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Heavy Airplay, March 24, 2010
SONNY AND THE SUNSETS - Tomorrow Is Alright (Soft Abuse)
VARIOUS - Back to Peru Vol. 2 (Trikont)
OOIOO - Armonica Hewa (Thrill Jockey)
MATTEAH BAIN - Laughing Boy (DiChristina)
VARIOUS - Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox (AmajorOOO)
VARIOUS - Crows of the World (Last Visible Dog)
LAKES - Cloven (Inverted Crux)
NOVELLER - Red Rainbows (No Fun)
SOUNDTRACK - Life On Earth (Trunk)
VARIOUS - Danza Meccanica (Mannequin)
FLIGHT - Flight (Kill Shaman)
PULSE EMITTER - Oppressive Nature (Digitalis)
PANTHA DU PRINCE - The Splendour (Rough Trade)
RICK POTTS - Labyrinthitis (Neurec)
PEKKA STRENG & TASAVALLAN - Magneetimiehen Kuoelema (Love)
MIKA RATTO - Polkupyoralla Vuokkopenkereelle (Ektro)
WOUNDED LION - Friendly (In the Red)
VARIOUS - Tape #1 (Anthology)
HOSPITALITY - Hospitality (No Label)
AXEMEN / TIMES NEW VIKING - Tour split 7" (300% USA/Sleek Bott NZ)
EL JESUS DE MAGICO - Paha Sapa (Columbus Discount)
BOB DESPER - New Sounds (Discourage)
VARIOUS - Face a Frowning World: An EC Ball Memorial (Tompkins Square)
EL-G - Capitaine Present 5 (Nashazphone)
ENHANTA BODHAR - Radarade Rudisar (Uddah-Buddah)
WEIRDING MODULE - Timew33D (Night-People)
VARIOUS - Skulls Without Borders (Siltbreeze)
JOSE MACEDA - Ugnayan (Tzadik)
NO BALLS - No Balls (Release the Bats)

Singles List
WOUNDED LION - Friendly (In the Red)
AXEMEN / TIMES NEW VIKING - Tour split 7" (300% USA/Sleek Bott NZ)
EL JESUS DE MAGICO - Paha Sapa (Columbus Discount)
LOVE COLLECTOR - My Baby Goies Waaah! (Big Action)
ROSEMARY KRUST - Burnt Anket (Dull Knife)
NAZI DUST - Nazi Dust (Youth Attack)
ROT SHIT - You're Welcome (Columbus Discount)
FRESH & ONLYS - Second One To Know (Woodsist)
MYELIN SHEATHS - Do the Mental Twist (HoZac)

RPM List
VARIOUS - Danza Meccanica (Mannequin)
PULSE EMITTER - Oppressive Nature (Digitalis)
PANTHA DU PRINCE - The Splendour (Rough Trade)
FOXDYE - Magical Glimmering Rainbow (Fkdp)
VARIOUS - Ghostly International Presents Moodgadget (Ghostly Int'l)
VARIOUS - Pop Ambient 2010 (Kompakt)
REDSHAPE - The Dance Paradox (Delsin)
DONNA SUMMER - Raw (Nightshifters)
CLUBROOT - Clubroot (Lo Dubs)
STROTTER INST. (Bolzplatz (Everest)

Jazz List
ROLAND P. YOUNG - Istet Serenade (EM)
SOUNDS OF LIBERATION - Sounds of Liberation (Porter)
LOVE CRY WANT - Love Cry Want (Weird Forest)
MYRA MELFORD'S BE BREAD - The Whole Tree Gone (Firehouse 12)
SABIR MATEEN - Urdia XXX (Rogue Art)
NATHAN DAVIS - The Best of 65-76 (Jazzman)
MATTHEW SHIPP - 4D (Thirsty Ear)
DERAKUSHI - Derakushi (PSF)
AXEL DORNER & ERHARD HIRT - BlackBox (Acheulian Handaxe)
DAVID S. WARE - Saturnian (AUM Fidelity)

World List
VARIOUS - Back To Peru Vol. 2 (Vampisoul)
NGOZI FAMILY - 45,000 Volts (No Smoke)
ALI FARKE TOURE & TOUMANI DIABATE - Ali and Toumani (World Circuit)
VARIOUS - Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas (World Psych. Funk Classics)
VARIOUS - Luk Thung! The Roots of Thai Funk (Zudrangma)
ABY NGANA DIOP - Liital (No Label)
ALLA - Es Tiempo (Crammed)
VARIOUS - African Pearls: Cote d'Ivoire/West African Crossroads (Syllart)
VARIOUS - Next Stop Soweto: Township Sounds From the Golden Age of Mbaqanga (Strut)
KEITH HUDSON - Entering the Dragon (Trojan)

Loud List
NOVELLER - Red Rainbows (No Fun)
WEIRDING MODULE - Timew33D (Night-People)
NO BALLS - No Balls (Release the Bats)
ENSLAVED BY OWLS - Enslaved By Owls (Earth Human)
GRINNING DEATH'S HEAD - No Afterlife (Youth Attack)
GLENN BRANCA - The Ascension: The Sequel (Systems Neutralizers)
SIGH - Scenes From Hell (The End)
VARIOUS - Grind Madness at the BBC (Earache)
IRON MAN - Black Knight (Shadow Kingdom)
ASH POOL - For Which He Plies the Lash (Hospital Productions)
JUSTICE YELDHAM/DAVE PHILLIPS - Two Thousand-Five (Blossoming Noise/Shark Bite Tapes)

Hip-Hop List
ROB SWIFT - The Architect (Ipecac)
BLOCKHEAD - The Music Scene (Ninja Tune)
BIM MARX - Bim Marx (No Label)
GALACTIC - Ya-Ka-May (Anti)
PEANUT BUTTER WOLF - Straight To Tape 1990-92 (PBW)
VARIOUS - Return of the DJ Vol VI (Bomb Hip Hop)
SHLOHMO - Shlomoshun Deluxe (Friends of Friends)
J DILLA - Dillanthology 3 (Rapster)
JACK SPLASH - King of the Beats Vol 1 (The Smoking Section)
MADLIB - Speto de Rua: Dirty Brasilian Crates Vol 1 (Mochilla)