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Heavy Airplay, October 18, 2012
VARIOUS - Put No Blame On The Master (Social Music Records)
BOB CHANCE - It's Broken! (Trunk)
NRBQ - We Travel the Spaceways (Clang!)
DEBO BAND - Debo Band (Next Ambience)
MARIA MONTI - Il Bestiario (Unseen Worlds)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Strange Passion (B-Music)
SONNY AND THE SUNSETS - Longtime Companion (Polyvinyl)
VARIOUS - Theppabutr Productions: the Man Behind the Molam Sound 1972-75 (Roots with Quality)
GUNTER SCHICKERT - Uberfallig (Bureau B)
SATOSHI SONODA - Mimi-Nuki: Secondary Works of Satoshi Sonoda, 1982 - 1989 (PSF)
DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE - ...On Sea Faring Isolation (Fonal )
1-800-BAND - 1-800 Band (Slow Gold Zebra )
MAGGI PAYNE - Ahh-Ahh: Music For Ed Tannenbaum's Technological Feets 1984-1987 (Root Strata)
SPIDERBAGS - Shake My Head (Odessa)
VARIOUS - Hall Of Fame: Rare And Unissued Gems From The Fame Vaults (Kent Soul)
VARIOUS - On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, and Salt: Compilation Wih Covers on Rebetika (No Label)
MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS - Rocket To Knowhere 7 (Mighty Mouth)
VARIOUS - Twistin Rumble Volume 4 (Twistin Rumble)
CAROL KLEYN - Takin' The Time... (Drag City)
ZULUS - Zulus (Aagoo)
SPRAY PAINT - Spock Fingers (S-S)
THE CLEAN - Odditties (Five Four-O)
THE NATIVE HIPSTERS - Original Copy (Mechanically Reclaimed Music)
FACTRIX - Scheintot (Superior Viaduct)
XYX - Teatro Negro (Monofonus Press)
BLUDDED HEAD - Bludded Head (Paperstain )
THE BAIRD SISTERS - Until You Find Your Green (Grapefruit Record Club)
MARZIDOVSHEK - Ultimativ (SubKulturni Azil)
MOON WIRING CLUB - A Spare Tabby At The Cat's Wedding (Gecophonic)
MIKE WEXLER - Dispossession (Mexican Summer)

Medium Airplay
SCOTT & CHARLENE'S WEDDING - Para Vista Social Club (Bedroom Suck)
TEX SOUL AND THE BAYONETS - Uto Nwa Osi Na Ngada (Voodoo Funk / Academy)
PETE SWANSON - I Don't Rock At All (Three Lobed)
LOST SOUNDS - The Lost Lost (Goner)
PER PURPOSE - Business (Bedroom Suck)
PLANT AND SEE - Plant and See (Paradise of Bachelors)
THE SKEPTICS - The Complete Early Years 1965-1969 (Gear Fab)
DEEP TIME - Deep Time (Hardly Art)
THE FRESH & ONLYS - Yes Or No (Mexican Summer)
SUPERCHUNK - This Summer 7 (MERGE)
LAETITIA SADIER - Silencio (Drag City)
BEE AND FLOWER - Suspension (Cheap Satanism)
BEACHWOOD SPARKS - The Tarnished Gold (Sub Pop)
DICKS - These People (Alternative Tentacles)
MOEBIUS + TIETCHENS - Moebius + Tietchens (Bureau B)
THE PAPERHEAD - Focus In On... The Looking Glass (Ample Play)
GAY CAT PARK - Synthetic Woman (Medical Records)
MUSIC FROM THE FILM - Vi Kommer Til A Fa Deg (Zero Moon)
EMILY JANE WHITE - Ode To Sentience (Antenna Farm)
GARY SLOAN AND CLONE - Harmonitalk (B-Music)
VARIOUS - Bande Italiane (Membran)
BONNIE 'PRINCE' BILLY - Now Here's My Plan (Drag City)
CSC FUNK BAND - A Little Weight (Electric Cowbell)
ESTROGEN HIGHS - Cycles EP (Safety Meeting)
MILK MAID - Mostly No (Fat Cat)
SCOTT KELLY / STEVE VON TILL / WINO - Songs Of Townes Van Zandt (My Proud Mountain)
REPULSE - Habershon Ways (Cameleon)
THE FROGS - Count Yer Blessingz (The Frogs)
JIM COLEMAN - Trees (Wax & Wane)
ASTRID - High Blues (Rune Grammofon)
ADAM RUDOLPH / RALPH M. JONES - Merely A Traveler On a Cosmic Path (Meta)
TRAPIST - The Golden Years (Staubgold)
VARIOUS - Islands Inbetween: Touch 33 (Touch)
NO JOY - Negaverse (Mexican Summer)
THE ALLOPHONS - Saddle Bomb (Sonig)
ANGUS MACLISE / TONY CONRAD - Dreamweapon III (Boo-Hooray)
ALEXANDER ROSS - Grandfather Paradox (Vauva)
HOLOGRAMS - Holograms (Captured Tracks)
SAOR PATROL - Two Headed Dog / Duncarron Electric (Arc Music)
M.O.T.O. - E Pluribus M.O.T.O. (Rerun )
CARTER TUTTI VOID - Transverse (Mute)
ORCA TEAM - Restraint (HHBTM)
ANTIBALAS - Dirty Money (Daptone)
SALVATION - House Of The Beating Hell (Youth Attack)
AMEN DUNES - Ethio Covers (No Label)
BRAIN F/= - Sleep Rough (Sorry State / Grave Mistake)
ELEVEN TWENTY-NINE - In The Sunlight b/w Anchors Away (Drawing Room)
JEFRE CANTU-LEDESMA - Alone Together #6: Faceless Kiss / Blut Mond (Emerald Cocoon)
SLAVIC SOUL PARTY - Jackson (Electric Cowbell)
EDEN SELA - Soft Rock (No Label)

Light Airplay
CARLTON MELTON - Smoke Drip (Agitated )
RUSK - Rusk (Fenetre Records)
KARL HENDRICKS TRIO - The Adult Section (Comedy Minus One)
COVEN - Worship New Gods (Shadow Kingdom )
JOHN SCHNALL - Midnight Matinee: Paris, Texas (John Schnall)
KING DUDE - Dungeon Doo-Wop (Dais)
ATRIARCH - Forever The End (Seventh Rule)
XWAVE - Cities On Flame (Little Big Chief)
SECRET MUSEUM OF KIND MEN - Vol. 1 (Casual Acid Tea)
DIVORCE - Horseheads (Milk)
ERNSTALBRECHT STIEBLER - Trio 89 - Sequenz II - Mitteltone (M=Minimal)
VARIOUS - DJ-Kicks: Digitalism (Studio K7)
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - Honeycomb b/w Gotham (Domino)
LIVING EYES - Ways To Make A Living (Anti Fade)
GEORGE FAITH - Super Eight (Island / Spectrum Music)
BAD INDIANS - Sun People (Urinal Cake )
MAMA BAER - Perverted People Girl Fuckers (House of Alchemy)
DALLAS DON BURNET - Cancel My Disappointment (Little Record Company)
MUTANT GENES - Spring Fling 2012 EP (Vomit Comet)
HOOR-PAAR-KRAAT - In Your Absence (Robert & Leopold)
LUTHER DICKINSON - Hambone's Meditiations (Songs of the South)
GUITAR LIGHTNIN' LEE AND HIS THUNDER BAND - Call Up The Band (Die Slaughterhaus)
ORQUESTA EL MACABEO - El Sueno b/w Cogiendo Pon (Discos De Hoy)
DAVID W. SUTTON - New Mirror (No Label)
JEEPNEYS - Deluxe 7 (HEM Berlin)
ELI KESZLER - Catching Net (Pan)
AELTER - Dusk-Dawn/Follow You Beloved (Crucial Blast)
VARIOUS - 13 Miniatures for Albert Ayler (Rogue Art)
JOHN MAUS - A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material (Ribbon Music)
MAGNETIX - Drogue Electrique (Shit In Can)
GIRLSEEKER - 1-800-GREED (Underwater Peoples)
HISSEY MIYAKE / TERRIBLE TRUTHS - Split 7 (bedroom suck records)
BURQA BOYZ - Miami Arab Emirates (Ormolycka)
ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE AND THE MELTING PARAISO UFO - The Ripper at the Heavens Gate of Dark (Riot Season)
SUNFLARE - Ghetto Blast (Batshit)
JAMES FERRARO - Bodyguard/Silica Gel Mixtape (No Label)
ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI - nerve cell_0 for cello and computer (Sub Rosa)
THE SUFIS - The Sufis (Ample Play)
SUPER HI-FI / POLYRHYTHMICS - Split 7 (Electric Cowbell)
K9 SNIFFLES - K9 Sniffles (Urinal Cake )
FEMMINIELLI / ARAIGNéE - Femminielli / Araignée split 7 (Fixture )
EILIFF - Eiliff (World Wide )
XELA - Heirs of the Fire (SMTG Limited)
THOUSAND FOOT WHALE CLAW - Dope Moons Volume One (Monofonus Press)
COBWEBBS - Look Out (Anti Fade)
GLACIAL - On Jones Beach (Three Lobed Recordings)
THE TERMINAL WASTEBAND - Dial M For Monkey b/w Yom Kippur War (Black Velvet Fuckere)
SPENCEY DUDE & THE DOODLES - Night Problems (California Clap)
PAUL BANKS - Julian Plenti Lives... (Matador)
WRETCHED WORST - Sisters' Piss (Ranky Tanky)
A.J. CORNELL / S* - 1981/1999 (IO Sound)
GIRLS OF PORN / DADFAG - Split 7 (No Label)
ERIC COPELAND - Flushing Meats (Calico)
BUTT PROBLEMS - ...It's Fine (Cold Fantasy)
MAD MACKA - Adidas Tracksuit (Swashbuckling Hobo)
RYAN JEWELL / DRAKE & RUSSELL - Ryan Jewell V. Drake & Russell (Soundesign)
BARONESS - Yellow and Green (Relpase)
OORT TRIO - Oort Trio (Golem Tapes)
FELTWORTH - Farewell My Friends (No Label)
RUDI ZYGADLO - Melpomene (Planet Mu)
FLESH LIGHTS - Too Big To Fail (Super Secret )
PUNKAPPELLA - Wake Up (Front Rock)
MEDICINE CABINET - Disocrdant Ovation (Love Earth Music)
JOHNNY LOWEBOW - I'm A One Man Band (Lowebow)
SHEER AGONY - Self-titled 7 (Fixture )
SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA - The Name of the Snake (Init )
KHATE - Pareidolia (SMTG Limited)
DIAMOND BLACK HEARTED BOY - Vogue Hommes Japan Digital Volume 1.0 (Obmolycka)
CORNELIUS DUFALLO - Journaling (innova Recordings)