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Heavy Airplay, January 16, 2009
ARTHUR RUSSELL - Love Is Overtaking Me (Audika)
URSULA BOGNER - Recordings 1969-1988 (Faitiche)
LARKIN GRIMM - Parplar (Young God)
BETTY BOTOX - Mmm, Betty! (Mule Musiq)
ERSEN - Ersen (Finders Keepers)
VARIOUS - Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music, Vol. 1 (Basta)
VARIOUS - ReR Sampler 25th Anniversary (ReR)
SIKHARA - Anduni (Urck)
IGNATZ - III (Kraak)
HIGH PLACES - High Places (Thrill Jockey)
VARIOUS - Messthetics #106 (Hyped 2 Death)
CRYSTAL STILTS - Alight of Night (Slumberland)
CAVE - Butthash (Trensmat)
VARIOUS - Titan! It's All Pop! (Numero)
VARIOUS - Awake My Soul: Help Me To Sing (Awake Productions)
THE LINES - Flood Bank (Acute)
CAUSE CO-MOTION - It's Time (Slumberland)
PARTS AND LABOR - Receivers (Jagjaguwar)
CHANDRA - Transportation (Cantor)
J.T. IV - Cosmic Lightning (Galactic Zoo)
EL JESUS DE MAGICO - Unclean Ghost (Columbus Discount)
ANNE JAMES CHATON/ANDY MOOR - Le Journaliste (Unsounds)
TIMES NEW VIKING - Stay Awake (Matador)
LOVE IS ALL - A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night (What's Your Rupture?)
SPEKTR - B/W vs. Technicolor (Tocado)
CARLOS GIFFONI - Adult Life (No Fun)
DEVIN FLYNN/GARY PANTER - Go Outside (Picture Box/Ecstatic Yod)
JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA - Psychoses Discoid (Mucho Gusto)
VARIOUS - Colombian Street Party (WMN)
HSIA-JUNG CHANG - Inside the Piano: 21st Century (Mandala Studio)

RPM List
URSULA BOGNER - Recordings 1969-1988 (Faitiche)
BETTY BOTOX - Mmm, Betty! (Mule Musiq)
VARIOUS - Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music, Vol. 1 (Basta)
JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA - Psychoses Discoid (Mucho Gusto)
SQUAREPUSHER - Just a Souvenir (Warp)
COLD CAVE - The Trees Few Emotions and Died (Dais)
FENNESZ - Black Sea (Touch)
DAVE AJU - Open Wide (Circus)
CARL CRAIG & MORITZ VON OSWALD - Recomposed Vol. 3 (Deutsche Grammophon)
DJ FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION - Frosolomster (No Label)

World List
ERSEN - Ersen (Finders Keepers)
JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA - Psychoses Discoid (Mucho Gusto)
VARIOUS - Colombian Street Party (WMN)
VARIOUS - Arriba La Cumbia! (Crammed)
THE PEACE - Black Power (Groovie)
DAVE SOLDIER - Yol K'u: Mayan Mountain Music (Mulatta)
HUUN HUUR TU FEATURING SAINKHO - Mother Earth! Father Sky (Jaro Medien)
MANTECA - Ritmo Y Sabor (EM)
TERAKAFT - Akh Issudar (World Village)
VARIOUS - Cazumbi: African Sixties Garage Vol. 1 (Nosmokerrecords)

Jazz List
ALAN SONDHEIM - Ritual-All-7-70 (ESP Disk)
CLOCKED OUT DUO - Water Pushed Sand (Clocked Out Productions)
LOUIS MOHOLO-MOHOLO - Duets with Marilyn Crispell (Intakt)
MARY HALVORSON TRIO - Dragon's Head (Firehouse 12)
TONY MALABY CELLO TRIO - Warblepeck (Song Lines)
SAM RIVERS - Dimensions and Extensions (Blue Note)
TAYLOR HO BYNUM SEXTET - Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths (Hat Hut)

Loud List
CARLOS GIFFONI - Adult Life (No Fun)
KOWLOON WALLED CITY - Turk Street (Worldclock)
LEADERS - Rub You Out (Point Wrex)
SKULL DEFEKTS - Waving (Important)
OVO - Crocevia (Load)
TOY KILLERS - The Unlistenable Years (UgExplode)
TOTAL ABUSE - Total Abuse (Deranged)
GORE - Hart Gore/Mean Man's Dream (Southern Lord)
A.K. KRAKEN - Gianna Michaels (Sweet Rot)
16 - Bridges To Burn (Relapse)

Hip-Hop List
NINJA SONIK - All My Friends Are in Bands (Bikes in the Kitchen)
MADLIB - Beat Kondukta Vol. 5-6 (Stones Throw)
TOBACCO - F***ed Up Friends (Anticon)
MC YOGI - Elephant Power (White Swan)
GESKIA - Silent 77 (Flau)
KOUSHIK - Out My Window (Stones Throw)
VARIOUS - Bomb Hip-Hop Compilation Vol. 2 (Bomb Hip-Hop)
VARIOUS - Iller Sessions (Bomb Hip-Hop)
DAM FUNK - Rhythm Trax Voll IV (Stones Throw)
UPROOT ANDY - Guacharaca Migration (No Label)