackpots & Visionaries Cards Vol. 2 (1994)

  Loaded Dice (2010)

  Shot Glass (2010)

  Miracle Soap (2011)

  WFMU Art Prints 3 prints (Fall 2007)

  Woof-Moo Sticker (2011)

  Bumper Sticker by Niall McCormack (2012)

  Bottle Opener Keychain (Blob) (2011)

  45 RPM Adaptor

  Cherry Blossom Clinic Record Bag (2010)

  Shut Up Weirdo 2012 Calendar (2011)

  Shut Up, Weirdo's-2013 Wall Calendar (2012)

  Eternal Now's I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (2011)

  Marty McSorley-Known Unknowns & Unknown Unknowns (2009)

  Trent's "Daily Wellness Book and Brush Kit" (2011)

  Terre T.-Ragnarock-n-Roll Pack - Women's L (2012)

  Kenny G's "Keys to the Kingdon, Part II" (2009)

  John Allen ceramic Coffee Mug, design by Graham Lambkin (2011)

  WFMU Winter Scarf (Fall 2007)

  Kelly and Bronwyn "Paper Doll Set" (2004)

  Thunk Tank's "Alternative Currency" (2011)

  Best Show Trading Cards (2010)

  Cherry Blossom Clinic Apron (2011)

  The Sinner's Crossroads Church Fan (2011)

  Thunk Tank's-Photo Portfolio (2012)

  John Allen's-JA in the AM Shot Glass (2012)

  Inflatable Squirrel Carcass-Coloring Book III + CD (2012)



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